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Innovate F&B Complete experiences are crucially important for millennials. An amazing round can be quickly tarnished by a mediocre experience at the restaurant. If your golf course is truly awesome, and we’re sure it is, your restaurant should reflect that. Look for ways to test new menu items: hire a chef who understands what millennials desire and look to internet culture to understand what kind of food trends they’re talking about.

Ditch the formal attire Stuffy, outdated dress codes imposed by many courses will only continue to put off millennial golfers. Millennials are all about self-expression and when you limit them, you risk alienating them. Moreover, golf fashion has evolved! It’s ok to ditch the “no slacks, no play” mentality - Air Jordan golf shoes are worn by multiple PGA Tour players, so you can loosen restrictions, too. Of course, your older members can continue to dress in the manner to which they are accustomed, but the younger generation should be allowed to feel comfortable at the course. Adopting a fresh policy on golf attire will also allow you to stock your pro shop with new threads from the game’s growing brands, building your credibility (and sales numbers) amongst your millennial clientele!

Music on the course

Craft Beer Here’s an easy one: millennials love craft beer! Stocking a few household beer brands just doesn’t cut it any more. Offer a better of selection of beers and make sure your staff are connoisseurs of the new options. We’re sure that customers will love testing your new selection!

Time to move on from tradition Unfortunately, golf is still seen as an activity for old people; the sport has an air of seriousness which can push younger clients away. We recognize that golf is rooted in tradition, but you can certainly try and freshen up the atmosphere at the club! Put some real thought into the way your facility presents itself to younger groups, and put yourself in their shoes in order to understand what they might want out of an experience at your course.

Sharing music with your friends is fun, and young people do this all the time. With music streaming so prevalent these days, it’s not a bad idea to allow clients to play music on the course. At a reasonable volume, of course. Not only will it help your players create memorable experiences, but it can be used as a marketing opportunity - your course could be the first to have an official Spotify, apple, google music playlist, perfectly curated for the course.

Allow them to play fewer holes Millennials have short attention spans, they might not have 4-5 hours to spend golfing on their precious days off. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like the sport! They would just prefer to play fewer holes and then head to the bar for a drink. Depending on your hole configuration and relative distance to the clubhouse or halfway house, sell

“rounds” in 1, 2, or 3 hole packages! You’ll see people coming multiple times a week to play their favourite stretches of the course and to hang out at the lounge, increasing enjoyability and helping your bottom line.

Match up millennials with their ideal partner Golf is a game that was designed to be played with friends, young people especially value this. You can encourage more bookings by using software that tells millennial golfers when their ideal playing partners are available to play. When you collect good data, and apply simple artificial intelligence software in combination with mobile and online booking, it’s suddenly possible to promote optimal tee times through mobile app and email marketing.

Drive online sales by using the Pro Shop as a testing centre Millennial golfers like trying out products in person but often they are more inclined to buy online. Many courses are losing to internet giants like Amazon or used golf equipment resellers. One way to fight this is to introduce an e-commerce platform for your pro shop. Launching an online retail presence for your pro shop allows younger customers to try out products in person and then, when they’re ready, purchase online. Plus, if you collect good data on your customers you can capture their product and brand preferences. By capturing that data your e-commerce can provide smart, well timed, preference specific advertisements that are much more likely to close a sale. When it comes to competing with online giants like Amazon, quality data will serve as your principal advantage - you will know know your audience far better than they do.

Bizgolf February March 2018  

The major of Golf Business

Bizgolf February March 2018  

The major of Golf Business