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Wisdom | Honour | Purpose

“A co-educational, Christian P-12 school located in Geelong’s growth corridor at Armstrong Creek.”

Gary Jewson Principal

Geelong Lutheran College is a Christian school providing quality education for the people of Geelong and the Surf Coast in a family friendly environment. Geelong Lutheran College promotes lifelong learning where staff and students are encouraged and assisted to realise their Godgiven gifts, helping them to be responsible, contributing members of the College and the wider community. At Geelong Lutheran College we endeavour to ensure that all students reach their full potential spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially and physically. I look forward to meeting you and sharing with you the attributes that make Geelong Lutheran College a great place to educate your child.

Wisdom - Honour - Purpose Geelong Lutheran College shares its vision with all Australian Lutheran Schools. It is a vision based on the inspired Word of God and endeavours to prepare our students to live an encouraging and fruitful life. Through sensitivity to, and an understanding of, faith, students at Geelong Lutheran College: •

value themselves so that they are excited by their life journey and inquisitive about their world and its future;

are alive to the social and inner needs of others and to injustices in our society; and

are valued as unique and exceptional individuals who make a unique contribution to the world around them.

“Be sincere in your love for others. Hate everything that is evil and hold tight to everything that is good. Love each other as brothers and sisters and honour others more than you do yourself. Never give up. Eagerly follow the Holy Spirit and serve the Lord. Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble and never stop praying. Take care of God’s needy people

Develop WISDOM through

and welcome strangers into your home.” Romans 12:9-13


knowledge and learning grounded in Christian values.


Empower students to HONOUR and

Embrace each student’s unique

respect themselves, each other and

talents and abilities to give them

their community.


confidence and PURPOSE for life.

By grace alone Geelong Lutheran College has a special ambience that is noticeable as soon as you step through the gate. The first thing you become aware of is students who are happy. They are open and friendly, confident and warm. They will look you in the eye, smile at you and say “Hello!”. Christians believe that through Jesus Christ, all people can experience God’s love and favour as a pure gift. Grace means undeserved, unconditional love. Through forgiveness, and this inexplicable grace that comes from God, we share joys and challenges as we walk beside our students on their educational journey. Geelong Lutheran College focuses on building positive relationships based in our knowledge of, and faith in, Christ which encourages mutual respect and trust between staff and students. We are committed to the care and development of the whole child: their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual wellbeing. In harmony with academic learning through a strong core curriculum, the students are nurtured through Pastoral Care, formal and informal Worship and Christian Studies lessons. Our students therefore grow in knowledge and faith through Christ-centred learning – our faith underpins all we are and all we do.





APPRECIATION forgiveness


Schools-within-a-school Parents, students and teachers appreciate being part of a community where all members are valued and feel that they are an important part of the school. To continue to care for the individual as they progress along the continuum of learning from Prep to Year 12, the College has developed separate Primary, Middle and Senior sub-schools. Through this schools-within-a-school structure Geelong Lutheran College: •

Meets students’ developmental needs through age appropriate structures, processes and pedagogy

Harnesses the resources of a large school within a smaller school context

Provides small personalised learning communities

Smooths the transition from Prep to Year 12

Empowering life long learning

Primary School





Throughout the Primary School children are given

Building Foundations

Habits of learning

opportunities to support and develop their God-

Children are educated in a caring and nurturing

Students build and extend on the skills learnt in

given gifts whilst being individually valued and

environment that prioritises the building of essential

the previous Primary years as they progressively

nurtured. Through a multi-age classroom structure,

skills and knowledge.

develop independence through structured,

teachers intentionally focus on meeting the needs of

The early Primary classroom is recognised by a

the individual by adapting the curriculum to fit the

safe and supportive learning environment where

students through differentiated learning.

the laying of strong foundations in literacy and

At Geelong Lutheran College, the classroom teacher delivers the majority of the curriculum, but students also have specialist Art, Physical Education, Music, Science, LOTE (German) and Literacy Intervention teachers. Classes enjoy the use of Middle and Senior School

independent and group learning activities. Interpersonal development is consolidated and leadership skills are introduced and reinforced

numeracy play a key role in a student’s growth

through a dedicated leadership program.

and development.

By developing the skills and strategies to become

The Buddy program enables older children to get

independent, inquiring and caring young people,

to know and learn to care for younger children and

students are well prepared for the Middle School.

assists with the smooth transition of kindergarten children into the school. During these early years of primary schooling

specialist facilities, whilst co-curricular activities

students are engaged in stimulating activities which

include educational camps is Yrs 3-6 as well as

cater for individual learning styles and needs as they

cultural and sporting opportunities.

grow and develop.

Empowering life long learning

Middle School DEVELOPING THINKERS Middle School students develop analytical and critical thinking by applying abstract thought, skills and knowledge to the world. Through collaboration, students challenge each other to think beyond the present. Individual and collective critical reflection provides feedback to improve the learning process and outcome.

Autonomy Each morning Homegroup provides familiarity, security, and a sense of belonging where Middle School students are encouraged to become independent learners and take calculated learning risks. The Middle school precinct encourages student ownership of the learning space and to use this stimulating environment as a means of engagement to achieve desired goals.


Through an understanding of the self, students develop a

Drama and Music. In Years 7 and 8, flexible time allocation

positive self-concept, build confidence to express themselves

in core subjects allows students to take advantage of

and contribute to the local and global community. Resiliency,

opportunities to pursue rich learning tasks and explore

helpful thinking and problem-solving underpin Personal

integrated units.

Development; this program offers students an opportunity to develop essential skills for life.

Rigour Work worth doing is challenging and relevant to students’

Strong interpersonal and intrapersonal skills empower

lives and their future. Learning happens when students

the students to develop a social conscience knowing

experience success and sometimes failure as they learn to

they have the skills to achieve their goals and make a

pick themselves up and try again.

difference to the lives of those around them.



The Homeroom Teacher gets to know each individual

Middle School students learn to work effectively in teams

student and is vitally concerned for his/her academic,

as they pursue and achieve common goals through

social, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. With

engagement in extra -curricular activities. An understanding

this knowledge, teachers offer differentiated experiences

of others and appreciation of each individual’s unique skills

designed to meet the needs of each student so all

and abilities is facilitated through working towards and

learners have access to success.


achieving common goals.

Working collaboratively and cooperatively, both within


Facilitating transition to senior schooling, Year 9 students

An authentic, interesting and relevant curriculum is

choose from a wide variety of elective subjects including

designed to engage active learning. A broad curriculum

German, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Technology

and outside the classroom, students increase their capacity for interpersonal development. Building effective social relationships requires students to


in Years 7 and 8 is offered where students study each

(Information and Communications, Food and Materials).

develop empathy and compassion. They are encouraged

of the learning areas; reinforcing learning in the core

Furthermore, Year 9 students undertake both mid-year

to develop the skills and strategies to manage and

subjects and sampling each of the compulsory electives

and end-of-year examinations to prepare for the increased

resolve conflict in a sensible, fair and effective manner.

including Materials Technology, Food Technology and

demands of senior schooling.

Empowering life long learning

Senior School


Pathways to Vocation

pathway options. Both VCE and VCAL are oered

Our Senior School consists of Year 10, 11 & 12:

as senior pathway options, with the opportunity

Providing opportunities for student leadership

Year 10 serves as a preparation year for VCE. Our key

to undertake VET courses and School Based

To support our students in their roles, many

aim is to facilitate a seamless transition to the full VCE

Apprenticeships within these programs.

preparation and training sessions are provided to

program that will be experienced in Year 11 by assisting students in the development of greater independence as they build on the skills and personal disciplines

Careers Engaging in the career development process is an

facilitate the leadership development process. Practical opportunities are provided both within and beyond our P-12 College for students to apply and

from their middle years of schooling. As well as having

integral part of the Senior School program. The aim is

the opportunity to taste a VCE or VET subject, the

to ensure students make informed decisions about their

academic rigour in our Year 10 curriculum becomes

future pathway options, and that they become young

more reective of Year 11 requirements, and many

men and women ready to take the next step to further


procedures inherent in the administrative requirements

study at University, vocational training or employment.

Students are encouraged to be productive and engaged

of VCE are introduced.


Year 11 & 12

Facilitating close connections between staff,

Our two years of post-compulsory schooling provide

students and parents is something we value very

students with the opportunity to specialise in subjects

highly. This helps to ensure that students are

and activities in their areas of interest. Student

supported in their studies.

programs are tailored to suit individual career aspirations and consider a wide variety of student

further develop their leadership abilities and the important life skills that are inherent in such roles.

members of their community through a balanced program of activities involving service, community engagements, character development, sport and other recreational interests.

Growing with the community

Growing for the community Linking to the coast Geelong Lutheran College is a window to our coast. The coastal environment is important to us – to learn about it, how to look after it and to act on this knowledge. The commercial environment – eco-tourism, hospitality, recreation, local government – will provide senior students with alternative pathways for their learning and vocation as the College builds close partnerships with the coastal community. Geelong Lutheran College GROWS FOR the community through: •

Careers and Work Experience

Practical and skill-based learning via VCAL and VET

Technology and enterprise learning

GORCC – Great Ocean Road Coast Committee – revegetation program

Location: 2-38 Burvilles Road, Armstrong Creek, Victoria, Australia, 3217 Postal Address: P.O Box 1741, Geelong, Victoria, 3220 P: 03 5264 1038 F: 03 5264 1734 E:

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Geelong Lutheran College Prospectus