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Edinburgh Recommends. Objective. • To create a hub of information from a portfolio of companies posting offers, events and news for the interest and engagement of Edinburgh’s high net worth population. • To increase online visits, enquiries and ultimately sales for individual member businesses by positioning their business alongside others with a shared sense of quality who wish to promote themselves to a targeted Edinburgh audience, using a hub website and regular e-communication. • To create an unrivalled database of high net worth individuals in Edinburgh for whom brand, quality and service is of utmost importance, and who have consented to be communicated with by this trusted source of elite businesses.

You’re in the best comapny

Who do we talk about? Membership with EdinburghRecommmends. Members are independent companies operating at the top of their sectors, who are acknowledged for the best brands, the highest quality products, and delivering great service. They all wish to promote themselves to a wider audience in a targeted and discerning way. There are three categories of membership, each with differing levels of benefit.

Introducing Edinburgh Recommends. Edinburgh Recommends... • is a hub website that promotes its members’ businesses including news, events and offers • is a site where its subscribers can recommend member businesses (what to buy, see or do) and these recommendations are shared across the site and via social networking platforms • conducts regular e-communication with its opted in central database, and the databases of its members, via e-newletters which promote the latest news, events and offers from its members • conducts individual member-only database e-campaigns to promote each member’s latest news/ events/offers and to invite the database to opt in to EdinburghRecommends

Who do we talk to? The EdinburghRecommends audience involves both consumers and businesses that are local and discerning. Local • Edinburgh high net worth residents or visitors who are seeking the very best suppliers of a given service in the city. Discerning • Consumers who value quality of brand, products and services and experience over price. Business to Business • The site is primarily aimed at consumers but there is a secondary objective for businesses to talk to each other, and results in this area are already evident.


Subscriptions are paid by annual contract and monthly subscription: Platinum £2000, discounted by 50% for year one only - £1000 (Save an additional £100 with early bird discount) Gold £1400, discounted by 50% for year one only - £700 (Save an additional £70 with early bird discount) Silver £900, discounted by 50% for year one only - £450 (Save an additional £45 with early bird discount) Members are approved for membership by a board of founding members who review the appicant’s product and service, reputation, ability to engage in marketing activity. Platinum is restricted to 3 members per category, eg 3 car dealerships. No restrictions apply elsewhere, other than those for membership per se.


Subscriber Recommendations

• In year 1, Edinburgh Recommends will send monthly newsletters, quickly moving to fortnightly and weekly over the first 18 months

• It’s free for consumers to subscribe to EdinburghRecommends, and consumers will subscribe to see news, events and offers from Edinburgh’s Top Businesses all in one place.

• Every enewsletter can be tracked by open rate, bounce rates, unsubscribes, most popular feature, click through rates and so on • Every enewsletter has live links to members’ own pages on the EdinburghREcommends site, through to offers, news stories and events • Members provide content with news, offers and event notices. This is the platform for Members to attract new customers to look at their pages, initially through their ER page, then ultimately to their own websites – driving visits, enquiries and ultimately sales.

• Consumers are invited to recommend member businesses that they rate by simply clicking a ‘recommend’ button • They can also write a 50 word recommendation, audited through an EdinburghRecommends moderator for authenticity and accuracy, and then posted on the site. • EdinburghRecommends will be the place to find genuine recommendations from consumers in the segment your business is targeting and will become a hub of testimonials for member businesses.

Subscriber Benefits Member Benefits • Positioning alongside Edinburgh’s best businesses – quality, independent companies across a diverse range of business categories – consumers will search for where to eat, where to entertain, how to decorate their home, who to advise them on their finances and much more • Access to new customers through other Members’ databases, - via the EdinburghRecommends website - and the ecampaign strategy which encourages members’ clients to opt in t0 EdinburghRecommends - via the enewsletters sent to the central database

Edinburgh focussed website that informs consumers of events and advice, both from Member companies and other subscribers. Offers from Members re their products and services. A directory of the best businesses in their city, from an individual piano tuner to top end retailers.

• Marketing via the consumer’s view – using consumer recommendations, ambassadors, to market your business to a peer group which extends beyond their own network

You’re in the best comapny

Sophisticated and savvy subscribers will sign up to EdinburghRecommends to be in the best of company, aligning themselves with those who, like them, enjoy the best products, services and experiences that Edinburgh has to offer. Member businesses will join EdinburghRecommends because they know they’re the best at what they do, they expect their customers to tell people, and know the power of recommendation is paramount in driving referrals and new business conquests. It’s all about the company you keep. With EdinburghRecommends, you’re in the best of company.


Images courtesy of Edinburgh Chamber of Ommerce

Edinburgh Recommends Presentation  
Edinburgh Recommends Presentation  

Edinburgh Recommends Presentation