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==== ==== Treat your heart right, get the Timex T5g971 Heart monitor watch today! ==== ====

Heart Rate Monitors have been some of the best training tools and instruments for professional athletes and average Joe's for many years. Two brands that have created some real works of wonders have been Timex and Garmin. Both these brands have been on the heel of Polar in this Industry for many years and continue to improve as time goes on. Review: The Timex T5G971 Heart Monitor Watch The Timex T5G971 makes for a great beginners watch in that it is simple and easy to use. It is a watch that was designed for both men and women and comes with a simplistic design and features that are easy to go around. In conjunction with a chest strap, the Timex T5G971 works to provide accurate heart rate data. It also has the ability to set target heart training zones for the user to workout within for maximum efficiency. The Timex T5G971 is also able to give out information such as exercise time duration of the user. During your workout, this heart monitor also notes peak heart beat or rate times and gives indications to the user. Other displays on the Timex T5G971 include time and date. It doubles as a terrific everyday watch. This Timex watch is also water resistant to a depth of 165 feet. The battery life is 2 years also. The Garmin FR60 Review The Garmin FR60 is one of the newest in the Garmin heart monitor range and is one of the biggest releases of the year 2009. The Garmin FR60 also comes with some pretty neat features and functions too. This Garmin heart monitor is perfect over a wide discipline of sports from running and cycling to swimming. To workout at the right level, you have to have a heart monitor watch that will get you through your workouts the right way. With the addition of other optional devices such as the foot pod and the speed and cadence sensors, the FR60 will be able o track your distance and speed without any problems at all. The FR60 also comes with a user replaceable battery that has a life of one year. This is a big feature when compared to other heart watches that need to be sent to the manufacturer if the battery needs to be replaced. The Garmin FR60 is also water resistant. If you are looking for a heart rate monitor watch to help you out with your fitness workouts than do give either the Garmin FR60 or Timex T5G971 a run.

Edward Price has had a keen interest in Fitness Products for many years. For more on the Timex T5G971 and Garmin FR60, check out his review site today.

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==== ==== Treat your heart right, get the Timex T5g971 Heart monitor watch today! ==== ====

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