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BT700- Sprint

High Performance Passthrough Dishwasher


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BT700 Features & Benefits ● Flexible & fast clean Best ● Four wash cycle options allows flexibility to handle any wash job Industry ● Ergonomic design eliminates the need for bending during loading & unloading ● Easy to operate, simply raise & lower the hood to initiate cycles Warranty ● Spacious 330 mm wash chamber will accept 330mm plates ● Powerful 0.8 Hp wash pump for sparkling clean crockery & cutlery ● Separate 0.5 Hp rinse pump as standard ensures a consistent rinse on every load & enables unit to be installed in areas with low water pressure ● Takes industry standard 500 x 500 mm racks, supplied with 1 x cup rack, 2 x plate rack & 1 x cutlery container ● Top & bottom stainless steel rotating wash & rinse arms, ensures clean dinnerware inside & out ● Anti drip top wash arm to prevent drip marks on the dinnerware ● Larger capacity elements for quicker recovery between loads ● Efficient hot water use only 3.5 litres per cycle ● Safety cut out on hood if opened during mid cycle ensures operator safety. ● Double filtration collects waste where it is easier to reach & remove & helps to keep the wash water clean ● Separate pump inlet filter to protect the pump ● Suitable for straight line or corner installation ● Available in either single phase or 3 phase power ● Service friendly machine, easy repair access from the front of the machine. ● Spare parts are readily available, to get you up & running with minimum disruption ● High grade all stainless steel welded construction for durability & longevity ● Proudly Australian made & owned, your money re circulates in our economy ● All Norris machines are supported by a nationwide network of service agents ● SAI Watermark approved, connect directly to the water supply ● All Norris models comply with the Food Hygiene Regulations, worry free compliance ● More features as standard than our competitors, keeping those extra dollars in your pocket ● Every machine is factory tested before packaging ● Warranty 1 year labour & 2 years on the parts, machine must be registered at ● Fast, efficient & reliable customer service, is just a call away 1800 803 569

Commercial Glass & Dishwashers

BT700 Warranty

Norris machines have always been known for their strength & reliability And now we offer the Best Industry Warranty on the BT700 Sprint ● 5 Years on the Cabinet* ● 2 Years on the Parts* ● 1 Years on the Labour* ● * If the online registration is completed ● It’s easy go to, choose warranty registration ● Complete & submit the form ● Note: Only applicable on machines sold in the Commonwealth of Australia *If warranty registration is not completed via the web, the warranty reverts to the standard 12 months parts & labour. No web access please call us 1800 803 569 to register. Warranty is subject to the terms & conditions supplied with the machine. Warranty is not transferable

Easy on our Environment

At Norris we are proactive in lessening the impact of our manufacturing on our local natural resources We have achieved this by: ● Water used at our factory comes from our rainwater tanks, including the water for testing & R&D. ● The BT700 has a re circulating wash & only uses only 3.5 litres of hot water per cycle ● All scrap metal is collected for recycling ● We use recycled paper in our machine packaging ● By placing the carton in a recycling bin you are making a positive contribution to our environment ● 80% of the weight of the unit can be completely recycled ● We generate 20%or our energy requirements from a renewable energy source that reduces of C02 output by 15 tonnes per year. ● Excess power generated is returned to the main grid for use by the community And we are continuing to look at other innovative environmental concepts we can effectively implement. Norris believes that we can make a difference & promote more sustainable outcomes for our community both in business & as individuals

BT700 (1&3) - Specifications Plumbing



Height (incl. legs) 1405 - 1455mm Height (Hood Open) 1925 - 1975mm Legs 150-200mm Width 620mm Width with handle 660mm Depth 710mm Depth (with handle) 780mm Load Height 875 - 925mm Usable wash height 330mm Waste Height 520 mm Basket/Racks 500 x 500mm (2 x plate & 1 x cup rack supplied)

Loads per Hour Wash pump Rinse pump Rinse Tank capacity Wash Tank capacity Rinse tank elements Wash tank element Wash temperature Rinse temperature Total cycle time Wash cycle time Rinse cycle time Hot water usage

Hot water ½” BSP Waste 2” BSP - Gravity Water pressure 150 - 400 kPa 21 - 57 Psi Electrical Single phase Volts/Amps 240V 50Hz - 20 amps Total Load 4.7kW Three phase 240/415 - 15amps per phase Total Load 11.2kW 60/90/120 sec - manual 45/75/105 sec - manual 15 sec. 3.5 Litres

40* 0.8 Hp 0.5 Hp 12 litres 22 litres 8.9 kW 1.7 kW 55° - 65° C 82° - 88° C

Notes: 1. *Cycles per hour are dependent on the cycle selected, the incoming water temperature & pressure 2. If connected to only cold water, the programme length will exceed the specified values 3. Norris recommends main pressure hot water systems 4. In areas of hard water Norris recommends investing in a water conditioner system on the incoming water. 5. Regular use of a chemical de-scaler is recommended 6. For effective cleaning of articles the machines is designed to be used in conjunction with chemical, contact your local supplier 7. Correct at the time of publishing, Norris is continually developing & upgrading its products & reserves the right to alter specifications without notice

BT700 - Diagrams 705



560 140mm rec. off wall




1400 to 1450

235 B







35 495




C 520-570 To bottom

of waste

150 to 200



A) ½” BSP Hot water connection B) 2” BSP Drain C) BT700/3 3 phase + N 15amps /phase BT700/1 Single phase 20 amps/phase Hard wired to switch - not supplied D) Adjustable Legs (150 - 200mm) E) S or P trap - not supplied Note: hood open height is 1800 to 1850mm




Contact us ...The Clean Winners!  28 Strathmore Road, Caves Beach, NSW 2281  PO Box 246 Swansea, NSW 2281  02 4971 4500  1800 803 569  02 4972 1064 or  02 4971 2544 (Spare parts)  

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stralian Mad e & O w ned BT700 Featurr & Benefits Best Industry Warranty Proudly Au ...The Clean Winners! Commercial Glass & Dish...

BT700 flyer final pg 1 & 2  

stralian Mad e & O w ned BT700 Featurr & Benefits Best Industry Warranty Proudly Au ...The Clean Winners! Commercial Glass & Dish...