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The Two Inflammations: Trauma ] Acute



Inflammation Poor Diet ] Systemic ] Disease & Lifestyle Inflammation

(undetected without a lab test)

Are you eating the right foods and taking the right supplements to support a healthy, active lifestyle?

Inflammation can be uncomfortable, however, scientific research tells us that undetected, systemic inflammation can lead to heart problems, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and many degenerative diseases. With every bite that you take, you could be feeding inflammation or, with every bite that you take, you could be promoting a healthy, non-inflammatory environment in your body.

Unhealthy pro-inflammatory foods

Healthy anti-inflammatory foods

a Sugar

a Omega 3 containing foods

a Refined or excess carbohydrates

a Wild caught fatty fish

a Trans Fats

a Wild game/lean organic meats

a Processed/packaged foods

a Olive oil

a Deep fried foods

a Organic fruits

a Sodas (yes, even diet soda!)

a Organic vegetables

a Any food causing a reaction

a Raw unsalted nuts

a High omega 6 intake (vegetable oils)

a Clean filtered water

a Restaurant food (hidden ingredients)

a Organic green tea

a Fast food

a Spices

Nutrients that help: Antioxidants; bioflavonoids;

quercetin, glutathione, alpha

papain, trypsin, pancreatin,

phytochemicals; proteolytic

lipoic acid, ginger, boswellia,

rutin, glycomacropeptides in

enzymes, bio-active herbs;

turmeric, curcumin, milk thistle,

whey, organic sprouts, parsley,

natural cox-2 inhibitors; omega

silymarin, chamomile, vitamin

probiotics, spirulina, beta

3 oils; supporting vitamins and

D, co-Q 10, vitamin C, valerian,

sitosterol‌ and many others.


fever few, passion flower, skullcap,


white willow bark, calcium,

Fish oil, flax seed/flax seed oil,

magnesium, zinc, bromelain, | Healthy



a Lifestyle


The Basic


Lyso-Lyph-Forte Potent proteolytic enzymes address inflammation-causing debris


Total Inflam

Contains natural cox-2 inhibitors (Cox-2 makes inflammatory substances)


Total Green Full of greens, organic sprouts, and supporting nutrients



Complete Hi-Potency Omega-3 Liquid

Fish oil makes anti-inflammatory products called prostaglandins of the 3 series

Complete Hi D3 Research shows that low vitamin D levels are correlated to inflammation

Nutri-West Supplements: As natural as the sources from which they come

Why Foods can be Pro-Inflammatory: Sugar, and carbohydrates that turn to sugar fairly quickly (pasta, breads, pastries, bagels, etc.) are low-fiber foods that cause insulin production, and when we ask the body to keep producing more and more insulin, it promotes an inflammatory state. Trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils) are man-made, altered fats that upset body chemistry. Processed/ packaged foods are usually full of trans fats, sugars and refined carbohydrates. Deep fried foods oxidize the fats, which make toxic compounds that increase inflammation. Sodas are full of sugar, and even diet sodas have

been linked to metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. Any food causing a reaction produces an inflammatory response. Many people react to gluten, a protein in wheat, and to proteins like casein in dairy products. Omega 6 fats (vegetable oils) are essential in the diet, but when too many are consumed in relation to the omega 3 fats, they block the antiinflammatory omega 3 pathway. Fast food is notorious for adding sugar, fried fats, trans fats, salt and hidden calories to the mix. Eating out frequently at restaurants can involve getting a lot of hidden inflammatory ingredients.

Why Nutrients/Food can be Anti-Inflammatory: After the body experiences trauma, cellular debris can cause an inflammatory cascade. Part of that cascade involves pathways that produce things like prostaglandins, cytokines, and other inflammatory substances. Nutritional proteolytic enzymes attack cellular debris before the cascade.* Other nutrients, like ginger, boswellia, spirulina, and many others can block the production of inflammatory substances by affecting regulating enzymes called cox-1 and cox-2, or by affecting some other aspect of the inflammatory cascade.* Some things, like fatty fish and fish oil, actually make anti-inflammatory

substances. Walnuts and almonds are high in omega 3’s, and make a better nut choice than say, cashews. Spices like curcumin, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, cayenne and marjoram all have scientific studies documenting their powerful properties when it comes to inflammation.* Eating organic is important; removing toxic residues from the diet enhances an antiinflammatory state. Whether it’s the beginning of the inflammation pathway, or steps along the way, all of the nutrients listed in this booklet are among the top leaders when it comes to choosing supplements for support! * References available on request | Healthy



a Lifestyle

Lyso-Lyph-Forte Lyso-Lyph-Forte contains high-dose proteolytic enzymes, and is a leading product choice for inflammation support. Proteolytic means that the enzymes degrade the cellular debris that causes inflammation. Bromelain is a powerful proteolytic enzyme that has proven in numerous studies to have a beneficial effect on inflammation* Additionally, other enzymes like papain and trypsin positively influence pathways*, and when joined with other supporting nutrients such as zinc and rutin bioflavonoids, they combine to offer maximum support. Dosage will depend on degree and

practitioner advice, but an average recommendation is 4 tablets 4 times a day AWAY from food. Work up slowly; enzymes are natural to the GI tract, however if there is healing to be done, enzymes may be irritating. For gut repair, Total Leaky Gut is an excellent formula. In a normal, uninflamed small intestine, over 70 billion cells slough off every day, and the gut needs repletion of nutrients to stay healthy. For those who want a plant-based proteolytic enzyme product that also works extremely well, there is Pro-Infla-Zyme. * References available on request

Total Inflam Total Inflam combines ginger, quercetin, boswellia, curcumin, and other natural cox-1 and cox-2 inhibitors with strong antioxidants and nutrient support. Slowing down cox-1 and cox-2 decreases the chances they will cause a problem in the inflammatory pathway. A common cox-1 inhibiting drug is aspirin, and a common cox-2 inhibiting drug is celecoxib, however both drugs carry

side effects. This is a superb formula that is working on a different mechanism than the proteolytic enzymes, and makes a good addition to any protocol for inflammation. Dosage: Depends on degree and practitioner advice, but an average recommendation is 1-2 tablets 3 times a day.

Nutri-West Supplements: As natural as the sources from which they come

Total Green Total Green is a protein powder packed with healthful greens (spirulina, chlorella, parsley, sprouts, etc.), antioxidants, phytochemicals, herbs, cox-1 and cox-2 inhibitors, nourishing vitamins and minerals, and lots of ingredients to support a normal response to the inflammatory process. Total Green is wheybased; whey contains GMP’s, or glycomacropeptides, that have been named by researchers as being more anti-inflammatory than sulfasalazine (drug used for inflammatory bowel)*. Not

everyone who is allergic to dairy is allergic to whey, however if sensitivity to whey exists, then the protocol should continue without the whey powder. If there is no reaction to whey, it is one of the best things to include in the protocol. Additionally, making a protein shake with Total Green can rest the gut and allow the body to calm down and heal. Dosage: At least one scoop per day is advised. * References available on request

Complete Hi D3 This multifaceted nutrient is being correlated to many new benefits all the time, and one of them is inflammation. In fact, a 2008 study in the Journal of Inflammation reported low vitamin D levels were associated with higher levels of a marker for inflammation, “which may in part explain this vitamin’s role in the prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases.”* Research is telling us that more people than not are deficient in vitamin D3, and that we are not getting enough for optimal health. Old recommendations are

being criticized for being too low, and many believe that 5,000 IU/day is a more optimal intake.* Complete Hi D3 offers a quick and easy high dose of 5,000 IUs of active, vitamin D3 from one tablet, to get all the benefits of this powerful and versatile nutrient. High dose vitamin D is becoming increasingly common with no side effects; check with your practitioner for dosage/contraindications, and to see if you are a good candidate for high dose vitamin D3. * References available on request | Healthy



a Lifestyle

Complete Hi-Potency Omega 3 Liquid Complete Hi-Potency Omega 3 Liquid fish oil packs a walloping 2.4 grams of beneficial EPA & DHA (the potent long chain fatty acids in fish) in one teaspoon of fish oil! This product has all the important checklist items (few do if you read the labels): Molecularly distilled (triple filtered) to avoid the smallest bit of contamination; pharmaceutical grade (highest quality); highest omega 3-containing coldwater wild fish; right ratio of EPA to DHA; and complies with the CRN monograph. Additionally, the formula has the right accessory supporting

nutrients in the formula, such as black currant seed oil, flax seed oil, natural vitamin E, and natural fruit flavor (chasing with a sip of lemon or orange juice is good). Those who prefer capsules can take Complete Omega 3 Essentials, which also has the same synergistic ingredients in it. Highly recommended to accompany either form of fish oil is Complete Omega 3 Co-Factors, which protects the fish oil from oxidation, and also increases absorption and utilization. * References available on request

Additional Formulas Other formulas which may be helpful for inflammation include Liga-PN, which is a combination of valerian, fever few, passion flower, etc., and other nutrients that soothe and calm central nervous system signals, and Enzyme Pforesis Ice, which is a powerful topical enzyme application boosted with arnica, lavender, peppermint, aloe vera, and synergistic vitamins and minerals. Adrenal support may be indicated; the adrenals make natural cortisol that is antiinflammatory, and many times adrenal function is low. DSF (De-stress Formula), or DSF Herbal, or one of the Adreno-Lyph series (80, 160, or Plus) all address adrenal support and may prove to be beneficial. Choosing one will depend on the stage

of adrenal health; check with your practitioner for dosages and advice. If inflammation is causing a problem because of degenerating cartilage, Total Joint Support can be useful, complete with glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, that have been shown to be most efficacious when given together*, along with other synergistic nutrients to boost joint support. Also, up to 70% of our energy can be diverted to digestive processes, and when the energy isn’t used on food, it can be used to fight inflammation. Consider supplementing with Total Enzymes to do some of the heavy lifting of digestion. * References available on request

Nutri-West Supplements: As natural as the sources from which they come

Combine exercise, good food and NutriWest supplements for a positive approach to inflammation! Take Lyso Lyph Forte away from food. Healthy beverages include green tea, almond milk, or a small amount of juice. Drink plenty of filtered water throughout the day.

Breakfast Examples

Lunch Examples

Dinner Examples

Take 2 Total Enzymes before eating. Eggs or egg whites (omega 3 source) with spinach, shredded zucchini, or other organic vegetables, sautéed in a light serving of olive oil. Whole grain oatmeal (not instant) with whole sprinkled flax seeds and 2 Amino All protein pills.

Organic chicken, beef, or wildcaught fish, lightly sautéed, served over shredded or lightly steamed broccolini, cauliflower, carrots, red beets, or other veggies (or put with romaine lettuce and top with a vinaigrette and the helpful spices listed). Add walnuts, almonds, or flaxseeds for crunch. Artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, jicama, etc. are also great additions.

Same kind of protein choices as lunch; for a light sauce use flavored olive oils, fresh garlic, and a touch of white cooking wine. For tasteful veggies, sauté them with shallots, fresh garlic, and low-salt spices. Instead of pasta or rice, try serving over quinoa (high protein no gluten), or spaghetti squash (no gluten). 1 Tbs Complete Hi-Potency Omega-3 Liquid (7.2 Gms EPA/ DHA)

2 tablets Total Inflam

2 tablets Total Inflam

Snack Examples Fresh organic fruits (dark colors are best) and veggies (i.e. celery with organic almond butter) Whole almonds or walnuts Total Green mixed with organic applesauce (or organic yogurt if not allergic) topped with chopped pecans (or have one of the shake examples as a snack) Healthful broth soups with good protein and veggies (can be eaten for lunch or dinner). 1 tablet Complete Hi D3

Shake Examples: One scoop Total Green protein powder can be blended with: a) 1 cup almond milk, ½ cup frozen blueberries, and half a banana; b) Dreamsicle: use ½ cup OJ, ½ cup almond milk, and a whole banana; c) Choco-delight: 1 cup chocolate rice milk, ½ banana, 1 Tbs almond butter. Add ½ cup pomegranate juice to any fruit shake for extra antioxidants and Phyto-Power!

Nutri-West Supplements: As natural as the sources from which they come

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Nutri West Brochure  

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