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How To Make $1000 Per Month From The Diet Niche You are probably aware of how popular the diet and weight loss niche is. At any moment there are literally millions of people on a diet or wishing to lose weight all over the world. People will also want to lose weight all year round so this really is an evergreen niche and one that all marketers can profit from whilst helping people to lead healthier lives and reach their weight goals. Dieting ebooks are relatively easy to sell because as noted above the market for dieting is so large. This means that there are plenty of places to sell them on the internet. There are many ways to profit from the dieting niche, but having your own ebook gives you control over the price, and you will always be paid straight away (into your paypal account). You can either write the ebook yourself, pay someone to write an ebook for you or you can buy ebooks with master resale rights and sell them. If you write the book yourself or pay someone else to then you will be the author and you can sell from sites such as Lulu or create a Kindle version and sell it on Amazon. If you purchase ebooks with master resale rights here are some examples of where you can sell them: There is a package of diet ebooks with master resale rights available here:

1: you can sell them either individually or in packages on Ebay. Ebay will not allow digital products to be sold, but you can load them onto cds and sell them in this format. 2: You can join diet forums and message boards, of which there are hundreds and offer them for sale using your signature file or on the forum classified sections.

3: You can also sell them on other classified advert websites such as and 4:If you are a member of Facebook, create a dieting section on there and advertise them for sale on Facebook. You can also use Facebook Ads quite cheaply to advertise them. 5: Create a dieting blog. Then ad dieting articles to it over a period of time and you will find that you receive a ton of free traffic from Google. You can then have links to your ebooks on your blog. 6: Create a hub on and do the same a s with your dieting blog. You can also use and Wordpress. 7: Write articles on dieting and submit them to article directories such as Ezine articles and Goarticles (using information from the diet ebooks) and have a link to your sales page. You can give some ebooks away to encourage people to visit your site. Once they see how good your ebooks are they will be encouraged to buy more from you.

Other Ways To Profit From The Diet Niche There are many other ways you can profit from the diet niche. One of the best is to join diet affiliate programmes, you will be paid commission on any diet product or memberships and services that you sell. For instance, you can join Amazon’s affiliate programme and sell diet products. A simple search using “diet” shows that diet ebooks are one of the most popular, and also the Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Detox system. This is quite good as it costs $21 and when you sell Amazon products as an affiliate you need to be aware that you will receive about 5% of the products value, so a on $21 sale you will receive just over $1. This is not a lot but if you developed a good diet blog or website and got some good traffic to it these $1s could soon ad up to quite a tidy sum.

There are plenty of other affiliate programmes such as Maxbounty and Commission Junction that offer similar dieting products that you can add to your list of affiliate programmes. The important thing with a diet affiliate programme is to find one that has a great reputation, so do your research online. Once you have found one that has a lot of good feedback, you will find it easier to promote, and you will often have plenty of successful dieters that you can use as reviews to help make your business a success. Google Adsense is also another option, once you have a diet blog or website and a few visitors , apply to join the programme and once you add the Adsense code on your site you will start profiting as soon as people click on the Adsense adverts. If you have started a diet blog and you are on a diet yourself you can give your readers updates of how successful each diet is and share this with other dieters. Diets are very popular so if you use social media you can find this an excellent way to promote your products. There are always new diets coming along all the time and dieters are always looking for new diets, so keep your eyes open and if you find one that looks promising, you could be one of the first to promote it and make some excellent profits.

Multi Level Marketing. Multi level marketing where you sell diet products to customers encouraging them to join the programme and then selling more diet products to other dieters is a popular way to make money from dieting. This can be offline or online and there are many companies to choose from. One of the most popular and well established is Herbalife that sells food replacement products and have helped lots of people lose weight. Monavie sells acai berry products that help people lose weight and lower cholesterol.

Weight Loss Mindset is a hypnosis course sold on cd that helps dieters lose weight loss by reducing underlying problems that dieters may be facing. The good thing about a diet affiliate programme is that once you have your customers you will be able to sell repeat items (diet supplements etc.) over a long period of time, whereas with other affiliate products once you make a sale, you will often need to find another customer. So if you can find 10 to 50 customers you could have a good long term business.

Conclusion Whatever option you decide to take to start making money from the diet niche, I am sure that you will find it an interesting way to make money from the internet. It could be best to try a couple of different projects, I would recommend starting a diet blog once you have gained some information about dieting, or a Facebook page because this is a good way to build a list of people that are interested in dieting and then branch out from there into selling diet ebooks or affiliate products once you have built up a rapport with your audience. I wish you every success with your new venture! Ged

Make $1000 from diet niche  

The diet niche is evergreen. Before Christmas people want to lose weight and after Christmas they want to lose weight. Before and after a...