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SOLI puristic | uncompromising | disciplined Sea bass raw marinated green shiso, red prawn and zucchini 32

Langoustine peas, young onions and woodruff 36 | 58

Codfish confit in dashi oil, morels Ă la pil-pil 36 | 52

Guinea Fowl by Julien Plesel from Racan, artichokes and dill 56

Fresh cheese from Italy ricotta, green tomatoes and pistachio 19

Doughnut medlars, tonka bean and Southern Comfort 22

4 course menu without langoustine and cheese 90 5 course menu without cheese 100 6 course menu 115 Annegret‘s specality Mille feuille Tahiti vanilla, dark caramel and apple 24 Time for preparation 60 minutes

GAUDI multifaceted | young | delicacy

White asparagus duck liver, cherry blossoms and kimizu 32

Razor Clam German and Japanese fermentation 34 | 49

John Dory grilled in Denmiso Jerusalem artichoke and lime ponzu 38 | 52

Lamb saddle and belly goat yoghurt-eggplant, Fregola Sarda with Sobrassada 54

Flower Power lilac, violet, tarragon, currant timber 19

Rhubarb Thai flavours and kiwi 22

4 course menu without Razor Clam and Flower Power 90 5 course without Flower Power 100 6 course menu 115 The OMNI Menu in a 9 course menu 150

Menu Geisels Werneckhof  
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