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Good morning on cloud day 6. Haven’t seen much of the sun yet today, but there are incredibly beautiful grey-blue, white clouds across the sky. The sea is very quiet and there aren’t any waves and there’s not a puff of wind. My fish trap is still swimming out off the island. Haven’t taken a look yet to see if a fish has been caught. We were up late last night and sat around the campfire. We’ve brought along one cubic metre of birch wood. We’re burning it piece for piece. The woodstove is already fired up and red turnips are simmering away. It’s really small, the stove. Ali’s still asleep, Wolfgang’s at the pump, Tobias is walking around aimlessly and I’m writing a letter to you. Now I’m off to stir the turnips and see if a fish is in the trap. There wasn’t a single fish. They hadn’t even nibbled on the bacon. Damn jam! I then went for a swim. Naked around the island. It’s a long way and the water’s cool, not cold but nippy. I smeared my chest with Nivea cream before going swimming. Then your lungs don’t cool so quickly. A motorboat is passing by right now, very slowly and coming really close. There’s a man sitting inside and he’s looking at us. And he’s gone again, didn’t say a word. Ali and Tobias have started to build a bridge over the crack. They want to build a stone bridge but now they’re building a jig made of wood. Maybe I’ll join in tomorrow.

Boring Island  

Gelitin – that’s 4 friends. All the adventures they had in 30 days on a small island are told in this book. There were animals, hunger, wind...