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==== ==== Get a Sony 46EX710 television for all your viewing needs ==== ====

The Sony 46EX710 has very good picture quality. It is a slim EDGE LED backlit BRAVIA EX710 series that comes with High Definition. It has the amazing feature wherein you do not have to just stick to what is regularly shown on TV, as you have the option to connect to the internet and be immediately able to stream a broad assortment of television shows, movies, music as well as videos from Amazon, Slacker, Video on Demand, more1, YouTube as well as Netflix. Additionally, there is the option to add a Wi-Fi adapter that you would have to purchase, so you can connect wirelessly to the network in your home and to be able to have access to the internet. This eliminates unsightly wires that are usually necessary for these connections before the advent of Wi-Fi. It also comes with Motionflow 120Hz technology, as well as with energy saving features that are far more advanced than the other television sets on the market. You also get an almost incessant flow of entertainment with the Sony 46EX710; with its integrated BRAVIA Internet Video, as with this feature, there will always be something to watch. With your broadband home internet connection, you are able to get an instant streaming of music, videos, movies, as well as TV shows. This is accessible via, Netflix, Pandora, Myplay,, YouTube, among many others. In addition, its Motionflow 120Hz technology helps to enhance the sharpness of the TV and provides a smooth platform for fast-paced viewing. As such, this would be a dream for sport enthusiasts as well as for those who like to watch car racing and action-packed movies. Another great feature of the Sony 46EX710 is its ability to auto-adjust the imaging with respect to the light, brightness and colors. These sometimes go out of whack due to the type of lighting you have in a room or even with the time of day you are watching your television. The ambient sensor that comes with this particular television detects and automatically adjusts the color and the brightness of the TV so that you will always have the best picture quality and clarity regardless of the lighting in the room you will be watching the TV in. This television set also comes with a US input. As such, you will be able to use your MP3 player, digital camera and USB flash drive to listen to music as well as to view pictures on your big screen television. This television set also has the energy-saving feature; wherein the picture is turned off it does not sense any presence in the room a little while, and then both the audio and the picture is turned off after an half an hour of no one being in the room. The TV goes automatically into stand-by-mode. Moreover, you have the option to set the TV's energy saving switch to off and it will no longer use energy from the general power source from your house. As if the aforesaid was not enough, the Sony 46EX710 also comes with a wireless connectivity

feature for your home network. As such, you are able to access entertainment from the internet. The kind of online entertainment you can access includes music, videos, and pictures, among others.

Stan Roderbel loves to write about the latest electronic gadgets, gismos and anything related to cutting edge technology. Stan ventures into the fields of cameras, video and cell phones to find out the newest product and bring that product to his readers. You would enjoy this article about the Sony 46" TV even more if you go to the Sony 46ex710 website. While there read the article about the Sony KDL46EX720 TV and it's many fine features.

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==== ==== Get a Sony 46EX710 television for all your viewing needs ==== ====

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