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July 2011


A MOUSE FOR ANY OCCASION Touching on the evolution of the Logitech Mouse

Colour Collection




9 colours to choose from Nano receiver

Anywhere Mouse MX™ Works on any surface – even glass Unifying Nano receiver Webcode 910-000873 SRP £59.99

M500 Hyper-fast scrolling 1000dpi Laser precision – better than optical Webcode 910-001203 SRP £29.99

G500 Gaming grade laser precision Customisable settings




R400 Intuitive slideshow controls 15 metre range

M570 Sculpted shape for extra support Unifying Nano receiver

Webcode 910-001356 SRP £34.99

Webcode 910-001882 SRP £59.99

M235 Compact design 2.4 GHz wireless connection - more reliable


Webcode 910-002201 SRP £19.99

Webcode 910-001262 SRP £59.99

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FEATURES 05 LOGIC3 Gem are pleased to announce their recent partnership with Logic3, one of the world’s most successful Portable Audio and Video Game Accessory brands

06 E3 An exciting look at the latest announcements from E3 2011

11 MICROSOFT Managing Editor Danielle Govier Editorial Assistant Dean Clemmett Design Sophie Hammond Production Support John Dunn Matt Andrews Peter Cox Gaming Feature Kristan Reed Publisher Gem Creative

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Reliable value, ready when you are from Microsoft

14 LOGITECH Unleash the iPads full potential with the ultimate accessories from Logitech

ALSO THIS MONTH 13 HONESTECH The latest product from Honestech, FOTOBOX™ Scan&Save 2.0

16 KASPERSKY LAB A look at the new Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012

20 NINTENDO The Nintendo classic – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – in a whole new dimension!

24 DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION The all new edition to the famous Deus Ex series comes to Gem

25 GEARS OF WAR 3 An in-depth look at one of the biggest releases of the 2011 – Gears of War 3

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Listen to music like never before with the Logic3 i-Station SoundBar

A look at this month’s upcoming releases including Call of Juarez: The Cartel


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Logic3 i-Station SoundBar With a range of innovative features the Logic3 i-Station SoundBar offers users beautifully crisp and clear sound thanks to 2 sub-woofers and 2 mid-range drivers creating a powerful 30 Watts RMS. To ensure there is no interference from the user’s iPhone, TMDA Suppression Technology has been built into the device so that users suffer no annoying noise that occurs every time a message is received. While docked, the SoundBar will also charge the iPhone or iPod so that users can be sure not to run out of battery when they leave the house. App control also allows the user to use their iPhone in conjunction with the SoundBar, enabling them to create customised playlists, control and store 8 of their favourite FM radio stations, customise their preference of mood/backlight settings and sync time settings automatically; all available at the touch of a button. Versatility is something that the SoundBar flourishes in. With the remote control, users can navigate their way through the iPod and iPhone menus to control the party from anywhere in the room. The speaker system can even be mounted onto a wall to show off its sleek design; offering more space to dance. The SoundBar is a must have product for anybody that loves their iPod. The Logic3 i-Station SoundBar is compatible with all models of iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch and iPod Nano. Webcode WIS030K SRP £99.99


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HIGHLIGHTS 2011 Another year, another thrilling E3 to look back on. The LA showcase event revealed the usual assortment of incredible blockbuster game sequels, hardware reveals and innovations. Kristan Reed takes a look at what Microsoft, Nintendo, Konami, 2K Games, Codemasters and Ubisoft has in the pipeline. Kristan Reed reports...


The second wave of Kinect titles were shown off for the first time, with Rare's Kinect Sports: Season Two set to feature six new sports: American football, golf, baseball, winter skiing, darts and tennis. LucasArts, meanwhile, premiered Kinect Star Wars, and promises to let gamers "physically experience training and battling as a Jedi, using the Force and battling with a lightsaber like never before, thanks to the full-body recognition of Kinect."

If E3 2010 was all about building up to the launch of Kinect and the redesigned Xbox 360, this year focused squarely on the second wave of innovative Kinect titles, as well as a raft of reliable blockbuster gaming sequels. In terms of the headline games, Halo 4 was Microsoft's biggest reveal of the show. Said to be the first part of a new trilogy of Master Chief titles, 343 Industries pick up from where Bungie left off, with a truly stunning-looking sci-fi first person shooter epic. Set for release in 2012, Master Chief returns to confront his own destiny and face an ancient evil that threatens the fate of the entire universe.

Frontier's Kinect: Disneyland Adventures invites players to "take a journey where stories come to life and dreams come true". The game recreates numerous iconic Disneyland theme park rides, and lets gamers join Peter Pan to battle Captain Hook, high-five Mickey Mouse or hug Snow White using just their body and voice - no controller required.

Elsewhere, the much anticipated Forza Motorsport 4 is due to arrive this Autumn on 360, and promises a truly genre defining title that delivers "the most expansive and vividly realistic automotive experience across any console." Among the raft of improvements include enhanced Kinect experiences, such as head tracking, as well as improved social features. Set for release in mid-2012 is Fable: The Journey, the fourth in Lionhead's action-RPG series. Set five years on from Fable III, Journey will take players "on a magical journey" with a horse, where they're tasked with defeating a malevolent evil. This time around, Kinect technology will allow players to "craft and control magic in a way that can’t be done with a controller."

But fans of the multi-million selling series won't have to wait that long for more Halo adventures, with the release of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary confirmed for November 15th, exclusively on Xbox 360. A remastered HD version of the Xbox classic that kicked off the series, it will feature full online co-op play over Xbox LIVE, and seven classic multiplayer maps to enjoy.


Gears of War 3 was given another big platform, with none other than Ice T taking the stage to show off the five player Horde mode. The concluding part of Epic's awesome shooter trilogy promises to be one of the biggest titles of 2011, and hits stores on September 20th on Xbox 360.

On top of all that, Microsoft also revealed that PC sensation Minecraft will be coming to Xbox 360, as well as Crytek's first person Kinect-powered warrior combat experience Ryse, Dance Central 2, along with Kinect-enhanced versions of Sesame Street, Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, where players will be able to fully customise their own weapons with a sweep of their hands. In another coup, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will feature post release content exclusive to Xbox 360.




The Big N arguably took centre stage this year, with the world unveiling of its next gen console. Named the Wii U, the HD-capable system features a revolutionary controller with a 6.2" touchscreen at the heart of it.

The prolific French publisher always has a vast E3 presence, and this year was certainly no exception, with quality titles across all platforms and market sectors.

And not only does the gyroscopic controller promise to be exceptionally versatile, it can also double up as a second screen, enabling users to continue playing even when someone else wants to watch their favourite TV show. During gaming, the controller's screen can display vital information, menus and maps not shown on the TV, allowing the main screen to be free of clutter. The new machine will debut in 2012, at a price to be confirmed. Details on upcoming games was scarce, but confirmed titles so far include Pikmin, Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge, New Super Mario Bros. Mii, Super Smash Bros. and LEGO City Stories. while a familiar roster of big-name multi-platform HD titles are expected to feature heavily, including Assassin's Creed, Batman Arkham City and Ghost Recon Online.

The headline titles included the jaw-dropping Assassin's Creed: Revelations (PC, PS3, 360), the white knuckle thrills of DRIVER: San Francisco (PC, 360, PS3), the beautiful 2D platforming return of Rayman Origins (PS3, Wii, 360), alongside the technologically stunning Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, the free-to-play Ghost Recon Online (PC), and the long-awaited return of Brothers In Arms: Furious 4 (PC, 360, PS3) and genius racing title Trackmania 2: Canyon (PC). Look out for the beautiful Child Of Eden (PS3, 360) this summer, described as the 'son of Rez'. But Ubi also has a canny knack of captivating the casual market, too, and looks set to continue that fine run with Just Dance 3 (PS3, Will, 360), the Kinect-enhanced Raving Rabbids: Alive And Kicking (360), Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 (360), MotionSports Adrenaline (PS3, 360), and Rocksmith (PC, 360, PS3), a revolutionary music game that lets users plug in a real guitar.

Elsewhere, the Japanese veteran also revealed several new first party 3DS titles, including the epic-looking Super Mario 3D, Mario Kart 3D, Luigi's Mansion 2, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Kirby Mass Attack, and Star Fox 64 3D. Wii owners weren't left out, though, with The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword evidently generating a huge buzz amidst the E3 show floor mayhem.

KONAMI The Japanese giant held its own pre-E3 event, and showed-off a combination of strong updates to blockbuster franchises, all-new titles, and some fantastic remastered HD editions of some of its old classics. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (multi) promises to focus on improved off-the-ball AI and one-on-one dribbling, while the much-anticipated Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D (3DS) showed for the second year running that it's the handheld title to watch. Snake fans will also be delighted with the news that MGS2, MGS3 and MGS Peace Walker will form part of the HD remastered MGS Collection (PS3, 360). Survival horror fans will be looking forward to Silent Hill Downpour's winter 2011 release (360, PS3), but the unexpected reveal of The Silent Hill Collection (360, PS3) delighted hardcore fans, with the classic Silent Hill 2 and 3 both being given the full HD remaster treatment. Cult series Zone Of The Enders will also receive an HD collection (360, PS3), while forthcoming new IP NeverDead (360, PS3) features an immortal man who can use his own limbs as weapons!

CODEMASTERS Expect more high quality releases from the Britsoft stalwarts, with F1 2011 (PC, 360, PS3) looking even better than last year's incredible effort, while the upcoming shredding shooter Bodycount (360, PS3) continues to display immense promise. A Wii U version of DiRT is also on the cards in 2012.

2K GAMES The US publisher boasted some of the highlights of E3. Due for release in March 2012, XCOM (PC, 360, PS3) is "a gripping tactical action experience set in mid-century America," featuring "deep, visceral gunplay with powerful sci-fi abilities." FPS Bioshock Infinite (PS3, 360, PC) also looks set a new benchmark for the genre in 2012, while Digital Extremes' twisted, supernatural shooter The Darkness II (PS3, PC, 360, Wii U) will be a sure-fire hit. Also keep an eye out for Facebook title CivWorld, too, and a Wii U Bioshock title.

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Get the most out of your Portable Audio & Video Games with accessories from Logic3 Gem are pleased to announce their recent partnership with Logic3, one of the world’s most successful Portable Audio and Video Game Accessory companies. Founded in 1977, Logic3 were originally a wholesaler of photographic accessories, before expanding into the distribution of Video Game peripherals in 1983. Today, Logic3 is firmly established in the market as one of the largest audio and video game accessory companies, with sales of exclusive brands including i-Station, Screen Beat and Top Drive, in over 30 countries, including Europe, USA, Australia and the Far East. Logic3 is committed to the Portable Audio and Console/PC gaming industry, and will continue to provide high quality products at competitive prices. It is also continuously studying market demands and changing user requirements, and will continue to develop new and exciting product lines to meet these targets. With emphasis on packaging, POS and advertising, Logic3 has built a strong brand name, which is a testimony to their success throughout the world. They also pride themselves on getting new and innovative products in front of the consumer in the minimum amount of time. Although the essence of the electronic entertainment industry is by necessity fast moving and often volatile, much of Logic3’s success has been its ability to monitor, anticipate and react quickly to changing patterns in consumer demand and product development. With products to suit everything from the iPod and iPad to the Nintendo 3DS and Xbox 360, customers will have no problem finding something to suit their needs.

i-Station Podium

TopDrive GT Wheel

The i-Station Podium provides the complete sound and recharging solution for the iPad. Users can enjoy superb powerful stereo sound from this compact and yet elegant and portable design. The rotating dock rotates through one hundred and eighty degrees allowing the user to watch their videos whilst their iPad is held firmly in place. The i-Station Podium also recharges the iPad while docked, so you should never have to leave home with a weakened battery. The i-Station Podium also comes with a superb app which users can download free of charge from the iTunes Website. The app gives the user many more useful functions for their i-Station Podium, it has a clock and a calander function, plus an internet radio function. Enjoy surprisingly powerful stereo sound from this compact, elegant and portable design.

The Top Drive GT (3-in-1) Wheel boasts a variety of features such as a 10 inch rubberised grip steering wheel, vibration feedback for PC and PS2, adjustable steering sensitivity and a button relocation feature, all expertly engineered to offer game players a dramatic racing experience.

Key Features: • 2.0 Speaker System for iPad and iPad2 • 4 Watts RMS power output (2 x 2W per channel) • 3.5mm Stereo Line-in connection for other audio devices • Rotatable display to display vertical or horizontal • Adjustable footrest to adjust angle • Approx. 26 x 25 x 12 cm Webcode MPS028K SRP £69.99

Key features: • Tri format Steering Wheel & Pedals • Compatible with PlayStation3, PlayStation2 & PC • 10 inch (25.5cm) Steering Wheel with Rubberised Grip • Vibration Feedback for PC & PS2 • Realistic Gear Stick • Adjustable Steering Sensitivity • Button Relocation feature Webcode PSU448 SRP £39.99

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Pink Bundle

Blue Bundle

Grey Bundle

Take advantage of great savings for the new school year

PORT Delhi Skin & Microsoft Express Mouse

PORT Delhi Skin & Microsoft Express Mouse

PORT Delhi Skin & Microsoft Express Mouse

Grey Port Delhi Skin 15-16” & Flint Grey Microsoft Express Mouse

Blue Port Delhi Skin 15-16” & Coast Blue Microsoft Express Mouse

Pink Port Delhi Skin 15-16” & Dahlia Pink Microsoft Express Mouse

Webcode 5027757029837

Webcode 5027757029820

Webcode 5027757029813

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New from Microsoft Reliable Value, Ready When You Are

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000

Look no further for a quality keyboard that offers great value. Get the features needed —and more—with Microsoft quality and reliability. While Quiet Touch keys let the user focus on the task at hand.

The all-new Wireless Desktop 2000, its first keyboard to feature Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-Bit Encryption—the same technology trusted by the U.S. government to secure their wireless connections. With each keystroke, the security technology protects all your information for work and home by eliminating the transfer of code through the air.


With 2.4 GHz wireless, the Wireless Keyboard 800 delivers a secured and reliable connection with up to a 15-foot range. Easy access hot keys gives the user quick access to frequently used tools, like the zoom, calculator and audio controls by using shortcut key. The Windows Start button also enables the user to simply press to launch their Start menu and search their PC or the Web if they have Windows Vista or later installed. Optimised power management extends battery life letting users work for longer with up to 15 months of battery life, while the battery status indicator ensures that the user will never be caught off guard when their battery is running low.


The keyboard is paired with the Wireless Mouse 2000, featuring enhanced side grips and an ambidextrous design providing full-size comfort in either hand. Plus, a new pillow-textured palm rest adds an extra splash of comfort to the keyboard, offering maximum relief for tired hands. Perfect for multi-taskers, the Wireless Desktop 2000 also offers Taskbar Favourites for Windows 7 to easily switch between applications. Webcode M7J-00020 SRP £39.99

Available 5th July 2011 Webcode 2VJ-00006 SRP £24.99

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Film Scan&Save™ Digitalise your old photo negatives and slides Photo negatives or slides can easily be lost or damaged, so don’t just leave them in a closet or shoebox, instead bring them back to the digital world using Honestech Film Scan&Save™

Supported by

Features Quick Scan Scanning process is simple with just the click of a button High Quality Supports up to 1,800dpi (2592 x 1728) resolution Auto Correction Tool Improve photos with minimal editing effort Easy Transfer Transfers scanned images to the PC via USB (no additional software required) LCD Screen Preview and scan using built-in LCD screen and touch buttons Included in the box: • Film Scan&Save (Film Scanner) • Photo negative holder • Photo slides holder • USB cable • Power AC adapter • Cleaning brush for slides/negatives • User guide • Quick start guide • TV out cable SRP £79.99 Available to order from August

For more information on the honestech Film Scan&Save™ contact your Gem account manager on 01279 822822 or go online at



The Future talks to Managing Director of Honestech Inc Jay Choi based in Austin, Texas.

We focus on the release of one of Honestech hottest new products Film Scan&Save™ launching this August

What is Film Scan&Save™? Film Scan&Save is a Film Scanner that converts photo negatives and slides into digital formats. It is a standalone device with a 5 megapixel CMOS image sensor and 32MB internal memory. It has a built-in preview screen allowing you to view the image in real-time as you scan the photo negatives or slides. Reasons behind creating Film Scan&Scan and save for the Honestech range? Honestech has been developing multimedia technologies that convert old media formats into modern and digital formats. We’ve created solutions to convert video and music, and now Film Scan&Save™ will help convert old photo negative films into digital photos. Who are you going to target with this product? The target customers are anyone who has photo negatives or slides stored away in the attic collecting dust, these slides and negatives hold precious memories that could otherwise be lost. This device is a simple and affordable way to bring those old memories back to life. The price is extremely competitive, how have you achieved this? We pride ourselves on being able to build and supply both the hardware and software. By engineering all elements in house, we have the opportunity to be flexible with pricing. There are a few comparative titles in the market that have been selling for some time, how does Honestechs version compare? • It supports high quality 1,800dpi (2592x1728) images that will are crisp and high resolution. • Has 32MB internal memory (in case you don’t have your own SD card)

• Auto correction feature improves your photos with minimal editing effort. In 10 words please explain why people should buy this product. Easy photo slide & negative scanning solution for everyone. Where do you see the biggest opportunity in the UK channel? We believe that there will be a lot of opportunity for this product across the UK market, and see particular success where the product can be demoed or a trailer can be viewed. Overall this product quite simply does what it says on the tin, and will be visually impactful on TV, Online or on a shelf. Where will the product launch first? Given our loyal customer base in the US, it seems only right that we launch there first. Offering our home country a product that suits their needs and desires. What is your strategy for this product in the UK Channel? We are keen to develop the brand awareness for our new range of products that we are adding to our existing UK range. Film Scan&Save™ is the first of 3 new products, all of which will be part of a focused PR and marketing campaign. Our strategy with PR is to not solely focus on IT press but the broader range of specialist, gadget and lifestyle press. This may be in the form of a review, tutorial or competition; allowing us to extend the appeal and awareness of our products to the wider market.

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Launching Soon! Unleash the iPad’s full potential with the ultimate accessories from Logitech Available mid August

Recently announced, Logitech have launched a new range of iPad accessories that will enhance the way that users can use their iPad – helping to bring a little magic to all the places and ways that an iPad can be used. Here, The Future takes a look at this range and tells you why these are a must have for all tablet users.

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Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 SRP £89.99 Webcode 920-003411 The Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG is the perfect on-the-go companion for iPad 2. Smart and sleek, ZAGG’s patent-pending, award-winning protective case design provides an extra measure of convenience and style, so the user and their iPad will never want to go anywhere without it. The Logitech-designed wireless keyboard pairs quickly and easily via Bluetooth. And the keyboard charges over USB, so the user will never

need to worry about replacing batteries. The ideal match for iPad 2, the keyboard case is carefully crafted from precision-cut, aircraft-grade aluminium, so it fits, feels and looks great. While the inside corners are lined with high-density padding to help cushion and protect iPad 2 if accidently dropped. A recess just behind the keyboard also holds iPad 2 in either portrait or landscape mode.


Logitech Tablet Keyboard SRP £49.99 Webcode 920-003290 Lightweight, versatile and easy going the Logitech Tablet Keyboard combo is designed to travel easily, set up quickly and add a touch of convenience to all the places that a user that take their iPad. The compact keyboard combines the best of traditional keyboards and laptop keyboards, for a great experience wherever the iPad is used. On the go, the carrying case helps protect the keyboard. And once arrived at the destination, it converts into a



sturdy stand for the iPad that’s adjustable to just the right angle. The keyboard pairs easily with iPad (and even iPhone and iPod Touch) over Bluetooth wireless. So users can use it on their desk, lap or anywhere within 30 feet of your iOS device. The separate stand also means users can place their iPad just where they like it – in landscape or portrait mode – for more freedom than other types of portable keyboards.

Wireless Speaker for iPad

SRP £99.99 Webcode 980-000605 Users have got a mobile music marathon with the Logitech Wireless Speaker for iPad. This rechargeable Bluetooth speaker gives the user rich, full stereo sound from the iPad – no strings attached. With dual two-inch drivers, the Wireless Speaker delivers rich, stereo sound and plenty of bass; so users will hear it all loud and clearly – even from across the room. Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod

Touch, the Wireless Speaker connects via Bluetooth wireless. Listen for up to ten hours straight in the rechargeable, internal battery; and with a compact design that fits easily into the included travel case of a laptop bag, great sound can go wherever the user does. With a standard 3.5mm aux stereo jack, the Wireless Speaker to available for use with just about any portable music player.


Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad SRP £49.99 Webcode 980-000597 Made for iPad, and certified to meet Apple performance standards, the Logitech Speaker Stand is an all-in-one speaker, stand and charging station that can elevate the listening experience for the iPad.

The versatile stand can also be adjusted for comfortable viewing or to avoid screen glare. From flat to fully upright; portrait to landscape; this stand is completely flexible.

Listen to music while cooking, or watch a movie in bed, the Logitech Speaker Stand moves easily around the house and lets the user enjoy full, stereo sound.

Power and volume controls are easily located at the front, right where they are needed, and around the back of the stand is the 3.5mm aux input for MP3 players and other audio sources.


Logitech AV Stand for iPad SRP £69.99 Webcode 980-000606 Watch and share video on the TV with the AV Stand, a remote controlled speaker, stand and charging station for iPad. Watch YouTube videos, iTunes movies and more on the iPad or connect the included composite cable to output video to the TV. The speaker also lets the user enjoy full, stereo sound and a 3.5mm aux input for MP3 players and other

audio sources. For control of all videos and music across the room, users can grab the included remote and sit back and enjoy. More than a stand, and more than a speaker, the AV stand also acts as a charging dock when the iPad is running low on power. Users can even dock and charge when the speakers are turned off.

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Kaspersky Lab ®

Trustworthy PC protection from the brand new 2012 range Kaspersky Lab release their all new 2012 range of PC protection software this month with Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012.

Kaspersky ® Internet Security 2012

Kaspersky ® Anti-Virus 2012



COMPLETE PC Protection

• Protects users from unknown threats • Fast and efficient • Checks the reputation of websites and files • Rapid reaction to new threats

• • • • •

Safe online banking and shopping Secure social networking Protection from unknown threats Roll back of malicious changes Hybrid Protection: no matter offline or online

Kaspersky ® PURE

ULTIMATE PC Protection

• • • • •

Home network protection Advanced Parental Control Automatic backup of your data and files Safe and quick password management Strong identity and privacy protection



More than 35000 malicious programs appear everyday and spread in seconds across the Web

More than 200.000.000 network attacks are blocked every month!

The risk of falling victim to the fraudsters or getting your bank account hacked is real


Over 300 Million Users Protected Globally

Second fastest growing software company in the world behind Google

Award-Winning Technology


The most comprehensive Internet protection for home users - hybrid protection

Second best selling in the UK retail market

Generous margins

UK Technical Support


In-the-cloud technologies Kaspersky Security Network

Technologies on a user’s PC

For more information contact your Gem account manager on 01279 822822 or go online at TEL 01279 822822 FAX 01279 412604 WEB WWW.GEM.CO.UK


HK Future Advert - 13-6-11.pdf











MOS Future Advert - 13-6-11.pdf
















The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D


development partner Grezzo has been mindful to bring certain elements up to date, and the difference is immediately apparent.

Undoubtedly the most high profile Nintendo 3DS release to date, Nintendo has taken the Nintendo 64 classic, and reworked it in a way that makes it compelling for newcomers and old hands alike.

For example, the game’s control scheme has been completely re-tooled in a way that makes the game more intuitive and easier to navigate.

ne of the most critically acclaimed games of all-time returns - in stunning glasses-free 3D.


Originally released way back in 1998, Ocarina Of Time stars Link – a young boy who is tasked with putting a stop to Ganondorf's evil plans to conquer Hyrule and time itself. In true buccaneering Legend Of Zelda style, players will explore vast landscapes, mythical temples, dungeons, towns and villages, as well as interact with many different characters and battle an array of challenging enemies. In many ways, Ocarina Of Time set a template that all subsequent action-adventures aspired to, and returning to it after all these years it's a surprise how little it has dated. As a pillar title for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo and


Control over Link is assigned to the analog Circle Pad while the Touch Screen allows users to quickly re-assign items and equipment and check maps. Gyroscopic controls, meanwhile, allow players to look around their environment when in first person perspective simply by physically moving the Nintendo 3DS system. Accessibility has also been placed front and centre, with in-game hints and videos available if you get stuck - though long term fans seeking additional challenges haven't been left out, with the new Master Quest and Boss Challenge modes. In short, Nintendo has successfully breathed new life into a timeless classic, and Ocarina Of Time is sure to go down a storm with both long-term fans and series newcomers.

REASONS TO STOCK • First handheld version of the all-time N64 classic • Remastered visuals and controls makes it easier for newcomers • New content to tempt hardcore fans • Huge critical expectation • Massive marketing campaign to raise awareness

Nintendo 3DS system update adds exciting new features The first Nintendo 3DS system update has added a raft of exciting new features to the handheld console, including access to an Internet browser and the Nintendo eShop.

In addition, users will be able to download the Pokédex 3D, a new free app that allows users to see their Pokémon characters from Black and White in glorious 3D.

To celebrate the grand opening of the eStore, Nintendo is offering a special 'remastered' 3D version of NES classic Excitebike to anyone who performs the free update.

Visitors to the eStore will also be able to view video game trailers, screen shots and product information for games, including those available at retail locations.

Super Mario Land, Alleyway and Tennis will be the first three games available to buy. New titles will be added every Thursday, and will comprise of original 3D software, and classic titles from the Game Boy and Game Boy Color era that have been remastered in stunning 3D. The catalogue of existing DSiWare titles will also be available for download.

The system update also gives users the ability to receive SpotPass content, including 3D movie trailers, comedy clips and music videos automatically received using the SpotPass feature.

Nintendogs and Cats 3DS range The Nintendogs are back - and this time they've settled their differences with their feline rivals to bring gamers the ultimate pet simulator in the palm of their hand.

These adorably lifelike pets react to the touch screen and microphone, and can even recognise their owners via facial recognition technologies.

Available in three different versions, each is even cuter, fluffier and more expressive than ever before, and really pop out of the screen thanks to the incredible 3D capabilities of the 3DS.

With tons of accessories to unlock and tricks to teach your pet, Nintendogs and Cats makes caring for your virtual pet more engaging and lifelike than ever.

• • •

Nintendogs And Cats: French Bulldog And New Friends. Nintendogs And Cats: Toy Poodle And New Friends. Nintendogs And Cats: Golden Retriever And New Friends.

PRESSBUZZ I'm as excited about the chance to play the game again on a fancy new toy as I am about the idea there are people who will be taking their very first steps in this unforgettable adventure

It looks far better than its predecessor and offers more content, while still carrying the indescribable quality that typifies the series Nintendo Life


For those too young to have played the N64 original, this enhanced Ocarina Of Time will give them the perfect opportunity to discover just what all the fuss is about. For those who haven’t played the game for a few years, meanwhile, it’s another chance to fall in love with the game all over again

For anyone who is on the fence over the worry that they've been there and done that I can say that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D certainly does feel new. While most of it hasn't changed it feels refreshing to play it through again N-Europe

Den Of Geek Nintendo 3DS is a trademark of Nintendo. © 2011 Nintendo.

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or die hard Resident Evil fans Capcom have merged the best bits of all of the previous Resident Evil games to create the pinnacle of handheld entertainment.

PUBLISHER Capcom FORMAT Nintendo 3DS RELEASE DATE 1st July 2011

REASONS TO STOCK • New improved gameplay that has more fast paced action than its predecessors • Great co-op and online co-op to enjoy with friends • Play with all the classic Resident Evil characters and modify them to suit your style of play

Some have referred to Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D as the best handheld game yet. Not only has it crammed the famous Resident Evil gameplay into the Nintendo 3DS – they have worked on improving the gameplay making it stronger than any of its predecessors on any other platform. Aesthetically pleasing is an understatement. The intricate detail of the environments and characters make Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D a very handsome game indeed, which may seem an odd thing to say about slaughtering zombies but it’s true! It beautifully utilises the technology of the Nintendo 3DS enhancing the Resident Evil experience in another dimension. Yet even in 2D it looks stunning. How does Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D differ from the other Resident Evil games? For starters it focuses on gameplay rather than a story. The game is based on a point system where you will find yourself fighting for high scores. Another new feature is that you can now multi task! Move and shoot, move and reload, move and heal. It’s a much faster paced, action packed Resident Evil than the others which makes for twice the excitement. All of your favourite characters are involved such as Hunk, Krauser & Chris Redfield, except now you can customise their skills and play them how you

think they should be played! Modify your favourite characters to suit your style of play and make them unstoppable. The action is intense and will get you hooked. Choose from a range of melee weaponry to beat enemies to death. There’s also the option to add the Thunderbolt skill to your melee weapon which will send high voltage electricity into the evil brains of the enemy, which is always fun. There are 30 available skills allowing you to pick 3 to develop and improve over experience of gameplay. For those who are unfamiliar with the previous games of the Resident Evil series don’t fret. Fantastic tutorials are available for beginners. Mastering these techniques will be the light at the end of the tunnel but the journey there is seriously entertaining. A brilliant co-op mode is another added feature, which allows you to sever the limbs of mutants with a loved one. This is only going to benefit your high score. The co-op mode has been so well thought out that it is endlessly thrilling. After discovering the vast amount of combo attacks in solitude they only get better with a friend. Link off your partner’s attack and combined you can show off your flamboyant attacks in a manner that is beautifully disgusting. These moves are devastating and only the bigger enemies will survive long enough for you to give it to ‘em twice. But what if your friend’s indisposed? Go online and team up with people across the globe. Online co-op shares all the brutal delights of normal co-op but with new people of different abilities which really makes things interesting.


Wii Play : Motion W

PUBLISHER Nintendo FORMAT Wii RELEASE DATE 24th June 2011 SRP £36.99

REASONS TO STOCK • Free Wii Remote Plus Controller • 12 exciting mini-games for all ages • The games exploit the capabilities of the new motion plus technology


ii Play: Motion is an exciting mini game collection to follow the popular classic Wii Play, which has sold a staggering 3.6 million copies in the UK. Put your Mii character into strange and exciting environments and direct their movement with the free Wii remote plus controller that is included. With your free Wii remote plus controller, you can transform it into a mallet, umbrella and a ghost detector which puts your personalised Mii character in some very odd situations! In the mini-game Wind Runner you have to direct your Mii character along a race course on a pair of roller-skates using your Wii remote plus controller as an umbrella. Use the wind to control your speed and direction and leap over obstacles in this frantic and crazy race. In Treasure Twirl transform your controller into a winch to collect deep sea treasure and in Spooky Search you will have to work with up to three of your friends to apprehend and collect spirits that have escaped through your TV screen - and into your living room! With numerous difficulty levels it is a game for the whole family to partake in. Four people can play multiplayer mode for many of the different games and help unlock game variations. Gameplay is enhanced by the brilliant response of the new

controller, and although not all of the games have been announced, you can expect those mentioned above as well as stone skipping, spacecraft flight and a human Tetris game in which you must fit your Mii character through different shaped holes. With the great games and your free Wii remote plus controller, it’s safe to say that Wii Play: Motion is incredible value.

As you experience Wii Play: Motion and its 12 mini-games you will find yourself hitting, tilting and spinning your new Wii remote plus controller around the room with your television replicating each movement perfectly, and for fantastic value. Your friends and family will also find themselves immersed in the fun and quirky mini-games that will have everybody laughing.

Utilise the new motion plus technology to make using your Wii an even more exciting experience. The Wii remote plus controller is necessary for many of the latest releases on the Nintendo Wii to make for a better gaming experience. Each of the 12 mini games provided in Wii Play: Motion is set to show off the capabilities of the new controller. You will be amazed at the controller’s responsiveness.

So for those looking for the new and impressive Wii remote plus controller at great value including endless fun with Wii Play: Motion’s 12 exciting mini-games, contact your Gem account manager and join in the fun.

Play each game in solo or multiplayer modes; giving you extensive gameplay that will keep you entertained for a very long time. Arguably with more focus on the multiplayer, as with many Wii games, Wii Play: Motion has something to suit everybody and holds a fantastic competitive edge. However, if you want to get one up on your opposition while they aren’t around you can practice in solo mode.

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even years on from the classic Invisible War comes the hotly anticipated third title in Square Enix's acclaimed Deus Ex series.

Set 25 years before the original Deus Ex, Human Revolution puts players in the role of ex-SWAT specialist Adam Jensen, brought in to oversee security at biotechnology firm Sarif Industry. PUBLISHER Square Enix FORMAT Xbox 360, PS3, PC RELEASE DATE 26th August 2011 SRP Xbox 360 / PS3 £49.99 PC - £34.99

The year 2027 is a time of social division, where great technological advancement has also brought chaos and conspiracy, with a sharp contrast between those who can and cannot afford mechanical augmentations of the human body. And the tipping point comes when a black ops team performs a chilling assault and wipes out the scientists Jensen is assigned to protect, as well as leaving him with crippling injuries that require biomechanical surgery. Fitted with cutting edge augmentations, the super-enhanced Jensen then has to chase down leads all over the world to uncover those behind the conspiracy.

REASONS TO STOCK • Long-awaited sequel to revered classic. • From the makers of Tomb Raider. • True choice-based gameplay. • Big marketing support. • Triple A production values and cutting edge tech.


Described as "the perfect mix of action and role-play", Human Revolution promises to be an action-packed affair, featuring an exciting blend

of visceral close-quarters takedowns and intense shooting. Choice is one of the watchwords for the game, and gives players a vast array of augmentations and upgrades for their character as well as the various weapons at your disposal. Players will be able to unlock new abilities and enhance areas of their choice, including stealth, social, hacking or combat skills. As with previous Deus Ex titles, it's a game that rewards you regardless of the style of play you adopt. Players get to decide upon their own approach to any given situation and can then evolve their character accordingly. Consequences are once again a vital element of Human Revolution. For example, do you blast your way through enemies, sneak up behind them without being traced, hack systems to retrieve crucial information, or use your social skills to glean information from key characters. With multiple approaches, multiple paths and multiple tools at your disposal, it's a game when you're always in charge of the playing style, and must always face the consequences of your actions. How the story unfolds is in your hands.


DEUS EX. June 2000 The original Deus Ex hit the PC in a blaze of publicity, and was one of the first fruits of Eidos' Ion Storm studio, headed up by acclaimed designer Warren Spector. Universal critical acclaim followed, but it was two years before the game eventually made it to PS2.

March 2004

Expectation for Ion Storm's sequel, Invisible War, was huge, and it eventually secured a PC release almost four years after the original, with an Xbox version following shortly afterwards. The critical response wasn't quite as stellar as the original, but it still managed an 84 per cent Metacritic average on Xbox.

August 2011 With a new developer, Crystal Dynamics at the helm, the long-awaited series reboot finally arrives.



• Octus Award Box with Octus Service Medal – A 1:1 zinc-alloy cog-shaped medal • Exclusive Unlockable Adam Fenix Multiplayer Character – the only way to unlock Adam Fenix in multiplayer. • Fabric COG flag. • The personal effects of Adam Fenix.


Of course, the campaign mode is only part of the story, and it's online where a large chunk of the audience will flock.

Developed once again by the appropriately named Epic Games, Gears Of War 3 follows the trials of grizzled war hero Marcus Fenix.

As the recent online multiplayer beta programme demonstrated the third Gears Of War builds on the first two in spectacular style, with the all-new Beast mode allowing players to fill the role of the Locusts and attack COG members. All-new classes are present, including Tickers, Wretches, Digger Boomers, Butchers and Berserkers.

he epic conclusion to one of the biggest and best gaming series of all time arrives on September 20th, and promises to plunge players into "a harrowing tale of hope, survival and brotherhood."

PUBLISHER Microsoft FORMAT Xbox 360 RELEASE DATE 20th September 2011 SRP £39.99

Following 18 months on from the fall of the last human city in Gears of War 2, players will join the latest stage of the battle against the Locust hordes. But if that wasn't bad enough, a fearsome new enemy known as the Lambent has emerged from deep beneath the planet's surface - literally infecting it from within. Survivors are scattered, civilisation is in ruins, and time is running out for Marcus and his comrades to secure the fate of humanity.

On top of that, Horde mode will return in Gears Of War 3, along with Team Deathmatch. The term 'Triple-A' gets bandied around often in the games industry, but when it comes to discussing Epic's latest, it's truly justified. This is modern blockbuster gaming at its most bombastic.

As you can expect from Epic, the game promises to push the capabilities of the Xbox 360 to giddy new heights, with possibly the best visuals ever seen on the platform. REASONS TO STOCK • Latest in the multi-million selling franchise. • Four-player co-op campaign play. • Immense multiplayer gameplay. • Benchmark-setting visuals. • Backed by vast marketing campaign.

And if its cinematic scale and ambition doesn't already make it a must-play, the groundbreaking four player co-operative play makes it among the most anticipated new releases of the whole year. Playable both offline in split screen and online over Xbox LIVE, it promises to become a legendary experience. New playable characters will be introduced, as well as new weapons, new enemies, and fully controllable Silverback mech suits for use at key points in the game.

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Call of Juarez: The Cartel U

bisoft brings the Wild West bang up to date with the third episode of the acclaimed Call Of Juarez series. Featuring all the raw attitude of previous titles in a modern setting, it promises to be a first person shooter adventure unlike any other.

PUBLISHER Ubisoft FORMAT Xbox 360, PS3, PC RELEASE DATE 22nd July 2011.

Set in the present day, Polish starlet Techland has come up with an "immersive and mature story," where players take on the roles of three law enforcement agents. The trio embark on an intense journey that will take them from the heart of modern day Los Angeles to Juarez, Mexico. Despite the shift of setting, Call of Juarez: The Cartel will preserve the unique themes and feel of the Wild West, and will present a "deep and gritty" storyline that the press have described as an "action-shooter road-trip". A surprise bomb attack by a fictional drug cartel on a U.S. law enforcement agency kills hundreds of people, and leads federal authorities to believe that cartel members had infiltrated their ranks. In response, the feds set up an elite three-man task force to track down key cartel members, and it sets up the game for a unique three-way co-op experience as players follow the trail from LA,

REASONS TO STOCK • Brings the Wild West bang up to date. • Third title in the popular shooter series. • From acclaimed developer Techland. • Unique three player co-op play. • A rare big summer release during July.


through Arizona, and over the border into Mexico. The stars of the game, Kim, Eddie and Ben, will each have their own personal challenges and demons to face, which Ubisoft pledges will make for "a complex and high-adrenaline gaming experience driven by a rich storyline evident throughout the Call of Juarez franchise." Players can either play each unique campaign in turn, or experience the story in co-operative mode, with friends taking the remaining roles. As you'd expect, firearms play a big part in The Cartel, and a huge selection of weapons will be available. These will be comprised of pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, anti-air weapons and more. Players can also look forward to a wide variety of maps and missions, including punitive raids, witness protection, undercover missions, and car chases. In the traditionally quiet month of July, Call Of Juarez provides a much-needed shot in the arm to the release schedule. Talk to your Gem account manager today!

TECHLAND ON.... THE WESTERN DIRECTION "The Wild West, also our Modern Wild West in The Cartel, is deliberately overstated. Comparing them to myths and legends comes naturally when one realises the importance of symbols in their composition. The appearance of all characters reflects the archetypes they represent: guns are visible and carried with pride, often accompanied by ammo belts and knives, sheriffs’ stars, hats. They reflect the characters’ role and often also their personality."

THE ENVIRONMENTS "Landscapes and locations are full of iconic views: the long, wide shots of dusty trails, deserts and rocky hills. Everyone remembers a buzzard, an old, crumbling chapel or a small graveyard in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes a landmark like that is all what the scene needs to establish the location. "The scale is also important: vast empty expanses around the characters or long, winding trails all the way towards the horizon make the whole vision contained and focused on the here and now while constantly reminding the audience of the freedom so important to the genre."


PRESSBUZZ There's no denying that the presentdaycopshow conceit is unique amongst current games, and it's a setting that may well prove alluring to some

[ It's]a brave move for developer Techland -trading in its traditional spaghetti Western roots for new modernday setting OXM

Total Video Games

The Cartel is, to put it mildly, something a departure from the first two instalments. Whereas the original game had you hiding in the bushes with a whip, the second had you wandering round frontier towns;number three will see you careering down four lanes of traffic toting a machine gun

This blend of contemporary cities with western mainstays is promising. If Techland can keep the character of the previous games and transfer it into today’s LA, they could have something unique on their hands PC Gamer


Call of Juarez : The Cartel is undoubtedly keeping its approach fresh and its action suitably ridiculous

Threeway coop seems to be one of the more interesting aspects of the game Strategy Informer


THE STORYTELLING "Western stories are often powerful yet simple. That doesn’t mean they can’t be twisted and full of surprises. The simplicity is visible on the lowest level: they raise the topics of fundamental values and are often very character-driven despite having plenty of action. "The characters are usually flawed and human which makes them much more interesting than the obviously good or bad heroes in typical action flicks. It’s less about saving the world and more about following an engaging story happening to characters people care about. "The protagonists are often only a little bit better than the villains, troubled and struggling to avoid crossing the final line separating those two categories. Despite their internal struggles and dilemmas, characters can easily be called archetypes: a crooked sheriff, a ruthless magnate, the lone gunslinger and so on."

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BODYCOUNT FORMAT X360, PS3 RELEASE DATE End of August PUBLISHER Codemasters SRP £49.99 Set to rip apart the first person shooter and deliver genre-defining gun play Bodycount comes alive in an orgy of bullets and destruction, blasting outrageous fire-fights and ferocious action from both barrels. In Bodycount you become ensnared in a clandestine global power struggle as a powerful combat asset with a green-light to eliminate enemies known only as ‘Targets’ on behalf of the ‘Network’. You must complete multiple objectives amid the chaos of civil war with the freedom to decide how and when to attack; and as the narrative unfolds, you will be drawn into the mysterious labyrinth of a covert conflict where operatives are encouraged to leave no witnesses. Equipped with a mouth-watering selection of contemporary weapons, the Bodycount experience is all about the bullet and its impact on the game world. It's arsenal of weapons and multiple pathed levels combined with an AI that adapts to the ever changing shreddable environment, will place gamers in a world of challenges that change as the world around them does the same You can also put your own unique footprint of destruction on the world thanks to environment shredding technology. The dynamically changing environments are a means of defence and attack, creating tactical options for players. Complimented by online multiplayer and co-operative game modes, Bodycount will set new standards for spectacular, visceral gun play and put the fun back into the FPS. Every bullet counts, every body counts.

Our core focus for Bodycount is to deliver best in-class gun play that places the gamer at the heart of the experience EGO Game Technology Said Executive Producer Tom Gillo. “From the jaw-dropping devastation caused by firing into enemies or shredding the world around you in a hail of bullets, Bodycount will crystallise that moment of pulling the trigger into an exhilarating sensory overload of action.”


Bodycount is being developed using the EGO Game Technology platform, evolved from the award-winning EGO Engine. Enabling Codemasters development talent to share tools and technology across its Studios and Central Technology teams, the EGO Game Technology Platform empowers Codemasters game designers to realise their creative visions across multiple platforms featuring cutting edge graphics, powerful AI and advanced physics systems and integrated network play.

Reasons to stock • Uses technology evolved from Codemasters’ award-winning EGO engine • Multiplayer fun with online co-op • Set to redefine the first person shooter – playing the fun back into FPS

Major League Baseball 2K11 FORMAT Xbox 360, PS3 RELEASE DATE 24th June 2011 PUBLISHER Take Two Interactive SRP £ 29.99

Take Two have hit a homerun with the newest edition to the Major League Baseball series; with game improvements that are instantly noticeable. The action runs smoothly and allows you to really get control over your batting and throws, which makes for a more intense and exciting game. Each player has their own individual personality and will swing or take to the batter’s box just like the players you know and love in vastly improved aesthetics that allow you to notice the intricate details of each player. Simple controls allow you to enjoy the challenge without too much frustration. Use the right stick to either throw simple up or down flicks, or rotate the stick to add complicated swerves to try and catch your opponent out. Similarly, with batting you must have an eye for getting your timing right as there’s nothing more satisfying than slugging a ball right across the stadium.

Play in a number of different modes including the famous ‘My Player’ mode which sees you step into the shoes of one member of the team playing only that character as he bats and fields. The aim is to perform well and earn stat points, which enables you to build the strength of your player over the seasons. In ‘Franchise Mode’ you must manage your minor league divisions; putting you in control of all of the action. Manage the season’s trades and injuries to ensure that your favourite team has optimum strength.

Reasons To Stock • Improved gameplay and aesthetics to the Major League Baseball series • A number of different modes such as My Player and Franchise Mode means endless gameplay • Play with your favourite baseball stars and develop their skills with stat points are unstoppable

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 FORMAT Xbox 360, PS3 RELEASE DATE 1st July 2011 PUBLISHER T ecmo Koei Europe SRP £ 49.99

Both space and land have been infected with chaotic war as giant mecha called Mobile Suits march into battle. Fight your way across the battlefields and in the air in this epic addition to the Dynasty Warriors series. With over 70 playable and upgradeable Mobile Suits and over 50 playable and upgradable characters players will be fixated on the never ending gameplay that Gundam 3 has to offer. New features include Mobile Suits from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Mobile Suit Gundam UC and many more. New elements to battle mean that even the most experienced Dynasty Warriors gamer will have their hands full with a range of new evasion techniques such as the

Emergency Dash System which allows players to use new cancel and evasion techniques to avoid enemy attacks. A new partner strike system will see you teaming up with fellow warriors. Summon a partner to enhance your engagement with the enemy in order to add power and style to the infliction; however remember that timing is of the essence. Also a new Recovery System allows warriors to heal in battle. This intensifies the battle and can create some challenges for those that can’t handle the pace of the gameplay. Reasons To Stock • 70 playable and upgradable Mobile suits • 50 playable and upgradable characters • New techniques such as Emergency Dash System, Partner Strike System and a new Recovery System

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The Crown of Midas

The Crown of Midas is a compelling adventure that will leave you in a strange world. It has a vast gameplay and large maps for you to explore. Several locations are available and each contains numerous tricky puzzles that will test your intelligence, responsiveness and eye for clue finding. Only the natural explorers will prevail! You can play as both Stephen and Jessica, collating their two strengths to help guide you through this enthralling puzzle. Play as

Your Virtual Personal Coach FORMAT Wii RELEASE DATE 24th June 2011 PUBLISHER Funbox Media SRP £19.99

FORMAT Wii RELEASE DATE 12 August 2011 PUBLISHER Funbox Media SRP Wii – £ 24.99, DS – £ 19.99

You are the recently employed museum night-watchman Stephen. Around the corner are a lot of things that weren’t mentioned in the job description. A mysterious boss, cryptic codes, strange exhibits and dangerous intruders means that you and your friend Jessica must find a way to survive the treacherous night.

Fit & Fun

both characters and learn their personalities and traits to help you utilise their strengths and survive; two heads are better than one after all. The Crown of Midas also has an array of mini-games, just in case the story mode rattles your brain too hard. Rebuild a dinosaur skeleton, partake in giant chess and test your balance on the mirrors. For those that hate getting stuck in games there is a help option to send you little clues. However real explorers should bode well enough without!

Reasons To Stock • Compelling storyline full of strange adventures • A number of mini-games to enjoy • Play as both two characters and use teamwork to help them make it through the night

Who ever knew exercise could be so much fun?! Fit & Fun – Your Virtual Personal Coach makes getting in shape easier and faster and is never boring for a second. Influenced by the popular Wii Fit, Fit & Fun utilises many of its best features but applies them for an adult orientated workout. Fit & Fun has been developed with aid from a team of fitness professionals. So you can expect a high quality workout that is as serious as it is fun. With over 50 different exercises there is a huge variety of workouts, which not only keeps exercising interesting but allows you to create your own personalised workout based on the advice from professionals. Select areas in body shaping, muscle training and recreation to get a good balance of fun and fitness.

Each exercise has 15 levels of difficulty so that you can measure your success and live the good results as you climb the levels in the game. There are also 6 mini games available that are fun as well as physically demanding. Innovative games such as hang gliding, badminton and more guarantee great gaming fun between exercises. You won’t make the mistake of exercising incorrectly as you can see yourself on screen and you receive advice from the professionals that gave their input to the games production. There has never been a better time to get off the couch and enjoy getting into shape! Reasons To Stock • A fun way to get in shape • Developed with the help of fitness professionals to ensure an accurate and reliable workout • An array of fun minigames

We Sing: Robbie Williams FORMAT Wii RELEASE DATE Out Now PUBLISHER Nordic Games SRP £ 19.99 /2 Mics - £ 34.99

Get out your black and white face paint and iron your studded ‘Let Me Entertain You’ jumpsuit so you can get ready to sing the house down with We Sing: Robbie Williams! 25 of Robbie William’s favourite hits are included in this karaoke game including Angels, Feel, Let Me Entertain You, Rock DJ and many others. Robbie and Gary Barlow’s recent duet Shame is also available to unlock as a bonus track! Each song is accompanied with an original music video for you to sing along to and you can even gain access to footage from Robbie’s legendary 2003 performance at Knebworth as a reward to those that can hit those high notes! We Sing: Robbie Williams contains a variety of game modes for you to enjoy so that the


fun never ends. Sing in solo mode to see yourself as an independent star or sing in karaoke and jukebox mode to team up with up to three friends to reveal the Take That within you and your friends. We Sing also features a photo gallery which is loaded with all the classic photography of Robbie for the diehard fans. Personalised in-game awards and commentary from the star himself means that there is endless Robbie memorabilia for you to enjoy between singing your heart out! Reasons To Stock • With the current Take That tour happening there will be increased interest in Robbie. Fans will want to sign along • 25 Robbie Williams hits to sing along to with original music videos • Sing with three other friends in the only game to feature four singers and four microphones all together at once

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p 1 2 _ H o n e s te c h sF ilm ss c a n & s a v e _ L a y o u ts1 ss2 3 /0 6 /2 0 1 1 ss1 7 :1 8 ssP a g e s1

Film Scan&Save™ Digitalise your old photo negatives and slides Photo negatives or slides can easily be lost or damaged, so don’t just leave them in a closet or shoebox, instead bring them back to the digital world using Honestech Film Scan&Save™

Supported by

Features Quick Scan Scanning process is simple with just the click of a button High Quality Supports up to 1,800dpi (2592 x 1728) resolution Auto Correction Tool Improve photos with minimal editing effort Easy Transfer Transfers scanned images to the PC via USB (no additional software required) LCD Screen Preview and scan using built-in LCD screen and touch buttons Included in the box: • Film Scan&Save (Film Scanner) • Photo negative holder • Photo slides holder • USB cable • Power AC adapter • Cleaning brush for slides/negatives • User guide • Quick start guide • TV out cable SRP £79.99 Available to order from August

For more information on the honestech Film Scan&Save™ contact your Gem account manager on 01279 822822 or go online at

The Future - July 2011 Edition  

OUT NOW July 2011 Trackball Darkfield M235 Compact design 2.4 GHz wireless connection - more reliable R400 Intuitive slideshow controls 15 m...

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