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When I was invited to participate in the Geffen’s Veterans Writing and Performance Project, I was overjoyed to be included. Having the opportunity to reflect, write, and hone my personal story from my enlistment and first deployment was such a gift. And to have the experience of standing on that stage sharing my story with a packed house to an amazingly supportive audience is a memory that I will cherish for as long as I draw breath. To be asked to return to the Geffen as a Fellow with The Mission Continues and to become part of the Geffen family over the course of the six-month fellowship was a dream come true. Many places wave the flag and like to show how supportive they are of veterans and the military community, but the Geffen shows it daily.

There are too many magical and amazing moments that I’ve experienced at the Geffen that it is very difficult to select just one, from meeting Sir Anthony Hopkins as he dropped by to take a peek at the theatre, to witnessing the brilliant tributes to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dick Van Dyke, to attending the opening night of A Christmas Carol, to being at Mendez High School and witnessing how the Geffen’s Literacy Project has helped students. But if I really had to select just one highlight it would be when I stood on the stage of the Gil Cates Theater and shared what I went through while wearing the uniform of a U.S. Marine.

As someone who has benefited first hand and who has witnessed how your generosity has helped so many others, I cannot express enough gratitude to you for your support and patronage.

— Brian Majestic (U.S. Marine Corps), Mission Continues Fellow & 2017 Participant of Veterans Writing & Performance Project

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Geffen Playhouse 2019 Impact Report