Bizgolf October Issue 2017

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Pro Tee

Considered by many to be the industry’s benchmark in terms of overall performance – the ProTee golf simulator offers an exceptional combination of accuracy and impressive software graphics at an initial price point of around $5,000. ProTee has a dual-track tracking system. It tracks both the club and the ball for its simulation. This compares very favourable to other systems that employ only club-tracking or ball-tracking technologies at this particular price point. The ProTee features high-speed optical sensors built into the mat to track club head and ball speed data.The ProTee’s sensor-mat system utilizes 101 sensors that all but guarantees one of the most

accurate and complete swing analyses available. The ProTee measures 17 different elements of every swing. The sensor mat detects club-head speed, swing path, club face angle, sweet-spot position, swing tempo, ball speed and ball path. In addition, based upon these measurements, it calculates ball launch angle and spin rates. The high-speed camera tracks the ball’s trajectory, and when combined with the information from the sensor pad, delivers very realistic ball-flight trajectory. The baseline ProTee golf simulator comes standard with one high-speed camera, but you have the option of adding a second camera that’s mounted vertically to the sensor mat.

Pros: • Dual-track tracking system • Two software packages – the ProTee Golf 2.0 and The Golf Club Simulator Addition • free online play, tournaments, tours and online sharing • 92,000 pre-designed golf courses • Users of ProTee can also play on TruGolf’s impressive E6 game software for an additional cost • ProTee delivers exceptional ball-flight accuracy and swing analysis

Cons: • The Turf top by a brand called ‘fibrebuilt’ is bit of an eyesore