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Glassmate - Specifications Dimensions



Height (incl. legs) 850-875 mm Height (Cabinet) 700 mm Legs 150-175 mm Width 505 mm Depth 545 mm Depth (door open) 820 mm Load Height 535-560 mm Usable wash height 250 mm Baskets/Racks 430 x 360 mm (1 x PVC coated wire rack supplied) (Plastic rack available upon request)

Loads per Hour Wash/Rinse Pump Rinse tank capacity Rinse tank element Wash temperature Rinse temperature Detergent injection Total cycle time Wash cycle time Rinse cycle time Hot water usage

60* 380 watt - 0.5Hp 20 litres 3000 watts 82° - 88°C 82° - 88°C 10 - 20 ml/cycle 30 seconds 5 seconds 10 + 15 sec. Hot/Cold 4 litres Hot/Hot 8 lites

Hot Water Cold Water Waste Water pressure Drain

½� BSP ½� BSP 50 mm BSP 140 - 1000 kPa Gravity

Electrical Volts Hertz Amp

230V 50Hz 15amps

Notes: 1. *Cycles per hour are dependent on the cycle selected, incoming water temperature & pressure. 2. If connected to only cold water, the programme length will exceed the speciďƒžed values. 3. Norris recommends mains pressure hot water systems located within the vicinity of the machine. 4. In areas of hard water Norris recommends investing in a water conditioner system on the incoming water. 5. Regular use of a chemical de-scaler is recommended. 6. For effective cleaning the machine is designed to be used in conjunction with chemical, contact your local supplier. 7. Plastic 430 x 360 mm available upon request at time of ordering the unit. 8. Correct at the time of publishing, Norris is continually developing & upgrading its products & reserves the right to alter speciďƒžcations without notice

Glassmate - Diagrams 505




250 D C












A) Hot Water - ½”� BSP C) Electrical Lead (1.5m) - 15 amp E) Adjustable Legs (150 - 175mm)






B) Cold Water - ½”� BSP D) Drain 50mm BSP F) S or P trap (not supplied)

Easy on our Environment At Norris Industries we are proactive in lessening the impact of our manufacturing on our local natural resources We have achieved this by: Ć” All water used on the premises comes from our rainwater tanks, including the water for testing & R&D. Ć” We have reduced our landďƒžll by 2/3 by recycling packaging & cartridges Ć” All scrap metal is collected for recycling Ć” We use recycled paper in our machine packaging Ć” By placing the carton in a recycling bin you are making a positive contribution to our environment Ć” 80% in weight of the unit can be completed recycled Ć” Double skinned door reduces noise & heat loss And we are continuing to look at other innovative environmental concepts we can effectively implement.

Contact Us ...The Clean Winners ! )28 Strathmore Road, Caves Beach, NSW 2281. PO Box 246, Swansea NSW 2281. 02 4971 4500 1800 803 569 02 4972 1064 02 4971 2544 (spare parts) {

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High Performance Underbench Glasswasher

\Glass \ Glassmate

Glassmate - Features & Benefits


Compact size, ideally suited to modern bars. High 250mm wash chamber, will accept beer jugs, wine carafes & champagne utes. Sparkling clean glasses in 30 seconds. Automatic detergent injection, giving consistent results on every load. Metal triarm rotary spinner, for better wash coverage. Easy to operate, select cycle & press button. Selectable cold cooling down rinse to assist with cooling down of glasses. Durable double skinned insulated door to reduce heat loss & noise. Safety cut out on door stops the wash cycle to ensure operator safety. 15 amp power supply for quicker recovery between loads. Superior wash from a powerful 380 watt - 0.5HP wash pump. Comes standard with 1 x 430 x 360mm PVC coated wire basket. Can be supplied with plastic baskets & divider pegs (sold separately) for wine glasses & champagne glasses Simple & cost effective to install, comes with hot & cold connection hoses & 15 amp electrical lead Gravity drain, just connect to S or P trap SAI Watermark approved, machine can be connected directly to the water supply without further backow prevention. Suitable for installation in areas of low water pressure. Service friendly machine, easy repair access from the front of the machine. Spare parts readily available, to get you up & running with minimum disruption. High grade all stainless steel welded construction for durability & longevity.

Glassmate - Running Costs Model - Glassmate Capital/ Equipment Cost Based over the 2 year warranty period (Approximately 30,000 cycles per year) (100% written off in a 2 year time frame)

Less than half a cent per glass

Usage Costs Based on washing 100 glasses Electricity (per 100 glasses) Water (per 100 glasses) Detergent (per 100 glasses)

6 cents 6 cents 6 cents

Total costs per 100 glasses

18 cents

Notes: Calculations do not include the cost of wages. The above costing information is an approximation only from current rates & may vary with the location of the unit, type of glass & usage.

Glassmate - Features & Benefits

Glassmate - Warranty Norris machines have always been known for their strength & reliability And now we offer the Best Industry Warranty on the Glassmate

Simple to operate.

Easy to use cycle selector switch & cost effective to replace.

External temperature gauges. Simple visual check to conrm that the machine is working in the prescribed range.


2 Years on the Cabinet* 2 Years on the Parts* 2 Years on the Labour* * If the online warranty registration is completed Its easy, go to, choose registration Complete & submit the form OR Ɣ 30, 000 cycles (whichever comes rst)

Accessible detergent feed from the front of the machine. Simple visual check to determine detergent levels.


Cycle counter is located on the front control panel of the glasswasher

Ɣ Only applicable on machines sold within the Commonwealth of Australia Ɣ If warranty registration is not completed via the web, the warranty reverts to the standard 12 months parts and labour. Ɣ Warranty is not transferable.

Glassmate - Extended Warranty Protect your investment Extended warranty option is now available

Sturdy Double Skinned door reduces heat loss & noise.

Tri arm rotary spinner for better wash coverage.

Glassmate - General Benefits Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ

Proudly Australian made & owned, your money re circulates in our economy. All Norris machines are supported by a nationwide network of service agents for your convenience. Every machine is factory tested before packaging. Spare parts are readily available, to get you up & running with minimum disruption & cost. All Norris models comply with the Food Hygiene Regulations, worry free compliance. Best Industry Warranty, for your peace of mind. More features as standard than our competitors, keeping those extra dollars in your pocket. Fast, efcient & reliable customer service, is just a call away 1800 803 569.

Comes standard with a 430 x 360 (17”” x 14””) rack. 250mm usable wash height Will t carafes & long stem glasses.

Ɣ When you purchase your new Norris Glassmate you can choose to purchase an extended warranty. Ɣ This option extends the total period of cover on parts & labour giving you peace of mind. Ɣ It covers you for an extra (1) year or 20,000 cycles taking the total warranty cover to 3 years or 50,000 cycles. (whichever comes rst) Ɣ Eliminates unexpected repair bills in the rst 3 years or 50, 000 cycles Ɣ Offers hassle free service, Norris co-ordinates the technician & parts for you. Ɣ Provides support from our nationwide network of service agents. Ɣ Saves time & money, one service call could more that pay for the cost of the extended warranty. Ɣ This option, may only be purchased within 30 days of the original sale of the glass/dishwasher. Ɣ This option is only available through Norris Industries please contact us for pricing. Ɣ To purchase either complete the enclosed extended warranty card or contact us Ɣ Free-call on nation-wide number 1800 803 569 Notes:

Ɣ Only applicable on machines sold within the Commonwealth of Australia. Ɣ If warranty registration is not completed via the web, the warranty reverts to the standard 12 months parts & labour. Ɣ Warranty is not transferable.


Loads per Hour 60* Wash/Rinse Pump 380 watt - 0.5Hp Rinse tank capacity 20 litres Rinse tank element 3000 watts Wash temperature 82° - 88°C...

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