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Best Vinyl Cutter 2018

By: GearSpie.Com

By: GearSpie.Com Pros Of This Product

USCutter MH Series


Comes with innovative spooling functionalities Standard blade compatible Custom formulated for basic design use It has two fully modifiable pinch-rollers for use with a range of materials. Roland compatible blade holder for quick access to the blades. By: GearSpie.Com

By: GearSpie.Com

2 Pros Of This Product

Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine

Features a built-in Bluetooth capability for wireless cutting Smart Set dial for easy material settings Ability to choose from over 60,000 images easily Quick uploading of images By: GearSpie.Com

By: GearSpie.Com

3 Pros Of This Product

Silhouette CAMEO 3 Series

Embraces high precision Has Bluetooth technology Sensitive and quick responsive touchscreen Very effective automatic adjustable blades

By: GearSpie.Com

By: GearSpie.Com

4 Pros Of This Product

USCutter TITAN Series

Has state-of-the-art features for superior sign making Embraces laser registration for excellent contour cutting functionality Its carriage has 4 wheels and a USB interface of RS232 connection By: GearSpie.Com

By: GearSpie.Com

5 Pros Of This Product

Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

Provides maximum cutting width of 22.9″ Delivers up to 350g blade force Realizes a maximum cutting speed of 20″ per second Comes with a mechanical resolution of 0.0005″ By: GearSpie.Com

By: GearSpie.Com

6 Pros Of This Product

Embraces Bluetooth technology for wireless cutting Has integrated storage compartments Has smart set dial for easy material settings Comes with a Free Cricut Cricut Explore Air Design Space online Wireless Cutting Machine software and iPad app By: GearSpie.Com

By: GearSpie.Com

7 Pros Of This Product

Brother ScanNCut CM100DM CM

Easily Cuts a Wide Variety of Material Has 300 DPI Built-in Smart Scanner Portable stand-alone machine Able to scan to USB Embraces on-screen editing Adapts Large Scanning & Cutting Area By: GearSpie.Com

By: GearSpie.Com

8 Pros Of This Product

Embraces excellent precision and easy-to-use features It is quieter for nighttime crafting Supports cartridges even though not required Cuts 50 plus wide variety Cricut Explore Electronic of materials

Cutting Machine

By: GearSpie.Com

By: GearSpie.Com

9 Pros Of This Product

Silhouette Portrait

Portable at 1.6 kg Comes with a free Mac and PC compatible software included Embraces 50 exclusive digital designs 10 dollars download card included

By: GearSpie.Com

By: GearSpie.Com

Pros Of This Product

Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool

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Provides freedom to choose and customize designs and text Easy to handle scrapbooking Comes at an inexpensive price-cut Easy and fast to craft By: GearSpie.Com

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Top 10 best vinyl cutter

Top 10 best vinyl cutter