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Label-free interaction analysis

Biacore™ T200 Software v2.0 Biacore T200 Software v2.0 provides a comprehensive suite of tools for setting-up, executing, and evaluating label-free biomolecular interaction experiments using Biacore T200. The software provides dedicated support for kinetics, affinity determinations, concentration analysis, thermodynamics, and immunogenicity testing. • Highly versatile evaluation software with dedicated application support • Guided wizards and customizable methods for multi-user environments • Suitable for both characterization and focused screening The software turns raw data generated with Biacore T200 into high-quality information, whether it is for the characterization of single interaction partners or focused screening of hundreds of samples. Easy-to-use wizards guide you through the setup of common assays while more advanced methods can be customized, enabling flexible assay design to meet the needs of a multi-user environment. Advanced algorithms and equations are applied to bring out relevant information from the data set. Automated quality assessment tools are used to qualify assay performance and analyze the fitting quality in kinetic analysis facilitating efficient data processing and result interpretation.

Workflow based screening tools The highly sensitive Biacore T200 instrument has for a long time provided high-quality data for characterization of molecular interactions. Biacore T200 software v2.0 introduces workflow based screening tools that expand the capabilities of the system and enables focused screening applications to be performed with the outstanding sensitivity of Biacore T200 (Fig 1). • Enjoy outstanding sensitivity in focused screening applications • Rapidly overview and qualify your data. • Utilize flexible tools for customized data analysis • Easily export and share results

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Fig 1. Biacore T200 Software v2.0 introduces tools that simplify and speed up analysis workflows in focused screening.

The software simplifies and speeds up evaluation workflows for performing single concentration screens, affinity screens, and kinetic screens. New functionality improves integration into existing information infrastructure with enhanced import and export functionalities. Use annotations to tag and track data The plot and screening modules in Biacore T200 Software v2.0 allow individual data points or data series to be annotated with free-text, enabling samples that have certain characteristics to be individually tagged or grouped together (e.g., super stoichiometric binders). The annotations can be used to label data-points in the plots and are retained in result reports and exported data.

Efficiently identify your binders using the Result Plot Up to 5000 single-concentration samples from multiple runs can be simultaneously visualized and the results co-evaluated in a single Result Plot (Fig 2). Co-evaluation of several runs provides a full overview of the data and improves the quality of results by enabling the same adjustments and normalizations to be applied. Repetitive operations are removed saving time and reducing the risk of user-mediated errors.

Perform dose-response analyses using the Affinity screen The high-sensitivity of Biacore T200 makes it suitable for more challenging focused screening applications. The Affinity screen enables up to 200 concentration series in a single experiment to be evaluated on the basis of their affinities. A single display provides a holistic overview in a thumbnail pane while simultaneously giving details of the selected data series (Fig 4). Thumbnails enable rapid qualification of the data set. Every thumbnail displays the data of one concentration series in sensorgram or response plot view.

Cutoff/ Ranking

In the Overview pane, each data set can be fitted with the model of choice, including the use of constant Rmax models. Data processing can be performed on individual data points, a selected subset, or all data series and any data exhibiting bad binding behavior can be easily excluded or annotated. Available adjustments are listed and are easily applied or reverted.

Fig 2. Biacore T200 Software v2.0 offers tools that enable efficient selection of samples of interest.

The Result Plot provides efficient, easy-to-use tools to support the selection process (Fig 3). Absolute or referenced data can be plotted while double-referenced data are easily obtained by applying Blank subtraction. Molecular weight adjustment and Capture adjustment harmonize sample responses with respect to the molecular weight of the analyte or the level of captured ligand respectively, making the entire data set comparable.

In the Detailed pane, explicit operations such as outlier eliminations or detailed cutting can be performed. The Result Table summarizes the results in a customizable table format where the result parameters of choice, including annotations and the column order, can be changed. Resulting affinities are displayed in a KD plot. Together, this flexible and powerful setup provides simple and efficient processing of data streamlining the evaluation process (Fig 5). Overview pane

Detailed pane

Adjustment for controls normalizes sample responses to the selected positive (and optional negative) controls, to correct for drift in surface activity during the course of the assay. Median filtering can be used to align the non-binders along the baseline. Cutoff/Ranking is manually set. Alternatively, control-based automatic cutoff allows a cutoff to be set at the selected number of standard deviations in relation to the control. Align the data by control sample Blank substraction Adjustment for controls

Make sample more comparable Molecular weight adjustment Capture adjustment

Align non-binders to zero baseline Median filtering

Result summary with KD plot and result table Prioritize the samples Control-based automatic cutoff Ranking

Fig 3. Single concentration screen evaluation workflow.


29-0500-11 AA

Fig 4. Good overview with fast access to detailed editing in the Affinity screen simplifies data processing giving rapid access to quality results.

On-off rate map

Rapidly qualify the data set Overview/Detailed view Assess binding behavior pre-fit Annotations Exclude bad data Fit and quality results Apply to individual, selected or all Overview/Detailed veiw On-off rate map/KD-plot Result table

Re-fit selected data

Report data Export picture files and result table

Fig 5. Affinity/Kinetic screen evaluation workflow.

Automated fit-quality assessment

Perform kinetic screening with outstanding sensitivity

Fig 7. Dedicated tools simplify and speed up the Kinetic screen evaluation workflow.

Response (RU)

Biacore T200 Software v2.0 facilitates kinetic screening with the highest possible resolution. The high-sensitivity of Biacore T200 improves the quality of screening small molecules binding to proteins or antibodies and enables the retrieval of kinetic information on sensitive proteins or antibodies that have low expression levels (Fig 6).

6 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1 -100

Overview of the entire campaign using the Summary tool The Summary tool offers an overview and result summary of an entire campaign of up to 500 concentration series. Both affinity and kinetic data can be shown. Thumbnails of sensorgrams or response plots are available and all data are combined into a KD plot or an On-off rate map.

Integration Biacore T200 Software v2.0 improves efficiency and saves time with specialized tools for upstream and downstream data-integration that simplify the process of importing and exporting information. 0


200 Time (s)




Fig 6. Kinetic information can be retrieved with only 400 RU of rabbit antibody captured on the surface of a 1 kD analyte at 37째C . Data courtesy of von Proff and Schr채ml, Roche Professional Diagnostics.

Using a three-concentration single-cycle kinetic approach, focused kinetic screening can readily be performed using Biacore T200. Up to 200 concentration series can be simultaneously evaluated in the Kinetic screen. Rapid qualification and pre-fit selection of only relevant data in the thumbnail view speeds up the evaluation by minimizing the fitting time. Automated QC tools give a fast fitquality assessment enabling confident result interpretation. Fitted results are displayed in a customizable Result Table and visualized in an On-off rate map where the points can be labeled with the tag of choice (Fig 7).

Import Sample and position information from ready-made sample plates can be imported using stand-alone software in a single operation, speeding up the assay setup for larger experiments. Improved functionality within Biacore T200 Software v2.0 supports experiments with recurring events. Biacore T200 Sample and Position Import software may be downloaded at using your Biacore T200 product key. Export The Screening and Summary modules in Biacore T200 Software v2.0 enable export of all graphs with the associated Result Table for easy sharing and storing of results. Result Tables are exported in a general text format together with uniquely affiliated pictures of sensorgrams and response plots.

29-0500-11 AA


Data handling and storage

Ordering information

PC operating systems

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Windows® XP Professional SP3 Windows 7 Professional SP1, 64-bit

Biacore T200 System Operation Kit*


Windows 8 Professional, 64-bit

Biacore T200 GxP Software Upgrade*


* includes software set, product key, and handbooks

Minimum computer requirements 3.0 GHz processor

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RAM > 1 GB free CD-ROM drive Hard disk drive > 2 GB free Graphics resolution at least 1280 × 1024 px

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Biacore ™ T200 Software v2.0  

Biacore T200 Software v2.0 provides a comprehensive suite of tools for setting-up, executing, and evaluating label-free biomolecular interac...

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