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Extraordinary evaluation Enterpraising Iniciative Gema Vallejo Pe単a

What does it mean to be intelligent in our society? To be inteligent in our societty means that to ank suitably day by day on the live, to grow up to superiority levels off humillity, understand the expels without let side the depth and the universal harmony. What abilities do schools value and promote? I think that the school do not value the personal responsavilities to go up personally and it is focus on the contest of the differents asignatures. How do we measure a person's intelligence? The personal intelligence has measure with differents exams to watch to the capacity os the differents people, because oll of the people has differents inteligences. This is the test that I have to do to watch my Multiples Inteligences.

Which of these intelligences you think are most valued by schools and society. I think tha two of this inteligences is the most valued, spanish languaje and maths. Is it possible for an individual to have more than one intelligence? I think that is is possible because for example, one person was where the best in Spenish languaje, because it have math to go shopping. Michael jordan has manifested the jumping shoting, running, passing, and guarding skills it has the habillity to sense what other players would do before they do it. Mohandas Gandhi, has manifested that she was guided by his serach for truth. They don't have all of the inteligences, they only have one, the one who they think that they have to they lives. linguistic inteligence: It is considerate une of the most importants. In general, it has use in all of the head and it is the caracteristic on the writters. The big use of the languaje, it was part of the essential of this tipe of inteligence. Musical inteligence: It is the talent who has the bim musics, singgers and dancers. The potence of this inteligence rettle down since the same born and it has and change the same form from one person, to other. One important point in this tipe of inteligence, is thas for strong all of the potential, already bein to play an instrument or to linten a melody with responsability. Mathematic inteligence. The people who stay in this group, has do the logical emisphere of the brain and it can dedicate to the exactly sciences. On the ancient cultures this inteligence has use to do calendars, measure the time and distance. Spatial Inteligence. This inteligence has the people who can drow in three dimensions. This inteligence also has the profesionally diverse like the engineering, the esculture, the decoration, the sketch and the architecture Corporal inteligence. Inside this tipe of Inteligence it's the deportists, surgeons, and dancers. One natural aptitude of this tipe of inteligence has manifestate often since young. Interpersonal Inteligence This tipe of inteligence has permite to do one picture of just we, has permite to can understand the necesities and caracteristics, like our defects and characteristics.

Interpersonal Inteligence. This tipe of inteligence as permite to us to understand to the rest. It is base on the capacity of manage the human relationeship, the empathy with the people and to recognise the motivations and emotions. This inteligence it is only a fundamental complement of the palatals, because either serve as obtain the best califications buy we choose realy bad to our friends and in a future to our partner. Naturalis Inteligence.

This last inteligence tipe, it is used to watch and study the nature. The biologits was the people who has more carry out. The capacity to can study our around is a shape of encourangethis tipe of inteligence. I think that in the school we can do it also only the differents languaje who has woorking in the school, because I do not like the Maths, and I work the music and corporal languaje, and the languajes for iquality.

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