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Opus Fabrica by Karndean Designflooring

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Barlow Tyrie Limited, Braintree CM7 2RN, England Tel: +44 (0)1376 557 600 Email: UKsales@teak.com Visit: www.teak.com

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Horizon collection

Barlow Tyrie – Crafting exceptional outdoor furniture since . Premium teak wood, stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium, and hand-woven synthetic fibre. Recipient of nineteen international design excellence awards.

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Inspired by the great outdoors. Designed for inspiring interiors.

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Realistic designs

Low maintenance

Inspired by nature, our products are designed in-house and realistically replicate the look and feel of real wood and stone materials.

The commercial cleaning and maintenance regime is simple and can be carried out by hand or using mechanical cleaning apparatus.



Unlike other flooring alternatives, Karndean gives you the look and feel of natural products with the durability and resilience of luxury vinyl.

Our floors are finished with K-Guard+, adding extra protection against scuffs and scratches, and making it even easier to clean and look after.

Slip resistant


Slip resistant flooring helps to prevent accidents caused by trips, slips and falls in busy environments.

All Karndean floors come with a lifetime residential guarantee and a 10-20 year commercial guarantee*, for your peace of mind. *Dependent on product range.

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NEW Opus designs available in July For over 45 years we have been creating stylish, high quality design flooring for commercial projects. Whether it’s a busy restaurant or a stylish hotel, great designs, flexible layout options and durability allow you to create an inspiring environment.

T: 01386 820104 www.karndean.com

Featured floor:

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Fabrica WP419

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Top quality and unique designs forfor thethe world’s best of of more than 30 30 years as as indoor andand outdoor furniture Top Top quality quality and and unique unique designs designs for the world’s world’s best bestexperience experience experience ofmore more than than 30years years asindoor indoor and outdoor outdoor furniture furniture

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Working Workingmanufacturers, manufacturers, manufacturers, along along with aawork work force force ofofmore more than than 1500 1500 people people and Topthe quality and unique designs for the world’s best facilities experience more than 30manufacturing years as indoor and Top-quality With over equipped 30 of years’ experience indoor andoutdoor outdoor furniture furniture, with interior design houses across the globe to grace the world’s with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing, Skyline with withthe theinterior interior design designhouses houses across the theglobe globetotograce grace the theworld’s world’s facilities facilitiesequipped equippedwith with state-of-the-art equipment, equipment, allowing, allowing, Skyline Skyline furniture Top quality andacross unique designs for the world’s best experience of state-of-the-art more than 30 years as indoor and outdoor hotels, restaurants, spas and private the world over. Working manufacturers, along of with a work of more than 1500 peoplekitted and hotels, restaurants, spas andresidences private residences. a skilledtowork force over 1500force people and modern facilities most outstanding andand villas. We have one of the largest col-colDesign customize each piece following theforce client’s needs, design, most most outstanding outstanding houses houses and villas. villas. We We have have one one ofofthe the largest largest colDesign Designto tomanufacturers, customize customize each each piece piece following following the theclient’s client’s needs, needs, design, design, hotels,houses restaurants, spas and private residences the world over. Working along with a work of more than 1500 people and with theDesign interiorworks design houses interior across design the globe to grace the world’s facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing, Skyline Skyline alongside houses across the globe out with state-of-the-art equipment, Skyline Design has all the qualities lection of outdoor designs available withwith a large finish choice and un unun materials andand finish. lection lection ofofoutdoor outdoor designs designs available available with aalarge large finish finish choice choice and and materials materials and finish. finish.equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing, Skyline with the interior design houses across the globe to grace the world’s facilities most outstanding houses villas. We have of the each piece pieceoffollowing thesuit client’s needs, specific design, to grace the world’s mostand outstanding hotels,one houses andlargest villas colwith Design neededto to customize customise every furniture to each client’s matched choice of performance fabrics. matched matched choice choice ofofperformance performance fabrics. fabrics. most outstanding houses and villas. We have one of the largest colDesign to customize each piece following the client’s needs, design, lection of outdoor designs available with a large finish choice and un materials and finish. exceptional outdoor furniture. We have one of the greatest collections of From needs, design, materials finish. the initial project toand the last detail, ourour designers, production, as-asFrom From the theinitial initial project project toto the thelast lastdetail, detail, ourdesigners, designers, production, production, aslection of outdoor designs available with a large finish choice and un materials and finish. matcheddesigns choiceavailable of performance fabrics. outdoor withbespoke a large range of finishes and an unmatched Skyline Design custom and design service offers its clients sembly team and our experience in contract and residential projects all allall Skyline Skyline Design Design custom custom and and bespoke design design service service offers offers itsits clients clients sembly semblyteam teamand andour ourexperience experienceinincontract contractand andresidential residentialprojects projects matched choice ofbespoke performance fabrics. From the initial experience project to the last detail, designers, production, aschoice of performance fabrics. Our worldwide in contract andour residential projects is at your professional consultation for for residential andand commercial projects. OurOur thethe world is at disposal to to achieve outstanding professional professional consultation consultation forresidential residential and commercial commercial projects. projects. Ourover over over theworld world isthe isyour atatinitial your your disposal disposal totothe achieve achieve outstanding outstanding results. results. production, asFrom project last detail, our results. designers, Skyline Design custom and bespoke design service offers its clients sembly team and our experience in contract and residential projects all disposal. From initial planning to instalment, every last detail from our Skyline Design custom and bespoke design service offers its clients sembly team and our experience in contract and residential projects all professional consultation forbespoke residential andservice’ commercial over theproduction, world is at and yourassembly disposal teams to achieve outstanding Skyline Design’s ‘custom and design offers projects. clients Our design, is available to helpresults. you achieve professional consultation for residential and commercial projects. Our over the world is at your disposal to achieve outstanding results. professional consultation for commercial and residential projects alike. outstanding results.

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www.sky-linedesign.co.uk www.sky-linedesign.co.uk www.sky-linedesign.co.uk www.sky-linedesign.co.uk www.sky-linedesign.co.uk Skyline design119 Parker Drive, Leicester LE4 0JP Skyline Skyline design119 design119 Parker Parker Drive, Drive, Leicester Leicester LE4 LE4 0JP 0JP www.sky-linedesign.co.uk

T: T: +44 116 2366 726 M:M: +44 7904 153 903903 T:+44 +44 116 116 2366 2366 726 726 M: +44 +44 7904 7904 153 153 Skyline design119 Parker Drive, Leicester LE4 903 0JP Skyline design119 Parker Drive, Leicester LE4 0JP E: E: info@sky-linedesign.co.uk E: info@sky-linedesign.co.uk info@sky-linedesign.co.uk Skyline Parker Leicester 0JP T: +44design119 116 2366 726 M:Drive, +44 7904 153LE4 903 T: +44 116 2366 726 M: +44 7904 153 903 T: +44 116 2366 726 M: +44 7904 153 903 E: info@sky-linedesign.co.uk E: info@sky-linedesign.co.uk E: info@sky-linedesign.co.uk

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Excalibur Furniture supply premium quality upholstered aluminium seating, folding table systems and a range of associated accessories to the international hotel & hospitality industry. Excalibur supply leading venues in the UK and around the world recently completing various high profile installations in Europe, the Middle East, India and North America. Furniture is produced to our exacting standards and product quality is controlled throughout the process and supported with independent structural and FR checks. Excalibur is a permanent member of SATRA the world’s leading research and technology centre with scientific, technical and support staff in the UK, US and China providing the latest technical knowledge, research and testing. All foam fillings and recommended upholstery fabrics meet or surpass the latest fire safety regulations (certification available on request). Please call to request detailed literature or visit our website www.efchairs.com and to view a selection of our recent work please take a look at our online installation gallery

+44 (0) 1908 327100 HI77_Pages.indd ExcaliburHI67.indd 101

sales@efchairs.com 01/06/2018 15:23

Grand Hotel Series

Excalibur offer a wide selection of high-end ballroom chairs, contemporary stacking chairs, folding tables, meeting room furniture and various associated accessories. Our customers include leading hotels and hospitality venues in the UK, across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. Our equipment and manufacturing facilities allow us to offer a genuine bespoke manufacturing service so choose from an extensive selection of fresh eye catching designs or ask us to design and prototype something completely new to meet your exact requirements. Excalibur holds various independent structural test certificates; half a dozen ergonomics excellence awards and full FR certification. “we are committed to setting the highest possible standards for the ever evolving hospitality industry”. Excalibur offer various ranges of fixed and important ranges include;



Quick Fit™ covers easily pull over the chair and secure in place on the underside of the seat using the permanently fitted Velcro fastenings. After use the Quick Fit™ covers are hung on a special purpose hanger system and can be wheeled away for storage With Chameleon chairs our customers can now offer two interior schemes with one set of chairs ‘for a change’

THE GRAND HOTEL SERIES Model GHS 1 shown above has an unusual transparent polycarbonate back that is dished making it surprisingly comfortable. This model certainly has an uncommon appearance and as customers see straight through the clear back of the chair carpet at the venue becomes the focus of attention. Model GHS 2 is an extremely comfortable low back design with button styling on the outer back and seat.

• Triangular profile aluminum frames

This unusual design can be finished to give a classic or contemporary appearance.

• Our superbly comfortable Conference Seat™


• A handy document rack is permanently fitted under the seat that does not impede stacking

Clean lines with a multi-contoured seat shell, recessed handhold and chrome plated frames as standard.

• A distinctive stitch detail on the dished backrest below which is ergonomic lumbar support Tested and approved to BS EN 16139: 2013 Test Level 2 (Severe Contract Use) TWIST II has also received an independent Ergonomics Excellence Award from SATRA. A superb chair for conferencing and banqueting alike.

CHAMELEON In addition to their stand-alone design; the appearance of Chameleon seating can be changed in a matter of moments requiring no tools or skilled labor.


Twist II

RAPTOR With classic lines and generous proportions the main features of the RAPTOR chair are the stylish tapered legs and the fully encased seat cushion an unusual attribute of stackable seating. With an all aluminium construction RAPTOR chairs are available in brushed, solid or wood grain frame finishes. Raptor chairs grace some of the finest ballrooms and event spaces in the world.


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Arch.: Jean-François Brodbeck - AMRS Architectes

Janus 2017 de l'Industrie

Barrisol Clim® Acoustic Light Climatisation

Blowing airflow

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Air returns by suction

Compatible with all hot- and cold-air production technologies

01/06/2018 15:23

The Climatisation that is silent, invisible and homogeneous

Architect: Nagui Sabet

Realization: Group Accor

Barrisol Clim® can be also acoustic, luminous and printed 100% recyclable

Barrisol Clim Acoustic®

Arch.: Arnaud Klein

Arch.: Jean-François Brodbeck - AMRS Architectes

Barrisol Clim® Acoustic Light 3D

Barrisol Clim Acoustic®

Barrisol Clim Acoustic® & Light Lines®

≈1,0 °C

Comfort, according to ISO 7730 :


550 W/m2

≈0,5 °C

Air speed

<0,15 m/s

Air speed

600 W/m2

COOLING power up to(2)

Temperature difference between the head and feet of an occupant

HEATING power up to(1)

Temperature difference between the head and feet of an occupant

Arch.: Jean-François Brodbeck - AMRS Architectes

Barrisol Clim®

<0,20 m/s

Comfort, according to ISO 7730 :


The interior temperature becomes the same at every point in the room , you’ll be surrounded by a gentle feeling of warmth or coolness wherever you are in your rooms HI77_Pages.indd 15

The Barrisol Clim® system is compatible with all hot- and cold-air production technologies which use forced air. Environmentally friendly (less energy, less matter) AAA cold and AAA hot performance, according to the ISO 7730 standard.

www.barrisol.com 01/06/2018 29/05/2018 15:23 10:28

REDEFINING CONTRACT INTERIOR SPACES At Style Library Contract we carefully curate contract specification fabric, wallpaper and paint from our portfolio of British interior brands, Harlequin, Anthology, Zoffany, Morris & Co, Sanderson, Scion and FR-One, in a one-stop resource dedicated to delivering extraordinary solutions for interior designers, architects and specifiers around the world. Speak to one of our experts on 01895 221050, email info@stylelibrarycontract.com, or go to


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18 12:12 10:07 18

COM M E NT The desire to innovate is at the root of our creative industries â&#x20AC;&#x201C; both to find solutions for existing problems and to enhance our experience and enjoyment of the world around us. As with any industry, the complexities of carving out an individual path amidst a tide of competitors can often dampen our ability to innovate, detracting from the ultimate goal. While presenting its trend forecast for Spring/Summer 2019 during Clerkenwell Design Week, WGSN suggested that the mantra â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;collaboration is the new competitionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; will be a key driver in coming years. What will be particularly interesting about this movement, WGSN feels, is that partnerships will increasingly entail brands from oppposite ends of the market, or indeed different fields entirely. Within the lifestyle sector, collaborations between mass-market retailers and luxury boutique brands are certainly making their mark. From Ikea and Byredo to Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana, these unlikely but clever partnerships bring together resources and reach with surprising results. This movement in the consumer segment has been trickling through to hospitality for some time. Take brands like west elm or Shinola, for example, whose move into the hospitality sphere creates the ultimate opportunity to connect with consumers on a new level. For the first time, the lifestyle these brands promote can evolve from marketing campaigns and stylish showrooms to take on a tangible, truly experiential form. The idea that collaboration can create a more profound connection with an audience could gain traction with larger hospitality operations looking to create a more individualised offering, in addition to expanding the reach of smaller, more agile businesses. Whatever form this collaboration takes, it is encouraging and exciting to see brands across the spectrum pooling their resources to create new and exciting solutions.

Gemma Ralph Gemma Ralph - Editor www.hospitality-interiors.net



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Register here for online hospitality interior industry updates


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Phone: +44 (0)20 8760 0900 Email: info@dernier-hamlyn.com Web: www.dernier-hamlyn.com


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18 09:57

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Opening Shots Q&A - Andy Clempson, Projects by Resource Decor

Projects by Resource Decor produces bespoke and customised fine furniture to a world-leading standard, affirmed by its partnerships with some of the hospitality industry’s most prestigious designers and properties. Here, the firm’s chief sales officer, Andy Clempson, tells us more ...


PRODUCTION MANAGER James Ash - 01424 775304 james@gearingmediagroup.com PRODUCTION Mike Beales - 01424 775304 mike@gearingmediagroup.com Nyall McCurrach (digital content) 01424 776107 nyall@gearingmediagroup.com COPY ADMINISTRATOR Steve Merrick - 01424 776108 production@gearingmediagroup.com ACCOUNTS Wendy Williams - 01424 774982 wendy@gearingmediagroup.com creditcontrol@gearingmediagroup.com SUBSCRIPTIONS subscriptions@gearingmediagroup.com




Viale dei Romani


Victory House MGallery by Sofitel


George’s Bar




Restaurant Design






Outdoor Furniture







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34  Profile – Fox Marble


Gemma Ralph explores the unique story of London-based marble quarrier and processer, Fox Marble.

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The AllBright


Naumi Auckland


Willows Hotel & Spa


Hotel Californian


The Vera

68 The Jonathan Beach Club 72

Hotel Spero


Market Grounds

Paper Moon Giardino



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DUBAI’S NEW URBAN RESORT Global resort operator and developer, Kerzner International, will open the first of its One&Only Urban Resorts in 2020. The property will be situated within Dubai’s latest architectural icon, One Za’abeel – a two-tower, high-rise mixed-use development in the heart of the city. One&Only Urban Resorts aims to champion the location of each of its properties, while offering beautifully designed green spaces to provide a serene sanctuary from busy city life year-round. www.oneandonlyresorts.com


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LeisureP Untitled-1

L U X U RY O U T D O OR L I V I NG from

L E I S U REPL A N .CO.U K HI77_Pages.indd 21 LeisurePlanMay18.indd 1 Untitled-1 1

01/06/2018 15:23 11:16 03/05/2018 09:46



SLEEP UNDER THE SEA Conrad Maldives Rangali Island has announced plans to construct what is thought to be the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first undersea residence. Slated for completion in the fourth quarter of 2018, Muraka is set to transform the Maldives experience for travellers who want to be truly immersed in the natural beauty of the Indian Ocean. www.conradmaldives.com


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A CAMBRIDGE ICON RESTORED Renowned interior designer, Martin Brudnizki, and legendary classical architect, John Simpson, have teamed up to transform this landmark hotel in the historic heart of Cambridge. First opened in 1834 as the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s original hotel, the property will relaunch this summer following an ÂŁ80m refurbishment. UNIVERSITY ARMS will be home to 192 playfully designed guest rooms, a destination restaurant and bar, library, event space and gym. www.mbds.com


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DEDON COLLECTION MBRACE Design by Sebastian Herkner www.dedon.de

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FIVE-STAR HOSPITALITY IN COPENHAGEN This June, Brøchner Hotels will open the doors to Hotel Herman K – a five-star boutique hotel in the heart of Copenhagen. Housed within a converted transformer station, the hotel’s raw, unpolished architecture is enhanced by the cool, neutral palette of its interior. www.brochner-hotels.com


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Touch the Future


JOSH + ULTRAFABRICS Ultimate softness and unbeatable strength. Sensorial grains and innovative textures. Naturally animal-free and easy to tailor in any application. Born in the cross-section of Japanese craftsmanship and technological pioneering, Ultrafabrics is function and beauty in perfect harmony. Great design is visionary, never compromises, and goes beyond the Now. For my projects, I only work with materials that go there with me. Josh Garcia, Designer

ultrafabricsinc.com Red Swatch = Ultratechâ&#x201E;˘ | Cove Cherry Red

HI77_Pages.indd 27 UltrafabricsFeb18.indd 1

01/06/2018 15:23 25/01/2018 10:44


ITALIAN REFINEMENT MEETS RICH SHANGHAI HISTORY Situated on the banks of Suzhou Creek – an area undergoing significant regeneration – The Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai will span the top eight floors of a 48-floor tower. Adjacent to the hotel tower, the historic Chamber of Commerce Shanghai houses a glamorous 500m² ballroom, an haute-cuisine Chinese restaurant and The Whisky Bar. Having designed the other Bvlgari properties, renowned Italian architectural firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel were behind the hotel’s design. www.citterio-viel.com


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HypnosJ 3457 Hy

Designed for Sleep Hypnos works in partnership with Hoteliers to deliver tailored hospitality sleep solutions... Campbell Gray Crowne Plaza Marriott Corinthia Premier Inn Soho House Holiday Inn The Rocco Forte Collection InterContinental Intercontinental Robertson Quay, Singapore Soho House, Chicago Marriott Champs ElysĂŠes, Paris Kimpton de Witt, Amsterdam Intercontinental, Ljubljana Holiday Inn, Algiers JW Marriott, Mumbai Holiday Inn Express St Julianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Malta Jumeirah Al Naseem, Dubai The Serras, Barcelona Soho House, Barcelona Courtyard by Marriott, Kathamandu Le Quartier Francais, Franschoek, Cape Town The Golden Age, Athens

T: +44 (0) 1332 497111 | E: info@hypnoscontractbeds.com | www.hypnoscontractbeds.com Hypnos is proud to be Carbon Neutral, complying with PAS 2060.

HI77_Pages.indd 29 HypnosJune18.indd 1 3457 Hypnos Int Hospitality Interiors Ad 235x300.indd 1

01/06/2018 15:23 02/05/2018 01/05/2018 09:39 14:36


The James New York - NoMad


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Andy Clempson, Projects by Resource Decor Projects by Resource Decor produces bespoke and customised fine furniture to a world-leading standard, affirmed by its partnerships with some of the hospitality industry’s most prestigious designers and properties. Here, the firm’s chief sales officer, Andy Clempson, tells us more ...

Could you please give us a brief overview of the company’s history to date? Projects by Resource Decor is part of the Rochdale Spears Group which was founded 15 years ago by Geoff Hawkes and has proprietary manufacturing facilities in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. The business began as an OEM manufacturer but has since diversified, acquiring some great designer partnerships, and becoming a leader in servicing the hospitality industry, along with luxury retail and interior design markets globally. As well as our headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, we have offices and teams in Hong Kong, Hickory (North Carolina), and London.

Mondrian Hotel

Why do you feel Projects by Resource Decor attracts some of the world’s most influential designers? The Projects team has excellent hospitality industry experience and have established a reputation for high quality project servicing and reliable delivery through every stage of a project, facilitating word of mouth referrals to designers and introductions to procurement companies. Being able to offer the entire range of

HI77_Pages.indd 31

product categories through our fully vertically integrated owned and operated factories is also an attractive proposition, and has helped us to develop long term partnerships. Designers and procurement agencies can work with us directly for lighting, reception desks, end tables, banquettes for restaurants – we do it all. Could you tell me more about Projects’ operational set-up? In total, we have three manufacturing facilities

01/06/2018 15:23


in Ho Chi Minh City, and a team of 4500 highly skilled employees producing case goods, upholstery, wall art and lighting. We also have an experienced technical team, and a dedicated Hospitality Projects operations team, overseeing all aspects of the business. Our global distribution is serviced through a network of centres in Vietnam, USA (located on the East and West Coasts) and Europe. Could you tell me more about Projects by Resource Decor’s product offering? We are a full-service proposition, with capabilities to produce case goods, upholstery, wall art and lighting. Our team specialises in developing superior quality, bespoke products to contract standards, in addition to offering a selection of stocked items developed in

partnership with our designers. We work with hotel designers to bring their visions for the hotels to life. Instead of finding something similar to what they have in mind, we create it to their specifications and help make the full picture come together. We believe our biggest strength is bringing the designer’s wildest dreams to life in a contract capacity. We worked with Thomas Juul Hansen to create a custom mini-bar for The James inspired by a vintage Robert’s-style radio he had in mind to add a unique twist to the room. It can be small pieces like this or larger ones like the reception desk. It is over 6m long, and made of solid walnut with a carved silhouette. It had to be split discretely and assembled on site for shipping.

Are there any particular styles or materials in particularly high demand at present? We are known for our use of mixed materials and quality of finishing. Metal is very popular, especially brass and the emergence of the new chem-metal finish, which are real metal paints, combined with more unusual marble and stones within furniture. What would you say have been the most noticeable shifts in furniture design for hospitality spaces since Projects by Resource Decor first started out? Our focus is primarily the 4- and 5-star developments. Within this market, there has been a perceptible shift towards creating ‘individual’ furniture – pieces within the same room are finished in a slightly different way, creating a sense of uniqueness, and emphasising the values of hand-craftsmanship. Could you tell us more about Projects by Resource Decor’s recent work with The James New York - NoMad please? Our partnership with The James New York - NoMad initially began as a complete refurbishment of the hotel bedrooms. Our team developed 95% of the pieces for the rooms and suites, including the bathroom vanities, armoires, minibar cabinets and the beds. We then continued to work with Thomas Juul Hansen’s design team on the public spaces, providing the hotel’s reception desk and lobby furniture, and all the furniture into the restaurant and the club basement level. The project scope included a lot of custom, one-off pieces designed specifically for the hotel’s spaces. What are the key challenges involved in fulfilling the demands of the global marketplace, and how does Projects by Resource Decor work to overcome them? The key elements of quality, price and service remain critical in the marketplace, and our priority as a business is to continue to offer consistency across all these areas. We have been investing in all these areas to ensure that we offer the best overall package to our clients. A major initiative in response to our customers’ needs was the opening of a brand new 800,000ft2 proprietary manufacturing facility in 2017. Owning the production channel is not only a step towards optimising cost efficiency and streamlining project timelines, but also allows us to drive and maintain the quality of our offering. We have also committed more time and resources to delivering great customer service, investing in a larger, dedicated Hospitality team in Vietnam to project manage on the ground.

Pulitzer Amsterdam


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Pulitzer Amsterdam

What would be your dream project or design collaboration? All the projects we work on are important to us! As we say, ‘You are only as good as your last project delivered.’ We continue to seek out projects and design collaborations that add a new dimension to our portfolio, and that challenge us. The project might be of a unique nature, attract great prestige, be part of an iconic redevelopment, or is simply in a part of the world that we are keen to work in. Are there any upcoming projects or developments you’re able to tell us about? The business has fantastic momentum right now and we are happy to be very busy – particularly in the USA, Europe and the Middle East. For example, right now, we are working on the Ace Hotel in New York, The Great Scotland Yard project in London and we have just finished the Address Dubai, plus lots more in the pipeline! www.resourcedecor.com

The James New York - NoMad


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The marble trailblazer with big ambitions

With its remarkable profusion of forms, shapes and colours, marble has emerged from centuries of use within some of civilisation’s best known sculptural and architectural creations as an emblem of timeless beauty and sophistication. As construction booms and marble’s application becomes ever more dynamic, there is strong demand for an increasing range of stone at a competitive price point – a requirement that Londonbased marble quarrier and processor, Fox Marble, is keen to fulfill. It is widely recognised that marble resources are mainly located in nations such as Turkey, Italy, Spain, the USA and India, but when Chris Gilbert and Dr Etrur Albani founded Fox Marble back in 2011, it was the extensive marble and dolomitic limestone reserves in Kosovo that they had in mind. Despite its vast resource of world-class and in some cases rare ‘sleeping beauty’ marble varieties, Kosovo’s dimension stone industry had lain dormant for some time. The attraction for Chris and Dr Etrur was thus twofold; access to a plentiful and untapped resource, as well as potential to boost the local economy. For Chris specifically, the venture offered a fresh new direction following his diverse and successful career in both the music and successful career in both the music and tech industries. “Back in 1992 I

“A new enterprise could bring a promise of regeneration and revival for Kosovo and its people, and in my role as CEO of a public company, it made a compelling commercial proposition”

35 ??

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co-founded an independent record company, Infectious Records, which later merged with Mushroom Records, before a successful sale to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation in 1999, who sold it on a few years later to Warner Music Group,” he explains. “The next stage in my business life was a focus on advanced technology, with the launch

of Auriga Networks, a satellite transmission company, and a hi-tech startup, DarkStar Technologies, provider of internet security and data management services. Our clients included such industry giants as EMI, Sony and Warner Bros. “In 2005 I returned to my musical roots and co-founded a music publishing company,

Crosstown Songs, which grew into a solid success and was later acquired by KKR/ Bertelsmann. “This opportunity to take on a new challenge within the marble industry came to me at a point in my life when l wanted to do something different. It coincided with my interest in establishing something new in a troubled region, suffering widespread unemployment and deprived of investment for decades. “A new enterprise could bring a promise of regeneration and revival for Kosovo and its people, and in my role as CEO of a public company, it made a compelling commercial proposition.” From the outset, the ambition was to own and operate quarries, process the stone and sell stone block, transformed stone and the bi-products of processing. Following extensive research, Fox Marble acquired rights and mining licences to five quarries, four in Kosovo and one in Macedonia. “Our initial understanding about the marble in Kosovo came from a USAID study which surveyed many of the marble sites there,” explains Chris. “None had been developed into quarries. “We then further investigated with a local geologist, gained an understanding of the scale and scope of the stone resource, from which we established rights over the quarry sites that

36 ??

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“As our material penetrates markets all around the world – and we have now sold all of our stone somewhere in the world – we believe that the demand for this material generally will only increase” we have under licence from the Government. Three quarries are now in full commercial production, from which we extract our current range of 11 different stones. This includes the pure white ‘Alexandrian’ which we extract from our quarry in Prilep, Macedonia.” After acquiring the relevant licenses, focus turned to opening and operating the quarries efficiently. Fox Marble is highly unique in that it is AIM-listed, and believes itself to be the first publicly listed company in the world to build its operations predominantly in Kosovo. With access to public markets to fund its operations, the company has been able to adopt a sophisticated approach to recruitment and training in order to provide a solid foundation

for the future. “Importing the institutional knowledge regarding quarrying dimension stone was the key to developing these quarries with success,” affirms Chris. “We employed Italian quarry masters in each of our quarries to educate and train our local workforce. Our specialist equipment is Italian – including saws, drills and all our factory equipment – and transferring these skill sets has been our priority. There are naturally many logistical hurdles and considerations to overcome before a quarry is fully operational – from the construction of access roads to detailed geological investigations – in addition to challenges that were unique to these sites,

such as the level of seismic activity in the area. Having overcome this painstaking process, however, Fox Marble can now capitalise on the natural advantages the location has to offer. “In establishing Fox in the region we have started to develop the nucleus of what can be a significant stone industry,” says Chris. “The Balkans used to be such a centre for dimension stone and we believe that this can be restored, with significant commercial advantages. “This is a low cost labour zone with very high quality stone in large quantities, with good routes to market either via the ports of Durres in Albania – some 330km from our quarries and factory – or Thessaloniki in northern Greece (just a little further away). “As our material penetrates markets all around the world – and we have now sold all of our stone somewhere in the world – we believe that the demand for this material generally will only increase.” Alongside its quarries, Fox Marble also owns a 6000m2 factory just outside of Kosovo’s capital city, Pristina. Here, block marble is processed into cut and polished slabs and cut-to-size pieces using top-of-the-range Italian

37 ??

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equipment, from Gaspari Menotti polishing lines and Barsanti gangsaws to a promotec resin line and a five-axis CAD CNC machine from GMM. “The factory allows us to process up to 450,000m2 of material annually,” says Chris. “It gives us the extra margin to be gained from processed material, improves the yields in our quarries because we can process material that would not be suitable for sale internationally as block marble – for reasons of size or minor defects – and gives us much more flexibility in serving our customers.” Providing a high level of service is certainly one of Fox Marble’s strengths, and the level of direct contact and support it provides to its customers is particularly notable. Designers, specifiers and developers are encouraged to meet with the company’s skilled Italian quarry masters to choose their stone at the quarry, and to discuss processing with the factory manager. In this way, customers can better appreciate Fox Marble’s unusually diverse offering, which ranges from the striking Alexandrian white stone sourced from its Macedonian quarry, through the silver grey tones of Illirico Selene and warmer grey of Grigio Argento to striking accent colours of russet and gold. “Our material is eminently suitable for hotels, restaurants and bars worldwide, due to its quality, aesthetic appearance and the quantities that we can supply for large projects,” affirms Chris. “We are also competitive with other premium suppliers such as Italy and Greece and, as a company operating its own quarries, its own factory and its own sales force, we can be service oriented. As a public company we are soundly financed and confident of being able to execute any order with maximum efficiency.” In addition to its extensive work in the luxury residential market, Fox Marble is already

“Our material is eminently suitable for hotels, restaurants and bars worldwide, due to its quality, aesthetic appearance and the quantities that we can supply for large projects”

building traction in the hospitality sector, with orders to supply four hotels in India, as well as a shopping mall in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, in the process of being finalised. As its portfolio grows, Fox Marble is already looking ahead to expanding its capabilities and reach, as well as refining its offering. “Our short term ambition is to establish ourselves as the preferred supplier of choice for our range of materials in those regions where we have commenced trading operations such as India, the USA, the GCC region and of course the UK and northern Europe,” says Chris. “I believe we are achieving this. “Our longer term goals include establishing

more quarries in the Balkans region where we have extensively surveyed attractive prospects, developing more transformed products with more sophisticated manufacturing techniques and further developing additional markets such as China, South America, Japan, South Korea and Australia.” Aside from the breadth and quality of its offering, it is the ingenuity of the Fox Marble team, and the transparent culture of corporate governance and social responsibility it works so hard to promote, that will likely embolden it to the challenges and plentiful opportunity that lies ahead. www.foxmarble.net


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PERFECT FINISHING TOUCHES FOR HOSPITALITY SETTINGS See 300+ stunning new products in our 2018 catalogue

Traditional & Contemporary Decorative Lighting • Large stock for excellent service • 2,700+ products in the full collection

www.elsteadlighting.com Visit our showroom: Elstead House, Mill Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2QJ | Contact: enquiries@elsteadlighting.com • +44 (0)1420 82377

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The AllBright Bloomsbury, London

Given its longheld association with progressive ideals and innovation, Bloomsbury was the natural location for London’s first female-only members club, The AllBright.


panning five floors of a striking Georgian townhouse on Rathbone Place, The AllBright is the first members club of its kind in the capital. As part of AllBright – an educational, networking and funding organisation for working women set up by entrepreneur Debbie Wosskow OBE and former Hearst CEO, Anna Jones in 2016 – the club aims to provide a dedicated space in which women can thrive personally and professionally. For Debbie and Anna, the club’s Bloomsbury location is a pertinent reference to the progressive ideals and vision of the Bloomsbury Set – a fascinating circle of writers,

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intellectuals, philosophers and artists that operated during the 20th Century. Indeed, the famed line “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction” – first delivered by author and Bloomsbury Set member, Virginia Woolf, in a series of lectures she gave to Cambridge’s women’s colleges in 1928 – is the framing inspiration for the club. When it came to The AllBright’s interior, London-based practice No.12 was challenged with creating a fresh, contemporary environment suited to the diverse facilities on offer to members. “We were recommended for the project by our close friends and industry colleagues ‘Dodds and Shute’,” explains Emma Rayner,

We spent a great deal of time space planning the building whilst taking care to uphold the design integrity and adhere to all Listed building specifications

co-founder of No.12. “We were selected for our design ethos, style, ambition and for the professional synergy we share with Anna and Debbie, AllBright’s co-founders, who recognised our business vision as two young and driven female entrepreneurs.” Alongside the club’s assorted workspaces

and meeting rooms, there are two lounge areas, dining rooms, an exhibition space, café, cocktail bar and wellness, fitness and beauty rooms – creating a full complement of facilities for work and leisure. “We had to design with foresight to cater for a multitude of scenarios,” explains Emma.


HI77_Pages.indd 42

01/06/2018 15:24


“Every floor of the member’s club needs to be flexible and able to be transformed to suit the weekly schedule of presentations, meetings, and parties that The AllBright organises for its members. Therefore, we spent a great deal of time space planning the building whilst taking care to uphold the design integrity and adhere to all Listed building specifications.” Each named for a different member of the Bloomsbury Set and their associates, the five floors of the property are distinctive in their design. Indeed, Emma and co-founder Katie approached the architectural detailing by grading the colour palette of the building from light on the lower floors to dark on the upper. They have consciously avoided the colour pink, deeming it an outdated presumption of women’s tastes, instead opting for a fresh, elegant palette of mustard yellows, deep blues and bright reds, alongside bold geometric prints and a rainbow of marble surfaces. The lower ground floor, named ‘Lopokova’, houses the club’s wellness and vanity areas, including a beauty bar, wellness centre for treatments and fitness classes, as well as changing facilities. Inspired by Russian ballet dancer, Lydia Lopokova, this serene, revitalising space features tiled vanity areas with grey velvet chairs, mirrored walls, brass sconces and wallpaper by Kelly Wearstler. In ‘Morell’, on the ground floor, members enter into a bright, welcoming reception area and lounge that leads into a multi-use 40-cover

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HI77_Pages.indd 44

01/06/2018 15:24


café. Serving up an all-day dining menu, as well as evening bar snacks by female-led business Social Pantry, the café doubles as an exhibition space. No.12 has instilled an indoor/outdoor feel here, with a generous skylight that floods the space with natural daylight and a selection of leafy green plants. Moving up to the first floor, ‘Bell’, members can make use of the flexible lounge and seating area with meeting and dining rooms. Here, a timeless and eclectic interior creates a particularly residential feel. New and antique pieces are used in equal measure, alongside a number of bespoke furnishings, like the striking monochrome bespoke sofas.

“With regards to furniture, each piece should always be able to speak for itself in terms of usability, design, form and material,” Katie explains. “We always describe the FF&E process as a curation. We select from local and international suppliers, craftsmen & artists, as well as sourcing from antiques dealers and vintage furniture stores. The eclectic mix of furniture makes our space feel welcoming and comfortable with a cool and considered edge.” A feeling of light and space predominates the second floor, named for Virginia Woolf herself. Offering further living, meeting and dining spaces, this floor maintains the integrity and heritage of the building with its original

With regards to furniture, each piece should always be able to speak for itself in terms of usability, design, form and material

wooden floors and refreshed fireplaces. Finally, the prosecco and cocktail bar on the property’s third floor – ‘West’ – creates a striking contrast with the light-filled, muted colour palettes of the lower floors. The powerful, deep blue walls here are complemented by rich gold and brass accents, marble-top tables and custom-upholstered perspex chairs. “The materials used for the bar – grey tinted mirror, flecked terrazzo, brass and plush deep pile velvets – make this the ultimate luxurious hideaway,” says Katie. “Perfect for an evening sipping one of Social Pantry’s amazing cocktails, it is the boldest interior scheme in the building and never fails to impress.” In keeping with AllBright’s raison d’être of promoting female businesses, No.12 has used female designers and businesses throughout the project, finding furniture and accessories from Béton Brut and Sigma, Rebecca Willer and flowers by Abigail Ahern. The AllBright also worked with David Bowie’s art curator, Beth Greenacre, on the artwork selection, which comprises pieces entirely by female artists. www.no12studio.com


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Naumi Auckland New Zealand

Singapore-based hotel group, Naumi Hotels, has launched its first location in New Zealand, with interiors realised by Material Creative.


his contemporary new hotel in Auckland is the first New Zealand outpost for Naumi Hotels, and marks the initiation of the Singapore hotel group’s wider expansion plans in Australasia and internationally. Situated in the airport precinct, south of the city centre, Naumi Auckland offers a stylish stopover for leisure and business travellers. Its bold, playful interior is perfectly in tune with the Naumi brand’s ethos, creating an immersive experience for guests through a balance of functionality, art, and design. This is the first hotel project undertaken by Aucklandbased design practice, Material Creative, which has harnessed its fresh perspective to fully embrace a brief

HI77_Pages.indd 46

01/06/2018 15:24

HI77_Pages.indd 47

01/06/2018 15:24

centred around originality and flair. “We were approached by Gaurang Jhunjhnuwala, CEO of Australia and New Zealand Naumi, towards the end of the 2014,” explains Liv Patience, director at Material Creative. “He spotted us in the line-up of interior designers who had won awards at the Best awards that year. “We pitched and decided to go as bold and unexpected as we possibly could in the timeframe, and the rest is history. Gaurang wanted something unique and new in the NZ market, and by going with a team who hadn’t designed a hotel before, there was a sense we could create from a clean slate with no precedent from previous projects. “Our brief was to create a hotel like no other in the NZ market – a truly exhilarating experience and feast for all senses. The old Hotel Grand Chancellor Auckland-Airport required an entire re-fit, from adding a new front to the building and signage, to reception, bar, lounges and restaurant areas through to the bedrooms.” The hotel’s interior pays homage to New


HI77_Pages.indd 48

01/06/2018 15:24


Zealand’s native Tui bird, both in its references to the hues of its iridescent plumage, as well as in the branding and furnishings within the restaurant and bar. “The first in the dawn chorus, last at dusk, often singing during the day while other birds are silent, the Tui’s beautiful melodies are heard before they are seen,” says Liv. “Seeming like quite an ordinary black bird when seen from a distance, on closer inspection in daylight they are an array of shimmering metallic-greens, blue, purple and bronze accents. “Behind their neck is a lacy array of filament – like feathers, while the throat sports white feather tufts, all of which completes a very unusual and brilliant display.” Upon arrival, guests enter into a doubleheight lobby, complete with lush green velvet drapes, a laser-cut acoustic ceiling chandelier, and the star of the show – a 24-carat gold leaf textured wall that represents the feathered nape of the Tui bird. Commissioned and made by the NY Art Department (NZ) over a sixmonth period, hundreds of individually-painted gold ‘feathers’ have been layered atop one another to create this exquisite backdrop to the reception.


HI77_Pages.indd 49

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Our brief was to create a hotel like no other in the NZ market – a truly exhilarating experience and feast for all senses

Naumi Auckland’s 193 guest rooms come in four variations – Habitat, Oasis, Blush and designer-themed suites, each designed in colour palettes that evoke the multi-coloured iridescent sheen of the Tui bird’s feathers. Natural, earthy tones combine with rich materials and crisp white linen here to create a warm yet contemporary ambience. Designed to maximise space, the guest rooms offer customised five-layer bedding, brass accents, and sultry mood lighting. Colourful rugs, translated from landscapeinspired designs by artist Belynda Henry, add vibrancy, while wooden panelling detail acts as an ode to the nesting nature of the Tui birds, realigned in a honeycomb pattern. The guest bathrooms have been lined with tiles in a herringbone pattern, using coloured grouting in fuchsia pink, aqua teal, nautical blue or cherry red to reference the Tui’s feathers.

In keeping with these references to the Tui’s shimmering tones, the hotel’s lounge area features an installation of 95 gold discs – hand-painted with feathers – in addition to rich layering of emerald greens, jewel blues and magenta pops. Named Paska – meaning ‘wing of a bird’ in Sanskrit, the hotel’s restaurant and bar forms the beating heart of the hotel. A light feature reading ‘ruffle your tail feathers’ sits above the bar, inviting guests to socialise, while oversize armchairs, textured rugs and striking chandeliers imbue a sense of the dramatic. “The hotel is designed to create ‘sweet spots’ that are aesthetically pleasing and mentally stimulating, through the unexpected and a sense of theatre,” explains Gaurang Jhunjhnuwala. One key way in which this is achieved is through artwork, and Naumi Auckland


HI77_Pages.indd 50

01/06/2018 15:24


possesses an impressive gallery of works that embellishes the hotel from the entrance through to each and every guest room. Featured artists include Belynda Henry – an Australian-based artist and winner of the NSW Wynne prize – who has been commissioned to capture the natural landscape of Auckland with multi-sensory pieces showcased in the hotel lobby, and New Zealand-based designer Judi Bagust whose whimsical signature brush strokes are reminiscent of the particular song of the Tui bird and complement the landscapes. The Material Creative team has undertaken a significant hotel project as its first, entailing the internal re-build of guest room bathrooms and services ducts, re-roofing, new services, up-graded fire rating, and re-building the double height glazed

front of the hotel – all whilst the hotel was still trading. The extensive work undertaken has meant, however, that they could intricately reimagine the space in as bold, and as impactful a fashion as they desired. “We have produced an unexpected sense of theatre at Naumi,” affirms Material Creative’s director, Toni Brandso. “Creating a space that bridges the gap between residence and hotel; the public spaces are given more focus and prominence, and have become much more usable while engaging with guests and neighbours. “There is a sense of an underlying informality while still being packed with colour and detail to stimulate both paid hotel guests and locals who can now visit the hotel as a destination space to dine and drink.” www.materialcreative.co.nz


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01/06/2018 15:24


Willows Hotel & Spa San Diego, USA

This $300 million adult-only boutique hotel is part of a major overhaul of the Viejas Resort & Casino in San Diego.


ompleting the third phase of redevelopment at the Viejas Resort & Casino, Willows Hotel & Spa offers a luxe, boutique addition with 159 guest rooms, a full-service day spa, pool bar, coffee shop, two restaurants and casino expansion. As design architect for the project, San Diego’s IGroup Design was responsible for architecture, interior design and procurement, and has sought to redefine expectations of a casino hotel experience. “With every project, our goal is to create a richer human experience; to use architecture and interior design to elevate the way people connect with each other and their

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HI77_Pages.indd 53

01/06/2018 15:24


surroundings,” says Stephanie Lee, design director for IGroup Design. “That intention was infused into every aspect of the Willows Hotel & Spa.” The striking natural landscape of the surrounding valley and soaring Viejas Mountain was IGroup Design’s framing inspiration for the project, with abundant natural materials and organic patterns featuring throughout the property. “The property’s original design conveyed a rustic feel with carved themed boulders and wood logs,” explains Stephanie. “Like a stone tumbling through a stream, with each phase, the design has further evolved the architecture in a honed approach – now revealing a sophisticated connection to the natural elements in a clean, elegantly detailed expression. “The design team was inspired by the beauty of the surrounding valley, integrating nature with the abstract interpretation of the landscape – capturing both the larger valley topography and detailed leaf cellular pattern in various interior elements throughout the project.” Running alongside these natural themes is a strong focus on relaxation and tranquillity. The hotel’s 159 guest rooms, for example, feature a lounge-style living room, oversized shower experience and finishes in rich woods, soft neutral tones and bursts of gold to create a soothing environment. This ambience is echoed within the hotel’s dedicated spa, where clean, white stones and blue mosaics create the feeling of an oasis. A salt water spa pool, spa garden, salt sauna, steam room, two hair stations, two pedicure stations, two manicure stations, a 24-hour


HI77_Pages.indd 54

01/06/2018 15:24


The design team was inspired by the beauty of the surrounding valley, integrating nature with the abstract interpretation of the landscape


HI77_Pages.indd 55

01/06/2018 15:24


fitness centre and two outdoor spa cabanas offer guests everything required for total relaxation. “The spa program and layout were significantly impacted by the major structural building elements required to build a hotel tower above,” says Stephanie. “With careful and methodical space planning, the team was able to overcome these hurdles to create a product that maintained a tranquil environment.” Aside from the impressive spa facilities, the hotel offers two eclectic restaurant environments, both with their own distinct design language. “Locale features a lounge, open kitchen, bar, dining area, enclosed patio and wine cellar,” explains Stephanie. “As the signature restaurant within a larger hotel and resort, typically the design is very closed off, but here there is a transparency, a glimpse of the space before it is revealed.” Exposed structural elements have been boldly embraced and ensure that every seat feels special and important. The diversity of spaces within the restaurant is reflected in a

range of finish concepts with strong highlights and an emphasis on gold metals, eclectic patterns and textures. Ginger Noodle Bar, meanwhile, embodies a calm atmosphere, rich with abstracted Asian elements and textures. Wood ceiling features, lighting and semi-transparent elements create a theme of connectivity as experienced through a wide variety of seating groups within the same space. An open, stainless steel-clad kitchen, accented by green glass tile, adds to the atmosphere of the dining room, while an exterior patio exudes ambiance with fire-side seating and dramatic mountain views. Though Willows Hotel & Spa provides an adults-only addition to the resort’s existing family-friendly facilities, the team has ensured that the property remains linked with the wider resort. Throughout the property’s interior, a perimeter pedestrian concourse links the hotels to each other and guides guests along the new restaurant venues for all patrons to enjoy. www.igroupdesign.com


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THE NEXT GENERATION OF DISPENSERS HAS ARRIVED A highly customisable system with a sophisticated modern design, tamper and theft proof coupled with a smart and quickly interchangeable inner cartridge bottle. Available as a table top or wall mount version, optionally with an invisible air fragrance application.


ICON www.madebyicon.com

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01/06/2018 14:32 15:24 29/05/2018


Hotel Californian Santa Barbara, USA

Martyn Lawrence Bullard opted for Mediterranean influences and sultry Moroccan details in his interior scheme for this luxurious new lifestyle destination in Santa Barbara.


asterfully constructed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, Hotel Californian is a harmonious addition to Santa Barbara’s architectural landscape, yet is a major landmark in the evolution of the city’s hospitality scene. The 121-key hotel lies on the edge of the city’s ‘Funk Zone’ – an area spanning the ocean and Highway 101 that has transformed from an industrial zone into an everevolving artistic neighbourhood awash with bars, galleries and boutiques. For Michael Rosenfield, CEO of Woodridge Capital

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HI77_Pages.indd 59

01/06/2018 15:24


Partners and founder and developer of Hotel Californian, this spirit of innovation offered the perfect climate for a hotel with a fresh, contemporary approach. His vision has been realised with the help of a talented design team, including local architectural firm, DesignArc, and celebrated designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Hotel Californian was originally constructed in 1925 as part of a wave of Spanish Colonial Revival structures in Californiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s coastal cities, but was destroyed by an earthquake soon after opening. In 2012, the majority of the hotel was demolished once again in order to begin its reinvention, but its original facade has been artfully preserved and reintegrated, setting the tone for the structureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s faithful reconstruction. For LA-based interior designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the project presented an opportunity to carve a new kind of hospitality experience in a city he has real affection for. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This project has been a special one for me, firstly because I love Santa Barbara; the history and culture of this special Californian beach


HI77_Pages.indd 60

01/06/2018 15:25


We have set a new standard in the city for a modern hotel experience that captures the essence of the place, yet brings in a worldly experience, class and atmosphere

resort,” he says. “It has been a wonderful restoration of a once grand hotel that had fallen into disrepair, and now is a sparkling jewel in the city. “It’s also amazing because we have set a new standard in the city for a modern hotel experience that captures the essence of the place, yet brings in a worldly experience, class and atmosphere. “The crowd at the hotel is international, as well as Hollywood weekenders and Californian sight seekers. We have guests from all over the world visiting the historic sites as well as the wind district and the beaches. All age groups and families make the hotel a cornucopia of

wonderful energy and a luxurious modern meeting place for the most memorable vacations.” Hotel Californian comprises a host of facilities, including a casual eaterie – ‘Goat Tree’, sleek Mediterranean restaurant – ‘Blackbird’, a fashion boutique, Turkish-inspired spa, a ballroom, and a rooftop pool and event deck with panoramic views of the coastline and the Santa Ynez Mountains. The hotel’s architectural heritage features prominently within the interior scheme, but Martyn has integrated contemporary touchpoints to create a fresh, bold look. Within the guest accommodation, for example, Moroccan-


HI77_Pages.indd 61

01/06/2018 15:25


inspired tile wainscoting, bronze oil-rubbed bath fixtures and mashrabiya patterned bathroom vanities and closet doors create a modern take on seaside Santa Barbara. Hotel Californian’s luxurious Majorelle spa, meanwhile, is named for a distinctly Moroccan blue often found in the traditional tiles, windows and doorways of Marrakesh. The soothing yet revitalising hue has been widely integrated within the spa’s interior to aid the wellness experience. “Santa Barbara has a rich history of Spanish colonial architecture which was influenced by Hispano Moorish design in the 19th century,” Martyn explains. “As such, I used this colourful history as a base for the interior architecture, yet to shake it up and modernise the vibe, I added mid-century furnishings inspired by Gio Ponti and for surprise factor I mixed in quirky Portuguese antiques with edgy art we custom designed for the space. “The hotel’s colour palette was chosen under restrictions of historically used colours in the area. I decided the black and white palette was both dramatic and historically correct, but also gave an easy backdrop to mix other colours and flavours into the public spaces and hotel rooms. Bold, historic yet fresh; exactly what I needed as my backdrop for this edgy take on a classic hotel.

“The result is unexpected, yet sympathetic to the local vibe, raising the decorative standard and giving a fresh take on the Santa Barbara’s classic look.” Though each space presents its own unique aesthetic, a common denominator throughout the hotel is its wonderfully rich use of pattern. From ceiling stencils around light fixtures to painted border on the walls, pattern brings definition to the architecture and creates a strong signature. “The mix of pattern has been described as fearless,” affirms Martyn. “For me, it’s an understanding of mixing palettes carefully, using two colour highlights with a good base colour, providing both drama and symmetry. “I used over one million tiles in the project – encaustic, glazed and marble – wainscoting the guest room walls in Moorish designed tile work and graphic, monochromatic designs in the public spaces on floors and walls. “Hand-printed textiles add colour and texture, from linens to velvets and leather, while custom wallpaper is used to great effect in the ballroom, where I mixed seven different designs to create a fantastical orientalist look inspired by the rooms of Renzo Mongiardino.” This richly woven tapestry of pattern, colour and custom furnishings is the key to Hotel Californian’s accessible yet highly luxurious feel. Above all, Martyn’s interior scheme pays respect to the architectural heritage of the city, while chanelling the vibrancy and artistic spirit of the local community through its bold and refreshing outlook. www.martynlawrencebullard.com


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Make your space the place



interior film Commercial use for walls, decorative panels, doors, architrave and furniture. A range of superbly styled interior films which will bring any room to life.

Call: +44 (0)1376 518037

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The Vera Tel Aviv, Israel

This urban boutique hotel is the first property from Israeli hotelier and entrepreneur, Danny Tamari, and features stylish interiors by Yaron Tal Studio.


el Aviv’s industrial spaces and office buildings have become fruitful ground for renovation in recent times, resulting in a proliferation of trendy bars, restaurants and boutique hotels. Occupying a 1950s office building adjacent to the iconic Bauhaus Rothschild Boulevard, The Vera is part of this dynamic movement within the city’s thriving hospitality scene. For owner, Danny Tamari, it was imperative that The Vera embrace and capture the idiosyncratic nature of Tel Aviv, creating an informal and inclusive hub for guests and locals. In Yaron Tal, lead designer on the project and founder of eponymously named local studio, Tamari found someone who truly shared and invested in these aspirations.

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Imagery © Assaf Pinchuk


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01/06/2018 15:25

Imagery © Assaf Pinchuk

“Danny called me and shared his vision,” explains Yaron. “We went to look at the building and then ‘we got married’, so to speak. It is not common that the process of working with owners on the design of their projects is as easy and as enjoyable as it was with Danny Tamari and The Vera. Danny gave me the free hand to express myself and spread my wings, and it was just a pleasure to work with him. We had a great connection, and I believe this can be seen in the results of this project.” Though small in stature, The Vera incorporates 39 well-appointed guest rooms, a bar, spa treatment room, and two spacious, communal rooftop terraces. By morning, the hotel’s lobby acts as a relaxing breakfast spot, while at night The Vera’s stylish bar and rooftop spaces provide the perfect social hub for locals and guests alike. “The outside building provides the first feeling and impression for guests upon their arrival, so you need to catch that moment and impress them,” says Yaron. “We kept the original building and façade intact and added details to it such as wooden window shutters and balconies to give it that ‘Tel-Avivian’ look and spirit.

“The lobby area is very unique, which was very important to us. Upon entering, guests are greeted with the trumpet brass wall, the ‘jazz installation’, made by the talented all-around artist Ohad Benit, and a unique reception table made from wood, covered in special cement, all flowing very well together.” The raw character of this 1950s building – visible in its unplastered walls, unfinished flooring and original features – ensures that it remains part of the local fabric, but with the addition of high quality materials, furnishings and amenities to elevate the guest experience. “As The Vera isn’t and wasn’t meant to be an expensive hotel, we wanted the environment to mirror this informal vibe,” explains Yaron. “The guests should be comfortable and feel at ease in the hotel, feel like themselves. No matter who you are, a rich businessman or a student of limited means, you will be able to enjoy yourself at The Vera.” Referencing the aloe vera plant from which the hotel’s name is derived, Yaron has incorporated an abundance of natural materials to create a soothing point of contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city’s streets.

We wanted to incorporate this concept of ‘derived from nature’, and execute it by using natural materials, plants and stones, as well as textures like brass and copper


HI77_Pages.indd 66

01/06/2018 15:25


“We wanted to incorporate this concept of ‘derived from nature’, and execute it by using natural materials, plants and stones, as well as textures like brass and copper,” Yaron says. “We played with different textures and designs, left some unfinished walls in the staircase, used plants and wood for the rooftop wall, just to make the interior as inviting and warm as possible – a place that will make you feel at ease, with many corners that will give you space to retreat if needed.” Though Yaron has retained much of the building’s character, creative modification was needed in places to ensure that the hotel met contemporary guidelines. The original staircase, for example, provided a bit of a conundrum for the team, as its bannisters were deemed too low according to regulations. “We had two options, to either build a completely new staircase, or keep the

original one but raise it so it would comply with today’s regulations,” he explains. “We opted for the latter, and created a tall wooden handrail, with the words of a poem by Charles Bukowski carved into it, giving it a special and contemporary twist.” Elements such as these capture the unique concurrence of heritage and modernity within Tel Aviv as a whole, ensuring that the hotel is truly a representation of its local community. Indeed, in order to fulfil his vision of a hotel ‘truly made in Israel’, Danny has collaborated extensively with local designers and suppliers. These partnerships range from the use of in-room toiletries from family-owned cosmetic brand, Arugot, to bespoke furniture by Tel Avivbased furniture designer, Tomer Nachshon, and a vending machine in the lobby that dispenses cocktails created by local mixologists. “With the opening of The Vera, we wanted our guests to be able to touch, feel and experience high quality, whilst being able to benefit from the high value of our offerings,” affirms Danny. “Guests visiting Tel Aviv will be equally exposed to the local craftsmanship that this project embraces, and the fertility of talent that Israel is more broadly bursting with. In its essence, The Vera is inspired by what is great about the locality of Tel Aviv and takes its guests to the here and now, encapsulating the beauty and uniqueness of Tel Aviv, whilst moving in parallel with its unrelentingly dynamic nature.” www.yarontal.co.il


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01/06/2018 15:25


The Jonathan Beach Club Santa Monica, USA

LA-based design firm, Studio Collective, has created a warm, residential feel for this revamped beach club in California.


his project marks Studio Collective’s third with Jonathan Club – an acclaimed private social club with a rich Californian history – and comprised a complete redesign of the Beach Club’s restaurant, bar and lounge spaces. The guiding vision was a picturesque ocean-side Spanish designed villa, but with a palette of more contemporary materials, such as matte brass accents and wire-brushed white oak floors, to give the club a refreshed, welcoming feel.

› 68

HI77_Pages.indd 68

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HI77_Pages.indd 69

01/06/2018 15:25


The redesign of the dining room included a revamped floorplan which began with relocating the primary entrance outdoors, close to the ocean. The new entryway is marked by passing through two arched, blackened steel doors. Once inside, members are greeted by an airy, double-height dining room with three pairs of large sliding woodframed glass doors that provide unobstructed ocean views. A white oak and brushed brass bookshelf, capped by a wood planter overflowing with interior greenery, separates the dining room from an open display kitchen. Spanishinfluenced details such as the wood beam ceiling and hand-scraped, wide plank wood floors have been installed, adding to the residential charm of the dining room. As patrons move deeper into the space, they will approach the renewed, intimate bar area and lounge space. The ceilings here have been finished with a chevron wood planking while, opposite the bar, the walls are finished with a scalloped walnut wainscot and butt-jointed antique mirror panels to add a sense of depth. Custom seating, including two plush sofas looking onto the newly-clad fireplace, provide the ultimate environment for beachside lounging. Before moving out onto the reimagined

dining terrace, members pass a new private dining room. Here, large book-matched marble slabs, custom upholstered leather wall panels and parquet wood flooring give the room an air of sophistication. Inspired by the courtyard of a Spanish home, the covered outside dining terrace features lush landscaping, from olive trees to

a custom green wall, to create a true al fresco dining ambiance. A sculptural fireplace acts as a focal point at one end of the terrace, providing a warm glow for evening meals. At the other end, unobstructed 180 degree views of The Pacific create a truly exceptional backdrop. www.studiocollective.com


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01/06/2018 15:25



HI77_Pages.indd 71

01/06/2018 15:25


Hotel Spero San Francisco, USA

Perkins+Will led the recent top-to-bottom refurbishment of San Francisco’s Hotel Spero; honouring the property’s architectural heritage throughout.


ith its Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, this 236-key hotel is a wellknown fixture of San Francisco’s Union Square neighbourhood. The original site was built in 1923 by famed San Francisco architect, Edward E. Young, and named the Hotel Californian. Welcoming visitors until 1935, the property was then purchased by philanthropist Lizzie Glide – founder of the Glide Foundation and Glide Memorial Church – to serve as San Francisco’s only temperance hotel until 1978. A recent $16m dollar renovation led by Perkins+Will, as well as a transition in name from the Serrano Hotel to Hotel

HI77_Pages.indd 72

01/06/2018 15:25

HI77_Pages.indd 73

01/06/2018 15:25


Spero, has seen the property transformed into a stylish haven from the city’s hustle and bustle. Despite contemporary additions, however, the hotel’s architectural heritage and integral links with the philanthropic efforts of Lizzie Glide have been carefully preserved. “The Hotel Spero (née Serrano Hotel) was originally built in 1923 in the Spanish Renaissance style that was popular at the time,” explains Jacqueline McGee, principal and leader of hospitality design at Perkins+Will’s Boston studio. “The Hotel Spero has seen several owners over its 95-year old history and we felt that it was extremely important to respect and honor the history of the hotel while still infusing it with modernity. “In fact, we worked closely with Stanton Architects and the San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission to identify and incorporate the historic features of the hotel – which include the hand-painted ceiling beams, hanging decorative lights, the fireplace and the stone floor – into the updated design. “We were also inspired by San Francisco philanthropist Lizzie Glide. During her lifetime, she had a strong connection to the neighbourhood and sought to make a difference in people’s lives and her legacy continues to this day. Our aim was to design spaces that welcome people into the hotel with open arms, just as Glide was known to do herself.” From sustainably-sourced renovation materials and chemical-free cleaning products to local charitable initiatives, three core values of sustainability, wellness, and philanthropy inform Hotel Spero’s interior, ambience and service.

These themes are carefully established from the moment guests enter into the elegant, open lobby, which now offers a comfortable, multifunctional environment for both business and leisure travellers.

“The history and original features of the hotel lobby played an integral role in the design of this project,” affirms Jacqueline. “We carefully curated dramatic and oversized art pieces inspired by the spirit of the Spanish


HI77_Pages.indd 74

01/06/2018 15:25


Renaissance for the lobby which includes an abstract, super-scaled female figure in red that is printed on glass, placed prominently behind the reception desk. “We also had custom rugs made specifically for the enlarged lobby space, built ‘curiosity shelves’ to hold books and artwork, and placed community tables and contemporary-feeling seating options to create a residential feel.” The Spanish Renaissance style is also eminently visible within the hotel’s 236 guest rooms and suites. Here, Perkins+Will has interpreted it through use of dark bronze metal fixtures, intricately carved credenzas and

custom headboards with a bold, geometric pattern reminiscent of a Tangram game. “If you’re wandering the halls of the hotel, you’ll notice that some of the guest room doors have a large swan or bull painted on them,” adds Jacqueline. “The artwork honours the timelessness of early romantic era paintings where the paragon of beauty and nobility took shape in a swan or a bull.” Hotel Spero’s revitalised restaurant, Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen, 3000ft² of meeting space and a fitness centre complete this impressive offering. www.perkinswill.com


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01/06/2018 15:25


Market Grounds Perth, Australia

Global design and consulting studio, Woods Bagot, has applied its expertise to the interior of a new bar and dining venue in Perth.


oods Bagot’s brief was to create a relaxed and vibrant destination at the heart of Perth’s new Kings Square precinct. Paying homage to the original Perth Market Gardens, the team has created 1000m2 of eclectic bar and dining experiences spanning three levels. Significant additions have been made to the base building, including the extension of the upper floor slab, as well as the addition of a lightweight mezzanine floor to bridge the large volumes. The newly-created mezzanine level is perhaps one of the project’s most striking design elements, morphing into a sweeping timber bulkhead that hovers dramatically over the main bar. These additional structural elements work to enhance the physical activation within the venue, while creating

› 76

HI77_Pages.indd 76

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HI77_Pages.indd 77

01/06/2018 15:25


strong visual references when viewed from both the interior and exterior. “The design celebrates the grand volume of the space by creating a variety of functions and ambience throughout the venue for relaxed dining and refined bar and lounge options,” explains Eva Sue, Woods Bagot associate principal and lead designer. “The layout maximises the visual and physical connectivity to encourage patrons to flow throughout the space, with each design element offering a purpose and user experience.” Another key consideration was that Market Grounds should offer a creative and authentic response to its location. With its market-place heritage in mind, and using European piazzas as inspiration, Woods Bagot has created a seamless transition between the interior and alfresco zones of the property. “The internal curvilinear lines continue to flow seamlessly through the market gardenthemed alfresco zone and onto the new Kings Square plaza to extend organically into Perth’s newly established public realm,” explains Eva. The strong focus on outdoor living permeates the interior, too. Upon entry, guests are immediately immersed in a lush and verdant environment, with a mass of greenery cascading over the sculptural mezzanine lounge. Designing around the notions of surprise and discovery, Woods Bagot has made use of sinuous organic forms, abundant living greenery and personalised, hand-finished details. A richly-layered interior palette incorporates timber cladding, bespoke light fittings, signature wallpaper, hand-painted artworks, rich upholstery and vintage finds which have been set within a raw concrete shell. The mezzanine level offers a unique, seductive space with sculpted velvet booths, built-in leather seating and a granite fire pit complete with a suspended flue. “The design showcases the spirit of great hospitality, with a relaxed, yet curious and discerning guest in mind,” says Eva. “Patrons will enjoy a collection of interesting furniture settings made from local reclaimed timber to handwoven dining chairs, antique Victorian park benches and sumptuous velvet booth seating.” www.woodsbagot.com


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CurtisMar18.indd HI77_Pages.indd 179

22/05/2018 01/06/2018 11:57 15:25


Paper Moon Giardino Milan, Italy


HI77_Pages.indd 80

01/06/2018 15:25


Paper Moon Giardino has now opened its doors, complete with reimagined interiors by Hong Kong-based design studio, AB Concept.


his sophisticated new venue in Milan is housed within a 200-yearold mansion in Palazzo Reina, which was commissioned by the noble Milanese Reina family and built in 1830 by architect Nicola Dordoni. The property, which was previously used by the noble Luigi Bolis Gualdo to entertain his guests from all over Europe, has recently been restored to its former glory by acclaimed design duo Ed Ng and Terence Ngan. The remarkable original features and neoclassical façade of the property have been carefully preserved to honour the architectural value of its surroundings. Guests enter the Palazzo through a traditional Milanese gated entrance overlooking Via Bagutta, and are led towards Paper Moon Giardino via a bright central courtyard. For the restaurant’s interior, AB Concept has drawn inspiration from the eclectic history and architecture of the local area, creating an elegant and calming sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of Milan’s Golden Rectangle district. Contrasting the elaborate features characteristic of the Paper Moon brand, AB Concept has introduced subtle colour palettes and fresh motifs to create the feel of an intimate residential environment. Light greys, complemented by a distinctive green, replace dark and bold features to inspire a calm and peaceful environment. “In keeping with the Paper Moon mantra – ‘providing good value honest Italian cuisine, in a relaxed, congenial environment’ – our vision was to create a homely and desirable destination,” affirms Ed Ng. “We wanted guests to leave with a memorable experience, and a cosy space that feels

like a private residence. Paper Moon Giardino is a true testament and homage to the former mansion.” The restaurant is divided into multiple different spaces, which have all been reimagined to emulate their original purpose. Guests can dine or drink within a grand salone, parlour, wine library, or a beautiful traditional courtyard garden. Dramatic vaulted ceilings with antique murals and geometric elements feature alongside striking Venetian-style flooring throughout. In terms of the furniture, AB Concept collaborated with Italian luxury furniture brand, Promemoria, to design a bespoke seating collection, including bar stools, dining and lounge chairs, that references both Italian and international artistry. Effortlessly transitioning from day to night, bespoke interiors have been designed to adapt to the various moods and atmospheres of each day. Guests are invited to unwind at informal table settings with no tablecloths during a casual afternoon setting while at night, dim lighting is perfectly positioned to highlight the delicate design features, transforming the space into a sophisticated and romantic setting. Blending seamlessly with the historic features, contemporary lighting from AB Concept’s FLUX collection – created in partnership with worldrenowned contemporary glassware manufacturer Lasvit – feature throughout the restaurant. Taking inspiration from the beaming light reflections emitted from waves and traces left by receding tides, the lamp fills the space with mood and warmth. www.abconcept.net


HI77_Pages.indd 81

01/06/2018 15:25


Kudu Peckham, London


HI77_Pages.indd 82

01/06/2018 15:25


Alessio Nardi of A-nrd studio has created the interior for Kudu – a 52-cover restaurant in Peckham owned by Amy Corbin and Patrick Williams.


-nrd studio’s Milanese founder, Alessio Nardi, has created a warm, lived-in feel for Kudu through use of reclaimed materials, earthy colours and accents of greenery. One of the stand-out features of the restaurant is the wonderful mix of textures and materials that make up its surfacing. The walls, once stripped, revealed a striking patchwork of old materials – tongue and groove wood panelling interrupted by concrete rendering, old brick and tiles. The walls have been toned down with a coat of rose paint, which contrasts with the burnt umber ceiling and reclaimed African mahogany parquet flooring. “We immediately fell in love with the randomness of the finishes and decided to keep them all, revising the design scheme to play with these beautiful finds.“ explains Alessio. The patchwork walls are juxtaposed against the clean and symmetrical

lines of Cairo pendant lights from Mullan Lighting that shine down on each individual and intimate table setting below. Forest green velvet banquette seating runs the length of the main dining space with tables in antique brass or Italian rose limestone, while a 1920s holophane chandelier hangs over the antique brass-topped kitchen counter with six seats. Here, diners can watch head chef and owner, Patrick, and his team at work. The front counter is clad with juniper green hand glazed tiles which spill onto the adjacent walls, adding an accent to the restaurant’s concise colour palette. Located towards the rear of the restaurant is the Orangerie, complete with tall tables, antique mirrors, raspberry velvet stools and handmade concrete floor tiles leading to an outdoor garden. www.a-nrd.com


HI77_Pages.indd 83

01/06/2018 15:25


Viale dei Romani West Hollywood, USA


HI77_Pages.indd 84

01/06/2018 15:25


NYC-based Parts and Labor Design has created a relaxed, modern aesthetic for this West Hollywood trattoria.


ituated within the Kimpton La Peer Hotel, Viale dei Romani exudes an air of Hollywood daytime luxury. Parts and Labor Design has drawn from the restaurant’s culinary roots to create an upscale, yet casual Mediterranean feel, welcoming guests to relax and socialise. Upon entry, guests are greeted by a custom host stand, crafted from a mosaic of mirror and wood, with lush hanging ferns above. The adjacent bar immediately catches the eye with its glimmering prismatic shelving and brass detailing. The design team took a considered approach to the bar face, which has been custom designed in creamy Crystal Stratus Danby Marble with bold veining for heavy contrast. Adjacent to the bar, a stylish blend of vintage and modern-inspired café and banquette seating is tucked back in an alcove, creating a perfect spot to ‘see and be seen’. Within the main dining room, an oval central coffer detail creates a

striking focal point. Formed out of curved wood and metallic gold paint, it artfully incorporates mirrors in order to reflect the plants and textured columns below, as well as custom pendant lighting inspired by the sea. Echoing the gold tones of the coffer, an over-sized banquette in a vibrant golden yellow velvet upholstery anchors the space, while a large, open kitchen with Mediterranean blue tiles creates an exciting connection with the culinary action at play. The restaurant also features a large outdoor patio with colourful concrete pavers, and an abundance of lush planting and playful lighting throughout. Vertical wooden louvers divide an intimidate lounge area in true mid-century style from the adjacent outdoor patio. The private lounge features a teak overhead trellis and a casual layout that encourages a laid back, semi-private vibe. www.partsandlabordesign.com


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01/06/2018 15:25


Victory House MGallery by Sofitel London Images by Ed Reeve


HI77_Pages.indd 86

01/06/2018 15:25


Michaelis Boyd has created the interiors for this luxurious new hotel in London’s Leicester Square.


ictory House MGallery by Sofitel occupies a striking 19th century property that is one of the few remaining period buildings overlooking Leicester Square. Originally built by leading theatre designer Walter Emden in 1898, the hotel was previously known as Hôtel de l’Europe, and boasted an eminently popular Parisian brasserie. The property’s landmark status and the cinematic heritage of its Leicester Square location provided a rich tapestry of inspiration for Londonbased architectural practice, Michaelis Boyd. “We wanted to celebrate the building’s distinct character and rich heritage and draw on elements of Leicester Square’s golden age, adding subtle and nostalgic theatre and cinematic references throughout the hotel,” affirms Alex Michaelis, founding partner of Michaelis Boyd. “We looked back over historical photographs of the local area, which was the driving force behind the design and in turn inspired our choice of materials, colours and lighting.” These cinematic references begin in the lobby, where Michaelis Boyd has instilled a sense of old-fashioned glamour. A bespoke crystal chandelier hanging from a brass frame acts as a striking centrepiece here, casting dramatic cut glass patterns across the textured plastered walls, while the ceiling gently curves down in a way that recalls art deco cinema ceilings. Antique mirror panelling and a comfortable curved banquette complete the look. The hotel’s deep purple corridors with dark grey panelling and subtle

low-level spot lighting echo this aesthetic, anchored by the black and white portraits of actors from the 1950s lining the walls and projectors playing silent movies and early footage from film premieres once shown in Leicester Square. Michaelis Boyd has created a luxurious and elegant decor for the hotel’s restaurant, Petit Bistro. Presented by founders of Randall and Aubin, Ed Baines and Jamie Poulton, this ground-floor space offers 70 covers, with a heated terrace for al fresco dining all year round and an eye-catching marble-topped bar clad in diamond patterned gold plaster. While the public areas of the hotel are bold and dramatic, the guest accommodation is rather more subtle in tone, making use of soft teals and greys. Bespoke furniture with brass detailing continues the luxurious aesthetic, but is offset by pale oak pieces to give the rooms a relaxing atmosphere. The artwork varies between rooms and features images from 1960s black and white films – a prominent display of the design references that have influenced the hotel throughout. Michaelis Boyd took advantage of the windows overlooking Leicester Square, orienting the rooms and furniture to create a consistent link with the location. Each of the 86 stylish rooms is unique, with porthole windows, alongside larger windows, offering unparalleled views of iconic Leicester Square. www.michaelisboyd.com


HI77_Pages.indd 87

01/06/2018 15:25


Georgeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bar London


HI77_Pages.indd 88

01/06/2018 15:26


David Collins Studio has collaborated with Marcus Wareing to create a show-stopping interior for George’s Bar in Euston.


oused within the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, George’s Bar is part of the newly redesigned Gilbert Scott restaurant from Marcus Wareing. The venue is named for the building’s original architect, and creates a fittingly stylish addition to the hotel’s prestigious F&B offering. David Collins Studio has extended upon the success of the bar’s original design, which was developed in collaboration with English Heritage and inspired by the historic railway stations. The refurbished interior is more informal in tone, and references the styling of Europe’s Grand Cafés. Deep burgundy and turquoise teal design accents have been drawn from the original Victorian Gothic ornate ceiling for many of the interior

elements. A feature 3m floor lamp features burgundy fringing, for example, while the banquette lamps have been finished in cream and burgundy. Custom café-style seating has been installed, including curved banquettes upholstered in teal leather with burgundy piping, saddle stitch detailing and aged brass ornate arms and legs. Bar and low stools have been designed in black timber, with aged brass and teal leather. Round tables, finished in black timber with gold leaf mirror glass table tops, reflect the iconic bells that hang from the ceiling above. The space is finished with two large Olive trees, set within a dark timber planters with a burgundy painted back glass surface. www.davidcollins.com


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01/06/2018 15:26


Wire mesh green wall installed in NYC eco-hotel

Eco-luxury hotel, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, opened earlier this year in Brooklyn’s iconic Dumbo neighbourhood. Greenery has been widely incorporated within the hotel’s guest rooms and public spaces, most notably in the form of a 25ft custom green wall in the lobby. NYC-based landscape design firm Harrison Green developed the initial green wall concept, and approached AgroSci, which manufactures and installs exterior and interior living walls, to create a unique, natural installation in line with the hotel’s

eco theme. AgroSci then approached Banker Wire to create a woven fixture screen and custom welded wire mesh hanging baskets for vegetation. Banker Wire’s I-21 woven wire mesh, powder-coated in black, was deemed the most suitable option, and AgroSci chose the intercrimp motif – commonly seen in urban-inspired window guards and fire escapes – to give the impression that the plants were reclaiming the location. www.bankerwire.com


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01/06/2018 15:27


REFRAME COLLECTION BY UNIDRAIN Uni dra i n ha s launche d t h e Refra m e Col le ct ion – a s e r ie s of bat h room a c c e s s or ie s gro unded i n Sca ndi navi a n desi gn a n d qu a l it y – w h ich pa ire d w it h t h e awa rd- w in n in g Hig h Lin e C o lo ur ser ies gi ves you the oppor t u n it y to m atch a l l m et a l det a il s. T h is is you r oppor t u n ity of refra m in g t h e bat h room ex pe r ie n c e.


HI77_Pages.indd 91 1 UnidrainJune18.indd

01/06/2018 13:33 15:27 23/05/2018


Wilton creates bespoke design for country house orangery Woven axminster and tufted carpets from Wilton Carpets have brought a sense of occasion to the new Orangery of Rushton Hall Hotel & Spa, a magnificent 16th Century country house in Northamptonshire. “We wanted carpet in the Orangery to help with noise levels, as well as add a warmth and cosiness to the multi-purpose space, which we knew needed a neutral colour palette so that functions could bring their own theme and colours,” explains Valerie Hazelton, general manager at Rushton Hall. “The walls, curtains and chairs are plain, so it was important to offset this with a patterned carpet, but one that was still subtle enough to work with any event colour scheme chosen.” In line with these requirements, Wilton has created a bordered geometric design with larger classical motifs inset. The carpet was woven in premium 10-row quality in a rich British wool blend, ensuring it can withstand regular intense use and can be easily cleaned between functions. In the adjacent corridors, Wilton created another bespoke design, this time in a wool-rich tufted quality. The carpet’s pattern, in a green and dark gold colourway, works to accommodate the walls which are far from being straight and true. 01722 746000 www.wiltoncarpets.com

Mullan Lighting creates impressive double ring chandelier Mullan Lighting, a leading designer and manufacturer of light fixtures, has completed the manufacture and on-site assembly of an impressive double ring chandelier in the newly refurbished Foyle Golf Centre, Derry. The two-tier chandelier measures 3m metres in diameter and contains RGBW LED strip lights, allowing the chandelier’s light colour to be altered, reflecting and changing the ambience of the venue below. The larger ring of the chandelier was delivered in sections due to its size and assembled on-site by two engineers from Mullan Lighting. The second smaller tier measures 2.3 metres in diameter. The main materials used in the manufacture of this bespoke chandelier are steel and ribbed perspex, which is very effective at diffusing light. The light source within the chandelier consists of colourchanging RGBW LED strip lights and standard E27 lamp holders. www.mullanlighting.com


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01/06/2018 15:27


www.cultfurniture.com New velvet Collection

ExClusivE TradE sErviCEs • Personal trade manager

• Bespoke orders

• Customised products

• Trade discounts

• Next day delivery

trade@cultfurniture.com +44 (0)203 813 2763 Showroom: 811-813 Wandsworth Road, London, SW8 3JH HI77_Pages.indd 93 CultFurnitureJune18.indd 1

01/06/2018 15:27 11/05/2018 11:27


Solus Ceramics hits the back of the net in London

Solus Ceramics’ floor and wall tiles have helped to transform an Olympic venue into a multi-use football and athletic stadium. Built to host London 2012, the former Olympic Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London Stadium is now home to West Ham United in the Premier League, to UK Athletics, as well as playing host to global entertainers in concerts through the summer months. Using its expertise in sports stadia projects, Solus Ceramics worked alongside the designers, 20.20, to bring nine unique spaces to life. “We wanted to create a journey throughout the spaces, so all sections had to work together yet be totally unique,” explains Sarah Hindmarsh,

head of 3D at 20.20. “Here we worked with John from Solus Ceramics who helped us handpick the tiles. We chose rustic limestone effect tiles from the Vittorio range, which were used in the reception area. “The chic and elegant bar, as well as the reception area, features dynamic hexagon tiles from the popular Honeycomb range. A warm trio of honeyed autumnal colours was selected, which perfectly complements the majestic and timeless space. Finally, in the sweeping entrance of The Arnold Hills, large format 1200 x 1200mm speckled tiles from the Vittorio range take centre stage, welcoming guests with a beautiful inset logo. “ www.solusceramics.com


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01/06/2018 15:27


Egger Laminate A versatile collection for an eye-catching Egger Laminate finish. A versatile collection for Egger Decorative Collection 2017–2019 an eye-catching finish. Egger Decorative Collection 2017–2019

Combine your ideas with the EGGER Laminate Collection. Choose from 297 laminates, in woodgrain, uni colour and material decors. Coordinate colours Combine youracross ideas awith the EGGER Laminate Collection. Choose and textures number of applications, including table andfrom desk297 tops, laminates, in woodgrain, uniworktops. colour and material decors. reception desks, doors and Most laminates areCoordinate suitable forcolours curved and textures and across number of applications, including table and desk tops, applications all ahave matching edging to create a high quality finish. reception desks, doors and worktops. Most laminates are suitable for curved » Order a sample applications and all www.egger.com/sample-85 have matching edging to create a high quality finish. » Order a sample

HI77_Pages.indd EggerJA.indd 1 95


01/06/2018 14:58 15:27 20/03/2018

Pennethorneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, London

HI77_Pages.indd 96

01/06/2018 15:27


SHH’s co-founder and creative director, Neil Hogan, gives his insight into the latest trends and challenges unique to the restaurant sector.


SHH Architecture & Interior Design What would you say are the top three trends influencing restaurant interiors at present? The slightly sophisticated domestic warmth – a welcome change to the industrial New York influence, along with plants and nature and strong, dark colour palettes. What challenges do you feel are unique to restaurant design, and how does SHH overcome them? The unique challenge is always how to create a marked difference in your client’s product over their competition. The goal is to create an impactful aesthetic with an exciting customer journey resulting in repeat visits.

Ascot Parade Ring

The other challenge is that ultimately the restaurant has to be functional. It is important to blend functionality with the aesthetics but function has to always come first. Which aspect of restaurant design do you most enjoy? Getting paid and eating in it afterwards ... just joking! A happy client is the most important thing and repeat business is always the aim.

Neil Hogan

How do you ensure your projects stand out in such a fast-paced and heavily populated sector?

We have a thirst for the industry so that drives us. You have to understand the industry and what is happening around you, then your training and the spirit of the project should build excitement which is the spark for the team’s creativity. What would you say is the most memorable or unusual restaurant project you’ve worked on, and why? I think out of the hundreds of projects I have worked on, it was working with The Sorrell Foundation on the school dining projects. The children had client direct control which


HI77_Pages.indd 97

01/06/2018 15:27


National Rail Museum, York

was brilliant as they are brutally honest about what they want, without any politics or hidden agendas. Even though it is a very old project it is still the one with the feel-good factor because it was completely different and 100% rewarding in the end. Do you have a dream restaurant project you’d like to add to SHH’s portfolio? Yes we have a few: • A ski-through bar in a remote Alpine location • A boutique hotel on a remote tropical island • A fine dining experience on a transatlantic aircraft Are there any upcoming projects you’re able to share with us? Although we are incredibly busy, unfortunately all of our projects are currently on PR lockdown as they are not in the public eye yet. The only hint I can give you is that we have boxing gloves, sports rackets, saddles and popcorn in the boot of my car at the moment. www.shh.co.uk

The Bridge, ExCel


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01/06/2018 15:27

UHS Hosp

201 8 C ATA LO G U E LAUNCH Be prepared to be inspired! A whole load of new products, new Global Fabric collection and some great case studies.


0330 1222 400 beinspired@uhs-group.com www.uhs-group.com

HI77_Pages.indd 99 1May 2018 300x235 APPROVED.indd 1 UHSJune18.indd Hospitality Interiors

01/06/2018 15:27 08/05/2018 10:28 04/05/2018 10:04


Maximising the brand image of your hospitality venue

Established in 2013, Fresssh Image provides complete design, installation and maintenance services to the UK hospitality sector. Here, Fresssh Image’s managing director, Keith Hobbs, provides insight on the importance of brand image and keeping on top of your venue’s maintenance and interior design.

Getting the customer experience right With a new survey asserting that a quarter of all consumers (23%) plan to cut back on eating and drinking out in 2018, restaurant owners are under pressure to ensure their customers experience a top-quality experience, every time. Where the menu was once the focus of the customer experience, now the overall first impression – the look and feel of your venue – is just as important. Converting a first-time customer into a loyal customer isn’t just about the food and service, it’s about the whole experience. As the digital age now has such an influence on the restaurant trade, with 81% of consumers looking at review sites such as TripAdvisor before visiting a restaurant for the first time, it is vital for owners to understand the importance of brand image. It is not just


HI77_Pages.indd 100

01/06/2018 15:27


about devising great menus and fantastic service but ensuring a complete and consistent experience from the minute a customer walks through the door to the minute they leave. Investing in a programme of refurbishment is sometimes understandably at the bottom of the restaurant owner’s ‘to do’ list as it can seem quite daunting, but something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Firstly, you should evaluate the brand image that first encouraged you to open a venue in the first place. Does that image still hold good or does it need adjusting? You can stay true to your brand whilst modernising and incorporating what your customers want and like about your restaurant. You should have a clear brief in mind and carefully consider whom you choose to work with as, ultimately, it’s about having a good working relationship with the contractors you use, which will also determine the best approach to carrying out the work. What many don’t consider is that some elements of a refurbishment or maintenance plan could take place outside trading hours so it doesn’t effect takings. We work closely with owners to accommodate their needs in this respect but, given the all-day opening hours that now pervade, there are limits to how much can be done outside trading hours without numerous repeat visits or overnight working, both of which incur additional costs.

Pubs – the not so new kid on the block In 2016, various studies cited the explosion of casual dining as the death knoll for pubs, with more businesses than ever closing down. Fast forward to 2018, and there is a movement back to supporting local pubs and restaurants – a crucial window of opportunity. Pubs are still closing at an alarming rate, but with many casual dining groups such as Jamie’s Italian, Carluccio’s, Café Rouge and Byron Burger all reporting losses within the last year, they are being urged to get their act together in order to rekindle interest and eat up a greater market share. Many of the casual dining establishments that were set to take the market by storm haven’t been able to make the impact they would have quite liked. Pubs need to invest in updating their venues inside and out to capitalise on this opportunity. Those pubs that offer all-day dining and focus on the customer experience by creating a relaxing space where customers want to linger will ultimately seize the day. What many also don’t realise is the importance of the pub garden. It is often the first area of the pub that a customer sees and making a good first impression is vital. As we move into the summer months, we’re working with many pubs to focus on smart maintenance of their venues. Contact Fresssh Image for more information, or to request a free site evaluation for your venue. 01623 883602 www.fressshimage.co.uk 101

HI77_Pages.indd 101

01/06/2018 15:28


I-AM creates a modern Mediterranean customer experience International branding and customer experience agency, I-AM, has refined the brand identity and experience offering of Mediterranean restaurant chain, HAZ. At the heart of the project was HAZ’s desire to immerse its customers in the atmosphere of modern day Turkey, leaving the monotony of city life at the door. In response, I-AM worked on a holistic approach, crafting HAZ’s identity through various customer journey touchpoints as well as through the design of the space and any consumer facing communications, from graphics to interactions within the restaurant and online. The store concept is based on a balance between bitter and sweet, translated by light and dark areas to the restaurant; with a more casual, intimate bar space that transcends into the lighter, main dining area. The functional layout enhances the opulent atmosphere, as guests are treated to the theatrical performance of an open kitchen. Whilst the overall architecture is welcoming and engaging, the sense of opulence I-AM has created is an integral part of the customer journey.

A new colour palette of sophisticated earthy tones has been introduced, acting as a metaphor for HAZ’s bold spirit and

distinguished elegance. Inspired by the burning embers of the cooking process, hints of gold and copper have been incorporated throughout the interior, from the lighting and bar design through to the menu visuals. The undulating design of the restaurant’s ceiling acts as another key focal point. Referencing the art of Turkish coffee, its rippled form brings a real sense of energy to the space. The creation of instagrammable experiences and environments was key to I-AM’s thought process, and both the interior and the new, contemporary menu – which was developed alongside leading chef, Niall Davidson, have been designed with the modern cosmopolitan customer in mind, whilst remaining true to HAZ’s spirit. “I-AM really helped us breathe new life into the HAZ restaurant chain,” affirms Zafer Cicek, HAZ’s founding partner. “The contemporary environment appeals to our clientele whilst also maintaining the essence of our brand.” www.i-amonline.com www.hazrestaurant.co.uk


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“No more wobbly tables!”

StableTable - When the floor is part of the design! StableTable are unique self-stabilising tables from Sweden that can be used on any surface in- or outdoors. Place them on any uneven surface and they will automatically adjust to both bumps and grooves and manage height differences up to 25 mm.


HI77_Pages.indd 103 1 StableTableJune18.indd


tel. +4646151550

01/06/2018 14:48 15:28 31/05/2018


D&D set to open new rooftop restaurant

D&D London has signed an agreement with Generali Real Estate to launch a 9257ft2 restaurant on the 14th floor of new development, 120 Fenchurch

rooftop restaurant 20 Stories in Manchester, and the announcement of our international expansion with Bluebird opening in New York later this year, 120 Fenchurch Street represents a return to London for what will be our largest new venture here since Aster in Victoria,” says Des Gunewardena, Chairman and CEO of D&D London. “London continues to be a significant part of D&D’s growth strategy and the project also reflects our continuing commitment to the City. 120 Fenchurch is a remarkable building and I hope that we can create a restaurant to match.” www.danddlondon.com

Street. Set to open in Spring 2019, the restaurant will operate on the floor below a public sky garden and will boast striking views of the the River Thames, Tower Bridge, Tower of London and The Shard. The building, which is adjacent to Leadenhall Market, was designed by Eric Parry Architects and will in addition provide some 420,000ft2 of new Grade A office accommodation over 13 storeys, and around 27,000ft2 of retail space at ground level. “After a series of regional UK openings, including our recently launched


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01/06/2018 15:28

DiningChairsJune18.indd 1

29/05/2018 16:04



www.ultimatecontractltd.com 01245 322414

Contact: paul@ultimatecontractltd.com

Ultimate Contract.indd 1

21/05/2018 16:53


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Two iconic Danish brands unite Bang & Olufsen, Danish connoisseur of high end home design and audio, has partnered with its renowned textiles partner, Kvadrat, to unveil the largest ever single installation of the highly coveted BeoSound Shape, designed by the remarkable Øivind Slaatto. Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound Shape is a wall-mounted, modular speaker system based on hexagonal tiles that can be placed creatively on the wall in every imaginable size and pattern. A roster of colour options are available from a range of Kvadrat’s exclusive wool fabrics including Moss Green, Pink, Dark Blue and Brown. Both the Shape’s design and acoustics have been specially crafted and considered to suit a wide range of interior design settings and sites. The distinct hexagonal silhouette, combined with Bang & Olufsen’s upmixing algorithm, creates a precise and crispy soundscape with the vocal performer in the centre of the room and the instruments to the sides – named the “band on the wall” effect. Creating an immersive sound experience, the BeoSound Shape provides the same audio quality wherever you are stood in the room, making it the ideal option for large residential spaces, hotel lobbies, studios, offices and restaurants. The BeoSound Shape’s spectacular silhouette embodies the versatility of its design – it can be customised, moulded and configured to suit any style

of interior. This is evidenced by the bespoke design created for Kvadrat’s showroom, where this installation is on display until the end of August. This distinctly modern, airy and industrial space provides the perfect setting in which to show off the delicately considered angles and vast configuration choices offered by the design. www.bang-olufsen.com www.kvadrat.dk


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01/06/2018 15:29


Barrisol Acoustics Aspire Dome - Arch.: CICO and Roger Taillibert


Could you please provide a brief overview of the products and services offered by Barrisol? Barrisol® Normalu® is the world leader in

Barrisol Hospitality Interiors speaks with Barrisol, acclaimed manufacturer of stretched ceilings, about the practical and aesthetic benefits of its diverse product offering.

stretched ceilings. We offer a diverse array of acoustic, luminous, print, 3D & climatisation solutions for walls and ceilings. We are present in more than 110 countries and are close to clients and projects thanks to our network of 1200 approved Barrisol® installers. Innovation, aesthetics, quality, health, security and preservation of the environment are our priorities, and those of all our employees and partners. What key benefits do you feel Barrisol’s stretch ceilings can bring to hospitality venues? Acoustic comfort is the first benefit, second is the security; we only offer quality products that respect European and American certifications. We are certified at the best levels of VOC emissions class A+ and fire classification B-s1,d0, (class 0 zero) and we are contributing to HQE, BREEAM and LEED projects. We also offer a 10-year product warranty and over 20 unique stretch ceiling and walls systems. We have over 50 years of experience as the market leader.

Barrisol Mini Manta by Ross Lovegrove & Barrisol Print your Mind - Le Buerehiesel Restaurant - Arch.: Guy Walter


HI77_Pages.indd 108

01/06/2018 15:30


Could you explain in a little more depth about the diverse and highly creative range of designs Barrisol can create? We offer over 250 different colours, nearly unlimited on HD Printing. We also offer alternative products such as our Mirror range, CLIM air conditioning, lighting solutions, 3D shapes, textile-printed solutions for walls and our glass textile system. We’ve collaborated with artists and designers from all over the world. For example, Ross Lovegrove and Chantal Thomass have designed a range of contemporary lighting which is magnified by Barrisol’s membranes and technology. Could you talk a little more about the practical benefits of stretch ceilings? - Lightness – 20 times less material in general than a conventional material - Removable and reassembled at will; avoiding material destruction for accessibility - Barrisol membranes are impermeable and avoid or minimise water damage - Possibility of integrating lights, sound and video systems, as well as technical equipment – from smoke detectors and sprinklers to pipes and columns – without unsightly installations - Longevity of more than 20 years - No emissions of CFCs or HCFCs - Membrane is made with phthalate-free plasticisers and guaranteed without cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury

Barrisol Mirror - Havas London - Arch.: MCM architects

No water is used in the manufacturing process and the installation is clean and safe. Furthermore, the raw material used for production is recyclable or made with recycled materials.

How does Barrisol work to minimise its impact on the environment? Barrisol® membranes and profiles are 100% recyclable. From the start, Barrisol has proven its ecological commitment by respecting the environment from the fabrication process of our membranes and profiles to its final installation.

Barrisol Butterfly Printed by Chantal Thomass

Could you tell us about a recent hospitality project you’ve completed? Barrisol® has deployed all its know-how to transform the Restaurant Buerehiesel’s glass roof in Strasbourg. For the interior, a 6m-long Barrisol Mirror® frame was installed, alongside Mini Manta lamps by Ross Lovegrove and a beautiful Butterfly lamp by Chantal Thomass, flying under a Barrisol Light Acoustic® ceiling printed with an exclusively-designed motif. Are you finding that there is a trend towards any particular style of design at the moment? Barrisol’s climatisation heating, cooling and ventilation system. With its unique and patented open shape, the Barrisol®Clim® can transfer air either by blowing between the plenum space and the rest of the room. The system uses less energy than standard air-conditioning, is environmentally friendly (less energy, less matter) AAA cold and AAA hot performance, according to the ISO 7730 standard. It was even awarded The Janus 2017 – a label of excellence from the French Institute of Design. Are there any upcoming developments or projects you’re able to discuss? Our upcoming projects are confidential, but some of our very latest work includes Havas’ new European headquarters – which involved the installation of Barrisol’s Silver Mirror membrane to create a striking illusion – as well as the installation of more than 16000m2 of acoustic ceiling at Aspire Sports Dome Doha in Qatar, “Le Louve” Abu Dhabi, Cultural Center in Koweit, Ikea in Portugal, Coral Reef Bracknell in United Kingdom. www.barrisol.com

Barrisol Mirror - Havas London - Arch.: MCM architects


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01/06/2018 15:30


True-to-life surfaces from UNILIN, division panels


HI77_Pages.indd 110

01/06/2018 15:30


Through its UNILIN Evola and ClicWall ranges, UNILIN, division panels provides designers, fabricators and manufacturers with a collection of decorative boards and panels that utilise the company’s expertise in creating true-to-life surfaces entirely in-house.

Through proprietary technologies and an innovative approach to product research and development, UNILIN panels stand apart for incredible authenticity with surface finishes almost imperceptible from the materials they replicate. Whether taking on the imperfections of craft and nature in texture or employing technology to reduce light reflectance for a better black, UNILIN panels introduces a true-to-life look and feel that is unparalleled. With many of the 168 decors in the UNILIN Evola collection completely exclusive, UNILIN, division panels develops products inspired by everything from reclaimed wood, through trending colours, to concrete and brushed precious metals. All UNILIN Evola décors are available in HPL, melamine-faced chipboard and edging-tape; each product providing exceptional quality and a surface that is scratch and UV resistant, as well as easy to look after. With authenticity and practicality, UNILIN Evola is a serious alternative to natural materials. Sharing Evola’s surface technology in 106 flawless decorative effects, ClicWall is an

instantly transformative wall panel system that brings new design scope to commercial interiors. Splash-proof and scratch-resistant, all ClicWall panels feature a patented Uniclic locking profile and easy slide strip for rapid installation, making it one of the easiest wall panel systems available today. Technically superior to ensure long-term use in commercial environments, ClicWall comes in a huge array of finishes that look and feel just like real wood, concrete effects that deliver impressively low-lustre for better authenticity, brushed metals and solid colours.

Meeting demand for textures with originality and authenticity, UNILIN, division panels, has spent the last few years focusing on developing textures. They can be deep or incredibly subtle, but all uphold ease of maintenance, durability and workability. This is no easy task and so UNILIN, division panels has a team that spends every day examining and repositioning all elements in a decor. They will analyse if the look is right, whether the design is too heavy, whether every element is in the right place and so on. It is a truly painstaking job and makes sure that every UNILIN Evola decor brings originality, authenticity and functionality. The full range of products from UNILIN, division panels is made in Europe, using 85% recycled wood for all chipboard products. The vast majority of this recycled material is locallysourced ‘urban wood’, with some 650,000 tonnes processed annually from pallets, packaging, old furniture and reclaimed lumber. All non-recyclable wood waste from production is turned to energy at on-site biomass plants. info.panels@unilin.com www.unilinpanels.com


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01/06/2018 15:31


Finsa launches new UK range of special veneers

Grey Vintage Oak


HI77_Pages.indd 112

01/06/2018 15:31


Rustic Oak

Mumbai Rosewood

Wood veneer is a versatile material that adapts to new trends without losing its essence. Finsa has selected a range of veneers with a unique and innovative character, which allow the end user to adapt it to their own style.

The Studio Natur range includes nine brand new veneers that move away from the standards, offering a closer approach to high-end design. One of the characteristics that defines wood veneer, in addition to the species, is the design itself. The collection aims to be a must when inspiring designers to create special interiors that are full of personality. Finsaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s selection includes exotic species as well as more traditional ones, either in natural tones or treated through dyeing or sophisticated fuming processes. As stated in Finsaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Trendbook for 20182019, tinted greys are increasingly inspired by natural references that help to calm the mind. This is why the company has included two grey veneers in the collection. The Grey Vintage Oak has an aged grey tone with cracks and open knots over a black background. It has a recycled look and is full of texture and deep in colour. The second option provided by Finsa is Grigio Oak, which also has a grey tone and is characterised by homogeneous and straight grain. The result is a very versatile and elegant surface inspired by high-end design. Soft-effect veneers like this one lift the colours into another dimension and can be combined with deep and soft melamines to discover the perfect light and dark balance. When talking about statement pieces, Mumbai Rosewood is a perfect option. It is a refined reconstituted design characterised

by the arrangement of the dark, almost black veins of authentic rosewood over a mid-tone brown background. This veneer combines natural woods to create a sustainable alternative to the endangered Asian rosewood. Celebrating the beauty of tropical woods, this material has a vivid effect enhanced by colour and different grains to create a dynamic option for surfaces. Exotic and intense, Kandy Ebony has a strong contrasted effect that offers a new option for darker looking interiors. It has a very elegant finish characterised by a linear arrangement of very dark heartwood alternating with the pink streaks of this tropical wood. For more neutral looks, Studio Natur includes best selling oaks such as the Rustic Oak or the Nature Vintage Oak. These have all the ingredients of natural wood in one single veneer. Strength and uniqueness are the hallmarks of the veneers included in this collection. Full of character, the look of these oaks includes knots, natural cracks and light colour contrasts that allow for the creation of calm rustic spaces. Natural wood surfaces are known to add interest and are the perfect base for colour combinations. The Studio Natur collection is available on top quality 19mm MDF in the standard format of 2440 x 1220. Other formats and thicknesses are available upon request. www.finsa.com

Grigio Oak

Nature Vintage Oak


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01/06/2018 15:31


Karndean supplies bespoke art deco floor design Charlton Hall sits in a secluded 150-acre estate in Northumberland, offering a speakeasy wedding and private party venue with picturesque costal views. Entrepreneur and owner, Richard Shell, turned to Karndean Designflooring to create an extraordinary bespoke floor design for the ceremony hall, housed within a Georgian barn. Karndean’s Opus Luna and Nero chequerboard designs were considered to be the best fit for the project. Opus Luna features a clean, smooth stone effect with a subtle mottled pattern for an overall style reminiscent of porcelain, while Opus Nero offers a point of contrast with its statement matt black stone effect. “We wanted to add an element of surprise by choosing a design that guests wouldn’t expect from a traditional building built around the late 18th century,” explains Richard Shell, owner of Charlton Hall. “For us it didn’t matter how long it took, because we wanted it to be perfect, and I am thrilled with the result. “Charlton Hall is a very courageous venue in terms of interior design, so it was important to carry this eccentricity into the standalone ceremony hall. Karndean have an excellent reputation for being very on trend and delivering creative solutions to a client’s brief, so we knew they were the perfect partner to deliver the carefully curated look that we were aiming to achieve.” www.karndean.com


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01/06/2018 15:31

Hospi BCTJ


PROJECT COMMERCIAL TILE COLLECTION British Ceramic Tile is the UK’s leading ceramic and glass tile manufacturer, offering a design-led, market-leading portfolio of wall and floor tiles directly to the commercial and housebuild markets. Our established heritage of manufacturing excellence spans over 100 years. It’s during this time that we’ve built an enviable reputation for our high quality, design-led products. Aspirational and innovative, our product portfolio is influenced by the latest trends sweeping through interior design. TO DISCUSS YOUR PROJECT Call us on: 01626 831 377 Email us at: specification@britishceramictile.com Or pop in and see at: 26 Seward Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 3PA

Hospitality&Interiors 010518.indd 1 HI77_Pages.indd 1151-FPA-235x300 BCTJune18_1.indd 1

01/05/2018 16:18 01/06/2018 31/05/201815:31 09:08


HI-MACS® widely used in the restyling of Naples Airport HI-MACS® has been used for the expansion and restyling work at Naples International Airport, demonstrating once again that it is ideally suited for breathing life into the highest-level projects. Architect Antonio De Martino, co-founder of Gnosis Architettura, has contributed by stamping his own stylish signature on the atmosphere of the terminal, using a defined portfolio of materials. Amongst these, one material which has enabled him to fully express a clear architectonic style is HI-MACS®. Made up of minerals, natural pigments and acrylic, HI-MACS® offers a wide range of structural benefits and is resistant to fire, scratching and shock. Above all, its pore-free surface prevents any build-up of dirt, bacteria, mould and dampness, ensuring that it remains clean and completely hygienic. HI-MACS® was used to create tapered, angular benches in the shopping area and the new boarding areas, as well as for the separators in the security channels, which emerge directly out of the paving like waves. Finally, HI-MACS® has also been used in the airport toilets. The worktop, with integral sinks, is directly joined to a large splashback, made of the acrylic stone, without any visible joints. The result is striking: despite the size, everything appears to have been fashioned out of a single block of material. Ultimately, the absence of joins prevents bacteria from growing there and greatly facilitates cleaning. The ability of HI-MACS® to be thermoformed, which allows it to be fashioned into any shape and size, coupled with its many and various technical and structural qualities, has made it possible to upgrade not just in an aesthetically innovative way, but also safely. This huge project amply demonstrates the versatility and quality of the material. www.himacs.eu



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25/05/2018 15:32 10:34 01/06/2018


Latham’s latest decors have the X factor

Xylocleaf Fusion

James Latham, UK distributor of the exclusive, highend decorative panel Xylocleaf, has just announced the addition of 13 brand new decors to its range. Already available in more than 80 different styles and finishes, including wood grains and linens, this latest collection has seen the range of laminate decors bolstered to 52, offering an even greater choice to architects, interior designers, furniture makers and specifiers looking to add dimension, depth and texture to their projects. Xylocleaf is already extremely popular for premium hospitality, commercial, retail and leisure specifications as it is strong, durable and highly scratch and chemical resistant, so as well as looking great, it is particularly well suited for high traffic areas. These features make Xylocleaf a popular choice for all kinds of applications from feature walls, to worktops and cupboard doors, desks, shelving, panelling and even internal doors. Because the surfaces are made in the form of panels, laminate sheets and matching ABS edge banding, textures, finishes and colours can be blended, allowing different parts of a design scheme

to feature matching or contrasting items, creating a fluid and contemporary finish throughout. ”Xylocleaf represents a new generation of panel product for us and one which offers extraordinary potential, delivering a complete solution of innovative products to suit all decorative tastes, trends and applications,” comments Paul Morson, James Latham’s group product champion for Melamine. “Created and manufactured in Milan and unlike anything else on the UK market, it has quickly become a real success story for James Latham. Our customers really love working with it and the end result is outstanding. “And with the addition of 13 new decors, I can see even more interest and specifications coming through, not just from the hospitality sector but from all our A&D customers.” The new collection sees the addition of such distinctive and striking finishes as Ares, Matrix, Maloja, Esperia and Concreta. Samples can be obtained by contacting your local James Latham depot. www.lathamtimber.co.uk

Xylocleaf - Esperia finish

Xylocleaf Fusion


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01/06/2018 15:32


GET THE INDUSTRIAL LOOK Boston Concrete F283 from Egger. Laminate | Melamine | Edging | Worktop Available now at Lawcris

W: www.lawcris.co.uk E: sales@lawcris.co.uk P: 0113 217 7177

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01/06/2018 09:42 15:32 02/05/2018


Ostermann announces on-trend additions to surfacing portfolio

High-quality design surfaces from Sibu, a leading manufacturer of plastic design boards for interior areas, are now available from Ostermann. Designed to attract attention and inspire customers to construct creative furniture for living areas, trade fairs and shop fitting, there are more than 280 different decors in nine different product lines to choose from. These are the new designs for 2018 ...

Wood-Line The Wood line comprises trendy wood colours with a vibrant wood structure. The collection has now been extended by a new decor with a ‘burnt’ effect. The product, named “Carbonized Wood”, is available with four different reverse side versions – antigrav (free of expansion joints), magnetic, non-adhesive and self-adhesive.

SibuGlas The SibuGlas line includes acrylic glass surfaces with conspicuous decors as an underlay. Their matchless depth effect makes them unique, and they are also available as a non-scratch AR+ variant. There are numerous metallic colours among the latest products, combined with unique designs. Colours like silver, copper or gold are mixed with black decor elements with metallic effects, turning them into innovative fantastical patterns. An excellent example is the striking ‘SG Grid Silver’ decor, evocative of a coarse textile or linen structure on metal.

Leather-Line Last but not least, the popular and sophisticated Leather-Line has also been extended. It now includes the four bright on-trend colours “Lemon Yellow”, “Apple Green”, “Pumpkin Orange” and “Cobalt Blue”, combined with a leather effect. Due to the well-tried antigrav coating on the reverse side, the high-grade surfaces are extremely resilient yet easy to process.

Deco-Line Further metallic colours and decors have been added to the popular DecoLine. “Oxidized”, “Slightly used”, “Metallic used” and “Refined” are new metallic surfaces in the popular “Used Look” category. The latter is created by adding aging effects, like traces of rust, slight wear or grinding marks and signs of usage, to the decor. As an AR version (excellent abrasion resistance), the Deco-Line surfaces are protected from unwanted traces of wear.

Sibu Design Boards from Ostermann The Sibu design Boards are easy to process and highly versatile, whether as wall panelling, sliding door panels or for home furniture, for recessed back panels, trade fair stand walls or for renovation. They can be worked using a box cutter, or with standard wood-working tools. Ostermann will deliver an A4 sample of each Sibu surface upon request, and a brochure with all new product for 2018 is available for download on the Ostermann website. www.ostermann.eu


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Fullpag Ostm_A

Service, Service, diversity diversity andand speed speed

Length. Length. Width. Width. Thickness. Thickness.

Made Madetoto measure! measure! Ostermann Ostermann delivers delivers the matching the matching edgings edgings for more for more thanthan 70 board 70 board suppliers, suppliers, from from 1 meter 1 meter and within and within 24 hours. 24 hours.

www.ostermann.eu www.ostermann.eu Ostermann Ostermann UK Ltd π UK Droitwich Ltd π Droitwich UK: Phone UK:01905 Phone793 01905 550793 – sales.uk@ostermann.eu 550 – sales.uk@ostermann.eu IE: Phone: IE: 0044 Phone: 1905 0044 793 1905 552793 –sales.ie@ostermann.eu 552 –sales.ie@ostermann.eu HI77_Pages.indd Fullpage.indd 1 121 Ostm_Anz_Furniture_Production_18_03_222x303mm_GB-IE.indd Ostm_Anz_Furniture_Production_18_03_222x303mm_GB-IE.indd 1 1

01/06/2018 16:53 15:32 30/05/2018 26.03.18 11:54 26.03.18 11:54


Supermatt – performance on trend 12 ‘Supermatt’ solid colours have been added to RENOLIT’s ALKOREN range of 3D thermo-formable films, and are available exstock in the UK. Matt surface finishes continue to increase in popularity and market trends are now diverging into different styles of matt textures. In response, ‘Supermatt’ has been developed to complement the popular and successful ‘Suedette Matt’ emboss. ‘Supermatt’ is an elegant, low friction, smooth and durable matt surface finish. In addition to providing a striking and touchable surface, RENOLIT Cramlington’s ‘Supermatt’ has tested as the best performing product when compared against other similar materials for key physical properties such as scratch, mar and stain resistance. ‘Supermatt’ is available in all of the most widely sold colours in the UK, offering a commercially attractive colour palette combined with a desirable high performing superior matt surface.

The RENOLIT Group is a globally-active specialist for high-quality plastic films, sheets and other plastic products. With more than 30 locations in over 20 countries, and with annual sales of EUR 1 billion in fiscal 2017, the company is one

of the world’s leading plastics product manufacturers. Over 4,700 employees continue to further the knowledge and expertise gained from over 70 years of business. www.renolit.com


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Kährs introduces Lux and Lumen collections Kährs has launched two new ultra-matt wood flooring collections, Lux and Lumen. Recently winning Gold for ‘Best Flooring’ at the 2017 House Beautiful Awards, Kährs’ Lux collection includes nine one-strip plank format designs in an array of natural colours, which are mirrored in Lumen’s three-strip and two-strip designs. The new surface treatment applied to the designs is non reflective; enhancing the colour and beauty of real wood, whilst giving a silky, yet strong shield against wear and tear. “Lux and Lumen have been developed for designled interiors, with abundant natural light, for example with floor-to-ceiling glazing. Traditional lacquer finishes reflect light which distracts from the floor’s appearance,” says Emanuel Lidberg, Head of Design at Kährs Group. “Our new, ultra-matt finish minimises reflections so that the wood’s natural grain and tone can be appreciated to the full.” The contemporary Lux Collection features nine floors spanning from the milky white “Ash Air” to the earthy, deep-smoked “Oak Terra”. Kährs’ Lumen Collection offers mirrored three-strip and two-strip designs to complement Lux, or offer an alternative interior look. All designs feature a brushed effect, accentuating the natural grain of the wood. www.kahrs.com

Armourcoat introduces new acoustic plaster system at CDW Photography: The Minster Building, London ©Jonathan Banks

Decorative specialist Armourcoat was delighted to act as headline sponsor and introduce its new acoustic plaster system at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018. Designed to optimise the acoustics of interior spaces, the Armourcoat Acoustic plaster system offers a clean and smooth mineral surface that can be applied seamlessly over large expanses to both flat and curved surfaces. Comprising of a special mineral wool

composite panel that is bonded onto the substrate and finished with a seamless layer, the system presents an elegant marble-based plaster finish while allowing sound energy to pass through the surface. The Armourcoat Acoustic installation at the Brunner showroom on Rosebery Avenue showcased the product, together with Armourcoat’s full range of decorative surface solutions. www.armourcoat.com


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Yarwood Leather has you covered. sales@yarwoodleather.com HI77_Pages.indd 125

+44 (0) 113 252 1014


www.yarwoodleather.com 01/06/2018 15:32


How UNILIN Evola evolves

A UNILIN Evola collection is impossible without inspiration and so the development team at UNILIN, division panels, is constantly on the hunt for originality and individuality, looking for new ways to make UNILIN Evola excel in aesthetic and textural integrity. The process begins at design fairs such as Milan’s Salon del Mobile, where product manager Ann De Blanck looks for trends with staying power. While tapping into the ‘latest thing’ through Evola’s regular collection updates, Ann’s ultimate goal is to ensure the overall collection is stable, and captures an integrity and honesty in its approach.

Today, the originality and authenticity of textures are more important than ever. That is why UNILIN, division panels, has spent the last few years focusing on developing textures. They can be deep or subtle, but all uphold ease of maintenance, durability and workability. With deep textures, such as the brand-new Brushed Wood, this is no easy task and so UNILIN has developed a complex technology to achieve an authentic and original look without a performance trade-off. www.unilinpanels.com

Carnegie expands Xorel Artform Line of acoustic panels North American textile manufacturer, Carnegie, has introduced its Xorel Artform acoustic panels in several new textile patterns, as well as four new shapes, in order to expand the product line’s creative and aesthetic potential. Xorel Artform is designed with ease in mind, enabling designers, facility managers, and end users to create and customise artful compositions while delivering sound performance.

New shapes Arc, Criss, and Cross were designed out of the desire to create complex, interlocking configurations that impart a woven quality to compositions. These shapes feature a gently rolled edge detail that subtly utilises shadow and depth to create graceful visual connections between panels and enhance the woven effect. Circle 3D incorporates a raised edge through the centre of each panel that, depending on the orientation of the panel and light source, creates a subtle shadow when installed. Every Xorel Artform panel utilises the high-performance C2C Certified Xorel textile that offers hundreds of options in a bio-based version. With an ever-expanding offering of shapes, textiles, and application options, Xorel Artform offers a wide variety of options to suit every space and aesthetic. www.carnegiefabrics.com


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colours. textures. trends.

Matching colours with nature. HERITAGE OAK









H161 / V9A

U651 / CST

U646 / CST

U653 / CST

U650 / CST

free. sample. service.

Request free samples at www.unilinpanels.com


An inspiring decorative panelling collection in 168 designs, available in HPL, melamine and edging tape. UNILIN Evola promises lifelike wood decors and authentic embossed textures. In combination with a surprising palette of solid colours, this collection offers you creative freedom for every interior decorating project.

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Creative walls fast with ClicWall ClicWall from UNILIN, division panels, brings creative freedom in a durable, high-quality melamine-faced wallcovering system available in 106 different finishes. Already used successfully in Carrefour Market store concepts, as well as in hospitals, schools and public buildings, the system is technically superior, offering excellent durability and ease of maintenance. Splash-proof and scratch-resistant, all ClicWall panels feature a patented Uniclic locking profile and easy slide strip for rapid installation, making it one of the easiest wall panel systems available today. In a panel size of 600mm x 2785mm, the 10mm thick panels are also available in FR (fire retardant) specification. Technically superior to ensure long-term use in commercial environments, it is the 106 flawless decorative effects that ensure ClicWall stands out. With a huge array of wood finishes that look and feel just like real wood, concrete effects that deliver impressively low-lustre for better authenticity, brushed metals and solid colours; the system offers unrivalled creative freedom. info.panels@unilin.com www.unilinpanels.com

Discover a new world of colour with Palettone Polyflor, the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s commercial and residential vinyl flooring specialist, has announced the launch of its colourful new homogeneous flooring collection, Palettone PUR. The premium Palettone range offers a full spectrum of colour, with 50 shades to choose from including classic neutrals, soothing pastels and daring brights. Featuring a non-directional, semi-matt emboss for the even distribution of light reflectance, the palette is split into seven colour groups â&#x20AC;&#x201C; cool greys, warm greys, greens, blues, pink purples, yellow reds and beige browns. With each Palettone design being made up of a solid colour base and complementary toned highlights, the collection includes shades designed to inspire leisure and hospitality projects, such as Lunar Landscape, Festival Field, Faded Denim, Sugar Candy, Cayenne Heat and China Clay. Designed for contemporary interior design schemes in leisure, retail and other commercial projects, durable Palettone sheet vinyl flooring has a 2mm gauge and features a high quality, crosslinked, UV cured polyurethane reinforcement that protects the floor covering by resisting soiling and scuffing. www.polyflor.com

Palettone vinyl flooring in Regency Room and Lily Petal.


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Exquisite fabric design from Romo Renowned for its exquisite design and stylish colour palette, Romo’s signature style is embodied in a range of high performance, contract suitable fabrics. Featuring wide width drapery, versatile plains and bold geometrics, Habanera, Orsi and Sesia have been designed purposefully using Trevira CS and inherently fire retardant yarns, meeting rigorous international fire retardant standards for use in both contract and domestic settings. Remaining true to Romo’s signature colour palette and complementing existing collections perfectly, soft neutrals sit alongside rich jewel-like tones and luxurious metallic to form an irresistible palette. Visit Romo’s website to view its range of contract suitable fabrics. www.romo.com

Polyflor’s acoustic flooring creates stylish restaurant interior Silentflor vinyl sheet flooring from Polyflor’s collection of acoustic floor coverings was chosen for the interior design scheme of a brand new burger restaurant, The Counter Custom Burgers at The Quay in Glasgow. Approximately 220m² of heavy commercial Silentflor flooring in Light Industrial Concrete was fitted in the front of house areas, while a further 100m² of Polysafe Standard safety flooring with sustainable slip resistance was used for the back of house kitchen and staff zones. Tyne & Wear-based Restaurant Design Associates created the California-inspired design scheme and implemented the restaurant fit out, with the flooring installed by Johnson Wright Flooring. “Our aim was to reflect US restaurant culture and LA style at The Counter,” comments Nick Bradley, director at Restaurant Design Associates. “We loved the on-trend Light Industrial Concrete flooring from the Silentflor collection with design features such as cracks and marks for an authentic concrete effect.” Made in the UK, the Silentflor range includes 36 striking designs in a 3.7mm gauge and 0.65mm wear layer format. The collection’s eight contemporary concrete and 12 abstract designs have been specifically developed to achieve a modern on-trend look. www.polyflor.com


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Antron presents Global Colour Trend Forecast 2019 INVISTA Antron® carpet fibre has released the fifth edition of its Antron Global Colour Trend Forecast. Compiled in collaboration with trend expert Anne Marie Commandeur of Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, the report looks at key design drivers for commercial interiors in 2019. Antron and Stijlinstituut Amsterdam contemplated a myriad of emerging design and colour directions before settling on four key themes, each of which explores the impact of colour and its link to changing mind-sets and socioeconomic shifts. In Play, bold, vibrant and happy shades prevail as colours to spice up environments and to create pattern by blocking. In contrast, Primal focuses on our need to retreat and relax with a series of subdued, natural and essentialist shades. With Reflect, sensory stimulus is explored with shades that capture light while also suggesting luminescence through use as grids, gradient and mélange effects. The final theme, Grow, focuses on our desire to feel closer to nature with a palette of green tones that tackle the deficit revealed between nature and our manmade environments. www.antron.eu

Brilliant designs for dazzling spaces modulyss has launched Delight, a collection of five carpet tile designs bringing the joy of shimmering effects and subtle metallics to work and hospitality spaces. “Each design stands up in its own right; powerful looks that make an assured statement through a sophisticated handling of dull and gloss combinations,” explains Vanessa Van Overmeeren, product development manager. “Whether a subtle take with Blaze, Spark and Gleam, or something more expressive in Dusk and Dawn, it’s a collection that offers broad scope throughout a project. Linked through an elegant use of metallic yarns and shared colours, we’re looking forward to seeing how designers work the five confident designs on their own or mixed and matched into flooring schemes.” Each carpet tile design in the modulyss Delight collection is rated Class 33 heavy commercial use under EN 1307 and comes with Back2Back recycled content backing for enhanced stability. www.modulyss.com


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Granorte showcases Cork innovation at Ecobuild Granorte’s presence at this year’s Ecobuild exhibition has cemented its position as one of the UK’s most high-profile cork suppliers. Showcasing a range of cork-based surface products suitable for use in demanding commercial environments, the manufacturer demonstrated the potential of the material to transform interiors with a fresh aesthetic and remarkable performance. Granorte specialises in innovation and demonstrated this at Ecobuild with the PVC-free alternative to rigid vinyl and LVT products, Kenko. Using a special polymer wear layer from Japan that is PVC and plasticizer-free, Kenko delivers the practical and aesthetic qualities that makes vinyl plank flooring popular in commercial spaces, with less environmental impact and heightened sound reduction, underfoot comfort and thermal insulation. The Portuguese-based company also showed its versatility to visitors at Ecobuild, with wall coverings, fabric and furniture all on display at the event at London’s Excel exhibition centre. With strong interest from specifiers and construction professionals, Granorte has declared its attendance a success, and an important step in working towards its goal to become the UK’s best cork supplier. www.granorte.co.uk

Raw beauty from Osmo Eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, Osmo UK offers a lightly tinted protective finish that provides an original, untreated appearance for wooden floors. Polyx-Oil Tints Raw not only creates a sought-after look, but also protects the wood’s surface. Based on the original Polyx-Oil product, the finish retains the natural beauty and character of the wood by accentuating its original colour and grain. The floor remains microporous and can be touched up to cover any abrasions without a problem. Finishing floors with Polyx-Oil creates a durable and water and dirt resistant surface. The natural renewable ingredients in this product guarantee an even colour spreading and an overall pleasing finish, after just two coats. Osmo is renowned for its wood treatments that combine product performance and natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. The company operates a policy of supplying only products that are eco-friendly during production as well as in application. Polyx-Oil is no exception, as it meets the requirements of both EN 71.3 and DIN 53160, by being safe for humans, animals and even on children’s toys. www.osmouk.com

High-performance flooring with designers in mind With woven vinyl, vinyl planks, broadloom carpet, shiny planks, modular carpet and matting, Quadrant can provide designers with an unparalleled selection of flooring products; engineered to deliver maximum performance and style. Whether starting with a scheme centred around the sophisticated high-texture and faultless practicality of Ntgrate, or the wood, stone and concrete effects found in equally practical Salto vinyl planks; Quadrant can work with designers to integrate a huge range of products. “The Quadrant philosophy is to ensure that designers have scope in their choice of flooring without having to worry about cross-compatibility, lead-times and dealing with numerous suppliers,” comments James Scully, managing director, Quadrant. “To us, it is fundamental that designers have the ability to create a flooring scheme that works to the aesthetic and functional principles of a brief, without having to look elsewhere. It’s ultimately about harmony and making the specification of great flooring schemes easier.” 01622 719090 www.quadmod.com


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The Specifier’s Guide to Flooring launches at CDW 2018 The Specifier’s Guide to Flooring has now launched in the UK, published by Kick-Start Publishing. Officially unveiled at Shaw Contract’s showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week, the new ‘definitive guide’ will provide a specification tool for architects, designers, facilities managers and specifiers on all aspects of flooring. Exploring key materials, from carpet to vinyl, ancillary products and accessories – and everything inbetween – the guide will provide a rich resource for the industry, in hard copy format and online at http://www.specifiersguide.co.uk. Following in the footsteps of highly successful sister publication – The Specifier’s Guide to Tile & Stone – the new flooring-focused guide includes commentary from the most prominent names in the industry, as well as technical analysis and inspirational imagery. Its official launch in London’s design district included a presentation from Fiona Bowman MBA CBIFM, FCMI Senior Facilities Management Consultant. Fiona praised the new resource for its “compelling, substantive, clear and concise content; an invaluable guide for the complex specification process.” www.specifiersguide.co.uk

FILA launches new treatments FILA’s ‘enhance the beauty’ collection includes three treatments, designed to protect and enhance natural stone surfaces, from marble countertops to limestone pavers. As well as offering protection against water and oil, enhancing features include colour revitalisation and a wet-look finish. The three FILA treatments each offer protection, whilst adding to the surface aesthetic and performance. Designed for unpolished stone and agglomerates – including tumbled, flamed and natural sawn finishes – water-based FILAPT10 and solvent-based FILAWET each create a glossy wet–look which is weather and UV-resistant. The water-based option can be applied over residual moisture, whilst the solvent treatment has an additional consolidating effect, ideal for older surfaces. The third product, FILASTONE PLUS is a solvent-based colour enhancing sealer that can be used on unpolished and polished surfaces to protect and revive colour tone. It is ideal for marble and granite worktops and decorative stone finishes, from cladding to fireplace surrounds. www.filasolutions.com

Cork flooring and wall products Granorte’s presence at this year’s Ecobuild exhibition has cemented its position as one of the UK’s most high-profile cork suppliers, showcasing its innovative cork flooring and wall products to the UK construction and specification industry. With flooring products such as Kenko – rated for Class 34 Very Heavy Commercial use – there is no doubt that cork can have the durability to withstand busy commercial spaces, but the material also brings a range of benefits including heightened comfort, sound-reduction, thermal insulation and low environmental impact. Granorte specialises in innovation and demonstrated this at Ecobuild with the PVC-free alternative to rigid vinyl and LVT products, Kenko. Using a special polymer wear layer from Japan that is PVC and plasticizer-free, Kenko delivers the practical and aesthetic qualities that makes vinyl plank flooring popular in commercial spaces, with less environmental impact and heightened sound reduction, underfoot comfort and thermal insulation. www.granorte.co.uk


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Design â&#x20AC;˘ Expertise â&#x20AC;˘ Service CONTRACT SOFT FURNISHINGS

Bakau by Skopos. Contract faux leathers in metallic and trend shades, for stylish statement interiors that last. sales@skopos.co.uk


Tel: 01924 436666



Skopos77.indd 1

04/05/2018 10:20

07976 721 538

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31/05/2018 12:37


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GROHE Atrio: an icon of elegance and precision

At the heart of comfortable, contemporary design is the marriage of quality and style; a harmony of form and function. GROHEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new tap collection, Atrio, was designed with this philosophy in mind, combining ease of use with guaranteed longevity. Presented at Milan Design Week 2018, Atrio is an evolution of the classic look that plays homage to GROHEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s design pedigree. The design features a sleek, cylindrical form that is the same diameter from the base to the top, while the spout itself curves in the perfect arc of a semi-circle. This pared back, elegant form creates a powerful visual statement, bringing timeless elegance to the bathroom. GROHE believes that the strongest trends are built to last, and thus the Atrio collection is defined both by its purity and quality.Completely at home in a minimalist setting or making a positive statement in a cosmopolitan bathroom scheme, the outline of the new Atrio range is striking in its simplicity, presenting a forward-looking aesthetic ideal for the hospitality sector. In April 2018, the Atrio collection was awarded the coveted Red Dot Award, affirming that it meets the highest standards of engineering and performance for which GROHE is famous. The collection comprises 35 products and is available in a carefully selected range of colours and finishes to complement any hotel aesthetic, from brushed nickel to brushed hard graphite. www.grohe.co.uk


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Soho restaurant celebrates Japanese bathroom technology

TOTO’s Neorest Washlet™ provided the pefect fit for the bathrooms of Japanese-inspired dining concept, ICHIBUNS. Situated in London’s Chinatown, the restaurant celebrates Japan’s unique culture and cuisine, with a playful twist. Allowing ICHIBUNS’ guests the opportunity to experience the best in Japanese bathroom technology, too, TOTO’s Neorest Washlet™ features a lid that automatically opens and closes, as well as a remote control that operates a selection of warm water personal bidet washes. A warm air dryer reduces paper consumption. The Neorest uses self-­generated Electrolised Water (ewater+) to self-­clean and kill any bacteria, as well as a deodorizer to neutralise bad smells. As with all of TOTO’s toilets, it features a rimless ceramic design complete with a Tornado flush to thoroughly and efficiently clean every inch of the bowl. “Washlet type toilets have really grown in the UK market since we launched here in 2009,” says Floyd Case, TOTO’s project and branding manager, Europe and USA. “Whereas previously people could only experience them in Japan, we have now opened up more opportunities for people to try them and fall in love with them. “The DNA behind everything TOTO does is ‘Clean Technology’, meaning great performance, clean products, a clean environment and ensuring a truly harmonious relationship with water, for users.” www.gb.toto.com www.ichibuns.com

Imagery © ICHIBUNS


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Traymate goes national

UK shower tray manufacturer and innovator, Traymate, has announced that it will be taking its brand national from June 2018. The TMUK brand will be available via respected distributors Barwick Bathroom Distribution in Bradford covering the North, and Claygate Distribution in Kent handling the South. The brand is already well-known to suppliers and distributors in the industry as a manufacturer of high quality, innovative 25mm shower trays and enclosures for the bathroom, with ranges designed for the wetroomalternative, volume and anti-slip markets. “We are a company which innovates every step of the way, from the design of our products to the materials and the processes we use to create them,” comments Clive Bonefaas, Traymate’s national sales director. “With our wide range of products offering market-leading quality and design, we believe we have a story to tell which will really resonate with potential customers. “With our own innovative tool making facility and flexible production techniques we can continue to create desirable designs in white or other fashionable colours endorsing our unique market position.” www.traymateproducts.com


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Introducing Hoxton by Perrin & Rowe. British contemporary design made with traditional skills and state of the art technology. Quality deямБned.

CONTACT SARAH LEDDIN +44 (0)20 7351 3085 CONTRACTS@PERRINANDROWE.CO.UK perrinandrowe.co.uk

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Bringing a sense of ‘joie de vivre’ to contemporary bathroom design The Brioso furniture range is the latest collection to be introduced by Duravit. Collaborating with renowned designer Christian Werner, the collection’s distinctive features include precise, finely nuanced geometry produced by slender cabinet frames which form the edges of the furniture, mirrors and mirror cabinets. 15 different finishes are available in a variety of decors, including real wood veneers, matt options and high gloss finishes in traditional and on-trend shades such as light blue or concrete grey matt, as well as a linen-look décor finish. Handles and feet supplied are available in matching or contrasting colours. A chrome option is also available, enabling the design to be further customised. www.duravit.co.uk

Kaldewei brings luxury to the hotel bathroom When designing a nearly flat shower solution within a hotel bathroom, Kaldewei’s Cayonoplan shower surface offers the perfect solution.The Cayonoplan is offered in 19 different dimensions, with a laterally-positioned waste outlet and an ultra flat tray support for easy assembly. The Cayonoplan adapts to many different structural requirements. For instance, if adequate height is available it can be installed at floor level. Where the bathroom does not allow for this, the shower surface can be quickly and easily installed directly on top of the floor tiles. Made from superior steel enamel, the Cayonoplan complements the Cayono Duo bath and Puro S washbasin, creating a ‘Perfect Match’ harmonious bathroom design. www.kaldewei.co.uk


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TeceJu Anzeige


Surfaces as required The manufacturing service from TECE individualises toilet flush plates made of plastic and metal. All colours as well as metallic surfaces are available, and you also have the option to create an individual design using logos. TECE offers flushing technology within a system â&#x20AC;&#x201C; down to the finest detail.


HI77_Pages.indd 141 TeceJune18.indd 1 Anzeigenpool_TECE_individuelle_Betaetigungen_EN.indd 3

01/06/2018 15:33 18/05/2018 11:52 17.05.18 17:15


Victoria + Albert Baths launches Soriano Luxury British bathing brand, Victoria + Albert Baths, has announced the launch of Soriano – a new Stainless Steel brassware collection with a contemporary brushed finish. Designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati and made in Italy, the Soriano collection is inspired by ‘Boolean’, the coding logic defined by “1s” and “0s”, and is characterised by crisp lines and geometric angles. The brilliance of the design lies in its simplicity, as the spout, lever and base of each piece is defined by one shape. Soriano is crafted from a grade of stainless steel chosen for its corrosion resistance and machinability. The contemporary brushed finish is applied using specialised techniques, and the final pieces are hand assembled by artisans. The Soriano 16 and Soriano 19 are both ‘Monoblock’ deck-mounted basin mixers with one handle, with the Soriano 19 offering a low-deck option. Both mixers are ideal when paired with Victoria + Albert’s range of vessel and recessed basins. www.vandabaths.com

Showerwall’s expansive new bathroom panelling range Showerwall’s comprehensive new product range offers a natureinspired spectrum of 66 décors, catering for all trends and tastes from luxuriously veined marbles to earthy stones and shimmering quartz, and from sleek glass-like acrylics to custom-printed designs. Trends, textures and technology are the key words behind the expansive new collection, which features an innovative synchronised texture for bathroom wall surfaces and new Proclick installation technology for a seamless finish. Ideal for use in shower enclosures, around baths, behind basins and to create statement feature walls, the new range is grouped into five collections of Marble, Quarry, Mineral, Acrylic and Customs standard or bespoke digital printed options. There are 33 brand new designs overall. An exclusive innovation for Showerwall, synchro offers a unique textured finish that follows the form of real marble to achieve a realism like never before on its Lightning Marble décor. 0845 604 7334 www.showerwall.co.uk

Closomat announces new disabled toileting solutions New ‘best practice’ guidelines have been published addressing bedroom and bathroom accessibility in multi-occupancy buildings, be it new build or refurbishment. Simultaneously, British provider of disabled toileting solutions, Closomat, is announcing new developments that enable hotel, residential and care home operators and communal/supported housing providers to comply, stylishly, with a unique package from specification, through fitting to future service and maintenance. Under the new guidelines, up to 5% of bedrooms should have a wheelchair accessible en-suite shower room, if en-suite facilities are available elsewhere in the building; a further 1% should have a fixed track hoist system, a further 5% maximum should have an en-suite for ambulant disabled people, with an overall total of 15% of bedrooms large enough to enable easy adaptation if required in the future. Closomat offers a range of contemporary ceiling track hoist systems that can be tailored to individual needs, enabling movement and transfer within a room, through to an en-suite, or beyond. In the bathroom, it can

provide a range of fixtures such as grab rails, height-adjustable or fixed washbasins that integrate with a stylish wall track system, enabling quick and easy adaptation to individual occupant needs. www.clos-o-mat.com


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Create a luxury space that guests and visitors will look forward to revisiting with the Geberit Bathroom Collection. Bringing together elegant design and outstanding function in a spectacular fashion, our collection combines advanced behind-the-wall technology and ceramic ingenuity to form the complete bathroom solution for optimal guest comfort in your next hotel project. â&#x2020;&#x2019; geberit.co.uk/hotels

HI77_Pages.indd 1431 GerberitJune18.indd

01/06/2018 09:34 15:33 02/05/2018


New colour finishes from AQATA AQATA has introduced new colour wall fixings to its luxury Design Solutions range. Gold, Polished Nickel and Brushed Nickel finishes are available for the first time as an alternative to chrome, providing customers with greater choice and design flexibility. AQATA’s Design Solutions range was launched last year and offers high quality minimalist designs and exceptional versatility. This unique range can be customised to suit individual preferences, with a choice of wall fixings, glass type, etched design, handle options and colour finishes for a truly personalised design. For added warmth, AQATA also offers a choice of tinted glass in three natural colours – grey, bronze and green – for further individuality in the bathroom. www.aqata.co.uk

Prepare for next winter with demista™ and Cosyfloor™ demista™ heated mirror pads and underfloor heating with Cosyfloor™ provide the perfect solution to steamed-up mirrors and chilly bathroom floors. demista™ heated mirror pads are easy to install, require no maintenance, meet all required safety standards and ensure a perfectly clear image whenever the pad is switched on. The pads, which can simply be wired into the lighting system, are available in a selection of sizes, or can be made to bespoke requirements upon request. Underfloor comfort heating can be safely used in areas such as bathrooms or wetrooms and needs to be installed by a professional electrician. A cable version is available to make it easier to fit around bathroom basins, toilets, etc. Both demista™ heated mirror pads and Cosyfloor™ have a proven reputation for reliability and quality from more than 26 years of manufacturing in the United Kingdom. www.demista.co.uk

Leading international amenities player Groupe GM has launched a prestigious amenity line in partnership with French creative perfumer Blaise Mautin, building on a rich history of collaboration between the two. The Blaise Mautin hotel line centres on a vivacious, delicate yet powerful fragrance, which combines bergamot from Calabria, petit grain, sweet orange, a hint of ylangylang from Madagascar, shaped by an accord of rose petals, orange blossom and jasmine. The base is spiced up by a breath of thyme, clary sage and lavender, lying on a bed of vetiver thus creating an unforgettable scent. This new range features four generous 50ml tubes of shampoo, conditioner, bath shower gel, and body lotion, all presented in a pure, modern slate blue color. The range is complemented with two cardboard box soaps, available in 30g and 50g, and a liquid soap and hair and body gel, both available in a practical 300ml Ecopump. Wall brackets in brass or recyclable ABS plastic are also available. www.groupegm.com

The Blaise Mautin hotel line


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Schlüter ®L IP R O T E C lighting pro file technology

Schlüter ®ROND EC wall corner s and edge s profiles

Schlüter ®S C H IE N E L-shaped fl oor profi le Schlüter ®D IL E X movement joint Schlüter ®TREP stair nosin g with Schlüter ®L IP R O T E C lighting pro file techno logy Schlüter ®to complem P R O F IL E S ent tile and stone

Schlüter ®D IT R A 2 5 uncoupling and CE ma rked waterproo fing


Schlüter ®BEKOTEC -THERM hydronic u nderfloor h e ating and modular scr eed system

Schlüter ® -PROFILES When specifying tile and stone, you need a partner you can trust. From functional to decorative, our product range includes profiles for finishing wall and floor coverings, stair nosings, expansion, perimeter, edge, and transition joints. With a wide range of finishes, colours, materials, textures and capabilities there’s an option for every application, all suitable for use in commercial and residential installations with tile and stone coverings. Backed up by expert technical support, whenever, wherever you need it. Making the decision to choose Schlüter-Systems even easier. To find out more call 01530 813396 or visit www.schluterspecifier.co.uk

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Hospitality Interiors May-Jun 2018 - Schlüter Specification (Profiles).indd 1

01/06/2018 16:05 15:33 15/05/2018

11/05/2018 11:28:12


Bring beauty to the mundane with Lateral Design Studio Lateral Design Studio’s main focus is to bring beauty to the mundane. The company designs and creates award-winning quality architectural components for the construction, hospitality, leisure and spa sectors and helps lead the way in innovative interior design. Whether clients need to add extra flair to their hotel reception, lobbies and recreational areas or wish to bring dramatic and eyecatching design to bedrooms, bathrooms or shower rooms, Lateral Design Studio’s products can be tailored to suit both modern and traditional styles. Not only does Lateral Design Studio use the highest quality materials but it also offers a wide range of striking finishes. The company works with its clients to craft their perfect vision, and can even extend branding exposure in places where it has never been seen before. Lateral Design Studio creates everything from floor registers in brass or bronze, which can be given a beautiful antique finish by applying an aged patina, to smart and sophisticated air conditioning grilles, interchangeable face plates for extractor fans and even crafted panels for radiators. For bathrooms and showers, Lateral Design Studio provides elegant basins and

pop-up drainage covers, which have been meticulously designed and produced in an array of exceptional creations. Clients can choose from brushed, hammered or mirror polished designs with PVD colours, plus finishes in bronze or gold plate. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it’s becoming harder for companies and brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Lateral Design Studio offers an innovative and eye catching way to extend clients’ branding in new locations. Lateral Design Studio has won a number of

awards, including the coveted SBID product award, and its clients include Grosvenor Estates, Vanessa Brady OBE, an array of top architects throughout the UK and EU as well as interior designer Celia Sawyer, for whom it designed a pop-up waste and overflow in 24K gold, inlaid with Swarovski crystals, for a £100,000 bath. Lateral Design Studio has extensive experience in transforming simple products into masterpieces, and is extremely passionate about realising the vision of its clients. www.lateraldesignstudio.co.uk


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01/06/2018 15:33

keep the holiDay magic alive at home With a Wellis hot tub

eco-friendly technology

smart spas

year warranty

automatic water treatment

made in Europe

WhatSpa Best Buy spas

EuropEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s LEading spa ManufacturEr

Discover the latest Wellis smart hot tubs at


find our products at our dealers all over the uK.

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01/06/2018 15:33


Sophisticated modular design from Vondom Ramon Esteve has designed the TABLET collection for Vondom, blending new technology with high levels of versatility. Due to its modular components, the collection can easily adapt to any environment, while maintaining visual continuity. The collectionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s construction, based on polyurethane foam with a metallic structure upholstered with polypropylene fabric, makes TABLET a perfect collection both for indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to its sophisticated aesthetic and finishing. www.ramonesteve.com www.vondom.com


HI77_Pages.indd 148

01/06/2018 15:33


7085 Deck Shower Marine grade exterior shower in carbon fibre finish [black or silver] Available with ‘EASY’ plug-in base for fast removal / storage Fully customisable

1978-2018 Anniversario

HI77_Pages.indd 149 TimageMay18.indd 1

Celebrating 40 Years

Products inspired by a generation in the yacht industry www.timage.eu sales@timage.eu

01/06/2018 11:38 15:33 03/05/2018


Barlow Tyrie’s Titan collection brings comfort to RHS Garden Barlow Tyrie’s Titan furniture was recently specified for RHS Garden Wisley, bringing comfort and strong practicality to its Glasshouse Café. RHS Wisley, which lies between Cobham and Ripley in Surrey, is now the proud owner of 192 Titan armchairs and varying lengths of solid teak dining tables – 48 x 1m tables, and 12 x 3m tables, with 24 x 2.6m benches. The brand’s Titan furniture is from its Rustic Teak’ collection, which uses mixed patterns of teakwood, all of which are part of the natural and rustic character of the product. Barlow Tyrie sources first grade plantation-grown teakwood (Tectona Grandis) for its furniture, which is laminated and includes wild grain patterns and knots that give it a rugged farmhouse appeal. The collection includes an extremely comfortable stacking armchair with shaped rustic teak back and seat on a black powder-coated aluminium frame. Barlow Tyrie’s aim is to make outdoor living as comfortable as it is stylish, from the ‘design classic’ to its contemporary and traditional furniture – collections for exceptional outdoor living. 01376 557 600 www.teak.com


HI77_Pages.indd 150

01/06/2018 15:33


HI77_Pages.indd 151 OasiqJune18.indd 1

01/06/2018 14:28 15:33 29/05/2018



Niklas Moeller, Vice President, KRM K.R. Moeller Associates (KRM), a global developer and manufacturer of sound masking technology, has launched a new device specifically for hotel guest rooms. Here, KRM’s vice-president Niklas Moeller explains the significant benefits of MODIO in reducing noise disturbance and improving ambience.

How serious is the noise problem for hotels? According to surveys conducted by J.D. Power, noise regularly tops the list of complaints, ranking either first or second across all property types. However, research also shows that nearly 60% of guests don’t complain to staff at the time they experience this problem; instead, they simply decide not to return and also post negative comments online. From there, the problem can escalate, as nearly the same percentage actively seek positive reviews about sleep quality before making a reservation. The property’s reputation and financial health suffer. And, of course, if the hotelier attempts to solve this problem using the wrong solutions, they can end up spending a great deal of money, with little to no return on their investment.

actually suffer from the same issue we’ve successfully addressed in offices over the last forty years: background sound levels that are far too low. In these ‘library-like’ or ‘pin-drop’ conditions, all kinds of sounds are audible and even low-volume noises are sufficient to irritate or awaken occupants. Adding more isolation – using higher spec walls, windows and doors – and absorptive materials can’t address this issue and, in fact, can make it worse by further reducing the room’s ambient level. How does MODIO Guestroom Acoustic Control address noise? MODIO raises the background sound level using a consistent, comfortable sound that’s similar to softly blowing air. It covers up many noises and reduces the disruptive impact of others by decreasing the amount of change between baseline and peak volumes in the room. In the past, guests have tried to achieve a similar effect by turning on the fan or a ‘white noise’ app, but mechanical systems aren’t designed for this purpose and mobile phones fall considerably short of what a commercialgrade sound masking product can achieve. With MODIO, guests benefit from the same world-leading technology used by our corporate, healthcare and military clients. Guests can adjust the masking level to their liking, allowing them to control their room’s ambience, the same way they would temperature and lighting.

What types of noise control solutions have hotels tried? And are they effective? For years, hotels have tried various construction, policy and amenity-based tactics; however, noise complaints persist. New approaches are needed that tackle the problem from a different angle. We’ve studied guest rooms around the world and found that most

Are there any barriers to implementing this technology in existing properties? MODIO overcomes the installation difficulties that traditional sound masking systems pose for existing properties because it can be quickly mounted on the back of a flat screen TV, to the wall or a furnishing. The only remaining challenge appears to be that hoteliers are sometimes concerned that they’re ‘acknowledging’ noise problems when they take steps to correct them. However, in our experience, guests appreciate tangible efforts to address their concerns. Hundreds of unsolicited and overwhelmingly positive online comments indicate that guests see our technology as a high-end amenity that prevents the annoyance and poor sleep they might otherwise have experienced during their stay. www.modio.audio


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01/06/2018 15:33


Multichannel marketing for the international

hospitality industry Hospitality Interiors has developed Connect, a combined website and printed directory designed to meet the needs of the hospitality design industry. The printed directory is a comprehensive reference point for buyers and specifiers looking for suppliers, and vice versa â&#x20AC;&#x201C; while users of the online Connect platform will have the industry at their fingertips. Call us on 01424 776102 to discover why Connect should be part of your marketing plans this year, or read more at bit.ly/hi-connect-media Brought to you by

HI77_Pages.indd 153 ConnectApr18.indd 1

01/06/2018 14:51 15:33 28/03/2018


Ruark Audio, a family-owned British purveyor of stylish standalone music systems, has announced the release of MRx – its first connected wireless speaker. The MRx embodies the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail that has become the hallmark of Ruark’s range and further exemplifies the brand’s ongoing process of industrial design. Its design is particularly striking, juxtaposing a sleek real wood or soft grey exterior with a textured British-sourced fabric front. In terms of connectivity, MRx offers a far wider choice than many similar systems. For wireless streaming, the integrated Bluetooth receiver with aptX allows quick and easy direct connection so audio can be played through MRx with CD quality sound from compatible devices. With a broadband internet connection MRx comes alive and allows access to radio stations world-wide and an almost infinite library of music through on-line music services such as Spotify, Deezer and Tidal, with Amazon Music also coming soon. A combined 3.5mm optical and analogue

Ruark Audio releases its first connected wireless speaker

input allows auxiliary devices such as Google Chromecast Audio or Amazon Alexa to be easily connected and a multi-purpose USB socket plays music files from memory sticks and provides a connection point to charge/ power Smart devices. Sonically, Ruark has worked tirelessly to create a system which it believes will exceed expectations, producing an expansive sound that makes music and radio all the more enjoyable. www.ruarkaudio.com


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01/06/2018 15:33


Brighten up interiors with OLED technology

Ian Drinkwater, Managing Director of Applelec, explores how the latest generation of OLED technology is enabling designers to upgrade hospitality interiors.

It’s no secret that the hospitality sector is highly competitive, designers are constantly on the lookout for creative products and technologies that help to set a restaurant, bar or hotel aside from competitors. Lighting is an important ingredient in any outlet, and new technologies such as Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) are pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved, in terms of both creativity and energy efficiency. Slimmer than traditional LED products – due to having no backlight – OLED is flexible, versatile and virtually glare-free, therefore offers a plethora of possibilities. The light modules emit a soft light, which is much like natural daylight, enabling designers to create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. Its flexibility enables OLEDs to the be embedded in furniture, walls and textiles – redefining lighting design. What’s more, with no backlight, OLEDs are extremely energy efficient, enabling businesses to reduce energy usage and the associated costs. Unlike regular LEDs, an OLED doesn’t just block the pixel shutter, but turns it off entirely, meaning it consumes no power when switched off.

Applelec supplied OLED modules for one installation which was showcased at London Design Festival. The Ribbon, which was created by lighting artist, Min Sang Cho, was 3D printed in its basic form and then delicately shaped and finished by hand, with 24-carat gold leaf applied to each piece. The stunning centrepiece now resides in the VIP reception area of the Genting Highland Casino in Malaysia. The sculpture is extremely

energy efficient with remarkably low power consumption, using a mere 9W per unit. The bespoke capabilities of OLED mean that many designers are harnessing the technology to create stunning architectural lighting installations which create a true ‘Wow’ factor in a range of hospitality outlets. Applelec is a trade supplier and manufacturer of signs, displays and lighting, based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. They recently launched their innovative range of lighting modules which utilise OLED technology, revolutionising lighting design. www.applelec.co.uk


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01/06/2018 15:34


Providing hotels with detailed, qualitative guest insight The Know is an intelligent mystery guest service for luxury and boutique hotels. Here, founders Fiona Adams and Mané Ryatt tell us more...

How does The Know differ from other feedback services? The Know uses real paying guests who provide an in-depth and authentic perspective across all aspects of their stay. Our guests (or Knowers) stay longer than a typical mystery shopper, so they see more, and, as they come with their partners, children, or even pets, the feedback encompasses different perspectives. Each review consists of up to 80 questions, and contains qualitative written feedback and recommendations – unearthing the finer details, which are so critical in the quest for excellence yet are typically not relayed back to the hotelier. Knowers are reimbursed for one night of their stay, so they are incentivised to share their views.

Who are The Knowers? Our Knowers are not standard mystery shoppers or anonymous hotel inspectors. They are real guests with exacting standards, a wealth of experience of staying in luxury hotels and the disposable income to pay for an extended stay at a high-end hotel. Our invitation-only approach sees each potential candidate vetted to ensure they meet our strict criteria to provide the level of highquality feedback required. Our reviews are quality guaranteed – if they are not up to our meticulous standards we perform a replacement review – to ensure we continue to live up to our client promises, without exception. They come from all over the world but our Knowers have three things in common – a passion for travel, an eye for detail and a taste for the finer things in life!

Why should a hotel choose The Know? It’s crucial the Knower pays for their stay to ensure it’s authentic. Hoteliers then benefit from confidential ‘warts and all’ insight from a guest who can typically afford to stay at their property – rather than a standard mystery shopper who may normally holiday in a lower category of hotel and can provide a limited comparison. We focus on the full guest experience rather than standards because we know real guests care more about how the hotel made them feel, or what stood out to them in terms of exceptional service or style. With increasing competition and guest expectations, truly understanding your guests’ perspective has never been more important. www.theknow.club


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01/06/2018 15:34


Cloud-based EPOS app gives venues a competitive advantage UK venues and hospitality operators are facing a storm of difficulties at the moment, ranging from rising food prices to staff shortages and extra-demanding customers. So, streamlining operations to keep costs at a minimum, while maintaining excellent customer service, is more important than ever. And an innovative cloud-based EPOS app is providing venues with the help they need to stay on top. “Our cloud-based solution responds to a growing need from venues for simple online access to the real-time data that gives them a competitive edge in these difficult times,” says Luis De Souza, Chief Executive of NFS Technology Group. “The app is simple to use on an iPad and gives you all the features you need to boost sales and improve efficiency.” NFS Technology Group specialises in hospitality software, and it includes prestigious hospitality names including Honest Burgers, Coyote Ugly, Denny’s and Brew Dog among its customers. NFS’ cloud-based EPOS system has been designed for flexibility and scalability, whether

you’re an independent operator or a multi-site operator. Its easy-to-use interface means staff are up and running on Silver in hours. It provides marketing and loyalty-promoting capabilities and advanced business intelligence so operators can drill down on sales data in detail.

“The solution provides immediate ROI because it’s available at an affordable monthly cost that includes integrated loyalty, email marketing and inventory control – all backed by our 24/7 live customer support team,” says Luis. www.nfs-hospitality.com


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01/06/2018 15:34


Chelsom launches Edition 26 More than two years of in-house design led by Robert and Will Chelsom has resulted in the launch of Chelsom’s brand new collection, Edition 26. Designed with the international hospitality and marine markets at the core, Edition 26 is a truly eclectic lighting collection that harnesses and refines the latest trends in finishes and materials. From the Art Deco inspired elegance of the Odeon range to the Nordic influence of the Oslo table lamp, the innovative collection of LED reading lights to the assortment of beautifully crafted mouthblown glass pendants in sumptuous tones and the diverse selection of statement ceiling fittings, there is something to enhance any interior scheme at all price levels. “In all my years working within the lighting industry never has there been a more exciting time to be designing lighting products,” comments Robert Chelsom, Chelsom’s managing director. “Triggered by the fashion cycle, interior trends are moving increasingly faster and in doing so constantly stimulate new design directions when it comes to finishes and materials which is something we have given careful consideration to when creating our latest designs. “Edition 26 has been a fantastic collection to produce, personally I think it’s our most ground breaking to date and Will and I are proud to be able to say that all product has been designed in-house to create a diverse lighting collection that truly caters for all levels of the hospitality and marine sectors.” 01253 831404 www.chelsom.co.uk


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01/06/2018 15:35

KlafsJu 235x30



Photos: Hanno Mackowitz

Home of Balance Panoramahaus

As a global manufacturer of premium saunas and spa solutions, we know what it takes to become a hot topic: outstanding comfort and uncompromising quality. We select only the finest materials, and craft them with passion and painstaking care. To bring each customer’s unique vision to life. Let us inspire you and help you offer your guests a one-of-a-kind spa experience. Find out more at www.klafs.com

HI77_Pages.indd 1 159 KlafsJune18.indd 235x300_Klafs_Anzeige_Gewerblich_EN_RZ_39L_.indd 1

01/06/2018 08:41 15:35 30/05/2018 29.05.18 18:11


Ultrafabrics launches first international showroom Ultrafabrics is a progressive brand based on a hybrid of American and Japanese expertise. Its performance fabrics combine mastercraftsmanship with pioneering technology to offer transformative tactile experiences for consumers across a broad spectrum of industries. The vision behind Ultrafabrics’ first international showroom was developed by Danish interior design powerhouse, OEO Studio, in collaboration with creative strategist, Teke Busk. The concept was to create an inspirational destination that pushes the boundaries of how fabrics are showcased and used, creating a bold, dynamic and unique spatial experience with a strong narrative that appeals to the human senses. The design draws on perceptions of nature with an abstract Japaninspired twist, which reflected the brand’s heritage and is brought to life in the subtle details of the high-quality craftsmanship, delivered by UK/Tokyo based construction company, EDO. The zoning of the showroom ambiances has been carefully worked out to offer a journey, inspired by the elements of nature: water, fire, earth and air. Part of the floor, for example, is a cool blue resin with deep swirls and reflective flecks. A high shine aluminium base adds depth, creating the effect of walking on water. “We wanted to go beyond a traditional showroom format to deliver an engaging brand experience that speaks to and elevates the senses, while showcasing the creative potential of the fabric,” says Clay Rosenberg CEO, Ultrafabrics. Designed to inspire, communicate and stoke curiosity, the bespoke elements include tactile art installations masterfully twisted into organic and poetic shapes as well as highly functional pieces that borrow inspiration from Japan. The choice of materials throughout the showroom

ranges from crafted ash wood to aluminium, two materials that combine beautifully with the fabrics. Ultrafabrics’ vision was for the showroom to serve as a stimulating and inspiring collaboration space for clients and a creative hub for the design community from the UK, Europe and beyond. www.ultrafabricsinc.com www.oeo.dk


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01/06/2018 15:35


LED SPLASHBACKS by PioneerLED Manufacturer PioneerLED Manufacturer has launched its LED Splashbacks in response to the growing demand for innovative smart technology. The new product embodies the degree of choice and flexibility that have made this technology so attractive, but takes the level of creativity and customisation open to the user a step further. Offering an imaginative alternative to blank walls, the LED Splashbacks are fully programmable for a wide array of environments, from bedrooms and bathrooms to living spaces. The LED displays can be smartly and discreetly built into surfaces, offering a wealth of creative freedom for customers. Within the bathroom, for example, natural landscapes could bring a soothing, rejuvenating feel to bathing. As an LED signs and LED screen manufacturer, the company offers its customers a completely bespoke solution tailored to their business, from concept to final installation. www.pioneerled.uk


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01/06/2018 15:35


Fastmount excels with its high quality design and engineering It’s fitting that Fastmount panel fixing systems were developed for marine use, attaching removable panels to yacht interiors in a way that makes them secure yet easy to remove. The industry operates in a highly competitive market where innovation is rewarded and Fastmount quickly found itself the industry standard. Of course, a superyacht isn’t the only place in the world you want to be able to mount removable panels so when Sugatsune was looking for a solution for it’s broader markets Fastmount was an excellent fit. The concept is simple: push-click to fix, hitech plastic or metal fasteners that are easy to fit, flexible in use and easy to remove and replace with no loss of fidelity. The product now comes in a range of types, making them suitable for attaching wall and ceiling panels to a variety of substrates from metal to wood,

Very low profile fire-rated clip set

plasterboard to textiles. They even make attaching curved panels routine. Looking at a few specific applications gives an idea of how useful Fastmount can be. Take for example panels around the base of a bath. It may be that access is occasionally required for maintenance and using Fastmount panel fixings, panel removal is made straight forward. As the fasteners can be fitted directly to plasterboard, large wall panels can be fitted with no additional studwork. Using the PanelSafe restraint system ceiling panels can be removed and held on 150mm drop wires, reducing the risk of mishaps. Floating headboards behind hotel beds can be made easy to remove for cleaning and the

textile range is ideal for attaching upholstery that will also require periodic removal for cleaning. Outdoor furniture may need to have the upholstery fixed and removed depending upon season and weather. As the product is designed to flex in use, a feature that makes it easy to work with, it can also offer a degree of acoustic isolation. The surface mounting PC-SM1AC will support light or acoustic panels and the extra flex it has adds to the sound dampening characteristics of the panel. Fastmount has quickly become the world standard for panel fixing systems, not just because the concept is solid and the range is complete but because the quality of design and engineering instills trust and makes them a pleasure to work with. Fastmount is exclusively distributed by Sugatsune in the UK. www.sugatsune.com

TC-M6 and TC-F6 textile clip set


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01/06/2018 15:35



· -■ 1, �' t


��i i"

.··. ·.


Developed .for superyachts, Fastmount® Panel :.. • � I ' ' Mounting Systems are now the global standard for i�movable panel fasteners. Hi-tech materials and a ,well thoughtlthrough product range make panel - fixing with perfect fit easy. ·· --=- I

I .••

-Interchangeable clips for varying substrates create a "hidden fixing system that allows for flexing and ,expansion of the panel and support frame. Plasterboard, wood, metal, composites and textiles can all be joined, detached and reattached, even curved panels present no difficulty. Distributed exclusively in the UK by Sugatsune.




Japanese manufacturer of

LAMP.. and ZweiL. branded products

FURNITURE, ARCHITECTURAL, MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE Unit 635,Wharfedale Road,Winnersh Triangle,Wokingham, RG41 5TP


HI77_Pages.indd 163 SugatsuneJune18.indd 1

01/06/2018 15:35 23/05/2018 10:51


Blum’s CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° hinge allows internal pullouts to use the full width of the cupboard

Blum announces Clip top Blumotion 155° wide angle hinge The new Clip top Blumotion 155° wide angle hinge by Blum offers enhanced convenience without taking up more space, as the tried and tested soft-close Blumotion has been integrated in the hinge arm. This means that now even cabinets with internal pull-outs, like the popular SPACE TOWER solution, can use the award winning Clip top Blumotion technology. The use of all the existing storage in

the unit, larder or wardrobe for example, means no more wasted space as the internal pullouts can use the full width of the cabinet, and the wide angled opening access is much more convenient. Boss and hinge arm cover caps are symmetrical so they can be used both left and right, making assembly impressively easy. The new wide angle hinge offers the usual advantages you’ve come to

expect from Blum such as a boss drilling depth of just 11.5 mm and 3-dimensional adjustment. There is also a deactivation ability for the Blumotion function should that be required. Its wide opening angle and zero protrusion make it perfect for cabinets with inner pullouts, such as Space Tower. 01908 285700 www.blum.com


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01/06/2018 15:35


Stratum from Hanex® offers unlimited marble design possibilities Stratum from Hanex® solid surface is a collection of six True Scale designs which look like marble but can be easily fabricated, offering wide creative scope for hotel, leisure, commercial and private residential applications. Reflecting the trend for organic colours and stones, Stratum features a neutral palette of easily combinable decors including Grenicio, Moreno, Ardosia, Nublado, Marelinho and Clara, developed to coordinate with a wide range of finishes and materials. Stratum solid surface can be cut, shaped, moulded and thermoformed to create luxurious table tops, lift and foyer surrounds, hotel reception counters, vanity surfaces, furniture pieces, shelving, and wallcladding to name just a few design possibilities. High performance and easy maintenance, the Stratum solid surface material is repairable and resistant to heat, mould, pollutants and bacteria and offers a costeffective, long-term surfacing option.

As with all Hanex® solid surface décors, Stratum is fire rated to EN13501-1b (comparable to BS476 Class 0). It has NSF51 food hygiene certification so is suitable for use in food preparation areas and comes with a 10-year commercial and residential product warranty. Including Stratum, the highly creative Hanex® portfolio now offers a total of 86

decors across the tonal spectrum in stones, pearlescents, translucents and plain colours offering a toolbox of creativity. Hanex® is exclusively distributed by International Decorative Surfaces nationwide offering ex-stock availability from its 13 regional branches for fast and flexible delivery. 0845 603 7811 www.hanex.co.uk


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01/06/2018 15:35


Luxury table lamp Elstead Lighting

Elstead Lighting has a comprehensive range of over 350 portable lamps, coming in a variety of materials and finishes. New to the collection is a series of table lamps that use a striking combination of metalwork and marble, exuding the true sense of luxury. Pictured is the Apollo, partnering a brushed brass frame with white marble inserts at the top and bottom. It is completed with a navy blue faux suede hexagonal shade with gold faux silk lining. Elstead Lighting also offers chandeliers, pendants, wall lights and exterior lighting. Visit its showroom in Alton, Hampshire, to see over 2,700 fittings on permanent display or visit its website to learn more. www.elsteadlighting.com

The Snowdrop

Curiousa & Curiousa Bespoke lighting company Curiousa & Curiousa has announced the latest addition to its bathroom light range - The Snowdrop. Taking inspiration from the snowdrop flowers growing in her own garden in Derbyshire, designer and director Esther Patterson has combined the simple and elegant curves of the petals with the gentle translucency of semi-opaque white glass to create a pendant light that expresses the softness and purity of this early spring flower. The hand-blown semi-opaque glass allows the light to diffuse evenly through the pendant, emitting a beautiful soft glow that would be perfectly suited to a bathroom or spa environment. The Snowdrop comes in one size of approximately 140 x 275mm, suspended from fabric flex and available in a choice of 21 colours. www.curiousa.co.uk


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01/06/2018 15:35

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01/06/2018 15:35


Modular seating

Lyndon by Boss Design Arthur CityScape from Lyndon by Boss Design has become extremely popular with specifiers looking for a modular solution that echoes the trend for informal and relaxed seating across both corporate and hospitality settings environments, without compromising on function or aesthetics. Fusing low and high back seating, Arthur CityScape is suitable for multiple habitats in the workplace. Whether it’s to provide the perfect breakout space for employees to rest and escape from a busy work environment, working in solitude, or making phone calls, it offers the

intimacy and privacy vital for modern methods of working. Equally, it is at home within informal meeting areas, reception spaces and atriums, as well as hotel foyers. “Right from the get-go, Arthur CityScape has been a real winner with specifiers as its dual height options provide both the intimacy of the high back and the openness of the low back all in one single configuration and layout, explains Tim Armitt, managing director at Lyndon. 01242 584897 www.bossdesign.com/lyndon

WingLine L Hettich

Hettich’s WingLine L is a sleek storage solution for hotel bedrooms, allowing hanging space, drawers and appliances such as TVs, fridges and tea/coffee facilities to create minimal impact when not in use. WingLine L comes with Hettich’s renowned Sensys hinges for quiet and pleasurable operation. WingLine L allows full-height doors to fold outwards. The intrusion into the room is far less than with a single hinged door for the same opening, but access is more complete than with a sliding door. WingLine L is thus a practical but attractive way to ensure easy movement around the hotel room, particularly where space is limited, as well as a minimalist aesthetic. With the push-to-move option, full opening is achieved with a single push on the door front, so WingLine L lends itself to unobstusive handle-free designs, although a pull-to-move alternative is available for interior designers who prefer handles. There is no profile on the bottom panel to distract from the aesthetic purity when the dors are open. Soft close is also standard, being integral to the Sensys hinges. www.hettich.com


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01/06/2018 15:35


Easton Bedside BT-07

Grafton Desk | Black D-06

Froyle Club Chair | Black CC-01B

Hampton Chest of Drawers COD-04

Elmley Console CO-07

Stroud Sofa | Petrol SO-01P

W W W.DIDE S IGNS. C O. U K | SAL ES@DI DESI GNS. C O. U K | 01962 771 7 2 5 DIDesigns1/2.indd 1

31/05/2018 15:53

WE KNOW FURNITURE WARINGS Furniture is the preferred manufacturer and supplier of interior and exterior furniture to leading hospitality groups operating in the UK and internationally, many of whom have relied on WARINGS for decades. Thirty years of trading equates to a vast knowledge and experience within this unique sector.

+44 (0)1953 499 949

WaringsJune18.indd 1

31/05/2018 15:03


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01/06/2018 15:35


Food service equipment QED

Retail and catering specialist, Quality Equipment Distributors (QED), has transformed the hospitality suite at Glasgow’s Scotstoun Stadium. Appointed by Glasgow Live and Cordia as the main contractor for the refurbishment, QED and its sub-contractors designed and built the new hospitality area, which includes a new servery counter and new front and rear bars complete with an ice chest, sinks, drainers and glass and bottle storage areas. An enclosure with roller shutter doors was created to isolate the back bar on non-match days. The area also includes a food regeneration enclosure to house two storage refrigerators and two Altosham regeneration and holding ovens. All the modular counters and ‘poseur bar’ seating areas have hard-wearing Silestone worktops and wood effect cladding, finished off with attractive coloured branding to reflect the stadium’s distinctive corporate image. QED also sourced and supplied over 250 items of furniture for the general seating and dining areas. www.qualityequipment.co.uk

Shelf Salice

Fitting into the stable of Salice’s Futura fullextension runner range, Shelf is fixed at the bottom and does not require additional drilling on the cabinet side. Shelf is ideal for a variety of applications in furniture which incorporates pull out shelves. Suitable examples are living room furniture with pull-out shelves for entertainments systems, tea and coffee shelves for hotels and kitchen furniture and shoe shelves in wardrobes. Shelf is available either in soft close version or Push opening for handle-less furniture and is available in lengths from 350mm to 600mm. For wider shelves, additional runners can be fixed to increase weight capacity and stability. www.saliceuk.co.uk

Smart hot tubs Wellis

Wellis presents the latest smart solutions for hot tubs which will guarantee up-to-date technology experiences. In.touch 2 is a smart control integrated into the spa, and is accompanied by an application running on a smart device, allowing the user to easily control their spa from IOS or Android devices. Hot tubs with in.touch 2 are connected via a WiFi network to the home Internet connection and provide remote maintenance. The new system ensures that users do not need to spend time checking the condition of their spa, and will have access to the fastest solution possible if an error occurs. www.wellis.hu


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01/06/2018 15:36




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SALONE DEL MOBILE 2018… OUR TOP PICKS The 57th edition of Salone del Mobile enchanted the industry, as ever, with its unwavering ingenuity and global appeal. Here, we’ve highlighted just some of our favourite launches and installations from the show ...


German bathroom manufacturer, Bette, demonstrated the colour versatility of its glazed titanium-steel products with the launch of playful new shimmering and sparkling effect colours, in addition to a new bath design in striped enamel. www.bette.co.uk


Flos’ showroom was transformed with a spectacular lighting installation designed by London-based Cypriot-born designer Michael Anastassiades. Midway between a light sculpture and an industrial design object, Arrangements is a modular system of geometric LED elements that can be combined in multiple compositions as single or even connected chandeliers. www.flos.com


Grohe re-launched its Atrio tap series – a timeless range defined by slim bodied designs with characteristic cross handles. The revised design of the Atrio collection features not only elegant aesthetics, but also precise technology in sophisticated engineering with a quality “Made in Germany” stamp. www.grohe.co.uk


Preciosa Lighting featured a striking installation entitled ‘Breath of Light’, as well as introducing its striking new pendant, Pearl Drop. This statement lighting piece by designer Frank Tjepkema is classic in its reference to pearls but modern in the simplicity of its overall shape. www.preciosalighting.com


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Hirsch Bedner Associates used the festival as an opportunity to launch the flagship range from its new division, HBA PRODUCTS. The RILIEVO bathroom collection was created in partnership with Milan-based manufacturer, Gessi Spa, and incorporates a range of basin mixers, bidet mixers and shower mixers in varying sizes and metallic finishes. www.hba.com

European furniture brand Sé celebrated its tenth anniversary with the unveiling of its much-anticipated Collection IV in Milan. Designed by Ini Archibong, Collection IV – entitled ‘Below the Heavens’ – references the threshold between heaven and earth; a place of serenity that Archibong feels encompasses the spirit of Sé. www.se-collections.com


Among Tacchini’s new launches at Milan was Julep – an upholstered family of sofas designed by Jonas Wagell. Characterised by soft and enveloping shapes and by a contemporary, romantic and feminine allure, Julep is inspired by the Avant-garde furniture of the 1950s. www.tacchini.it


American design magazine, Surface, collaborated with architect, David Rockwell, and design studio, 2x4, to create The Diner – a pop-up restaurant that immersed visitors in a coast-to-coast journey through the United States. “Along with the LAB at Rockwell Group, we handpicked some of our favorite brands to collaborate with us in order to create a unique visual language that expands and extrapolates on the DNA of this American cultural icon,” explains David Rockwell. www.surfacemag.com www.rockwellgroup.com


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THG Paris unveiled three new collections in Milan, made in collaboration with illustrious artist, Arik Levy, French interior design duo, Gilles & Boissier, and Parisian interior designer, Stéphanie Coutas. The Montaigne collection (pictured) sees Coutas take two raw materials, brass and marble, and shape them into a contemporary object of desire. www.thg-paris.com


Luxury British bathing brand, Victoria + Albert Baths, launched its Candella and Metallo washstands in Milan. Designed by the Italian duo behind Meneghello Paolelli Associati, each washstand is made in a brass construction with a polished chrome finish and topped with a QUARRYCAST basin. vandabaths.com


SCAB Design showcased four of its most recent product launches within four striking cubicles, each of which presented a different interpretation of indoor and outdoor living. There was a prominent 1950s and 60s vibe, particularly notable in the ‘Lisa’ design (pictured). www.scabdesign.com


KAZA Concrete presented a monumental installation at Ventura Future during Milan Design Week that offered a first look at ’Flutes and Reeds’ by GRT Architects, a new tile design which was launched in full during this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week. The installation took the form of a large column and was set in the basement of FuturDome, reminiscent of an archaeological finding. The column represented an intersection of classical and contemporary, its intricate surface showcasing a section of ‘Flutes and Reeds’ by GRT Architects. www.kaza.com


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NODUS showcased its tenth collection of striking rug designs in the main cloister of San Simpliciano. As well as designs from long established partners such as DWA Design Studio, Kiki Van Eijk, Maarten Baas, NODUS unveiled the results of its first collaborations with Alessandra Baldereschi, Marco Carini (pictured) and Faberhama. www.nodusrug.it


Inspired by nature and craft textiles, Bolon launched four rugs and exhibited its new Elements range of flooring in a Neri & Hudesigned installation. Discreet and versatile, the 10 designs in the Elements range act as a bridge between objects and their surroundings, demonstrating the positive effect that good design can have on our senses and wellbeing www.bolon.com


Baleri Italia presented new products with strong, contemporary personalities that stem from the first stage of its brand relaunch under the direction of P+F Architettiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Aldo Parisotto. One of the new launches was a minicollection by Swedish architects and designers, Claesson Koivisto Rune. Their two-sided reversible coffee table design, PICOS, is pictured. www.baleri-italia.com


This intriguing project from Pierattelli Architetture saw the creation of an enchanted garden, populated by tall trees, hundreds of plants and blooming flowers in the heart of high-rise Milan. Reflecting on the relationship between the vertical city and the importance of green spaces, the installation featured products from the likes of Flos and Vitra. www.pierattelliarchitetture.it


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Founded five years ago by PKF hotelexperts and About Hotel magazine, the Tourism Investment Hospitality and Design Forum has become an established international conference for hospitality professionals, designers, developers and investors. During this year’s edition, which was held in Milan, TECE – an acclaimed innovator in the sanitary installation sector – hosted its fourth designer networking event. Intended to support open exchange on design development and networking with key customers in the hospitality segment, TECE curated a panel discussion about the future role of brand design in the hospitality sector. Chaired by Sleeper magazine’s Editor-atLarge, the panel was composed of Emma King, head of design in the London office of the InterContinental Group; Stefanie Rummel, director of design & project management at Marriott International, as well as Philippe Gacon, senior director for interior design for Accor’s midscale & economy brands, who were joined by Isabelle Pintado, senior vice president and regional managing director at Wilson Associates, as well as Clint Nagata from the Blink Design Group. Rudolf Grossmayer, member of the board at UBM Development AG from Vienna, represented the investors and operators.

A key conclusion of the discussion was that brand standards are still seen as a relevant tool for operators and owners to generate brand recognition within an increasingly competitive market. It was suggested, however, that

the increase in conversions and mixed-use projects, where there are often architectural restrictions in place, could complicate the execution of these brand standards, giving an advantage to boutique venues where an


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experiential offering tends to supersede a strong visual identity. The panelists came to the consensus that a decision should be taken on a caseby-case basis as to whether a deviation of standards or a soft brand is the key to success in matching stakeholders’ interests. “Understanding the rules, or in this case the standards, enables us to find ways to break them,” Clint Nagata said. “It’s hard to create something different or unique without knowing what the problem is.” It was agreed that investors and architects require more diverse solutions to fulfil both branded and individualised schemes, a demand that TECE is confident its highly customisable portfolio can fulfil. “To follow our claim of being ‘close to you’ we need to understand the trends, challenges and opportunities our partners and customers have to deal with,” explains Sebastian Noack, Head of International Project Management at TECE. “Only by doing so can we ensure the best tailored services and solutions possible.” www.tece.de

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Beautiful Designer Ceiling Fans

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Discover Murals Fuse Mosa.

Transforming architectural surfaces into vibrant works of art, the Murals Fuse series is lively and interactive, bringing the user to the centre of the spatial experience. These playful tiles are designed to give the impression of subtly changing their appearance, depending on the userâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perception. Fuse produces a fluid and animated effect, which means that each composition can integrate smoothly and flexibly into its surroundings. Discover Murals Fuse in the Mosa Design Studio during Clerkenwell Design Week. mosa.com/murals

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THE ICON OF ELEGANCE AND PRECISION GROHE ATRIO Consider the circle. A staple of natural geometry. A pure form at once soothing and dynamic. A visual metaphor for both completeness and eternity. For its new Atrio collection GROHE draws on this most elemental and elegant form to create an iconic object that is built to last. grohe.co.uk

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Profile for Gearing Media Group Ltd

Hospitality Interiors #77  

Interior Design for Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

Hospitality Interiors #77  

Interior Design for Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

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