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The Best Harry Potter Movie!!!!! You probably can’t decide what Harry Potter movie is the best but I can. From my experience in watching all the Harry Potter movies by far Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is the BEST!!!! The romance in this movie is defiantly

the highlight because it is quite quirky and different. As usual Ron’s funny little lines made me burst out with laughter. Hermione is as practical as ever but has discovered her feelings for Ron. Harry is more daring than ever and has come to

terms with his love for Ginny. Once again Dumbledore’s Army come together to defeat Voldemort. All you Harry Potter fans out there I know you will love this movie, so go and watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2.

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5 Minutes With Daniel Radcliffe to start off what do you think of the lat-

Daniel: Well, I love the fact we actually got to go to the woods during the filming. It makes the movie look really realistic at times. The whole cast enjoyed the filming of the last movie. Interviewer: I have been waiting to ask you since the last movie came out, are you and Rupert (Ron Weasley) friends outside of filming? Daniel: Yes I am, the whole cast and I outside of filming do activities together. We go bowling and sometimes Rupert and I play rugby at the park. Interviewer: Finally, do you think you will be in more movies in the future. Daniel: Yes I am, there is a movie coming out next year that I am in. But I can’t give away any details yet.

Interviewer: Thanks for coming. Daniel: Thank you.

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This is a magazine for Harry Potter fans


This is a magazine for Harry Potter fans