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Verde olonico citta


Introduction Concept Process Study Model Master Plan Area1 - Residence&Selffarming Area2 - Community Area3 - Work Plant Plan Beyond Infrastucture Eco-Friendly Energy Integration of Existing Project Speculation Factor Scenario Final Output Epilogue

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About Competition


The massive transformation of the global economy, the redistribution of wealth and rights, new locations and methods of production of goods and services are transforming the boundaries of the contemporary city; the fragile balance between rural areas and urban settlements is quickly evolving. Younger generations from the rural areas in the whole world continue to move into the cities, claiming the right to share the benefits supplied by joint services, wealth and employment, peculiarities of the city even if they imply unacceptable life conditions. This has already led to an increase in urban population that generates the demand for new architectural solutions ensuring dignity and integrated living conditions. Turin knows these phenomena very well from its history. In more than one occasion in recent Italian history the city has been the home for many people and families coming from other parts of the Country. In order to assure a bright future to Turin, we need to consider transforming or to replacing the current models of urban management, life and development. The ways we manage the urban areas, the planning of other transformations and regeneration, involving citizens, raising funds and resources, coping with the global economic cycles, adapting to the climate and social changes will need to be considered as the main inspiring principles: resilience, sustainability and integration. One of the possible models refers to of the concepts of agro – housing and urban – farming, which are becoming more and more widespread: the use of open spaces – also unconventional – for diverse agricultural and cropping technologies and methods along with innovative production and management processes within a highly populated urban realm Turin, Italy. South Miraflori, Circoscrizion 10

Concept Process

‘Holon’ comes from Greek word “holos”, which means “whole” combined with word “on” meaning “part”. Holon therefore means parts becomes as a whole and also whole is made up with many parts. Furthermore, the part as absolutely independent entity is just a unit for composing “whole” and simultaneously the whole is being a unit for the bigger whole over the whole itself harmoniously. FIAT is one of the most significant industrial complexes of Italy and also world famous vehicle factory. It is already known as the region that represents Turin. Fiat is stepping back from their splendid accomplishment and becoming history. Therefore, new era of the region is being demanded. As it has been done in the past, something that could represent Turin as it is and that could up-cycle Turin was the focal point of what they were looking to find. So they introduced the concept called ‘holonic’.t was focused on the concept that Verde Olonico City becomes Turin and that Turin also becomes Verde Olonico City.Followed by this concept, Verde Olonico City’s formation was motived from Fractal, which is typical structure of Holonic.

Study Model

AREA 3 Work

Master Plan

Routes The OLONIC axis takes role in balancing its long vertical site. From this long axis, paths branch out.


Sunken garden

Agriculture laboratory

Regions are divided into three areas: residence area, community area and research center. In each area, different buildings are constructed according to each programs. These buildings harmonize with other 10 stories buildings around Turin.

Landscape Green area is division of agricultural area and landscape architecture area. In the agricultural area, various types of crops are cultivated, and in the landscape architecture area, plants, which can purify the polluted ground, are used to decorate the environments.

AREA 2 Community

Community center

Farming Farming is the most important part of this project. Self farming of the residents are run in the living area and is classified as professional farming, being composed in many different lands. This is supervised by farming centre as the source of producing work place.

Water Using the sunk road as the part of railroad, water is flown along the road. Waterway is formed with feature of vertical site and this harmonize with parks and farms.

AREA 1 Residence & Self-farming


Agriculture center

Our aim is to restructure TURIN with the socialistic, eco-friendly and functional role, by regenerating the lagged city due to the transfer of FIAT factory. The objective of our project is producing the core in TURIN which can provide new life style with making a harmony and balance for overall environment around the site. The concept of Holonic is a system that is simultaneously a whole and apart. Furthemore, it is on evolving self-organiging dissipative structure, composed of other holons, whose structures exist at a balance point between chaos and order, past and future as well. At the same time it aims at a supreme state of being based on self-development in a holistic and harmonious way. VERDE OLONICO CITTA cognize the site as a bio-organism, then form the residence and job creation community with farming as a heart of the city.

Area 1 - Residence & Self-farming

Based on the agricultural centre, residential and farming area takes majority of the area.

60% Residence Hotel Small Community Agriculter-Control Center Biotope-Control Center

Self Farming Moving Biotope Vast Farming Area

Area1 is farming concentrated complex where 60 percent of the area is formed on farming. Based on the agricultural centre, residential and farming area takes majority of the area. Products from the area is used in whole district. Residents self-farm in the farm that is connected to their houses. Products that are produced from self farming are sold to community or is self-sufficiented. Competitiveness of farming is increased through producing various crops and agricultural program for healthy food provides goods. Weekend farming is held for the outsiders. Operation and supervising of self farming is controlled by agricultural centre. Outsiders vitalize self farming through direct participation. Self farming breaks away from its traditional form and is monitored by smart system. Agricultural centre provides information based on users’ crops, soil and climate state. Furthermore, condition of the plant and its harvest time is monitored online. This helps convenient and intuitive operation.

Residents’ agricultural program

Movable Biotope System

Residents living in the area can self-farm. Self-farmers subsistent with crops they grow. IT technique is provided from agricultural centre on how to grow plants and about their conditions.

Moving biotope is placed on the railroad. Biotope’s platform monitors plants by using thermostat based upon information from agricultural centre. Plants grown by biotope are transferred to suitable platforms according to climate state and are sold to citizens.

Visitors’ agricultural program Visitors can experience farming program offered by verde olonico citta. They form their own cultivated land from weekend farming or take one-day-experience.

Residence Residential areas are built in small-scale which are suitable for small family to live. The area is formed with houses of residents and also rental houses for the workers. It creates ground for people from weak social strata and help them gain independence and settle in the community.

Plant transference Crops grown from self farming are offered to the citizens of Turin. Surplusage of plants are sold to the citizens and is aimed to provide healthy products to them.

Area 2 - Community

This is the area that forms social community where welfare facilities for the residents are located.

40% ConferenceSpace Museum Gallery Library School Shops

Moving Biotope

This is the community area where residents can work on activities. Residents can live a civilized life in library and museum in the area and education on agriculture is run. Conference space is constructed with contents where international meetings about ecology and farming can be held.

Area 3 - Work

Relation to t he occupation is l ocated i n the area and it creates jobs.

20% Medical Research Center Agriculter Reserch Center Eco Energy Reserch center Reserher’s Dormitory

ReserchCenter Farimg

Area 3 is place where agriculter reserching is associated. Agricultural centre that administrates and sells crops produced from the area and research laboratory that study Italy’s ecology are located in the area.

Plant Plan Green fields are comparted with consideration of Turin’s season and climate. Edible crops, purification plants, industrial plants and trees are planted in comparted green fields. Accessibility of edible crops in the living area is important as the crops are self farmed by the residents. Purification plants are there to purify land that was contaminated by Fiat factory in the past. Industrial plants that are needed to be processed are usually oil and cotton crops. This is biotope and is located near research complexes and processing facilities. Finally, trees are planted along the street and also to build parks.













Corn Potato Soybean Sunflower Cotton Plant Barley

Oil crops & Industrial crops

Edible plants

1 Olea europaea [Olive]

1 Triticum aestivum [Wheat] 2 Hordeum vulgare var. hexastichon [Barley]

2 Camellia japonica [Common Camellia]

3 Saccharum officinarum [Sugar cane]

3 Helianthus annuus [Sunflower]

4 Zea mays [Corn]

4 Solanum tuberosum L. [Potato]

5 Glycine max [Soybean]

5 Gossypium indicum [Cotton plant] 1 6 Theobroma cacao [Cacao]

6 Cichorium intybus [Chicory]















Edible plants Purification plants Oil crops

1 Fagus multinervis Nakai [Korean Beech]

1 Hordeum vulgare var. hexastichon [Barley]

2 Eucalyptus globulus [Eucalyptus]

2 Taraxacum platycarpum Dahlst. [Dandelion]

3 Euonymus japonica Thunb. [Spindle Tree]

3 Urtica dioica [Stinging nettle]

4 Cinnamomum camphora Sieb. [Camphor]

4 Populus deltoides [Poplar]

5 Quercus suber [Cork Oak]

5 Populus davidiana DODE [David Poplar]

6 Pinus halepensis [Aleppo Pine]

6 Salix koreensis Andersson [Willow]

Industrial crops Sylvae













Beyond Infrastructure

Actual Space

Area3 - Work

Area1 - Residence

Area2 - Community


Mobile Connection

Collect personal infomation

Construction of information

Data analysis

Data reported

Optimized Smart System

Olonico Chain System

Mobile tag card that holds personal information is provided to the communities including visitors and tenants. Informations in the mobile can be as basic as person’s name, sex, age, and native. Information of personal body condition from medical institute within the facility can be added by choice. These informations combine individual’s location with time data and purchasing data to provide a differentiated personal service. It accounts each user’s life pattern and body condition in real time and provide information on which agri-food each user needs. By monitoring body condition and illness, individuals are reported from the medical institute. Also meal plans are provided with food that could be conjugated as medication and information of medicine created from pharmaceutic research are offered. Most of these goods are development of Verde Olonico Citta’s agricultural plants institute and usage of biotope and self-farming products.

The Olonico Chain System make the smart system and eco-friendly, agricultural chain that all the members of the community can participated in. It reflects individual activities overall. If energy sources such as electricity and water that a person uses as working inside the community are saved, the working information of the members of the community will be saved to the server and the saving one will be shown as the value of crops. Then this saving value will be invested to the new biotope and self-farming. The crops that be produced as the outcome of investment will contribute to the development of community from the eco-friendly life that all members join. Also, a value chain of net function that can deliver to where it needs will be completed. As center of eco-friendly, agricultural place, VERDE OLONICO CITTA will practice and show the value based on these programs that the community can be grown into one all over the world.

Eco-friendly Energy

Integration of Existing Project

Biotope circulates and sells crops and plants that are obtained from selffarming.


Natural energy The red mass on the roof of the primary buildings, it checks and notices the used energy statues.

Process is linked with various community programs such as education, gallery, museum, library and etc. Verde Olonico City roles as various and active community. Also it can be attractive business partner of dwelling and industrial area that self sustains and creates profit.

Biotope and self-farming of Verde Olonico city can play central role and is a representative form of Miraorti. Miraorti is agriculture and greening project of Turin. Program provides place to stay to the visitors of Turin. Information of hotels or pensions within the facility are provided to the visitors wanting private space. For visitors who wishes to stay for free for a short period of time are ushered to residents’ house.

Biofuels energy Biofuel is a renewable fuel source, unlike unrenewable natural resources as oil. It is eco-friendly as producing much lower exhaust gas than oil, using the unused waste now.

Speculation Factor


The Life Story of Holonic Man 7am




Mr. Turino, resident of Turin used to be a laborer at Fiat. After Fiat moved, he became unemployed and was living hard in a non-regular woking position. He then heard a news that verde olonico citta is being formed. Verde olonico citta gave priority of residency to unemployees. 000 moved in and his new life began. Mr. Turino had no knowledge on farming but got employed at agricultural centre after having education on basic farming at community centre in area2. He wakes up in the morning, self farms in his own small field that is connected to his house. He then goes off to work. He has lunch at organic restaurant where they cook from vegetables grown from biotope and in a large arable land. After work, he enjoys civilized life at community centre in area 2.







The Experience Story of Visitor 7am

Crop Supply

Cultivate Area


1per = 9m2





Mrs. Toris living near Turin visits verde olonico citta on weekends with her family. She runs her own weekend farm. She takes her harvestries home to eat or sells in local store in verde olonico citta. Besides her weekend farming, she also takes education program run by community centre in area2. This program offers information on farming, eco-friendly energy and medical, and any children are to be participated too. Also, She looks around the park in front of the community, where moving biotope is being grown. She finishes his day at the organic food restaurant in verde olonico citta, where they cook with self farmed vegetables. The restaurant also cooks with guests’ very own products if they bring them in.

Final Output


2012년이지나 어느덧 졸업할 학년이 되었다. 잘하는것도 없고 할줄 아는것도 별로 없는데 이대로 졸업 하는것같아서 두려움이 앞서던 시점에서 이번 스튜디오 수업은 많은 의미가 있었다. 처음하는 공모전이고 게다가 규모도 큰 도시공모전을 하게 되어서 많은 어려움을 겪었지만 그만큼 많은것을 배웠다. 이번 스튜디오에서 배운점은 못한다고 할것이아니라 부딪혀서 해보면 된다는 점이다. 컴퓨터프로그램사용능력, 스케치, 생각하는 연습 모두 못한다고 할것이 아니라 많이 연습해야겠다. 공모전을 하면서 아쉬웠던점은 진행과정에서 아이디어정리를 잘못하고 방향성을 잘 못잡고 방황했던점이다. 하지만 이번의 공모전을 통해 다음번에는 더 잘 할 수 있을것같다. 한학기동안 수고하신 이진민교수님, 정승영교수님, 김지인교수님께 감사드리고 멋진 교수님들 아래서 배울수 있어서 영광이였다. 4학년때는 나 자신에게 부끄럽지 않은 멋진 작업을 보여드리고 싶다. 끝까지 잘 마무리해준 팀원 정인언니, 명수언니, 예지에게도 고맙다는 말을 전하고 싶다.

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