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Bristol Older People's Forum Confidentiality Policy Bristol Older People's Forum takes the security and confidentiality of personal information of members and other individuals very seriously. The Organisation is committed to taking all reasonable precautions to ensure that such information remains confidential at all times, including training for its staff and where necessary, require that any volunteers likely to have access to membership data sign a confidentiality agreement. 1.

The names of and any other information about members of the Bristol Older People's Forum will remain completely confidential to the organisation.


This information will be securely stored, in locked cabinets if in print, or passwordprotected database, if electronic, to comply with and exceed security measures prescribed by data protection legislation.


The Forum will protect the identity of individuals or groups of individuals, unless and until it has obtained written permission to disclose them.


Any communication with members by electronic means will ensure that individual identities remain hidden, including e-mail addresses, by using the Blind Carbon Copy facility in email. Staff, mc members and volunteers will be shown how.


All Forum computers will be password-protected. Passwords will be known only to Staff and Officers of the Forum.


All Forum computers will be protected by proprietary software to guard against data mining and staff will be briefed on how to avoid 'phishing' emails.


All face-to-face and telephone conversations will remain confidential, unless specific authorisation has been obtained from the subject to disclose their identity.


Members of the management committee will be asked to give their explicit permission to have their identity shared with relevant officers of the Council and other Agencies or VCS partners with whom they will have contact. However, this information will not be made public without the express consent of the individual members of the management committee.


Breaches of confidentiality by Employees and Volunteers will be deemed a disciplinary offence and be subject to disciplinary procedure; for mc members the management committee will be asked to deliberate how to address a breach of confidentiality.


Any individual shall have recourse to the Forum's Complaints Procedure, on finding that confidential information about them has been disclosed by a member of staff, volunteer or management committee member.

NB: By Confidential we mean information: •

NOT already in the public domain (e.g. not already widely known)

given in private, either by email, letter, form, face-to-face or telephone conversation or in a recorded message

pertaining to an individual, as opposed to an organisation

likely to identify them specifically, either by name or known role (e.g. the Chair)


Bristol Older People's Forum Confidentiality Agreement 端

I [name in print] contractor Undertake to maintain the highest level of confidentiality in my role as: mc member volunteer This means that I shall not disclose, discuss, note down or display any (initial) information that I may come across during my work, volunteering or term in office I understand that failure to comply with the above undertaking could lead to my dismissal, severance of any contracts and liability for any damages resulting from my omission to the Bristol Older People's Forum and its reputation


Signed Role Date


(e.g. 'counsellor')

Confidentiality Policy (Draft)  

BOPF's Draft Confidentiality policy, to govern the way that information is protected from disclosure

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