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Build a Bear meets Build a Bear Ville - April 2011 Brief – To improve the Build a Bear box and make it fun for children to re-use and easier for carrying more than one teddy bear.

For internet sales/gifts the bear will come ready made inside its matching box making it easier for parents to buy gifts.

The idea is to have a range of boxes instead of just the one. The consumer will be buying a themed package they can design there bear then pick the box to match. This will encourage children to collect and re-use them.

Nestle Purina - July 2012 Brief – To Improve the Nestle brand and increase profitable growth. New product for Nestle – Corrugated cat scratcher incorporated into Felix can tray. Re-usable tray and less packaging waste.

Nestle Purina - July 2012 Brief – To Improve the Nestle brand and increase profitable growth. New product for Nestle - Ready bowls for cats and dogs. A ready to eat meal in a recyclable bowl, just tear off the lid and serve. Ideal for holidays and busy life styles.

Premier Ideation brief – Ambrosia October 2011 Brief – To create new products within the ideation sites, that would encourage busy families to eat Ambrosia custard on the go. Ambrosia Travel foil pouches, ideal for lunch boxes, trips, car journeys or camping. (Light weight and easy to consume without a spoon.) Ambrosia fridge pack. Family size re-sealable tub, ideal to keep in the fridge so custard is always on hand. No need for a tin opener, so kids can help themselves.

Premier Ideation Sharwoods - March 2012 Brief – To work as a team and improve the Sharwoods brand on shelf. Sharwoods spice trail trays. Using the bright identity colours on the trays and lids improve the visibility of the flavours on shelf.

Quaker Oats – March 2012 Brief – Self initiated, recyclable lunch boxes. Encouraging people to eat Quaker oats not just for breakfast. Less packaging waste with branded ready lunches.

Examples for Bernard Matthews on how there New Marco Pierre range would appear in a corrugated RRP pack. Much more easier for the consumer to view and shop.

How the RRP Packs would appear on shelf in the supermarket. The RRP Pack not only makes the product better to shop but easier for the consumer to recognise with the colour coded varieties.

Bernard Matthews - May 2012 Brief – To Improve the SRP for Bernard Matthews On shelf packaging to appear family friendly and bring the FAV range together as one.

Bernard Matthews - June 2012 Brief – To create a new outer pack for Bernard Matthews sub range East River. On shelf packaging for East river including the QR code link to website.

The Hexagon box; Stands the turkey up right in freezer cabinets.

Bernard Matthews – March 2011 Brief – Pitch for Golden Norfolk Turkey packaging. Bernard Matthews wanted to make the frozen turkeys easier to shop. We came up with several ideas that would be appropriate.

Small, Medium and Large Turkey carrier packs.

Bernard Matthews – March 2011 Brief – Various carrier pack options available for different size turkeys. This makes the size of the turkey the consumer wants to buy easier to recognise.

Advert for turkeys.

Bernard Matthews – March 2011 Brief – For consumers buying multiple turkeys, the turkey trays would be much easier and accessible in freezer wells.

Bird boxes standing on freezer well with cooking dial visible.

Bernard Matthews – March 2011 Brief – Small turkey crowns, packaged in a bird house shaped box. Appropriate for standing in Freezer cabinets.

Bernard Matthews – March 2011 Brief – Bernard Matthews freezer well branding. Christmas and Easter.

Corrugated Pusher - November 2011 Brief – To develop next generation packaging concepts. Recyclable corrugated pushing mechanism. To make on shelf packaging self dispense.

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