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5 - 6 By War and Peace Bronze 7 - 8

Still Water Lead

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Artemis Bronze

11 - 13 Christ Laid to Rest Bronze 14 - 15 Christ of Thorns Bronze 16 - 17 In the Tomb Bronze 18 - 19 Greek Head Soap stone


NIC FIDDIAN - GREEN Nic Fiddian-Green was born in Hampshire. Horses were part of his childhood, but it was in 1983 he had an encounter with a horse that “paved my future�. The Horse of Selene at the British Museum stared back at him from the pediment of the Elgin Marbles and so began a unique relationship with the essence of the equine spirit. Although Nic is internationally feted as an equestrian sculptor his representations of the head of Christ tellingly manifest his ability to convey an emotional intelligence which is as universal as it is profound. Nic studied in London. He is an artist engrossed in the creative process and concluded his studies with a post-graduate diploma in the lost wax process at St Martins. His total commitment to the casting process is evinced by the intense relationship he has with every work. Those who have been fortunate enough to visit him working at the foundry adding the finishing patina to a work, are caught up in the intensity of his engagement. His works are collected globally- from New York to Hong Kong, from Paris to Sydney. It is not surprising that Londoners have taken to their heart his ten meter sculpture at Marble Arch nor opera lovers at Glyndebourne, nor racing aficionados at Goodwood and Ascot have delighted in his monumental tributes, not just to the horse but to some indescribably elemental, modern yet ancient manifestation of life itself.


Geist - Fiddian Green Autumn 2013 Brochure  
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