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Fall Program Registration

Thurs. Sept. 8th, at 8am, ONLINE at

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contents Which Membership is for Me?...............5 Fitness Centre........................................6


Why use a Personal Trainer?................7 Group Fitness & Wellness.....................8 Dance.......................................................9 Join Our Team!.......................................10-11 Intramural Sports...................................12-15 Become a Intramural Official.................16 Drop-in Recreation.................................17 Aquatics..................................................18-21 Campus Recreation Sport Clubs..........22-26 Sport Instruction.....................................27





Membership OPTIONS





$21 $21

$189 $189

Western affiliate



General Public



Community membership for youth and adults (ages 16 and over).




Membership dates cannot exceed Primary’s. Must show proof of residence with Primary member.

Early Bird Access Lunch Express

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annual Who is Eligible?

Western students in programs that do not pay a Campus Recreation tuition ancillary fee (incl. Postdoctoral Scholars) or students not registered in summer/intersession courses.

Western faculty, staff and alumni


Family ($18)

Most currently enrolled undergraduate students and full-time graduate students.

No Ancillary Fees Paid



Child ($3)

Photo ID is required to purchase adult/youth day passes. Children (15 & younger) must be accompanied by an adult. Day/time and activity restrictions apply for children.


Western Students

Which Membership is for

Day Passes

Adult/Youth ($8)


Child (3-15)



Youth (16-25)



Current or retired Western staff or faculty and Alumni. Access Mon-Fri 6am-9am + weekends/holidays. Current or retired Western staff or faculty and Alumni. Access Mon-Fri 11am-1:30pm + weekends/ holidays. Current or retired Western staff or faculty and Alumni.

Available to our Western partners and affiliated organizations. Contact Membership Services for our current list.

Membership dates cannot exceed Primary’s. Children ages 3 – 15 dependent upon Primary for support. Day/time and activity restrictions apply. Visit website or contact Membership Services Membership dates cannot exceed Primary’s. Youth ages 16 – 25 dependent upon Primary for support.

Payroll deduction available for current regular, full-time staff/faculty on annual memberships. All annual memberships (for Primary members) include 3 free guest passes. *Prices do not include HST.


fitness & wellness

Why use a personal trainer?


Centre Our weight room features Apex, Flex, Free Motion, Gravitron, Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, Polaris, Universal, Woodway equipment, and over 9000 lbs. of free weights. It is staffed throughout the day to assist members with any questions. Did you know that we survey our members each month to determine what channels are on our televisions in the cardio area? Visit our web site to register your vote. Worried about how busy the Fitness Centre is? Check our Twitter account to see a report on the number of users. Updated every 30 minutes.


itness & wellness

Personal trainers have the skill and education to understand how our bodies respond differently to certain exercises. Working with a trainer for as little as 4 sessions will give you the foundation of knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Personal trainers develop programs that are tailored to your specific goals and can motivate you beyond your limits.

Our cardio equipment is spread over three floors to allow for a variety of settings. The cardio mezzanine is located above our weight room and features elliptical trainers, cross trainers, Body Cycles, Life Cycles, recumbent bikes, and treadmills. Most equipment have iPod docking stations and USB connections, which allow you to track your workouts and calorie burn. Our 4th floor cardio area, located outside our upper gymnasia, has additional cardio space and a spin bike area. This area, equipped with cross trainers, spin bikes, stationary bikes, rowing ergometers, and stretching space, offers one of the best views on campus. In the 3rd floor Atrium, we offer cross trainers and stationary bikes, and on the 2nd floor, in our squash court lounge, we offer upright and recumbent bikes. All of our cardio equipment is offered on a first-come first-serve basis and we ask that members limit their workouts to 30 minutes when others are waiting.

All trainers on staff hold national certifications in personal training supported by an educational background in exercise, health, and fitness, and have a variety of specialty experience. Your trainer will provide you with the confidence and knowledge you need to achieve your health and fitness goals!

TRX suspension training system TRX uses your own body weight and gravity to strengthen muscles with hundreds of exercises. It helps you to build strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Check class types and time here.

Bod Pod Testing:

Curious about your fat level? Then step into the Bod Pod. The BOD POD is a computerized, egg-shaped chamber. Using the same whole-body measurement principle as underwater weighing, the BOD POD measures a subject’s mass and volume, from which their whole-body density is determined. Using this data, body fat and lean muscle mass can then be calculated. Call or visit Membership Services to purchase your appointment. Interested in what the Bod Pod test is? View this You Tube Video

New this fall

Cardio Equipment Orientation* - $10

Are you interested in using the cardio equipment in the Western Student Recreation Centre but not sure how or where to start? We can help!

Weight Room Orientation* - $10

If you would like to start weight training and using some of the machines in the weight room, the fitness centre orientation is a perfect start to your basic weight training goals. *This is NOT a personal training session, but if you are interested in personal training the weight room team will be happy to provide you with more information.


Group Fitness


Registered Fitness Classes

Campus Recreation offers therapeutic massage. All massage therapists are registered under the College of Massage Therapist of Ontario. Check you health benefits to see if massage therapy is covered under your health insurance. For rates and info on Massage click here

Massage, Sport Psychology, Nutrition Consulting Massage Therapy

Zumba, Bootcamp, Cycle, The Pump, Step & Yoga Click here to see costs,times and dates of these classes.

Why register?

No more rushing across campus to wait in line for a class. We know you are busy, so we have selected a few of our classes to be registered programs. This will allow us to meet the demand of our members wanting to reserve a spot in the class.

Group Fitness Free Demo Classes Monday



Sept 12 & 19

Studio 2

Monday Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Saturday Sunday

6:35-7:25pm 7:35-8:25pm 12:05-12:55pm 5:35-6:25pm 6:35-7:25pm 1:05-1:55pm 5:35-6:25pm 6:35-7:25pm 7:35-8:25pm 4:35-5:25pm 7:35-8:25pm 10:05-10:55pm 4:05-4:55pm

Step Advanced the Pump Yoga stretch Yoga stretch Cardio Kickbox Yoga stretch Yoga Stretch Step Advanced The Pump Pilates Yoga stretch Yoga stretch Yoga stretch

Sept 12 & 19 Sept 12 & 19 Sept 12 & 19 Sept 6,13, 20 Sept 12 &19 Sept 7, 14th Sept 7 & 14 Sept 7 & 14 Sept 7 & 14 Sept 8 & 15 Sept 8-15 Sept 10 & 17 Sept 11,& 18

Studio 1 Studio 1 studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 1 Studio 1 Studio 1 Studio 1 Studio 1 Studio 1 Studio 1

Fitness to Go - NEW!!!

Do you have a group that would like to try a fitness class together? Our Fitness to Go program may work for you! You provide the location and the participants, and we provide the instructor. For more info please click here.

Sport Psychology

Campus Recreation offers Sport Psychology Consulting with Dr. Natascha Wesch. Services are available to both Campus Recreation members and non-members. General public is welcome!

What is Sport Psychology?

Sport Psychology is the scientific study of individuals and their behaviours in sport contexts, while Applied Sport Psychology is the practical application of the knowledge gained through research. An important component of applied Sport Psychology is Mental Skills Training, which is designed to develop psychological skills in athletes that lead to performance enhancement.

How can mental skill trainning help me?

Mental Skills Training provides the methods and techniques that further propel athletic performances beyond those that can be achieved through physical and technical training alone. Athletes of all ages and levels (e.g., recreational, competitive, elite) can benefit from Mental Skills Training. For more info please check out or web site

Nutrition Consulting

Campus Recreation is pleased to partner with the USC’s nutritionist to offer various workshops and info sessions on Nutrition. past topics include: healthly living for a Healthy Heart, Optimal Nutrition for Active Living, Staying healthy during Exams. Student Health 101

Dance Demo Days Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Sunday Monday Monday Saturday Wednesday Sunday Saturday Monday Monday

4:35-5:25 8:35-9:25pm 5:35-6:25 8:35-9:25 4:30-5:20 12:05-12:55 8-9pm 9:30-10:30pm 8:30-9:30pm 10-11am 6-7pm 9-10pm 2-3pm 7-8pm 6-7pm

Zumba Zumba Groove Method Burlesques Zumba Zumba Zumba Jazz Intermediate Jazz Beginner Jazz Beginner Belly Dancing Bollyfit Nunchakus Hip Hop Advanced Jazz Advanced

Sept 12 & 19 Sept 12 & 19 Sept 6, 13&20 Sep-20 Sept 6,13, &20 Sept 7,14,21 Sept 11,18 Sep-19 Sep-19 Sep-17 Sep-21 Sept11,18 Sunday Sept 18 Sep-19 Sep-19

Studio 2 Studio 1 Studio 1A Studio 1A Studio 2 Studio 1 Studio 1 Studio 1B Studio 1B Studio 2 Studio 2 Studio 1 Studio 1 A Studio 2 studio 2

Interested in being part of

fitness & wellness fitness Dance & wellness We offer:

Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Social Dancing, Swing, Burlesques, Zumba, Belly Dancing, Tap and Lyrical.


NEW BollyFit is a bollywood dance based workout designed to get your heart rate up and going! BollyFit is highly effective, as it uses your own muscle mass along with body toning movements to ensure that you are working up a sweat and shedding those calories! It’s for all ages, and anyone who loves to dance.


Western’s Official Dance Team?

Click here for more info.

NEW Groove Method classes are dance/fitness classes where you learn SIMPLE and EASY choreography from a variety of different dance styles (Hip Hop, Urban, House, Jazz, Bollywood, Latin, African, Contemporary, Swing, Disco and many more!). The choreography is simple (there are not many movements to remember) so that you can dance the moves your own way! When you get a chance to move in a way that feels good for your body, you get a great workout that’s perfect for you! Dancing is a great way to get active, release energy and have fun! In GROOVE method classes, you can’t get it wrong because it’s not about’s about YOU- DANCING for the HEALTH of it!




Sports & Recreation Services Employment Develop great life skills, gain valuable work experience, make new friends, and earn extra money while attending Western!

We are one of the largest student employers on campus, hiring over 300 students each year to provide leadership in our many programs. Students can work part-time in a variety of exciting positions, plus, Sports & Recreation Services employs students through Western’s Work Study program and offers internship placements for Western students. Benefits of Employment: - Great training & development. - Pay increases based on experience available. - Flexible and accommodating work schedules. - Opportunities for leadership and advancement.

Applications for Summer 2012 and Fall/Winter 2012/13

will be accepted during our Recruitment Campaign in January/ February 2012.

Occasionally, applications may be accepted outside of the Recruitment Campaign for specialty positions. These positions will be posted on our website as they become available.


WHAT IS INTRAMURAL SPORTS? Taking part in Intramural Sports is a great way to get involved in University life at Western. Whether you like to participate at the super, competitive, or recreational level, we offer a full range of activities that will pique your interest. Participants can enjoy a fun, equitable, and safe playing environment! Meet new people, enjoy friendly competition, and learn new skills in our facilities around campus. And, who doesn’t want to challenge for the right to don “The Purple Shirt”, an Intramural Champion tradition!


WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT LEAGUES? DIVISIONS: WOMEN’S, MEN’S, CO-ED: These leagues exist for the majority of the Sport Leagues over various time blocks throughout the week. Co-ed teams have minimum female and male participation and roster requirements.

OPEN: These divisions are available for select leagues and have no minimum requirement for either gender. *Participants are limited to 1 roster spot per sport per gender division per season and 1 roster spot per sport per co-ed/ open division per season (e.g. you can play men’s and co-ed or open but you cannot play for two men’s teams).

LEVEL OF PLAY: A general guideline of the level that’s right for you and your team

REC: Designed with emphasis on fun, participation, fitness, and socializing

COMP: Designed for those seeking a more competitive experience

SUPER COMP: Designed for those seeking more highly skilled and organized team competition





First Year Resident Students!

1 FIND OUT WHAT DAYS AND TIMES YOUR TEAM CAN PLAY – GAMES ARE PLAYED SUNDAY THURSDAY • A list of division times for each league can be found at (click on “Intramural Sports”).

2 REGISTER AND PAY FOR YOUR TEAM • You must pay when you register. • Register and pay online at or inperson at Membership Services in the WRSC. • Registration dates and times are posted on (click “Intramural Sports”). • You cannot secure your team’s preferred spot until you pay your fees.




3 Enter YOUR TEAM ROSTER ONLINE AT UWO.ATHLEAGUE.COM (click on “Sign Up”) • You must register and pay before entering your team at



• Most leagues provide 5 weeks of regular season play followed by a playoff tournament. Every team makes playoffs provided they have shown good sportsmanship and do not have more than one default.

Check with your Don or RA about the Residence-Only Leagues on Thursday Nights!

Pre-Created Free Agent Teams

New to Western or don’t have enough players to create your own team? Register for one of our pre-created Free Agent Teams (offered in most leagues)

• Registration for pre-created Free Agents teams is accepted online at or in person at Membership Services after payment open date. • To be Free Agent, you must be a current Campus Recreation member.

• Free Agent fees are applied to all Free Agent teams you register for.

• Free Agents agreeing to act as a Free Agent Captain and Free Agent Ice Hockey Goalie will play for free! If you would like to be a Free Agent Captain or Free Agent Ice Hockey Goalie please indicate this when you register. These positions will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Free Agent Team captains’ must also attend the mandatory Captains’ Meeting(s). • Remember to attend the Free Agent Information Meeting on Thurs Sept 15 at 9:00pm in the Arthur & Sonia Labatt Health Science Building (HSB), Room 240 and the Ice Hockey Free Agent Information Meeting on Tues Sept 27 at 6:00pm in the Arthur & Sonia Labatt Health Science Building (HSB), Room 240.


Free Agent Pool

Want to be picked-up as a Free Agent? Please follow these steps: 1.) Create a profile on (click on “Sign Up”). 2.) Click on the league you want to play in. 3.) Click on “Free Agents & Refs” (top right hand corner). 4.) Click on “Join as Free Agent”. Your name will be added to the list of free agents and captains will have access to click on your profile to invite you to their team.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee that all Free Agents in a league pool will be picked up.



Looking for opportunities to… Make extra money? Develop your leadership skills? Challenge yourself with something new? Meet new friends? Gain experience working in sport? Get involved in your campus community?

Intramural officials offer all the above benefits, plus an opportunity to work a flexible schedule. Becoming an Intramural official is the first step towards greater leadership opportunities in Campus Recreation. The success of the program is in the QUALITY of our student staff team. It only takes a few steps to become an Intramural official: 1. Fill out an application at (click on “Employment”) and after the link 2. Attend the mandatory Officials’ General Training on Thurs Sept. 8 at 7:00pm in the Arthur & Sonia Labatt Health Science Building (HSB) in Room 236. 3. Attend the mandatory Sport Specific Officials Training on Sun Sept. 11. The times and locations will be announced at the Officials General Training.


Previous knowledge of the sport is not required, but is preferred. Officials must be able to make quick decisions and handle conflict. Officials will be trained to improve their skills, knowledge of the game, and their mechanics.


Schedules are flexible and change week to week to fit the needs and schedules of each official. Officials are eligible and encouraged to play. Games are played Sunday through Friday with most officials working 2-3 of those days.


recreation Our Drop-in Recreation program is selfdirected and regulated by participants. It offers members and guests the flexibility to sharpen their skills in their preferred sport, try out a new sport, or grab a few friends for a pick-up game. Drop-In Activities Our Drop-in program includes: BADMINTON • BASKETBALL • FUTSAL • SQUASH • TABLE TENNIS • VOLLEYBALL

Gymnasia Activities Approximately 225 hours each week are dedicated to our drop-in gymnasia activities which includes badminton, basketball, futsal, and volleyball. You can tailor your recreation time to suit your personal schedule and needs.

Racquet Sports


In addition to our drop-in program, we also offer an Independent Co-ed Squash Ladder for members to participate in. Our ladder is available for Fall/Winter terms only.

Our Drop-in Recreation program is selfdirected and regulated by participants. Players are expected to rotate on courts to allow everyone the opportunity to participate. • Drop-in equipment is available to rent or borrow 5 minutes prior to the activity beginning.


• Play individually, with a friend, or a group of friends. • Athletic clothing and clean athletic footwear with non-marking soles must be worn in the gymnasia. • Street clothing is not permitted as it can be dangerous and confining when exercising. • Personal belongings must be contained within the storage cubbies. All other items will be removed. Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost/stolen items. • Food and glass bottles are not permitted in the gymnasia.

We offer five International squash courts and two table tennis tables. Members may make squash court reservations in person or by phone (519.661.3078) up to seven days in advance.

• Each member may reserve only one court/ table per day (maximum 45-minute time slot). • To claim your court, you must check in at our Equipment Desk before your scheduled start time. • There is no grace period. If you fail to claim your court on or before your reserved start time, waiting players may use your forfeited time. • Athletic clothing and clean athletic footwear with non-marking soles must be worn in the courts. Open-toed shoes are not permitted. • Street clothing is not permitted a it can be confining when exercising. • CSA approved eye protection is strongly recommended and available free of charge at our Equipment Desk. • Personal belongings must be contained within the storage cubbies. All other items will be removed. Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost/stolen items. • Squash balls and racquets, and table tennis paddles and balls are available to rent at our Equipment Desk. • Non-Campus Recreation instructors are not permitted to teach lessons within our facilities.

POLICIES GOVERNING RACQUET COURT SPORTS • Courts are available for SQUASH bookings only.


Opens Thurs Sept 08 at 8 am and closes on Fri Oct 07 at 9 am. For full listing of programs available please visit

Fit Lane Information

Join us for some lengths. We offer both 50-metre (long course) and 25-metre (short course) fit lane times. Our space is well programmed and the pool will often have multiple programs occurring at the same time. We guarantee a minimum of three (3) fit lanes during all advertised Fit Lane Swims. On many occasions, there will be between 4 and 8 lanes. “Sandwich boards” are available to assist you in finding the correct lane for your swimming ability and if it is your first visit, please ask one of the Lifeguards for assistance. Click here to view our schedule.

Recreational Swimming

Test your skills on our 1-metre springboard, swim a few lengths, or water run with friends. Our recreational swim times have something for everyone and families are welcome! Noodles, balls, and water toys will also be available and we have ample lifejackets on deck as well.

Calling All Lifeguards!

We hosted the 2011 Ontario Provincial Lifeguard Championship on July 30 and 31 and are looking to revive our Lifeguard Team for 2011 – 2012. If you are a National Lifeguard Service (NLS) holder and are interested in learning about lifeguard competition or just refining your skills, we invite you to join our Guard Team. Anyone with NLS is welcome! To apply contact Jen Knights at for more details.



Aquatics Programming Fall Registration


Learn to Swim at Western


Already a Swimmer? Looking for a Challenge?

Looking for a challenge? Why not consider our Coached Fitness Swim Program led by NCCP III Certified Coach and Olympian Ken Fitzpatrick. This program is ideal for experienced swim enthusiasts, developing fitness swimmers and triathletes looking for stroke improvement and increased challenges in workouts. Please note that this is NOT a learn-to-swim program. Workouts will be both long course and short course and will focus on freestyle and medley based templates. Stroke development, drill progressions and training steps will be geared to the group profile, with individuals receiving targeted feedback.

Aquatics Coached Fitness runs Mon, Wed and Fri 6:05 am – 7:15 am beginning mid-September. To register, please visit

Our lesson program is small but we have some of the most talented Instructors in the country! We are the only pool in the London area to offer the Lifesaving Society Swim for Life Program. Join our experienced Aquatic Staff team for an amazing experience.

Private Lessons are our Specialty

Our lesson program starts in mid-October and we will be offering private lessons on Tues PM, Thurs PM, and on Saturdays. Registration begins at 8 am on Thurs Sept 08 and our program fills very quickly.

Saturday Morning Group Lessons

Our group lesson program will be offered on Saturdays this fall beginning October 15 and ending on December 03. We have a Preschool program for participants aged 3 – 5 years and by Preschool 5, participants will be able to jump into deep water and swim 5 metres on their own.

Our Swimmer program is for participants aged 5 – 12 years and skills range from getting comfortable in the water in Swimmer 1 all the way up to a 300-metre endurance swims by Swimmer 6. Once swimmers are done Swimmer 6 they progress into the Swim Patrol program and then the Bronze family.

We also offer a Teen program for beginners aged 13 – 15 and an Adult program for swimmers aged 15 and up. Program content is geared towards the ability and interests of the participants. Information on our program can be found at or Here.


First Aid and Aquatic Leadership at Western

Looking ahead to a potential summer job? Need your Bronze Medallion or higher? Need first aid for your program? Why not get certified while you are at Western. We will be offering the following courses during the upcoming academic year.

Lifesaving Society First Aid Courses:

• Standard First Aid • Standard First Aid Recertification • Standard First Aid Instructor Course • CPR-C-Health Care Provider

Aquatic Leadership Courses:

• Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross • National Lifeguard Service (Pool Option) • National Lifeguard Service Recertification • Examiners Standards Clinic • Advanced Instructors • National Lifeguard Service Instructor Course • Lifesaving Society Instructor Trainer Clinic

Fitness and Fun

We’ve got the drop in program for you. Join us for: • Fit lanes • Recreational swimming • Water running Or consider joining one of our aquatic clubs including triathlon club, kayak club, or the dragon boat club. We also host a very popular intramural inner tube water polo program! More information is available on our web site at


ort club

Sport Clubs Week Location: Western Student Recreation Centre Date: Monday to Friday September 19-23 Time: 10am-10pm A Campus Recreation Sport Club is a sanctioned group, established by students who share a common interest in a particular sport or activity. Sport Clubs provide instruction, skill development, and/or competition, and are designed to enhance the University experience and promote life-long learning and appreciation for physical activity. Come on out and learn more about what sport clubs can do for you!




Sport Clubs Aikido Club

Aikido combines elements of self-defense, physical fitness, and a non-violent philosophy into a modern martial art. The Western Aikido Club concentrates on basic movements and techniques, many of which have practical selfdefense applications. We are open to all skill and fitness levels. Come wearing comfortable clothes that allow for plenty of movement and stretching. Home page

Badminton Club

Badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world and in just one match a player can travel over 2km. It’s fun, fast, and furious! It’s the perfect chance to tweak your badminton skills, make new friends, learn about badminton, and obviously – have a great time. Play badminton in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Special events help our players improve their skills and make new friends. Whether you’re playing to relieve stress or you have your eyes on our tournament gold, this club welcomes new and returning members! Home page Alternate home page

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club

Be a part of the Jiu-Jitsu revolution that is sweeping the martial arts world! Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a highly functional grappling art, system of self-defense, and a cornerstone of Mixed Martial Arts training. BJJ was originally designed to allow a smaller person to defend against a larger, stronger attacker in a realistic manner. The Western Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club offers an exhilarating workout, an exciting new sport, and functional selfdefense in a completely recreational and highly social setting. Our club is aimed at absolute


beginners with any level of fitness, so come on out! Home page

Curling Club

Are you looking to get involved in the popular winter sport of curling? Western’s Mixed Curling Club is a social club that provides members of all skill levels the opportunity to meet new friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Our recreational club includes beginners, skilled curlers, and everyone in between. We encourage anyone interested to come and join us. The clinic is for both beginners as well as more advanced curlers. Equipment is provided; all you need bring are clean sneakers. See you out on the ice! Home page

Dragon Boat Club

20 paddlers + 1 drummer + 1 steerer = 1 dragon boat crew. With over 2500 years of tradition, dragon boat is currently the largest flat-water and fastest growing sport in the world. Our club offers coaching and dryland training to paddlers of all experience levels and an opportunity to join the competitive team for race competitions over the summer (MaySept). Come out, meet new people, and get a taste of the action! Home page

Equestrian Club

The Western Equestrian Team offers its members an opportunity to socialize with other student riders and stay involved with horses during University – both recreationally and competitively! Our club offers riding lessons and includes four competitive teams that show on the OUEA, IHSA, and IDA circuits. Home page

Fencing Club

It’s fun, different, and focused! Try a new sport in this unique blend of strategy, hand-eye coordination, and cardiovascular fitness. Good times and new friends. Come out and try our sword fighting! Home page

Judo Club

Judo the “gentle way” is an Olympic Japanese grappling sport most known for its throws and submission. Judo is a safe and fun way to stay active and fit while learning practical self-defense. The Western Judo Club will be focusing on recreational fitness, well being, and technical themes of Judo while teaching the Kodokan Syllabus. In a positive and fun group atmosphere, we will strive to improve your strength, balance, agility, and over all fitness through the stress relieving practice of Judo. Home page

Karate Club

Learn defensive techniques, sparring, and kata in a friendly and helpful environment. Shorin Ryu Karate is a classical style taught by a Master instructor with substantial experience. Come out and try it -- no experience necessary; uniforms are not required. Tournaments, seminars, and quarterly belt rank advancement are available. Social events and dinners are held throughout the year. Home page

Kayak Club

The Western Kayak Club is fun, exciting, and a learning experience! We teach beginners the basics of whitewater kayaking and essentials of how to paddle on the river through informal instruction in the pool. Pool sessions, social events, and equipment provided. Members find that their skills grow exponentially in an environment of informal instruction by peer to peer. Home page

Kendo Club

Kendo literally means “the way of the sword” and it is a modern Japanese martial art developed by the samurai. It incorporates both martial arts and modern sport aspects such as point scoring, discipline, respect, humility, physical and mental training. Western Kendo is geared towards people of all athletic abilities or experience! Our practices are unique and exciting; members have the opportunity to participate in tournaments, seminars and social events held throughout the year. Home page


The Western Outdoors Club is an activity based recreation and sporting club that provides its members with the opportunity to experience self-propelled outdoors activities such as camping, hiking, canoeing, and snowshoeing in a safe and organized environment. We supplement the actual trips with clinics where members can learn the skills they need to safely undertake and enjoy the offered excursions. Home page

Seikido Club

Based on the principles of Taekwondo and Aikido, Seikido is a unique martial art that uses proven techniques of both disciplines to provide the student with an effective style of self-defense. Practicing kicking, blocking, punching, grappling, throwing techniques, and break falls are essential parts of our basic training. We also learn patterns (an arranged sequence of kicks, blocks, and punches), sparring techniques, and self-defense. Practitioners of this martial art will attain harmony of body and spirit, learn self-defense, gain self-confidence, and discover “the way of the art.” Home page

Squash Club

The game of Squash combines fitness, flexibility, and mental toughness. It is a great social sport to meet new people and get a great cardio workout all at the same time. Our club offers instruction from certified coaches as well as members of the Western Varsity Squash team. We also provide a club ladder and organized round robins where anyone can come out a have a hit with other members of the club. Sign up and see what this great game can offer! Home page

Table Tennis Club

The Western Table Tennis Club is open to all interested in table tennis - newcomers, beginners, and advanced players. We offer weekly practices which are great opportunities for members to mingle, have fun, and improve their skills. Furthermore, our tournaments each semester

offer great opportunities to compete with people at your skill level, win great prizes, and play with members from regional table tennis clubs across Southwestern Ontario. For advance players, try out for the Varsity Team, and participate in annual (NCTTANational Collegiate Table Tennis Association) competitions. Home page

Taekwondo Club

Arising as one of the most popular Olympic sports, Taekwondo offers a broad range of opportunities. The Western Taekwondo Club emphasizes self-defense, street techniques, sparring techniques, board breaking techniques, patterns, philosophy, and more! It’s a great way to condition your body, grow spiritually, compete at tournaments, partake in social events, and have fun! Home page

Tennis Club

The Western Tennis Club is open to all individuals interested in tennis – beginners, intermediates and advanced players. We hold weekly practice sessions where all members are free to play, interact and get to know others who are interested in playing tennis. In addition we offer a 45 minute to 1 hour tennis lesson for those who want to improve upon their game by members of the Western Varsity Tennis team. Furthermore, we have a yearlong competitive ladder (open to all members). As well, for those interested in some friendly competition, there is a weekend tournament (which will require a small entrance fee) where all members can join and compete. We hope to see you on the courts this year! Home page

Triathlon Club

Swim, bike, and run! The Western Triathlon Club is geared towards people of all athletic abilities, and workouts are designed to provide both individual and team coaching. We focus on daily workouts on the road, in the pool, on the bike, and monthly seminars are geared towards the first time triathlete. Whatever your goals may be, come out for fun and competition in the University Multisport Series! Home page

Sport Clubs 26

SPORT instrUction

Outdoors Club

NCCP: Introduction to Competition Part A

This National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) course is designed to train and educate amateur coaches by improving their knowledge and skills in the theory of coaching. Topics include ethical coaching, planning a practice, and nutritional advice. Participants will also receive a free one-year membership to the Coaches Association of Ontario. 100% attendance is required. Total course hours: 12.25. Prerequisite: 16 years of age by course date.

NCCP: Introduction to Competition Part B This National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) advanced course for coaches includes designing a basic sport program, teaching and learning and mental preparation. Participants will also receive a free one-year membership to the Coaches Association of Ontario. 100% attendance is required. Total course hours: 13. Prerequisite: Introduction to Competition Part A or NCCP Coaching Theory Level 1; 16 years of age by course date.

Golf: Beginner Clinic

This course is great for beginners who have very little or no golf experience. You will learn the basic rules and etiquette of the game, as well as the fundamental skills of grip, stance, and swing mechanics. Classes are held at the Forest Glen Golf Centre (weather permitting). Clubs and balls are provided; flat-soled shoes (preferably non-slip material) are recommended.

Squash: Beginner Clinic

This clinic is a quick guide to squash. The fundamentals (rules, grip, strokes and movement) will be covered, but the focus of this clinic will be on developing a sound strategy and implementing it during match play. Clinic participants will walk away with the tools and understanding of how to progress at squash. Prerequisite: no previous experience required.

Squash: Ladder

Our ladder is a great way to meet new players, improve your skills and play for fun and/or competition. The ladder is co-ed and open to players of all skill levels. Initial ladder rankings are randomly assigned and all players added after October 4th are placed at the bottom of the ladder. Come challenge others on Campus and see how high you can climb! Custom T-shirt prizes are awarded for the top finishers.

Registration begins Thurs. Sept 8 @ 8am at


Western Campus Rec Fall 2011 Program Guide  

The University of Western Ontario Campus Recreation Program Guide for the Fall 2011 Term.