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Beach Nested Cabins from Leisure Plan by Ego Paris

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We make leather,


You make art.


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Brintons KH - Br

18 10:32

The Kelly Hoppen by Brintons collection brings the designer¹s unparalleled eye for trend-leading design to the commercial carpet sector. Consisting of 13 geometric and organic designs in on-trend colourways, the collection reflects the designer¹s award-winning design style and pared back aesthetic. Kelly Hoppen took inspiration from diverse influences ranging from geometric shapes to elements found in everyday surroundings such as cracks in a pavement and splashes of paint.

Suitable for a wide variety of hospitality applications including hotels, casinos, cruise ships and airports, each Kelly Hoppen by Brintons design can be customised and is woven to order in a full range of specifications. Whichever direction is chosen, Brintons’ highly skilled design team will help to adapt the concept to ensure it matches the creative brief perfectly while complying with all the practical requirements.

W W W. B R I N TO N S . N E T

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Barrisol Acoustics® & Optical Fibers - Haymarket Hotel - London Architect: Peter French of Peter French Architects

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Architect: Mirka Vackova - Malova

Architect: Jean-Louis Deniot - 100e étage Architectes

Barrisol® Acoustic Solutions

Realization: Munsky

Realization: Pool-Service Salm

Barrisol Acoustics®

Barrisol® Mirror

Realization: Barrisol Normalu SAS

Barrisol Light®

Architect: Mehmet Sentürk

Barrisol® Lacquer & Optical Fibers

Barrisol Artolis®

Barrisol Acoustic Light®

Luminous ceilings & walls, acoustics, aesthetics...

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Top quality and unique designs forfor thethe world’s best of of more than 30 30 years as as indoor andand outdoor furniture Top Top quality quality and and unique unique designs designs for the world’s world’s best bestexperience experience experience ofmore more than than 30years years asindoor indoor and outdoor outdoor furniture furniture

hotels, restaurants, spas andand private residences thethe world over. Working along withwith a work force of more than 1500 people andand hotels, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, spas spas and private private residences residences theworld world over. over. Working Workingmanufacturers, manufacturers, manufacturers, along along with aawork work force force ofofmore more than than 1500 1500 people people and Topthe quality and unique designs for the world’s best facilities experience more than 30manufacturing years as indoor and Top-quality With over equipped 30 of years’ experience indoor andoutdoor outdoor furniture furniture, with interior design houses across the globe to grace the world’s with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing, Skyline with withthe theinterior interior design designhouses houses across the theglobe globetotograce grace the theworld’s world’s facilities facilitiesequipped equippedwith with state-of-the-art equipment, equipment, allowing, allowing, Skyline Skyline furniture Top quality andacross unique designs for the world’s best experience of state-of-the-art more than 30 years as indoor and outdoor hotels, restaurants, spas and private the world over. Working manufacturers, along of with a work of more than 1500 peoplekitted and hotels, restaurants, spas andresidences private residences. a skilledtowork force over 1500force people and modern facilities most outstanding andand villas. We have one of the largest col-colDesign customize each piece following theforce client’s needs, design, most most outstanding outstanding houses houses and villas. villas. We We have have one one ofofthe the largest largest colDesign Designto tomanufacturers, customize customize each each piece piece following following the theclient’s client’s needs, needs, design, design, hotels,houses restaurants, spas and private residences the world over. Working along with a work of more than 1500 people and with theDesign interiorworks design houses interior across design the globe to grace the world’s facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing, Skyline Skyline alongside houses across the globe out with state-of-the-art equipment, Skyline Design has all the qualities lection of outdoor designs available withwith a large finish choice and un unun materials andand finish. lection lection ofofoutdoor outdoor designs designs available available with aalarge large finish finish choice choice and and materials materials and finish. finish.equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing, Skyline with the interior design houses across the globe to grace the world’s facilities most outstanding houses villas. We have of the each piece pieceoffollowing thesuit client’s needs, specific design, to grace the world’s mostand outstanding hotels,one houses andlargest villas colwith Design neededto to customize customise every furniture to each client’s matched choice of performance fabrics. matched matched choice choice ofofperformance performance fabrics. fabrics. most outstanding houses and villas. We have one of the largest colDesign to customize each piece following the client’s needs, design, lection of outdoor designs available with a large finish choice and un materials and finish. exceptional outdoor furniture. We have one of the greatest collections of From needs, design, materials finish. the initial project toand the last detail, ourour designers, production, as-asFrom From the theinitial initial project project toto the thelast lastdetail, detail, ourdesigners, designers, production, production, aslection of outdoor designs available with a large finish choice and un materials and finish. matcheddesigns choiceavailable of performance fabrics. outdoor withbespoke a large range of finishes and an unmatched Skyline Design custom and design service offers its clients sembly team and our experience in contract and residential projects all allall Skyline Skyline Design Design custom custom and and bespoke design design service service offers offers itsits clients clients sembly semblyteam teamand andour ourexperience experienceinincontract contractand andresidential residentialprojects projects matched choice ofbespoke performance fabrics. From the initial experience project to the last detail, designers, production, aschoice of performance fabrics. Our worldwide in contract andour residential projects is at your professional consultation for for residential andand commercial projects. OurOur thethe world is at disposal to to achieve outstanding professional professional consultation consultation forresidential residential and commercial commercial projects. projects. Ourover over over theworld world isthe isyour atatinitial your your disposal disposal totothe achieve achieve outstanding outstanding results. results. production, asFrom project last detail, our results. designers, Skyline Design custom and bespoke design service offers its clients sembly team and our experience in contract and residential projects all disposal. From initial planning to instalment, every last detail from our Skyline Design custom and bespoke design service offers its clients sembly team and our experience in contract and residential projects all professional consultation forbespoke residential andservice’ commercial over theproduction, world is at and yourassembly disposal teams to achieve outstanding Skyline Design’s ‘custom and design offers projects. clients Our design, is available to helpresults. you achieve professional consultation for residential and commercial projects. Our over the world is at your disposal to achieve outstanding results. professional consultation for commercial and residential projects alike. outstanding results.

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29/03/2018 17:00 Skyline design119 Parker Drive, Leicester LE4 0JP Skyline Skyline design119 design119 Parker Parker Drive, Drive, Leicester Leicester LE4 LE4 0JP 0JP

T: T: +44 116 2366 726 M:M: +44 7904 153 903903 T:+44 +44 116 116 2366 2366 726 726 M: +44 +44 7904 7904 153 153 Skyline design119 Parker Drive, Leicester LE4 903 0JP Skyline design119 Parker Drive, Leicester LE4 0JP E: E: E: Skyline Parker Leicester 0JP T: +44design119 116 2366 726 M:Drive, +44 7904 153LE4 903 T: +44 116 2366 726 M: +44 7904 153 903 T: +44 116 2366 726 M: +44 7904 153 903 E: E: E:

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Kaleidoscope is a unique collection, demonstrating the flexibility of Karndean and adding a new dimension to Designflooring. Available in six shapes, with numerous colour combinations, this collection offers an easy way to add a bespoke element to your design.

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Imagine • Design • Create Tel: 01386 820104

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Third Floor, North Dome, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour










Traditional and contemporary collections available in a range of standard and distinctive finishes. Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK to ensure quality that stands the test of time. Specified in luxury residences, hotels and spa resorts worldwide. K I T C H E N B R A S S WA R E



P R O U D LY +44 (0)20 7351 3085

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outdoor furniture • shades • accessories

© Pa o l a L e n t i s r l . P h o t o b y S e r g i o C h i m e n t i

Unique designs for outdoors... w w w. m o d e r n g a r d e n . c o . u k

Tr i b u • Pa o l a L e n t i • P i e t B o o n • M a n u t t i • E x t r e m i s Millars 3 Southmill Road Bishops Stortford Herts CM23 3DH

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tel: 01279 653 200 email:

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REDEFINING CONTRACT INTERIOR SPACES At Style Library Contract we carefully curate contract specification fabric, wallpaper and paint from our portfolio of British interior brands, Harlequin, Anthology, Zoffany, Morris & Co, Sanderson, Scion and FR-One, in a one-stop resource dedicated to delivering extraordinary solutions for interior designers, architects and specifiers around the world. Speak to one of our experts on 01895 221050, email, or go to


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COM M E NT Our lead project this issue is a fantastic model of sustainable luxury design. Having undergone a multimillion franc, decade-long renovation, The Bürgenstock Resort has risen from the ashes of its former glory, and the result could not be a better tribute to the pioneering spirit of its 19th century founders. The resort is perched on the Bürgenberg in central Switzerland, 500m above the majestic Lake Lucerne and cradled by an impressive mountainous landscape. Built under the visionary leadership of Franz Josef Bucher and his business partner, Josef Durrer, it boasts the first electric railway in Switzerland and the highest outdoor elevator in Europe at an altitude of 1,132m. As well as installing these groundbreaking innovations, Bucher and Durrer were also extremely forward-thinking with regards to self-sustainability. As early as 1888, the pair acquired a concession for the extraction of drinking water from the lake – a concept which has been furthered today to generate electricity. Indeed the resort’s new hydroelectric energy system means that it is almost entirely carbon neutral – no mean feat considering that it fuels four hotels, numerous restaurants and bars, residences, business facilities, a spa and a state-of-the-art medical centre. Wherever possible, the environmental impact of the recent construction work has been minimised, too. A total of 165,000 cubic metres of excavated material from the surrounding area has been employed, slashing the number of lorry journeys in and out of the resort by an estimated 18,400. To find out more about this remarkable project, turn to page 40, where we speak to Maria Vafiadis about MKV Design’s role as lead designer of the renovation. Before I leave you to enjoy the issue – just one small notice. Because the law regarding the way we use reader data is changing, we’re asking all our readers to ‘opt in’ online to receive only the most relevant digital communications (plus our printed magazine). You can follow this link – – to access the opt-in form, or scan the QR code on this page with your phone. Please do stay in touch!

Gemma Ralph Gemma Ralph - Editor



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Made in England With over 40,000 sq ft of workshops for timber milling, carpentry, veneering, spray shop, metalworking, and in-house upholstery, as well as a design studio, Benchmark have thirty years experience in the hospitality industry making loose and fitted furniture.

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17 12:24

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Opening Shots


Interview - Ariane Steinbeck

Ariane joined RPW Design as managing director back in 2015, and since then her global vision and passionate leadership has seen the firm undertake a roster of landmark projects. Hospitality Interiors caught up with Ariane to hear more about her time living and working in Asia, her proudest moments, and her aspirations for RPW going forwards.

34  Profile – Knightsbridge Furniture

Gemma Ralph reports on her visit to the Bradford headquarters of Knightsbridge Furniture, where she discovered more about the plank to product journey of its high quality designs.




The Bürgenstock Resort


Mortimer House


The Murray


 e Meridien and AC Hotels L Denver Downtown


Abbots Court

70 New York Hilton Midtown Manhattan


The Broadview Hotel


Legacy Records


Hyatt House Jersey City

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Outdoor Furniture


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Lush Laotian retreat Rosewood Luang Prabang is set in an idyllic hilltop forest in north central Laos, where guests can immerse themselves in the rich cultural history, spiritual heritage and diverse tropical landscape of Luang Prabang. The resort’s 23 luxury tented villas, designed by BENSLEY design studio, have been sensitively built to preserve the UNESCO world heritage site’s unique flora and fauna.


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Express yourself with Impress® Floors of unparalleled realism for unprecedented creativity. Updating our Impress range, Moduleo bring you a new selection of Naturally impressive and Expressive floors. Authentic wood and slate patterns will leave the timeless mark of nature on any interior, while our abstract designs allow you to create a unique look only possible in LVT flooring.

For more information and samples please call 01332 851500 or email

Visit us at

22–24 May 2018

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Georgian splendour in EC2 A stylish 41-key hotel – the name of which will be unveiled later this year – is set to join the One Crown Place mixed-use development in 2020. Spanning six original Georgian townhouses, the hotel will be designed by Bowler James Brindley and will feature a 100-cover destination restaurant and bar, alongside a private members club.


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29/03/2018 17:00


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29/03/2018 14:30 17:00 28/03/2018


Moorish elegance in Santa Barbara Featuring a modern Moorish-themed interior decor from celebrity designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the Hotel Californian is Santa Barbara’s new luxury destination. This 121-key property features two restaurants, a rooftop pool and spa.


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DEDON COLLECTION DEAN Design by Jean-Marie Massaud

UK Showroom

HI76_Pages.indd 23 LeisurePlanFeb18.indd 1

29/03/2018 23/01/2018 17:00 08:48


A room of one’s own in Bloomsbury East London-based architecture and design studio, No.12, has completed work on The AllBright – an all-women private members’ club in London. Inspired by the progressive ideals of acclaimed Bloomsbury Set author, Virginia Woolf, this Georgian property will offer members a relaxed, home-from-home complete with lounge areas, several meeting rooms, dining rooms, an exhibition space, café, cocktail bar and wellness, fitness and beauty rooms.


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BarlowT Hospital

Barlow Tyrie Limited, Braintree CM7 2RN, England Tel: +44 (0)1376 557 600 Email: Visit:

HI76_Pages.indd 25 1 BarlowTyrieApr18.indd HospitalityInteriorsUK_BarlowTyrie_FPHorizon_March-April2018_issue.indd 1

Horizon collection

Barlow Tyrie – Crafting exceptional outdoor furniture since 1920. Premium teak wood, stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium, and hand-woven synthetic fibre. Recipient of nineteen international design excellence awards.

29/03/2018 17:00 13/03/2018 14:01 12/03/2018 15:25:13


South African roots Kudu is a new, 52-cover restaurant on Queens Road, Peckham, serving up creative Modern European plates with South African influences. The interior design has been curated by Alessio Nardi of A-nrd studio, and features a warm, lived-in feel with reclaimed materials, earthy colours and accents of greenery. The wall patchwork has been toned down with a coat of rose brown paint, contrasting with the burnt umber ceiling and reclaimed African mahogany parquet flooring.


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Make your space the place



interior film Commercial use for walls, decorative panels, doors, architrave and furniture. A range of superbly styled interior films which will bring any room to life.

Call: +44 (0)1376 518037

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28/02/2018 15:19


Energy-optimised hotel design In collaboration with Arctic Adventure of Norway, Asplan Viak and Skanska, Snøhetta has designed “Svart” – the first energy positive hotel concept in a Northern climate. Situated at the foot of the Svartisen glacier, which runs through Meløy in northern Norway, the circular body of “Svart” extends from the shoreline by the foot of the Almlifjellet mountain and into the clear waters of the Holandsfjorden fjord. Compared to an equivalent hotel built in accordance with modern building standards in Norway, the new hotel reduces yearly energy consumption by approximately 85%.


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Yarwood Leather has you covered. HI76_Pages.indd 29 YarwoodLeatherMar18.indd 1

+44 (0) 113 252 1014

@YarwoodLeather 29/03/2018 09:01 17:00 13/03/2018


“I think surviving and thriving as a female-led business, in an industry where there are so few women leaders, is a major milestone and one I am personally immensely proud of�


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29/03/2018 17:00



Ariane Steinbeck, MD of RPW Design This issue, Hospitality Interiors has the pleasure of interviewing RPW Design’s talented managing director, Ariane Steinbeck. After more than 26 years as a founding partner of prestigious Chicago design firm, The Gettys Group, Ariane joined RPW back in 2015. Since then, the practice has continued to grow and flourish under her global vision and passionate leadership. Here, Ariane discusses her time living and working in Asia, her proudest moments as a designer and her aspirations for RPW going forwards ...

What do you feel is the single most important thing that people should know about you, or your work? I care deeply for those who work with me and for our mission to make RPW Design a leader in our field, help create a fun place to work and, most importantly, for our team to grow in our professional specialty so we can consistently serve our clients now and in the future. Could you talk a little about the period you spent working in Hong Kong? How would you describe the hospitality climate there? Working in Hong Kong meant travelling all over South East Asia and that, in turn, meant actually experiencing the spectacular work from my industry colleagues and those that came before us. I don’t think hospitality design anywhere in the world is quite at the level, or is as vibrant as it is in Asia ... primarily because hotels are such an important component of social interaction in the big cities. Hotels are a destination in and of themselves in Asia, probably because most people’s homes are too small to entertain in. The Hong Kong classics, such as the Peninsula Hong Kong (which I was fortunate to be a part of during their latest rooms renovation) and the old Mandarin Oriental are just two of the ‘must-do’s’ in Hong Kong. The

Fairmont St Andrews

› 31

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29/03/2018 17:00


Fairmont St Andrews

Upper House has become a new ‘classic’ and continues to inspire countless imitations. When you get to leave the big cities, you have an abundance of resorts ... for one’s indulgent retreat or for family travelling together. The great projects feature not only fantastic design, but also flawless execution. I will never forget being awed by my stay at the Four Seasons Chiang Mai in 2000 (It was the Regent then). That level of design, the detailing, atmosphere and the level of service was a revelation to me and I knew then I needed and wanted to learn more. My move to Hong Kong in 2007 made that wish come true.

Marriott Hotel Park Lane

What motivated you to make the move to RPW Design, and what was it about the firm in particular that attracted you? The firm’s size was right, the market segment was right and timing was crucial ... thus I finally mustered up the courage to work and live the way I wanted to. Knowing that I didn’t have the energy to start from zero, the team and systems that I ‘inherited’ from Jan Wilson have been a true blessing.


HI76_Pages.indd 32

29/03/2018 17:00


On a similar topic, do you feel the perception of luxury hospitality design is changing? I don’t think the perception of luxury hospitality design is changing, I think with the Instagram culture, we all see more of the NEWEST projects and therefore we move on very quickly to the next newest ... and the next. That is a bit of a shame because some of the best properties are the ones that get the least amount of mainstream coverage. What do you feel will be the key challenges affecting the hospitality design industry in the coming years? At risk of sounding like a broken record, the service aspect is crucial for the success and soul of a project. Unless we can get people to enter the hospitality industry (and stay in it), create opportunities for advancement, create respect and increase the level of pay, the service industry will have a difficult time to portray itself as an attractive career path for the next generation. This applies to both hotel operations and the design industry. I think the current proliferation of brands is doing what it should...that is forcing greater individuality and attention to detail to all projects – even those within the same brand. What are you working on at the moment, and have you got any upcoming projects that you’re able to tell us about? The conversion and expansion of Le Meridien Malta to the Marriott Malta, the Marriott Tbilisi – a renovation of a beautiful historic building; a new-build skyscraper in Sofia, Bulgaria; the 400-room renovation at the Marriott Budapest; a private gaming club in Mayfair; a conversion of a restaurant in a luxury hotel in Bahrain; a confidential project in Macau; and a serviced

Hotel Continental Oslo

What are your framing ambitions for the firm going forwards? Keep it small, keep it focused...don’t try to be everything to everyone. RPW has completed several prestigious refurbishment projects in recent years, including the Fairmont St Andrews and The London Marriott County Hall. Could you talk about how RPW elevated the interior design in each case? First of all, I don’t think you can recognise a particular RPW style...all our projects look and feel very different. The unifying aspect is the quality we aim to inject in every project no matter the budget we are given. Each project subtly responds to the location, quite obviously a given, but I do think we manage to put a certain twist to it.

London Marriott County Hall


HI76_Pages.indd 33

29/03/2018 17:00


Intercontinental Park Lane, The Capital Suite

apartment by the Rotana brand in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

prescription of the MBA crowd, it does help cement a spirit of unity and purpose.

What has been your proudest moment or most memorable project as a designer, thus far? My proudest moment has been taking over RPW Design and making a go of it, keeping it thriving and hopefully being able to eventually pass it on to those who are working so hard to make us a success. My most fulfilling moments are the ones when I hear from former team members, telling me they remember how much fun we had working together!

How do you envisage RPW will evolve over the next 10 years? You always have to evolve to some extent but I hate to change things for change’s sake. We already have to respond to the inevitable ups and downs in the local marketplaces we operate in, and global economic conditions we have no control over. I prefer RPW to remain steady until we have to fix something that is broken. We are actively grooming the next generation who will take over from Elizabeth Lane (my partner) and I when we are no longer willing or able to put in the extraordinary dedication that it takes to make it all work, and make it seem effortless.

What would be your ultimate hospitality project? Any project in a great location, with an appropriate budget, a great owner, a passionate project team and a brilliant outcome!

Please list your favourite... Place: A clean beach with white, soft sand, warm crystal-clear water and plenty of shade. And a BBQ... Time of the day: Sundown Inspirational figure: Rosanna Orlandi Item in your home: My Hastens bed or my trusty red Staub pan. It’s a tie! Song: currently: U.N.I.T.Y by Queen Latifah Book/ Film: Peggy Guggenheim’s memoirs Quote: Always hire people who are better than you

RPW is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year – could you take us through some of the firm’s most significant projects/landmarks? I think surviving and thriving as a female-led business, in an industry where there are so few women leaders, is a major milestone and one I am personally immensely proud of. How would you describe the identity or ethos the firm has built over the past three decades? I won’t speak for the past successes but since taking the helm in 2016, RPW is very much living by the Mission and Values statements that we created. As much as that might be a

Intercontinental Park Lane, The Capital Suite


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29/03/2018 17:00


HI76_Pages.indd KohlerApr18.indd 35 1

29/03/2018 28/03/2018 17:00 14:38


From plank to product – British craftsmanship at its finest Hospitality Interiors’ Gemma Ralph was invited to Knightsbridge Furniture’s factory in Bradford to explore the design and manufacture of its products firsthand.

HI76_Pages.indd 36

29/03/2018 17:00


Established in 1939, Knightsbridge Furniture has evolved into one of the UK’s leading furniture makers across the hospitality, workplace and healthcare sectors. Today, it is one of relatively few British contract furniture manufacturers to facilitate the entire production and delivery of its product – all of which takes place at its impressive Bradford headquarters. Touring this Victorian property with Knightsbridge’s director of design and development, Jason Brown, the human aspect of production is eminently clear – both in terms of its intimate, hands-on nature, and in the sense of community amongst this 150-strong team. The process begins with the in-house design and development department. Headed up by Jason, this team of eight ensures that Knightsbridge remains at the cutting edge of the industries it serves. Inspiration for new designs can come from even the most unlikely source, Jason tells me, and begins to take shape through visuals and renders. A series of prototypes follow, until the design is perfected, finalised and sent into production. Each design starts life in the timber yard, where Knightsbridge stores its prime quality,

FSC-accredited beech from Germany’s Black Forest. The moisture content of the materal is carefully regulated, and each log is inspected for flaws before being sent to the wood mill. Any waste from the timber is continually fed via an extraction system into the boiler, where it heats the building and, in turn, reduces the company’s carbon footprint.

Knightsbridge takes great pride in shaping each component of the design by hand, ensuring quality on both the inside and outside of the product prior to assembly. Once the item has been lacquered, sanded and re-lacquered to ensure a perfect finish, various different foams are then positioned on the product to ensure optimum support and comfort.


HI76_Pages.indd 37

29/03/2018 17:00


Meticulously upholstered by a dedicated team, the finished product then undergoes thorough inspection, before being personally packed and steamed to ensure it is in pristine condition for delivery to the customer via Knightsbridge’s fleet of drivers. It is fascinating to watch this evolution take place, and it is obvious that the degree of care and precision with which each design is handcrafted is a significant part of Knightsbridge’s success. This approach only works, however, due to the fully collaborative approach fostered between the design team and factory floor. An oppressive or hierarchical environment would be completely counterproductive to creative output, Jason tells me, and he emphasises that staff as a whole are encouraged to have input into the designs and bring ideas to the table. This sense of community, and the handson role each and every member plays in the creation of Knightsbridge’s designs, is perhaps why staff turnover is so low. Indeed, many of the craftsmen have been at the company for decades, sometimes even passing the mantle to the next generation. Despite the manifold benefits of an entirely in-house operation, however, it would conceivably be easy for the team to exist in something of a vacuum were it not for Knightsbridge’s determination to challenge itself, ever pushing forward with new and ambitious designs. One way in which Knightsbridge maintains this level of innovation is through collaboration with external designers, and the brand has worked alongside many talented names over the years, from David Fox and Sean Dare to Jason Lansdale and Alys Bryan. These partnerships may result from chance meetings, through mutual connections or via

direct appeals, but it is key for Jason that the individual is a good fit with the company’s intuitive approach to design, as well as the open, friendly nature of its team. “Academics can teach a design process, but conceptual design is all about being in the moment; the mood you’re in,” he tells me. As a result of these multifarious influences, inspirations and mindsets, Knightsbridge Furniture’s portfolio offers solutions for a broad array of hospitality environments, from lounges and waiting rooms to foyers and dining rooms. Take the company’s latest contract range, Dizzi, for example. This compact lounge chair, with co-ordinating upright chairs, is ideally suited to areas which demand furniture with a smaller footprint. Designed in collaboration with the talented Alys Bryan, Dizzi features wonderful sweeping curves and wood frames with unique radiused frame joints. Knightsbridge’s significant library of fabrics, featuring the likes of Camira, Chieftain, Sekers and Skopos, provides further potential for an individualised look. What is clear from my visit to Knightsbridge Furniture is that its high quality offering is backed-up by a passionate and talented team. The company is quite rightfully proud of its plank to product approach, and sets as much store by the origin and journey of its designs, as it does by the finished product – a truly valuable philosophy in today’s climate.


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The Bürgenstock Hotel


HI76_Pages.indd 40

29/03/2018 17:00


After almost a decade, the much-awaited multimillion-franc renovation of this legendary Swiss resort is now complete. Hospitality Interiors spoke with Maria Vafiadis, founder of the project’s principal designer, MKV Design, to discover more ...

The Bürgenstock Resort Switzerland The overarching aim of this significant revitalisation was to restore the mountaintop resort to its former glory. Home to Switzerland’s first electric railway and highest outdoor elevator, and host to a

based group, Katara Hospitality, were thus much needed when it acquired the property ten years ago. Widely respected for its expert restoration of grand, storied properties such as Lausanne’s

wealth of celebrity clientele, the resort has been synonymous with technical innovation, glamour and heritage since its opening in 1873. Such was its prestige that Audrey Hepburn was married at Bürgenstock’s chapel in the mid-20th century, while Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti were long-term tenants in an on-site villa throughout the ‘60s. As the 20th century drew to a close, however, a lack of renewed master vision and investment meant that the resort could no longer live up to its former success. The farreaching experience and resources of Qatar-

Royal Savoy and Hotel Schweizerhof in Berlin, Katara Hospitality forged a visionary new masterplan for the 140-acre resort that would take it forwards, without losing sight of its 130-year-old narrative. In line with the forward-looking mindset of its founders, the resort’s sustainability concept is exemplary. 80% of the new resort’s heating needs and 100% of its cooling needs are generated from the waters of the lake via a power distribution centre, ensuring that the supply of energy is almost CO2 neutral. Rocks from the Bürgenberg were used for

The Bürgenstock Hotel


HI76_Pages.indd 41

29/03/2018 17:00


The Alpine Spa

the resort’s construction, as well as to produce concrete, while stone baskets were employed to replace concrete walls – cutting the number of lorry journeys dramatically. Having worked with The Bürgenstock Selection on the interior design of the Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa and Schweizerhof Hotel & Spa, MKV Design was the natural choice for the interior masterplanning and architectural interior design of many of the resort’s buildings. The team was responsible, specifically, for the design of The Bürgenstock Hotel, The

Bürgenstock Alpine Spa, The Palace Hotel, Grand Residence Suites and the Sharq Oriental Restaurant and Shisha Lounge. “For my team and myself, the opportunity to work on one of Europe’s most legendary and sizeable resorts was exceptionally exciting and challenging, as well as rewarding,” comments founder, Maria Vafiadis. “Each of the buildings we have designed or redesigned is completely individual in character and offers a unique experience for guests and residents. However, as a collection, they work

The Alpine Spa

together to create a homogenous destination that celebrates the heritage of this iconic resort dating back to 1871 and its pioneering spirit. “Working with such a legacy, we inherited a variety of design styles across different buildings, from grand fin-de-siècle and traditional rustic Swiss interiors to mid-20th century ‘Palm Springs’. “The resort that we have designed aims to continue that history and create a new era, meeting today’s high guest expectations and the requirements of a diverse clientele; local, national and international year-round.” The new Bürgenstock Hotel and Alpine Spa sit at the heart of the resort, and is the first stop for guests arriving via the legendary, now newly-renovated, electric railway. The modernist property’s staggering views over the valley and Lake Lucerne formed the centrepoint to its architectural and interior design. “While we inherited a U-shaped plan for the new Bürgenstock Hotel, the client asked us to review this and, after careful consideration, we proposed the L-shaped hotel that it is today,” explains Maria. “This not only achieved the most amazing views from all the guest rooms, it also made space for a large outdoor terrace and enhanced the visual connection with The Palace Hotel next door.” The hotel’s interior is consciously stripped back to allow the natural scenery centre-stage,


HI76_Pages.indd 42

29/03/2018 17:01


with little to no artwork and natural, local materials to create an uninterrupted transition from the view outdoors to indoors. Comfort is high on the agenda, however, and MKV has created comfortable seating areas complete with fireplaces, plush rugs and deep armchairs. The reception lobby inside The Bürgenstock Hotel is shared by The Palace Hotel, and features desk pods constructed of curved sawn timber and surrounded by beautiful tactile bronze panelled walls. In the centre of the space is a round fireplace surrounded by an eclectic mix of seating. From here, guests can be directed to The Palace Hotel, which is linked by a ‘museum corridor’ displaying the fascinating history of the resort. “The reception lobby is a large architectural statement, and our aim was to give this space human scale, to make it welcoming and cosy, where people could sit and feel comfortable and which would be a useful reference point for guests getting to know the layout of the resort,” says Maria. “So, in the centre of the space, there is a round feature fireplace, which can be seen from both the front and the back of the lobby, surrounded by an eclectic mix of seating – a natural gathering place for guests and visitors.”

Lobby - The Palace Hotel

The Bürgenstock Hotel also takes in a dedicated Asian restaurant, Spices, on its Plaza level with virtually cliff-edge views of the lake. Modern in style, the restaurant features Asian-inspired accents, a dark red back-painted glass show kitchen and extensive wine and

Ritzcoffier Restaurant - The Palace Hotel

accessories displays. Elsewhere there is a two-level cinema – complete with deeply comfortable leather upholstered armchairs and a dedicated bar – a wine cellar with tasting lounge, and a stylish cigar lounge. The hotel’s 102 guest rooms feature a carefully curated flow from arrival, through the lounge area, bedroom and on to the full height window with integrated seat. The material palette is warm and natural, incorporating bronze, timber and stone. The floors are of dark walnut parquet, while contemporary oak cabinetry has been crafted with the finest Swiss attention to detail. Accessed via a shimmering sliding door composed of bronze mesh, the bathrooms feature an exquisite Forest Brown marble wall and oversized rain shower. Mirroring the bedroom, there is a similar flow towards the window where, in the luxury of a sunken double-size tub, guests can take in the impressive vista. Linked to the hotel’s fourth floor and spanning three levels, the 10,000m2 Bürgenstock Alpine Spa is one of the key highlights of the project as a whole. Its indoor wellness areas wrap around fully-glazed walls to provide picturesque views from the pool, L-shaped relaxation room, specialist treatment rooms and sauna. On the landside, there is a state-of-the-art gym, hair salon and changing rooms, as well as a spa restaurant which connects the two wings of the spa. There are also three outdoor pools, one of which is a special infinity-edge pool, and a private spa terrace. Swiss-style fabrics, worn leather upholstery and original furnishings have been selected here to bring a touch of nostalgia and


HI76_Pages.indd 43

29/03/2018 17:01


“Each of the buildings we have designed or redesigned is completely individual in character and offers a unique experience for guests and residents. However, as a collection, they work together to create a homogenous destination that celebrates the heritage of this iconic resort”

The Palace Hotel

fond memories of the original spa, while a magnificent white and black arabescato marble reception desk, carved from a single piece, draws the eye. “Our inspiration for the spa was the magnificence and sheer power of Bürgenstock’s natural terrace,” explains Maria. “A tunnel entrance through the mountainside posed a question: how to elevate the walk through this tunnel into part of the spa journey? “We designed an arcade which creates a mystical and almost magical experience as an introduction to the spa and at the same time functions as a museum walk through the mountain corridor of the spa to display intriguing memorabilia from the sporting and leisure past of Bürgenstock. “Our spa takes guests on a journey into ‘mountain hideaways’, except ours has been tamed and the journey translates into one of pampering and sensual discovery. Every step

of the journey, from the entrance procession through the ethereal glowing rock face walls of the tunnel, to the breathtaking view of the pool and zen-like experience of the relaxation areas, celebrates the wonder of nature and the wellbeing of both body and soul.” Though The Palace Hotel shares a lobby with The Bürgenstock Hotel, it is rather different in style. Originally opened in 1904, the property has been reinvented as a synthesis of grand fin-de-siècle architecture and state-ofthe-art interior design. “While working in line with all the principles of historic preservation, we have essentially created a new hotel,” explains Maria. “We went back into the archives and re-created a hotel with public areas that are true to its origins with pink marble-effect pillars in the lounge, hardwood parquet flooring and hand-blown glass chandeliers in the lobby. “By contrast, we designed each of the 108

rooms and suites in a contemporary manner inspired by their Alpine location.” The Palace Hotel’s Ritzcoffier Restaurant is an homage to legendary haute-cuisine chef, Georges Auguste Escoffier, who was at the helm of the resort’s earlier, much acclaimed Escoffier restaurant, as well as famed Swiss hotelier César Ritz. Its interior is awash with restored memorabilia, not least some 1000 vintage copper pots collected from across the resort. An original cooking range has been repurposed as a buffet counter and reclaimed elements, such as the antique hearth and imposing original timber doors, add historic gravitas to this new fine dining destination. Adjacent to the hotel’s lounge, The Salle Palace provides a traditional interior for more formal events, while a 2,200m2 conference centre offers a host of modern facilities. Among these is the Lakeview Ballroom,


HI76_Pages.indd 44

29/03/2018 17:01


which boasts intricately carved timber cladding depicting a traditional Swiss mountain scene, and unique chandeliers created using cut glass pieces from chandeliers once installed in the original resort. Alongside a dedicated wider team, MKV Design has played a pivotal role in reaffirming The Bürgenstock Resort’s status as a bastion of hospitality. The resort’s properties, new and old, not only possess world-class facilities but continue the legacy of innovation, luxury and sustainability forged over a century ago. “You don’t get many projects as amazing as this in a lifetime – a project on an enormous scale in Europe and, added to this, situated in one of the world’s most beautiful and coveted locations in the heart of Switzerland, with a fascinating history and heritage to work with,” affirms Maria. “It’s not every day that you get to work on reinventing a legend and creating a new legacy!”

The Palace Hotel


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Photography credit: Ed Reeve


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Photography: Lisa Petrole

Designed by renowned New York firm, AvroKO, Mortimer House is a new premium work and wellbeing destination in London’s Fitzrovia.

Mortimer House London Striking a holistic balance in work and life is the founding principle of Mortimer House, which opened its doors on Mortimer Street last autumn. The concept is part of Maslow’s – a new platform founded by entrepreneur Guy

to specialised menus and PA services, are available to members. The ground floor features the restaurant, Mortimer House Kitchen, which serves up an eclectic mix of Mediterranean cuisine to both

Ivesha in a joint venture with Cain International, Galliard and other private investors. The property itself is a majestic six-storey art deco building, previously used as a commercial office, which has been carefully renovated to preserve its heritage. Intuitively designed, fullyfurnished workspaces – consisting of private studies, individual bureaus, meeting spaces and communal living rooms – have been installed across multiple floors. These highly considered spaces feature a harmonious blend of post-modern design with exposed features from the original 1930s building. Hospitality is at the heart of this sophisticated, intimate environment, and personalised services, from room service

members and the local community, while the upper floors of the property play host to myriad event spaces, intimate bars and balconies, alongside a carefully curated programme of events centred on professional growth, mindfulness, health and creative community. Elsewhere, a fully equipped gym and studio offer a series of fitness classes, including yoga, pilates and TRX, while a dedicated Meditation Room provides a dedicated space for quiet contemplation and relaxation. AvroKO was tasked with visualising the famed psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – the inspiration behind Guy’s venture as a whole – and designing the physical experience of what it would mean to


HI76_Pages.indd 47

29/03/2018 17:01


have simple, yet crucial needs fulfilled through the immediate environment. “We were creating a new brand from scratch with Guy Ivesha, whilst also bringing to life one of the most famous theories in the history of psychology,” explains AvroKO principal, Adam Farmerie. “There was a lot of pressure to get it right. Experimenting throughout the process was key to achieving the end result. “The centre of the theories – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – was directly translated into the design as well as the programmatic layout, channelling Maslow’s fundamental idea that basic human needs are fairly simple yet crucial and celebrates them through hospitable thinking and a tightly-focused design narrative. “The ground floor represents Physiological Needs. The restaurant and bar fulfils our most primitive needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy, in that water and food are the most basic elements of survival. The design uses this as inspiration to celebrate the building’s own physiology, by both uncovering and exposing original details (marble mosaics, plaster mouldings, wood floors, concrete columns, and terracotta ceilings) as well as through the insertion of

› 48

HI76_Pages.indd 48

29/03/2018 17:01



HI76_Pages.indd 49

29/03/2018 17:01


newly-constructed but period-specific details, materials, and furnishings. “Floors one through four focus on Social Belonging. The members’ co-working floors take inspiration from Maslow’s hierarchical need for community in groups large and small. A great deal of attention is placed on using design to foster accidental social connections, everything from the re-introduction of the classic tea trolley to atypical gathering spaces strategically placed throughout the floors. “The design follows a similar direction as the ground floor in that the building’s original details are respected and restored as best as possible, otherwise the palette is specifically neutral in order to allow the organised chaos of the community’s style to define the overall aesthetic. “Floor five centres on Esteem. As the obvious conceptual framework for the members lounge, the design for this floor takes

the notion of self-confidence set against innate human curiosity to drive everything from the layout (a series of spaces in varying sizes) to a curated but eclectic collection of 40s vintage mixed with modern furniture and furnishings. “The floor boasts a series of experiences and settings including a central bar, a mid-century library, several fireplaces, an outdoor deck, and quite possibly the best booth seat in Fitzrovia with a direct view down Mortimer Street. “Finally, floor six channels Self Actualisation. The penthouse of the building serves as a flexible event space, but while not in use, it doubles as a members-only quiet work floor as well as a gallery of rotating large-scale art installations. “The space is designed as simple rooms that have been whitewashed to remove any clutter of materiality, which would otherwise interrupt quiet reflection and thought.” The inspired and intricately developed

interior AvroKO has created for Mortimer House captures the broadening application of hospitality principles within a variety of diverse sectors. For many, the zones of work, rest, and play are intertwined – a fluid lifestyle that Mortimer House captures perfectly in its offering. “Society is becoming more aware of what their immediate surroundings have to offer them,” affirms Greg Bradshaw, principal at AvroKO. “Design needs to deliver an experience rather than just aesthetics. “This shift in design will see much more hybridised spaces infiltrating culture, philosophy and experiences in public and private spaces. “To some extent this is already happening with hospitality design, which is moving beyond its sectors into everything from fashion retail to the office in what we call hospitable thinking.”


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CultFur Moda Collection

Exclusive Trade Services

• Personal trade manager • Bespoke orders • Trade discounts • Customised products • Next day delivery +44 (0)208 813 2763 Showroom: 811-813 Wandsworth Road, London, SW8 3JH

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With Foster + Partners at the helm, Hong Kong’s iconic Murray Building has been transformed into a five-star luxury hotel.

The Murray Hong Kong Characterised by its brilliant white façade, majestic three-storey arches and recessed windows, the original Murray Building was designed by British modernist architect, Ron Phillips, in 1969. The emblematic structure was

civic landmark with the city,” says Luke Fox, senior executive partner and head of studio, Foster + Partners. “This project draws on key areas of our expertise in urbanism, architecture and

perceived as an early exemplar of sustainable and energy-efficient design, echoed by its location between Hong Kong Park and the Botanical Gardens. Led by Foster + Partners’ Colin Ward in Hong Kong and Armstrong Yakubu in London, the new design honours the integrity of the structure, while meeting with the needs of sophisticated contemporary living and discerning global travellers. “With the Murray Building – an outstanding example of 1970s Hong Kong architecture – we have been able to reconnect an important

interiors, and our design will breathe new life into this classic Hong Kong building by creating a unique hotel and leisure destination for international visitors and locals to enjoy.” Creating an impactful sense of arrival, a private forecourt with a historic cotton tree at its centre acts as the hotel’s drop-off and entrance. “If there is one element that unifies the most successful hotels in the world, it would be the grand arrival sequence,” says Armstrong Yakubu. “While The Murray owns its driveway, it is the arches at the base of the hotel that


HI76_Pages.indd 53

29/03/2018 17:01


symbolise the welcoming nature of the building, stitching together this part of the city with amazing new public spaces for the people of Hong Kong and visitors from across the world. “But it would be remiss of me not to mention the heritage tree that Cotton Tree Drive derives its name from, which forms the central focus of the arrival sequence through the hotel. The arches frame the magnificent old cotton tree as guests drive up to the drop-off, creating a memorable and unique experience for all.” After passing through this impressive entrance, the lobby features a graceful staircase leading to the Garden Level with its elegant lounge and restaurant space. Eight large lifts take guests to the accommodation on the upper floors. Foster + Partners stripped the building back to its original form, reinstating its clean lines and embracing the building’s geometry to create uniquely oriented room layouts. In keeping with this, the hotel’s interior features and palette of honest, luxurious materials. The Murray’s 336 guest rooms and suites


HI76_Pages.indd 54

29/03/2018 17:01


are generously sized, with more than 75% at 50m2 or larger. Floor to ceiling, uniquely recessed windows flood each room with abundant light, while preventing direct heat from the morning sun. The hotel’s ‘N1’, ‘N2’ and ‘N3’ rooms are contemporary in style, with seamless technology, beautifully appointed bathrooms and luxurious bath and grooming amenities. Muted, earthy tones abound here, with plush area rugs, beautiful hardwood floors and surfaces adorned with rare stones, leather and textiles to create a sophisticated, urban chic feel. This light, modern feel is mirrored in the hotel’s public spaces which include a vibrant bar, ‘Murray Lane’; the ‘Garden Lounge’, which offers an elegant space in which to enjoy afternoon tea; modern-European restaurant, ‘The Tai Pan’; Cantonese restaurant, Guo Fu Lou; and upscale rooftop restaurant, Popinjays. “The concept was to showcase the inherent beauty of the materials – there are no applied finishes such as paint; all the materials are expressed honestly and come together to


HI76_Pages.indd 55

29/03/2018 17:01



redefine luxury,” Armstrong explains. “To evoke a contemporary aesthetic, white and black marble floors are paired with polished metals and feature a signature ‘bronze’ stainless steel finish. We have also contrasted handmade glass with exquisite fabrics from Italy and Asia, adding an element of craftsmanship to the interior spaces. Each element has been carefully chosen to integrate with the holistic vision of the spaces.” It was key for Foster + Partners that the property should convey a carefully crafted dialogue between old and new. Though the building retains its unique character, there were several practical elements that needed attention. “A former government building, the Murray Building had been fenced off from the surrounding areas for many years for security reasons,” explains Colin Ward. “It was also designed at a time when the city was planned around the car and consequently stands on an island site, surrounded by roads making it impermeable for pedestrians. “One of the central aims of the project was to reconnect the building with the city at ground level, creating a new street frontage on Garden Road, with open routes at ground level. There are transparent and welcoming ground floor spaces, and enhancing and extending the landscaped grounds. The rooftop too has been designed as a transparent glass pavilion on a roof terrace with a bar and café overlooking the city.” The roof-top terrace not only provides a

stylish dining destination, but was an artful way of bolstering the building’s visibiliy in Hong Kong’s skyline. Surrounded by much taller buildings, and overlooked by many from quite a distance, the roof terrace has been designed as an eye-catching continuation of the green landscape. Indeed, Foster + Partners has not only given The Murray a renewed architectural presence, but has ensured that the hotel stands proudly with a strong and distinctive offering. “We think very few hotels are able to offer a unique experience to their guests, which is the prime focus of the contemporary leisure

industry,” explains Armstrong. “Most new hotels today are buried within mixed-use buildings. The Murray recalls the tradition of the grand hotels and in doing so creates a distinctive presence on Hong Kong Island. It also seeks to redefine the idea of luxury, which is about a generosity of space, and an inherent understanding of how the hotel responds to the needs of the guest. “We wanted to create an experience that was seamless – from how one travels through the building to the services and finishes, all coming together within a holistic vision for The Murray.”



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29/03/2018 15/03/2018 17:01 12:03


Le Méridien Denver Downtown


HI76_Pages.indd 58

29/03/2018 17:01


Photography: Lisa Petrole

Situated in the heart of Denver’s booming downtown at 15th and California, this exciting new property marks the first collaboration between two lauded European-inspired brands – Le Méridien and AC Hotels by Marriott.

Le Méridien + AC Hotels Denver Downtown Colorado, USA Combining a 272-key, full service four-star Méridien hotel and a 223-key, select-service three-star AC by Marriott hotel, this dual-

Gina Deary. “The key challenges for us lay in brand distinction, project co-ordination and brand approval.

branded property provides a stylish hub for visitors to the district’s convention centre, sports stadiums and museums. Chicago-based design studio, Simeone Deary Design Group (SDDG), was approached by developer and operator, White Lodging, to create distinct, yet cohesive interior schemes for the two hotels. “There are many challenges that a developer and designer face when approaching a dualbranded hotel,” explains SDDG’s co-founder,

“Because both brands have very strong identities and are rooted in European design, extensive research was required before the projects were officially awarded. We travelled to Spain to research the AC brand, visiting properties in Madrid and Barcelona, along with doing extensive research into the Spanish brand with the local design team. “As for the Le Méridien brand, it was in transition and had just been acquired by Marriott. We met with the brand team to

Le Méridien Denver Downtown


HI76_Pages.indd 59

29/03/2018 17:01


Le Méridien Denver Downtown

understand its vision and position in the marketplace. Once the brands approved us as designers, the official process began.” SDDG dedicated a separate design

traits, outlook and interests of an imagined character. AC Hotel Denver Downtown is imagined through the eyes of a Spanish man – capturing the heritage and masculine feel

team to both of the hotels, with one central management team ensuring a smooth coordination process from design conception to completion. The interior narrative and styling for both hotels has been personified according to the

of the brand, while Le Méridien’s interior flows from the idea of a French woman, drawn to the city’s mountainous terrain and creative culture. “For Le Méridien, we were tasked with creating a hotel that appeals to creativeminded guests who seek a new perspective

in every destination they visit,” Gina explains. “The concept manifests itself through the eyes of a French woman and her exploration of a city she is drawn to because of the familiar mountainous terrain. “To feel at home, she seeks respite that mirrors her expectations of a modern French mountain chalet or pied-à-terre. She is stylish and intellectual, and likes the interior spaces she inhabits to express and support these qualities. She believes that creativity is the guiding force in her life, so she is always seeking it in other people and the experiences she collects.” In line with this persona, mid-century modern architecture informs Le Méridien’s special shaping and interior construction details, with a subtle nod to French Alpine minimalism through a palette of cool greys, warm woods and patterned tiles. The hotel’s fabrics and finishes are inspired by alpine couture fashion, with cable knitting found in carpet patterns throughout the hotel, as well as tile patterns that are fashioned after knitted hats and gloves. Unique millwork concepts are peppered throughout, referencing the intricate craftsmanship of snowboards and skis. Chanelling the concept’s focus on creative expression, the hotel’s open plan public spaces promote communication and collaboration. Though various areas are carved out for

Le Méridien Denver Downtown


HI76_Pages.indd 60

29/03/2018 17:01


AC Hotel Denver Downtown

different activities – the library area, for example, or the bar – each bleeds artfully into the next to maintain a feeling of oneness. The feature stairway between the reception lobby and the second floor is a fantastic example of these smooth transitions; its feminine and sinuous shape gently winding from one floor to the other. The staircase is centred by a dynamic, cascading light fixture that was inspired by cracked ice crumbling in the air. Sculptural pieces, alongside a diverse collection of artwork sourced from both established and emerging local artists, are a defining element of the hotel’s identity. A striking art installation at the front desk, for example, consists of hundreds of individual portraits of Marie Antoinette, all hand-painted specifically for the property. The 80% neutral to 20% high colour combination of the hotel’s interior ensures these pieces are shown at their best, creating a fresh, exciting feel that captures the spirit of Denver’s thriving creative communities. Though the AC brand shares an emphasis on local artwork, AC Hotel Denver Downtown is otherwise very different in style and feel to Le Méridien Denver Downtown. SDDG has embraced these contrasting qualities, using the persona of a young Spanish man who likes

to be proactive in experiencing the local culture. “As a rule, the AC brand is considered masculine,” Gina affirms. “It was first established in Spain and caters to the bustling life of the urban Madrid and Barcelona business districts. It is a very clean, contemporary and angular brand, with

monolithic architecture, tailored FF&E and sophisticated artwork that speaks to the property location. “Moving the brand into America and the city of Denver required us to take a look at the brand and really dissect it so that it did not lose its strength of identity, while appealing to

AC Hotel Denver Downtown


HI76_Pages.indd 61

29/03/2018 17:01


AC Hotel Denver Downtown

the local market. To do this we interpreted the Spanish man into an Urban Pioneer. Someone who is familiar with the city, enjoys the freedom and natural setting but prefers to conquer it instead of sit in it. Defining traits of the Urban Pioneer is that he is a young professional; someone who travels often and easily. He is a conservative dresser with a flash of quirk and a keen remembrance of his Spanish heritage. He is aloof and romantic.” AC Hotel Denver Downtown’s interior is influenced by contemporary residential architecture in mountainous areas. In direct contrast to the flowing, open layout of Le Méridien, AC’s compartmentalised structure encourages intimacy and conversation. From the quiet check-in area, set apart from the entrance, guests walk into a living area that morphs into a bar with comfortable seating and nooks for independent work or socialising. SDDG has made use of strong natural materials – including neutral stone floors and millwork detailing in dark, rich woods – to create an urban look that is bold in scale and

implementation. Neutral drapes and dividing walls create the perfect backdrop for velvet, tweed and leather furniture in rich blues, caramels and creams. The hotel’s artwork programme differs

drastically from that of Le Méridien. Bold, energetic and large in scale, the pieces refer to the mathematics of nature and its expression through strength and contrast.

AC Hotel Denver Downtown


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RomoM Romo_


HI76_Pages.indd 63 RomoMar18.indd 1 Romo_Contract_HospitalityInteriors_284x219.indd 1

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Hospitality Interiors’ Gemma Ralph recounts her stay at this new boutique accommodation in the heart of Dorset ...

Abbots Court Winterborne Kingston, Dorset Abbots Court is framed as a rural getaway where one can set the stresses of day to day living to one side and enjoy the simpler, finer things in life. Yet for Jez and Niki Barfoot, the husband and wife team behind this venture, it

that Abbots Court feels rather more like staying in a much-loved and lived-in home – was always the end-goal, Niki tells me, but it was just a matter of finding the right property. Situated as it is in five acres of its own

is also a labour of love, and the realisation of their longheld dream to become self sufficient through their own smallholding. The pair started out in the hospitality game back in 2012, when they set up their highly successful restaurant, The Tickled Pig, in nearby Wimborne. Their menu of homegrown and locally-sourced ingredients, carefully designed around the seasons, proved a winning formula, and they were able to create a subsidiary catering business – Tickled Pig Events. To open a hotel – though it has to be said

woodland and meadow, in a peaceful village between Bournemouth and Dorchester, it is easy to see why Jez and Niki chose this rambling Victorian farmhouse as the site for their venture, yet realising their vision was not entirely without its difficulties. Owned by the Drax Estate, the property was originally the farmhouse for the neighbouring dairy farm and had been rented for a number of years, before being left empty and gradually falling into a state of disrepair. When Jez and Niki happened upon it, both the house and garden were vastly overgrown with sycamore


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and in need of significant renovation. In under a year the pair have achieved an incredible amount; clearing the debris from the house and garden, re-decorating, re-wiring and re-plumbing, as well as reconfiguring the space to accommodate seven guest rooms and ensuite bathrooms. Creating a functional layout – in accordance with health and safety regulations – while preserving the integrity of the house, was one of the most challenging elements of the restoration, Niki tells me. “It was a bit like a puzzle, working out the configurations of the rooms and how they slotted together,” she says. “We realised that we couldn’t accommodate the seven guest rooms we had planned upstairs, so what was originally intended as a snug on the ground floor is now the seventh guest room. It works perfectly actually as a more accessible room for less mobile guests, and has really wonderful views over the garden.” Named after the couple’s favourite rare breed pigs – the couple own a small herd of rare breed Oxford Sandy and Blacks themselves! – the guest rooms are all unique in style and

personality. There is a real mid-century feel to many of the rooms, with their quirky blend of period and more contemporary furnishings, and despite being newly refurbished, they feel lived-in and loved. Indeed, much of the furniture is from the couple’s own collection, including pieces handed down through the generations. Saddleback is the largest of the guest rooms, boasting wonderful views from its dual aspect windows. A beautiful tiled fireplace is set off perfectly with Farrow & Ball’s decadent ‘Renaissance’ wallpaper, which brings warmth to the room with its gold tones and enchanting pictoral print bursting with sunflowers, birds and botanical detailing. The highlight is a spacious bathroom, however, with a shower and a stunning roll top bath in the middle of the room from which you can enjoy views of the rolling countryside. The second largest room is Tamworth. Calm and welcoming, the room profits from equally wonderful views across the garden to the beautiful copper beech tree which strikes a proud form in the centre of the grounds. The blue-toned Farrow & Ball wallpaper here echoes the fields of barley visble in the distance.


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Featuring a bright colour palette, Oxford creates a nostalgic, comforting feel upon entering. A double bedroom, complete with en-suite, leads through to a small but perfectlyformed twin room – ideal for families. With its lively décor, pastoral-themed wallpaper, assortment of artwork and artfully-selected accessories, the room brings the Bloomsbury set to mind. By contrast, Berkshire features a more traditional, country house feel – anchored by the soft blue grey tones of Farrow & Ball’s ‘Pigeon’ shade. This same country styling is echoed in the house’s smallest and cosiest room, Duroc, which also benefits from lovely evening light. Despite the relatively extensive work carried out, the farmhouse thankfully retains many of its original features – including its wooden flooring, shutters, doors, coving, glasswork and all bar one of its fireplaces. The property’s inherent connection with the surrounding landscape, too, has been preserved. This relationship was integral to Niki’s vision for the house, both in terms of the strong F&B focus of Abbots Court, and in terms

of its interior, which is awash with natural colour tones, pastoral motifs and artwork. When we enter the property, the impressive entrance hall sets the tone perfectly with its original tiled flooring and a wonderful sweeping staircase that floods the space with light by day. To the right of the main entrance is a cosy lounge, complete with a comfortable chesterfield sofa, elegant fireplace, colourful soft furnishings, assorted rugs and a table and chairs. The sash windows provide glorious views over the verdant gardens, while by night – as when we arrive – a welcoming fire crackles in the hearth. To the left of the entrance hall is an elegant 14-cover dining room, where guests can enjoy a small but artfully crafted dinner menu, as well as a traditional breakfast cooked by Jez in the big country kitchen. The space has been painted in Farrow & Ball’s sumptuous and appropriately-named ‘Eating Room Red’ shade. The acclaimed paint and wallpaper manufacturer, which is headquartered in nearby Wimborne Minster, sponsored the refurbishment and worked


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closely with the couple to select harmonious designs in keeping with the property’s character and rural location. So well-selected was this shade, in fact, that upon completing the painting, the couple were thrilled to uncover the original fireplace tiles in an almost identical red! After dinner, guests can retire to the bar where talented in-house sommelier and restaurant manager, Helen Winnett, is on hand to prepare their tipple of choice. Farrow & Ball’s deep Inchrya Blue shade creates a dark, intimate feel here, while the copper-topped bar, cosy armchairs and twinkling fairylights bring warmth. Though Niki and Jez plan to add smaller elements to the interior of the house as time goes by, the real project now will be to develop the surrounding land. At the heart of this will be a walled kitchen garden, which was discovered to Jez’s delight while they were clearing away the undergrowth. Unfortunately, one of the walls was damaged beyond repair, so Jez came up with the idea of building a living wall, formed from logs of sycamore, in its stead. This not only creates a really interesting textural structure within the garden, but will also attract plenty of wildlife as time goes by. Now that the couple’s pigs have cleared the walled garden of weeds, it is primed for planting, and will eventually allow the couple to grow herbs, fruit and vegetables for their menu.

“Our guests will be able to enjoy food picked fresh from the garden as our chefs prepare each meal using locally-sourced, seasonal food,” explains Jez, who was a MasterChef semi-finalist himself. “Our rare breed pigs will have a new home in the woodland behind the farmhouse and we hope to be curing and air drying home-reared charcuterie in the cellar in the near future.” If this existing offering wasn’t enough, the couple have capacity for 12 weddings a year, and plan to develop the meadow as a site for

bell tents and shepherd’s huts. If you live in the area, there are also plans in store for some foodie-themed events, too! Niki and Jez most certainly have their work cut out, but I get the feeling their hectic schedule is far more than just a job, but is a real passion project fuelled by their desire to bring the pleasures of great food and drink, the beautiful British countryside, and a simpler, more wholesome way of living, to others.


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UHSMa Hospita


KITE CHAIR With its swooping curves and wing tip features, it's iconic and a statement in its own right. Create your unique design by customising the frame colour and wood finish. 0330 1222 400

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Photography credit: David Mitchell

Presidential Suite


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Stonehill Taylor has masterminded the design of three new types of premium suite at New York’s largest hotel as part of a property-wide renovation of its guest rooms.

New York Hilton Midtown Manhattan Hotel USA Since Conrad Hilton, financier Laurance Rockefeller, and entrepreneur Harold Uris opened the property in 1963, the New York Hilton has welcomed guests from across the globe to the bustling streets of Midtown Manhattan. Stonehill Taylor found inspiration for the hotel’s new suites from the

The three new types of suite – named the Linear Suite, the Corner Suite and The Presidential Suite – all boast views of Central Park as their backdrop, but each has a decidely different feel and palette. At 3700ft2, the Presidential Suite is the largest of the collection. Its classic, sophisticated aesthetic is complemented by a curated art collection with cove-style lighting that creates a soft glow throughout the space. Accents of blue permeate the neutral palette here to create a serene and restful environment, while traditional furniture with modern silhouettes is layered with warm metals and luxe fabrics. The five-fixture bathroom is clad in travertine stone with black and brass

wealth of nearby landmarks – including the Prometheus sculpture by Paul Manship at Rockefeller Center to the Seagram Building by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The firm drew, too, on notable artists such as painter Jackson Pollock and dancer Martha Graham who rose to prominence in the mid 20th century with the support of the hotel’s neighbouring art institutions.

Presidential Suite


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accents and includes a large soaking tub and shower. Drawing on philosophies of architectural modernism, the open layout is balanced with monolithic structures and framed by ornate black wrought iron doors. The impressive 10-room suite includes a gallery and foyer, living and lounge area, media room, game room, dining, bar and kitchen area, master bedroom, and bath. The Corner Suite – of which there are three iterations, varying between 1820ft2 and 2180ft2 – has a more romantic feel, inspired by Martha Graham’s fluid movements. This suite exudes elegance with its elevated finishes in mixed metals, paired with warm woods. Large furniture groups create a relaxed, residential feel – an escape from the bustle of the city. By contrast, the 1600ft2 Linear Suite is an edgy, tech-forward space with theatrical furniture and Pollock-inspired art. The design concept here was to create a manufactured appearance through use of self-consciously man-made materials, such as solid surface and metal finishes. The eight-room suite comprises a foyer, living room, media room, dining and bar, master bedroom and bath. Within the living area, Stonehill Taylor has opted for playful, organic furniture silhouettes, juxtaposed with a geometric metal-inlay feature wall. The five-fixture master bath features hexagon porcelain tiles on the walls, with contrasting black fixtures.

Linear Suite

Corner Suite Linear Suite


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Presidential Suite

Corner Suite

Linear Suite


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Photography credit: Worker Bee Supply


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Following several years of restoration and renovation, The Broadview Hotel has emerged as a stylish 58-key property with a dynamic array of communal areas and F&B outlets.

The Broadview Hotel Toronto, Canada As new walkable neighbourhoods and parks, artisanal shops and restaurants emerge as part of Toronto’s rapid eastward expansion, The Broadview Hotel’s owners, Streetcar and Dream Unlimited, have established the property as a key landmark. Built in 1891 as the offices for Dingman’s soap factory, the Romanesque

While ERA Architects was able to restore the building’s rich architectural character, the interior features had been all but completely erased. DesignAgency looked to the building’s storied past and the neighbourhood’s youthful vibe to create an authentic atmosphere that is at once historic and contemporary, thoughtful and playful, and as laid-back

building at Queen and Broadview was converted a few years later into the Broadview Hotel, but in the 1970s slid into steady decline as a boarding house and the infamous Jilly’s Strip Club. Despite its somewhat seedy appearance, the building remained an important architectural gateway and anchor to the Riverdale community. Toronto-based design firm DesignAgency worked closely with the owners to create the interior, and has created numerous bespoke furniture and lighting pieces throughout the hotel.

and comfortable as the east-end itself. “We are excited to be part of a movement that has taken shape over the last decade to return the Riverside neighbourhood to its original greatness,” comments Matt Davis, co-founding partner at DesignAgency. “Through the transformation of the hotel, we embraced a building that had been unseen for a long time, and made it visible with a layering of design elements inspired by its own history. We look forward to seeing how the Broadview Hotel matures over time.”


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The communal areas at the Broadview Hotel include a ground floor lobby with a light-filled café and bar – envisioned as a social hub for hotel guests as well as the surrounding community. As a counterpoint to the other interior spaces within The Broadview Hotel, The Civic restaurant has a warmer, moodier ambience. A palette of deep colours and materials, including green and oxblood leathers, and a walnut bar with antique brass accents infuse the space with the character of an aged tavern, also balanced by quirky twists such as vintage-style

floral chairs and drapery patterned with lemurs smoking hookah pipes. The seventh floor is home to The Rooftop – a lounge and bar set in a glass box adjoined with the building’s roof terrace and historic tower. Within the building’s tower, which rises up from the corner of Queen East and Broadview, there is a private dining room with capacity for 20. Exposed brick and wood beams, and a grand vaulted ceiling contrast with a symphony of chandeliers, establishing a magical space unlike any other in the city.


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UnilinM Adv-235

colours. textures. trends.

Matching colours with coffee. ELEGANT BLACK









113 / W06

U129 / CST

U644 / CST

U282 / CST

U150 / CST

free. sample. service.

Request free samples at


An inspiring decorative panelling collection in 168 designs, available in HPL, melamine and edging tape. UNILIN Evola promises lifelike wood decors and authentic embossed textures. In combination with a surprising palette of solid colours, this collection offers you creative freedom for every interior decorating project.

HI76_Pages.indd 177 UnilinMar18.indd Adv-235x300.indd 1

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Photography credit: Douglas Friedman


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Designed by Ken Fulk, Legacy Records is the latest venture from Delicious Hospitality Group.

Legacy Records New York, USA Legacy Records is the hospitality component of Henry Hall – a new residential building designed by Ken Fulk in NYC’s Hudson Yards neighbourhood. Occupying two floors of what was formerly Legacy Recording Studios, the space incorporates an 85-seat restaurant, a walk-up indoor/outdoor café, two private dining rooms equipped with their own experiential open kitchen and a cocktail and wine bar. The property has been designed as a series of refined, yet laid-back spaces. Adjacent to the hotel’s lobby, the restaurant and café are a classic mid-century European setting with style references spanning generations. Floor to ceiling windows create a shifting atmosphere from morning to night, while a collection of contemporary art – with pieces by the likes of

Mickalene Thomas, Martine Gutierrez and Misha Richter – creates visual interest. Working in tandem with Delicious Hospitality Group on the materials palette and guest experience, Ken Fulk has layered teak, marble and brass with accents of white, natural cane and sporting green for the restaurant. Stand-out custom details include fluted wood panelling, patinated brass bar tops and green coffered ceilings inset with cane. Softly worn caramel leather banquettes have been paired with leather-topped tables and vintage schoolhouse seating surrounds a long communal table. No aspect of the guest experience has been left unconsidered, from the service bar topped in deeply-veined green marble,


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to the handsome take-away café counter clad in fluted teak. Atop the lobby’s striking brass and mahogany staircase, the second floor bar draws guests in with a graphic mural by artist Chris Lux, who was commissioned to paint his interpretation of Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Want You’ album cover. Beyond the bar, the richly coloured lounges have been designed to evoke an intimate and celebratory vibe, modelled on a stylish residential living room. The rich orange shade of the bar is picked up in the main lounge, where it’s paired with a patterned grasscloth on the walls, while the luxurious wine room combines charred-wood panelling, polished marble and channel-tufted banquettes in dark green velvet. Along the hall is the private dining wing – a series of warm, colourful rooms with classical details offering versatile options for private events. At the heart of the space is the test kitchen, which reveals a welcoming palette of wood and marble. The private dining rooms have a distinct residential feel, furnished with a combination of modern styles, vintage pieces and contemporary art. From these second storey rooms, the eye-catching flash of the neon sign – a retro spinning record – outside the window is a clever reminder of the property’s history as the former Legacy Recording Studio.


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Decors as far as the eye can see... Lawcris’s laminate stock is set to increase with a whopping 94 new decors as a high quality and hugely affordable range from the European manufacturing giants Pfleiderer hit their shelves. Not only that, all 94 decors are also available as a melamine with matching edging. Want to see for yourself? Simply contact Lawcris who will bob a swatch chart out in the post for you free of charge. They hold the full laminate stock for next day delivery.

W: E: P: 0113 217 7177

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Photography credit: David Mitchell


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Photography: Lisa Petrole

Stonehill Taylor has completed the interior design of this striking 1920s property in Exchange Place’s waterfront downtown area.

Hyatt House Jersey City Manhattan, USA Hyatt House Jersey City is situated in an impressive 10-storey bank building from the 1920s, now with a three-storey modern glass addition by Atlanta firm, PFVS. Its interior embraces the historic features of the property – period details layered with comfortable, contemporary elements to create a rich tapestry of texture. The ground floor, which includes the entrance and concierge desk, features original 12ft tall bronze doors, a brass filigree decorative screen, Portoro marble walls, and travertine flooring. Guests ascend directly to the upper floor terrace level, where they are greeted by 12ft high ceilings and striking views of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline through the wrap-around floor-to-ceiling windows. This expansive space incorporates the hotel’s lobby, lounge, dining areas and bar. A Kenya Black marble reception desk sits in front of a custom-designed back-lit glass and wood screen, elegantly hiding the back offices. This sophisticated aesthetic is completed by wood floors, mahogany millwork, accent silk upholstered walls, brass lighting fixtures and casegoods – inspired by the building’s original metal ornamentation. In terms of the furniture, Stonehill Taylor has opted for a palette of leathers, patterned textiles and a combination of jewel and naturalcoloured tones with bronze accents. Adjacent to the dining area is a spacious,

elegant buffet with built-in cabinetry, an accent metal mosaic, and a Rimadesio glass sliding door system. Directly next to the lobby is the bar, which features varying configurations of live edge wood tables and sofas with integrated power and lamps. The striking hexagonal pattern of the ceiling here creates a point of visual interest, as well as referencing the building’s past. Two additional spaces off the main bar can be used for private events: a lounge space with views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and an enclosed terrace with operable glass walls and a direct view of Lower Manhattan. The terrace level also features a rooftop lounge – one of the first in Jersey City. This expansive year-round outdoor space features a reflecting fire and water feature, two bars and a retractable roof. The lounge has the air of an industrial garden with its extensive planting, natural teak furniture and concrete-like finishes. Finally, the guest accommodation has been completed in a residential style. A typical room features a studio with an adjoining kitchen and living room. Among the furnishings in the studios are sofa beds, a 360° swivel TV cabinetry unit, and bathrooms separated by glass barn doors. A custom artwork programme, selected specifically for the property, completes the look.


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Andy Thornton works its magic on Quarry Tapas & Bottlery The Quarry Tapas & Bottlery at Horbury, near Wakefield, is named after the former Horbury Quarry where the venue is sited. In fact, the imposing 50ft high quarry walls of the 18th century workings form the backdrop to this period property. The Quarry’s latest re-incarnation is probably the most impressive yet, with the tired old pub transformed into a modern Continental-style eatery. Key to the impressive interior décor by designer Paul Schofield is the complete furniture package, sourced from contract furniture supplier Andy Thornton. The main tapas restaurant area, which overlooks the open-plan kitchen, mixes high dining with standard height dining tables and features the popular School bar stools and side chairs from Andy Thornton, combined with Scaffold poseur tables and cast-iron bistro table bases with solid ash tops. An impressive ‘fire table’ feature seats up to 16 at a tiled island unit with solid marble top around a central, open fire. In the bar area, more of the bistro tables and school chairs fill the dining area and complement the elegant fixed seating. Against the mirror-clad bar counter sumptuous button-backed Repton bar stools have been upholstered in a sage green distressed leather. In the private dining room adjacent to the bar, Andy Thornton has supplied a bespoke 3m long table with solid ash top and Loris side chairs upholstered in nu-buck style faux button-back leather. Upstairs and totally separate from the restaurant with its own staircase is a stylish marble-floored cocktail bar where Andy Thornton has supplied stainless steel Inox poseur tables with dark-stained Brunswick bar stools. A fully-glazed entryway provides access to a private lounge area for select parties where Andy Thornton supplied tables and faux-leather tube stools.


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Ceramique Internationale adds finishing touches to historic pub Ceramique International has brought its experience in pub and bar design to bear on another historic London pub – The Spotted Horse in Putney. The pub re-opened in September last year following an extensive renovation, which saw a new botanic theme implemented throughout, as well as the launch of its new rooftop bar, The Juniper Terrace. Ceramique Internationale worked with award-winning leisure design expert, Fusion by Design, and has specified tiles from some of Europe’s finest manufacturers, including Vives, Entruria and CE.SI., for the renovation. Working towards Fusion by Design’s brief, Ceramique Internationale sourced Gorgo Grafito tiles from Spanish manufacturer, Vives, to create a

geometric black-and-white diamond pattern along the barfront of Juniper Terrace, while hexagonal tiles from Italian manufacturer, Entruria, were selected for the indoor seating area. For the bar apron, the design brief specified a black-and-white octagonal pattern with anti-slip and stain-proof properties, which needed to be costeffective. After extensive consultation, Ceramique Internationale suggested the Full Body range from Italian firm, CE.SI, which not only matched the brief but, due to the range’s low porosity, did not have to be sealed once fitted, thereby saving on money and time.


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Versital marble bar tops commissioned for new Whitbread eaterie Versital was commissioned by interior design agency, JMDA, to provide bespoke bar and kitchen pass tops for its latest project with hospitality giant Whitbread. Cookhouse & Pub located in Oldbury, West Midlands, is the newest concept venue by the company and features Versital’s on-trend Arabesque marble finish surfaces. Described by Whitbread as “an informal, all-day restaurant, with the relaxed vibe and affordability of a pub” the space is now a striking new eatery. “Much of the original interior was stripped out,” says Simon Tyas, director of JMDA. “The kitchen and back of house areas were retained in the same location, but the kitchen was converted into a theatre style, extending into the restaurant and including a bistro oven, so diners can see their food being prepared.” Versital’s made-to-order surfaces were commissioned for the bar and

kitchen pass tops in a luxurious white marble finish. The handcrafted surfaces bring a fresh and modern feel to the space, effortlessly complementing the contemporary colour palette of teal, mushroom and off-white. Punctuated with pops of ochre yellow and featuring wooden and copper accents, the new restaurant displays industrial elements throughout for an informal yet sophisticated dining experience. Versital’s solid marble surfaces offer all the beauty of natural marble without the issues the natural product often brings. This true-to-life marble is 100% waterproof, non-porous and stain proof, making it a preferred choice for bars and restaurants alike. Boasting an impressive range of over 100 exclusive finishes, Versital caters for all interior styles, whether domestic or commercial.


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29/03/2018 17:03


Striking bespoke woven axminster carpet, expertly crafted by Wilton Carpets, has been installed in the ballroom at The Queens, one of the most celebrated hotels in Leeds. Having redecorated the stunning art deco Ballroom of The Queens last year, the management subsequently decided to replace the carpet that was still in-situ and the impact was immediate. The Queens asked the design team at Wilton Carpets to come up with a pattern that reflected the Ballroom’s art deco features. Senior designer, Matthew Robinson, rose to the challenge with a grand design inspired by Art Deco’s structured, elegant geometrics. Matthew also proposed a smaller scale design for use on stairs and breakout areas surrounding the Ballroom. “The iron work motifs found on railings caught my eye and so I used these as inspiration, interweaving different layers to bring a new and contemporary feel that could work on the scale required,” explains Matthew. Wilton crafted Matthew’s design in a bespoke 10-row wool-rich axminster quality that is hardwearing and easy to maintain.

A ballroom transformed with Wilton Carpets Internationally renowned H4 Hotels has commissioned premium carpet manufacturer Brintons to design carpets for luxury four-star hotel, Hannover Messe. Brintons worked alongside Hamburg-based interior design studio JOI-Design on the renovation, which was strongly influenced by the hotel’s close proximity to Hannover’s business centre. “The surrounding industry fairs played a central role in the original design inspirations of the hotel,” explains Heinrich Bohn, senior designer and associate at JOI-Design. “With technical innovations evolving and no longer being an isolated field, technology is now merging more than ever with nature and the ideas that surround sustainability – IT and biology will continue merging in the future.” Informed by these intertwining themes of technology and nature, Brintons has created bespoke axminster designs for the hotel, as well as selecting a range of existing designs from its collection. The chosen carpets are woven axminster designs with 80% wool 20% nylon pile blend – 7 row for the guest rooms, 8 row for the corridors, and a higher-pile 9 row quality for the meeting rooms. A striking 9 row design, for high traffic areas, was chosen for the bar. H4 Hannover Messe Hotel’s renovation used designs from the following Brintons collections: The Deep Grid collection by Studio Zuzunaga, throughout the corridors; Brintons Inspirations collection in the guest bedrooms; Brintons Cavan Plaid from the Abbeyglen collection features in the Irish Bar; Timorous Beasties Collection by Brintons, Gold Atholl Gardens design in the meeting rooms; Brintons’ custom designs in the restaurant areas of the hotel. “Our selection of Brintons’ premium axminster carpet for H4 Hotel, Hannover Messe gives excellent performance, unbeatable appearance and retention for many years, whilst importantly giving guests the pleasant, luxurious feel of wool-rich pile under foot,” comments Nick Oakley, Brintons’ sales manager for Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Technology and nature intertwine for Hannover Hotel renovation 89

HI76_Pages.indd 89

29/03/2018 17:03


The Compton Cross cocktail bar in London’s Soho district was formerly Molly Moggs, a legendary pub and cabaret venue which recently closed. New owners, The Marmalade Pub Company wanted to retain the character of the original pub while developing it into a more stylish and contempory cocktail bar. Specialist contractor T6 used Interior Film, an architectural film manufactured by LG Hausys and supplied in the UK by David Clouting, to ‘wrap’ around PVC board which had been cut into strips and used to frame the mirrored areas which featured throughout the bar and seating areas. Interior Film’s flexibility ensured that even the rebated edges of the PVC frames did not present a problem, creating a seamless smooth finish. This unique self-adhesive film is quick to install and can be applied to almost any interior surface including: wood, metals, plasterboard, plastics and even melamine. Easy to clean and maintain, Interior Film is hardwearing and remains stable if exposed to heat, humidity or low temperatures. It has also passed robust bleach tests when used in hospital applications.

Interior Film in the frame for Soho pub refurbishment For many hotels, adaptable space is key to maximising revenue from hiring out of function rooms. Recognising this, Rushton Hall, a magnificent Grade I Listed country house hotel in the Midlands, contracted Style to add flexibility to the newly refurbished library and main function rooms, allowing privacy when required but also ensuring the area could be opened out for larger gatherings. DORMA Variflex was agreed as the most suitable moveable wall for this historic building and Style installed two separate partitions to give maximum flexibility across three rooms, all in a striking finish to complement the elegant interior design. Delivering 57dB Rw acoustic privacy, one Variflex moveable wall separates the library from the main function rooms, creating a tranquil, attractive space for wedding ceremonies to be held without disturbance from staff or guests in other parts of the hotel. This moveable wall opens up to incorporate the dining room where guests can enjoy the wedding breakfast and speeches. During this time, the second Variflex seals off the main dance floor, opening up only after the meal to combine the dining room and the main function suite into one.

Luxury hotel divides space with style


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29/03/2018 17:03


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29/03/2018 11:58 17:03 15/03/2018


Leisure Plan – outdoor furniture solutions to feed the imagination

MBrace - DEDON


HI76_Pages.indd 92

29/03/2018 17:03


Flora - Fischer Möbel

As the exclusive UK sales and distribution partner of DEDON, Fischer Möbel and EGO Paris, Leisure Plan is the perfect resource for those seeking high quality, inspirational outdoor furnishing solutions. The business was founded more than 30 years ago by Chris McCormack, and is based in a converted 19th century chapel in the quaint Essex village of Stansted Mountfitchet. Leisure Plan’s impressive showroom – situated just a matter of minutes from the M11 and Stansted Airport – allows you to explore and truly experience the full breadth of its offering. Those seeking that extra level of individuality can also make use of Leisure Plan’s on-site cushion workshop, which offers clients a bespoke production service, supported by an extensive portfolio of fabrics, colours and styles.

Beach Nested Cabins - Ego Paris


HI76_Pages.indd 93

29/03/2018 17:03



Meeting the demand for original, premium products, whilst upholding the highest levels of customer service, has always been the driving force behind Leisure Plan’s offering. Chris’ ambition was to work alongside three complementary, highly respected brands that shared these same values – and he soon found this in Fischer Möbel. International trendsetter, DEDON, joined seven years later, followed by inspirational French brand, EGO Paris, in 2003. All three brands have been recipients of the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards, testament to their innovative outlook and technical prowess. Individually celebrated, together, they provide a formidable collection befitting of any high-end exterior scheme. 2018 sees a host of exciting new launches across the board. Fischer Möbel’s new lounge system, Flora, features an adjustable backrest and side panels, allowing the user to configure the product to their exact needs. Available with additional side tables and upholstered benches, the product can be transformed from upright seating to a stylish daybed in just a few

movements. The range is built with longevity as well as style in mind with its weatherproof coated fabrics and selection of robust, easy-tomaintain finishes. EGO Paris, too, has embraced modular outdoor living with its KAMA collection. Designed by Benjamin Ferriol, KAMA allows you to transition from a sofa to a sun lounger by simply re-arranging the cushions. With the Duo and Quattro hinged table tops, it offers the perfect solution to low-level dining too. A choice of over 20 frame colours, 12 fabric colourways and optional teak arms ensures optimum customisation. Aside from KAMA, EGO Paris has also launched Zamac – a futuristic take on a sun lounger designed by Ronan Masson. A clever mix between a hammock and swing, this playful design can be used both indoors and outdoors. Also new for 2018 is a range of Beach Nested Cabins designed by Dorothée Noirbent. Dorothée has artully reimagined the traditional beach house concept as an item of outdoor

furniture, complete with an array of vibrant colours. The five versions of the design – Deauville, Pampelonne, Biarritz, Honfleur and Noirmoutier – are named after French coastal cities and beaches, and nest perfectly inside each other. DEDON, too, has collaborated with a host of globally-renowned design names for 2018. TIBBO, designed for DEDON by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, is a sustainably sourced teak collection. Barber and Osgerby wanted to bring the sensibility of indoor furniture outside for this collection, and so each piece is designed to blur the boundaries of interior and exterior, both in terms of aesthetic and durability. Other new products for 2018 include JeanMarie Massaud’s contemporary SEAYOU deck chair, the joyfully unconventional MBRACE furniture range from Sebastian Herkner and new additions to DEDON’s fabric collection, which now features nine luxurious outdoor textiles. 01279 816001


HI76_Pages.indd 94

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Zamac - Ego Paris


HI76_Pages.indd 95

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Barlow Tyrie launches new solutions for stylish al fresco dining


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Barlow Tyrie’s design team has created a host of new additions and reinvigorated designs that sit perfectly with its existing ranges. Barlow Tyrie’s Equinox collection will receive a stacking armchair and side chairs with a powder-coated finish and matching coloured armrests. Available in two colours – Graphite or Arctic White powder-coated frames – the product is offered with complementary Sunbrella® Textilene seating in Carbon and Seagull. These two new combinations add a modern twist to al fresco dining. Alongside these new additions, the Equinox collection includes a powder-coated 360cm extending rectangular dining table. This design is highly practical, with a table top formed from high-fired Italian ceramic tiles that are stain-proof and colour-fast, yet brings an air of sophistication to any outdoor area. New for Barlow Tyrie’s premium stainless steel collection is the Mercury 70cm coffee table. Offered with a choice of Italian ceramic tops, this eye-catching coffee table will work well with the brand’s Mercury modular deep seating. The clean lines of the stainless steel legs combine perfectly with the ceramic table top. Aura is a modern, lightweight and elegant furniture collection with timeless appeal. Available in three powder-coated aluminium frame colours, it combines perfectly with traditional teak and Textilene slings to create statement pieces with clean lines. In addition to the brand’s existing Aura

tables, Barlow Tyrie has added a 300cm rectangular dining table, plus two ‘narrowwidth’ 140cm and 200cm rectangular high dining tables. Featuring a powder-coated frame and stylish teak top, this design is perfect for entertaining 6, 8 or 10 guests. Barlow Tyrie has also incorporated the Aura side chair – offering sleek lines and a hardwearing Textilene seat – as well as the Aura 140cm rectangular adjustable coffee table. The latter features an elegant blend of teak and powder-coated aluminium, with scissor x-shaped legs for a polished contemporary design. Barlow Tyrie is diversifying its Mercury armchairs with the addition of a powdercoated finish in three colourways. This process involves applying a high-quality oven-baked powder coating to ensure that the design’s striking frame and sling style is maintained, while offering durability and minimal maintenance. Lastly, the majestic Napoli range – crafted from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified eucalyptus wood sourced from responsibly-managed forests – will feature a new 350cm square cantilever parasol. This sleek design is a size-down from the brand’s 400cm square cantilever parasol, and will provide shade and a focal point to any outdoor space. 01376 557600


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Sunbrella launches Marine collection for 2018 Founded in the 1960s, Sunbrella has long held a prestigious reputation in the yachting world for its highperformance and design-led fabrics. Uniquely, the brand offers a complete solution for interior and exterior design, as well as boat protection. The brand’s new Marine collection comprises 205 fabrics, of which 112 are completely new. These textiles are designed inhouse and manufactured by Dickson Constant factory in Lille, France. Sunbrella’s products are designed with robust performance characteristics that provide resistance to fading and degradation from sunlight and chemical exposure.


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March 2 Bridgma

Quality Commercial Outdoor Furniture since 1977

Impress your clients with Bridgman luxury furniture. +44(0)20 8804 7474 HI76_Pages.indd March 2018.indd 1 99 1 BridgmanApr18.indd

13/03/2018 29/03/2018 11:28:01 17:03 27/03/2018 12:34


Fulfilling the wildest of aspirations Fulfilling the widest aspirations of both client and designer, The Modern Garden Company supplies outdoor furniture to projects that demand design quality, most recently being specified by designer Joyce Wang for the private penthouse terraces at The Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park. Other projects include the Presidential Suite spa and mountainside terrace of The Alpina Hotel, Gstaad, specified by Hirsch Bedner Associates, to the humid heights of LA’s largest roof terrace at The London West Hollywood Hotel (pictured) – a project with Richmond Design. Capturing valuable revenue-generating outdoor space, The Modern Garden Company works closely with architects, interior designers, purchasers and hotel owners to create both stylish and functional exteriors for hospitality projects, UK and worldwide. From outdoor dining options to luxury loungers, daybeds and beautiful hand-woven outdoor rugs, everything is crafted with high-performing, sustainable textiles and materials, without compromising on design or comfort. With brands including Piet Boon, Paola Lenti and Tribu, there really is an opportunity to create a unique outdoor space.

Andy Thornton furnishes stylish York dining terrace Rustique is a popular independent French restaurant located in the centre of the historic city of York, which boasts a secluded rooftop dining terrace to complement the busy bistro inside. The new terrace, only a stone’s throw from the main tourist destinations, has been completed using outdoor furniture from the Andy Thornton collection. Its popular Tatami stacking side chairs in brown polypropylene are lightweight, stackable, strong, durable and UV resistant. They have been matched with Prima table bases in woven plastic with square teak laminate tops. The complete Andy Thornton Outdoor Furniture range can be viewed online or send for the 2018 brochure now. 01422 376000


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Photograph Courtesy of Michael Maynard Photography


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29/03/2018 13:11 17:04 27/03/2018


The Langley’s spa set to offer world-class experience


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The Langley, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Buckingamshire, is to re-open this summer following a meticulous multi-million pound renovation undertaken in partnership with Dennis Irvine Studio. The hotel is formed of two buildings – an historic mansion which was once the estate of the Duke of Marlborough, and a Grade II Listed 18th century building formerly used as stables and a brew house. “Following the meticulous restoration of this beautiful estate, The Langley is set to be a stunning addition to the Luxury Collection portfolio,” says Jenni Benzaquen, vice-president, Luxury Brands, Europe for Marriott International. “Through carefully curated destination experiences set amidst the lush and exquisite English countryside, The Langley will tell a unique tale of the destination, offering indigenous allure, exquisite local culture, and an unmatched experience for global explorers.” Part of the renovation has included the 25,000ft2 Langley Spa. Offering eight large treatment rooms, an expansive VIP suite with dip pools, as well as a women’s-only thermal area, this luxurious space is the jewel in the crown of the hotel’s world-class recreational facilities and services. In partnership with Matt Roberts, a leading UK personal trainer and best-selling fitness author, the gym boasts technologically advanced systems and equipment including a cryotherapy centre. In addition, Matt has devised training sessions using the hotel’s landscaped gardens and extensive grounds.


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Old Course Hotel unveils luxurious Kohler Waters Spa


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Following an extensive multi-million-pound refurbishment, the Kohler Waters Spa at the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews, Scotland, has now re-opened. This luxurious retreat – the first Kohler spa experience outside the USA – focuses on hydrotherapy and organic treatments, offering Salus Per Aquum or ‘health through water’. Guests can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of water with a hydrotherapy pool, cold plunge pool and a refreshing ice fountain to experience showers featuring Kohler Real Rain.

Designed by Sedley Place, the extension and refurbishment of the existing space has created a total of 25,000ft2 , featuring 13 treatment rooms – including two couples rooms, as well as two wet treatment rooms offering Kohler bathing experiences. Specialising in marine and aromatherapy treatments by [comfort zone], PHYTOMER and VOYA, therapies employ natural ingredients including seaweed for its anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities, mineral-rich peat for its restorative and healing properties and

Himalayan salt to detoxify. The renovation has also seen the addition of a new 20m lap pool as part of the large health and fitness centre, as well as a gym area with cardio and resistance stations, a functional fitness space and a group exercise studio. There is also a steam room for deep muscular relaxation and detoxification, a Finnish sauna and a rooftop garden with hot tub.


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A change for the better Acclaimed UK manufacturer of wooden lockers and changing room furniture, Crown Sports Lockers, gives its key pointers for creating an effective and functional changing room design.

Designing and fitting out changing and locker rooms is a specialised business, requiring knowledge and expertise across several disciplines for the whole to work out greater than the sum of the parts. Partnering the process When it’s time for a change and a refit, or starting from scratch, it is best to specify a supplier/installer that can co-ordinate the

project for you, from design and layout to completed facility. The supplier’s dedicated project manager, assigned to partner you through the process, is tuned to handle everything from quotes, drawings, materials, surfaces and décor to overseeing the installation and aftercare. Ask about the fitting team too – have they a long track record of doing the job? The best have been plying their trade for a generation so

can often use their own skill and judgment to iron out any hiccups that may arise. Built to last/fit to refresh Leisure and fitness changing areas can come in for a bit of a battering because of heavy footfall throughout. Locker carcasses may well stand the test of time but doors and edgings can show their age and you should be looking to refurbish every five years or so.


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Interior dÊcor in the sector can date quite quickly and it’s critical that members feel they are using fresh, modern environments rather than stale ones. Sturdily built lockers can be kept in place, while doors and panelling can be replaced with vogue patterns, designs and hardwearing materials, to keep costs down. No bugbears Changing room hygiene remains a key concern, especially in wet areas, but sophisticated surfaces are heralding in new levels of clinical cleanliness to combat risk of cross-infection. Doors and other seen wood components can be finished with two coats of high build clear lacquer formulated to include an agent, such as Medicote, designed to prevent bacteria surviving on its surface. The agent also reduces risk of deterioration, discoloration and odours caused by microorganisms. The result is a high-quality, durable finish with added level of protection.

of several thousand, thought given to this element of provision is time well spent. Lock and store Trends are changing in hospitality. Locker management is shifting to digital solutions, in part to avoid key losses or inappropriate use. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) systems use electromagnetic fields to identify and track tags (containing electronically-stored

information) attached to objects automatically. Tags can be attached to cash, clothing and possessions. Keypad methods rely on using a personal, usually four-digit, code to open the locker. Modern electronic locking allows site staff to control the secure time available to members and users before the door automatically opens.

Go with the flow Architects and designers may leave changing room layouts to the supply specialists, whose experience with optimising alloted space will help deliver facilities that promote ease and comfort. Good locker layout, for example, can aid traffic flow from entry to exit, while poor design can create havoc. When some hotel fitness changing rooms have to cater for memberships


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Creating design-led spaces for boutique gyms


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The boutique gym trend is changing the face of the UK leisure market. Here, Trevor Bowers, director at washroom and changing room designer, manufacturer and installer, Washroom Washroom, explains how the company’s bespoke approach has helped create unique shower and changing areas specifically to suit the demands of the new boutique gym market.

Generally smaller with a limited number of memberships available, boutique gyms often have a very focused approach by offering a specific fitness class such as spin, dance or military fitness. They appeal to millennials who take fitness seriously but also want to have fun at the same time and feel like they belong to an exclusive club. A well-designed shower and changing area is a big part of the whole gym experience and, as these facilities are often used as a way to judge the gym itself, are a key area for investment, especially for boutique gyms which command a higher membership fee. As well as being clean and functional, boutique gyms demand changing areas which reflect their overall ethos and brand image. Carefully designed, on-trend interiors set boutique gyms out from other health clubs and leisure centres. Adding a splash of colour Colour is an ideal way for gyms to make their mark and create their own sense of style and identity. It’s also something which can easily be incorporated into a gym’s shower and changing room areas thanks to advances in materials technology. Toughened, back-painted glass and digital screen-printing as well as solid surface materials, which can be manufactured in a wide range of patterns and colours, ensure that these areas tone in with any colour scheme

used elsewhere in the gym. The Washroom team recently installed new glass shower and toilet cubicles which were designed to mirror the gym’s high energy vibe with a bright, bold colour scheme. The toughened glass cubicle doors were backpainted in a range of bright oranges, reds and yellows to energise gym users. On another recent project, Washroom manufactured its full height toughened glass shower cubicles in a striking blue shade, which was specified to complement the gym’s corporate branding colour scheme. On-trend design finishes and luxury materials Elements such as exposed pipework, concrete vanities, monochrome colour schemes, stainless steel accessories and metro tiles with contrasting grouting can be used to create an on-trend industrial-inspired design. A recent boutique gym project which encapsulates this style saw Washroom design glass shower cubicles featuring a bespoke saloon-style door opening, created specifically and solely for the project. The changing room area at the Third Space gym at Tower Bridge, London, was designed by award-winning designer Sparcstudio to feel more like a boutique hotel than a gym. Unusual materials including copper, Ted Todd end-grain feature wood panels and Zodiaq stone were

all utilised to create the one-off changing room design. Washroom’s glass shower cubicles were also manufactured with a bespoke diamond pattern design, making the shower cubicles unique to Third Space alone. Finding the perfect balance It’s important to consider the practical implications of materials used and their expected life cycle as part of the overall design to ensure that shower and changing room areas will be able to withstand high levels of traffic as well as general wear and tear. Solid surface materials like Corian and Zodiaq, for example, offer the perfect balance of form and function and are ideal for vanities and grooming shelves. Such materials lend themselves to being cut, bent and joined to produce a seamless finish and are available in a wide range of attractive colours and textures, offering a low maintenance, hygienic solution without compromising on design. When it comes to boutique gyms, owners and members are looking for truly unique interior design and adopting a bespoke approach is the ideal way to achieve this in every area of the gym including the shower and changing areas. 0800 999 8888


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McCue Crafted Fit makes a splash Within the hospitality, and more recently the luxury residential sectors, more focus is being placed on the availability of contemporary and modern leisure and spa facilities. McCue Crafted Fit’s vast experience in these sectors meant it was the perfect fit for the recent restoration of the iconic Ten Trinity Square in London. Ten Trinity Square – the impressive Grade II Listed building that was once the headquarters of the Port of London Authority and featured as the MI6 office in the Bond movie, Skyfall – underwent a significant transformation on becoming part of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Group. Given its Listed status, many of the existing features of the original building needed to be preserved during the restoration, so McCue applied its wealth of experience to ensure the delicate and intricate process was completed to the highest of standards. McCue’s team fitted out many areas of the building, including the opulent

spa area, which has been described as the “most lavish spa sanctuary in the city of London.” Featuring a total of eight treatment rooms, a couples’ suite and a Hammam suite, as well as a beautiful indoor swimming pool and vitality pool, the spa is a real showcase of McCue’s expertise. Reflecting the architecture of London’s ancient Roman history, striking gold mosaic flooring detail, marble and stone work and architectural metalwork were used to achieve an atmosphere of timeless serenity. A number of bespoke items for the project were also manufactured at McCue’s workshop in Northern Ireland and subsequently installed on site by its team of experts. Ten Trinity Square adds to McCue’s prestigious portfolio of high end contracts throughout Europe, the UK and Ireland. This includes spas at The Beaumont Hotel, Langham Hotel and numerous DW Sports’ swimming pools, hot spas and steam rooms, as well as modern gyms. 028 9332 9000

Photography credit Richard Waite


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We have facelifted our Cityline spa models to make them more stylish

MALAGA 2018 218 × 218 × 90 cm 1 reclining / 5 sitting places

ELBRUS 2018 218 × 218 × 90 cm 7 sitting places

PALERMO 2018 218 × 218 × 87 cm 2 reclining / 3 sitting places

MARBELLA 2018 190 × 180 × 85 cm 4 sitting places

MANHATTAN 2018 201 × 153 × 85 cm 2 reclining places

EUROPEAN LEADER SPA MANUFACTURER Find your nearest dealer on

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Ultrafabrics launches Wired collection Ultrafabrics, maker of intelligent performance fabrics, has launched Wired – a new collection created for its hand and matte finish, with a grain inspired by technology. Wired is inspired by the idea that “we are hyper-connected to the world and others around us via technologies”, and the subsequent necessity that we connect with our personal selves, wellbeing and surroundings by taking note of the present, and living in the moment via sensorial experiences. Wired expresses how touch and colour together speak to human interactions and emotional connections with the physical world. The collection incorporates a unique, tactile feel to appeal to the sense of touch, while a gentle layering of colour (in 12 different hues) provides depth of design, and parallel and perpendicular lines create a sense of technological movement.

“The new Wired collection is a prime example of what the Ultratech brand promises: state-of-the-art performance with an unmatched sensory experience,” explains A.R. Swan, director of marketing. The Wired line, like all other Ultrafabrics products, is made with intelligent, high-performance polyurethane material, meticulously designed and built to last. With the new collection, Ultrafabrics has created the ultimate blend of innovation, performance, feel and aesthetics. Ultratech | Wired is GREENGUARD Gold certified and meets the Healthier Hospitals Safer Chemicals Challenge, V2.0.


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29/03/2018 15:19 17:04 01/12/2017


Karndean Designflooring Art Select Storm Oak Parquet AP07

Karndean Designflooring returns to CDW2018 to celebrate 45th anniversary Karndean Designflooring – a market leader in luxury vinyl flooring – is returning to Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW2018) for its eighth consecutive year to mark its 45th anniversary. Visitors will take a step back in time with Karndean’s replica vintage Morris Minor van based on the original driven back in 1973 when the business first started in the West Midlands. It has since grown to a global brand and household name supplying luxury vinyl flooring throughout the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. Located near St John’s Gate, Karndean’s iconic van will also open as a pop up exhibition presenting ‘then and now’ to demonstrate its innovative vinyl flooring designs for commercial spaces. The display will feature

some of Karndean’s most intriguing and intricate ranges, including brand new designs joining its contemporary Knight Tile and Opus collections. It will include new Scandinavian Pine, limed oak, limestone and mixed material designs with a unique ‘shattered concrete’ effect to name but a few. “CDW always has such a buzz about it and the streets come alive with show-stopping exhibitions and installations,” comments Paul Barratt, managing director of Karndean Designflooring. “We’re extremely proud to be celebrating our own 45th anniversary during the festival and what better way to mark it than demonstrate how far we’ve come in replicating the natural

beauty of real wood and stone in luxury vinyl flooring. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to introduce our latest Knight Tile and Opus designs and share the individual inspiration stories behind each new product.” As well as taking to the bustling streets of Clerkenwell throughout CDW2018, Karndean also plans to host its exclusive Sundowner event at Lazybones on Cowcross Street on Wednesday 23rd May. Inviting friends from the world of interior design, architecture and construction, the event will mark Karndean’s birthday celebrations and offer guests a first look at new designs. To request an invite please email


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Multichannel marketing for the international

hospitality industry Hospitality Interiors has developed Connect, a combined website and printed directory designed to meet the needs of the hospitality design industry. The printed directory is a comprehensive reference point for buyers and specifiers looking for suppliers, and vice versa – while users of the online Connect platform will have the industry at their fingertips. Call us on 01424 776102 to discover why Connect should be part of your marketing plans this year, or read more at Brought to you by


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29/03/2018 14:51 17:04 28/03/2018


EGGER Laminate is durable, versatile and easy to process, making it the perfect solution for high activity areas. With 297 trend-oriented décors from which to choose, the collection is well suited to high-end design in commercial and residential interiors. Laminate is a decorative material that can be bonded onto a wide variety of substrates to produce a high end look and feel. It has impressive resistance to heat, impact, scratches, wear, and water vapour which provides a robust and functional finish. The EGGER Decorative Collection 20172019 comprises 297 laminates in woodgrain, uni colour and material décors. Available in a number of finishes including gloss, matt and Feelwood, the décors provide a cost-effective option without compromising on finish or performance. “Laminate is the perfect choice for those looking for a surface that will create a striking design in a demanding interior,” says Amy Muir, category manager (Distribution and Specification) at EGGER. “The diversity of décors featured in the EGGER Decorative Collection allows you to co-ordinate colours and textures across different applications. It’s an international collection, so if a laminate décor is specified for a chain of hotels or other commercial project overseas, it will be available for use.” Laminate is ideal for high traffic applications including table and desk tops, reception desks, doors and worktops. Most of the décors in the collection are suitable for curved or rounded applications. There are several different types of laminate to choose from, each suited to applications with different design requirements. Standard Laminate: A collection of trendoriented décors well suited to many application areas. Choose from realistic woodgrains, industrial

Door Laminate

Love your laminate Feelwood Laminate

materials and bright uni colours to create interesting and eye-catching designs. Gloss and Matt Laminate: PerfectSense Matt, PerfectSense Topmatt and High Gloss laminates are ideal for high quality design. The

Coloured Core Laminate

unique UV coating is micro-scratch-resistant and robust, making it well suited to commercial and domestic application areas. Feelwood Laminate: Featuring synchronised technology, the surface texture aligns with the woodgrain décor to provide a finish almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Available in 24 décors in an XL format. Door Laminate: Door Laminates are a costeffective alternative to solid timber, veneer or painted finishes. Stocked in 90 décors, these laminates are hard wearing and extremely durable. Coloured Core Laminate: Available in nine décors, Coloured Core Laminate creates furniture with a seamless finish. The lack of an obvious join is due to its multi-layered composition, made up of décor papers of the same colour. ABS edging: Every laminate has matching ABS edging, which brings a high quality look to the finished product.


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Egger Laminate A versatile collection for an eye-catching Egger Laminate finish. A versatile collection for Egger Decorative Collection 2017–2019 an eye-catching finish. Egger Decorative Collection 2017–2019

Combine your ideas with the EGGER Laminate Collection. Choose from 297 laminates, in woodgrain, uni colour and material decors. Coordinate colours Combine youracross ideas awith the EGGER Laminate Collection. Choose and textures number of applications, including table andfrom desk297 tops, laminates, in woodgrain, uniworktops. colour and material decors. reception desks, doors and Most laminates areCoordinate suitable forcolours curved and textures and across number of applications, including table and desk tops, applications all ahave matching edging to create a high quality finish. reception desks, doors and worktops. Most laminates are suitable for curved » Order a sample applications and all have matching edging to create a high quality finish. » Order a sample

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29/03/2018 14:58 17:04 20/03/2018


INVISTA Antron Lumena Antron

INVISTA Antron carpet fibre has released 19 new colours in its solution-dyed Antron Lumena carpet fibre, bringing together the efforts of its global development team, customer feedback, workshops and the research of the Global Colour Trend Forecast 2017/2018. Antron Lumena carpet fibre provides carpets with permanent, fade-free, stain-resistant colour through a solution-dyed multi-hollow yarn. With rich and vivid colour, Antron Lumena carpet fibre is used in some of the world’s most exclusive carpet designs and performs faultlessly in busy commercial spaces. For 2018, Antron carpet fibre is making its 1385dtex Antron Lumena fibre available in 150 colours, including 19 brand new tones that ensure a palette remaining rich in scope and connected to prevalent trends in commercial interiors. Driven through development and research, along with the trend forecasting in Global Colour Trend Forecast 2017/2018, these new colours include tone-on-tone nuances and powerful high-impact hues.

With warm blue greys in Gunmetal, Sepia, Gull and Inkwell, through layered moss and natural colours in Antique Olive, Tarragon and River Rock to positive and bold shades of

UltimateContractsFeb18.indd 1

Firecracker, True Red, Paprika and Fuchsia; the introductions represent the increasingly global nature of carpet design.

31/01/2018 12:34


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Stylish yet secure hardware from Sugatsune Glass cabinets are a good way of displaying valuable items in close proximity to customers whilst keeping them safe. They are showcases, so looking good is an imperative and this largely comes down to the hardware they are built from. Another consideration is security; some kind of lock may be necessary and should be easy for staff to operate. Sugatsune has a glass variant of its popular heavy duty J95 concealed hinge. It looks much like a standard concealed hinge and works in the same way, it’s just bigger. With the glass door kit a 25kg door can be supported by just two hinges. The rectangular cover for the glass door fixing has an aerofoil shape to catch the light and comes in a polished or satin chrome finish. Another variant of a popular hinge is the HES3D-90 glass bracket. The HES3D is a multi-link architectural style hinge which can now be used with glass doors using the G90BKT bracket, which it neatly plugs into. The hinge itself has comprehensive three axis adjustment making it easy to get perfect fit. Getting matching locks for glass display cases can be a bit of a puzzle, which is why Sugatsune manufactures locks and hinges that maintain a family look. One such range

is the new GS hinges and locks where simple rectilinear styling is coupled with a cam lock using a high security reversible dimpled key. The key can only removed when the cabinet is locked, so you can do a quick visual check for security. This range is known to be easy for single person installation. The ‘Million Lock’ with over a million key changes and optional master key system is pretty sophisticated but when managing a department with a number of keyholders it may be that further refinements may be required. RFID proximity locks are becoming more widely used. Sugatsune’s Excelock provides a system with great flexibility, pass holders can be assigned different levels of access over a range of cabinets and de-assigned swiftly as required. A pass card is used to unlock cabinets, locking is automatic when the pass holder moves away. There is always a log of events so that specific users can be identified. There is another approach to security of course: stealth. The push lock in the XL-GC range is so visually discreet that unless you know it’s a lock, you wouldn’t guess. The key is actually inserted from the side into a slot: push and it’s open.


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GS-GL Lock

With the J95, doors for glass cabinets got a lot easier to fit. Using the familiar concealed hinge format two hinges support an impressive 25kgs and with the chrome or satin covers they look good too. Sugatsune’s ingenuity does not stop there, the Sugatsune HES3D-90 hinge, a fully adjustable multi-link hinge now has a glass fixing bracket for super slick installations. And the newly introduced GS range includes easy to fit hinges and locks with a coherent look.

HES3D-90 and Glass Bracket

From Japan - it’s a design thing

FURNITURE, ARCHITECTURAL, MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE Unit 635,Wharfedale Road,Winnersh Triangle,Wokingham, RG41 5TP

HI76_Pages.indd 121 1 SugatsuneApr18.indd

29/03/2018 10:34 17:05 26/03/2018


Electrical wiring accessories for luxury hotel Focus SB

Studio Proof’s painstaking rebrand of the Lancaster London has seen a striking metamorphosis of a mid-century building into a thoughtfully-designed new identity – the luxury Royal Lancaster Hotel. When it came to the selection of electrical wiring accessories that would meet the demands of the brief, and best complement the interior theme, Focus SB’s bespoke Ambassador Square plates offered the perfect choice. Having worked closely with Focus SB on numerous hospitality design projects, Studio Proof’s design director David Morris comments: “Focus SB were selected for the project on the basis of not just a great product with a good variety of finishes and reasonable cost, but also the company’s readiness to support the development of ‘specials’ for the project throughout the design process, as well as offering us specialist finishes. They’ve also been really patient and supportive throughout the process.”

Photograph © Studio Proof

2018 Specifier’s Guide to Tile & Stone Kick-Start Publishing

The 2018 edition of The Specifier’s Guide to Tile & Stone is now available in print and online at The annual ‘industry bible’ provides an essential specification tool for architects and designers. Content includes a review of global tile trends, along with reports on the latest technology, sustainability, case studies and advice for global manufacturers. Launch of the first edition of The Specifier’s Guide for Commercial Flooring will follow in late spring. The last 12 months has seen huge advances in tile manufacturing technology, especially in continuous pressing and digital inkjet decoration. The Specifier’s Guide explores these areas, whilst also examining specific materials and formats, as well as niche specifications. It also features more than 30 in-depth technical articles and case studies, contributed by specialist manufacturers and carefully selected industry experts, providing authoritative advice on subjects ranging from wet-room applications to the specification of coloured grouts.The Guide’s initial distribution includes over 22,000 architects, as well as developers, interior designers and facility managers.


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29/03/2018 17:05


New fabric collections Romo Romo’s debut collections of contract and hospitality focused fabrics offer durable and inherently fire retardant qualities that epitomise its signature style and compelling colours. The Habanera collection, one of the new collections launching this spring, features vibrant Trevira CS decorative FR weaves and épinglé velvets with enticing geometric patterns. A considered and sophisticated colour palette sees luxurious metallics paired with rich jewel-like tones and complemented by several versatile neutral shades.

Cayono Duo bath Kaldewei The new Cayono Duo is an extension of the popular Cayono bath family and the first doubleended bath at Kaldewei’s entry level price point. With two comfortable backrests, roomy interior and centrally-positioned waste and overflow outlet, there is plenty of space for two people. The Cayono Duo, made of robust Kaldewei steel enamel, is available in two sizes – 170 x 75cm and 180 x 80cm – making it ideal for many different room layouts. In terms of shape, material and colour it perfectly complements the new Cayonoplan enamelled shower surface and Puro washbasins. 01480 498053

Automatic door systems TORMAX

Following a significant re-development, Rudding Park Spa near Harrogate was recently voted Best UK Spa Hotel by the Sunday Times. The impressive new facilities are accessed via state-of-the TORMAX fully automatic sliding doors. The contemporary glass doors are all powered by in-house designed iMotion drives, delivering unsurpassed reliability with whisper-quiet operation that reflects the luxurious environment of this spa hotel. TORMAX was contracted to deliver automatic access solutions by aluminium glazing experts, HW Architectural. Specifically designed to deliver reliable operation even in high moisture environments, four TORMAX iMotion 2301.IP65 sliding door operators give visitors automatic access to the pool areas. Meeting the most stringent requirements for resistance to dust and water penetration as well as corrosion, all components of IP65-rated door drives are housed within a stainless-steel casing, allowing automatic entrances to be installed in a wide range of locations.


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Design • Expertise • Service CONTRACT SOFT FURNISHINGS




Tel: 01924 436666

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FLAT® Equalizers FLAT Tech Within less than a year of launching FLAT® Equalizers to the market, FLAT Tech has already earned one of the most prestigious awards conferred by the foodservice industry – the Kitchen Innovations® 2018 Award, presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®.

The KI 2018 Award is presented each year to those rare manufacturers that have developed and engineered a new product that has the potential to make a meaningful impact on a restaurateur’s success. Beyond the privilege of getting to present the KI 2018 Award seal on their advertising for the year, FLAT Tech will also host a booth within the Kitchen Innovations pavilion at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show, to be held in Chicago, Illinois, May 19th-22nd, 2018. Stabilising and aligning tables is a thankless task, which can be timeconsuming and costly for operators. For their customers, wobbly tables can be at best an irritation and at worst a reason not to return. In fact, a YouGov survey found that 56% of US citizens would reconsider returning to an establishment where a wobbly table ruined their experience. Using FLAT Equalizers, the issue is resolved in seconds.


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Cork product design Granorte Created by famed Italian interior designer, Marco Carini, Granorte’s stand at Domotex demonstrated that cork is in the ascendancy. With a refreshed and more compact collection for 2018, Granorte showed excellence in cork product design, harnessing the natural material’s aesthetic and performance qualities to deliver innovative flooring products. One of the highlights included the availability of KENKO on selected styles, a 0.25mm polymer wear layer that is PVC and plasticiser-free. Made in Japan, KENKO means Granorte products use 10 times less plastic than equivalent vinyl/HDF floors. Alongside technical innovation, Granorte’s stand showed the striking natural aesthetic of cork, covered from head-to-toe in the varieties produced by the manufacturer. From high-texture raw bark through to refined classic looks, the scope was extraordinary and showed just how versatile this natural material is.

ntgrate flooring collection Quadrant The assured texture and subtle pattern of ntgrate woven vinyl flooring from Quadrant now has wider scope to bring a mature and sophisticated look to commercial interiors thanks to two brand new designs. Fair is a timeless and honest linen-like texture that is sure to look natural in any setting, its 15-strong colour palette full of organic tones. In fact despite a machine-woven super-strong PVC yarn, Fair Finn looks unprocessed, a raw texture less often found in commercial rated flooring and particularly in one so tough. Wild has a more expressive approach, combining a variety of large-scale organic textures into a single design that demonstrates how woven vinyl flooring can at once be adventurous and refined. In four modern tones, this ntgrate design works brilliantly in tile or sheet. The ntgrate woven vinyl flooring collection is engineered in Belgium using high-quality PVC with a fibreglass core that adds strength and resilience and helps all designs meet Class 33 Heavy Contract use.

Woven axminster carpet Wilton Carpets

Woven axminster carpet by Wilton Carpets has been installed in one of the South West’s leading venues, the Winter Gardens Pavilion, Weston-superMare, bringing a sense of the historic with a beautiful and opulent design. Professional carpet contractor, Rudge Brothers & James, called in Wilton Carpets for its experience of traditional axminster carpet manufacturing and close-by Wiltshire location. The manufacturer turned to its library of historic designs for the Winter Gardens, proposing the intricate and opulent floral of Malabar as the ideal design to complement the building’s striking interior. Some 1180m2 of British wool-rich woven axminster was made for the Winter Gardens Pavilion by Wilton at its Wiltshire factory. Using Ready to Weave, where library designs can be custom made in a choice of permanently loomed colours, allowed AWW Inspired Environments – the design firm responsible for the refurbishment – to meet the tight deadlines of the project, with the programme allowing custom carpet to be delivered in just four weeks.


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Specialists in designing for hospitality interiors, Focus SB can manufacture bespoke switches and sockets to suit your rooms. International and European power sockets can be included along with USB ports and the latest lighting and audio visual controls to help make your guest’s stay as comfortable as possible. Please contact us for further details. Horizon Square Bespoke in Polished Chrome


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Thirty years of trading equates to a vast knowledge and experience within this unique sector.

+44 (0)1953 499 949

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Disability washroom equipment Closomat

The bathroom is the one room where accessibility has more impact on someone’s dignity. In today’s society, it is also the one room that is most frequently adapted to accommodate occupant needs. Innovations at Closomat are enabling designers to take advantage of a uniquely ‘fit and forget’ solution that offers optimum flexibility for lifetime accessibility and support. Closomat’s top-selling range of wash & dry toilets offer floor- and wall-mounted options in WC provision that obviates the need, potentially, for care support in intimate cleansing, and delivers enhanced hygiene. Contemporary lines ensure the fixtures compliment any modern décor, instead of giving an institutional ‘feel’. Similarly, the company’s range of bathroom accessories – including hoists, washbasins and shower seats – bring a sophisticated ambience to a functional room that addresses even the most severe disability needs. Uniquely, Closomat engineers its core wash & dry toilet offering in-house, at its dedicated UK factories, with each unit being hand finished to individual specification. Also uniquely, Closomat has British-based sales and technical support and its own, nationwide, dedicated team of engineers to install, commission, service & maintain.


UNILIN, division panel UNILIN, division panels, manufactures MDF, HDF, HPL and melamine-faced panels for interior and building applications, producing more than 2.1million m3 of product annually at production sites in Belgium and France. Operating in the UK through a distribution network, the company provides its innovative, highquality panels to interior architects, designers, fabricators and manufacturers. Through its UNILIN Evola product range, UNILIN, division panels offers a collection of decorative boards and panels that utilises the company’s expertise in creating true-to-life surfaces entirely in-house. With many of the 168 décors in the UNILIN Evola collection completely exclusive, UNILIN, division panels develops products inspired by everything from reclaimed wood, through trending colours, to concrete and brushed precious metals. All UNILIN Evola décors are available in HPL, melamine-faced chipboard and edging-tape; each product providing exceptional quality and a surface that is scratch and UV resistant, as well as easy to look after. With authenticity and practicality, UNILIN Evola is a serious alternative to natural materials.

Sliding partitions Style Partitions

For many hotels, adaptable space is key to maximising revenue from hiring out of function rooms. Recognising this, Rushton Hall, a magnificent Grade I Listed country house hotel in the Midlands, contracted Style to add flexibility to the newly refurbished library and main function rooms, allowing privacy when required but also ensuring the area could be opened out for larger gatherings. DORMA Variflex was agreed as the most suitable moveable wall for this historic building and Style installed two separate partitions to give maximum flexibility across three rooms, all in a striking finish to complement the elegant interior design. Delivering 57dB Rw acoustic privacy, one Variflex moveable wall separates the library from the main function rooms, creating a tranquil, attractive space for wedding ceremonies to be held without disturbance from staff or guests in other parts of the hotel. This moveable wall opens up to incorporate the dining room where guests can enjoy the wedding breakfast and speeches. During this time, the second Variflex seals off the main dance floor, opening up only after the meal to combine the dining room and the main function suite into one.


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Restaurant & bar theming Big Ben Themes Big Ben Themes offers unusual and quirky products to meet any interior theme, from sports bars and american diners, to retail and special event interiors. The company can cater for everything from French, Italian, Latin American and Australian themes to British and Irish pubs. A unique range of giant-size props are also available for music themes, sports bars and Ten-pin bowling. The business is currently for sale.


FILA has launched a new protective treatment for natural stone surfaces. FILAMARBLE AID is an odourless, solvent-free treatment that protects against the aggression of staining, blocking the damaging effects of acids, alkalines, stains and heat. It creates a natural-look polished barrier for stone, marble, limestone and travertine that won’t yellow, discolour or create an ‘acrylic’ look. FILAMARBLE AID has a safe, water-based formulation, with a low VOC content. It can be applied to new and existing surfaces, where it buys time by giving protection for up to 24 hours. Unlike traditional treatments, which are UV-cured and removed by grinding, the new protector is applied onto a clean dry surface, in two coats, with a short-hair applicator. It can then be easily removed, if necessary, with FILANOPAINT STAR and re-applied. The new treatment is ideal for all bathroom and kitchen surfaces, and is certified safe for food preparation areas. As well as post installation application, it can also be applied in-line as a factory finish, to give protection before fitting. 01584 877286

Edge Wing Scroll cabinet handle Turnstyle Designs Turnstyle Designs, manufacturer of luxury door, cabinet and bathroom hardware, has launched the Edge Wing Scroll leather cabinet handle. Simply mortice out the top edge of a drawer or cupboard and the handle will sit flush, securely fitted with co-ordinating screws. The design is available in five durable bridle leather finishes, with a choice of seven end cap finishes and five lengths. 01271 325 325


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Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week will return for its ninth edition this May, hosting the best of domestic and international names across multiple venues in London’s leading design district. 22nd-24th May 2018 Clerkenwell, London, United Kingdom As ever, Clerkenwell Design Week’s programme has been tailored to reflect the unique nature of the Clerkenwell neighbourhood, home to a plethora of creative businesses, design consultancies, showrooms and architectural practices. 2018 will play host to a vast array of fringe events, showroom presentations, workshops, talks and public-facing installations over the course of the three days, following a distinct trail north to south from Spa Fields down to Farringdon. Each year, Clerkenwell Design Week displays new projects and commissioned installations within high profile spaces across the district. These projects aim to bring spectacle and energy, whilst pushing the boundaries of design concepts, process and material capabilities. This year, sustainability is the overarching focus, with several paricipants and projects addressing this issue. A major project will be ‘Your Tote Counts’. Chelsea College of Art, in partnership with the festival, will address the issue of a surplus of cotton tote bags replacing plastic

Marc Wood – Light

bags, following research conducted by the UK Environment Agency which revealed that cotton tote bags exhibited the highest and most severe global-warming potential compared to paper, plastic, canvas and recycled-polypropylene tote bags. In response to this, A Screen Press installation will be situated outside Farringdon

Station, where visitors can bring unwanted totes to be customised with designs created by Chelsea College of Art students, giving them new life. Proceeds will go to the CDW 2018 charity partner, Maggie’s, which opened at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in 2017, with donation points located throughout Clerkenwell. In terms of the festival’s seven dedicated

Calligaris – Design Fields


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Samuel Heath - Detail


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Tirar - Elements

exhibition spaces, Fabric nightclub will feature a brand new exhibition dedicated to light. Within its brick vaults, a host of top international lighting brands will showcase their latest collections, among them Bert Frank – which draws influence from the design codes of the mid-century era, but with a modern twist, as well as Brilliant Willing – a Brooklyn-based studio that designs and manufactures LED fixtures for hospitality, workplace and residential projects. Also new for 2018 is Elements, which will bring together a leading selection of ironmongery, hardware, switch plates and architectural accessories within the street-market style pavilion on St John’s Square. Situated at the northern end of Clerkenwell, Design Fields will host a busy hub, showcasing leading furniture, textiles, lighting and product design from across the globe. British collection, meanwhile, will return to the beautiful barrel-roofed Crypt of St James’s Church for a third year. Up and coming designers from all over the UK will present their latest designs within this historically rich space, among them craft-based furniture company, Benchmark,

which will present OVO – a new collection in collaboration with Foster + Partners – as well as Hand and Eye Studio, a Londonbased lighting design company which will be launching new LED-based wall and ceiling lights, as well as showing its latest pendant light – the Fuji. Detail can be found within the Garden

& Crypt of the Order of St John. Reflecting principles of fine craftsmanship and high glamour, this space will feature some of the most prestigious names in the world of luxury interiors. This year, Arte wallcoverings will show several new collections, while Dedar will introduce a new range of fire-retardant fabrics dedicated to the hospitality sector. Hosted within the subterranean depths of the House of Detention, Platform will offer up and coming design talent in the historic surrounds of this former remand prison. Exhibitors here will include Arte&Stili, which specialises in bespoke handmade ceramic tiles, artefacts and crockery sets from Italy’s Amalfi Coast; Claire Potter Design, specialising in sustainable solutions for interior architecture and productbased projects and John Eadon, an up and coming designer who utilises traditional techniques of the past to create contemporary yet timeless designs. Lastly, Project will return to the Garden of St James, within the beautiful grounds of Clerkenwell’s parish church, with a selection of contract furniture, lighting and surfacing from around the globe. Bolon


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Moduleo set to impress at Clerkenwell Luxury vinyl flooring specialist, Moduleo, will showcase its latest designs at Clerkenwell Design Week and provide a preview of lines launching later in the year. The Belgian-headquartered company believes the ‘heart and home of design’ is the perfect platform to unveil its naturallyimpressive floorcoverings. Manufactured in an ultramodern, eco-friendly, state-of-the-art facility – the world’s largest luxury vinyl flooring factory – Moduleo products encourage the creation of floors that are expressive, impressive and truly unique. Comprising wood and stone-effect designs, Impress will be exhibited alongside Moduleo Moods – a bespoke flooring solution which combines 10 brand-new formats to create up-to 110 unique designs. Utilising embossed and cut-in-register to give depth and tactility, Moduleo flooring features grains, knots and grooves, making it ultrarealistic. “Clerkenwell Design Week is a hotbed of design and creativity and is a place to provide and seek inspiration,” says David Bigland, managing director at Moduleo UK and Eire. “Attracting design professionals from across the globe to soak up the latest product innovations, we feel like the show is the perfect opportunity to raise the profile of Moduleo and our latest collections.” Moduleo will be at stand PB6 for the duration of Clerkenwell Design Week, 22nd to 24th May 2018. 01332 851500


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Lyndon by Boss Design Lyndon by Boss Design has launched Isla – an elegant and refined collection of handcrafted seating and tables that offers unparalled choice and flexibility. Comprising chairs that offer frame, base and upholstery options, together with three tables in differing sizes, this latest range is extremely versatile and can be specified across numerous interior settings. Isla chairs are available with or without arms, and can be specified in a choice of wood finish that includes oak, walnut, and FSC-certified show wood. A choice of coloured painted frames is also available and a polished aluminium 4-star swivel base option transforms the chair into seating for desks and meetings. An infinite choice of hand-stitched upholstery highlights the refined craftsmanship of the chair. The Isla table features clean contemporary lines and boasts three sizes – 1050 x 1050, 1750 x 1050 and 2350 x 1050cm. Displaying Lyndon’s expertise in handcrafting timber, each table offers the same palette of wood or coloured painted frame options as the chairs.

Swivel lounge chairs Morgan

Morgan Furniture has expanded the Pimlico collection to include the Pimlico 144. Designed by Morgan Studio, this sumptuously, curvaceous, fullyupholstered lounge chair was introduced in November 2017 at Sleep. The original Pimlico with its small footprint was designed as a bedroom chair. The new addition, the Pimlico 144, features a unique oval seat pad and high back and is available in a variety of size options. The Pimlico 144

retains the small footprint and the smooth, curved lines of the chair flow down to a concealed swivel base. The Pimlico collection and other Morgan designs will be on display at the Morgan showroom, 1 Dallington Street, London ECV1 0BH during Clerkenwell Design Week 2018.


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22 – 24 MAY 2018


Discover top international design talent in a unique mix of showroom activity, exhibitions and installations hosted across Clerkenwell’s distinctive spaces REGISTER FOR FREE


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PRINTED INTERIOR DESIGN – DISCOVER THE POSSIBILITIES This May, the Messe Berlin will be opening its doors to Printeriors 2018, a showcase event offering a unique perspective into the possibilities behind printed interior design. Highlighting opportunities in which print technology can be used to enhance interior design projects, Printeriors brings to life FESPA’s ‘take-off’ campaign with its themed ‘Airport Lounge of the Future 2030’. Upon arrival, visitors will enjoy an inspirational welcome in the ‘Lounge’ which reimagines a futuristic airport arrival and transfer experience, and includes dedicated check-in, office and workspace, lounge, bar and catering areas. Each of these feature areas will showcase a unique pattern design created by the winners of a young designers’ competition, run in association with ArtsThread. Printeriors takes place within FESPA Global Print Expo 2018, and offers interior and

décor professionals, architects, designers and specifiers the opportunity to discover how print can be used within retail, residential, corporate and hospitality projects to create inspired talking points. Enhance your knowledge and creative insight of printed applications and personalisation. Meet with peers, see the newest trends for 2018, and be inspired by colour, pattern, print techniques and product development to learn how printed interior elements and applications can create beautiful bespoke yet cost-effective décor options. Plus, within FESPA Global Print Expo, you’ll discover further examples of printed interior décor applications including furniture, wallcoverings, flooring, window graphics and soft furnishings from more than 700 exhibitors.

DISCOVER PRINTED INSPIRATION FOR: • Flooring • Wall Décor • Decals • Wall Art • Ceramic Tiles • Wallpaper • Furniture

• Glass • Textiles • Accessories • Lighting • Carpets • Metal

Register for free entry using code PRNA802 at WWW.PRINTERIORS.NET 4996 FESPA 18 Printeriors 300x470mm DPS.indd 2 FespaApr18DPSindd.indd 1 HI76_Pages.indd 136

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4996 FE

18 16:59




VISIT PRINTERIORS 2018 and discover a showcase of opportunities available to you when you enhance interior design projects with print technology. Explore the Printeriors feature entitled ‘Airport Lounge of the Future 2030’ and see what the future really does hold!

Register for free entry using code PRNA802 at WWW.PRINTERIORS.NET ORGANISED BY:


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Surface Design Show

February saw the return of the Surface Design Show to London’s Business Design Centre, where more than 170 exhibitors from 15 countries showcased the very best in interior and exterior surfacing solutions. 6-8th February 2018 Business Design Centre, London, United Kingdom This year’s edition of Surface Design show drew in 5,016 visitors, 72% of which work in the A&D sector. Amongst these were representatives from the top 10 of the ‘AJ100’ architectural practices, as well as big brands from the retail, beauty, hospitality and transport sectors. A plethora of exciting and innovative materials – many of which were launched at the show – kept audiences engaged, with the most sought after products being flooring, lighting, wallcoverings, tiling solutions, solid surfaces, natural stone, paint & coatings, glass & glazing, as well as veneers. Highlights of the busy 2018 programme included a live debate on the opening night which tackled the hot topic of housing in London and attracted a large and varied audience. Led by Peter Murray Chairman of the NLA, the expert panel presented their views on house prices in London and discussed potential solutions. The Main Stage, designed by Anne Kyyro Quinn, created a striking platform for an engaging programme of talks which included sets from interior designer and TV presenter, Naomi Cleaver, colour and trend expert Sally Angharad and Houzz. The PechaKucha Evening was as successful as ever, with a full house listening to an engaging set of panellists being hosted by

architect Phil Coffey of Coffey Architects. Light School, presented by the Light Collective and supported by the Institution of Lighting Professionals, allowed visitors to touch, compare and learn about innovative lighting and technology products. Finally, the Surface Design Awards took place on the last day of the show, with The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

(MAAT) in Lisbon by AL_A announced as the Supreme Winner. 11 categories saw the best in applied surface put forward by a number of brilliant architects and designers including Coffey Architects, Giles Miller Studio, Foster + Partners and Heatherwick Studio. Surface Design Show 2019 will take place at London’s Business Design Centre from 5-7th February 2019.


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James Latham announces exclusive deal with Decospan

James Latham announces exclusive deal with Decospan James Latham has agreed a deal to become the exclusive UK distributor for Decospan’s added value products, which includes the Shinnoki, Querkus, Nørdus and Look’likes collections. “Decospan has been a strategic partner of James Latham for a number of years now and this agreement is fantastic news and fits perfectly with our plans to develop this sector,” comments Chris Sutton, managing director of James Latham. “Reaction from architects and designers to all of these ranges has been really positive, and we are already seeing specifications coming through, particularly for high-end residential, retail, commercial and hospitality projects.”

Look’likes - Salty Lime

Shinnoki The new Shinnoki range offers pre-finished wood veneered panels for architects, designers and furniture makers, allowing them to create stylish and distinctive interiors. Unlike regular veneered panels, Shinnoki products are supplied ready-touse and do not require further finishing. Available in 16 on-trend finishes such as Manhattan Oak, Cinnamon Triba and Stardust Walnut, Shinnoki panels also offer phenolic laminate backs and matching, edging plus, Shinnoki is as easy to work with as a melamine board, delivering time and cost-saving benefits while maintaining the natural, lively appearance of wood, both visually and to the touch. Querkus Sourcing both FSC Certified European White Oak and reclaimed Oak timbers, Querkus offers designers unprecedented choice. New for 2018, the range includes Oak Natural, Oak Vintage and Oak Smoked finishes offering flexibility and customisation, allowing a specifier to select a panel that meets exactly their colour, pattern, touch and budgetary needs. Nørdus Nørdus is inspired by Scandinavian and modernist style which allows designers to create simple, yet practical interiors that are timeless. With Nørdus, only the best softwood and Birch is collected and carefully processed into finely cut veneer. Advanced surface treatments reinforce the unique beauty of the wood and highlight its 3D aspect. Look’likes Look’likes offer the great looks of real wood in

an affordable and environment-friendly product, benefits that every designer can appreciate. The Look’likes collection is made of real wood but not with the actual wood species. FSC Certified wood species such as Ayous, Spruce or Poplar are given the appearance of a different wood species such as Oak, Ebony, Teak or Zebrano. 0116 257 3415


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Finsa brings uncovered MDF to SDS Finsa surprised visitors by exhibiting a stand with a completely raw look. The stand recreated a two-storey apartment and its structure was made of Finsa’s Greenpanel; a structural ultralight board composed of two MDF faces and a core of thin MDF arranged like a grid. The idea was to personalise the experience for the visitors by creating a parallel stand through virtual reality, where the visitors could change the colours, texture and materials of each element in the stand. The colour combinations offered in the VR followed each of the four new trends in Finsa’s trendbook for 2018-2019. This enabled interior designers and architects to interact with Finsa’s range of melamines, veneers and laminate flooring. Gama Duo, their most popular range of melamines, brings together a diversity of classic and contemporary decors applicable to any style or trend. A carefully designed and selected range of 25 decors has been added to the UK stock range. The range includes deep-textured woodgrain decors like the rustic Pino Valkiria and special decors such as the metallic-finished Copper Patina or the trendy terrazzo pattern. The range is available on Superpan Décor and this was also exhibited at the KBB show in Birmingham. Superpan consists of two external faces of wood fibres and a core of chipboard, which combines the main advantages of both MDF and chipboard panels. When coated with melamine, it provides perfect cutting which significantly reduces surface chipping and thus increases tool durability. This year, Finsa has added nine new veneers to its UK range. The wide variety of species in the range combines different colours and styles, including organic, bohemian and character woods.

Finsa’s stand at SDS18

Maple Nomada melamine

Copper Patina melamine

Pino Valkiria melamine


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Technical and decorative micro-mortar Beal International S.A.

The MORTEX system is an impermeable finishing coating, or micro-mortar, used for technical and decorative coatings. It provides a mineral aspect to internal and external projects, evoking the aesthetic of “polished concrete” or Tadelakt. The product is available in various shades, enhanced by striking effects and finishes, and thanks to its waterproofing properties, resilience and exceptional adhesive properties can be used on a broad range of surfaces. Indeed MORTEX is ideally suited for use in showers, swimming pools, on furniture, floors and ceilings. The wide-ranging options for application and finishes offered by MORTEX provides each user with customisable added value. Mixed on-site, any excess of products can always be reused for other projects and/or other types of applications. Thanks to its fine thickness and low consumption, MORTEX also ensures lower transport costs and a significant reduction in environmental footprint.


Mega Marble & Mega Glass Two years ago, Mega Marble and Mega Glass decided to support a number of exciting new start-up companies. One of its early collaborations has now come to fruition with the launch of DigiTable, a unique table with digital display top. The choice of stone is extensive, along with a diverse selection of imagery that can include corporate information, menus, animations or live widgets – the options are infinite as the table design is always bespoke. Together the two offer engaging surfaces for hotels, reception areas and restaurants, providing the opportunity for the customer to be occupied by continually changing images or messages. PioneerLED Manufacturer has carried out extensive R&D to achieve optimum visual clarity of the moving image in a fully scalable product. Together with the Mega Group both companies are excited to present this innovative product to market. To discuss design and price contact Adam at Mega Glass 01582809498


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kbb Birmingham

Despite the snow, more than 15,000 visitors attended this year’s edition of KBB, with a 25% increase in exhibitors from last year. 4-7th March 2018 The NEC Birmingham, United Kingdom Market-leading product ranges, bespoke solutions and some of the world’s most futurefacing technology were showcased across the show floor, which was increased in size by 18% this year to accommodate even more growth. A record number of international visitors, up 14% from 2016 – alongside 76% of exhibitors rebooking for kbb 2020 – reaffirmed that economic and trading conditions are everimproving. Big industry names like Roca, Laufen, Smeg, Franke, Samsung and Corian returned to exhibit at kbb 2018, while Kupperbusch, Newform and Caple all launched new and innovative product ranges. Support was shown at the Retail and Design Conference by experts from brands including Houzz, Fitch, Formica Group and Futurist who shared practical solutions for how to develop the future home, predict future colour trends and create retail theatre in a showroom. Prominent features on the show floor included award-winning designer Colin Wong’s ‘The Rock’ concept, which reinterprets


HI76_Pages.indd 142

29/03/2018 17:06


kitchen architecture in the home of tomorrow and involved leading material suppliers Corian, Neolith, Formica and Cosentino. Meanwhile, the Innovation Awards named Wirquin Nano 6.7 Basin Waste & Trap, Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre, Multilines Caccaro Walkin Wardrobe and Villeroy & Boch Siluet with TitanCeram Ceramic Sink Collection as the industry’s most forward-thinking products in 2018. Feedback for kbb Birmingham 2018 has been overwhelmingly positive with many citing it as having a ‘vibrant’ and ‘buzzing’ atmosphere. Formica Group Europe described it as an “amazing and busy show”, while Der Kreis’ managing director Bill Miller announced 2018 as the company’s “most successful KBB to date”. “We’ve had another outstanding kbb celebrating the incredibly forward-facing and innovative solutions in the industry,” says Jon Johnston, sales director at kbb Birmingham. “We have exciting plans for the next edition, and are already in a strong place, reaffirmed by our re-book figures.”


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Blum draws in the crowds at kbb True to form, Blum’s stand at kbb 2018 didn’t disappoint, attaining the award for ‘Best Kitchen Stand Over 50m2 and attracting a host of visitors. Blum kept the design simple but informative, presenting what it does in a bite-sized, simple format, allowing first-time visitors to get a great overview of Blum’s breadth of fittings and seasoned visitors to get a pretty much instant update on the newest developments. The first ‘zone’ was dedicated to the increasingly popular SPACE TOWER unit; with new interpretations of this larder solution showing different drawer depths and the new zero protrusion hinges (CLIPtop BLUMOTION) allowing designers to specify internal pull-outs for a standard larder cabinet. The kitchen zone showed off wooden drawers with MOVENTO runners and LEGRABOX pull-outs in SPACE TOWER units, demonstrating the broad array of widths – ranging from 300mm to 1200mm – that ensure huge flexibility for designers. The new product zone featured developments such as the Onyx Black hinge, CRISTALLO hinge and TANDEMBOX antaro drawers in Orion Grey. BLUMOTION S was presented too; a new runner system that means Blum’s three-motion options (BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON

BLUMOTION) can be used with just the one runner profile. The Retailer zone showed how installing five drawers in a kitchen (the average number in an average kitchen) could take on a whole new dimension with a bit of thought. Extra-wide drawers, internal pull-outs, sink drawers, extra depth – there are so many variations that most consumers will never have considered. The Technical Services zone showed, amongst other things, details of the installers app and LIVE SUPPORT, part of the Technical Helpline system providing information, help

and support for anyone installing Blum products. All in all, the stand had great appeal to a wide range of visitors – from designers, architects and specifiers who need to know the finest details and possibilities about new Blum products, to the guys who actually install kitchens and cabinetry using Blum products and who want to learn about the latest developments and how to in install them. 01908 285700


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Furniture fittings Salice

Salice, premier manufacturer of furniture fittings for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms is delighted with the results of its participation in the kbb 2018 show. Its stand featured many newly launched products to the Salice UK range, including its new Slider M35 Top coplanar sliding system for medium sized cabinets, along with Mover, which is a vertical sliding system for wall cabinet doors which created interest for projects where restricted space locations have to be considered. Also received with great interest was Salice’s new M35 Reverso – a remote controlled system that opened two coplanar doors simultaneously to reveal a wide screen media display. Other new products admired on the Salice stand included its revolutionary display storage system, Pin, which offers a flexible and creative arrangement of bottles, knives and shelves and its Split dividing and storage compartments system, which is compatible with Salice Lineabox drawers.

Hardware Armac Martin

After selecting kbb as the place to launch its new collections to the kbb industry, Birmingham-based luxury hardware manufacturer, Armac Martin, was delighted to report of a successful showing. “In all the years we have been exhibiting at kbb it was the best show we had the pleasure to be part of,” comments commercial director, Richard McGrail. “From the number of high quality leads, right through to the positive feedback we received regarding all of our own new collections; there was a really positive feeling around the show and it was great to be a part of it.” Photographed is The Dougan collection, one of seven new collections by Armac Martin which are all available now in 21 finish options.


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Beautiful Designer Ceiling Fans

AIR EXPERTS for over 40 years

The air you breathe is important, for indoor air quality solutions contact Vortice

Powerful - Stylish - Reliable - Silent

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STEAM FREE MIRRORS Internationally approved Low energy consumption 100% Efficient & Maintenance free Various sizes & Voltages



A division of Aztec (Europe) Ltd

Telford Road Demista, Telford Road Glenrothes Glenrothes, Fife, KY7 4NX Fife KY7 4NX

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Bespoke to order

Simple to install • Internationally Approved 10 Year Warranty

Tel: 01932 866600 • Fax: 01932 866688 TEL: +44 (0)1932 866600 • FAX: +44 (0)1932 866688 • E. • E.

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Chameleon seating can be specified with or without Quick Fit™ covers. The appearance of Chameleon seating can be changed in a matter of moments requiring no tools or skilled labour. Quick Fit™ covers easily pull over the chair and secure in place on the underside of the seat using Velcro fastenings. Customers can now offer two or more interior schemes with one set of chairs ‘for a change’ Meets the latest European standard for furniture Strength Durability & Safety BS EN 13761

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Touch the Future


JOSH + ULTRAFABRICS Ultimate softness and unbeatable strength. Sensorial grains and innovative textures. Naturally animal-free and easy to tailor in any application. Born in the cross-section of Japanese craftsmanship and technological pioneering, Ultrafabrics is function and beauty in perfect harmony. Great design is visionary, never compromises, and goes beyond the Now. For my projects, I only work with materials that go there with me. Josh Garcia, Designer Red Swatch = Ultratech™ | Cove Cherry Red

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Hospitality Interiors #76  

Interior design for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

Hospitality Interiors #76  

Interior design for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Clubs