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We’ve got a pump that can turn saltwater into drinking water. You’ve got to pump for at least 2 hours every day. I haven’t manned the pump yet. Maybe tomorrow. I’ve already been for swim today though. And now it’s got really hot again. I’ll go for another dip and write again later.

Back again! Anyway, I was in the water with my wetsuit, goggles, snorkel and flippers. Not a fish in sight, not even a crab. Only these really tiny fish, these teeny-weeny fish that don’t taste that good. I’d swum around about half the island when Tobias suddenly called out: “Where’s the bandages? Wolfgang’s hacked up his hand!” And that came about like this: Wolfgang’s chopping block was finally ready. He placed the first piece of wood on it and with the very first blow hacked pretty deeply into his left hand. A long cut gaped between his thumb and forefinger, blood spurting out. The blood was everywhere, on the chopping block, on the rocks and on Wolfgang’s white wedding dress. I got out of the water quickly but was stuck so tightly in my wetsuit that Ali had to help me out.

Boring Island  

Gelitin – that’s 4 friends. All the adventures they had in 30 days on a small island are told in this book. There were animals, hunger, wind...