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Gunner’s Gazette

November 2013

Welcome to the first electronic edition Geelong Field & Game is celebrating 50 years in 2014 and we are looking forward to an exciting year of activities and evolving our members more through better communication. In this edition there is The President’s Report and links to often asked questions about duck mitigation in NSW. I look forward to getting your feedback & can be contacted via e-mail or 0419 338 301 -Editor, Travis Smith, GFG Secretary

The President’s Report Welcome to all Geelong Field & Game members to our first e-news. Geelong Branch is going though an exciting time & as a Geelong member we all can share in the excitement. Your committee have been very professional in dealings on behalf of the branch. Our major goal was to work toward establishing a clay target ground for our members. Thanks to a professional approach & the good relations we have with our sister organization, SSAA, we have come a long way toward our goal. It’s almost within reach. Thanks go to all the committee in particular Peter, Steve, Ray & Ian for their input & commitment. However we are not there yet & further discussions are needed & we hope for a positive outcome for you our members, SSAA & for the good of clay shooting in Geelong. We have a new meeting location at “Wild Outdoors” & our grateful thanks go to Steve & Jake for their generosity in allowing us to use this room for not only meetings, but also the Branch’s very successful Duck ID Program. Located at 24 Foch St, North Shore. We meet the 1st Monday of the month @ 7:30pm. Wild outdoors is also open for a bit of shopping before the meeting. Geelong Field & Game have a proven record in Wetland Management. Our working relationships with Parks, CCMA, CoGG & Surfcoast shire continue to strengthen. Throughout the year we have had discussions with Politicians Andrew Katos, Ian Tresize & the new member for Corangamite Sarah Henderson in an effort to further grow the Geelong Field & Game Brand. Our Brand is well respected in the area of of Wetland Conservation within CSGR . With the encroaching suburban sprawl having already impacted Lake Connewarre & Hospital swamps we face great challenges to balance human interference into this wildlife reserve & limit its impact on not only hunting opportunities but also the unique wildlife.

Ian Mclachlan our conservation officer has reorganized nest boxing. In conjunction with COGG a very successful workshop was held & as a result of this we now have improved procedures & result collating methods. The worrying dirty development water inflows from Warrilly, part of the the Armstrong creek development, into our Beanches Lane wetland is concerning. It’s a feather in our cap that as a GF&G member, Ian’s inputs are so valued by others looking for answers to solve this problem, of the development water degrading a Ramsar listed site, which is the best truly fresh water swamp in the Geelong area & one of our duck breeding zones. The Lake Rd development & it’s backing by WET is a major feather in Geelong Field & Game’s hat & is extremely exciting. The support of both Trent & Jo-anne Leen has afforded the Geelong Branch a unique opportunity. This boutique wetland developed by Tony Leen has similarities to the Heart Morass WET Project. However we have many more advantages with it’s location being close to Geelong & the tourist route to the Bellarine Peninsula. We will be able to showcase CSGR’s wildlife, the story of hunting within this reserve & the role GF&G has had & continues to have in Wetland Conservation in the area. It will be our legacy to have something for the generations of school children & future members to enjoy & will give Field & Game a footprint in the CSGR . We are a very happy club & credit for this goes to our long time club supporters. Events like our Fox drives, duck shoots, tree planting days & weekend trips away have kept members active at a time when we had no shooting ground to foster member’s fellowship with each other. Fox shoots & the St Arnuard weekend so well run by Peter Anderson have been very well supported & were a major member activity. The Duck season was one of our best & the branch Duck shoots organized by Josh Terpstra with the help of others were once again well attended & their monthly reports were eagerly awaited for information on where to go to bag a duck. Next year is Geelong Field & Game’s 50th Birthday. We are planning to have many events throughout the year to celebrate this unique milestone culminating in a dinner dance in October. A club which began in the Mechanic’s Institute hall next to the Gordon Institute by a group of concerned hunters. Our club has been so successful in wetland conservation, clay target shooting & junior firearms safety training since 1964 thanks to the dedication of so many past members. We to can all share in these achievements & by being involved as a club member we can contribute to the next 50 years. Good hunting & straight shooting Ray Agg President

Geelong Field & Game on Facebook. For those you haven’t found it yet Please like it as it is the best way of connecting to new members & those who may have gone walk about. It gives updates on what the club is up to, along with some great photos & connections to what is happening around the state.

Duck mitigation in NSW Since I sent out the first e-mail to reconnect with members, I have received an amazing response & I thank those you have taken the time to contact me. One of the FAQ’s was information on NSW duck mitigation. There is still time to get your necessary permits & license for duck mitigation in NSW. First off you need to decide are you just going to shoot on private property or include a wild pig hunt in one of the many public lands (at present closed til further notice ), State Forrests. See http:// for further updates. At the moment a G license will get you by; Then you need to get the game bird permit after getting your license, which the link on the above page does not work, so I have the this link too;

Firstly, you need to get your G license before you can apply for the game birds permit. I have found the fastest way to do this is to scan & email it through, followed by the fax, around 10 days each. R– License This license sounds a little more complicated to get but it just takes a little longer in the process & testing. The big question everyone has is where are the duck doing the most damage? At present the reports are sketchy & I would start by calling the rice growers assoc. to find farmers in trouble http:// or contact NSW game council (It still seems active after being disbanded) phone: 02 6360 5111, email: to locate trouble spots. Guys are pretty secretive about what farms they shoot, so you have to do some ground work yourself. Better still turn up to the GFG meeting & meet some new mates & get on next years organised GFG shoot. Get amongst it! Travis, GFG Secretary

Waterfowl Identification Test (WIT) bookings now being taken contact Peter Anderson or 0419 520 344

Christmas Party Our Christmas party is on the 7th of Dec & bookings are essential, please look out for the flyer getting out soon. To book send details to

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