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Providing A Secure Environment With Stair Treads Safety needs to be a top priority for any builder, business proprietor and homeowner. The stairways are probably one of the most hazardous areas in a home or building. Steps can get wet and slick from the outside elements and from spills and leaks. The edges of stairs could become rough or uneven with time, posing a potential risk for tripping and stumbling. Those who are not able to walk unassisted including small children or the elderly would be more prone to accidents whenever using those stairs. To help protect against these hazards, a wise solution is to install rubber stair treads onto all those stairs that see a great deal of traffic. Some of the important benefits to installing these types of safety devices can be explained simply. Many Safety Features This high quality and strong rubber prevents people from slipping or falling when using the stairs. The rubber provides a slip-resistant surface for each step on the stairs. They also feature a raised pattern to help shoes securely grip the tread mat and have sturdier footing when stepping on them. Stair treads can be used for both outdoor and indoor stairwells and can stand up to any type of weather. To further avert tripping or stumbling, the treads can cover not only the flat step of the stair but the edges and curves as well. While not a safety concern, another helpful result from utilizing stair treads on your stairways is reduced noise and sound. Easy Installation and Maintenance Installed by specialists or on your own these rubberized treads can be put in position rather easily. Most are adhered to staircase steps with specific adhesive strips attached to the back of each tread mat and to each step surface. The tread will be securely attached and immovable for years once appropriately attached, providing a secure footing. You can actually choose the level of thickness for the tread so you can provide the longest amount of use with respect to the amount of traffic using the stairway. The rubber material will be cleaned easily with a very simple wipe of each mat. You don’t have to Sacrifice Style for Safety Many of the current makers of stair treads offer a number of different attractive colors and raised tread styles to match the decor and style of the building in which the stairs are in. Some of the designs you can choose from include a diamond pattern, a horizontal bar pattern, rectangular design and raised disc design. As far as colors go, you can choose from neutral colors, earthy tones as well as more radiant hues. Treads can also enhance the appearance of worn down, outdated stairs by covering them up with completely new material. For those that are environmentally conscious, there are even varieties of stair treads that are made from recycled tires. Just like the more traditional counterparts, these eco friendly treads offer the exact same stability and safety features. Where are Stair Treads Most Needed? Stair treads are best utilized in churches, condominiums, stores, stores, offices, medical buildings, dormitories, clubs, institutions and definitely anywhere that receives a large amount of foot traffic. Robert Brooke & Associates

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Providing A Secure Environment With Stair Treads They are also quite handy in the homes of the elderly, those that have disabilities or that have difficulty walking. No matter where the stairway is located, they could definitely benefit from using rubber stair treads where the risk of falling is significantly reduced. Stair treads should help ensure the maximum amount of safety where ever they are established. Visit Robert Brooke & Associates' website for lots of alternative ideas for reasonable, first-rate rubber stair treads. Go to to read more specifics about Robert Brooke & Associates.

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Providing A Secure Environment With Stair Treads  

Visit Robert Brooke & Associates' website for lots of alternative ideas for reasonable, first-rate rubber stair treads. Go to rbstairtreads....

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