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Dernier & Hamlyn at The Wellesley

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TOTALLY DIRECT, PERFECTLY DISCREET With just three elements, the Digit bedside reading light is a study in uncomplicated design. Its precisely directed beam delivers light just where you need it, while the simplicity of its form will suit any scheme without intruding or imposing on the room. Because good design demands simplicity.

Model: Digit


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Introduction The desire to harness and then create light to illuminate interiors has been a story which has constantly evolved since we started to appreciate the spaces we use. Today, the design and management of light is universally recognised as an incredibly important architectural and interior design art form in itself where our collective imagination is the only real limit. Lighting is conceivably the leading design tool of our day – be it simple task lighting or something more extravagant – it works hard both day and night, inside and out, to create differing atmospheres and a range of functionality that mere spaces and furnishings cannot. Where natural light is not naturally benign or benevolent, we have the technology and capability to create wonderful staging to determine or at least suggest the required emotional response – and that’s a very powerful tool indeed. Of course, the budget associated with creating a welcoming centrepiece for the foyer and tastefully illuminating the public space, plus all the different elements required by modern hospitality spaces will always be considerable – it always has been, and will probably always be so. Multi-million pound lighting budgets are the norm in hotels, but an entirely modest nightclub I visited recently in central London had an overall budget of £4m, of which just over half was on the lighting and audio-visual alone! Of course, it is not only in the luxury markets

where expensive lighting design has become de rigeur, healthy budgets are also being readily deployed using neons and illuminated signage, exposed pipe- and metal-work with expensive filament bulbs to create the fashionable paredback, graffiti-industrial style. But thankfully, owners and developers are maintaining an illuminated view in that the lighting concept, and therefore budget, has to be strong, such is the competitive nature to create concepts that will tempt customers to dine and to dance, and to dally perchance. In many respects, technology has long been the designer’s friend, allowing brighter bulbs and different lighting techniques to be created, but today’s designer can perhaps now justify a bigger creative lighting budget because I would imagine that the running costs and the maintenance issues involved have to be considerably less than they were ten, certainly twenty years ago. Today, LED downlighters use only a few watts – a few years ago, they required 20, 35 or even 50W per bulb. Today’s bulb lifespan’s are considerably longer and the heat generation problems are less now due to the progress made by bulb manufacturers. So whether it’s simple lighting improvements in budget-conscious applications or something more creatively demanding, lighting design looks set to be one of the most important aspects of hospitality design for some time to come. I hope you enjoy the supplement.

John Legg, editor Email: Twitter: @Extralegg


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SONNEMAN - A Way of Light

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Lighting has the potential to profoundly transform the hospitality experience – it can project and enhance the character of a venue, mould itself to the needs of an individual, and even enhance our sense of wellbeing. With advances in technology, and particularly the development of LED technology, come vast new opportunities for inspirational, innovative lighting schemes within hospitality spaces. Here, our expert panel – Robert Sonneman, founder of SONNEMAN - A Way of Light; Renée Joosten, lighting design director at ICRAVE; and Beatrice Witzgall, founder and CEO of LumiFi – share their projections for the year ahead ...

HOSPITALITY LIGHTING TRENDS 2016 Could you explain a little about your background in lighting design, and what first sparked your interest in this sector? Robert Sonneman: Three days out of the navy at age 19, I answered an ad in the NY Times to work as the sole employee for lighting retailer, George Kovacs. Although my parents were in the lighting business, they came from a traditional perspective, and Kovacs introduced me to the European notion of Modernism. It was an awakening and I was immediately captured by the European minimal modern perspective, from the Bauhaus industrialism to the sensuality of the Danish modern forms. With an art background in high school and exposure to manufacturing in my father’s factory, the connection between art and design became my focus and my passion. Lighting was the medium, but functional product

design became the core of my design essence and lifelong pursuit. I later extended that background to architecture and many other products from furniture to appliances, but lighting was always at the centre of my practice. Lighting is the most diverse, infinitely interesting and challenging activity. It requires knowledge in such a broad range of materials, processes, technologies and disciplines.


Renée Joosten: I received my BA in Interior Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, the Netherlands. During my studies and later on in my work as an interior designer, I became aware of the importance of light and its impact on our perception and experience of space. I was eager to learn more about lighting and went to New York to obtain an MA in


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Architectural Lighting at Parsons, The New School. Studying at Parsons deepened my passion for lighting, and I have been practicing lighting design since. Currently at ICRAVE, my background and experience allows me to implement a cohesive approach between interior and lighting design, embodying ICRAVE’s philosophy of merging disciplines to create holistic, multifaceted immersive design experiences. Beatrice Witzgall: I am a trained architect, lighting designer and former digital media teacher from Germany. I’ve always been driven by the rapidly expanding and diversifying areas of architecture and technology. I also hold a Masters of Architecture from the University of Braunschweig, Germany and have attended the graduate programme in architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design. In 2014, I saw an opportunity to rethink the wired lighting control industry based on the possibilities of IoT and wireless lighting and developed LumiFi in order to bring sophisticated yet smart lighting to the world. I’ve always been interested how lighting technology changes the way we interact with space and how it affects people. Lighting can easily transform space within an architectural toolset. For example, lighting can enhance textures and change the identity and atmosphere of an interior environment. It can also set the tone of a person’s mindset, wellbeing and emotional state. What sparked my interest in the lighting sector was how lighting can help create interactive spaces, which is a great tool to provide an impactful experience, one that can adjust to an individual’s wants and needs. In addition, lighting can be controlled and be made responsive and dynamic to our needs and activities.

Renée Joosten, lighting design director at ICRAVE

What would you describe as the guiding philosophy behind your designs? RS: I am a functional Modernist. I am inspired by the compelling logic of a good idea well executed with simplicity and clarity of purpose. Striving for that beautifully executed simplicity in a functional object often leads to an object of artistic expression and value. Most of us trained in my era are Miesian disciples rooted in the Bauhaus ideal of minimalism. Architecture is the design foundation of an era or of a cultural point of view, and is at the root of my insight into design.

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Robert Sonneman, founder of SONNEMAN - A Way of Light

SONNEMAN - A Way of Light

RJ: At ICRAVE, lighting is an inspiration and truly interwoven within the design and experience of space. From concept to design implementation, lighting plays a front role in the design – it’s never an afterthought. Light, even though not always consciously perceived, is our medium to tell the story of the design. BW: For each project, I place a lot of emphasis on the design logic, language and character of space. Every project has different clients, needs, designers, locations, budgets and so forth; therefore each requires a different lighting language to carry forward the character and personality of a project, while also supporting and enhancing it. Years ago I worked with Frank Gehry and Steven Holl in parallel. Working with these individuals, I realised that there was such a remarkable shift in their design objectives. For Frank Gehry, we exposed all fixtures and made them surface-mounted as he wanted to show the technical and sculptural character. However for Steven Holl, we used a lot of indirect and ambiant lighting and intentionally made the light fixtures as though they were

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invisible. You must be consistent with the overall objective of the lighting project, while satisfying the client’s wants and needs – as varied as they may be from project to project. When creating/designing lighting, to what degree do you anticipate emerging trends in the hospitality industry? RS: For me this is the dawn of the place I always wanted to be in creatively, because technology has burst open the possibilities of imagination. The applications of technology in my designs may, but do not necessarily, anticipate emerging trends in the larger industry. I do not look at style trends as a basis of my aesthetic but rather to anticipate the application and technology that are needed to serve the utility. Our Hospitality team comes to me with a specification or job requirement, and often a description of the designer’s vision and requirements. Our job is then to realise that vision with a modern perspective that meets the functional requirements with a wellexecuted design.

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RJ: Part of trend forecasting is building from experience, the other part is following the latest technology and seeing where they meet the parameters for a project. Especially the development of the technology of LEDs – technological advances and new capabilities are happening fast, and the small form factor of LEDs offers new design opportunities that before were not possible with traditional light sources. BW: In hospitality, creating mood and atmospheres is our foremost priority. We need to create a feeling in the space. Lighting technology is currently going through one of its largest transformations, something very exciting. With the emergence of LEDs, colour changing as well as white tunable lighting and their controls have become a big topic. Any dynamic lighting source requires control, and while these LEDs have great potential, they are very hard to operate and fulfill their potential without proper control. We’re diving into a phase where we’re exploring the use of colour to enhance environments for individuals and more so than anything else. For example, there are studies

on how lighting can affect your biological hormone production. Researchers are studying how circadian light bulbs are affecting individuals today. It’s important to pay attention to this trend – looking at the emotional and mental impact that type of lighting technology has on individuals within an interior space. Lighting Controls are a major player within the hospitality industry today. They essentially adjust to our preferences and activities throughout the day, such is the case in hotels. When it comes to Legacy Lighting controls, they are complex in terms of operation, since it requires experts and third party consultants, but IoT-enabled controls provide simplistic accessibility and additional features. This is a very exciting time and new opportunities are opening up.

What do you feel will be the most important lighting trend(s) for the hospitality sector in the coming year? RS: Hospitality is not about just selling space but about providing positive experiences that guests embrace as rewarding, comfortable and convenient. Lighting affects every part of that

experience; we see what we light. It impacts our mood, our perception and our memories of the experience. Downlights improperly placed or overpowered in a dining environment create shadows and high contrast that cause discomfort and raise anxiety. Reading lights near the bed need to be convenient, glarefree, and usable without interfering with a partner’s activity of watching TV or sleeping. Lighting is at its infancy in terms of its next wave of evolution. Integration is the key to the evolution of lighting science. No longer generated by burning fuel or filaments, lighting is provided by exciting electronic signals to produce luminous energy. Once we understand that electronicallygenerated illumination is a wave in the spectrum of energy we can control, illumination as a component of a broad-based integrated system of energy can be deployed across multiple applications. Our electronically managed information, communication and entertainment will include the quality, colour, intensity and mood of illumination as a synchronous component of a controlled environment.

SONNEMAN - A Way of Light

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SONNEMAN - A Way of Light

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RJ: LED lights will continue to rise as a trend in the hospitality sector, especially in concordance with better dimming technology and more intuitive control systems. The quality of both dedicated, built-in dimmable LED modules and LED replacement lamps will continue to improve while the initial cost is reduced. Creative use of LEDs focusing on its small, unique form factor will lead to even more decorative LED fixtures on the market, meaning this lighting trend is sure to grow in 2016. BW: Dynamic lighting such as colour-changing and circadian rhythm-supporting light sources will become the most important lighting trend we will see in the coming year. The new IoT-enabled lighting controls will become smarter, more accessible, easier to use and reasonably priced. loT lighting can be interactively controlled through a smartphone. This is a huge shift from how we have been interacting with lighting in the past.

SONNEMAN - A Way of Light

How do you feel technology, and particularly LED lighting, has impacted on lighting design for hospitality settings, and what do you foresee its impact will be on the future of lighting design?

technology, we are no longer required to create a base and separate a shade to house a large heat-generating bulb. Innovative and often artistic forms and light sculptures, in a variety of materials, can be rendered in exciting new ways.

RS: Technology has allowed us to completely reimagine the form factors, scale and application of luminaires. Because of LED

RJ: The development of LEDs has been remarkable. Currently there is a wide variety of LEDs with a high CRI (Color Render Index,

Beatrice Witzgall, founder and CEO of LumiFi

an indicator of how LEDs render colours especially noticeable for red) that are available in warmer colour temperatures, such as 2700K, to create inviting environments. Initial cost has come down, and with their long lamp life it reduces maintenance costs significantly compared to other sources such as compact fluorescent and incandescent. For the future, I see more focus on optimising the individual guest experience by offering intuitive, flicker-free, personal controls, and also implementing newer LED options such as dim-to-warm LEDs and tunable white LEDs. Dim-to-warm LEDs become more amber when they dim down, mimicking the incandescent dimming curve, while tunable white LEDs, initially developed for healthcare applications, allow the user to dial in a crisper white light in the morning and a moodier, warmer light in the evening. The tunable white LEDs can be particularly influential because they can reduce travel jetlag when tuned with guests’ natural circadian rhythms. We can only expect LED advances and their proliferation in the hospitality industry to grow. BW: LEDs allow for flexibility – you could have dynamic lighting with colour-changing elements within the source. Thanks to technology, LED lighting can be easily controlled through a smartphone, unlike other light sources designed for the hospitality industry. As individuals become more familiar with the power of smart LED lighting, designers will become able to design dynamic ways to customise solutions that answer the wants and needs of the industry. The future of lighting and its responsive and organic ways will soon benefit the lives of individuals active in a space. W W W

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Davide Groppi’s striking lighting solutions grace Hotel N’orma, an intimate country hotel in Sicily ...


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Transformed from ruins into a stylish B&B, Hotel N’orma lies nestled amongst olive groves and vines in the town of Chiaramonte Gulfi, Ragusa. Patrizia Sbalchiero, the architect behind the project, has made use of traditional materials and shapes to create a contemporary spin on rural living – a theme that extends throughout the venue. Wherever possible, Patrizia has maximised the connection between the structure and the open countryside that surrounds it. Ancient building techniques – making use of natural materials such as stones, tuff, lime plaster, clay tiles and wattle – were adopted for the roofs and vertical partitions, while large windows increase the connection between the hotel’s interior and its bucholic setting. The hotel is designed to be a place of opposites: a blend of tradition and modernity; austere lines mixed with the warmth of beloved home; a sense of isolation and

intimacy. Davide Groppi’s lighting melds with this scheme perfectly. A variety of his suspension lamps, wall lamps, and outdoor lighting has been artfully selected and positioned to create striking luminous areas throughout the hotel. Davide’s designs are in themselves striking, bold, and original, yet they create the perfect balance in this pared back space, adding to the character of the space, but not overwhelming it. W W

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Davide Groppi’s striking lighting designs feature in the prestigious Le Calandre restaurant, Italy.


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Originally opened in 1981 by Erminio and Rita Alajmo, Le Calandre is currently one of eight restaurants in Italy to be recognised with three Michelin stars, an honour that the restaurant has held since 2003. Ranked at the top of all the major Italian restaurant guides, it is also one of the “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.” Massimiliano’s cuisine, based on the concepts of depth, lightness and fluidity, is poetry on a plate. Inspiration for his distinctive dishes comes from looking at the world with a sense of discovery. His distinctive approach to cuisine is reflected in the dining room of Le Calandre. Everything from the hand-carved wooden tables to the glassware and room fragrance was designed by the Alajmo brothers, and produced by master Italian artisans. Davide Groppi’s OVO and OVONELPIATTO suspension lamps match this philosophy perfectly. Aesthetically beautiful in themselves, these designs capture the beauty of the food, as well as the intimacy of the dining experience. The result is a multisensory culinary experience that is carried throughout the dining room, cordially and naturally. W

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Boasting projects that span a variety of sectors, Andy Thornton’s lighting branch has tailored lighting solutions to enhance any space.


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Andy Thornton Ltd is a leading manufacturer and importer of decorative contract lighting, having supplied specialist lighting for bars, restaurants and hotels for over 40 years. The company now has an enviable reputation for offering a comprehensive range of lighting across all sectors, including hospitality and leisure, retail spaces and the workplace environment. One of the company’s most popular ranges is the Urban Vintage collection, which has followed the burgeoning demand for industrial-style lighting. Andy Thornton has introduced a comprehensive range of retrostyle pendants, wall lights and bulkheads that are influenced by Britain’s proud industrial heritage. The range includes die-cast lanterns, heavyduty steel pendants in hand-antiqued finishes, caged lamps with old-style filament bulbs and a collection of Holophane-style prismatic pendants. Latest launches include the Portland collection of textured concrete pendants; Florence, a selection of pendants in transparent glass; and a full alphabet of illuminated vintage Fairground Letter Lights that you can use for branding or messages. If you prefer bespoke custom-made chandeliers and wall-fittings for complete exclusivity, Andy Thornton has the creative skills and manufacturing capability to meet the exact brief. W

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Working in collaboration with New York-based design studio Clodagh Design and The Parker Company, Chelsom created a striking lighting scheme for the guest rooms of Europe’s first Six Senses Resort and Spa located in Portugal’s Douro Valley.


The luxurious Six Senses Douro Valley looks out over vine-covered rolling hills and the River Douro below and is set in a beautifully renovated 19th-century manor house with 41 guest bedrooms, nine suites and seven villas. As created by Clodagh Design, the resort features a contemporary décor wedded to the Six Senses natural style, balanced with a nod to a past era that is true to the heritage of the Douro region. Designed to enhance the exquisite interior scheme, all fittings created by Chelsom for

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the guest rooms were specified from the latest collection and modified to meet the exacting requirements of the design brief. Taking inspiration from the simplicity of Japanese design, the Box table lamp, featuring a cylindrical shade encased in a linear steel frame, provides a distinctive addition to the desk space. Swing reading lights with swivel arms and rotating cylindrical heads offer stylish and functional lighting for the bedside. Meanwhile, the sleek and highly contemporary LED

Crane floor lamp provides additional lighting, fusing clean and stylish design with the latest technology. All pieces have been specified in a striking Black Bronze finish in keeping with the overall contemporary interior scheme. Impeccably designed to exude a modern yet cozy atmosphere, Chelsom’s lighting nevertheless remains sympathetic to its breathtaking surroundings. T 01253 831401 W

29/01/2016 16:22


Bespoke Shade Manufacturers

där HI_Lighting_2016 v8.indd 23 1 DAR HI ADJAN-FEB16.indd

® | 01295 672200

29/01/2016 14/01/2016 16:22 16:13


The team from Chelsom, a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of decorative contract lighting, advise on how to avoid glare

HIDING YOUR LIGHT First, man invented fire and at some stage added candles so that he could move the light around. Man wanted more light and invented the oil lamp, then even more light and he invented the gas lamp. Finally came electric light meaning Man could have as much illumination as he wanted until eventually he had too much light and too much glare. Today we are becoming experts at how we deal with that glare with the many options available to us. Softening light behind fabric shades is one of the oldest diffusing methods and has always given a warm and ambient glow whilst adding colour, texture and pattern. Whether the shade is an addition to the light fitting or whether the shade is a light source in its own right, it always adds design to the overall look, particularly with the more unusual shapes and fabrics available today. Fabric shades come in all shapes and sizes, incorporating cottons, linens, silks, and even manmade wipeable fabrics. Providing they are made robustly enough for contract use, they are extremely durable but also easily replaceable to give a fresh new look for an interior scheme makeover. Crystal dressing and glass globes have long been one of the most spectacular ways of enhancing electric light. Both have always added sparkle, drama and a touch of glamour, ranging from the more traditional Victorian glass globes to ultra-modern sculptured glass pieces. Light refracted through glass has enchanted many generations whilst actually increasing light output through reflected surfaces. Ballrooms have glittered, dining tables have sparkled and yet opaque and frosted glass has softened the light effect in many instances. Today, glass is an excellent way of distributing LED light, maintaining light output whilst disguising the individual points of LED glare. Something very fashionable right now is reflected light, which allows the use of LED or other powerful light sources, but softens any glare by directing light onto polished or satin reflective surfaces. More polished surfaces create drama and mood whereas satin or brushed surfaces give a much softer ambience. In a similar vein, a popular way of concealing a direct light source is to locate it behind architraves or in coffered ceilings as cove lighting. This provides a soft glow of down light whilst at the same time emphasising important ceiling or architectural features. Installing successful cove lighting has become easier with the advent of the LED strip light source which allows a simple subtle glow or at the other end of the scale, a dramatic slowly colour changing decorative element. Recessed downlights also conceal the actual light source within a ceiling void and provide

HI_Lighting_2016 v8.indd 24

pools of light onto work surfaces, dining, bar and reception areas or directly onto the floor. Depending on the beam angle, recessed downlights create a general glow of light or small points of brightness to create drama and more interesting light effects. Traditionally used with halogen lamps, LED downlights are now the most popular since colour temperatures have been improved and perfected by the leading brands. Finally, rather than diffusing light with the product itself, there is the option to add dimming controls. Dimming systems improve

constantly and now offer sophisticated dimming capabilities and pre-set room light levels enabling the widest possibilities in terms of functionality and ambience. The days of the centre ceiling light fitting trying to work too hard to illuminate an entire room have long gone to be replaced by multiple light sources with lots of ambient options to meet the increasingly multifunctional requirements of guestroom and hospitality environments. T 01253 831406 W

29/01/2016 16:22


David Hunt lighting

Handcrafted in the Cotswolds | HI_Lighting_2016 v8.indd 25 1 DHL HI ADJAN-FEB16.indd

29/01/2016 14/01/2016 16:22 16:16


Think bespoke lighting is too expensive? It may be time to think again, says Jeremy Quantrill, managing director of Dernier & Hamlyn.


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29/01/2016 16:22


Whether it’s purely for practical purposes, to give a hotel’s entrance the wow factor, or an essential contribution to achieving the design concept, lighting is both essential and fundamental to creating the appropriate ambiance. Clearly all hotels are individual and many designers and hotel owners would like to express originality through the fixtures and fittings. For many, bespoke lighting is desirable, but some perceive this as an expensive option that will exceed their budget. However, this need not be the case. We have worked on many projects where the designers have been pleasantly surprised at how we can recreate light fittings that they have sketched or described at costs that are relatively inexpensive. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. Perhaps with clever engineering we can reduce the number of fittings required to achieve the same lighting effects. Maybe we can substitute a particularly expensive material for an alternative that to all intents and purposes looks the same. Or possibly our skilled craftsmen can produce light fittings that integrate multiple purposes, for example decorative chandeliers hiding emergency lighting, which means that a single fitting meets several requirements. The fittings we have made can be seen in hotels and restaurants around the world and are all unique. Whether it’s the creative influences adopted, the materials used, the decorative flourishes or the lamps used, all of our lighting is exclusive and handmade in our London factory. We encourage people to visit our facilities so that they can see first-hand how we work. Indeed, they often get the opportunity to meet the person who will be making their lighting. We sit down with them in our design studio

HI_Lighting_2016 v8.indd 27

to find out what is really important to them and what they are trying to achieve with the lighting in their hotel. Virtually every project we work on has special requirements and whether it’s a privately owned boutique hotel or the latest iteration of a luxury or mid-range chain, cost is inevitably a factor that needs to be worked around. But that’s rarely a problem that can’t be solved. So next time you are looking at a new scheme, think again about whether bespoke lighting is affordable, talk to us and we’ll see what we can work out. T 020 8760 0900 W

29/01/2016 16:22


The skilled craftsmanship of handmade and bespoke lights lies at the heart of Fritz Fryer – a business run with a passion for original lighting, having grown successfully from its original roots in hand-restored, fine quality antique lighting.


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29/01/2016 16:22


The focus at Fritz Fryer lighting specialists, based in Herefordshire, is high quality unique lighting, whether contemporary or antique. The contemporary Fritz Fryer Collection features an elegant range of clear and ribbed glass made exclusively for Fritz Fryer by a British glass blower. Using this resource alongside its own onsite workshop allows the Fritz Fryer team to design and create tailor-made schemes to suit any project or renovation. Be it clusters of hand blown glass that cascade a double height drop through the stairwell, bespoke chandeliers made using driftwood, or a totally personal design to complement the theme of a restaurant, commercial outlet or public space, the Fritz team is always up for a challenge. Located in one of the original brewery buildings in the pretty market town of Ross-

On-Wye, Herefordshire, the contemporary shades take their names from the surrounding towns and villages. Only the highest quality components are used and if the company does not make a component itself, wherever possible, it will find someone in the UK who can. The onsite workshop gives Fritz Fryer the opportunity to bolster its extensive range of antique and contemporary lighting with the addition of a truly bespoke lighting design service. Fritz Fryer’s range of antique lights and chandeliers is impressive and the company’s skilled restorers lovingly restore all objects by hand. When you add this collection to the elegant, mix-and-match, off-the-shelf lights, the Fritz team either has or can create a lighting solution for every room, from the simplest hallway to a grand drawing room. A new addition to the collection is the Upton Ceramic, featuring a shade made in Stoke-OnTrent exclusively for Fritz Fryer. Each one is individually handmade and hand glazed from fine bone china. Another exciting addition is the smoked glass the company has added to its range this year. The Fritz Fryer team takes great pride in the quality of every single fitting that leaves the old brewery doors, so why not visit the company in the gorgeous Herefordian countryside, book an appointment and see what the team has to offer. T 01989 567416 E

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29/01/2016 16:22


Hot on the heels of the Original 1227 Brass Collection, iconic British lighting brand Anglepoise has now revealed its four-piece Original 1227 Mini Collection.


HI_Lighting_2016 v8.indd 30

29/01/2016 16:22


The collection, which comprises a desk, table and two wall lamps, will be available worldwide from January 2016. The central characteristic of this collection is its scale. The Original 1227 Mini Desk Lamp, for example, is a downsized carbon copy of the most iconic and best loved 1930’s Anglepoise design. Scaled down to two-thirds of its original size, the lamp assumes a new identity; it becomes a playful, more versatile and contemporary version of the Original 1227 design. At little more than 20 inches tall, diminutive it may be, but the new fixed-arm Original 1227 Mini Table Lamp packs quite a punch. Although the overall profile differs somewhat, the shade is the same and the stylish base with integrated switch certainly looks the part. The collection’s wall lights prove that they can be just as stylish and functional as ceiling, floor and table lamps, and much more compact. Anglepoise has come up with two Mini options: a traditional wall light, which comes complete with a stylish sconce with integral switch, and a wall mounted light for maximum flexibility and movement.

HI_Lighting_2016 v8.indd 31

The arrival of the new Original 1227 Mini Collection is just the start of a carefully orchestrated colour refresh that will extend to a new, expanded, full-size Original 1227 Collection by Spring/Summer 2016. Jet Black, a long-standing best-selling colour, remains in the collection alongside two new contemporary classics: Linen White and Dove Grey. Anglepoise has been making lamps for 80 years and knows just how much the small details count. From the unique sprung mechanism and traditional stepped base of the desk lamp to the traditional chrome fittings and the distinctive shade utilised across the collection, these new Mini Originals are as authentic as it comes. Where new details have been introduced – the pyramid-shaped base with integrated switch of the table lamp for example – utmost consideration has been given to ensure a perfect ‘fit’ with this heritage design. As a final touch, the addition of an etched logo plaque serves as a reminder of the high performance and reliability Anglepoise delivers. W

29/01/2016 16:22


ACOULITE ILLUMINATES BUSSOLA, DUBAI Acoulite, an industry leader in light and acoustics, has created a fresh new lighting design for much-loved Italian restaurant, Bussola, in Dubai. The long-time ex-pat favourite reopened to the public in November 2015 with an elegant interior redesign, including a new contemporary outdoor dining area with spaces to relax under fanned canopies or dine with friends on communal high tables.

Bussola is part of the Westin Hotels dining options and the new space has been lovingly remodelled by the L W Design group. Acoulite worked alongside the studio to create a fresh look, which was later implemented by Aati contracts. Acoulite designed and manufactured custom external fixtures, breathing new life into the restaurant and bar whilst also creating sophisticated, modern lighting for the interiors. The restaurant has a show kitchen in order to enhance the theatre and guest experience in the vibrant space. Guests can enjoy an open wine display whilst watching the chefs create delicious pasta dishes. The overall project was managed and conducted under the guidance of Design Confidence, and was delivered on time

STRIKING NEW RANGES IN THE SPOTLIGHT Chantelle Lighting is shaping the industry in terms of creating and manufacturing striking, on-trend bespoke lighting products. Manufacturing products from its home in Lancashire is at the forefront of the business, and Chantelle uses an eclectic mix of materials within its workshop. Chantelle has proudly launched three bespoke lighting ranges which are set to soar into the industry this year, adding to its growing portfolio. Retrospect, Voyage and the Carnaby Collection are all unique in their own

and on budget. Established in Dubai in 2005, Acoulite is a unique lighting and acoustics solutions company, with a creative and professional approach to projects that has established it as a key supplier in the Gulf region. Working closely with architects, interior designers, contractors and clients, Acoulite has a proven track record of delivering excellent lighting and acoustic design. Acoulite has a reputation for providing only the best for its clients, from internationally acclaimed manufacturers including FLOS, FUTURE Designs, Halla, LAMP, Mizar, Osram, Tom Dixon, XAL and Zumtobel, to new additions LUMINO, 8Point3, Light Corporation, Ecosense and MEL. W

Pallenberg, Carnaby Collection

way and ideally suited to a variety of design projects. “Following the success of our previous ranges, we felt it only fitting to start the new year with these fabulous collections,” says Anthony Holly, MD. “It’s taken time to decide on the right products for each distinctive range and we carried extensive research into trends and fashion for 2016 before coming to our decision.” Channelling the current retro trend, the Retrospect Collection features eight nostalgic

pendants, floor lamps and table lamps. All display the distinctive retro conical shape in a black finish and gold trimmings. The range is named after film stars of the 50s and 60s. The Voyage Collection, meanwhile, takes inspiration from the departing look of the fittings. Boasting smooth lines and movement, the range is modern and the four fittings work well together or as stand-alone pieces. Inspired by the famous scene of London’s Carnaby Street, The Carnaby Collection has seven stylish fittings aptly named after a fashion icon of the era. T 01282 877877 W

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29/01/2016 16:23

Un E


...whatever your style

Products featured (Top left clockwise): Wilder (61050) ; Lazenby Copper (61310) ; Gibson (61501) ; Beaumont (60892) ; Lazenby White (61304)

Units 1-3 Cross Green Way, Cross Green Industrial Park, Leeds. LS9 0SE E T 0333 00 333 08 F 0113 248 4519

HI_Lighting_2016 v8.indd 33

29/01/2016 16:23


Formerly ‘Adam Slade Interior Textiles’, Swarm Design is a new luxury interiors brand specialising in high-end textiles and products. With a seductively dark and enchantingly mysterious style, all of Swarm Design England’s products are exclusively designed and made by hand in Britain.

DARKLY ENCHANTING Swarm Design’s products are steeped in quirky and unexpected motifs, from insects with human skulls for heads, to tropical flowers and vines hewn from diamond. “I have always found myself inspired by the unusual, the unconventional, the odd and the intriguing,” explains Adam Slade, director of Swarm Design. “My work showcases my meticulously drawn artwork, taken from all the wonderful and interesting things that interest and delight me, an eclectic mix of flora, fauna, antiques, anatomy and statuary, which in a bizarre and slightly surreal way, all connect together to form beautiful and unusually enchanting narrative scenes in the work. “Combined with a mix of geometric and organic patterns and selective colour, my designs capture and radiate my love of the weird, the wonderful and the sometimes sinister.” Swarm Design’s Vanishing Silhouette lampshades capture Adam’s love of unexpected twists perfectly. With the flick of a lightswitch, hidden silhouettes appear within the lampshades, adding to and changing the

design. One shade features sinister scarab beetles, for a gothic and dramatic interior space, while another features an elegant fleur-de-lis that appears when illuminated, creating a more sophisticated and regal feel. This technique for creating shadows within the shades was discovered by accident by director Adam, during his years of study. A few scattered intricate paper cuts made by Adam were nearly overlooked, hidden under some printed samples laid on top of a light-box in his university studios. It was only when Adam turned to the light box to continue working that he noticed the silhouettes the paper cuts created through the cloth once the light box was switched on. Inspired, Adam then applied the cuts to the inside of a shade, wrapped with printed cloth, and this became the beginning of the silhouette lampshades. W

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Metamorphic Bespoke Pendants CIRCULAR

LSE LIGHTING LTD LSE LIGHTING LTD Western Business Park 6 Great 6 Great Western Business Park McKenzie Way, WR4 9PT22243 McKenzie Way, Worcester WR4Worcester 9PT +44(0)1905 +44(0)1905 22243 DESIGN

HI_Lighting_2016 LSE_JA.2.indd 1 v8.indd 35




29/01/2016 16:23 15:00



Lyco Group, a leading UK hospitality lighting specialist is set to unveil two exclusive new European lighting companies, Lucide and edit, at its first visit to Hotelympia in February.

LYCO SET TO UNVEIL EXCLUSIVE NEW LIGHTING COMPANIES These striking new collections of contemporary lights are an exciting addition to the Lyco Group’s portfolio, aimed at inspiring hotel and hospitality interior designers to create the perfect look for their brands. “We have chosen to introduce the Lucide and edit brands because they both feature high quality, original products – exactly the kind of functional, decorative and on-trend lighting that we know our clients will like”, says Charles Barnett, MD of Lyco Group. edit’s signature urban retro look features vintage industrial styles alongside contemporary lighting designs, all designed in Europe and made from a range of materials. The edit range features attractive pendants, lamps, and wall lamps in matt and polished metals, with steel, warm coppers, gold and bronzes, wire, wood and concrete plaster all providing stylish ambient and task lighting. The Lucide range, meanwhile, mixes utility chic with more opulent and unusual statement pieces. The collection is modern and exciting, featuring subtle and bright colours, sharp clean lines, high quality materials and finishes. Whether it is a bold, twisted copper statement pendant, a row of chrome ceiling pendants, or a single filament bulb hanging from a brightly coloured cord, the Lucide range is a fresh new brand for the UK lighting sector. “Lighting is playing an increasingly important part in hotel design and is used by designers to create unique environments to enhance the customer experience and to create a strong brand presence,” Charles adds. “The edit and Lucide brands both encapsulate what we believe is crucial to providing good lighting for the hotel sector. We are excited to be launching them both at Hotelympia.” Lyco has been supplying lights to the hospitality industry for over twenty years and works with many prestigious brands including Malmaison, Hotel Du Vin, Champneys, Holiday Inn Express, ITSU, Five Guys, Exclusive Hotels and Marriot. W


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29/01/2016 16:23

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TEI Electrical Contractors were invited to complete all electrical works for Bellanger, the latest restaurant from Corbin and King, and chose spotlights from Precision’s Retro range to complement the interiors by Brady Williams.

PRECISION SPECIFIED FOR LATEST CORBIN & KING RESTAURANT Situated in Islington, Bellanger is styled as a classic Grand Café, with interiors reminiscent of the great cafes of the Alsace tradition. The restaurant is made up of three elegantly designed areas, with the front room featuring large fold-back windows, offering diners a view of Islington Green. The long, well-stocked bar, with high bar stool seating and standing room, leads to the intimate, carpeted Upper Room. TEI, prior collaborators with Brady Williams and Corbin and King in the design and fit-out of Fischer’s, in Marylebone, were tasked with the electrical services and lighting elements in the design. After working with Precision in the installation of luminaires at Fischer’s, TEI were quick to turn to them again for spotlights that would harmonise with the turn-of-thecentury styling of Bellanger. Spotlights from

Precision’s Retro range were chosen for their characteristic appearance. A screw-on snoot was attached to the Retro luminaires for glare control, ideal for spotlighting the individual tables throughout the restaurant, without intrusive light spill. Retro spotlights were also used to illuminate the beverage choices from the exquisite bar. To match the antique metalwork, the luminaires were machined from brass, and finished to a dark rubbed bronze finish, perfectly co-ordinating with the luxury of the interiors. The Retro spotlights were mounted to Precision’s low voltage Basis Track system, which was similarly matched to the rubbed bronze finish. Decorative chandeliers were chosen to lift the architecture in providing ambient lighting in the restaurant, while antique wall-lamps were chosen for the soft glow they provided. W

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rcl_hospitality-interiors_feb-2016.indd 1 HI_Lighting_2016 v8.indd 39

27/01/2016 16:23 17:15 29/01/2016


For one of its recent projects – Hilton at The Ageas Bowl – Northern Lights has supplied a comprehensive lighting package ranging from feature chandeliers to bedside LED wall lights.

NORTHERN LIGHTS LIGHTS UP HILTON AT THE AGEAS BOWL Established in 1987, Northern Lights is one of the UK’s leading decorative lighting design and manufacturing companies. Having worked with many leading interior designers and leisure groups, the company has an impressive reputation for creative design, quality products and superb customer service. Opened in May 2015, Hilton at The Ageas Bowl is truly a landmark project. Never before has a hotel been so integrated into a cricket ground that many of its guest rooms double as hospitality boxes on match days. It also features one of the first restaurants

bearing the nickname of cricket legend Sir Ian ‘Beefy’ Botham, the first Hilton eforea spa and the largest ballroom in the region, capable of holding up to 700 people. Created by Falconer Chester Hall Architects, the contemporary interior brings together the site’s sporting background, its historic connections and the beautiful countryside that surrounds the city. Northern Lights worked closely with the interior designers to develop the diverse range of fittings required for the entire hotel from the lobby, restaurant, and sports bar, to the conference room, spa and 174 guest rooms. From the three-ring pendants in the lobby to the bedside LED reading lights, the lighting scheme features neutral shades and subtle textures, with visual interest added

HI_Lighting_2016 v8.indd 40

through hints of brass. Clean lines and a minimalist style underpin the subtle sporting references, whilst in the spa, organic shapes and sumptuous fabrics generate a warm and relaxing atmosphere. “It is a great pleasure to support Falconer Chester Hall Architects and Hilton on this prestigious project,” says Paul Wade, managing director of Northern Lights. “Our design team kept in close communication with the interior designers every step of the way to ensure that the fittings fully realised the design intent. The close cooperation between our in-house design and production teams has led to an outstanding scheme.” T 01246 858 750 W

29/01/2016 16:23



A combination of entirely bespoke and customised stock pieces was supplied to meet the exacting design standards of Jacques Garcia for the Park Chinois restaurant in Mayfair, London.

Handcrafted pendant lights with bronze, incorporating handmade silk lampshades, cast a warm glow on the tables. Maison Lucien Gau was founded in Paris in 1860. Handcrafted in France, its products are

made of the highest quality and most pure raw metals, displaying the company’s attention to detail and exceptional technical expertise. E W

LESS IS MORE WITH ASTRO’S MASCALI MIRROR A creative force for so many iconic objects, the concept of less is more is the philosophy behind Astro’s Mascali mirror, launched at Space in November. With its neat profile, slim bracket and softly rounded base plate this LED vanity mirror has been created for bathrooms with a focus on design. Mascali is the latest variant in Astro’s broad range of illuminated vanity mirrors, all of which are designed to withstand the rigours of heavy contract use, while satisfying the aesthetic demands of discerning interior designers. Mascali uses a bright yet even 5.7W LED array to give the market-preferred bathroom colour temperature of 3000K. It is splash-proof, gives powerful 5x magnification and has a discreet switch on the back of the mirror. With its minimal energy requirement and effective LED illumination, Mascali offers the ideal combination of reliable functionality and elegant simplicity for which Astro is renowned. W

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Agentia UK represents five luxury European brands exclusively in the UK; Christofle, GIOBAGNARA, Legle, Saint-Louis & Zanetto. Agentia promote these companies to top retail stores, wedding list companies, hotels, restaurants and specialist resellers. They have a large showroom, based in Chelsea, which has a vast selection of samples and is often the best place to start with when considering purchasing from Agentia.

How has Astro managed to average 20 percent annual growth since 1997? Maybe it’s Europe’s most comprehensive range of splash-proof bathroom luminaires. In-house design people with the high end lighting zeitgeist? Or just that this British Queen’s Award winner is great to do business with. Ask its customers more than 70 countries.

Chelsom have earned their reputation as one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of decorative lighting to the international hospitality market. In collaboration with some of the worlds most renowned interior designers, Chelsom designs have been specified for some of the most prestigious hospitality projects across the globe recently including Tom Dixon at Mondrian London, Toni Chi at Rosewood London and Richmond International at The Beaumont.

T 020 7384 1911 W

T +44 (0) 1279 427001 E W




Dernier & Hamlyn is an award winning designer and manufacturer of traditional and modern lighting for luxury hotels around the world. Since 1888, its skilled designers and craftsmen have been making and restoring bespoke, high-quality lighting and today it is one of the few UK companies actually producing chandeliers, wall lights, lanterns, table lamps and other unique lighting products in its own factory in London.

Jake Dyson and his team have been developing lighting technology over the past ten years. Now part of the Dyson company, Jake Dyson Light produces long-lasting LED task lights and suspended lights which provide powerful light precisely where you need it. This is achieved using Heat pipe cooling technology, which is more commonly found in satellites.

Established UK manufacturers since 1967 and distributors for more than 1000 American designed products, Elstead provides beautiful and unusual lighting solutions for high class interiors and hospitality installations. Renowned for traditional fittings, Elstead has broadened its portfolio to include many new contemporary designs in the 2016/17 catalogue. Visit the showroom in Alton, Hampshire to see over 2,000 lighting products.

T 0208 760 0900 E W


T +44 (0) 1253 831400 E W

T 01420 82377 E W




Having been established over 155 years ago, Maison Lucien Gau designs, manufactures and supplies lighting fixtures. We produce a stock range and also have a custom-made department which workswith architects and designers on bespoke projects. Our lighting is handcrafted and we work to an exceptionally high standard, using the finest components, locally sourced wherever possible.

Be inspired by John Cullen Lighting’s range of discreet LED light fittings all designed for the luxury hospitality market. We sell a unique collection of energy efficient products designed in-house and manufactured in the UK. Our exclusive products are precision engineered using latest technologies to create perfect effects for the high-end user, backed up by end-to-end service and support.

Bringing a decade’s experience of British design to the interiors industry, Stableford’s offer lighting products to fans of bespoke, high end craftsmanship. From the company’s Yorkshire workshop, Stableford’s bring a touch of luxury to any décor, their designs will rarely be seen elsewhere; a lamp for the truly discerning buyer.


T 0207 371 9000 E W

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T 01535 669722 E W

29/01/2016 16:23

From lighting to lanterns and tableware to furniture, everything we design offers something truly unique for your interior styling. t 01252 852235 To request a copy of our brochure: e

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HI_Lighting_2016 v8.indd 44

29/01/2016 16:23

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Hospitality Interiors Lighting Supplement 2016  

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