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Prank WON me Grammy KIM J

Kim J was just a normal teenager when a breath taking performance flipped her life around – the rich and famous life, however recently she has been having issues with the music industry. Melody’s very own Geeta Gohil caught up with the young star to discuss about her entry to the musical world and what created this tense between the rising star and the competitive industry.

We have exclusive interview with the young breakthrough artistKim J. Spilling beans on her crazy and unexpected entry to the world of music which lead her to the big-

when her friends uploaded a cheeky video of Kim J singing. The star reveals that if her friends didn’t do this funny but worthy prank on her then she wouldn’t have been sitting with us for her

“Expect the unexpected, no matter how wacky it sounds” gest stage of musical history – The Grammy Awards Stage, where musical legends like Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and Rihanna have all performed to their best. Kim J is the first British young singer to be awarded with a Grammy Award for the best breakthrough artist of 2013. She broke the record by being the first young British singer to be awarded with one. Impressive! Despite being at a young age of 17, Kim J has achieved so much since day 1, she worked her butt off which at the end it all paid off by bagging herself with a shiny, golden Grammy award. Kim J is her stage name and is more recognisable compared to her real name Kimberly Jane Ford. Kimberly was only 9 years old when she started to have a passion to sing and perform. Joining the school choir in primary school got her loving to perform. You must be wondering on how she got famous? Well it all started

first ever exclusive interview and bag herself a grammy. ‘It’s funny how a prank won me a grammy, My friends are to be credited the most, without them I would’ve have been here’ The star confessed ‘My friends cheekily recorded me belting out in my room to ‘Halo’, uploaded it on YouTube and the next day I get a call from Amber, my best friend who told me that my video hit over 3 million views, and that Beyoncé herself tweeted the video, I like had a panic attack as firstly they put a video of me without my permission and secondly BEYONCE TWEETED ABOUT ME, my mind was blank and all the possible things that could happen when you receive good news’

Queen of R&B… Beyoncé. Kim J shares her thoughts that she never expected Beyoncé to be surfing the YouTube. That’s a right shocker for us too. Kim was followed by an invite to UK’s biggest R&B and Urban Radio station – Kiss FM. She became a controversial topic within 2 days… Beat that Miley Cyrus! Little did she know that the visit to the Kiss FM studios would be a one in a million chance for her life to do a roly-poly. The one and only Queen B met Kim J in person and offered a recording contract to Jay –Z’s Record label where stars like Rita Ora, Calvin Harris and Alexis Jordan. Now that’s called destiny. Not only does Queen B influence Kim J, but top notch artists like Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and the mother of all R&B artists Whitney Houston were also Kim J’s influence. Their tough journey into stardom had become Kim’s one strong influence on how to come to the top of the charts. Kim J took this chance as she knew performing was her passion and she wanted to share her musical talent of singing with the world. She had already had a soaring fan club starting on twitter with over 1.5 million followers on twitter, 1 million likes on Facebook and what not. She is living the dream… or shall we say best of both worlds.

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@lizzy_xo: What is your favourite song and album currently? Rihanna - What Now, it’s such a beautiful song and very catchy of course. I love Tattoos by Jason Derulo, this album has been repeat on my iPod for the past few weeks. I love it!

@sofiaspring: Who would you want to collaborate with in the future? Timbaland and Alicia Keys. I love Timabalands music, it has such a good vibe to it and Alicia Keys is just perfect and it would be an honour to sing with her. @Jazon54: Any Artist in particular you love? BEYONCE IS NUMBER 1. She is my inspiration and I look up to her. I follow the same type of music as her, the same style and the same attitude! @Natz_97: Do you think you’ll be nominated for a BRIT Award in 2014? You never know... I’ve got my fingers crossed. I will be delighted if I even got an invitation to attend the show.

Kim is mainly known here in the UK as she released her first single ‘Paradize’ 2 weeks ago which immediately hit No.1 in the UK charts, selling over 410,000 copies on the first day, topping the record made by Drake with his single ‘Hold on, We’re going home’. After reaching Number 1, Kim J told us how she celebrated for her debut single to be No.1 in her home country UK. ‘I ate


“I didn’t want to embarass myself in front of millions”

Being discovered by her idol,

Twitter Questions

@ohsnapitsray: What does your tour have for the fans? ohh... My shows will amazing, watch out guys, tickets will be on sale soon, you can only find out if you attend my show. Pre-order Kim J’s Debut Single ‘Paradize’ now. Available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

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