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Melody | Exclusive food… lots and lots of food, I also performed at a restaurant in London where I was having my celebration meal with my family, friends and crew’. Melody’s journalist Geeta Gohil also got told by the young star that she is soon going to tour around UK and get a chance to meet her fans and thank them for all their support. ‘I have already started my planning dates for my tour in the UK, i’m spuer excited to trave and meet everyone who has given me extreme support throughout my hectic journey. I am also deciding who will be my openeing act.’

her performance live on TV. Not that, but her tribute performance to Whitney Houston got her over 4 million hits on YouTube in just under 48 hours. Can you smell that sweet success of hers?

“Recording with Justin Timberlake is like winning the lottery”

Kim loves to perform whether its singing or it’s just presenting a failed magic trick, she likes to see the smiles she brings to the audience’s face, and indeed she is doing it again. By her own fan base ‘Kimmies’ who have put a smile on her face and treating her like the Queen. Kim J reveals about her fans being the best in the world. ‘My fans are so supportive’ ‘Kimmies’ are cool and not dramatic. I’m glad they like my music and appreciate my talent’. Now that’s pure bond between the upcoming star and the fan base. Back to her Grammys Performance where she won the hearts of the world, Kim J was one nervous pea. ‘I’m glad it’s over’. Kim J had many sleepless nights before the actual performance, now every music artist would know how she would feel as they must’ve felt the same… well maybe some do. The young star revealed that she was so nervous and scared. She added on ‘I didn’t want to embarass myself infront of millions who were watching live!’ Kim J responded that she never performed in front of a large crowd

“I was too busy being a troublemaker” of 150,000 people while the rest of the world in millions watched

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Check out her outstanding performance on MelodyMagazine. Kim J

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Little did she know that after this performance her mad journey to the music industry will go even crazier and unbelievable. Her managers and producers were chasing after her to get into the American charts as quickly as possible. Kim J told us ‘The Music industry is not what you expect it to be.’ Kim J exposed the truth of her music was all made last minute and she never got a chance to record her own songs. The tension between her and the industry began from her.

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‘I wish I could bring out my own personality then the music industries personality’ Her debut album is just around the corner, Fans have been waiting impatiently however Kim J has started to give out small clues on each track on her album. ‘My album is different; it has a mixture of R&B and Soul. I’ve been told that my voice is perfect for that combination. I’ve have quite an experience recording this album and I’m just hoping my fans and everyone appreciates the hard work I put in even though I didn’t get a chance to express my thoughts and feelings through the songs written by me’. There are 4 tracks which have a catchy beat to it and there are 2 ballads in which one is with the only and one Mr Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake. ‘Recording with Justin Timberlake is like winning the lottery’. Kim J stated that she got too excited about recording her album that she already

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