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The term migraine is used to describe a neurological diseasewith a broad range of manifestations. Migraine is a severely weaken condition that occurs more common in women than in men. It is just like a headache which is throbbing or pulsating that is often one sided and associated with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sound and smells. According to the National Headache Foundation, in America more than 29.5 million people are having migraines. Many people are thinking that a gentle massagecombined with migraine pressure points will give an effective natural migraine relief to keep migraines away. People are suffering from different types of migraine headaches, each having its own cause, symptoms and treatment options. Generally Atypical Migraine, Optical Migraine, Retinal Migraine and Visual Migraine are the four types of migraine. Migraines are a severe form of headache. The types of headachesare tension-type headaches, migraine headaches,cluster headaches, organic headachesand rebound head aches. Sometimes headachesmay affect children and even babies. Migraine headachesare generally classified as migraine without Aura (MWOA) which is the most common migraine type having symptoms of one side headache producing throbbing and associated with nausea, increasewith light and sound sensitivity. Migraine with Aura (MWA) which is the second most common migraine type that is associated with symptoms of visual impairment, sensory or motor skill impairment or speech impairment. For this type NSAIDsand triptans treatments will be recommended. Transformed migraines and Status migraines come under MWOAtype of migraines. WhereasAcephalgic or Silent migraine, Basilar type migraine, Hemiplegic migraines, Retinal migraines, Ocular, Ophthalmic and Optical migraines come under MWA type of migraines. A sufferer must consult a physician for proper diagnosis of a specific type of migraine. When considering migraine remedies, a wide variety of options are recommended for pain relief. Along with medications, a number of unconventional treatment options are also available. Magnesium is a chemical that helps to regulate dilation of arteries can be taken in pill form. Popular herb remedies for migraine include feverfew and butterbur (extract) that is proved to be effective in treating migraines. The vitamin niacin is a best source of migraine relief that normally found in whole wheat, yeast, liver, fish and nuts. Somehome remedies for migraines are drinking plenty of water, consuming vegetable juice, grape juice and large amount of salt containing foods. Other home remedies are head massage, compressing cabbageleaves to your head, ice wrap and peppermint oil migraine remedy. The cause of migraines headache is unknown; scientifically it may be caused due to a disorder of the serotonergic control system that triggers a change in brain chemistry which seemsto be related to the formation of migraines. Generally causesof migraine headachesare considered as exposure to light, exposure to caffeine, exposure to stress, exposure to certain foods and changesin hormonal levels of women. This article is about migraines, types of migraine, migraine remedies and causesfor migraine headacheswhich will give you the clear knowledge about migraine headaches.

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The term migraine is used to describe a neurological disease with a broad range of manifestations. Migraine is a severely weaken condition t...

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