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ALRS The ALRS is a CNC controlled flat bar feeding and shearing system designed for the automatic supply of flat bars through the shearing station on GEKA Hydracrop models. It enables to shear desired lengths and quantities of flat bars. Programming is easily made through a visual and intuitive program in a touch screen control.

Capacities are based on a material resistance of 45 kg/mm2


ALS Max. flat bar width (mm) Max. flat bar length (mm) Displacement speed Positioning accuracy



600 7000 18 m/min +/- 0,2 mm/m

750 7000 18 m/min +/- 0,2 mm/m

since 1919

Flat bars processing ALRS is an automatic feeding system for the shearing flat bars shearing station of GEKA's HYDRACROP models.

Programming is easily made through a visual and intuitive program in a touch screen control.

The manual and tedious pushing and movement of material is fast and automatically done by the ALRS, saving time, decreasing costs and increasing productivity.

Options Additional sections of roller bed conveyors in 3 m. sections So that bars of any length may be fed (maximum weight of 600 kg)

Main features

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Drive roller with hydraulically controlled pinch roller Servo drive motor with linear encoder Hydraulic hold down

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Fix guide rollers Manually adjustable straight guide rollers Ensures squareness of cut

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Control unit Touch screen control Easy and intuitive programming Compact flash for saving data


since 1919

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