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MG: Think with the heart, feel with the brain. The world’s union is starting; Africans, Americans, Europeans, Asians, world people! Come here and speak together, think together and live together. Live without war, without jealousy; whit peace and community. Feel with the brain, think with the heart. About 5.000 years ago we, the humans, have been fighting versus our partners to demonstrate inutile things who make us feel better. Who is better Barça o Madrid? No! the best is the sport. Feel with the brain, think with the heart. Demostrate to our partners that we are better, making something that he or she can’t do to be better or get fun. It’s the partnership, the real partnership. So… What are we waiting for? Think with the heart and feel with the brain.

CO: What a wonderful world. Good morning people. Good morning friends. Good morning brothers and sisters. Today is a very important day… is the day of the Human rights. Our rights. Your rights, my rights! In our planet, the planet of all, the planet that we should care and the planet that we are going to protect, this planet, there should be no-violence. If you want that the violence disappear, you have to give a grain of sand. And together, hand in hand, we can bring the world’s peace, and get rid of violence. We have no reasons to fight, but if we fight, we will fight together because we are brothers. We have to protect each other, because together we are stronger. In this world, there is no place for war, we want peace. Fight, but not killing people. Fight for the best for all of us. Fight for your children. Fight for love. Fight for your future, fight for the human rights!! And I think to myself… what a wonderful world!

PC: I’m going to explain about de violence. The violence is the worst thing in the world, because only hurts people. I want the peace, because when the people re happy, there is nothing better. Luckily that in this country there is so much violence, but in other countries, there are much violence. Personally, I will help the people that are attacked for the violence’s fault, but I don’t have much money for all the people that are attacked in this moments. I want to celebrate this day for the poor people that living in a country with violence. This my speech, thanks.

MV: “WE HAVE TO CHANGE Hello my friends, we have to change. We have to change the tears into smiles. Yeah, I know that there are some very poor people, without house, without money, without family, and a lot of more unpleasant situations. One of the most important problems of our world is the violence. Sometimes, I ask to myself: what is the reason of the violence if we can solve the problems speaking? We have to change the violence into speaking without violence, to get a better world with peace and love. But we have to change it, we have to stay stronger and we have to ask ourselves: is it worth? Is it worth to cry? Is it worth to smile? If we change it, world will go better. This is a reason to be aware that we have to change. And when we get this, we have to change another little thing that is very important to get things. We have to change the smiles into enthusiastically to the big thing for a better world. And that’s all, WE HAVE TO CHANGE.

ST: Hi people, I am here with you to explain a question that is in my mind for a long time ago. Yesterday, in Mariola, a teenager was killed because she didn’t give her phone to a thieft, and he killed her. This is very sad because we don’t need violence. We don’t have to kill innocent people for winning a little bit of money. Yesterday, in Mariola, an innocent woman was killed, why? Money, money, money is the only important thing in the world. The real way to be a good person is to be happy.

CC: Hold on, if peace is the answer, you’re home. ‘We all know that there are lots of different types of violence. We can speak about children’s violence. They can be violated in their houses, in the schools, in the communities or in the streets and internet. The majority of this problem is totally invisible. The teenagers are easier to damage with sexual violence, and the children with physical violence. The sex, the race or including some mental or physical deficiency can affect more easily than the others. What we can do to decrease this problem? We have to start several actions. 1.pursure and punish all that people who make that actions. 2. teach the children to recognize when they could be violated. 3.we can teach the family and the teachers too to be attentive with children’s reactions. 4. we have to create different easy helps for them. Yeah, it’s difficult, but we all together must help the children for have a good future with peace for they and their offspring.

MP: Non violence  I think that the violence iS a very bad act. During the violence there are a lot of people that die. It’s the most terrible thing that someone can do, doing a thing that can be bad for the other. For this thing I’m in favour ofthe non-violence. All the people have to think in not doing bad things that can be terrible for the others. The non-violence is the blame to a lot of dead. For example, in Africa there are always violence and I think that this has to have an end. This is how the families or the young people of this country can be happy.

NP: This is all that I wound! Hello class, I think that this situation has to be changed. The violence is very bad and every day there are more. In the newspaper, television, radio … there are talking about this a lot of times. The men hit her women, and a lot of them die. I wound that this change, and for that, all of you, all, have to collaborate. Everybody that is listening to me now, have to talk with the people before hitting. The violence isn’t good, me, the first, I would treat the people correctly, and not, if he/she is tall or short, fat or slim, beautiful or ugly, black skin or white skin… I will treat different. NO!! With this speech I wound that all of you, when you go to our houses think about this and when you arrive give a kiss to our parents, I wound that with the few time possible this change, and, in the future, Catalonia, hasn’t violence, this is all that I wound!  

NR: WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT VIOLENCE. I think that violence is bad because if we can solve a problem speaking why do we have to use violence? And I want to believe that there are more people that don’t use violence than people that use violence. Normally, people use violence because they have a problem and don’t know how to solve it or because they fight with somebody or are angry with some person. And another problem is the wars in the world, because there were lots of wars and actually there are some wars in poor countries and in other countries. In our world there were and are lot of people that fight for the peace and the equality in the world, like Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Martin Luther King… So I think that we have to use less the violence and think about other forms, other good forms how to solve our problems, because we can live without violence.

EC: DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT FOR HAVING A WORLD WITH NONVIOLENCE? Violence is an important problem in our world. Everyday we read articles on the newspaper or we watch news on the TV about violence. I think that people have to be conscious about this problem. The reasons are very simple, and people have to know the consequences of this problem. I think that if everybody tries to think about himself and the others and try to imagine what we are doing with violence they will be very afraid of it. It’s important to make speeches and explanations in all the world because then everybody will know the importance. It’s very important to fight for a world with non violence, with Peace! In the world we have had many people that tried tot make that, and now there are people continuing this important work.

ED: Speech in favour of non violence The violence doesn‘t solve the problems. It creates pains for the other people. It is always better to talk to the other people than screaming. When you are pacifist it is easier to talk and to solve the problems, when you are angry you can't talk good.   An other type of violence is gender violence. Women and men aren't very different. All the people of the world are equal and we have the same rights. Men do not have more power over woma. There are also verbal insults. This happens specially in high school when new people enter in the school.   The politicians don't understand the situation of the violence world, they only think with the money, they only sell weapons to the people in the war.

AR: WORLD’S PEACE Through the history, there have been different people who have fought against discrimination and in favor of equality. Recently, Nelson Mandela died. He was an icon of the equality fight. He fought for people’s right without violence. Black and white people in South Africa live today in peace thanks to Mandela’s fight. But he has not been the only icon of this fight in the word, we have other referents for example Mahatma Gandhi in India and Martin Luther King in America. Not only that people have fought for equality, luckily, if you look around you will find a lot of examples. It is our responsibility to denounce discrimination between people of other nationalities or even between genres. We must get the world’s peace.

AO: Boys and girls , ladies and gentleman ; I’m here to change the world. My next challenge is remove the violence in the world. The violence is present in different areas like sports, policy, school,... In other words, the violence is present always in our lives. The violence is also present in all the countries in the world. Wars are a way to show the violence, the worst way to show the violence because you kill people that do not do anything. You think about this, and you think “The people are very cruel and they kill persons that think different things than them”. We have to change the mind of these people and we have to stop wars. We have to save the life of all the people that are in a war !!! We also find violence in a match of football, basketball, ... The fans of a team hit the fans of the other team because they think different than them. Another example in football: the referee marks a free-kick and the players don’t agree with the decision and they hit the other players because they think that they buy the referee. This is very foolish. It’s a simple game for entertaining the people and the players and for being happy. We don’t have to feel angry for a decision !!! We can say more things about violence. The last thing that I’m going to say is another example: the gender violence. The gender violence always surprises us, because we don’t understand why it happens. I’m not an exception and I think the same. Why? We are not conscious of the consequences about this thing. We have to stop the gender violence !!! We have to fight for a life without violence !!! We have to stop the violence!!!

SB: Non violence is something that isn't violent, it's a synonym of peace. I'm in favour of non violence because the violence is not good. I'm in favor of peace. The commonest types of violence are robberies in street, in the shopping . . . The violence is not good, the violence isn't positive, because the violence has an effect mainly on people. The violence is the principal problem in the world. The different violence are : racism, violence . . .

JC: Speech in favour of non violence I think that the non violence is the best characteristic of the humanity, because with this we can solve different problems of the world without use the guns. The non violence avoid many wars during the history of the humanity. A clear example of this is Nelson Mandela, he attained that the white people live together with the black people in South Africa. Other example is Martin Luter King, he got the equality of black people in America.   The non violence is about to obtain something using speeches and without using the military force. The non violence, now, is using many times because the humanity don’t want to start other world war. In the past, this action didn’t use because the king only wanted to conquer other territories.   I think in the future this action will be used in many things, because the humanity will development because he will learn for their mistakes.

EG: SPEECH IN FAVOUR OF NON VIOLENCE Non violence. What is it? Non violence is something that isn’t violent. It’s like a synonym of peace. Why am I in favour of non violence? Because violence doesn’t have anything positive, but peace yes. With peace, we can join hands like one only country. Some people don’t agree with a world of no violence, because they say that if there’s no violence, some people will not have discipline, but this, is only the way to increase the violence. There are so many types of violence. The most habitual, like thiefing or street fights. These are the most usual because they are the less illegals. Gender violence. This is usual too because some men (woman do it too, but it isn’t so usual), are so aggressive with woman. Racism. This is a violence that has effect mainly in people that are cruel with different people, in this case, of people of different skin colour. Why? Some people, in this case, of people of different people, in this case, of people of different skin colour. Why? Some people don’t want black-skin people in his country because they say that they steal his place on many jobs. To stop these kinds of violence we have to think plurally, not individually.

OA: WHERE IS THE VIOLENCE? When the people say, in Spain there isn’t violence, the violence is only in the North of Africa and in the wars I don’t think the same, I don’t agree. The violence is when a pupil of a school hits a partner or says to the other pupil bad things like idiot or asshole to another pupil or you laugh at him. The violence is when in a football match the fans of a team says bad things the other team’s fans. For me this is the meaning of non-violence. Tomorrow 10th of December, day of the human rights and the non violence I want that in my school anyone practice the violence with another pupil because if my wish and the wish of a lot of persons like M.L.K, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Steve Biko and a lot of people more who fight for the human rights and the non-violence don’t come true this day does not have meaning for all of us.  

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