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s A bit of reassurance for those with members of friends or family that have or are suffering from heart related problems

There is hope This magazine is written to reassure people and give them hope as a tool for those who have had close ones encounter or who are suffering from a heart attack. Written from a close and personal experience, I can stand as a strong positive resource to share my story of my mother’s experience. This magazine shares stories of others near death experiences whilst a heart attack was taking over the physical body. These are personal experiences that people want to share to show others that they are still alive to share them. The dedication and medical skills of surgeons and hospital staff are those that are priceless. Any donations will be appreciated by Harefirld Hospital to help them continue to do what they do best; saving our loved ones.


Near D

What is it? A near death experience (NDE) is one which someone experiences when they are close to the other side of life. Many people don’t expereience them but there are some that do. In this instance, NDEs are looked at in relation to heart attacks. Showing what some people have seen whilst their physical body has been in a crital condition.



>>> ProofJes

>> usisreal

he gave me grace A memeber of the Youtube community ProofJesusIsReal, decided to upload his story to share to the users of the online video platform. He claims that he had seen Jesus.The next thing he knew, he was back in his body, survived the heart attack and carried on

“I pleaded with Jesus, I asked him to let me come back, he gave me grace and mercy and let me come back� with life. Some may say this is because he is a believer. To him, Jesus is real and from his near death experience he can firmly conclude that he now has faith and can believe in what he saw.

and mercy


>> Christine

>> Ihrig

and here A lady named Christine Ihrig, faced a choice of two paths to go down in her near death experience between her deceased husband and their living daughter. She chose the daughter to contiue life.

I am

“I saw two roads, one with my husband standing at the end whom I lost and the other with my daughter at the end. I chose my daughter and here I am today� She shares her story to show people that she came out of her traumatic experience and lives on to give others hope and support. This story is for a local hospital close to her as part of a campaign to raise awareness.



>> Fortiesn

>> utcase

to get to This older male had the experience of a solid darkness but the feeling of peeling the corner of something to try and get to the other side. This could be interperated as nearly passing on to an unearthly place. However, his mind did re-enter his body with

“I felt like I was lying on my side, to peel the corner of something to get to the otherside� the memory of this exact experience after the heart attack took place. His video diary is very enthusiatic like it had gaven him a new burst of energy. He expresses how lucky he is to be alive today with family around him everyday.

the other side


>> Michael

>> Badnarik



An informal conversation with friends over a meal was recorded shared to millions. This gentleman had the attack but when he woke up he remembered nothing and thought it was the next day until the doctor informed him that he had been asleep for two weeks. “Time just passed by, I woke up and two weeks had just gone, I thought it was December, it was January� He knew nothing about the time that had passed and looks baffled when trying to explain the story. He now appreciates things in life more and takes less for granted.

Passed by



Mother’s Experience

“ I don’t remember a thing but from what I’ve been told, I am lucky to be here today. It happened the day afer boxing day 2010 but to be honest, I don’t remember christmas or boxing day either. I woke up in the morning to get ready for work but apparently was rolling around on the floor for a while and talking gibberish. The ambulance got here just in time. Whilst they were talking to me, I had my first heart attack, they used everything they could to bring me back but it wouldn’t work. They ended up zapping me with the defibrillator which started my pulse again. I was rushed into the ambulance and on the way to Harefield Hospital, I went again. They resuscitated me again on the hardshoulder, then rushed me into the emergency room for a stent to be fitted. I had no Near Death Experiences but I am very grateful to be given the chance to continue watching my children grow up and one day seeing my grandchildren.

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There is hope  

To reasseure those who have had or know people suffering from a heart attack