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...functionality and considered investment.

PLEION -Dual action movement activated by foot or hand-control -Vertical movement synchronised with longitudinal inclination (trendelenbourg). -Backrest inclination motion. -360 deg. rotation movement integrated into the base, progressive effect braking device with foot- control. -Horizontal wide leg-supports, with 90 deg. angular width of vertical inclination and 130 cm of maximum height -Wide displacement enables the backrest to be positioned with the seat and leg-supports on the same ideally horizontal plane. -Containers for recovery liquids which can be attached to the legsupports. -Tilting armrests. -Maximum weight capacity : 210 Kg. -Power supply: 230V/350W -Operating voltage: 24V -Weight: 95 Kg


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ATLAS - Base on multi-directional wheels. - Chest of drawers with 4 different configurations: LD3 : U.V. drawer, 1 M1drawer, 1 M2 drawer, 1 M3 drawer; L4 : 1 M1 drawer, 2 M2 drawers, 1 M3 drawer; L5 : 3 M1 drawers, 1 M2 drawer, 1 M3 drawer; L6 : 4 M1 drawers, 2 M2 drawers. -Swing-arm control panel. -Work top with anti-scratch surface. -3 function syringe with air, water and spray. -Electric micromotor: 40.000 r.p.m., high power, integrated spray, chip-blower. -Turbine : 350.000 r.p.m. chip-blower . -Integrated suction tube and coaxial nozzle to be applied to the micromotor. -Control and activation panel. -“A” or “AS” foot-controls to activate and control dynamic instruments. -Pressurised container of spray water. -Power supply : 230 V 350 W -Operating voltage : 24V -Air supply & consumption: 5bar-50 l/min -Weight : Kg 85

The ATLAS unit is designed and built to be in the forefront of chiropody cabinet concepts. Functional in design, attention has been paid to fundamental concepts in ergonomics and with easy access all round it makes the Atlas unit very versatile. The steel chassis, ABS/PMMA covers, high shock resistance and smooth surfaces make it ideal for hygienic applications.

Stern Podia was formed in 1985, having its origins in the Swiss watch-making industry, from which it was able to put to good use all its accumulated experience and know-how and apply it to the manufacturing of chiropody equipment. The Company's philosophy is not simply to produce instruments of both high quality and excellent design but also to demonstrate to chiropodists that the products have been made with their specific needs in mind. Our work units and chairs fulfil all the requirements of the chiropodist, particularly focussing on functionality, reliability, aesthetics and prestige.

The PLEION chair has synchronized movement, a proper backrest fulcrum, multi jointed leg-supports, a rotating base and a progressive brake with foot-control. These benefits enable the chiropodist to work with good body posture and at the same time allow the patient to be relaxed and comfortable.

Synthesis expressing....harmony between elegance and personality.

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