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Have a great longing for you. Want to smooch with you, play, scuffle, kiss, tickle, laugh, tinker, cook, eat, draw, watch films, go shopping, tease you, be dear to you, tell stories, search for mushrooms, catch butterflies, go hiking, climbing, be lazy, pat cows, do everything. Have dreamt for the last 4 days to fly to you on a large, cute, wonderful cloud. Today we had visitors. 12 people and a baby, really tiny, 2 months old, called Jim and really cute. They drank lots of beer, ate herring and hamburgers, went swimming and chatted and the girls had really high high heels and stumbled over the stones, the boys laughed a lot and said little. Now it’s early in the evening and they’re all gone again. It’s very quiet and our stomachs are full to bursting. Today I’ll saw another plank from the shack and add it to my sailboat. I want to go sailing tomorrow, hopefully there’ll be a good wind. Yesterday at breakfast we saw another seal, really close this time. Its head peeked out of the water and I saw the nose, eyes, whiskers. The 2 swans are also always there and the black-and-white birds. They’ve had a chick. It lives under a stone next to our shack. I saw it 2 days ago. It’s fluffy and bustling, grey-white. The TALLINK is there now and I’m already tired. Ate so much cheese that my stomach’s about to burst. I’ll drink a cup of tea and after that saw the plank from the shack.

Boring Island  

Gelitin – that’s 4 friends. All the adventures they had in 30 days on a small island are told in this book. There were animals, hunger, wind...