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The Container Lifting Lugs lock into the Corner Castings of Shipping Containers. The Container Hooks come in the following 2 types; 1. 45 Degree Lifting 2. 90 Degree Lifting

8mm G80 Alloy Chain

8mm / 6mm G80 Master Link

8mm G80 Clevis Grab Hooks

Elephant Foot Clevis 5T

$11.79 Inc. GST

$8.92 Inc. GST

$5.40 Inc. GST

$15.25 Inc. GST

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Lifting Equipment Direct by Tiedown Pty Ltd has Supplied Lif ting Equipment to the Transport, Construction and Mining Industries, since September 2009. We service our customers, by providing prof f esional advice, solutions and products at a f air price. Lif ting Equipment Direct Only supplies Equipment Compliant with Australian standards, so you can be assured of its Strength, Durability and Quality. Supplying Products f rom Australia’s largest Manuf acturer’s means you can always be assured that our products are of the highest standard and our prices are f air too.


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