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Geeta Arts London Sherwanis give the Royal Touch to Indian Grooms! The wedding day is special to two people – the bride and the groom. It is not only the bride that bedecks herself but the groom too is attired in the best to vie with kings and princes.

The Indian wedding looks like a page out of history. Indian grooms have many options before them – wedding kurtas for men, wedding kurtas, men’s kurtas, men’s jodhpuris and men kurtas. Where to shop for these? Does it entail sweating it out from shop to shop eating up time and energy? No – those days are gone. It is the Internet Age. All you have to do is sit in the comfort of your private corner at home or office and choose at leisure just by clicking on the mouse. An entire market will open up on your screen. It’s a global market. You can choose online, pay online and track the delivery route online. What could be easier? The price is affordable and competitive because remember the traders have to compete globally. Indian thought and culture is making strides across the world. The demand for Indian wedding ensembles is growing. The grooms residing in USA and Europe are ready to pay anything to slip into wedding clothes that give the royal feeling. As the Indian wedding is not confined to a single day the festivities continue and the guests revel through days. They too, both men and women come in the best attire changing clothes each day. It’s a thrilling experience to wear Indian sherwanis and jodhpuris, achkans and kurtas. India is a diverse country. This is reflected in the weddings where different styles dominate. Each region has a distinct stamp. Not only does the wedding continue for days but in a single day there is one ceremony in the morning and another in the evening. During weddings the penchant is for traditional clothes but even in this there is a blending of Persian glory with orthodox Hinduism. The customs of North India are different from that of the South. But in this age of blending all the traditions are blending so that western suits are vying with the royal splendour of kurtas, jodhpuris and sherwanis. The exquisite jackets, coats and shirts are meticulously designed to highlight the importance of the groom on that special day. These are available in many types of material – from simple cotton to silk and raw silk. The achkan comes out of the pages of history. From the 18th century it became attire for grooms. It is a sort of long jacket having full sleeves. The front has buttons. Generally it is worn with tight fitting trousers with the ankles being hugged by

Geeta Arts London creases. Sherwanis are similar to achkans but are made of heavier materials and the jacket is lined. Sherwanis are worn on top of a kurta. The sherwanis display heavy embroidery work made with gold and silver threads. The most comfortable are the kurta pajama sets – the kurta being worn on top. Jodhpuri suits blend the East with the West. The coat is open at the front sporting an open collar. Underneath it the groom wears a shirt. So what are you waiting for? Start clicking and go back in Time to the wedding splendour of royal courts of India. For further information please contact 020 8470 8354

Sherwanis give the royal touch to indian grooms  
Sherwanis give the royal touch to indian grooms  

The wedding day is special to two people – the bride and the groom. It is not only the bride that bedecks herself but the groom too is attir...