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==== ==== Learn the steps to help you Survive disasters in 2012 NOW! ==== ====

2012 is actually not that far away. Those of you who already know how and what you need to do to prepare for it, realize that now is the time to act and learn how to prepare for 2012. If you're asking yourself how do I survive 2012? then you need to look at a list of these survival tactics and techniques that are mandatory if you want to live past 2012. First of all, those that survive 2012 need to have a tough frame of mind. Only the strong will survive this one. As many believe most of humanity will die, due to shift in the earth's axis. Super volcanoes (there are 7 in the world), volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear meltdowns from powerplants are all speculated. Those that survive, must have the will to live on. the chance to survive here is very small. Places Not To Live After the pole shift of the world occurs December 2012, some of the most dangerous places to live will be Europe, Canada, United States, South America, Australia. These places will also be dangerous because of the sheer number of nuclear reactors. Where To Live Africa will become one of the safest places to live, as there are only 2 nuclear reactors in Africa (in South Africa). You also want to be in places of high altitude, as water levels will rise due to tsunamis and other massive tidal waves. Money Some people believe that money will be a great asset after 2012, I don't think so. I think being well prepared with the right equipment, and skills are far more important. People will scavenge and barter instead of carrying pieces of paper that are no longer backed by a institution (most of them may be gone and destroyed). Basic Survival Skills Hunting. Having a knife, learning how to survive in the wilderness, learning how to get clean water, learning how to scavenge for food are important skills you need to learn if you're wondering how to survive 2012. Buying and storing crop seeds, getting a first aid kit, having an unsinkable boat etc.

are all skills that you need to start learning now.

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==== ==== Learn the steps to help you Survive disasters in 2012 NOW! ==== ====

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