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Annual Life Planner

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This interactive book, filled with personal stories and inspirational times, is dedicated to the many life masters, clients, family and friends who have joined me on this journey, lifted me up, taught me hard seemingly impossible lessons and showed me kindness. We were destined to meet. I might just mention you all…TBC


TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction …….……………………………………………………………… 5 Biography ……………………………………………………………………… 7 GEM Life Planner 1.0 ..………………………………………………………… 8 True Values ….………………………………………………………………… 10 GEM Foundation Program ..…………………………………………………… 16 The Lighthouse …….….……………………………………………………… 24 A Hero’s Journey ….………………………………………………………….


Reflection on the Year Behind ………………………………………………... 36 Accomplishment & Evolution ………………………………………………… 40 Faith & Hope .…………………………………………………………………. 44 Problem Free Zone .………………………………………………………….... 48 Putting a Stake in the Ground …...……………………………………………... 52 Embarking on an Adventure ….………………………………………………. 56 Putting it All Together ………………………………………………………... 60 Community ...…………………………………………………………………. 64 Monthly Planner …………...…………………………………………………. 68 Conclusion ……………………………………………………………………. 71 4

What is Coaching? Coaching was invented forever ago. It was the shaman, the priest, your grandparent, your wise elder. The sum of all the wisdom of the years before and the experiences that we can only have when we live. However, the formalized career of life coaching was initiated when a tennis coach realized that he got better tennis players when he helped them not only with their physical activities, but also their mental attitude. The book is called The Inner Game of Tennis. VPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 Combined with business coaching and the rise of therapy, it evolved into the coaching profession. It has now spread worldwide and is a key element for any successful and fulfilled business or life professional.

What is GEM? GEM is an organization dedicated to the improvement and evolution of life and business through the act and science of transformation and evolution. It was started by Eric Horwitz in 2005. An analogy for something truly transformative is a diamond. A gem is a plain old piece of coal that through time and pressure becomes something very rare and valuable, if well protected. The name GEM came from the word Generation X Management. The need for wisdom and passing of knowledge from generation to generation was a key driver for Eric forming this organization. I mean if we lost the plans to make an Iphone, the next generation could not create it from scratch. The mission is to guide individuals and communities through the evolutionary steps of life and to increase meaning, fulfillment, joy, contentment and sustainability.


What is the Treasure Chest? The Treasure Chest is a community of self improvers that work together to expand their quality connections and the world they live in to enhance their skills and learn together. We work together on these exercises as a collective. Our collective wisdom empowers us. It was born three weeks before the global pandemic that separated us. The universe knows the timing of everything. The universe is your friend, it is rooting for you if you believe it.

Philosophy We are children of the sun. The sun exists, therefore we exist. The sun can exist without us, but we cannot exist without the sun. Why does the sun shine? I don't know and neither do you - but when it shines we receive the benefits. Based upon that premise, since we are children of the sun, I believe that when we shine (emit energy) we are doing our purpose and the world benefits. How do you know when you are shining? This program will take you through the steps of identifying how you shine, when you live according to your values system rooted in your foundation, and what steps you can take to keep shining and putting your light into the world. This is no easy task. You will not be successful by just filling out this workbook. It will work when you apply the principles day after day, week after week. You cannot think your way into winning the superbowl, you have to get on the field and practice. I hope by the end of the program you will have a better sense of who you are, what you want and what steps you will take this year to achieve it. You cannot achieve this alone, so becoming a member of our collective digital or in person community will enhance your ability to shine with others who are on a similar but unique mission, but only if you are ready. Looking forward,


Biography Eric Horwitz, CEO and Founder of GEM, is an executive, business and life coach, based in New York City. With over 18 years of coaching experience and 45 years of business experience, (He coached his dad on his podiatry business on the walks to the synagogue) he has worked to improve the quality of lives of executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and humans around the globe. In working with nonprofit and for-profit organizations such as New York University, New York City Department of Education, NYCHA, Bank of America, Vogue, Bloomberg, The White House, The Mayor’s office and Johnson & Johnson, Eric’s experience and coaching style have inspired a multitude of emerging and seasoned leaders towards articulating their missions and achieving their goals. A graduate of Columbia University he is the leader of the Columbia Career Coaches Network for over ten years. The network offers career coaching to over 300,000 alumni. Eric has been deeply involved in the nexus of New York cultural, business and global change during this new century. One of Coach E’s main teachings is that any successful person, company, or society must develop and articulate a strong foundation and vision for what creative force they want to bring into the physical realm. When working with clients, Eric and his colleagues help them to find and express their passions and then to collaborate with others to make those passions a reality. His experience as a Global Human Resource Consultant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers allowed him to experience making change in large organizations and to use the most current management tools in our digital age to achieve consistent results across a range of management directives. Lately he has been using ChatGPT to transform the coaching industry and influence to be seen as a source for good.


GEM Life Planner 1.0 Ok, here we go. What are you doing? Why are you doing it? What do you think will help you get ahead in your life and make it more fulfilling? With this life planner, you can start to put the pieces together and start to design your year ahead. A blueprint for your life. No architect would build a building, without a blueprint. You can start this at any point during the year and it can allow you to get a sense of what you can and cannot do this year. I hope you enjoy it! This program once completed is best sustained in a collective group. The Treasure Chest community is a great place to share your objectives and have collective accountability. Feel free to jot any thoughts you have before starting below. What do you hope to achieve? What are you afraid of? Who do you want to be? First let us dive in on your why? What is the spark that lights the flame?



TRUE VALUES Read the list of values on the next page and circle ten that resonate as a value for you. You are looking for a value, not a want, a should, a fantasy, or a wish. A value is a must for you to be yourself. Part of the first step is to tell the truth about what you actually value or love to do with your time. This may be the first time you have ever admitted this to yourself. Some of these you will know innately. Others require some deeper introspection.. Please be willing to “try on” words you might normally skip over. These may be hidden values; if so, you may have one or more of the following reactions: ● ● ● ●

“No, no, no; that would be too much fun. “That’s a silly value; I should have a better one.” “If that were true, I’d have to change my life a lot.” You flush, blush, or shake when reading the word.

Got the idea? Now move onto the next page and read through the words carefully. Then, circle the 10 words that you believe to be your True Values.



Risk Dare Experiment

Thrill Danger Gamble Endeavor Exhilaration Venture

Speculation Quest The unknown


Grace Loveliness Taste

Refinement Elegance Attractiveness Radiance Magnificen Gloriousness ce

TO CATALYZE Impact Free others Influence

Move forward Coach Stimulate

Touch Spark Energize

Turn on Encourage Alter

TO Serve CONTRIBUTE Endow Grant

Improve Strengthen Provide

Augment Facilitate Foster

Assist Minister to


Invent Originality Perfect

Synthesize Conceive Assemble

Imagination Plan Inspire

Detect Uncover

Perceive Discern

Locate Distinguish

Design Ingenuity Build

TO DISCOVER Learn Realize Observe TO FEEL

Emote To To feel good experience Sensations Be with

Sense Energy flow

To glow In touch with


Guide Arouse Rule

Influence Reign Encourage

Cause Govern Model

Inspire Enlist Persuade



Expert Superiority Best

Rule field Primacy Outdo

Adept Dominate field Preeminenc Greatest e Excellence Set Standards


Be connected To nurture Be with

Family Be linked

To unite Be bonded

Part of community Be integrated

BE SENSITIVE Tenderness Empathize See

Touch Support

Perceive Respond

Be present Show compassion

BE SPIRITUAL Be aware Devoting Religious

Be accepting Holy

Be awake Honoring

Relate with God Be passionate


Educate Prepare Explain

Instruct Edify

Enlighten Prime

Inform Uplift


Prevail Acquire Attract

Accomplish Attain Win over Triumph

Score Predominate


Write your TEN True Values Below:

Write the top FIVE values from the ten listed above:

Group the five words into three “buckets:” 1. Verbs (actions you want to be doing all the time) 2. Adverbs (how you want to be, when you perform those actions) 3. End Result (what you want to accomplish)

Try to make a compelling sentence with the five words in the form of verb, adverb and end result. For example, “I walk to the store slowly to buy milk.”







GEM FOUNDATION PROGRAM Your true values are the most integral part of your foundation, but they are not the only thing needed to create a strong fulfilling life. There are several areas of life where you can build and sustain a strong foundation from which to achieve. This program is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of your physical environment, finances, relationships, health and emotional balance and your digital usage. It’s organized as a checklist, with each section representing a cornerstone of the foundation of your life. When you understand your values, you can start to build a foundation to support them. The goal is to get a truthful score, not a high one.


PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: Number of circles checked (25 max) _______ o I consistently have adequate time, space, and freedom in my life. o My personal files, papers, and receipts are neatly filed away. o My car, bike, or motorcycle is in excellent condition (doesn’t need mechanical work, repairs, cleaning or replacing). o My home is neat and clean (vacuumed, closets clean, desks and tables clear, furniture in good repair, windows clean). o My appliances, machinery, and equipment work well (refrigerator, toaster, water heater, toys). o My clothes are all clean and make me look great (no wrinkles, baskets of laundry, or torn, out-of-date, or ill-fitting clothes). o My plants and animals are healthy (fed, watered, getting light and love). o My bed and bedroom let me have the best sleep possible (firm bed, light, air). o I live in a home or apartment that I love. o I surround myself with beautiful things. o I live in the geographic area I choose. o There is ample and healthy light around me. o I am not damaged by my environment, physical or emotional. o I am not tolerating anything about my home or work environment. o My work environment is productive and inspiring (synergistic, with ample tools and resources, and with no undue pressure). o I recycle. o My hair is the way I want it. o My bed is made daily. o I don’t injure myself or bump into things. o People feel comfortable in my home. o I drink purified water. o I have nothing around the house or in storage that I do not need. o I am consistently early or easily on time. o I have several curated music playlists that enhance my mood and sense of ambition.


HEALTH AND EMOTIONAL BALANCE: Number of circles checked (25 max) _______ o I use caffeine (chocolate, coffee, colas, tea) less than three times per week, total. o I rarely eat sugar or sugar products (less than three times per week). o I rarely drink alcohol (less than two drinks per week). o My cholesterol count is healthful. o My teeth and gums are healthy (have seen a dentist in the last six months). o My blood pressure is healthful. o I have had a complete physical exam in the past three years. o I do not smoke tobacco or other addictive substances. o I do not use illegal drugs or misuse prescribed medications. o I have had a complete eye exam within the past two years (vision test, glaucoma check). o My weight is within my ideal range. o My nails are healthy and attractive. o I don’t rush or use adrenaline to get the job done. o I have interests other than work. o I have something to look forward to virtually every day. o I have no habits that I find to be unacceptable. o I am aware of the physical or emotional problems or conditions I have, and I am now fully taking care of all of them. o I consistently take evenings, weekends, and holidays off and take at least two weeks of vacation each year. o I have been tested for any diseases that I might have been exposed to. o I use well-made sunglasses. o I do not suffer. o I floss daily. o I walk or exercise at least three times per week. o I hear well.


MONEY Number of circles checked (25 max) ______ o I currently save at least 10 percent of my income. o I pay my bills on time, virtually always. o My income source or revenue base is stable and predictable. o I know how much I must have to be minimally financially independent, and I have a plan to get there. o I have returned or made good on any money I borrowed. o I have written agreements and am current with payments to individuals or companies to whom I owe money. o I have six months’ living expenses in a money market-type account. o I live on a weekly budget that allows me to save and not suffer. o All my tax returns have been filed, and all my taxes have been paid. o I currently live within my means. o I have excellent medical insurance. o My assets (car, home, possessions, treasures) are well insured. o I have a financial plan for next year. o I have no legal clouds hanging over me. o My will is up to date and accurate. o Any parking tickets, alimony, or child support I owe is paid and current. o My investments do not keep me awake at night. o I know how much I am worth. o I am on a career or professional or business track that is or will soon be financially and personally rewarding. o My earnings are commensurate with the effort I put into my job. o I have no loose ends at work. o I am in relationships with people who can assist in my career or professional development. o I rarely miss work due to illness. o I am putting aside enough money each month to reach financial independence. o My earnings outpace inflation, consistently.


RELATIONSHIPS Number of circles checked (25 max) ________ o I have told my chosen family that I love them recently. o I get along well with my coworkers and/or clients. o I get along well with my manager and/or staff. o There is no one who I would dread or feel uncomfortable running across (in the street, at an airport, or at a party). o I value people more than the things people can do for me. o I have let go of the relationships that drag me down or damage me. (“Let go” means to end, walk away from, state a problem with, handle, or no longer be attached to.) o I have communicated or attempted to communicate with everyone who I have damaged, injured, or seriously disturbed, even if it wasn’t fully my fault. o I have a circle of friends and/or family who love and appreciate me for who I am, more than just what I do for them. o I tell people how they can satisfy me. o I respond to people’s texts, emails, direct messages and calls consistently. o I always tell the truth to those closest to me, no matter what. o I receive enough love from people around me to feel good. o I have fully forgiven those people who have hurt or damaged me, whether it was deliberate or not. o I am a person of my word; people can count on me. o I quickly clear miscommunications and misunderstandings when they do occur. o I live life on my terms, not by the rules or preferences of others. o There is nothing unresolved with my past loves or spouses. o I am in tune with my wants and needs and get them taken care of. o I have a best friend or soul mate. o I do not judge or criticize others. o I do not take personally the things that people say to me. o I state requirements rather than complaining. o I spend time with people who don’t try to change me. o I spend time with people that like me for who I am.


DIGITAL & NEW MEDIA ASPECTS (these are not included in your 100 max score but are here to help you better identify your online presence) (8 max) ________ o All of my social media accounts enhance my life in some way and never make me feel badly about myself. o All of my electronics are updated to support the newest and quickest software. o I attempt to relate and understand perspectives and histories different than my own. o I use chargers and other electronics that work efficiently. o I always embrace new technology and learn to use it for my benefit and for others benefit o I do not sleep in a room filled with electronics and other distractions. o I know what comes up when someone googles my name and I am happy with the results. o I have looked through and deleted old Facebook posts, tweets and/or captions on social media that may be considered inappropriate or culturally insensitive.

Summarize your score here by adding up each section _______(108 max) Select two items from each section and highlight them and transfer them to the goal section later on to focus on improving in the year ahead.




THE LIGHTHOUSE Remember what I told you about light and energy and that we are all children of the sun and how those are the sources of our existence. I mean we are light and energy. I do not know why we exist in this way, maybe it is a hologram or the matrix, but I know they do. I am the product of energy (the sun) that generates and reflects light and like that light, I shine. Similar to a lighthouse, that gives light to all the wayward ships to avoid the rocks, we shine our light in a singular and unique way. Can you picture yourself as the center light of a lighthouse surrounded by windows, some foggy, some boarded up and some clean as a whistle? So we have worked on your source of light, your true values, and the foundation from which to shine that light. (values = light and Foundation = bricks) Keep the image above in your mind because now we are going to learn how to manifest that light into the physical world.


Exercise Let us start to break down how this light can be refracted and recreated in every area of your life. Let’s start with three simple areas of life, in which we can identify the ability to create light and reflect it out in a powerful way. So let's talk about your family, your work and city. List 5 family members, List 5 work colleagues, and 5 adjectives that describe your city. For each, look at your mission statement on page and imagine that person or attribute was one of three things. A window for the light, a door to block the light and a mirror to reflect the light back to you. A window allows the energy of your mission to shine through. A door blocks the light so nothing gets through and if you shine the light even brighter it doesn't help. A mirror is a form of self projection, we don't see the object, we only see what we want to see, so it's probably even worse than a door, because we don't even know what it is.


So for example… For Family Mother










w / key

Needs Cleaning

Now complete this task for each person in your family. When complete, you can recreate this task for the other two areas like people you work with and friends. When complete, we can see what other areas of your life are sharing and blocking light. This is a concept to think about and become more aware of and to see life through this lens of energy and possibility and impossibility.



A HERO’S JOURNEY Life is a tale that begins with a magical entrance and ends with a dramatic exit. It's a beautiful journey that can be fleeting or enduring. We don't know what the future holds, but we can cherish the present and create memories that last a lifetime. Throughout history, humans have been storytellers, sharing fables, myths, and epics that inspire, entertain, and teach. In the ancient world, we looked to the stars for guidance and inspiration, naming them after great figures to ensure their stories were never forgotten. Today, we have our own modern-day stars - idols like Kim Kardashian, Winston Churchill, and Faye Dunaway who embody our aspirations, our hopes, and our dreams. They are the torchbearers of our cultural identity, our shared heritage, and our collective memory. Storytelling is the essence of human expression, a means of connecting, sharing, and understanding the world around us.

What is your story?


Exercise As a child, I thought I was a hero. I told my mom I wanted to be an astronaut. I read books about Greek mythical heroes thinking I had super powers like Hercules and Superman. Spock and Captain Kirk were my 70s latch key fantasy parents. (My mom was not working, she was upstairs, but whatever- different story) I did not actually know that I would need every super power that I had to make it through life and its challenges. But that philosophy of a hero with special powers is the engine that takes me through what life has dealt me and what I have dealt life. Joseph Campbell “ The power of myth” is a great read on the subject. I want to inspire you as well to see yourself as a hero of your own journey. But I do not mean that as a platitude or pithy saying, you have to cull out the stories of your life that require all the experiences and wisdom to get you to where you are today.


So let us get started. Starting from early childhood, what story stands out to you? Let me give you an example, but you cannot use mine, you have to come up with your own. Remember, life is a bit fact, a bit fiction and a bit fantasy. So this is not exactly accurate and it does not need to be. So relax! In 1978, I went to a small Jewish School in Denver. My parents had become Orthodox Jews and somehow we ended up in Colorado. I was the youngest of three, so it all seemed a bit mysterious to me. I digress. The height of the school year at Hillel Academy was the student council election. I had lost the Vice Presidency the previous year (by just six votes) to a girl that handed out free chocolate and told no one to vote for me because I was short. I had been bested. That would not happen in my senior year, I swore to myself in the middle of talmud class with Rabbi Gewirtz. I convinced my friend, who I knew would not be able to beat me, to run against me. I talked him up to the nominating committee and the campaign started. Nothing rhymes with Eric, except a derrick, so I came up with some catchy cowboy phrases: “Ride em high with the Right Guy” Vote Eric for President. My opponent gave his whole speech backwards. Sloppy. I acted like I lost my speech, but it miraculously fell out of my Yamaka. (Jewish Head Covering) The crowds roared in approval. I promised free popcorn, red licorice nibs and a PG rated movie night. I slayed*. I won the election. It read: 91 votes for Eric. 11 Votes for Michael. A landslide of epic proportions.


I figured out the 11 who did not vote for me, including the Twersky twins (they like to play the game of giving you Wrigleys gum that would snap and break your fingers) and had a conversation with them. I would be their president as well. *slayed was not used that way in 1979, but I felt I could take the liberty. A political genius/strategic mastermind was born. Now it is your turn. Tell us a story. 1.


___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

Think of two more pivotal stories from your life, in the similar vein some personal and some professional. 1.


___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________




___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Now tell a story of your worst failure. Here is mine. In 2005, I got divorced, came out of the closet, moved to NYC and started my business while raising my kids as a single dad. It was both a time of great excitement and severe pain having abruptly ended a relationship with my wife after being together for 24 years. Miraculously, my business took off as so many of my colleagues from all the years of corporate work there to help me.. In my first year of business, I accumulated several hundred of thousand dollars in consulting and coaching revenue. It was as though the sky was the limit. By 2007, it seemed that there was no end to the possibilities. I am all about possibilities. I was in the midst of planning my son’s bar mitzvah and sparing no expense. Dancers, DJ’s, and the best kosher food, I could even have gotten Justin Timberlake there for $250,000 to sing his N’SYNC classics and Sexyback. I had a purple velvet suit made just for the occasion. I have a history with celebration suits. My three biggest clients were Bank of America, Lehman Brothers and AIG. What could possibly go wrong? I was a banking consulting mogul in my mind. It only took one week for everything to go wrong. I mean everything.


Lehman Brothers went bankrupt while the other firms cratered. I could not pay the rent on my loft let alone the caterer. I wandered the streets of Manhattan, knowing that the universe was telling me to go in another direction. I could not solve this one. Only time and hope could solve it. I went to a Bikram Yoga and resolved that I would never overextend myself again. Now try to write about your rock bottom. This might be difficult to tell or hidden below the surface. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

And one future impossible story with a happy ending made possible. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________


When you complete the stories, combine them all into one paragraph describing your hero's journey. When working with a coach you can turn this into a powerful interview tool to be an engaging candidate.

_____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 34


REFLECTION ON THE YEAR BEHIND With this foundation and the hero's journey, we can get to know ourselves better in the year ahead. This requires a level of awareness and wisdom that increases with age so now you are a year older than you were before you started this program. When we think about life we want to be sure to consider that the blend between personal and professional is significant, so the whole person has to come to the table.


In the past year – (you can look back at your social media posts sometimes that will jog your memory) I realized… 1. About myself________________________________________________ 2. About my my career __________________________________________ 3. About my close circle of friends_________________________________ 4. About my family_____________________________________________ 5.

About the world_____________________________________________

6. About life__________________________________________________




ACCOMPLISHMENT & EVOLUTION I hate self help books and resolutions. On their own, neither of them will ever lead to lasting change. Having coached tens of thousands of people, I have discovered that human beings actually evolve, you know we did not have a thumb and then over time and trial and error we grew a thumb, so we could hold a sword, or text an emoji, so as you build out your future plans, let's first look back at the year behind and see what you accomplished, then lets only add to it, slightly in a measurable way. So for example, I drank every night last year, this year, I want to drink every other night. See evolve, do not resolve.


Exercise Accomplishment

Area for Evolution

Physical Health

Mental Ability





Self-Knowledge 41




FAITH & HOPE Setting realistic goals for the year ahead, starts with making unrealistic impossible goals for yourself and putting them into the universe. The makeup of the universe is that it reorders itself so that what we desire will come to us easily. It is our fear and doubt that creates the conditions for suffering. Today we are going to use the power of faith and hope to paint our picture as grandly as possible. We play to the top, not the middle. Failure is our wisest teacher, not our enemy.

In the following areas, consider where the world was 20 or 30 years ago and where it is now? Topic

1990 or 2000

Family Structures

More tight knit, less divorce, more rigid and defined by gender




Global Politics



What else? 44

In the year ahead – I have faith and hope that this will happen to me … 1. About myself ______________________________________________ 2. About my career____________________________________________ 3. About my team_____________________________________________ 4. About my circle/community___________________________________ 5. About my family____________________________________________ 6. About the world ____________________________________________ 7. About the country___________________________________________ 8. About life _________________________________________________




PROBLEM FREE ZONE Human beings often traffic in problems, it's a twisted currency - they get a dopamine hit from having the problem, solving the problem and then recreating the problem again. Giving our power away to others, and then undermining them to get it back. The peace and conscious awareness of the creation of problems for the sake of fixing them, keeps us from evolving into more peaceful states of being or possibility. As you enter the year ahead, we have to think and imagine a world where we have less problems or even no problems. What would that feel like? How would we spend our days? Where do we consistently create and maintain problems?



My problem that I have consistently had over the last several years in this area is…

These problems would no longer exist if I…

Family Structures




Physical Health

Mental Health


Intimate Relationships



In the year ahead – I will commit to becoming a problem free zone when I accept and understand the following: 1. About myself____________________________________________________ 2. About my career_________________________________________________ 3. About my team__________________________________________________ 4. About my circle/community________________________________________ 5. About my family_________________________________________________ 6. About the world _________________________________________________ 7. About the country________________________________________________ 8. About life______________________________________________________



PUTTING A STAKE IN THE GROUND Reject the notion that you are the victim of other people’s definition of life and that you have no control over how you want to be in the world. You are the architect of your future in ways that you cannot imagine. However, in order to make those dreams reality, you have to first have to birth them into existence. From the previous work, we have acknowledged who we are and what we have accomplished in the past year, we have imagined grand futures that were once unimaginable, and we have committed to becoming a problem free zone in the future. With all that in mind, it’s time to state our stretch goals for the year ahead. In addition, for each, we are going to develop some quarterly milestones as check in on those goals. Let us be sure that these goals are not contingent on exterior events that we cannot control. Annual Goals I want to lose 20 lbs.

QTR 1 Make a diet plan.




Learn 5 new recipes that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Run 3 miles.

I’ve lost at least 15 lbs.

Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3

Goal 4


Our goals should be holistic, and address all parts of life to create a balanced approach, here are some areas to consider. So when you are thinking about goals, they should not just be money or a physical body. There are so many areas of life to focus on that may bring joy, fulfillment or experience. I have listed below some examples where you can imagine life improvement. Explore these thirteen pillars of life below and then see if you can set goals in at least five of them. Make sure the goals are measurable. Like they include a number or an end result. Spiritual Mental Emotional Physical Relationships Foundational Work Home Neighbors Colleagues Community Country




EMBARKING ON AN ADVENTURE When you are young, everything seems mysterious and exciting and terrifying and new. As we get older, we settle into safe patterns and structures to support the things we need and love, but when you work so hard on these things for so long, your adventurous mind can start to rust. When the time comes, and the road is clear it is time to embark on a new adventure. You can start out on an internal and or external adventure but either way Both will inform both. Up, down, right, left here, there and everywhere. Where shall we travel? What shall we find? Is there a way forward?


Look at a map name three places you would like to see or go to… a. b. c.


Name three people you would like to get coffee with alive or dead a. b. c.


Three ideas or concepts you want to understand a. b. c.


Name three things you are terrified of a. b. c.

Give your adventurer a name ____________________________________ 56

Your adventurer will face three challenges along the way. What are they? 1. ________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________

Now write a paragraph about how the adventure starts based upon your answers above and let’s hear what happens… __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________




PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Wow, you have done so great getting to this point, and now it is time to put it all down. Review all the sections from before, and see if you can highlight the key themes and areas for the sections below. Make sure they are clear and specific and measurable. Don’t write things down you already do, that will not help you grow or challenge yourself.

Three Key Goals 1. 2. 3. Three People to Get Closer To 1. 2. 3. Three New Skills to Learn 1. 2. 3. Three Problems to Resolve 1. 2. 3. Three Ways to Improve Morale 1. 2. 60

3. Three Things to Stop Doing 1. 2. 3.




COMMUNITY Now that you have goals, let’s talk about how to sustain the goals. Creating a community in the 21st century has become more exciting and more complicated than ever. We are all interconnected and interrelated. We are all one step away from being all together and one step away from being alone and abandoned.


Understanding your values and staying connected is an art and a science. Refer back to the values we did in the first exercise. Using the four values you picked previously, you want to bring to your community. Then in each section below see if you can describe what avenues of community you can create to contribute these values to the world. Community Example

Value 1 Inspire

Value 2 Empower

Value 3 Justice

Value 4 Possibility

Expression 1: (ex: coffee with friends) In person Expression 2: (whatsapp groups and instagram stories) Digitally Expression 3: (dinner parties) Intimate groups Expression 4: (volunteerism) Global Expression 5: (community Board) Local


So now that you see what you are trying to achieve you want to put some of the quilt building into action. 1. Where are the gaps? 2. What communities do you have that can be increased or augmented? 3. Where are you taking a leadership role? 4. Where are you taking a contributory role? 5. Where are you misaligned? 6. What do you need to add?



Monthly Planner: __________ / ___________ Welcome to your monthly planner worksheet! We will work on this in the Treasure Chest together, as a team if you join, to share and discover our hopes and plans for each month. This is a vital resource as we will refer back to the prior month often to adjust our plans and effectively attain our goals. Prior to our meetings, think about some of the key areas of your life and what you hope to achieve this month. Some goals require us to consider the entire year during planning. Consider this as well while mapping out your goals. Remember, when we think about future objectives, we can use the month to break them down into achievable goals.


Please list and describe SIX objectives you would like to complete this month:

1. Physical & Mental (consider: home, body, nutrition, emotional well-being) ________________________________________________________________ 2.

Career (consider: entrepreneurship, job, job search, vocational goals)

________________________________________________________________ 3.

Network (consider: co-workers and other associates)

________________________________________________________________ 4. Family & Friends (consider: togetherness, checking-in, new ways to organize home and family life) ________________________________________________________________ 5.

Money (consider: financial goals, insurance, savings, taxes)

________________________________________________________________ 6. Service (consider: contributions to the overall welfare of your community, affinity group as a whole) ________________________________________________________________


Please list the themes you would like to create more awareness about in the month (look at your weekly themes and your mission statement for inspiration!).

1.____________________________________________________ 2.____________________________________________________ 3.____________________________________________________

What is one thing you would like to stop doing this month? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________ What do you hope to achieve or be aware of by the end of year ________? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________

“When I look ahead, I make possibilities and then I plan for them with clear resolve.


In summary,

You now went through an exhaustive self reflective process to start to discover who you really are, and a blueprint to start to manifest this into the physical world. But if you just complete this workbook and leave it on the shelf. It is only on the shelf. Life is not on the shelf, as the Village People said, Put your pride on the shelf, and go there. I did. To create it in this world, you should join me.


Coach E


Notes and Reflections: