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MY FIRST PRACTICE In some days I am going to practice by first time, where I will confront some children who expect a lot from me, they think that their teacher Gema going to play and teaching a lot the a way more funny. I have an advantage because children are motivated and are excited that this day comes but the the same time, to be honest I have a some afraid and I am so nervous, because I do not know what going to happen, I do not know if the things will work or not, I hope if they turn out as planned. Be teacher is the best profession and very satisfactory, and for many the naked eye can be easy and maybe it is, be a teacher, architect, psychologist, doctor, Ingeniro, but how difficult is to be good at what you do but really is dificult be a teacher? in any profession working with objects and teachers work with something more difficult; people, ideas, minds, cultures and societies. Be teacher is a dificult profession, a journey that is built every day, in which students learn of their teacher and the teacher learn of their students. where teaching is not just teaching, is to do of psychologists, doctors and even comedians for children to learn in the best way, teachers are trainers the lives and encouraging the dreams, those who always trust that each of students can achieve what he wants. Already I am on the first steps of the grand ladder that is the teaching, soon I going to give an important step in where I will know if this profession is for me, if I am ready to live in the classroom and tackle the problems that arise for children when wanting to achieve learning My first steps were only observations and visits to the school, see how is the teaching work from outside, were only works and make proposals of plannings, only imaginary for this day to be getting closer, but they were only proposals, really now I will face challenges, here is the reality. I now here I am, ready for my first teaching practice, I know it is gonna to be hard, that I maybe will be mistaken on some things but I know that these mistakes are tools to improve, students the my group are very naughty and they do not like working in a team, is that they are little devils but I hope and behave very well and they are interested in the class, for learn and have fun, come out of the routine. I am nervous but also very excited, I am confident that everything will be fine, I going to put all of me, I going to try my best, I pray to God that this happens and everything is fine in my first practice.

My first practice  
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