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Hospitality Interiors INTERIOR DESIGN FOR HOTELS, RESTAUR ANTS, BARS & CLU BS Issue 64 | March - April 2016

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for the love of making

With over 40,000 sq ft of workshops for timber milling, carpentry, veneering, spray shop, metalworking, and in-house upholstery, as well as a design studio, Benchmark have thirty years experience in the hospitality industry. Projects include The Great Northern Hotel; The Connaught; Byron Burger; ACE Hotel Shoreditch.

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interior film

Commercial use for walls, decorative panels, doors, architrave and furniture. A range of superbly styled interior films which will bring any room to life

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Creating beautiful spaces Come & visit us at the Detail Pavilion on St. John's Square, stands P5.

The Synergy Series makes it easy for the designer to use a mix of materials, colours and elements such as ceramics, porcelain, woods and glass throughout their project with the confidence that each room can have a change of colour, trend and style, but where all components will work beautifully together in harmony with colours and tones that complement each other perfectly.


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Bespoke hotel furniture & doors Curtis specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of hotel furniture and doors. We can manufacture everything from 5* hand-veneered furniture to stylish 3* budget designs in our 40,000 sq ft UK factory. Find out more –

+44 (0)113 2480605

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General Interest


Interview: Mark Bithrey


Q&A: Martin Hulbert


Q&A: Protocol


Q&A: Gillon Campbell


Q&A: Coco Wolf







Hospitality Interiors INTERIOR DESIGN FOR HOTELS, RESTAUR ANTS, BARS & CLU BS Issue 64 | March - April 2016

EGGER Feelwood, H3760 ST29 White Cape Elm

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Pool, Spa & Gym


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The bathroom space is important to any interior, from a home or a hotel to an office or a restaurant. As the leading global bathroom brand, we are aware of this more than anyone. We work with the world’s best architects and designers to provide bathroom solutions, creating spaces to suit every environment. The MERIDIAN Collection is an example of a range that gives the best flexibility when designing your bathroom project.

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Comment It’s hard to believe it’s already Spring, but the flood of invites from Salone del Mobile and, closer to home, Clerkenwell Design Week, confirm we’re entering that busy period once again. These two events in the design calendar, more than most, epitomise that true-to-life connection between culture and design. This year, Clerkenwell has been even more ambitious with this interaction, improving visitors’ flow and navigation through the creative quarter, and activating new locations to encourage exploration of underused spaces. For a full preview of what the show will offer, please turn to page 132. On page 142, Roberto Snaidero, president of Salone del Mobile.Milano, gives us a taste of what this gargantuan show will hold for visitors, from new sector, xLux, to the myriad of new products, and the many diverse collateral events. Look out for our comprehensive round-up of the show next issue, too! When it comes to authentic design that enriches human interaction, our interviewee this issue, Mark Bithrey, is as good as it gets. As the founder of exciting design studio, B3 Designers, Mark has built a strong reputation for his honest, yet impactful designs within the hospitality design world. Turn to page 16 to find out more. Of course, interior design is just part of the visual image hospitality spaces put out to the world. Branding, more than ever, is instrumental in creating an engaged, memorable experience for guests. While interior design firms such as B3 Designers are starting to expand their offering to incorporate branding – and with great success – the vision and expertise of brand consultancies is a force to be reckoned with. Having recently completed re-branding projects with acclaimed design firms, Martin Brudnizki Design Studio and MKV Design, London brand consultancy, Principal Ingredient, is one such name. On page 30, I speak with co-founder Gillon Campbell about how interior design brands can engage with, and gain the trust of their audience. In addition to the main magazine this month, you’ll find a comprehensive supplement with all the very latest innovations from the outdoor furniture world. From established industry greats such as Knoll and Kettal, to Coco Wolf who – after three painstaking years of research and development – has now brought its impressive upholstered outdoor furniture brand to market, we cover the full span of furniture and accessories needed to create the perfect outdoor haven.

Gemma Ralph, Deputy Editor Email: Twitter: @GRalph_HI

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A QUINTESSENTIALLY ENGLISH SPACE Inspired by Mrs Dalloway – a character created by British author Virginia Woolf for one of her most celebrated novels – Dalloway Terrace is a new all-day dining destination nestled in the heart of Bloomsbury. Located in The Bloomsbury Hotel, just off Great Russell Street, the venue offers all the peace and charm of a secluded secret garden in the winter months, and acts as a perfect alfresco hideaway in the summer. Alexander Waterworth is behind the interiors of this elegant and quintessentially English space. Drawing design inspiration from the 1930s, the menus feature a floral motif inspired by the technique of pressing fresh flowers, while classic typefaces evoke a comforting sense of nostalgia. Diners will be treated to culinary delights from The Bloomsbury’s head chef, Paul O’Brien, while pastry chef Mariatu Kargbo will prepare a traditional Afternoon Tea, inspired by the Bloomsbury set. W

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RELEASING CREATIVITY The latest flooring collection from talented Swedish design company, Bolon, invites designers and architects to be ambitious in realising their aesthetic vision. Bolon by You consists of six diverse patterns – Weave, Geometric, Dot, Lace, Grid and Stripe – from which a wide spectrum of visual identities can be created. A web tool is offered with the collection, which allows the user to select a pattern, play with the two design components, weft and weave, save their designs and create a moodboard which can be used together with the other elements of their project. “The collection is all about releasing creativity and expressing vision,” says Bolon designer, Petra Lundblad. “As such, we created the patterns and colours in Bolon By You in such a way that they are not limited in terms of the type of environment in which they can be used. There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to how they’re applied. “The magic of the collection is its capacity for interaction – between the design elements but also between the architect or designer and Bolon via the web tool.” W

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Sto Werkstatt has invited Sam Jacob Studio to create a unique installation for the Werkstatt’s gallery space that explores the exchange of information between digital and physical worlds.

ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER Making its debut as part of Clerkenwell Design Week’s seventh annual show in May, One Thing After Another will run until the end of June 2016. One Thing After Another is a project that starts with the most mundane yet essential form of architecture – a garden shed. The structure is 3D scanned to create a digital copy, which is then processed and scaled to fabricate a new CNC’d version from Sto’s lightweight construction material Verolith, made of 90% perlite, a type of volcanic stone. The original shed sits inside this larger digital version, while inside it contains a doll-house scaled copy of itself. Through the technologies of 3D scanning and digital fabrication, the original building is both replicated and made different. The original building is transmitted into a new state: bigger and materially transformed. Instead of seamlessness and efficiency, it is concerned with representation and fidelity, using digital tools as a way of transforming the everyday.

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One Thing After Another argues for an understanding of the possibilities of digital production that go beyond the blandly futuristic. Instead it suggests that new technologies can open up a wide array of design possibilities which embrace imperfections and processes of making and embedding these narratives and histories back into the material and form. “Through One Thing After Another we have had the opportunity, across Sto, to interrogate the very processes of digital design and manufacture,” explains Amy Croft, curator at Sto Werkstatt. “This exploration, which we have had the privilege to make in close collaboration with Sam Jacob Studio, has not only shown us new, exciting forms that are possible with our material Verolith, but a new attitude toward the digital processes.” W W

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OUTSIDE THE NORM The deceptively simple form of the Oslo is engineered to produce a perfectly crisp line between light and shadow, making the light emitted as much a part of the design as the fitting itself. And while this looks effortless in operation, making it happen just right is anything but. Because good design demands simplicity.

Model: Oslo


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Since B3 Designers entered the scene in 2002, the company’s adventurous spirit and dynamic approach have seen them flourish in the world of hospitality design, growing into a 25-strong team that completes anywhere between 25-50 projects each year. But what of the man behind it all? Greatly talented, yet unassuming, Mark Bithrey has remained true to his original values for the firm – creating memorable, distinctive interiors that people will enjoy. Hospitality Interiors’ Gemma Ralph met with Mark to learn more ...

Mark Bithrey

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Your overriding impression upon meeting Mark, and indeed any of the team at B3 Designers, is that there is no pretence or display about their work. For an award-winning design firm that has worked alongside some of the industry’s most celebrated brands and names, this humility is surprising and welcome in equal amounts. For many, B3 need no introduction, but for those that aren’t familiar, just some of the projects the firm has undertaken include: Gymkhana – a Mayfair restaurant inspired by British Raj India; Topolski Bar in London’s Hungerford arches; the brand creation and implementation of Levi's Roots' restaurant, Levi's Caribbean Smokehouse; Bubbledogs & the Kitchen Table on Charlotte Street and the redesign of Vivek Singh's Cinnamon Club. Mark’s appreciation for honest, yet impactful design, and his questioning approach to design briefs, perhaps date back to his early design heroes. Whilst studying for a degree in Interior Architecture in London, at what is now known as the London Metropolitan University, Mark found a great deal of inspiration in the work of Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano. The duo’s radical reimagining of architectural norms for their design of the Pompidou Centre, in particular, struck a chord with Mark. “I first went to see the Pompidou Centre about 10 years after it had been built; I stood there in awe and absolute excitement that I understood what they were doing and trying to achieve,” says Mark. “I loved their approach of turning the building inside out, celebrating what would normally be hidden. It’s about honesty and about letting things be real.”

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Prior to setting up B3 Designers in 2002, Mark went on to work for Din Associates, Revolution and Portland Design – building a strong portfolio across the retail and hospitality sectors. Despite enjoying the challenges of retail, however, Mark had a strong predilection for hospitality design. “I remember finishing retail projects and going back, and all you could do is shop in them ... the great thing about hospitality is that I’ve had birthdays and Christmas do’s in restaurants that we’ve completed, and it takes on another aspect,” Mark explains. “Retail at its highest level is obviously great fun, but it felt like you had to work for the super brands to make an impact, whereas in hospitality you could work with quite a small independent brand and you didn’t actually have to spend too much money to create an effect and to make an impact on society and culture.” Mark’s first opportunity to really make his mark in the hospitality industry only affirmed the excitement he feels for this sector. “One small company let me have a go, and that was the turning point,” he says. “The very first restaurant I did was an old David Collins site strangely enough, it was a good design but it had run its course. I did it in the small practice I was in, and that’s where the love affair for doing hospitality started really. “I drove past it the other week in fact, and they’ve just refurbed it, 15 years on. It was a bit of a melancholic moment really.” Today, Mark is backed up by a diverse team of talented designers – with backgrounds from interior, graphic and product design to brand writing and strategy – at a striking

Above: Canto Corvino

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Above: Caribbean Smokehouse Opposite: Lima Floral

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studio in the Victorian Metropolitan Wharf Building in Wapping. The perceivable decline in the traditional “fine dining restaurant” – though there arguably remains a place for them – has created a marketplace for authentic, creative design in the sector, something that Mark, and the wider team at B3, is particularly skilled at. As such, Mark is firmly committed to creating a holistic identity for each project the firm undertakes, challenging every aspect of the brief provided, and taking into account the many unique factors at play. “We try and let the natural process of questioning lead the design,” he says. “Why should it be like that, why can’t it be like this. We look at the brief, the country, the city, the street, the people the potential customers. “We’re anti cookie cutter. We do work with clients doing big roll-outs, but they’re very much of the same sort of thinking – as soon as you start repeating a design, it starts losing its energy. So, even if we work on multiple sites for one brand, we’re always looking for opportunities to make them special and memorable. “On the bespoke side, we like new briefs and different angles, I think that stimulates everybody really, because we start mixing up different ideas and possibilities. I think the work that we like to bring in really demands a bespoke approach.” One of the many benefits of B3’s relatively small, closeknit team is that these diverse voices and visions can be encouraged and heard. Having an inclusive, open forum is thus something Mark is very passionate about.

“We try and make it as down to earth as possible,” he says. “Usually individual team members have done some research of their own before we all sit around the table, and this often kicks off our discussions. “I always say no idea is a bad idea – I remember sitting in the same environment in the past, when you’d have a director maybe 20 years older than you, and feeling like I couldn’t really speak.We encourage laughter and have lots of cups of tea.” Besides their obvious success in creating unique interiors, one way in which B3 are really making a mark for themselves is through their flair for branding. “We always wanted to offer branding design, and this offering really took off after the team had expanded, and we felt we had the right individuals to see it really flourish,” says Mark. “Sometimes a client will come to us for interiors only and we’ll do a lovely interior for them, but their chosen branding just isn’t up to the mark. We would feel that we could offer them more, as we have done for many clients – I think they’ve all walked away enriched by what we’ve done for our branding clients. As interior design and brand identities are so closely linked, they are most effective when created holistically.” Indeed, just last year the firm was approached by the owners of Manicomio, who asked that they create a new brand and interior identity for Canto Corvino – the sister restaurant to their two existing Manicomio restaurants. “They came to us and said ‘look we’ve got two other restaurants, and we don’t have to be bothered by what their ›

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Favourites Place: Rome Time of the day: Mornings Moment in history: discovering that there is a God Inspirational figure (past or present): Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano Drink: I love wine from Barossa Valley. Especially Shiraz Fashion garment/accessory: My wedding ring / My watch. It’s masculine, simple and beautifully designed. Item in your house: The family dining table. 50’s inspired, modern design. It’s where we meet with the kids, where they draw cut, make. Its also where my wife and I get to sit and chat at the end of the day, ideally over a glass of wine. Song: Van Morrison / Brighton side of the street Book/ Film: I loved The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind Quote: “Seek, and ye shall find”

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Clockwise from left: The Cinnamon Club Gymkhana Canto Corvino Branding

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branding is, this is a fresh start,’” explans Mark. “So we generated the name, the identity and the interior identity with them. And it’s landed very well – it’s always nice to see that.” Another key area Mark feels B3’s skillset naturally lends it to is the hotel F&B scene. Equipped with the know-how and experience to revitalise and enhance a restaurant – both through its interior and branding – Mark is keen to boost the potential of these often overlooked venues. “There’s a lot of hotels that have restaurants that for whatever reason just do not work,” he says. “They’ve got these brilliant sites that most other operators would give their right arm for, and yet they’re underused and underdesigned – it’s a common problem. “In terms of hotel projects, we’ve just completed the F&B offers within the Ritz Carlton in Budapest. We’ve concentrated on what was really the overflow kitchen space that opened out onto the back street, installing bi-folding doors and fitting out the terrace so that, in the warmer months when people are walking down the pedestrianized walkway, the restaurant has a real presence on the street.” Working across the spectrum – from small independent venues to large-scale rollouts for prominent hotel and restaurant chains – Mark is well-placed to identify the pressure on F&B venues across the board to first attract, and then wow their clientele.

He is equally aware, however, that interior design firms should grow with this demand, and has high hopes for the future of B3 Designers in this regard. “In the coming years I would love to see B3 Designers continue to mature, pushing the creative boundaries in hospitality design, and working with the likes of Marcus Wareing, Four Seasons and D&D London," says Mark. “I also hope to offer a fuller service to navigate our clients through the whole process in even more detail than we do now.” Crucially though, Mark values the wellbeing and experience he offers team members at B3: “I want the people we attract to see a career path through us, I think that’s very important. We’d like to grow a bit, but really it’s just important to keep things as enjoyable as possible – I think when it stops being fun it kind of turns into something else.” Mark’s respect for his team, and his deep-seated passion for and enjoyment of the work B3 carries out are integral to the firm’s success. As “brand identity” and “experiential design” become all-important, albeit somewhat overworked notions in the saturated hospitality design sector, B3’s allencompassing approach to hospitality design really adds clout, and lends them a degree of authenticity not many can own to. T 020 7729 8111 W

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A specialist range of indoor and outdoor furniture solutions for the Hospitality industry Call us on: 0330 1222 400 Email us at:

Nando’s, City Road, London

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22 Q&A

Unfailingly elegant and insightful, Martin Hulbert’s designs have earnt him a firm reputation as one of the UK’s top interior names. Since establishing his own company, Martin Hulbert Design, in 2010 with long-term colleague Jay Grierson, Martin has worked across a broad spread of hotels, private houses and apartments around the globe – earning several respected accolades along the way. Here, Martin talks about his inspirations, proudest achievements and his top interior spaces.

Q&A: Martin Hulbert

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08/04/2016 17:10

Q&A 23

How did you forge a career in the industry, and what was it that first drew you to the world of design? I was really interested in art at school and only ever thought of doing something creative. I went on to study Spatial Design, which seemed to incorporate all aspects of art and design in one degree. It also suggested the possibility of a career afterwards. I had lots of different jobs to begin with. I designed a shoe shop in Berlin, for instance, and a nightclub in Greece. I was open-minded about what I took on. I realised the experience would help me gain confidence and find my own style. I spent a few years designing the interiors for cruise ships and this provided me with substantial background knowledge I was able to put into practice when I began on my own. Who was inspirational to you in your early career, and why? In some respects what I discovered when I started work was anything but inspirational. People who know me will tell you I am not big-headed, but I quickly came to the conclusion that much of the design world was seriously lacking in creativity. This encouraged me to find my own path and do my own thing. One person who did inspire me was David Hicks. He was not someone to stick to the ‘rules’. He acknowledged the past in his designs but he was also genuinely creative and forward-looking. What would you say has been the biggest challenge for you in your career so far?

HI64_pages V25.indd 23

My biggest challenge has to have been The Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire. It was my first hotel. It was also the first time a client had faith in me to allow me to do exactly what I wanted. The Grove became the springboard to many other exciting projects.

Opposite: Martin Hulbert Above: Guest room, Barnsley House

What is your proudest achievement to date? There are quite a few designs I am proud of, not just hotels but smaller-scale residential projects too. In April 2011, I received from House & Garden magazine the annual Pineapple Achievement Award for outstanding contribution to hotel design. What would you say are the defining philosophies of Martin Hulbert Design? Original ideas, creativity, highly considered design. Concepts that challenge and change the nature of how a hotel is or should be. Design that is authentic and contains an element of wit to break down barriers and humanise spaces. What are the most important creative developments in hospitality design that you have witnessed over the last 15 years or so and, looking forward, what challenges will designers need to create solutions for? We have seen a move away from predictable and standard solutions towards designs that are individual, independent, unique. The challenge for the future is to keep pace with the speed of change and with the sheer scale of information on design that is out there in the media and on the internet. The market is flooded. Designers must strive to remain original and creative.


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24 Q&A

Clockwise from top: Cliveden House Hotel dining room Guest room, Coworth Park The Spa at The Dorchester Cliveden House Hotel, Spring Cottage Opposite page: Restaurant at Coworth Park

Describe your top three interior spaces, from anywhere in the world, and why they resonate with you The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is full of the most fantastic and sometimes unlikely things, a great place for ideas. A living room still used by an elderly family member in the fire-damaged house at Nymans gardens in Sussex – not showy, understated, sensitive and intensely personal. The Museum of Pre-Colombian Art in Santiago, Chile has exquisite displays in lighting that illuminates them against a dark background. The lighting is particularly striking in the new basement and on the staircase leading to it. The design employs steel, copper and bronze in pure clean lines against a backdrop of raw concrete. If you were to design a hotel with a restaurant and a bar from the ground up, what would be the defining elements? It would be independent and stand-alone. The interiors would not be self-important; they would be unbuttoned. They would contain a mix of the old and the new, with plenty of contributions from craftspeople. There would be original and beautiful works of art. Lines would be clean and lighting would be sensitive. The bar would be informal and comfortable with low seating. It would be a place serving food as well, a semi-private space

HI64_pages V25.indd 24

where someone might be happy to eat alone but still have glimpses of others. Have you any hospitality projects in the pipeline that you are able to share with us? Twelve years on, I have returned to The Grove, Hertfordshire to re-work some of the existing parts and to add a contemporary garden pavilion used for private events. In addition to designing the interiors, I have created the architecture for the pavilion. By coincidence, I am also involved with the separatelyowned The Grove, Narberth. I am designing the interiors for this beautiful Arts and Crafts small hotel in West Wales. I aim to ensure they are incredibly sensitive to the place’s location and history. For some time now I have been contributing to the painstaking hand-made restoration of an independent hotel in Colombia, in the historic centre of Cartagena, a UNESCO World Heritage site. What do you do in your downtime? I spend most of my spare time in the garden that surrounds my home in rural Sussex. I have re-designed it, adding new borders and a large pond. I also like to look for art and sculpture and other items to introduce into the house, trying some of them out as ideas for future projects. W

08/04/2016 17:11

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08/04/2016 17:11

26 Q&A

Supplier of contract, leisure and commercial furniture, Protocol, is celebrating 25 years of business this year. From humble beginnings, directors Chris Warrick and Andrew Crux have nurtured and expanded the company, establishing the close-knit team and sound reputation Protocol prides itself on today. Hospitality Interiors’ Gemma Ralph met with Chris Warrick to find out more ...

Q&A: Chris Warrick, Protocol UK

Mercure Exeter

HI64_pages V25.indd 26

08/04/2016 17:11

Q&A 27

How do you feel about the company’s anniversary, and what are you doing to mark it? It’s fantastic to celebrate 25 years, and it’s particularly fantastic to celebrate 25 years with people I consider friends, rather than staff. It’s our day to say: “we wouldn’t be here without you”. We’re going to have a big summer party in August, inviting our staff, along with some suppliers and clients. We had a similar event last year, and it was a real success! How would you describe Protocol’s ethos? One of the things we are really proud of is the fact that we have a very low turnover of staff. Andy and I were friends before we started the company – we’ve known each other over 30 years, having worked with each other previously. Linda has worked here for 21 years, and is a friend of the family. Both of my children work here – my daughter works in the office, and my son works as a driver and fitter – as well as my partner Andy’s son. Which sectors do you work in primarily? We work purely on what we call the leisure and contract side. The work is extremely diverse, however. At the moment hotel and care home are the two biggest markets that we’ve seen expansion in – certainly on the hotel side. In terms of the hotel projects we take on, most of our work is mid-end to lower high-end. We don’t tend to take on the very high-end hotel work as we’re more bespoke – we don’t manufacture anything here at all – everything we do we bring in and supply. At the moment I’m working primarily on the hotel side for the case goods, because we also provide wardrobes, bedside tables, desks etc – all hand made in Lithuania. So we’re looking to build that side of the business. Could you talk about your background prior to founding the company? Andy and I worked together previously for an office furniture company, which went into liquidation in 1990. Following this, we worked at Task Systems, before an interesting opportunity came up from some clients in the Channel Islands to supply office furniture. Over a beer and a curry one night, the three of us – there were originally three partners – decided to found our own

HI64_pages V25.indd 27

“What we pride ourselves on is getting service absolutely right, and having a strong, united team that knows how we work” company, and that’s where Protocol began. We all worked from my living room in Brentwood for about six months to begin with. We’d never done any work in the leisure industry previously, and started out buying from Italy primarily, as that’s all we really knew. We went to the Milan fair in 1992, and did some advertising in publications such as FX Magazine, and began to build a database. The company has grown from there into what it is today – a 27-strong team, with new offices and, I’m glad to say, we’re still expanding. Could you talk about recent developments in the company? We moved into our new premises here in September 2014 from Barking. It’s a big change for us; we always wanted to move, and the opportunity presented itself to buy the building. It was an industrial unit, with just a few small offices at the front, and we gutted the whole lot – the front was re-done, new cladding was fitted, and new offices built with a mezzanine floor. When we moved from Barking in September 2014, there were 21 of us, and there are now 27 of us, so we’ve taken on a lot more people. The move has made a massive difference to the business, and has created a fantastic working environment. Could you talk about some recent hospitality projects? We’re doing a lot for Holiday Inn Express and Hilton. We’re also an approved supplier for Accor Hotels, so we’re doing a lot of Mercures and Ibis’ – there are a number of big rollout programmes that we’re tendering for at the moment. We also work on a lot of independent hotels as well, and have been working for several small independents that have been taken over by larger investors. We’re doing some work for Hoseasons Lodges, which is very diverse, and we’re just about to do some work for Butlins.

08/04/2016 17:11

28 Q&A

“From 2008 to now it’s been a slow climb back, but you can certainly see within the marketplace that it is very buoyant. There’s a confidence in the marketplace that gives us confidence”

Clockwise from top: Cedar Court Hotel Vincent Aero Protocol’s showroom

What has been the biggest challenge since setting up the company, and how have you overcome it? From our point of view, investing in the company following the crash in 2008 was one of the best things we ever did. Because we buy most of our goods from Europe, the change in the euro obviously affected us a great deal, but we decided to push ahead. Unfortunately other companies had gone under, so there was more staff available, and at that time we took on two new team members. Working with two major manufacturers, one in Portugal, one in Italy – who probably about 75% of our European buying goes through – the one thing that they’ve done heavily over the past five-seven years was invest in their companies, massively. And we looked at them and thought, “well, if they’re investing and getting results, we can’t sit here and not look to invest”. We’re not talking billions of euros but we certainly identified that if we invest now, in a marketplace that is at its lowest point, in theory it can only go one way. Which it did, it did get better. From 2008 to now it’s been a slow climb back, but you can certainly see within the marketplace that it is very buoyant. There’s a confidence in the marketplace that gives us confidence. What do you feel sets Protocol apart? After 25 years we’ve got a good track record. People realise where we are, what we’re doing – we’re always looking to see how we can expand. We don’t do anything unique, we

HI64_pages V25.indd 28

haven’t got that magical product that everyone wants to buy, but what we pride ourselves on is getting service absolutely right, and having a strong, united team that knows how we work. I think that gets relayed to our clients – each member of sales staff has their own internal sales admin staff in the office, so there’s always one-to-one contact for the client. Our delivery guys – most of whom are friends that we’ve known for a number of years – are phenomenally important to the company, as they’re the last people our clients see. One of the things I learnt from a very young age is “don’t expect someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself”. No-one in the company should be treated any differently. Not being a manufacturer, you are solely reliant on your suppliers, and that is probably one of the things that we’ve always majored on, the fact that we work closely with manufacturers who have full control over the quality, pricing and delivery of their products. For example, we’ve worked with Italian manufacturer Pedrali for the last 18 years, and know the owners Monica and Giuseppe very well. Their factories are just fantastic – they’ve invested millions of euros into a phenomenal success story. Crucially, everything is done to the highest standard in-house. Looking to the future, we’ll look to continue this close relationship with manufacturers that have this kind of quality control, so that we can be completely confident in the way we promote our business. T 020 8591 6770 W

08/04/2016 17:11

contemporary! Call 0121 753 0777 Email Visit

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Geometry is the latest innovative and distinctive tile range from Solus Ceramics – one of the UK’s foremost commercial tile suppliers. With two finishes, seven colour options and more than six recommended laying patterns, this unique parallelogram wall tile is definitely the shape of things to come. Call the sales team for more innovation.

08/04/2016 17:11

30 Q&A

Following extensive rebranding exercises from two of the UK’s leading interior design companies, Martin Brudnizki Design Studio and MKV Design, Hospitality Interiors got in touch with the talented London brand consultancy responsible – Principal Ingredient. Here, co-founder Gillon Campbell tells us more ...

Q&A: Gillon Campbell,

Principal Ingredient

HI64_pages V25.indd 30

08/04/2016 17:11

Q&A 31

Could you tell us a little about your background Gillon? My passion for brands started at an early age and probably the first time I became conscious of it was when I was the only one who enjoyed watching adverts on TV, while everyone else would talk through them. I’m still the same today my wife tells me! I just find it fascinating to see how brands present themselves, try to engage with audiences to sell more. My career in branding started at Procter & Gamble, on their graduate program. I worked on Pringles Crisps. But I found their very strategic approach to building brands quite unimaginative. So I embarked on a journey after I left, where I moved from more creative agencies to more strategic consultancies seeking the right balance, until ultimately founding Principal Ingredient with Igor Jocic my business partner and creative genius of the business. Could you please provide a brief overview of Principal Ingredient? Igor and I set up the business because we simply saw a better way to build brands. Our belief is that to make a really strong and successful brand you need to combine both smart and insightful thinking with intense creativity. By working in tandem, you not only spark creative genius but also elevate a strategy into something truly extraordinary. Every one of our projects involves regular strategy and creative sessions, so I know from experience that this approach gets the very best results. And we really care about our clients’ success – we do whatever it takes to make sure our work transforms their businesses, because brands, like any investment, need to prove themselves commercially.

HI64_pages V25.indd 31

Could you talk a little about the team at Principal Ingredient? We have a senior, highly talented and hugely enthusiastic team with amazing experience, who have worked in leading international companies like Procter & Gamble, LVMH, Tata Global Beverages; and global branding agencies like Interbrand, Landor, Wolff Olins. This is really important for our clients, as we frequently deal with business owners and board level members, who seek a high level of expertise. Coul you talk about your recent work with Martin Brudnizki Design Studio and MKV Design? We have a huge amount of experience in the B2B service industry as well as a number of close contacts within interior design, so it felt completely natural to work within this sector. What we love about this sector is it overlaps so closely with branding. Creating an interior design for a client, whether it’s a home, restaurant, bar, hotel or resort, is all about creating an experience, engaging people and moving them on an emotional level. Unlike other industries, interior designers intuitively understand that branding aims to do the same. We’ve loved working in the industry because of this and also because designers really value high quality execution. Could you talk about the work you did with each studio in more detail? We first started working with MKV Design. For a long time, the personality and ethos of MKV was only expressed through their client projects. They actively avoided investing in their brand as they wanted to express themselves through their work.

08/04/2016 17:11

32 Q&A

Prinicipal Ingredient recently completed a re-branding project for Martin Brudnizki Design Studio

“Principal Ingredient has captured the essence of MBDS. I am thrilled with the result!" However, when you are hired by a client they put their confidence in you, and they need that confidence to be reflected, not just in the job-well-done, but in your own pride. But MKV were not expressing their confidence strongly and the business was struggling to express its value. This was having a significant impact, as at times their visionary and intelligent design was being taken for granted. Interviews with their clients, suppliers and employees helped us uncover what made them so unique – it illuminated a lot about them that they did not think of as very special and so it helped them understand their value and why their clients respected them so much. The brand design we created emerged from this in-depth understanding of the business – it conveys the somewhat mysterious elegance that you experience when working with MKV. Their work is more than captivating aesthetics, it is brilliantly clever and now the brand and the team can express this in everything they do, to dramatic effect. Martin Brudnizki Design Studio has never been short of confidence. It is an extremely busy place, both here (in London) and New York, and they are only getting busier and bigger. So it was extremely important for them that we capture, clarify and articulate the creative ethos established by its iconic founder as the business grows. Our focus was to clearly define the brand and articulate it in an engaging way so everyone from a senior manager to a junior designer understood what the business stood for.

HI64_pages V25.indd 32

So that is exactly what we did. We immersed ourselves in the business to gain the necessary insight into Martin’s vision, his approach, ethos to design etc. A lot of intriguing and unexpected observations were revealed that helped us shape a very incisive yet inspiring brand strategy for MBDS. Since completing the work the studio now has clear principles to work from born from Martin’s thinking, but without it needing to come from Martin himself all the time. This is helping move one of the most celebrated design studios in the world towards an even more successful future. Equipping brands with the ability to inspire is at the heart of what you do – from where does your team find its inspiration? It is all driven by the effect that brands have on people, their ability to communicate so much with so little, in an instant. We see now and again how successful brands garner trust and emotional engagement from the most diverse audiences, managing to create huge following from seemingly nowhere. It is a multiplier effect fuelled by pure emotion, but they also have the ability to change attitudes and quality of thinking and perception. We love it when we light that spark in our clients’ eyes, when they realise they can be more than they ever thought possible. So you could say what inspires us is to see others truly inspired. We even made one of our clients cry with joy in a presentation – she was overcome with emotion, amazed at how we had captured and expressed their brand. T 020 3598 8350 W

08/04/2016 17:11

CRONTO RAK Cronto creates a stunning, encaustic tile effect, whilst providing the performance benefits of high quality porcelain. The antique-style range includes a mix of plain and patterned designs, ideal for zoning and creating eye-catching features and borders. In high traffic hospitality areas - from bistro to lounge bar - Cronto creates an exceptionally durable surface that’s easy to maintain and which reflects the latest in surface trends.

To see our full range of bathrooms and tiles, and for more information visit, call +44 (0) 1730 237850 or email:

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08/04/2016 17:11


After three painstaking years of research and development, Coco Wolf has now brought its upholstered outdoor furniture brand to market.

Tough elegance from Coco Wolf

HI64_pages V25.indd 34

08/04/2016 17:11


It is always encouraging to see new names entering the outdoor furniture fold, particularly when their offering is as unique and considered as that of Coco Wolf. Sisters Rebecca and Claudine, together with their partners James Lorimer and Richard Davis, created the brand in the hope that they could give designers new scope to create stylish and characterful outdoor spaces, as they would an interior. “We identified a niche in the market for elegant and durable outdoor furniture that can remain outside all year round,” explains Rebecca. “We had always been able to carve an interior style inside our homes, however, when we tried to extend that into our outdoor spaces we noticed something was missing. “It took our family over three years of research and development to create this uniquely-designed furniture, using the latest technology and the finest materials.” Although this is a totally new venture for Rebecca and Claudine, both have backgrounds in interior design. Rebecca started her career at renowned interior practice, Todhunter Earle Interiors, where she was marketing and creative director, before joining premium furniture brand George Smith as design director. Claudine, meanwhile, is a trained interior designer, and has gained a great deal of hands-on experience through property development in both London and New Zealand. Despite their impressive skillsets, Rebecca and Claudine had to overcome a great many hurdles before they could bring their unique concept to fruition. “The first obstacle was designing and constructing a product that had never been produced before,” explains Rebecca. “We had to work out new methods to build the furniture and sourced revolutionary materials from all over the world that could provide comfort, durability, withstand the elements and meet all the global fire and safety regulations. There have been many prototypes and years of testing and trial and error.” Ensuring that their product meets with stringent regulations is one thing, but another key challenge has proved to be persuading their audience of the same fact. “Now that we have the product finalised, the challenge is to educate people that Coco Wolf pieces can be left outside all year round,” says Rebecca. “We placed some pieces at The Ivy Chelsea Garden restaurant prior to our launch. This is a gravel area, where people eat, drink and smoke all year around. It’s been a great way to prove our product works under a variety of challenging conditions. “Food and drink have been spilt on the pieces, they’re outside the whole time and often they’re pulled around on the stones. Our furniture has remained durable and still looks fantastic, making a real feature of the outdoor courtyard.” The Coco Wolf team is, quite rightly, highly confident in the durability of its product offering. Making use of breathable, hardwearing materials – many of which are marine-grade – Coco Wolf furniture cleverly repels all external elements, from hard-wearing wood that won’t rot, to fabric that won’t mould and galvanised steel springs that won’t rust. The brand’s collections feature a uniquely-designed drainage system, highly aerated peltluxe cushions and quality fabrics which are treated to repel all elements of the weather, even down to the zips and thread stitches.

HI64_pages V25.indd 35

Exposed wooden frames are made with stained, solid, kiln-dried Iroko wood, which wears a coat of UV protective and water-resistant varnish. Every interior frame is made of water- and boil-proof wood, treated to a layer of Omnia preservative, to maximise durability. These factors efficiently allow rainwater to run through or off the furniture ensuring that it is quick to dry. Eradicating the need for cushions to be removed during wet weather or furniture to be stored away during the winter, Coco Wolf’s pieces are durable enough to withstand the elements whilst retaining their style, luxury and comfort. The technical attributes of Coco Wolf’s products make them eminently suitable for the full span of hospitality ›››

“It took our family over three years of research and development to create this uniquely-designed furniture, using the latest technology and the finest materials” 08/04/2016 17:11


environments, as Claudine explains: “Our current product range is designed for hospitality settings in mind, whether that is for a garden, pool, ski lodge or restaurant setting. For instance all of our sofas can be adapted to fit spaces and be used comfortably at dining tables. “Additionally, the collection is perfect for spas as they’re great for relaxing and have the benefit of being quick drying. Along with the rot-resistant wood and marine-grade materials, our range is ideal for a poolside environment. “The majority of the collection also has slip covers which enable several benefits; the practicality from a cleaning point of view, as well as the ability to change the colour of the upholstery without a huge expense – this has been hugely attractive to those in event planning and makes it easy for a seasonal refresh.” Ranging from the lavish, classic designs of the Bolgheri collection to the contemporary lines of the Chuchumber, Coco Wolf’s five existing lines – all of which are handcrafted in the UK – offer a diverse array of styles to suit any scheme. But it is also worth noting that the company offers a bespoke service, and is more than willing to work from a sketch or image to cater to even the most exacting of visions. “We love a challenge but are yet to find a product that we can’t create,” says Claudine. “All products in our collection are made-to-measure – we’ve even had a request recently to make our pieces as indoor-only, because they loved the designs so much.

“2016 is our first full year offering a truly innovative product – we are all excited about that, it’s going to be a great year”

HI64_pages V25.indd 36

“We’ve listened hard to our customers’ specific requirements, for example our chair feet sliders have been completely redesigned after feedback from ship captains advising that for products to be considered on super yachts the key question was: ‘is this going to damage the ultra-sensitive teak flooring’? “Overall we are delighted with the current collections and our ability to service bespoke requests, which is becoming a sizeable part of the business.” Having launched the brand just last year, the Coco Wolf team is, naturally, still growing and consolidating itself and its product offering. Having said this, the business is growing fast, and with a number of key projects and collaborations on the horizon, Claudine and Rebecca are thankful for their shared taste and vision for the brand. “My sister and I have always been closely aligned in our design influences,” says Claudine. “It’s been great to see this when signing off recent prototypes. However, as the business is rapidly expanding, our roles are becoming more and more defined and it’s great to know we can rely on each other’s judgement. “We have some exciting projects in the pipeline, which are focused towards private members clubs, both in London and the Mediterranean, and we’re supplying some fantastic new residential properties. “We are also developing some significant partnerships which will come to fruition in the summer. 2016 is our first full year offering a truly innovative product. We are all really excited about that, it’s going to be a great year.” This talented family team certainly has a big year ahead of itself but creating an innovative and highly stylish furniture concept is half the battle won ... T 0207 262 8614 W

08/04/2016 17:11


“Our current product range is designed for hospitality settings in mind, whether that is for a garden, pool, ski lodge or restaurant setting�

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08/04/2016 17:11


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08/04/2016 17:11


London-based design practice Gallery HBA has delivered a wholly impressive airport hotel at Schiphol in the Netherlands. The hotel stands within an iconic cubic building designed by Mecanoo architecten – at its heart, an atrium that soars 42m upwards to the glazed sky roof. The interiors are every bit a match for the structure, working with the articulation of the building while also bringing human scale to the experience.

Hilton Schiphol Airport, Netherlands Images © Hufton + Crow, Will Pryce

The Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has Dutch soul, as harmoniously bold and playful, irreverent and coherent, organised and comfortable as the national character. Guests staying for the night or just visiting for a meeting, can be in no doubt that they are in the Netherlands. The designers’ aim was to create a home away from home, a temporary refuge from a location that is all about moving on. Furniture, lighting, fabrics and floorcoverings were carefully selected to evoke a sense of home and the narrative of lace embroidery and crochet – traditional art forms in domestic Dutch life – thread through the design, from carpet detail and leather stitching to laser cut panels in the meetings rooms and doilies printed onto bedroom coffee tables. Furnishings also reflect the eclectic design vernaculars of the Netherlands today with Marcel Wanders’ one-armed chairs, plush sofas from Linteloo, coffee tables by Roderick Vos, vibrant upholstery from Kvadrat and funky embroidery from Hella Jongerius. The Gallery HBA has enriched the level of comfort in the atrium by creating islands, each providing a distinct experience within the Axis Lobby: reception, lounge library, tech lounge and cocktail bar. Each area is defined by a carpet with a design inspired by the sediment-laden islands and waterways between coastal dunes on the southern coast of the Netherlands.

HI64_pages V25.indd 39

08/04/2016 17:11


Warm, honey-toned leather armchairs create bold punches of colour, and laser-cut screens, modelled after the maps of the canal systems, further help to punctuate the space and achieve cosy areas. In between the islands, the sandcoloured limestone of the floor becomes pathways flowing like waterways through the space. The Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the first to feature Hilton’s brand new lobby concept where each area supports a different function within an open-plan setting. The library with its double-sided work desk, features bespoke orange mesh and resin task lights by Frandsen Project, which created all the public area lighting in collaboration with The Gallery HBA. Signature Tulipani chairs from Dutch brand, Linteloo, make a joyful addition to another communal meeting table nearby. A perforated steel wall that charts the course of the entire ground floor is both functional and a piece of art. It weaves through quiet and busy areas, helping to define spaces and provide degrees of privacy. Its fluid shape is inspired by the maps that trace the trade routes of ships whose global journeys began and finished in Amsterdam. The wall creates a flowing patina and a narrative of travel, while its inky black tones recall the palette of the Dutch School of painters. The Bowery Restaurant is located on the ground floor along the façade, drawing passers-by inside with its upbeat yet elegant design. Here, depictions of travel include cheerful illustrations of holiday travel on painted tiles specially commissioned from the Delft-based artist, Israel Páez, and three lively cooking stations feature full-height murals in a modern take on traditional Delft ceramics.

Quirky furniture, such as tables shaped like giant chess pieces and banquette backs fashioned like the much-loved Dutch Speculaas cookies, catch the eye and raise a smile. Fluid patterning and a sea-based palette are both relaxing and a gentle reminder of Holland’s symbiosis with the water. Floor-to-ceiling black metal and textured glass panels break up the space and are designed to screen parts of the restaurant during quiet times in the day.

HI64_pages V25.indd 40

In the busy hotel hub that is the Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the designers have emphasised the contrasting exclusivity of private dining room, the Vine Room, by way of a discreetly disguised entrance – a floor-to-ceiling mirrored panel within an entirely mirror-clad wall. Modern Dutch chandeliers by Moooi, an original Armando masterpiece from Schiphol Group’s art collection and a bespoke wine display wall, help to make this room a truly exceptional example of an airport hospitality space. The Hilton conference centre comprises 23 boardrooms and meeting rooms located over the first and second floors of the hotel. Travellers coming from the airport terminal can access the conference centre directly via the Traverse – the covered walkway which connects airport and hotel. The concept for the areas was founded on making connections. The boardrooms, in particular, are distinguished by floor-to-ceiling windows looking over the atrium, which provide a sense of connection with the buzz of the lobby below. Copper pendant lights hanging in clusters above the conference tables create a dramatic impression.

08/04/2016 17:12


The larger meeting rooms, which vary in size from 84-220m2, look out towards the airport and are flooded with natural light, diffused by sheer curtains, and benefit from movable partitions that allow flexible configurations. Acoustics are softened by plush orange and grey upholstered furnishings and wool carpets with patterns that reflect the building’s diamond-shaped windows. All break-out spaces are connected to the atrium. The hotel also includes a ballroom. Here, delightful stylised needlework motifs feature in the custom-designed carpet while, overhead, tiny bulbs twinkle, tucked into small bas-relief sculptures within the ceiling. Next door, the pre-function area glows under a vast array of contemporary glass pendants, warmly welcoming people as they arrive via the Traverse. Three floors of executive bedrooms crown the hotel with a large Executive Lounge on the 10th level offering panoramic views of the airport and the city of Amsterdam beyond. Its interior is an elegant balance of the contemporary and classical. A marble buffet counter serves as the place for a quick meeting, a library area with high-backed leather armchairs offers a retreat, and numerous comfortable seating arrangements provide options for conversation and working. With a concept inspired by Schiphol Airport’s position four metres below sea level, eforea spa, located on the first floor of the hotel, is designed to evoke a feeling of pure relaxation and a sense of underwater tranquillity. In reception, faceted glass chandeliers cast an ethereal glow – wrapped and suspended from rope, they give a nod to the maritime history of the country. The spa journey then takes guests to the changing areas and, from there, along a corridor

guided by a procession of delicate leaves of papers, to the treatment rooms. Here, white walls textured like rippling water, soft lighting and whitewashed oak floors create a haven that is far removed from the stresses of the outside world. The wet areas take guests further into the underwater depths with their darkly clad walls, metallic tile mosaics and shimmering clusters of bespoke wire pendants.

All 433 rooms are contemporary in style and elegantly streamlined. Both the Guest Rooms, with a view over the atrium, and the Deluxe Rooms, with airport views through the signature diamond-shaped windows, have been designed with a crisp white and grey backdrop to highlight the golden tones of the abstract, diamond-patterned headboards, the lace-inspired carpet design, and the soft turquoise lounge chair and ottoman. The artwork above the headboards, depicting the skylines of the Netherlands from south to north, was created in collaboration with Isreal Páez. Collections of wall-mounted prints and playful accessories are an evocative expression of the Dutch character as well as a homely touch.

HI64_pages V25.indd 41

08/04/2016 17:12


Bathrooms offer either a bathtub and shower or a generously sized walk-in shower. Luxurious yet simple, the soft sculptural lines of the vanity counter, white tiles and gold rippled glass panels bring a dash of glamour. The Diamond Suite on the top, 11th floor of the hotel combines bedroom, lounge, dining room and kitchen and can be connected to the adjacent room. There is a striking M C Escherstyle polygon woodcut floor in both the living and dining rooms, fabrics are rich and tactile, and chic contemporary furniture is combined with idiosyncratic pieces to take the design to the next level of luxury. Dark timber panelling and playful influences in the accessories and artwork infuse the spaces with a sense of authentic soul. The rooms take in one curve of the building and through the large windows the ever-moving theatre of airport and motorway is a dramatic vista comfortably observed from the exclusive retreat of the Diamond Suite.

Original contemporary Dutch masterpieces are located throughout the hotel. Loaned by Schiphol Group, the airport operator, the collection includes work by such internationally renowned painters as Corneille, Anton Heyboer, Armando, Ger can Elk, Jan Cremer and Rene Daniels. The Gallery HBA worked with lighting consultancy, DPA Lighting. The resulting scheme utilises 95% LED technology while maintaining a cosy ambiance. All lighting is dimmable, transitioning through day and night by way of a control system that employs an astronomical time clock tracking sunrise and sunset as they change through the year. “The Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is set to challenge traditional expectations of airport hotels. From its dramatic architectural form through to its numerous, locally sourced accessories, old and new, the design has a major part to play,” says Constantina Tsoutsikou, associate at The Gallery HBA and lead designer on the project. “I think the team’s achievement has been to combine visionary design with human scale. This is a very large business hotel that also feels as if it’s designed for fun and relaxation, and it balances international polish with local character in a way that will engage international guests and attract people living and working nearby.” W W

HI64_pages V25.indd 42

08/04/2016 17:12


HI64_pages V25.indd 43

08/04/2016 17:12


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08/04/2016 17:12


Located in Phoenix’s upscale Biltmore neighbourhood, the luxurious Camby Hotel opened late last year in what was formerly a RitzCarlton. The hotel is an exciting new destination with an original design and a sophisticated wit – a vision created by New York-based hospitality design firm, Stonehill & Taylor.

The Camby Hotel, Phoenix The Camby Hotel was conceived to be visually stunning from entrance to exit. The Stonehill & Taylor team used the original bones of the hotel as a canvas upon which they could construct the new aesthetic identity. “The overarching concept of ‘refined revelry’ led the design,” explains Michael Suomi, principal and interior director of design at Stonehill & Taylor. “We wanted to take the classic bones of the building and build a playful, more contemporary personality on top of that. “The design is very much about remixing classic luxury; layering contemporary touches with classic elegance, as with the lobby’s looping necklace chandelier and original coffered ceilings.” In their use of materials throughout, the designers thus drew inspiration from Arizona’s five c’s – cotton, cattle, citrus, climate and copper. Guests arriving at the hotel are greeted by a neon sign that beckons them inside through the large metal doors – custom-designed with the minimalist Southwestern pattern that repeats throughout the property. Upon arrival, guests encounter striking features in the lobby lounge. A looping necklace chandelier highlights the original coffered ceilings and a Southwest-inspired rug references the region’s history. Angular copper metal chairs and turquoise sofas surround side tables made from timber, lit with tall sculptural lamps that evoke the desert landscape. An interactive art piece, similar to a child’s pin impression toy, stands in the corner.

HI64_pages V25.indd 45

08/04/2016 17:12


Video art is projected over a fireplace, drawing the guest’s eye back through the space. Hidden behind a secret door, The Back Office serves as a VIP area for private parties. A deconstructed chandelier hangs over a pool table and quilted leather banquettes, whilst sculptural floor lamps and a patterned carpet complete the space. To the left of the entrance, a monolithic reception desk draws its form from the desert landscape and is surrounded by a crescent-shaped copper metal screen woven with turquoise wire threads. Playful art with neon lighting adorns the walls and a sculptural mirror sits above a copper-painted antique console. A concierge area featuring interactive touch-screen tables is located behind the reception desk and screen. To the right of the entrance is the Artizen Crafted American Kitchen & Bar – the hotel’s restaurant. The restaurant and its bar area features further copper accents, including a copper screen that mirrors the one at reception. Sofa-like banquettes with patterned upholstery enliven the neutral copper elements.

Artizen’s outdoor patio dining space features a bold green wall, a trellis with plants and hanging lights, and various fire pits throughout the space. A separate entrance from the street keeps the facility open to both hotel guests and local visitors. New full-service wellness centre, Zest, on the second floor, features soothing neutral colours and iridescent surfaces. In reference to its name, this space includes art and design featuring citrus fruit – one of the five c’s associated with Arizona. An outdoor spa lounge opens to the pool deck, which has been fully renovated. On the hotel rooftop, the designers expanded the pool experience with the addition of a canopy structure and set of cabanas that comprise the new Revelry Rooftop Bar. Sculptural lounge seating surrounds the pool and a wall at the end provides a surface to project a video art piece. A giant topiary bird nearby creates a humorous visual feature. The 277 guest rooms and suites continue the theme of drawing design inspiration from the five c’s. A dark blue entryway welcomes guests, whose eyes are immediately drawn to the room’s focal point – a deconstructed four-poster bed. A frame stems from the headboard wall and extends towards the ceiling, which is decorated with a vast copper Mylar panel. A similar structure adorns the opposing wall, framing the TV and desk area.

HI64_pages V25.indd 46

08/04/2016 17:13


The quaint seating area features two-toned sofas with a traditional Southwest motif and a multi-use table that can function as a coffee table, desk, or dining table. On the walls, classic black and white movie posters are blown apart by colourful Arizona landscapes. Bathrooms feature carrera marble, new fixtures, and a large graphic mural on the wall. Marks Stonehill & Taylor’s second collaboration with Host Hotels, The Camby offers a unique niche in the market, catering to upscale business

HI64_pages V25.indd 47

and leisure travellers wishing to stay at a welldesigned, contemporary hotel. “We are very excited that the hotel has reopened and is resonating strongly with both the local community and travelers as a new offering that didn’t exist in the hospitality landscape of the Phoenix area previously,” says Michael of the end result. “Our clients are so happy that they are now having us renovate the existing event spaces of the hotel.” W

08/04/2016 17:13


The Bailey’s Hotel, London, Kensington relaunched at the beginning of 2016 with a magnificent new look, reflecting its special status as one of the very first generation of purpose-built hotels in the capital.

The Bailey’s Hotel, London

HI64_pages V25.indd 48

08/04/2016 17:13


The hotel first opened its doors in 1876 and the £7.5m refurbishment honours and revives this Victorian heritage. The interior draws inspiration from the personality of founder Sir James Bailey MP, as well as the abundant character of central Kensington. The refurbishment programme has seen a complete redesign of all guest rooms, with new fittings and fixtures. Public spaces, including the reception and check-in desk, restaurant and bar all received a new look. The new aesthetic was developed primarily by digging into the archives of the hotel where letters of praise for the hotel were discovered from the first wave of transatlantic travellers in the late 1800s. With this in mind, design consultant ADS Design – working closely with the hotel’s senior management team – developed the townhouse concept to create an eclectic, yet wholly relevant design philosophy. Key emphasis was placed on working with UK-based suppliers to reinforce the quintessentially English architecture and original fittings. From this came four design

HI64_pages V25.indd 49

motifs that differentiate each floor. Informally named Kensington, Kew, Henley and City Gent, they influence the colour palette, patterns, artwork and decorative details. While there are distinct differences floor by floor, the townhouse approach means some elements are consistent throughout; namely the high and buttoned headboard from contract upholsterer, ESL, and the joinery and carpets which remain constant in design and colourways. Within the suites, hospitality and contract furniture specialist, Max International, supplied striking upholstered furniture, including its Nancy sofa and chair, Charlotte sofa and Isotta chair designs. The guest bathrooms have been completely refurbished, with many hosting large walk-in showers. While the design is modern, it harks back to the origins of the building with Victorian details, motifs and fittings from luxury Mayfair manufacturer of taps, showers and bathroom, Perrin & Rowe. The public spaces, meanwhile, have also been given a radically different look. A traditional style parquet floor has been laid in the reception,

adorned with hand-tufted rugs. The colour palette features grey tones with rich dark blue as an accent colour, complementing the richlytoned wallpapers. The front of the reception is leather clad with a button-back effect,

mirroring the headboards within the bedrooms. The hotel’s 64-cover Italian restaurant, Olives, has been given a relaxing, refined ambiance. Warm shades of grey and blue feature throughout, with striking period

08/04/2016 17:13


artwork gracing the walls. A plus mix of loose and fixed seating have been supplied by Bourne Furniture and ESL. This warm feel extends into Olives Bar, where an assortment of tables and chairs in greys and blues have been assembled. Humorous reminders of the hotel’s founder, Sir James Bailey MP, are littered throughout the hotel. He appears in some way in every room, either a reproduction of a very characterful photograph which shows him with dress coat, waistcoat, Double Albert watch chain and with an impeccably groomed moustache and beard, or in a new image created of his silhouette, reflecting the line of his features, monocle and impressive facial hair. W

HI64_pages V25.indd 50

08/04/2016 17:13


Craftwood is one of the leading specialists in upholstered banquette seating, creating quality, fixed and free standing bespoke seating, incorporating decades of expertise. Your project could not be in better hands.

bespoke banquette seating Galley Restaurant, Upper St. Islington

t + 44 (0) 1953 854009

HI64_pages V25.indd 51 CraftwoodHI64.indd 1



08/04/2016 23/03/201617:13 15:54


Having near-perfected the urbane and modern left coast aesthetic for which they are celebrated, Bells & Whistles design principals Barbara Rourke and Jason St. John have demonstrated stunning, south-of-the-border flair with the recent opening of Chef Javier Plascencia’s restaurant, Bracero Cocina de Raiz.

Bracero Cocina de Raiz, San Diego

HI64_pages V25.indd 52

08/04/2016 17:13


Located along San Diego’s up-and-coming Kettner Boulevard, Bracero’s superb Mexican cuisine and impeccable service ethic is inspired by the story of the Bracero – a theme that has been interpreted in Bells & Whistles design. The restaurant pays homage to the 1942 Bracero Program – an agreement between the U.S. and Mexico for the importation of workers to fill the gaps of the Americans away fighting WWII, whose absence caused shortages of food and other goods throughout the country. The program and its steadfast Braceros, or labourers, are largely responsible for establishing California’s food and wine markets as we now know them. Guests of Bracero are greeted with a wave of warm colours and textures. Festive, leather-

HI64_pages V25.indd 53

upholstered chairs from Mexico and saddle-inspired booth backs are arranged around a mixture of intimate, communal wooden tables throughout the 4800ft2, two-story space. The levels are linked by a prominent leather-clad storage cabinet at the back bar, which spans both floors. The transition between the first and second floors is marked with an installation of genuine, handselected Bracero hats on the landing wall. Along with crisp white shirts, the hats were a functional element of the Bracero uniform, used to protect the workers from the blazing sun. They are hung facing upward to the heavens, in tribute to those who wore them. Impressive 40 x 24in custom-cast concrete tiles created in a geometric agave pattern adorn the

long, marble-topped upstairs bar – a decoration that is indicative of the rare tequilas available behind it. Vintage hand tools from Mexico are arranged on a wall near the exposed kitchen, whilst a massive tilling sculpture lingers between floors in the centre of the room. Hardwood flooring and hanging fittings offer a nod to the burgeoning Tijuana farm-to-table movement, while a selection of Plascencia’s personal items, objects and art sourced in Mexico lend a cosy, home-like feel to the space. Bracero’s raw materials, combined with antique tools and art, imparts a distinctive balance of rustic, modern and authentic Mexicana to the eatery. W W

08/04/2016 17:13


Urban Harvest in Hangzhou, China is an ultra modern paradise that springs directly from the realms of science fiction.

Urban Harvest, Hangzhou

The 371m2 Urban Harvest restaurant has been designed as two adjacent spaces, joined by a stark white mall space. The joy of Urban Harvest is in its details, such as the hundreds of fibre glass sheets that hang delicately over this space, effusing a soft milky light that unites the otherwise disparate spaces. The two zones are separated into a formal, intimate, dark and moody dining area, and an open seating area that lures the casual diner for lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or merely liquid refreshment. This section also caters for the tech-savvy diner – a charge bar offers welcome replenishment for phones whilst nourishment from the plentiful menu provides comfort and respite for shoppers. Central columns boast a natural patina, with

HI64_pages V25.indd 54

scrawls from workmen still etched into the hard concrete. Waxed, blackened steel and soft emerald leather juxtapose the gleaming brass light fixtures and polished brass gauze that provide privacy for the diners within. Burnt and burnished timber strips line the walls, with a look of smoky chimerical haze that gives a moody aura to the more formal dining areas. In the central area, movable furniture and fittings take on a warm if industrial air – the iridescent surfaces a consequence of the hexavalent passivation coating. LED grow lamps emit a full spectrum of light that bathes the surrounding dining spaces in an eerie, futuristic magenta. Aquaponics apparatus occupies a central area and grow lights hover above suspended grow tubes with a substrate that supports micro greens,

sprouts, lettuce, pak choi, basil and mint – ingredients that are harvested by the kitchen for use in the restaurants dishes. Grown on-site, these ingredients clearly do not need to be delivered so they have no food miles, which means slightly fewer trucks on the roads. In addition a variety of species of mushrooms feature in many dishes and are grown with remarkable efficiency by local suppliers. These are placed on display and continue their late stage growth within the restaurant space and once ready the mushrooms are harvested for use in various recipes. The root ball may be regrown twice – giving the opportunity for customers to take the mushrooms home, re-grow harvest, cook and eat. W

08/04/2016 17:14

w w w. c u l t f u r n i t u re . c o m 1000’s of items in stock with next day delivery

Get £20 off all products using code HOSP20* *Orders over £200. Valid until 31/03/16 | +44 (0) 208 185 6960 | Showroom: 811-813 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 3JH

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08/04/2016 17:14


Designed by Shed, Zelman Meats is the latest experimental venture from the renowned restaurant group Goodman, also behind the limited menu concept Burger & Lobster, the Goodman steakhouses and the exclusive Steak and King crab concept, Beast.

Zelman Meats, Soho

Stamped with Misha Zelman’s name, Zelman Meats presents itself as an approachable and affordable location, with a menu based on what they do best – beef. The menu is limited and changeable, but remains true to the refined methods involved in serving up good quality meat whilst offering up the opportunity to dine at a lower price-point to Goodmans. The site in Soho, tucked away on St Anne’s Court, has proved to be a challenging location in the past but it has also enabled the Goodman Group to bring a great steakhouse to the heart of Soho. The brief was to transform the space into an uncomplicated but well-executed environment. Although adopting a no-frills approach to the design, Shed also wanted to create an environment that was like a old pair of brogues – comfortable, familiar, at times cool but never try hard. The exterior has taken on dark shades of black and grey so as to accentuate two statement, oversized and illuminated signs emblazoned on the 25m façade.

HI64_pages V25.indd 56

Glimpses of the restaurant interior and wine displays help to set the scene inside. Shed set out to divide the vast 360m2 front-of-house area into a private dining area, open kitchen, main restaurant area and bar area. Oversized oxblood leather booth seating sits alongside repurposed carrara marble table tops whilst overhead, mild steel luggage racks provide a playful yet practical solution for customers’ belongings. A number of conveniently-placed blackboards eliminate the need to break up areas within the restaurant. Oversized weighty butchers block tables provide communal seating for large parties and lunchtime take-away customers. The blacked-out exposed services and array of salvaged industrial lighting create intimacy for each table. A fish tank and sink by the entrance, a stainless kitchen ceiling, the mismatched layout of the mosaic flooring and even the crockery remain from the previous building. This intentional design reflects the fact that

Zelman Meats is not somewhere to be taken too seriously, and better suits this light-hearted, unassuming ambiance. The pre-existing furniture has been woven into the scheme in other areas, such as the marble bar, which has gained a new gantry and timber cladding. The final layer of quirky personality to the design can be seen in the carefully selected artwork that adorns the walls. Artwork by Butch Anthony, an American artist from Alabama, is layered upon old black and white butcher prints sourced from Nebraska. “This has been our first project with Shed and potentially the hardest challenge we have ever assigned,” says Dave Strauss, operations director. “The budget was small, the turn around on site was limited to two weeks and the brief was to produce something unique. I am confident in saying that this was all achieved. “I expected professionalism but was surprised by their flexibility and problem solving. We are already working on our next project together.” W

08/04/2016 17:14

HI64_pages V25.indd 57

08/04/2016 17:14


InterContinental gets into bed with The Fine Bedding Company The new InterContinental London - The O2 which opened its doors at the start of the year, has commissioned The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division to create bespoke bedding solutions for its 453 luxury bedrooms, including innovative anti-allergy rooms. A new luxury goose feather dual layer topper has been developed specially for the hotel, dubbed ‘the new luxury retreat in the heart of London’, to deliver a sumptuous sleep experience within the five-star hotel. This complements top-of-the-range duck down duvets, goose down pillows, luxury quilted mattress protectors and brushed cotton pillow protectors also supplied exclusively by the fast-growing hotel bedding specialist, which partners with hundreds of top hotels and guest houses across the UK and Europe for their bedding requirements. Custom-made synthetic duvets and pillows are also a key feature in the hotel’s anti-allergy bedrooms. Containing The Fine Bedding Company’s unique highly breathable Smartfil microfibres, the products are non-allergenic and easy to wash at 60°C (the temperature that kills dust mites, a contributory factor to the onset of allergy symptoms). With a bespoke sizing and detailing request, executive head housekeeper Laura Walker and the Arora Group procurement team had exacting standards and detailed requirements, requiring bedding that met with the InterContinental Hotels brand specification. “A luxury hotel is not simply ‘designed’ that way,” explains Kevin Swart from The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division. “It has to be communicated in the look, feel and experience. “The brief and the expectation from Laura’s team at the InterContinental London – The O2 was to ensure that the bedding delivered a luxury sleeping experience for guests which achieved an immaculate

HI64_pages V25.indd 58

five-star look for the room and delivered a luxurious sense of comfort and warmth when a guest slips into the bed. “All our natural products benefit from the highest quality, ethically-sourced down and feathers, which conform to stringent testing procedures. The smallest details have been considered and the products include premium hand-finished piping which differentiates the various fill weights according to the brand requirements. “Along with luxury fabrics encasing innovative

fibres, The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division applies scientific methods to create products designed to be as resource efficient for hoteliers and managers as possible. “Our duvets and pillows are not only luxurious but practical and functional. The bedding we have developed enables Laura’s team to meet the high standards of guests, while making it easier for housekeeping to clean and reuse,” concludes Kevin Swart. W

08/04/2016 17:14

Newm HI61_Pa

Custom or Stocked

Cover the world with endless possibilities. +44(0) 1938 551 990

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M Restaurants needs little in the way of introduction Now in hot pursuit of the top spot in London’s fine dining scene, M has taken up a second residence, this time in Victoria. Incorporating two concept restaurants, bar, private dining rooms, and a dedicated wine shop, M is better described as a destination rather than a typical London restaurant. Responsible for the distinctive interiors of M Threadneedle, designer Rene Dekker worked with furniture specialist Inside Out Contracts to transform the new multifaceted venue into a glorious outpost for London’s chic West side. Channelling an elegant yet adventurous theme, M Victoria showcases an eclectic mix of high quality

HI64_pages V25.indd 60

furnishings from the GRILL and RAW restaurants, right through to the members' own DEN bar. The entryway through M’s concept wine shop instantly demonstrates a contemporary luxe theme, with gloss white surfaces and sumptuous dark upholstered chairs positioned to draw a clever contrast. Stepping into the main restaurant, GRILL, the mise-en-scene quickly changes, as a grand copper ceiling takes centre stage, offset by striking glass pendant lights and teal green upholstered

furnishings. The adjoining RAW restaurant and bar offer respite from the lavish setting of GRILL. Fierce swathes of chocolate and burnt orange furnishings make up a luxurious, rich palette, which completely juxtaposes the soft interior of GRILL with lavish and patterned fabrics. Bespoke bar stools line the bar and handmade button back lounges add to the opulent stamp of M. T 020 8305 3130 W

08/04/2016 17:15

HI64_pages V25.indd 61

08/04/2016 17:15


paolo.interiors supplies elegant marble for refurbishment of Sartoria Specialist stone and tile consultancy, paolo.interiors, has recently contributed to the refurbishment of renowned Savile Row restaurant, Sartoria. Working under the commission of the acclaimed interior designer, David d’Almada, at Sagrada, the team meticulously sourced and supplied the elegant and decadent ‘Golden Spider’ marble that takes centre stage in the new bar area. This striking marble, with a bright white background and cobweb of golden threads, can also be found as wall cladding and counters in the salad bar and the waiter stations. Traditional Bianco Carrara marble, the material of choice of sculptures for hundreds of years from Michelangelo to Ai Wei Wei, is fitted in the exquisite rest rooms. Inspired by the Savile Row location and Sartoria’s Italian heritage, David d’Almada has encapsulated the glamour and romance of 20th century Italy through a delightful palette and a contrast of striking materials. As past collaborators to David’s work, the paolo.interiors team took great pride in contributing towards bringing to life the designer’s vision for the gourmet restaurant through beautiful marble finishes. Within two months of opening, the new marble bar area has already found fame as the best location in London for a morning cappuccino and biscotti, or for an evening cocktail and ciccheti. The vibrant décor creates the perfect environment to enjoy the Italian feasts led by chef patron Francesco Mazzei. W

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M Metamorphic Bespoke Pendants CIRCULAR


Metamorphic Bespoke Pendants CIRCULAR


LSE LIGHTING LTD Western Business Park 6 Great 6 Great Western Business Park McKenzie Way, WR4 9PT22243 McKenzie Way, Worcester WR4Worcester 9PT +44(0)1905


LSE LIGHTING LTD Western Business Park 6 Great 6 Great Western Business Park McKenzie Way, WR4 9PT22243 McKenzie Way, Worcester WR4Worcester 9PT +44(0)1905

HI64_pages V25.indd 63

LSE_JA.2.indd 1

INSTALLATION +44(0)1905 22243 D E SIGN SUPPLY LIGHT +44(0)1905 22243

08/04/2016 17:15

29/01/2016 15:00

HI full p


The classic and modern crossover in a stylish carpet at Oulton Hall Fusing contemporary and classical influences in a striking bespoke design, Wilton Carpets Commercial has continued its partnership with QHotels, bringing elegance and poise to the carpets at the luxurious Oulton Hall hotel and spa. Situated close to Leeds and featuring an impressive spa and golf course, the 152-room Oulton Hall is set in the Yorkshire countryside. It is one of 26 premium four-star hotels in the award-winning QHotels group. The classical architectural features of the 18th century former family mansion work well with the new carpet. Scroll and floral motifs are highlighted with gold accents, while the modern luxury of the four-star hotel is embraced with a contemporary design in charcoal greys that flows through the reception. The design is then simplified for stairs, while in meeting rooms a lighter version of the effect is combined with a complementary motif. “The classical elegance of Oulton Hall and its status as a fourstar destination meant that the carpet had not only to achieve a look befitting its surroundings, but also reflect the hotel’s position as a destination offering modern levels of luxury and relaxation,” comments Trudi Purtill, director of group development, QHotels. “Wilton Carpets Commercial has once again fulfilled our ambitions with the carpet’s striking and on-point design, the colours working perfectly with the fabrics and furnishings we had chosen for Oulton Hall.” Some 900m2 of the bespoke nine-row woven axminster carpet were installed by Pocklington Carpets through the main reception, staircase, gallery and meeting rooms of the hotel. T 01722 746000 E

Elegant sculpted design Founded in 1996, Victoria + Albert Baths has become a key player in the international luxury bathroom design market. Here, we take a look at two very different, but equally striking applications of Victoria + Albert Baths’ Barcelona design. Located at Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street in New York, Baccarat Hotel & Residences opened last year to great acclaim. The landmark 50-storey glass tower features a stylish hotel and 59 private residences designed by the world-renowned, Tony Ingrao. The freestanding Barcelona design from Victoria + Albert Baths complements the modern scheme of the bathrooms perfectly. Carefully positioned in front of a floor-toceiling window, the bather has an ultimate view of the city skyline while they unwind in the deep and spacious bath. Moving from urban jungle to desert chic, the Barcelona design has also been installed at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa – a stylish resort on the north side of Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley, Arizona. In the spirit of the resort’s inviting and understated interiors, the Barcelona bath creates the perfect space to relax and unwind. Its organic form becomes the main sculptural feature of the room, enhanced by a backdrop of statement tiles. W

Baccarat Hotel & Residences, New York © Albert Vecerka

HI64_pages V25.indd 64

Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa, Arizona

08/04/2016 17:15

HI full page Mar 2016 FINAL 8-3-16.qxp_Indesign Feb 2016 Full Page 08/03/2016 08:26 Page 1

s380 julio

A crisp geometric seating range with modular upholstery elements, now available with a timber leg frame and lightweight chrome rod legs, to suit all hospitality interiors The high back sofa creates private spaces to relax, meet or work within hotel reception spaces with a versatile range of contemporary low tables

03/16 updated responsive website HI64_pages V25.indd 65

08/04/2016 17:15


Solus products used in eye-catching makeover of GBK branch Solus Ceramics, a leading tile supplier, has added flavour to the recently-refurbished Gourmet Burger Kitchen restaurant in Earls Court, London, through the use of its versatile Program range. Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) carries out regular refurbishment projects across all restaurants within its portfolio to ensure the latest design trends are utilised to offer customers unique and visually appealing dining spaces. With this in mind, the decision was made that GBK’s popular Earls Court restaurant was to be refreshed with an eye-catching makeover to update the brand image and create space for additional tables.

moreno:masey Architecture, an innovative interior design practice that has built up a strong working relationship with GBK over five years, oversaw the design of the refurbishment. “The restaurant is located on a busy street corner in Earls Court so we wanted to ensure the interior design was of such appeal that passers-by would be enticed into the restaurant,” explains Stuart Child, senior architect at moreno:masey Architecture. “To achieve this, we opened up the views into the kitchen and linked two previously separate dining areas into a single space, maximising the available floor.

"A focal point of this design was the visual linkage from the bar to the kitchen fronts, which was realised through the use of hexagon shaped floor and wall tiles from Solus Ceramics’ versatile Program range. “The bold and angular lines offered by the hexagonal shape, combined with mixing and matching different coloured tiles together, allowed us to create a modern and energetic central aesthetic that flowed throughout the entire restaurant.” T 0121 753 0777 W

Wilton Carpets provides the solution at Cheltenham Racecourse As part of a newly-developed grandstand, Cheltenham Racecourse now enjoys a bespoke carpet, which embraces effortless design and celebrates the famed gold diamonds of owner, The Jockey Club.

HI64_pages V25.indd 66

Drawing upon the rolling landscape in which Cheltenham Racecourse is found, architecture practice, Roberts Limbrick, worked closely with Wilton Carpets Commercial to produce a striking design scheme. Roberts Limbrick developed original design briefs inspired by contemporary artists, involving wave elements and a palette of natural colours. The company then worked with Wilton to reinterpret these concepts into a simpler design for the fifth floor Panoramic room, embracing the gold of The Jockey Club. This simpler look was wholeheartedly embraced by the racecourse and formed the basis for carpets throughout the grandstand. “Our initial concepts reflected the course’s original intention for a design inspired by its surroundings, but after deliberation with the team at Cheltenham, a simpler look, first suggested for the Panoramic room, was used throughout,” explains James Vincent, senior associate, Roberts Limbrick. “The suite proved an ideal trial and the whole process has involved a close-working partnership with the design team at Wilton, with their input and expertise proving invaluable as we looked for the perfect balance in colour and pattern. “We worked from a palette of landscape tones to uphold the original brief of being inspired by the course’s surroundings, balancing against natural wood finishes and the luxurious fabrics found in furniture throughout all areas,” James concludes.

A contemporary texture effect in a purple with gold fleck was chosen for level one, where it complements the Jockey Club branding. On this level, the champagne bar has added detail with an elegant horseshoe crescent motif used to suggest champagne bubbles. Level two sees the same contemporary texture as level one, this time in a green colourway with a range of gold tone highlights. The Royal Box on level four is another area of special interest. Here, the design went through several variations, before an elegant neutral palette was finally selected to balance the colour and detail in walls and furniture, creating a sense of luxury for this prestigious interior. “While the finished designs could be seen as plain with detail highlights, the entire project was exceptionally complex due to the shape of the impressive new building and that the apparently simple design features a complex integral border effect of a darker texture,” comments Julie Robertson, design manager, Wilton Carpets Commercial. With over 3300m2 of wool-rich bespoke woven carpet installed, including existing Wilton library designs in corporate boxes, Cheltenham Racecourse was a sizeable project that demonstrated the ability of the manufacturer to work with architecture practices to achieve a striking interior. T 01722 746000 E

08/04/2016 17:15


London +44 (0) 208 675 4808

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Granorte adds a taste of cork at Nandos Nandos not only offers fabulous Afro-Portuguese dining – including the legendary Peri-Peri chicken – but it has also chosen to celebrate its Portuguese connection with a cork feature surface courtesy of Granorte. Opened as part of the £550m redevelopment of the former New Street Station and surrounding Pallisades shopping area, The Grand Central Station restaurant has used Granorte’s striking 3D cork wall tiles above the counter. Making a central feature of cork’s vibrant organic aesthetic, the wall tiles helped Nandos to deliver a striking look to the interior of the restaurant. “Projects such as this demonstrate cork’s ability to not only bring a natural and sustainable material to commercial interiors, but also to deliver a fresh and striking aesthetic,” comments Scott Brady, Granorte UK. “With an ideal performance set for commercial interiors, such as the ability to absorb sound, cork is a true wonder material and this project demonstrates a growing willingness for interior designers to embrace its use.” Inspired by the traditional Portuguese tiles and wood panelling of the 50s and 60s, Cork Collection 03 is an exclusive range of tiles that combine to create various arrays of 3D patterns. Designed by Alzira Peixoto and Carlos Mendonca as part of the granortedesign concept, the tiles also offer acoustic benefits that can reduce the background noise within a bustling restaurant. Nandos also used a cork wall in the staff area for use as an oversized notice board and media display. T 01785 711131 E W

Lyndon Design helps transform Michelin-starred restaurant In addition to the outstanding culinary experience, diners at the newly refurbished Michelin-starred Number One restaurant at The Balmoral hotel, can relax in opulence and comfort thanks to Lyndon Design’s handcrafted seating solutions. Specified by the in-house design team at Rocco Forte – proud owner of The Balmoral – a collection of Lyndon Design’s classic two seater Albany sofas now adorn the elegant dining area. The seating brings a soft and intimate feel to this esteemed venue and evokes luxury and comfort for diners. Boasting a hardwood internal frame with a fixed CMHR foam seat and back for added comfort, the Albany sofas were specified in a striking fabric that reflects Scottish identity and the warmth of the restaurant’s red-lacquered walls. The sofas also feature distinctive gold-coloured leather back buttons, arms and border detail, and handcrafted solid oak legs finished with a clear lacquer. Tim Young, interior designer at Rocco Forte, comments: “The Albany sofas not only perfectly complement the bespoke banquette seating and formal dining chairs also featured within Number One, they reflect the elegance and history of this revered establishment.” Lyndon Design’s MD enthuses: “We are delighted to have helped transform Edinburgh’s high-ranking Number One restaurant. The Albany collection is a popular choice throughout the hospitality sector, particularly for those venues that wish to create a timeless and sophisticated ambiance.” T 01242 584897 W

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08/04/2016 17:15

Refurbishing? Changing Operator? Change of Use? Pro Auction are the worldwide leaders in the sale of surplus FF&E / M&E and assist hotel owners and operators in the sale of surplus assets. Contact us today for a confidential no obligation discussion.

Pro Auction Limited - Bath - London - New York Email: Tel: (+44) 01761 414000 Mob: 07903 018 331 Mob: 07946 496 697 Fax: (+44) 0845 280 2492 HI64_pages V25.indd 69

08/04/2016 17:15


Nautical looks hold sway at Office Space in Town Inspiring carpets made from high performance Antron carpet fibre by Christy Carpets have allowed the latest serviced office of Office Space in Town to set sail in a nautical theme inspired by some of London’s most glorious riverside views. Design firm, Sam Kopsch Studio, was handed the task of rejuvenating this St Dunstan’s location, drawing on the nearby HMS Belfast, Shard and Tower Bridge landmarks to create an interior scheme that reflects its surrounding environment. Sam Kopsch, managing director at Sam Kopsch Studio, explains: “Each Office Space in Town design features a theme unique to the building, and with St Dunstan’s being located opposite HMS Belfast and close by Customs House, the nautical theme was a no brainer. “Each meeting room was designed to reflect a specific area on a ship or boat – the hull, the keel and the stateroom – and the flooring was chosen to embrace this.” Going so far as to consult luxury yacht manufacturer Sunseeker on the scheme, Sam Kopsch Studio opted for Christy Carpets’ Bergere and Tram carpets in communal areas. Shades of blue define seating and working areas, surrounded by wood-effect vinyl flooring reminiscent of yacht decks. In board and meeting rooms, Sam Kopsch Studio added texture and a sense of luxury with Christy’s linear multi-loop Spice Route in a range of

HI64_pages V25.indd 70

colourways. By making carpets with Antron and Antron Legacy carpet fibre, Christy Carpets has allowed Sam Kopsch Studio to meet the exacting design demands of the brief, confident that their selected styles will perform in busy commercial spaces, offering durability and wear resistance. In fact, the Antron Legacy carpet fibre used in Spice Route gives outstanding soil resistance and appearance retention, helping meeting

and boardroom carpets maintain a high-quality appearance, even in the high-use demands of serviced office space. “I needed a range of carpets to make sure I could theme all the areas differently, creating the right look, which was the priority from the start,” continues Sam Kopsch. “The carpets shown in the original design presentation are exactly what were installed.” W

08/04/2016 17:15

British pavements meet selfstabilising tables from Sweden! Everyone hates sitting at a wobbly table. Still, most restaurants continue to use ”simple” tables with poor adjustment feet that never seem to be correctly set. Instead of finding a solution they rely on their customers to fix the problem by placing menu cards, coasters or napkins under the table legs or just accept the problem. It is such a common problem that it is easy to give up. But there is a solution! For a number of years StableTable® has helped thousands of cafés, restaurants, pubs and bars to automatically stabilise their tables and stop the wobble.

The tables automatically adjust!

StableTable® are award-winning self-stabilising tables. They automatically adjust to any uneven surface, and find a stable position. Forget difficult adjustment feet, folded napkins under table legs and complaining guests! StableTable® tables adjust to both bumps and grooves and manage height differences up to 25 mm without any manual adjustment. The unique, mechanical system sits well protected inside the centre pillar, away from the gound. The tables are manufactured in Sweden and are fully recyclable.

StableTable® are truly unique tables. Lift, pull or drag them to wherever you want and they will automatically adjust and always stand still. It is estimated that over 200 000 people sit and eat at a wobble free table from StableTable® everyday. No wonder they are appreciated by staff, guests and architects and have won a number of International awards.

StableTable at FIKA, Shoreditch, London


“No more wobbly tables!”

HI64_pages V25.indd 71 0208 144 95 04

08/04/2016 17:15


ON TREND: GRAFF Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, GRAFF is recognised worldwide for its trend-setting bathroom designs for the luxury market. Priding itself on having complete control over the full production process – with each product being engineered, manufactured and inspected in-house – GRAFF uses the latest manufacturing techniques, while honouring old-world craftsmanship. Hospitality Interiors caught up with the GRAFF team to talk about this year’s material trends, the surprising technological influences cropping up in bathroom spaces, and the company’s exciting exhibition at this year’s Salone del Mobile ...

The Dressage Collection

What do you feel will be the most important bathroom trends/ concepts for the hospitality industry this year? “In the past year we have seen the hospitality industry moving away from minimal design to a warmer transitional trend and conservative markets also moving away from heavier detail to more transitional design,” says Christopher Bishop, brand marketing manager at GRAFF.

HI64_pages V25.indd 72

“In showers we are seeing the experience level being critical to a user’s choice. The addition of spa-like features which makes this more than a functional space, but an element of space and time that adds quality to their lives and experiences.” From your point of view which materials, shapes and tones are proving popular within the hotel bathroom arena?

“We’ve noticed an increase in the use of warmer finishes like copper, brass and nickel throughout hospitality bathroom spaces.” Do you feel technology will play a greater role in bathroom design? If so, in what form? “We see technological influences in unexpected parts of the bathroom,” says R.J. Kiesel, sales representative at GRAFF. “For example, our Ametis

Ring showerhead is integrated with RGB LED lights. A six-color controller allows the user to select different moods or “chroma,” depending on how one might be feeling. “The Ametis Ring can be set to one color or cycle through all six of the Chromotherapy colors. This design caters to the growing necessity of personalisation in the shower – users now expect to have control over their experience.

08/04/2016 17:16


Expo Collection

providing that “instant gratification” feeling that’s so prevalent in and expected from technology today. “From an aesthetic perspective, soft industrial finishes such as White, Black, Titanium, and Gun Metal are beginning to gain popularity.”

“The Ametis Lavatory Faucet, also part of the Ametis Collection, has an LED feature that displays a red or blue light which automatically adjusts according to the water temperature, providing a visual and relaxing indication of the faucet’s function. “Additionally, shower trims are now designed with touchscreens to simplify and enhance the user’s experience and allow them to easily personalise temperature and water pressure,

HI64_pages V25.indd 73

Could you talk a little more about the philosophy behind GRAFFs Art of Bath Gallery at this year’s Salone del Mobile? “Art, as well as home décor, is at the very foundation of fine living,” says Tiziana Pagano, marketing manager, GRAFF - Europe. Our European sales director, Emanuela Tavolini, puts it eloquently: “We have chosen emblematic and high-impact iconography art because we believe that real beauty springs from timeless and classical shapes, reinterpreted and adapted to the mutable contexts with which we are confronted today.” "When we design GRAFF products, our goal is to create iconic objects with a strong, lasting aesthetic design that will transcend the decades, similar to the great classical art that still influences us today. "GRAFF’s innovation springs from a solid tradition, inspired by the concept of classical beauty, seen with a modern

Expo Collection

08/04/2016 17:16


Ametis Collection

The Dressage Collection

twist, just like Vincent Camel’s work does. At the International Bathroom exhibition, the atmosphere of a veritable art gallery comes true. An art gallery hosting as many artists as much time passes by." Are there any recent or upcoming product launches / collaborations from GRAFF you wish to mention? “We have enlisted popular European product designers who have produced beautiful and unique collections for our brand,” says Emanuela Tavolini, director of sales, Graff - Europe. “In late 2015 we released the handcrafted Dressage collection, followed by the Expo collection this past January. Both were designed by Italian design duo Nespoli and Novara, and boast stunning minimalist shapes. “What’s most interesting about Dressage and Expo, is they demonstrate a new trend towards the idea of “bathroom furniture,” taking inspiration from pieces you would find in other parts of the home and bringing them into the bath. It results in a feeling of warmth and luxury, with high-quality fixtures, finishes and intriguing shapes redefining the traditional bathroom design. “Coming up this year we will be releasing the Finezza collection, as well as other brand new lines of faucets, sinks and tubs.” W

HI64_pages V25.indd 74

Ametis Collection

08/04/2016 17:16

P&R Hotel Spec Ad_1.16.pdf




Introducing the Deco Collection...

Unit 1, Gateway XIII, Ferry Lane, Rainham RM13 9JY T +44 (0)1708 526361 E W

HI64_pages V25.indd 75

08/04/2016 17:16


ON TREND: NEMO TILE Starting from humble beginnings in Jamaica, Queens, in 1921, Nemo Tile has grown to become an acclaimed provider of high quality surfacing materials. From porcelain and ceramic to metal and glass, the New York-based company – which now operates five showrooms – has all the knowledge and expertise you’d expect. Here, the Nemo Tile team talk about upcoming trends within the bathroom surfacing sector, ecological concerns and the impact of advances in digital printing. Could you talk us through some of the bathroom surfacing trends you envisage for the year ahead? “There are five major surfacing trends we’ve honed in on for 2016 for the hospitality industry: texture, natural aesthetics, soft colours, interesting shapes and an emphasis on pattern with contrasting grout,” says Katie Michael-Battaglia, design director at

Nemo Tile, IIDA NY Chapter President, LEED certified. “Tiles with varying amounts of texture, usually tone on tone, are a popular choice because they appear softer than tiles with hard, smooth surfaces. This falls in line with the hospitality trend of featuring softer, more comfortable touches to create a home-away-from-home feel. “Softer colour palettes are also in

vogue, accentuating a classic modern interior. For example, one of Nemo Tile’s newest lines, Chalk, features a variety of pastel hues and patterns. “Unique and interesting tile shapes are proving to be a major trend in 2016. The hexagon is huge: both in classic, small hexagon mosaics as well as in large-scale hexagons and elongated hexagons. Nemo Tile currently carries multiple lines

with beautiful hexagon shapes, the aforementioned Chalk as well as a collection called Rebar. “In addition to shapes, geometric patterns are in high demand. You can use a simple tile (3x6, 6x6, etc) and pair with a contrasting grout or even a custom color grout to emphasize the install pattern. “Finally, we all know that wood and natural stone are classic looks in the

Rebar, White Grey

HI64_pages V25.indd 76

08/04/2016 17:16


hospitality industry, creating natureinspired, rustic aesthetics. Now, we are seeing very successful imitations of this look achieved with porcelain. Porcelain as a material is easier to maintain than wood, and the product is also thinner, which is great for areas where a wood floor might require more depth. Nemo Tile's Via Emilia line, for example, has an industrial, shabby-chic appeal.

Via Emilia, Natural




Do you feel that recycled, reclaimed or upcycled materials are increasing in popularity within bathroom design? “For the industry, it is always best

Via Emilia, Dark

HI64_pages V25.indd 77

practice to promote materials that are ecologically friendly and sometimes do contribute to points in the LEED system,” says Katie Michael-Battaglia. “You can find porcelain, ceramic and glass tiles on the market made with recycled or reclaimed content. For example, there are glass tile products where the glass from used bottles or other glass tiles is melted down and made into new glass tiles. These tile products sometimes have interesting origin stories, if a particular color of bottle was melted down to create the tiles. “Porcelain and ceramic tiles are even reaching Cradle to Cradle certification, a mark that ensures manufacturers are committed to sustainability.” Do you feel advances in digital printing will open up new possibilities for bathroom surfacing? “Without a doubt, we have more options for bathroom surfacing due to new digital capabilities,” says Matthew Karlin, Nemo Tile CEO and President. “Take for instance, our Marvel Pro Line. Advancements with digital scanning and printing has allowed for porcelain to look nearly identical to a natural marble stone. "The same is true for our new line called Chalk, which resembles an encaustic tile. A true encaustic tile is very porous and prone to damage from chemicals. "In a bathroom area, you need to have a tile that can withstand high amounts of water and harsh cleaning supplies. "Chalk uses the digital printing process to re-create an absolutely beautiful encaustic look while eliminating the hassle of maintenance.” W

08/04/2016 17:16


MOSA’S DURABLE TILING TRANSFORMS DUTCH HOTEL Dutch tiling brand Mosa presents new range, Scenes – a hard-wearing, design-conscious collection that is ideally suited to the hospitality and leisure sector.

Mosa Scenes is a stylish and adaptable range, used to create effortlessly striking scenes, while producing bespoke wall and floor colour gradations that give depth and richness to any surface. The tiles in this flexible and original range are available in eight warm and cool colours and four textures, each in a 15 x 15cm size. Each colour group has four different textures – grain, clay, sand and grit. Aesthetically, the finegranular tiles create a softer visual against the larger granular tiles. The play of textures creates subtle nuances in the overall pattern and is inspired by the natural textures of soil. The range’s hardwearing composition and vivid yet natural colour shades mean that Scenes is an ideal option for a large variety of applications with limitless scales, from bathrooms and housing applications to hospitality and retail areas. The size of the tile visually connects the adjacent tiles and this relationship spreads into a new, larger surface. In a small space, the tile size creates a rich build-up of tones and textures. Large-scale applications also benefit from the tile size as the shades appear to converge even more effectively and an even livelier sense of depth is

HI64_pages V25.indd 78

created. Additionally, its texture creates an elegant patina, cleverly designed to maintain an ageless appearance. A great choice for any designer and architect, Scenes is a thoroughly practical, natural and costeffective collection. Every tile in the collection has its own identity. This results in a collection with an easy design process that allows for patterns to be created naturally, thanks to convenient, easily manageable dimensions and subtly co-ordinated shades of colour. Along with a smooth surface, Mosa Scenes tiles are available in a micro-relief surface (MR). This solution is available in all eight colour groups in the grain texture. The Scenes collection also includes a range of accessories. For example, a special coved skirting is available to create a smooth wall-floor transition, and a wide range of white matt or glossy Mosa wall tiles can be used to add any finishing touches. Mosa’s Scenes tiles have recently been installed at Kaboom Hotel in the Netherlands. Interior designer Roger Haan was asked to come up with a distinctive hotel concept and for this demanding project, he chose to work exclusively with Mosa tiles.

For the corridors in Kaboom, Roger opted for partial wall tiling from the Mosa Scenes collection. The diagonal ceramic tiles protect the walls from damage and produce an unusual look. The floor tiles in the corridor are also from the Scenes collection. There were two key reasons for this design choice – it encourages guests to stick to the fabric runner in the centre of the corridor and it minimises damage. These high-quality, unglazed, and doublehardened floor tiles are indestructible, scratch-proof, and sustainably produced in Maastricht. This makes them completely vandal-proof, which is exactly what director of Kaboom Hotel, Rino Soeters, was looking for. The bathrooms feature tiles from the Mosa Colors and Global Collection, with 15 x 15cm tiles for the floors and 10 x 10cm tiles for the walls. Roger deliberately sought out a contrast between old and modern by combining the uniquely-sized diagonal tiles with an ultra-modern rain shower. Rino has collaborated with Mosa on various hotel concepts over the years and uses Mosa products as standard. W

08/04/2016 17:17

Scenes by default Mosa.

Mosa Scenes. A stylish and adaptable range for effortlessly creating bespoke wall and floor colour gradations that give depth and richness to any surface, by default. Inspired by the natural grain variation of soil, this collection comes in eight colour groups, each assigned four different textures, in the size 15 x 15 cm. The collection functions in small and large areas, relying on its visual identity to create a distinctive setting in any type of space. Mosa Scenes is a thoroughly practical, natural and cost-effective collection. Buy a range, own a concept: Mosa Flagship Store London 56-60 St. John Street Clerkenwell, London EC1M 4HG T +44 207 490 0484

HI64_pages V25.indd 79

08/04/2016 17:17


PROFESSIONAL SHOWER SOLUTIONS FOR HOTELS 2016 is a landmark year for Aqata, as the company celebrates its 30th anniversary. From humble beginnings to the thriving family-run British company it is today, Aqata is synonymous with quality, innovation and superb design.

Based in Hinckley in Leicestershire, Aqata was founded in 1986 by engineer Peter Brown. His expertise in design and precision engineering is the cornerstone behind the company’s success. With a network of approved UK bathroom retailers and close affiliations with luxury house builders and developers, prestigious hotels, leisure complexes and luxury boat builders, Aqata delivers unique shower solutions for some of the most challenging spaces. With three premium shower enclosure collections reflecting both contemporary and traditional styles, there are practical and innovative design solutions available to suit every build. As projects often have different design, space and budgetary constraints that require a unique solution, Aqata’s comprehensive Made 2 Measure service is available across all three ranges. This allows the freedom to create bespoke and personalised designs to suit the most exacting requirements. Many bespoke enclosures are also suitable for power showers, body jets and steam. With 30 years of expertise in bathrooms, all models are designed and built to order, using skilled, experienced craftsman at the company’s dedicated factory. High quality materials, clear toughened glass and polished chrome profiles and hinges, combined with innovative concealed engineering ensure a luxury seamless finish on every build.

HI64_pages V25.indd 80

Creating products that will bring lasting quality to the bathroom for many years to come is a priority for Aqata. ClearShield ECO-GLASS protection is included as standard on all shower screens and enclosures to keep the shower looking newer for longer and to make cleaning easier and quicker. To complement its vast portfolio of luxury shower enclosures, Aqata also offers matching low-level shower trays and has an exceptional collection of

polished chrome WRAS TMV2- and TMV3- approved thermostatic showers. With a life-time guarantee on every enclosure and unparalleled levels of technical and customer support in the industry, Aqata ensures complete peace of mind, with quality and reliability you can trust. T 01455 896500 W

08/04/2016 17:17

HI64_pages V25.indd 81

08/04/2016 17:17


COMPREHENSIVE BATHROOM LUXURY FROM GROHE GROHE is one of Europe’s largest single-brand manufacturers and suppliers of luxurious sanitary fittings. GROHE has recently extended its colour range, giving the company a bespoke edge. GROHE’s products – including taps for the bathroom and kitchen, showers from thermostatic mixers to electric, concealed valves and WC systems – feature in a range of projects globally, chosen for their outstanding quality and luxurious aesthetics. The brand is committed to innovation in design, delivering high performing products with a focus on sustainability. Many of GROHE’s products feature clever EcoJoy technology, which reduces the water consumption of the mixer without compromising on its performance. GROHE is dedicated to Pure Freude an Wasser, providing its customers with products that inspire an appreciation of water – both for drinking and for bathing – whilst conserving precious resources. GROHE’s products feature in a range of beautiful projects from the Marriott Hotel Park Lane, London, to Crowne Plaza Hotels, Holiday Inn, the Sofitel brand, and cruise ship, the Quantum of the Seas, the largest cruise liner of its kind built in Germany. As well as innovative and cost cutting technologies, GROHE’s products offer the ultimate in luxurious styling, complementing any room décor from modern to traditional, and are therefore the perfect choice for a project. GROHE offers bespoke solutions for its partners, and so is also able to cater for boutique hotels as well as larger chains.

HI64_pages V25.indd 82

This includes a sizing service offering mixers from extra small to extra large, providing a solution for all space requirements. The company has also just launched a new colours range, offering mixers in four brand new finishes including Warm Sunset, Cool Sunrise, Hard Graphite and Soft Graphite, to create a stunning focal point in the bathroom. Throughout 2016, GROHE will be presenting a variety of new products, including a unique Rainshower system featuring SmartControl push button technology. This shower is one of the first of its kind on the market to offer power and volume control at the push of a button, for a precise, simple and revitalising showering experience. W

08/04/2016 17:17




Rainshower® SmartControl – Choose the spray, control the volume, save the settings. All with one control. Activate the spray pattern directly with the push button and turn it to find your individual shower volume. A truly innovative all-in-one solution which makes showering a pleasure.

Thermostat technology powered by GROHE TurboStat®

HI64_pages V25.indd 83

08/04/2016 17:17


DURABLE DESIGN FROM KALDEWEI When it comes to fitting out hotel bathrooms, Kaldewei has been demonstrating its distinctive practical benefits for decades with its steel enamel shower surfaces and baths. Furthermore, with the launch of its washbasins collection last year, Kaldewei now offers harmonious design schemes in one superior, quality material.

Meisterstück Incava

Kaldewei steel enamel is extremely hygienic and easy to clean, showing no signs of wear and tear even after years of use by a constant stream of guests. With its outstanding material properties and easy-clean finish as standard, Kaldewei washbasins are also cost effective, making them ideal for frequently-used hotel and restaurant washrooms. Hotels are clearly aware of the distinct advantages of using steel enamel in the bathroom, as there are increasing examples of hotels replacing tiled shower floors with steel enamel surfaces. Tiled shower areas often fail to cope with the daily demands of hotel guests and rigorous cleaning with harsh detergents which, after just a short time, can result in the grout becoming grubby, porous, and perhaps eventually cracking, which is not only unattractive but also unhygienic.

Centro washbasin

HI64_pages V25.indd 84

Unlike a tiled floor, a steel enamel shower surface is easy to keep clean, thanks to its smooth porefree surface where dirt and limescale have nowhere to settle, so the floor is extremely hygienic and will stay looking as good as new for the life of the bathroom. All Kaldewei shower surfaces are available in a choice of anti-slip finishes, offering safer showering for hotel guests of all ages and abilities. Boasting excellent design, durability and hassle-free installation options, Kaldewei offers a vast shower programme to include almost any size requirement and, with the Scona model in particular, is now more affordable than ever before. Available in a variety of matt colours from the Coordinated Colours Collection, the shower surfaces match perfectly to wall and floor tiles.

Cono washbasin

The latest products to join Kaldewei’s vast portfolio are the Cono and Centro washbasins, which complement the existing popular Cono and Centro collections, and a new addition has been added to its Meisterstücke range of fully enamelled freestanding baths – the Meisterstück Incava. This bath particularly comes into its own in larger hotel bathrooms. The conical lines of the fully enamelled panelling provide an elegant contrast to the gentle interior curves that are characteristic of this model, turning the bath into an unmistakable designer object in the bathroom. Tough, striking and guaranteed for 30 years, Kaldewei offers a wide selection of steel enamel products that are the reliable long-term investment for hoteliers. T 01480 498053 W

Scona shower surface

08/04/2016 17:17

SHOWER FLOORS We’ve got them covered



Kaldewei offers a comprehensive shower programme for floor level and low profile shower surfaces that is not only beautiful but very affordable. Scona (shown in City-Anthracite) comes in 44 sizes, 12 matt colours, in addition to alpine white, and can be supplied with a slip-resistant finish for maximum safety, including the virtually invisible Secure Plus finish. PERFECT MATCH Silenio Washbasin and Silenio Bath

HI64_pages V25.indd 85

Contact us for further information Tel. 01480 498053

08/04/2016 17:17


JIS EUROPE EXPANDS ITS SUSSEX RANGE JIS Europe has launched a new offering within its Sussex Range of 100% stainless steel heated towel rails.

The Lindfield rail adds to the existing family, which consists of the Cinder, Rusper and Pevensey. The main feature of this range is the larger than normal bar spacing. As would be expected, this spacing offers further practicability within a larger family bathroom or if clients should favour more than one bath sheet. In fact, this rail very much marries practicality with the more minimalistic styling favoured within design today, creating a thoroughly modern classic. Favoured by developers in projects where the rails are utilised as a secondary source of heating, i.e. drying of the towel rails, these rails are competitively priced and extremely practical. The Cinder is also popular within kitchens, as it is

HI64_pages V25.indd 86

small and compact. This range of towel rails is available in three different heating formats – electric only, dual fuel and the ability to be utilised solely within the central heating system. The rails, as always, are suitable for open plumbing systems. Measuring 1275 x 520mm with a BTU rating of 1726, the rail consumes just 506 Watts, is manufactured with standard 1/2in BSP tappings and is pressure tested to 12 bar. Offering a choice of either satin or a highly polished stainless steel surface, all Lindfield towel rails are hand finished by the company’s craftsmen to ensure the highest quality is maintained. It is therefore no surprise that JIS is confident enough

to offer its usual no-quibble 25-year guarantee. All of the towel rails within the Sussex Range are entirely fabricated from 304 grade stainless steel, of which over 90% is from recycled sources and the rail itself is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. There are no environmentally harmful chemical plating processes in the manufacture of stainless steel. The very fact that is not plated ensures the rails will not rust, flake or corrode and small marks can simply be polished out. This makes the product a durable, as well as an attractive, environmentally-friendly choice. T 01444 831200 W

08/04/2016 17:18

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08/04/2016 17:18



THE STERLINGHAM COMPANY LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE The luxury brass bathroom accessories, towel warmers and washstands manufacturer has this month launched a new website that allows interior designers to access tear sheets and drawings – in both .pdf and .dwg formats – for all of their products. It also features a quotation portal where the

designer can enter their bespoke requirements based upon a towel warmer model type for it to then be submitted for quotation or for a drawing to be made for the bespoke product. Having had the website designed and developed internally, Sterlingham MD, Andrew Healey, comments: “We are really proud to manufacture all

of our products in-house in the Midlands and being able to do the very same with our website is great for us. “We have tried to make it with the interior designer in mind. Understanding what designers need, how they need it and how easy it needs to be to access. We have listened to a lot of feedback from people and the beauty of creating it in-house means that we can continue to listen to the feedback and make changes quickly to further improve it.” W

LAUFEN’S SENTEC IS THE PERFECT FIT FOR HOTEL BATHROOMS Playing a key part in the refurbishment of Intercontinental Hotels Group’s (IHG) Kings Cross hotel, the design capabilities of Laufen’s innovative Sentec solid surface material have been put to the test with impressive results. Boasting 430 bedrooms, the London hotel will be the biggest Crowne Plaza in Europe once the rebranding is complete. Specifiers for the project drew on the manufacturing prowess of Laufen and the design talent of Nous Design to create luxurious, individual bathroom environments that are in keeping with such a prestigious hospitality brand. In order to achieve a demanding brief, Nous Design’s Nir Gilad turned to Laufen, selecting its revolutionary Sentec to create beautiful and practical bathroom spaces. Laufen’s Sentec is a new mineral composite material combining a multitude of product properties, which make it ideal for bathroom environments. Available in numerous colour variations, Sentec is a robust material that is antibacterial, easy to clean, resistant to chemicals and UVresistant. Cast in a mould under high pressure and then heated in a furnace until it hardens, the manufacturing procedure of Sentec makes it possible to produce sharp-angled corners and demanding shapes without joints. The material can also be reworked at a later date, enabling pieces such as washbasins to be cut to size individually and holes for brassware to be made using conventional tools. Even light damage, scratches and stains can easily be repaired. Whether used to produce washbasins, countertops, accessories, furniture or bathtubs, Sentec has a velvety surface, which feels warm and pleasant to the touch, while its non-slip qualities make it suitable for shower areas too. W

HI64_pages V25.indd 88

08/04/2016 17:18


210x280 London Bathroom Guide_Layout 1 24/03/2016 17:00 Page 1

210x280 London Bathroom Guide_Layout 1 24/03/2016 17:00 Page 1

Handmade in the heart of BRITAIN Handmade

in the heart of BRITAIN




THE STERLINGHAM CO. LTD. SterlinghamJA.indd HI64_pages V25.indd 189

01384 370 901



01384 370 901 29/03/2016 17:18 11:06 08/04/2016


FIVE-STAR LUXURY AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON FROM GEBERIT With comfort and luxury at every turn, Geberit AquaClean 8000plus shower toilets were the natural choice for the five-star Park Hyatt Vienna Hotel. Situated in the heart of Vienna’s old town, the hotel has been converted from a 100-year-old bank building. Geberit AquaClean shower toilets were chosen for the guest bathrooms to help designers achieve a contemporary finish in a building steeped in history. When furnishing the 143 spacious hotel rooms, the interior designers combined

timeless, elegant design with local Viennese flair. The highly lauded Geberit AquaClean shower toilets are a feature of the 108 luxurious hotel rooms and 35 suites, offering guests the opportunity to indulge in spa-like comfort throughout their stay. The Geberit AquaClean 8000plus combines the functions of a toilet and a bidet in one compact unit. At the touch of a button the shower toilet offers a gentle, airy water spray at body temperature. The intensity of the water can be adjusted to one of five levels, while the oscillating spray provides a particularly beneficial clean. The Geberit AquaClean 8000plus also offers many pampering functions in addition to the shower function, including an adjustable spray temperature and intensity, a pulsating massage function, an integrated warm-air drier and an automatic odour extraction function, which fills the room with fresh, clean air. “Shower toilets are a standard feature at the Park Hyatt Vienna because they offer unparalleled comfort and are also expected by international guests,” explains Dietmar Ploberger, project manager at Signa Development, the company responsible for the conversion. T 01926 5161800 W

A RELIABLE RANGE OF OPTIONS FROM BETTE Bette creates exclusive and award-winning steel and enamel baths, shower floors and washbasins, all with a 30-year warranty. The products are finished in the company’s BetteGlaze enamel – an extremely smooth, durable surface, which is easy to clean, has wonderful lightreflecting qualities and is available in a huge range of colours.

Bette offers an extensive choice of stylish and innovative baths, many of which feature extremely slim rims and are available in built-in, semi-recessed and freestanding versions. Bette’s shower trays and flush-to-floor shower floors are available in hundreds of sizes and colours. They can be ordered with BetteUpstand – which makes the use of silicone on the wall edge

unnecessary – and with Bette’s new, barely visible anti-slip surface. Also available is a high-quality modular bathroom furniture range, which flexibly connects products in the range and provides stylish storage and seating solutions. Sustainability is central to Bette’s approach and its achievements are confirmed by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which complies with ISO 14025 and EN15804. W

HI64_pages V25.indd 90

08/04/2016 17:18


TRADITIONAL DESIGN MEETS MODERN EFFICIENCY AT PERRIN & ROWE Premium bathroom manufacturers are introducing unique design details, such as stylised handles, wide waterfall spouts and classic detailing that evokes certain eras and traditional shapes across all aspects of bathroom design. This has seen Victorian, Deco and Edwardian designs all offered with 21st century functionality for the bathroom. For many years Perrin & Rowe customers have

been requesting art deco-inspired products, only proving the continued demand for period style in the bathroom. As a result, Perrin & Rowe designed and manufactured a new range of Deco brassware for the bathroom, offering slightly reduced proportions for a more delicate look and feel. The fine detailing of its new Deco Bath Collection is seen across the tap body and handles, right down to the pop-up waste knobs – an attention to detail that has strengthened the demand for traditional bathroom design. Perrin & Rowe’s latest concepts for the bathroom come in the form of its new and highly decadent Deco Bath Shower Mixer and Deco Single Lever Basin Mixer. The combination of sharp edges with the soft rounded curves prevalent in this design make the new Deco Bath Shower Mixer extremely hard to fabricate and finish by hand. However, Perrin & Rowe’s quality of expertise ensures an immaculate and crisp finish like no other. The company’s very own highly skilled craftsmen devoted hours to producing this British product, giving it quality beyond measure. Again, aiming for the height of luxury, the company has also introduced its elegant Deco Single Lever Basin Mixer, characterised by its rich use of quality raw materials, bold geometric shape and lavish fine detailing. Distinct in its design, the Deco Basin Mixer is 100% UK manufactured. Furthermore it is hand polished and hand assembled thanks to the team of highly skilled craftsmen.

This continued aspiration for traditional design is due to the increasing popularity of boutique hotels and spa weekends, which creates a compelling desire for the same indulgent design at home. Authentically designed and engineered brassware is better appreciated, now more than ever as a worthy investment that guarantees to offer timeless appeal. T 01708 526361 W

HI-MACS ENHANCES SPA AT HOTEL NEPTUNE The brand new spa at the five-star Hotel Neptune, Germany, and its thalassotherapy centre opens up onto the infinite white beaches of the Baltic Sea, inspiring rest and relaxation. The natural environment and warm colours characterise the space, where the choice of materials makes all the difference. Inside the spa, HI-MACS solid surfaces provide incomparable visual harmony throughout the space, culminating in a striking bench that stretches more than 10m long and forms generous, naturally lustrous shapes. The basins, seats and platforms are made of HIMACS, with its invisible joints, making use of perfect artistry and architectural elegance. T 01892 704074 W

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08/04/2016 17:18


ELSTEAD LIGHTING BROADENS BATHROOM LIGHTING COLLECTION Elstead Lighting is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of decorative lighting. Recently, Elstead has increased the amount of IP44-rated bathroom lighting in its collection. Offering a choice of classic and contemporary designs, many fittings in the range are made from solid brass and finished in polished chrome, nickel or brass. The Payne collection, in particular, has an elegantly simple and modern profile with classical inspiration. The clean, white, opal-etched glass complements the spun metal rings finished in polished chrome. The full range can be viewed on Elstead’s website or in the master catalogue. T 01420 82377 W

RAK BRINGS EDGY CHIC LOOK WITH METROPOL TILE RANGE RAK Ceramics has launched its new range of Metropol wall tiles. The striking collection includes textured Hive and Line designs in chic, pale tones with matching base tiles. The textured décor designs are ideal for creating 3D effects and feature strips behind vanity units, freestanding baths or pedestals, whilst the base tiles create a striking, smooth contrast. Metropol colour options include ivory, beige, light grey and medium grey, which each have a matt finish. The Hive and Line décor tiles measure 40 x 80cm and the base tiles are offered in a choice of 40 x 80cm and 41.6 x 41.6cm formats. RAK’s white bodied design and precise rectified edges allow the raised pattern to be continued from tile to tile, whilst the smooth tile sits flush with the lower surface for a perfect finish. As well as creating a chic, modern look, Metropol provides a practical surface for the bathroom. The tiles are easy to clean, exceptionally durable and are resistant to water and stains. Other new RAK designs include Zig Zago – a zig zag patterned tile in plain and opulent décor mixed tones. W

AIMING TO SET A NEW STANDARD IN AWAY FROM HOME ACCESSIBLE TOILETS JD Wetherspoon, already a champion in its provision of accessible toilets, is setting new standards by becoming the first major national pub chain to open a Changing Places. The all-singing, all-dancing assisted accessible toilet – supplied and installed by Clos-o-Mat – features in Wetherspoon’s new The Velvet Coaster pub on Blackpool Promenade. The £6.5m pub acts as a showcase for the brand, which has already won national awards for its conventional and accessible toilets. The Changing Places toilet is conveniently located on the ground. Having been integrated into the build at the drawing stage, the facility delivers continuity of design for Wetherspoon toilets, whilst having enough room (12m2) and a convenient layout for the hoist, height-adjustable changing bench and privacy screen. Thus anyone who requires assistance can be catered for in a suitable environment. “Wetherspoon’s has a reputation for setting the standard for toilets in the hospitality sector. Last

HI64_pages V25.indd 92

year we won the UK Trophy for Accessible Toilets, and almost 450 of our pubs won at least a gold rating, at the Loo of the Year Awards. It was at the awards we saw Changing Places,” elaborates Wetherspoon development support manager, Daniel Warner. “Clos-o-Mat is heavily involved with the Changing Places campaign and Loo of the Year Awards, so was a logical choice for the supply and installation. Where appropriate, we will endeavour to include Changing Places in future Wetherspoons developments,” he concludes. Clos-o-Mat is a leading player in the supply and installation of Changing Places facilities. Its ability to deliver a range of services across the ambit of accessible toileting equipment means it provides a reliable, single source for the whole process. T 0161 969 1199 W

08/04/2016 17:18


KERAMAG DESIGN LAUNCHES UPDATED SPECIFICATION MANUAL Keramag Design has launched a fully updated Specification Manual, providing an easy reference guide to the entire Keramag Design product portfolio. Hard copies are available on request and a digital version can be downloaded online from the company website. The full-colour 164-page guide is a neat A5 size, making it ideal to have at hand on the desk, and is in the same high quality, glossy format as the Keramag Design promotional brochure. The manual lists every product from each of Keramag Design’s luxury bathroom collections, Xeno², Citterio, myDay, Preciosa II and Silk. It also

includes details of the complementary Mattis freestanding bath, Opale shower tray and Universal cistern unit. Each page contains the model, full dimensions and material, plus all compatible products. All colour options for each collection are also featured. Models featuring the benefits of Keramag Design’s Rimfree and Flushwise dual-flush water-saving technologies are also easily identified through the relevant logos. A handy matrix gives an easy visual reference to establish which waste is included with each basin and what optional extras are available. W

WHY WIPE? JUST DEMISTA Installing a demista heated mirror pad means that there is no need to wipe a damp, misted up mirror – which is often time consuming and leaves streaks – instead it will be fully steam free in just a few moments. Large mirrors, shaped mirrors, or mirrors fitted in bathroom cabinets can all be fitted with demista and if the mirror is very large, the pads can be fixed in multiples, so that the whole area remains steam free. Bespoke sizes are also available on request. New build properties or refurbished bathrooms are now, more often than not, being fitted with

heated mirror pads. This is a safe, inexpensive product, manufactured in the United Kingdom to meet all required safety standards, both here and abroad. demista is the original heated mirror pad, and has been successfully installed in executive apartments and houses for more than 23 years. Easy to fit, just wired into the lighting system, this is a simple way of adding value to the bathroom design. So, if redecorating the bathroom, install a heated mirror pad and keep the mirror clear and clean. T 01932 866600 W

ULTIMATE RELAXATION WITH KALDEWEI’S SKIN TOUCH Beauty sensation Kaldewei Skin Touch turns a bath into a fountain of youth, offering more supple, smoother and younger looking skin after just one bath. Kaldewei Skin Touch combines the ultimate relaxation of a bath with luxurious body care. Microfine air bubbles flow into the bath water and enrich it with oxygen for an instantly noticeable anti-ageing effect. Cell production and circulation are stimulated, skin is deeply cleansed, lines and wrinkles are smoothed – all entirely without bath additives. The tiny air bubbles disperse evenly throughout the tub like a delicate bath milk. The result is skin that feels velvety-smooth and silky from head to toe. With Skin Touch, a bath in a Kaldewei bathtub made of natural steel enamel is transformed into a relaxing regeneration and body care experience. A discreet jet enriches the water with tiny bubbles

HI64_pages V25.indd 93

of air, which are up to 100 times smaller than those in whirl baths and significantly increase the oxygen content of the bathwater. Skin Touch is available with most Kaldewei bathtubs. It is fitted flush with the side wall and operates at a very low volume – ideal for a serene beauty bath. In addition to desirable beauty effects, Skin Touch can also deliver healthier skin. The bubbles hydrate the skin, which can relieve irritation from common conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Kaldewei believes that this penetration of the skin allows Skin Touch to more effectively promote wellness than traditional whirlpool systems – it improves circulation, releases toxins and increases cardiovascular activity. The company offers two versions of the product – the standard Skin Touch, or Skin Touch Emotion, which includes an electronic control panel and mood-enhancing lighting. W

08/04/2016 17:18



...BE OUR GUEST The role of the hotel bathroom has changed dramatically in recent years due to global design influences and raised guest expectations, leading to a more personalised bathing and bathroom experience. In this way, guest bathrooms need to make a statement and their performance must meet and exceed guest expectations. Here, Steve Kaye, marketing director at HiB, discusses ... "The accomplishment of the perfect guest bathroom can appear daunting, with so many aspects to consider. However, in reality, hoteliers need only follow some basic common sense home furnishing rules to create a room that any guest will truly appreciate," he says. "To begin with, although sometimes overlooked, the importance of a well-thought out bathroom mirror can’t be underestimated. Not only can it help to create the illusion of more space, even in the smallest of hotel bathrooms, but it can form that all-important focal piece. "One core trend is the illuminated mirror. Aligned to modern minimalistic trends, an illuminated bathroom mirror has become the latest ‘must-have’ for hoteliers seeking to add a contemporary, luxury feel to their bathroom look. "Equally, shaped mirrors remain a style staple. Here, sharp, angular styles remain popular with more urban hotel design concepts while softer curves offer a subtle approach to contemporary

HI64_pages V25.indd 94

Libra magnifying mirror, HiB

Globe 45 mirror, HiB

suited to the ‘boutique hotel’ look. And it’s not just about style but innovation too. One huge trend at the moment, for example, is mirrors with music. Some designs now include a Bluetooth function to play music via integrated stereo speakers within the mirror unit. "A magnifying mirror is also a solid recommendation, and the good news is that today’s offers have been designed to not only offer practicality but make a style statement. For the ultimate in style and sleek operation, for example, the innovative Libra magnifying mirror from HiB comprises LED illumination with a unique push/ pull lighting activation, whereby the lighting will automatically switch on when the mirror is pulled towards the user and is accordingly deactivated

when pushed back. "As we all know, hotel interior design is an important factor for guests and can increase customer satisfaction. It can also act as a benchmark for the levels of service, quality and comfort that a guest expects – therefore, good quality hotel interior design is more important than ever before. Being one of the core selling points to any guest room, that’s why it’s important to invest in the bathroom and taking a considered approach to those all-important design details which help create a beautiful bathroom sanctuary – taking your guests’ experience out of the ordinary and into the sublime." W

08/04/2016 17:18

HOSP INT AD JAN 2016 v1_Layout 1 27/01/2016 14:42 Page 1

Sofa upholstered in ‘Cloud’ from the Sark collection:

Bleach Cleanable

Fire Retardant



REACH compliant

Stain Resistant

Martindale Abrasion-Contract

For further information and samples: T: +44 (0)20 8205 0050

HI64_pages V25.indd 95

08/04/2016 17:18


BRINGING BATHROOMS TO LIFE AT CLERKENWELL DESIGN WEEK Hansgrohe will participate in Clerkenwell Design Week for the first time with its new Water Studio, which recently opened at 12-16 Clerkenwell Road. Acting as a London hub for global bathroom specification, visitors can discover more than 200 products from the Hansgrohe and Axor ranges of mixers and showerheads. A unique test rig allows visitors to measure and compare flow rates of different products and there will be a programme of interactive events throughout Clerkenwell Design Week. W

KERAMAG DESIGN’S SILK COLLECTION MADE FOR HOTEL AND LEISURE SECTORS Keramag Design’s Silk collection, designed by the internationally renowned product designer Michael Schmidt, combines elegance, precision detail and design flexibility. It is ideal for designers and specifiers looking to create distinctive bathrooms in luxury hotels, spas and resorts, and in high-end private properties. Six sizes of lay on basin – 400mm, 570mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm – are precision crafted with gentle, elegant curves and feature a flat, wide rim that provides a useful area for guests to use for soaps and toothbrushes.

The basins can be with washbasin plates, available in five sizes to offer a wide choice of layout combinations, whilst also creating extra shelf space for toiletries. The basins also come with the flexibility to add vanity units, with half height and tall cabinets also available, to create additional storage if required. The water and humidity resistant washbasin plates and furniture are available in high-quality real wood veneers of oak and Wenge Pangar, or high gloss white. The full collection offers a range of washbasins, hand rinse basins, toilets, bidet and mirrors. W

BUSHBOARD’S REASSURINGLY 100% WATERPROOF TILES Bushboard’s Nuance bathroom laminate wall panels are ideal for domestic and commercial bathrooms. Significantly the company is one of the only brands on the market with no extrusions and a no-wood patented polyurethane core, making it truly 100% waterproof for long-lasting, superior aesthetics, confidently backed by a 15 year guarantee. Panels can be used for conventional shower enclosures, around baths and impressively, to create wetrooms and level access showering. Unlike other brands that offer wood-based panels that will swell in contact with water, Nuance panels are uniquely manufactured from a patented core board that totally repels water and will not degrade over usage and time. The 2420mm high panels in a range of widths can be fitted from floor to ceiling, without any extrusions,

HI64_pages V25.indd 96

resulting in large expanses of decorative surface where joins are virtually invisible to the eye. The tongue and groove panels are bonded and sealed using Bushboard’s specially developed BB Complete adhesive,

which is also water-impervious and validates the guarantee. Unlike tiles, there are no grout lines to scrub to remove dirt build up and unlike stone, the laminate surface does not require special cleaning

or on-going maintenance to seal it against moisture. Nuance offers 28 designs, including luxurious True Scale granite and marble designs. Bushboard’s Nuance bathroom wall panelling in Dolce Macchiato provides a superior decorative solution that is totally water impervious and extrusion-free and easy to clean. Panels can be fitted floor to ceiling for easy mobility, level access showering, around baths or within shower enclosures. A total of 25 designs are available in a choice of five panel sizes. Nuance is available from stock across the UK in 24 to 48 hours from a national network of specialist distributors. For more information on Bushboard products, please contact the Customer Service team. T 01933 232 272 E W

08/04/2016 17:19


THE UK’S FIRST ECO SPA Nestled deep within the natural landscape of Pennine Yorkshire sits the multi award-winning Titanic Spa; a beautifully restored textile mill offering state-of-the-art health and wellbeing facilities.

Holding numerous awards – including the World Luxury Spa Awards’ ‘Best Luxury Destination Spa 2015’ – Titanic Spa has now unveiled its new, extended spa space. The expansion, which began at the end of 2014 and was completed in July 2015, has improved the customer experience and increased the spa’s social spaces. The glamorous new Bar 1911 – named after the year the Titanic Mill was built – has been upcycled in an old part of the Titanic Mill building. Polished concrete and copper create a contemporary feel here, while the gargantuan floor-to-ceiling mill windows allow light to flood into the lounge and bar, with a view over the new courtyard garden. Central to the lounge is an impressive vertical garden green wall, which reflects Titanic Spa’s impressive sustainable ethos. Making use of renewable energy sources and

HI64_pages V25.indd 97

incorporating sustainable design solutions into its build, Titanic Spa is considered to be the first of its kind in the UK. Outdoors, the existing spa garden has been landscaped to include a 3m sunken hot tub and lounge area with heaters. Bar 1911, along with this new and improved outdoor space, is a welcome addition to the current impressive offering at Titanic Spa. The extensive range of facilities include Club Titanic, which hosts a 15m salt-regulated swimming pool with underwater music played, hydrozone, steam and sauna rooms, as well as a fully-equipped gym. This is in addition to the Titanic Heat & Ice Experience, boasting hot experiences such as the Crystal Steam Room and aromatic Herbal Infusion Room, and cold experiences including the plunge pool and ice bucket. W

08/04/2016 17:19


BEDFORD LODGE HOTEL & SPA HAS A NEW EDGE Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa has given its health and fitness facilities a facelift, providing brand new, first-class amenities for all guests and gym members.

The hotel invested over £500,000 in The Edge Health and Fitness Club in November last year, adding new high-tech fitness equipment to the gymnasium, new showers and floors in the changing rooms, and a new sauna, steam room and spa bath. The updated gym equipment has transformed the space, creating a stylish area for people to work out in. Noel Byrne, chief executive of Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa, comments: “With technology advancing so rapidly, it is vital that we ensure our equipment is as upto-date as possible so that our guests and members have the best facilities available for their use.” The new steam room is larger than the previous facility, and the lighting provides customers with the option to change from blue to pink to green, depending on their mood. The addition of pool showers and new wall tiles adds a fresh feel to the pool area. W

HI64_pages V25.indd 98

08/04/2016 17:19


FIBREBOARD SOLUTIONS FOR POOLS, SPAS AND GYMS Finsa’s CompacMel Plus provides a solution in wood that reflects the company’s strong commitment to technological development and innovation.

CompacMel Plus is a high-density wooden fibreboard that offers excellent physical and mechanical properties with a high strength, attractive melamine coating. Specially designed for use in highly humid indoor environments or for applications requiring high resistance, CompacMel Plus provides a cost effective, reliable alternative to solid grade laminate. CompacMel Plus is used for a variety of applications including walling, flooring, locker systems and cubicles and is available in a wide range of modern designs, offering the ideal solution to create a perfect space for any pool, spa and gym area. Experts in the industry say that for both practicality and aesthetics, Finsa’s board is a viable alternative for every two out of three projects where compact grade laminate is being installed. Offering the same benefits but with a clear cost advantage, CompacMel

HI64_pages V25.indd 99

Plus could be the succeeding factor in winning a tender. “What customers look for when buying CompacMel Plus is a product which is competitively priced, easy to machine, but at the same time is durable and sustainable,” says Lawcris, the exclusive distributor. With excellent performance characteristics of tensile strength, bending strength, elasticity and high impact resistance, CompacMel Plus ticks all the boxes for a material that will be used in environments of high humidity. CompacMel Plus machines as easily as other wood-based composites and is not nearly as abrasive as solid grade laminate, therefore contributing to extension of tool life on fabricating machines. Furthermore, certified by the Industrial Microbiological Services, CompacMel Plus boasts an antibacterial surface certification, perfectly attributive for a material

used in facilities required to comply with rigid hygiene standards. Finsa’s extensive market research into trends within the decorative surfaces industry resounds in the range of 18 decors available. Whether looking to create a tranquil atmosphere of relaxation or an energetic space, Finsa offers an array

of wood grains, pastels, pop brights or neutrals to cater to specific design requirements. CompacMel Plus is available in sheet size 2440*2100 in 12mm from award winning UK panel distributor Lawcris. W W

08/04/2016 17:20


AMTICO’S LOOKING GOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR The flooring chosen for bars and nightclubs sometimes needs to complement the interior style and deliver on performance. But there are times when it’s the flooring that makes a venue special – it can be a statement within an exclusive room and a talking point in itself.

This was the case for a Midlandsbased music and entertainment venue. The Amtico flooring carefully selected for its VIP lounge – the Lakeside Lounge – had a key role to play in providing guests with an extra special experience. Interior designers, the Atlantic Group, were working to a brief to create a bespoke flooring design that would match the modern and stylish surroundings. Amtico Signature is Amtico’s flagship luxury vinyl tile collection. Designed and made in Britain, the collection provided a vast choice of colour, material and design possibilities to enable the creation of a truly unique centrepiece for the exclusive dance floor area. The bespoke and complex constellation laying pattern was brought to life by combining Amtico Signature Fragment Comet, Fragment Meteor and Fragment Orion. These innovative stone-effect tiles in bronze and earthy tones have flecks that

HI64_pages V25.indd 100

shimmer for a glamorous look – perfect for a prestigious VIP zone. Functionality was also important to the interior design team. The relatively high footfall of the venue, combined with the concentrated wear expected on the dance floor, meant that the flooring specified needed to be durable and retain its superior feel. With Amtico Signature, design innovation is matched by quality. The product has a thicker than standard 1mm wear layer and a high-quality surface treatment to help prevent against scuffs and stains. The unrivalled commercial product warranty that accompanies the collection is 20 years against wear-out. Whether a client’s next hospitality flooring brief specifies an understated look or a bespoke and dramatic centrepiece, Amtico Signature has the design innovation and quality to help make a mark. W

08/04/2016 17:20


CAULDER MOORE DESIGNS BRANDING FOR BOUTIQUE SPIN STUDIO Caulder Moore has designed the environment, brand identity and communications for Pure Ride, a new premium boutique spin studio based in Moorgate, London.

Pure Ride is the new high-end offering from nationwide affordable fitness chain PureGym. Pure Ride will offer up to 50-70 spin classes a week lasting 45 minutes each, including workouts developed in consultation with Olympic cycling champion Sir Chris Hoy. The classes will be split between two studios in one location. Studio one focuses on themed, choreographed workout routines set to high energy dance music, and studio two will deliver a highintensity performance training programme developed by Hoy. Caulder Moore created a brand and environment that is both accessible

HI64_pages V25.indd 101

and premium. The new identity uses the energy and motion of spinning in a contemporary way with a circular brand icon for Pure Ride, and a palette of energetic reds balanced with nude pink and grey. Branded gym clothing, water bottles and bags are available to buy. The design of the environment takes the circular icon and uses it with flashes of red to create a dynamic feel against a wood and stone background. Clocks and circular images throughout the space reinforce the identity. In breakout lounge areas, mid-century furniture mixes with hanging lights and bespoke wall

art made of bicycle wheels. Abstract paintings add interest to corridors, giving the atmosphere of a hotel or members club. The spin studios use light to create a positive mood and energy. Elements of the logo make an interesting graphic and walls have inspiring quotes with a giant digital clock to countdown spin times. Unique playlists change the mood of classes. Changing rooms are a slick affair with digital recharge lockers, vanity areas, good mirror space and flattering lighting. Bumble & Bumble toiletries make an appearance in the showers and galvanised metal sinks

with taps offer a contemporary water stop en route to class. Humphrey Cobbold, CEO of PureGym says: “This is clearly a new segment of the fitness market for us, but it remains true to our overarching mission which is to offer fabulous fitness experiences and to make great exercise opportunities accessible and appealing to as many people as possible. “Caulder Moore has created a strong brand and environment for us that we could replicate if we decide to grow the Pure Ride offering.” W W

08/04/2016 17:20


Q&A: LAURENT MARCHAND, CEO OF GROUPE GM Groupe GM has been a leading European player in the hotel amenity industry for over 40 years, ammassing a prestigious portfolio of over 30 brands, and boasting an international network of exclusive agents operating in over 70 countries. Here, Laurent Marchand, CEO of Groupe GM, talks about the company’s history, philosophy and sophisticated sustainable practices.

Could you tell us a little about the history of Groupe GM? Groupe GM is a family-owned company that has been a leading international player in the guest amenity industry for over 40 years. Founded by my father, Georges Marchand, in 1972, Groupe GM was built around a simple idea – partnering with renowned brands to offer quality cosmetic products to hospitality specialists. L’Oréal with Ô de Lancôme was the first brand to come on board, and since then, Groupe GM has expanded to include a portfolio of 30 brands, from Clarins to Nuxe, Missoni to Yves Rocher, which are distributed in 70 countries worldwide. What would you say is the company’s central philosophy? Creativity, excellence, innovation, sustainability and flawless service are our group’s core value. We tailor our cosmetic amenity products to suit the needs of our customer, we control 100% of our production and distribution network, and we respect the equity of every brand we represent. Across affordable and luxury ranges we are committed to our planet and minimising the environmental impact of our work every step of the way.

HI64_pages V25.indd 102

How do you decide which brands to work with? We carefully select the brands we work with based upon their international or regional desirability, and their values must be in sync with our company’s beliefs. We are extremely cautious to ensure that they don’t conflict with any other brands in our portfolio so that we can strongly promote each of them in a unique manner. Has the demand for hotel amenities changed since the company was first founded? Without a doubt, it has changed tremendously. Nowadays, hoteliers are seeking the ‘rare gem’ which will make them unique and exclusive. Be it a niche or an internationally-established brand, a designer or green brand, hotels want to offer distinctive amenities to their clients. When their spa has an agreement with a brand, they would naturally favour this spa brand. As a result, the market of branded amenities has never been so dynamic. Could you talk about Groupe GM’s international network of distributors? Groupe GM takes pride in our unique distribution business model. We work directly with regional and local distribution teams in over 70 countries across every continent.

08/04/2016 17:20


You’re very committed to sustainable practices – how do you minimise the company’s environmental footprint? We strive to minimise the environmental footprint of our activity at all stages of development, from design to formulation. All of our bottles, tubes, caps, packaging and accessories are designed and manufactured using recyclable, recycled or certified biodegradable materials. Our formulas are in constant evolution in order to go beyond hotel guest expectations and also to make a breakthrough in both performance and sustainability. Do you have any upcoming projects you’re able to talk about? Yes, we have many upcoming projects but at the moment it is too early to comment on them. You will have to wait and see! W

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08/04/2016 17:20


SPARKLING SOLUTIONS FROM EDWARD RAY Since 2007, Edward Ray has offered advice and support for the development of pool, spa and gym projects – from a simple stretch ceiling or stretch mirror to a more complex, fully illuminated light box incorporating the company’s technologies and many years of experience. Bespoke stretch ceilings are the perfect choice for all kinds of swimming pools and wet areas. The product is unaffected by sulphur, moisture, chlorine and other corrosive elements. The stretch ceiling fabric is waterproof and once installed acts like a shield to protect the roof space and structure from any corrosive elements. It is washable, non-toxic and 100% recyclable. As the stretch ceiling has a soft surface, acoustics within pool halls have a marked improvement. Edward Ray is able to install all types of design, including clientdesigned printed ceilings. Coupled with fibre-optic lighting in different colours and a range of finishes, the stretch ceiling can greatly enhance a

pool area. The company can install within 20mm of the existing ceiling, making this the ideal material for quick and clean ceiling replacement or renovation with minimal ceiling height loss. The firm offers a guarantee of 10 years for the stretch ceiling, as it believes not only in the quality of the products, but in the superior installation methods of its certified installation teams. Thanks to long and extensive experience in LED fibre optics supplied and installed over the years, Edward Ray offers the ultimate solution to achieve the best twinkling starry effect or ambiant lighting via exclusive designs, due to its high level of professionalism of its installation teams.

Its end caps are engineered to achieve the best look and brightest light possible through the fibre optic cable terminating into it. The LED unit ensures the brightest terminations and the longest life possible with combined energy efficiency. This also can be installed at any distance from the actual terminations, thanks to bespoke made to measure looms. This method ensures there is no limit to the installation possibilities. Colours can range from a simple white to a colour-changing RGB or a selective colour, with different effects such as twinkling and radiant shimmer, steady colour, colour changing and different available speeds. The terminations can be installed randomly or following particular drawings.

HI64_pages V25.indd 104

All LED lighting solutions can be used in conjunction with existing building lighting controls, including remotely. Edward Ray’s LED lighting for swimming pools is product designed and developed in-company. The IP65 and IP68 Standard Fusion Flex runs are 5m per reel and boast a remarkable light output emitting 1500 lumens. These high-quality products are specified in many areas that demand the very best. The company has standard stock available in 3500K, 4500K and 6000K, and a range of bespoke colour and dual colour options available on request.The new Treble and Quad version will include RGB and Balanced White Light – just imagine, Warm, Neutral and Cool White all on one Fusion Flex Strip. W

08/04/2016 17:20


CLASSIC CELL IN BLACK BY KEMMLIT Kemmlit has introduced a special black edition of its market-leading Classic Cell cubicle system. This high performance cubicle features a striking solid black crystal coat varnish finish, which is scratch resistant, easy to clean and maintain. The smooth surfaced front with rebated doors, concealed edges and supporting legs produces an ultra-modern design that creates the impression of the cubicle floating above the ground. Innovative high quality aluminium handlebars housing LED vacant and occupied indicators, long-life three roller hinges and a robust 42mm solid metal construction ensures this cubicle system from Kemmlit is fit for any washroom environment. The Classic Cell cubicle system is available in a range of colours and finishes as part of an extensive range of high performance cubicle and locker systems from Kemmlit, which also offers a design, project management and installation service. W

WE KNOW FURNITURE WARINGS Furniture is the preferred manufacturer and supplier of interior and exterior furniture to leading hospitality groups operating in the UK and internationally, many of whom have relied on WARINGS for decades. Thirty years of trading equates to a vast knowledge and experience within this unique sector.

contract furniture 0044 (0)1953 49 99 49

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08/04/2016 17:20


STYLE CREATES HEALTHY DIVISION OF SPACE AT SPORTS DIRECT FITNESS Sports Direct Fitness has a national chain of fullyequipped gyms which members enjoy for a fraction of the cost of many other similar facilities. At the recently opened Newport venue, Style designed and installed three high quality partitioning wall systems, allowing the gym to be divided into smaller rooms to accommodate exercise classes and other events, as required. It was agreed that the Stylefold 120 moveable wall system was the best solution for this type of environment. Ideal for areas where floor space is restricted, the Stylefold delivers an adaptable folding wall that is fitted with double PVC seals to create a 46dB Rw acoustic solution. Supplied as either a centrefold or endfold configuration, to accommodate different parking requirements, all panels are continuously hinged and the lead panel is supplied as a pass door as standard. Stylefold 120 also offers a range of finishes, and on this occasion Sports Direct added their own smart graphics once the folding walls were installed. “We were delighted to have been appointed by Sports Direct Fitness,” says Style’s group managing director, Julian Sargent. “Stylefold offers high levels of flexibility as well as impressive acoustic integrity.” T 01202 874044 W

TORMAX TRANSFORMS COLETS HEALTH AND FITNESS CLUB Adding a touch of elegance to the spacious changing facilities at Colets Health and Fitness Club, Tormax has supplied and installed two sets of smoked-glass automatic sliding doors, providing easy access between the wet and dry areas. Driven by reliable Tormax iMotion 2202 operators with exceptionally quiet door leaf movements, thanks to the vibration-absorbent mountings of the guide rails, the new bi-parting doors enhance the luxurious atmosphere of this prestigious Greater London health club. The sophisticated smoked-glass enhances privacy for members, whilst creating a sleek, contemporary look. Housed in a slender casing with an installation height of just 100mm, the Tormax iMotion 2202 operators are slim and do not detract from the minimalist aesthetics of the doors. Combining reliable AC motor technology with a state-of-theart microprocessor control system, a long working life is ensured and downtime for maintenance kept to an absolute minimum. W

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08/04/2016 17:20


for further information visit:

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Saima Shafi, co-founder of LED lighting specialist LED Eco Lights, offers a view on why LED filament lamps offer many advantages over traditional incandescent light bulbs.

LED – the brighter alternative to incandescent lighting For almost 150 years, the incandescent light bulb has been shining bright to provide a reliable and effective means of illumination for millions of homes, hotels and businesses. Originally invented in parallel by Sir Joseph Swan (UK) and Thomas Edison (USA) as the world’s first electric light bulb, it comprises a filament wire with an electric current running through it, which heats the wire to a high temperature until it glows, producing light or incandescence. Incandescent bulbs are manufactured in a range of wattages, shapes and sizes and have been very well adopted in household and commercial lighting for more than a century. Their widespread universal usage was based on good performance, reliability and the lack of any better alternative. However, during the last few years, the industrial interiors trend has really taken off, utilising vintage, reclaimed or retro inspired furniture and fittings. This popularity has been achieved by suppliers restoring them to their former glory, paying particular attention to surfaces, finishes, unique quirks and original imperfections, and bringing them all together to showcase design creativity. It’s no surprise that vintage lighting has had a similar resurgence, particularly to complement retro interiors, and this had led to the interest in incandescent lighting being re-ignited. This time however, with the advent of modern lighting technology and its most used buzzword in the last decade, LED has rapidly become a definite game changer. With the arrival of LED filament technology, there are some major shifts in the way we are lighting our interiors and, now that an alternative has been developed, we take a look at the way our lighting – nostalgic or not – is evolving for the better. Performance LED lighting has been around for a little longer than a decade in commercially viable options. Significantly, even during the last year, continual

Photograph: William Pearce

HI64_pages V25.indd 108

08/04/2016 17:21


development and technological advances have seen an enormous leap from its early performance to delivering a range of white colour temperatures. This is in stark contrast to the warm and cosy ambiant light so appealing and unique to incandescent lamps. We are now able to see a range of colour temperatures being accurately mimicked in LED, particularly with the advent of LED filament lamps, which are able to recreate the familiar warm glow that was previously the sole domain of traditional incandescent bulbs. Not only does the latest generation of LED filament lamps replicate the traditional lighting ambience, it also delivers two critical improvements – a ten times longer lifespan whilst providing staggering energy savings of up to 85%. Add to this the ability of LED filament lamps to achieve any colour temperature with clearer, brighter and dimmable light output and it’s easy to see why designers, architects, and shopfitters are rapidly embracing the versatility offered by this new LED technology. Technology To better explain the performance characteristics of LED filament lamps, it is wise to consider the technological features and advantages. LED filament lamps incorporate all the design-favoured aesthetics, the warm glow given off by the lamp, beautifully encased in glass covers – which add a reflectional dimension with vintage brass lamp holders. In essence, it is the re-creation of a classic. One could argue that only a discerning lighting buyer would notice that the filament light source is not traditional but a cutting-edge modern LED equivalent. Reliability Incandescent lamps have been relied upon in many applications for decades. One of their most favoured environments for installation is that of hospitality interiors including pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels plus a handful of retail outlets.

However, with no viable alternative in the past, we have learned to accept the high temperatures generated from these lamps, as well as their unreliability and frequent failure. Where they are installed in high volume, it is common to find lamps being blown, not working and requiring constant lamp swap outs. Indeed the high operating heat of the wire filaments is one of the main culprits. By contrast, technologically advanced LED filaments suffer none of these problems, and are proven to offer a lifespan of up to ten times that of incandescent filaments. The average lifespan of an incandescent bulb is around 2,000 hours compared to 20,000 hours or more of its LED equivalent. Energy Saving There is certainly a huge energy saving benefit to replacing energy hungry incandescent lamps with LED lamps. A standard incandescent filament lamp would consume 60 watts, for example. Its LED rival would use a mere 6W in comparison, to provide an equivalent light output. To demonstrate the point, we like to say that the cheapest kilowatt is the one you don’t use – by dropping 54W you are saving 90% on the energy consumption. This really starts becoming crucial, where these lamps are installed en masse and, in a single installation of 100 lamps – typical across a 100-seater restaurant – then this saving would become very important to the business owner or bill payer.

These incredible savings then translate into extremely short payback times, so the argument to consider LED filament lamps is compelling. Added to the fantastic energy savings, a similar level of carbon is saved, thereby ensuring a valuable contribution to protecting the environment. Cost It’s true to say that the cost of raw materials used in all manufacturing scenarios falls in line with increased production volumes. This relationship is particularly true in new technologies such as LED lighting where, as more users adopt the technology, the pricing improves. Furthermore, the combination of lower purchasing prices with dramatically reduced energy and maintenance costs, frequently results in extremely short payback periods. Guarantee Reputable manufacturers will be keen to show existing LED filament installations to potential customers and provide details of energy and carbon savings for comparison against those featuring traditional incandescent lighting. Furthermore, the same manufacturers should also offer genuine guarantees for their products that are unmatchable by producers of traditional incandescent lamps. W W

Photograph: William Pearce

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Boasting nearly 25 years of expertise, Chantelle Lighting works closely alongside a multitude of designers and architects to provide spectacular pieces that will brighten any room.

Highlighting the hospitality industry Chantelle Lighting Chantelle Lighting is shaping the industry, creating and manufacturing on-trend bespoke lighting products. Manufacturing products from its home in Lancashire is a key feature of the business. An eclectic mix of materials can be found in the Aladdin’s cave that is its workshop, including finely cut glass crystals, antique jars and jewels from around the world. The company’s talented craftsmen and women are experts in taking a design idea and transforming it into a unique and exclusive light fitting, ideal for the hospitality industry. “Producing bespoke fittings is what we do best. Our dedicated team work hard with designers, architects and hotel owners to bring their ideas to life, and make their lighting visions a reality,” says Anthony Holly, managing director. “Often there is a theme or the client has an idea in mind which will complement the rest of the interiors. Together, we create a truly bespoke, stunning fitting which becomes a real talking point.” Chantelle has worked with a number of big names in the hospitality industry including the worldwide MASH

HI64_pages V25.indd 110

restaurants, and projects with both Raymond Blanc and Living Ventures restaurants. Helping to transform these restaurants into desirable destinations, the company offered lighting solutions, which channel current trends, inspire customers and are visually enticing. Whilst attracting the attention of the hospitality industry, Chantelle also works with a number of high profile clients, producing magnificent chandeliers to adorn their homes. Footballer Jamie Carragher and his wife were looking for a dramatic focal point in their sweeping staircase, and Chantelle created a 12ft draping chandelier for them, made up of around 50,000 crystals. The team at Chantelle spent time putting together 3D CAD drawings, working with Jamie and his wife to implement these ideas and transform the staircase with a bespoke chandelier unlike any other. Anthony adds: “The capabilities are endless, and in terms of bespoke lighting, we can work with clients to create lighting just as they imagined.” W

08/04/2016 17:21


Following the successful launch of three synchronised pore decors in 2014, the EGGER Zoom range has been updated with three new Feelwood decors including one brand new texture, which uses advanced surface technology to align the decor print and texture to create a synchronised surface finish.

EGGER Zoom range is updated with three striking decors EGGER

H3326 ST28 Grey Beige Gladstone Oak is now available as a synchronised pore compact laminate

H1180 ST37 Natural Halifax Oak is a very rustic and realistic synchronised pore decor

H3325 ST28 Tobacco Gladstone Oak is an existing synchronised pore decor which is now available as compact laminate

The new texture added to the Feelwood range is ST37 Feelwood Rift, which is available in two decors, H1180 ST37 Natural Halifax Oak and H1181 ST37 Tobacco Halifax Oak.The finish features deep cracks and knots to meet the increasing demand for rustic finishes. Another new introduction decor is H3342 ST28 Sepia Gladstone Oak to complement the existing ST28 series which comprises three decors; H3325 ST28 Tobacco Gladstone Oak, H3309 ST28 Sand Gladstone Oak and H3326 ST28 Grey Beige Gladstone Oak. The new addition is a dark, elegant woodgrain that features the same knots and planking that characterises EGGER’s popular Gladstone decors. All

HI64_pages V25.indd 111

of the new introductions to the Feelwood range are available as laminate, melamine-faced panels and edging. As well as extending the number of decors in the EGGER Zoom range, EGGER is now the first in the world to produce compact laminate with a synchronised pore finish. EGGER Compact Laminate panels are strong, extremely durable and moisture resistant, making them perfect for high traffic environments. The product features a solid black core and is available in an 8mm or 13mm thickness. As well as being available in the three existing ST28 decors, compact laminate is also available in H1796 ST27 Natural Tortona and H1793 ST27 Lava Tortona,

H1180 ST37 Natural Halifax Oak has deep knots and cracks which are emphasised by the synchronised pore texture

along with more dramatic finishes H3766 ST29 Dark Brown Cape Elm and H3760 ST29 White Cape Elm. “Since launching our synchronised pore decors last year they have proven to be very popular and we’re extremely proud to bring synchronised pore compact laminate to the market as a world first,” says EGGER head of marketing for the UK and Ireland, Nick McClughin. “We’ve invested in new technology where the decor paper is aligned with the texture plate in the press to create a more authentic design. The demand for more realistic finishes has been growing rapidly. By introducing robust decorative compact laminate panels and our new

deep Feelwood textures, we aim to provide our customers with even more design options.” Also new to the Zoom range are three other woodgrain decors; H1399 ST10 Truffle Riverside Oak, H3710 ST9 Natural Carini Walnut and H3730 ST10 Natural Hickory, which are more contemporary versions of classic woodgrains. To complement all of these introductions, a blue-grey has been added to the range. U636 ST9 Fjord is a subtle solid colour which combines well with the rustic finishes and contemporary woodgrains. Ideal for the growing trends of greys, greens and blues. T 01434 602191 W

08/04/2016 17:21


To provide enhanced opening ease for handle-less fronts, Blum not only offers an electric opening support system but also a mechanical solution: Tip-On. Tip-On is now available in combination with Blumotion for soft and effortless closing.

Blum offers mechanical opening support system combined with soft close Blum

Enhanced user convenience throughout the home. Tip-On Blumotion combined with the straight-cut and minimalist design of Legrabox in a bathroom

Universal in application. Tip-On Blumotion for high-quality handle-less wooden furniture with Movento runners by Blum

Tip-On Blumotion brings utmost ease of use to handle-less furniture – in kitchens and throughout the home. The innovation is the winner of this year’s Red Dot Award 2015 for top quality design. Tip-On Blumotion combines easy one-touch opening with soft closing. Handle-less pullouts and drawers open with ease thanks to the mechanical opening support system and always have a feather-light glide. Tried and tested softclose Blumotion ensures that they close again softly and effortlessly. The new and inspiring quality of motion of TipOn Blumotion is not only available for Legrabox, the elegant box system by Blum, but also Movento, Blum’s runner system for handle-less wooden pullouts and drawers can be combined with the latest innovation for easy one-touch opening and soft and effortless closing. Tip-On Blumotion can be assembled quickly and simply without tools. The solution can also be optimally integrated into existing planning dimensions because it needs little space. No additional modifications need be made to cabinet, front or box for assembly. There are different Tip-On Blumotion units to choose from to suit nominal length and weight. With a minimum front gap of just 2.5mm, Tip-On Blumotion is ideally suited for implementation in kitchens but also for furniture throughout the home. The trigger function of Tip-On Blumotion is guaranteed despite the small front gap. Blum in fact offers an optional synchronisation feature to further enlarge the trigger area. Gap alignment is easy thanks to 4-dimensional adjustment. And Tip-On Blumotion will still work perfectly even if the pull-out is pulled open or pushed shut. W

HI64_pages V25.indd 112

Above: This image represents the TIip-On Blumption communication line – two tried-and-tested functions which use entirely different types of motion are combined in one product

An entirely new form of motion technology which combines the mechanical benefits of TIip-On Blumption

08/04/2016 17:21


RENOLIT has announced RENOLIT ARMOUREN – an innovative and robust PVC film developed to provide superior impact protection to furniture components and interior fittings.

Renolit launches new impact-resistant film RENOLIT RENOLIT ARMOUREN has been launched as a 12-item stock range that includes eight realistic woodgrain prints and four contemporary solid colours. It is targeted to meet the requirement of a decorative surface film suited to furniture and interior applications in areas of high traffic. Typical areas of use include for example, shopfitting, hotel and hospitality, healthcare, and public buildings. Benefits of RENOLIT ARMOUREN include small minimum order quantities and short lead times which are essential for markets that rely on fast turnaround times for contracts. Product characteristics RENOLIT ARMOUREN is a 0.7mm thick material ideal for either flat lamination or thermoforming. It can be processed on a wide range of substrate materials, such as MDF and chipboard. The product can be manufactured using typical conditions on all standard industry equipment. This means that anyone with experience working with products from the company’s 2D offer or 3D global stock ranges RENOLIT COVAREN or RENOLIT ALKOREN, can confidently use RENOLIT ARMOUREN. RENOLIT ARMOUREN has been independently impact performance-tested to BSI and NEMA accreditation standards. In the UK, the product was tested according to BS3962-6: Ball impact resistance and in USA according to NEMA LD3 –2005, Ball impact & Dart impact resistance. Product range RENOLIT ARMOUREN is launched as a stock range of 12 items supplied in 100 linear metre rolls. It contains a variety of eight popular woodgrain designs, including ash, walnut, oak and maple, plus four modern textured solid colours. RENOLIT ARMOUREN products are completed with either a classic finegrain emboss or matt suedette texture to create striking surface finishes. An additional selection of the current woodgrain or solid colour 3D stock range items is also available on a make-to-order basis. RENOLIT ARMOUREN offers a high level of flexibility to designers and contractors as all designs and solid colours are also available in RENOLIT’s standard 3D and 2D ranges. This allows different products to be matched, according to the application, within the same environment. Co-ordinating melamine faced chipboards are also available from leading industry manufacturers. To request further information, a RENOLIT ARMOUREN pressed sample and a product range binder, use the contact details below. T 01670 718222 W

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Since 1930, Sugatsune’s increasing innovation and growth have allowed it to expand, exporting to 47 countries. Sugatsune Kogyo UK was established in May 2005 to support Sugatsune’s European customers and partners.

Design evolution at Sugatsune Sugatsune Sugatsune takes product development seriously. It has 200 people in Japan developing new designs and refining existing ones. Product ideas are very often a result of interactions with customers, as Sugatsune likes to think it listens and it is clear that designs develop year upon year. Indeed many of the visitors to a recent trade show said that one of the things they liked about Sugatsune was that there was always something new to look at. The SDH-P is an evolutionary product, growing from the SDH drop hinge. It is used on downward opening flaps where a smooth continuous surface is required when open. The new design is more adjustable so you can perfect the gap and it is now easier to install. The popular LIN-X door system, which has an innovative lateral opening motion, has grown to include the LIN-X 1000. Now full height wardrobe doors or room dividers can be opened silently out and to the side in half the space of a swing door. Hooks are essential and it is nice to see some rather jolly ones emanating from Japan. The Japanese have a strong sense of design, often quirky and

HI64_pages V25.indd 114

sometimes humorous. Highlights of this year’s range include rectilinear Premium Wood in walnut, beech and cherry. Vivid Rubber is a range of brightly coloured rubbercoated hooks that have a child-friendly feel, and are warm and soft to the touch. Vivid Rubber is complemented by the Pastel Rubber range in softer colours. Aged Screw conjures

up a steam-punk feel with a bronze finish and big screw detailing. Designers will have as much fun fitting them as Sugatsune clearly had naming them. Good design needs to be highly functional and Sugatsune always hits the mark in this concern, but where its products truly excel is in the subtle aesthetics – everything it produces just looks right. W

08/04/2016 17:21


Vivid Rubber

Playfully coloured and with a soft rubber coating these hooks are a shoo-in for kids spaces. Also available in pastel colours they form part of a new collection of hooks strong on style and Japanese quirkiness. Just ring Sugatsune and ask for information on the complete range of new hooks.

Premium Wood

Pastel Rubber

Aged Screw

From Japan - it’s a design thing

FURNITURE, ARCHITECTURAL, MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE Unit 3, Base 329, Headley Road East, Woodley, Reading, Berkshire, RG54AZ, Tel: 01189 272 955 Fax: 01189 272 871 Email

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With showrooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Classic Revivals’ committment to craftsmanship has allowed it to develop into a respected business that stands the test of time.

Tradition and experience at Classic Revivals Classic Revivals The Classic Revivals legacy has endured for more than six decades. It is perhaps little wonder then that the company’s craftsmanship has become a South African benchmark for the furniture heirlooms of future generations. The Classic Revivals family business was started by brothers Atillio and Agostino Rech in the 1950s. The brothers brought their fine-crafting skills from the foothills of the Italian Dolomite Mountains to Johannesburg, where they established their workshop. Today, the business remains familyrun under the name Classic Revivals, boasting two elegant showrooms in Johannesburg’s Parktown North and De Waterkant in Cape Town. From antique reproduction to more contemporary designs, Classic Revivals remains synonymous with the finest craftsmanship, and premium materials. The family continues to invest in sustainable timber sourcing, while constantly advancing the skills of their master craftsmen. Enthused by the painstaking techniques so rarely seen in contemporary furniture today, the team at Classic Revivals takes pride in each piece, and each piece becomes an instant favourite with discerning residential and corporate clients. For an intimate look at the Classic Revivals masters at work, visit the company’s Johannesburg factory or be inspired by the finished product itself at either of the Classic Revivals showrooms.

HI64_pages V25.indd 116

Whether clients are on the lookout for a customised signature piece or contemplating a comprehensive decorative overhaul, the company offers professional and highly experienced services. E W

08/04/2016 17:21


Expansion to popular Yarwood Leather ranges Yarwood With the ever-growing popularity of Yarwood Leather’s ranges, brand new colours have been added to Mustang and Style. Mustang, renowned for its character and natural beauty, sees the introduction of Mustard, which joins the collection of earthy tones. The pull-up style of Mustang, which creates a distinct cracked effect, combined with the warm hue of Mustard, is perfect for creating truly unique pieces. Style, a strikingly simple, pigmented leather has three new entries to its collection; Ember, Sand Crepe and Mustard have been added to make a total of 40 shades in the range. Style gives clients the ultimate colour choice as well as being suitable for a wide range of upholstery projects. All of Yarwood Leather’s upholstery leathers are certified to both BS7176 and Crib5, meaning they can be used in a wide variety of projects, from office receptions, hotels, bars and restaurants to the family home. Samples of the new colours or any of Yarwood’s upholstery leathers are available to order online. T 0113 252 1014 W

Embracing the potential of wood-look tiles Craven Dunnill The preference for choosing porcelain floor tiles that replicate natural wood, rather than installing real wood floors, is set to increase in popularity with the introduction of two new tile ranges from Craven Dunnill – Timber Plus and Timber Slim. Available in versatile new tile formats, these tile ranges make possible a variety of attractive floor pattern permutations and effects, including herringbone, chevron and off-set plank layouts. Competitively priced and made in practical porcelain, these wood-look tiles meet the rigours of daily life without sacrificing any of the decorative appeal of natural wood. The Timber Slim glazed porcelain range is available in five different wood hues: white, beige, taupe, brown and grey. The narrow plank format of just 700 x 100mm is fundamental to the creation of patterned layouts such as the familiar parquet-style chevron, herringbone and other off-set designs.

In contrast, the Timber Plus glazed porcelain range is available in an extra long plank format of 1200 x 200mm. Available in white, beige, walnut, grey and brown wood-effect options, these long-board tiles are perfect for open-plan living – they minimise the frequency of joints and achieve a spacious, uncluttered look. Timber Slim and Timber Plus tiles are suitable for both floor and walls. Whilst natural wood is an attractive floorcovering, porcelain wood-look tiles are more practical and hard wearing. Key attributes include low maintenance, suitability for multiple rooms throughout the house, suitability for underfloor heating and durability. Craven Dunnill is a leading distributor and retailer of floor and wall tiles. The Timber Slim and Timber Plus new collections are the latest additions to Craven Dunnill’s award-winning Renaissance Collection. T 01746 761611 W

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Colortec+ carpet Newhey Carpets Newhey Carpets, a leading British manufacturer and designer of innovative, high performance and sustainable commercial carpets recently supplied over 2000 square metres of Colortec+ carpet for the Hotel Savoy, Prague. Newhey worked in partnership with professional floor layers Barkotex, based in Prague, to create a solution for the Restaurant, bar, lounge, library,

corridors guestrooms and suites. The carpet designs were tailored to match up with the Art Nouveau styling, which is on show throughout the newly renovated hotel. The bespoke carpets were created using two pieces of innovative technology only available on Newhey’s carpets. Firstly, Colortec+ technology was used allowing a complex design to be implemented into a durable

carpet solution able to cope with the high footfall of a busy hotel. Colortec+ is tufted using computer yarn placement technology. The carpet also features Newhey’s secondary backing system ‘evobac’, form of sustainable backing technology, exclusive to Newhey, made using 100% recycled plastic bottles which is applied at their factory in Rochdale. W

The Ultimate Bedside Companion


Designed specifically for the hotel industry:

Never be powerless again

Bluetooth music player QI wireless charging available Charge up to 6 devices Replaceable charging cables Future proofed for tablets and smartphones Available in either white or black Easy to secure Programmable features: Volume limitation

Win a KUBE

Quote HI03 to

LED brightness setting (AM/PM) Alarm sets for one day/night only 3 alarm tones available Room specific Bluetooth pairing

For friendly professional advice and more information on the Kube, get in touch with our specialist team on 0845 555 1212 or

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British craftsmanship at its best Top Brass Top Brass Contracts is a leading UK interior refurbishment company with the ability to provide a turnkey service. Its talented team of craftsmen manufacture bespoke and standard furniture designs solely in the UK – an attribute that has recently seen the company endorsed by the Made in Britain scheme. Working across a broad range of environments, from hospitality through to office and residential settings, Top Brass prides itself on creating beautiful products that bring the best out of any space. In line with Top Brass’ new launches for 2016 – among them the functional, space-saving Tunbridge sofa (pictured) – the company invites readers to its threeday event, held at St Paul’s Church in Hammersmith between 26-28th April. Here, the company will offer an informal one-to-one opportunity for visitors to view its new tables, stools, chairs and space-saving solutions, as part of a ‘Through the Keyhole’ theme to showcase future offerings and ideas. Refreshment will be provided, and visitors will also have the chance to win a Top Brass divan bed set. For further details on the event, please use the contact details below. T 020 8768 4455 E W

Interiors crafted with passion and precision by

A passion for craft

Transforming spaces

Top Brass offer bespoke solutions to interior design challenges

Our team of highly skilled experts transform spaces breathing

across the hospitality sector.

new life into hotels, commercial venues and private residencies.

We manufacture our own furniture and upholstery from our sites in London, Hartlepool

We pride ourselves on a no-hassle, customer friendly

and Wiltshire giving us absolute control over quality, performance and delivery.

service and we place great emphasis on building long-term working relationships.

“Our working relationship with Top Brass stretches over seventeen years. Their service is always professional, courteous and quality is never compromised.” Iain France, General Manager, Novotel Bristol Centre

Open up a world of new interior design ideas with Top Brass.

TopBrassJA.indd 1 HI64_pages V25.indd 119

Visit our website:

Contact us on:

Email us at:

0208 768 4455

23/03/2016 16:38 08/04/2016 17:22


The Chevron collection Kährs Kährs has introduced Chevron – a new collection of patterned wood floors. Offered in four on-trend colour tones, Chevron creates a classical parquet-look with speed and ease. Matching frameboards can then be used around the edge of a room to create a border for the striking design. Unlike traditional parquet staves, which are glued down pieceby-piece, Kährs’ Chevron has a modern, plank format that is fast to install – measuring 1848 x 300 x 15mm. The angled chevron pattern and ingenious parallelogram short ends create the continuous V-shaped design, which is further emphasised by a bevelled edge. All boards are brushed to create a tactile lived-in look, which complements the warm white, weathered grey, classic brown and dark brown colour tones and the lively oak graining. Kährs Chevron has a multi-layered construction, consisting of a sustainable oak surface layer and a plywood core. This ecofriendly, engineered format makes the floor more stable and ideal for installation over underfloor heating. T 023 9245 3045 E W

Elegant style, neutral tones and contemporary trends Johnson Tiles Johnson Tiles, one of the UK’s leading designers, manufacturers and importers of ceramic and porcelain tiles, has added three ranges to its Absolute Collection.Sawn, Flare and Artisan deliver contemporary style, seamless installation and lasting quality. Designed in a choice of organic neutral tones, they offer cool and minimalist serenity inspired by Scandinavian elegance. Inspired by contemporary Scandinavian style, Sawn is an elegant range of woodgrain-effect tiles that incorporates the sophistication and delicacy of natural oak into porcelain tiling. Available in three sizes, these porcelain floor and wall tiles are perfectly designed for seamless installation, including on-trend large formats, up to 1800 x 600mm. Six neutral and contemporary tones – Frost, Acorn, Feather, Pine Cone, Bark and Truffle – are available in a natural or grip finish. Glazed ceramic wall tile range, Flare, comes in one bold, impactful, 1200 x 400mm size, and three practical colours – Simply White, Eggshell and Linen.These refined, large format tiles add a sense of serenity to busy spaces. Artisan is a range of porcelain floor and wall tiles that comes in four sizes, with mosaic and skirting options for a wide choice of layout designs. Mimicking the calming nature of woodgrain, Artisan is a carefully brushed oak panel surface. The tiles offer a subtle interpretation of wood knots with a silky matt finish for a harmonious and elegant look, with a choice of lengths from 900 to 1800mm. W

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Speed and Quantum AkzoNobel There is nothing better than proving that your products perform and deliver exactly what they promise to do, so when an opportunity came along for AkzoNobel distributor, Southampton-based Marineware, to run some product evaluations with one of the leading interiors companies in the UK the chance was too good to miss. In the initial trials, the company used Quantum IS160 – a 2K PU acrylic isolating sealer, together with evaluating Quantum Q-T260-30 – a 2K PU acrylic clear semi-gloss topcoat. The evaluation also tested Quantum Color QC-IP350 isolating primer, Speed SP-S191 clear sealer and Speed SP-T290-90 high-gloss topcoat. During the tests the coatings were applied on various selections of wood and on all samples the products gave a super-fast build with excellent clarity. The gloss levels proved to be of an extremely high standard. T 01254 687950 W

Hospitality uniform store Dennys Hospitality uniform specialist Denny Brands is stepping up its support for London’s booming eating out culture with the opening of a flagship West End store to showcase and retail its entire clothing portfolio.

Located in a prominent corner site on Berners Street, the new shop will become the UK’s first ‘department store’ for all clothing and shoes needed by hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, spas and other businesses across the UK’s vibrant hospitality industry. The store, due to open after Easter, will also house the high-end London Tailors personal tailoring brand, acquired by Dennys in 2014, offering bespoke and made-to-measure suits and shirts. “Taking 176 years to open a second shop may sound like a cautious approach to expansion, but we genuinely think the new store will prove worth the wait,” says Dennys Brands managing director, Nick Jubert

HI64_pages V25.indd 121

said. “Our original Dean Street shop will continue as a Chefswear Centre, while at Berners Street we’ll be able to display a much wider range of clothing for front of house as well as kitchen teams. “It will also be a wonderful central London base of operations for Joseph Alan, providing design and supply of 5-star uniforms for 5-star establishments. Having this central London tailoring centre to complement the current Canary Wharf site will enable us to offer this expert service to more customers for front of house clothing.” W

08/04/2016 17:22


Hendon Hotel guest ironing board Northmace The new Hendon Hotel guest ironing board from Northmace & Hendon is ideal for hotel bedrooms where space is at a premium. Measuring only 110cm in length when closed, it fits neatly in almost all bedrooms. Its all-metal construction makes for a long life, while its luxury foam-backed metalised cover for superior ironing experience. The height of the ironing board is adjustable. T 029 2081 5200 W

The art of refurbishment Interior Film Interior Film from David Clouting is a self-adhesive film that can be applied to almost any surface, including wood, metal, plaster board, plastics and melamine. This enables columns, feature walls, doors, furniture, skirting and architrave to be quickly transformed with minimum disruption and at low cost. Interior Film was used to cover the large pillar in the corner of this cafĂŠ and other support structures transforming the look of the room. Interior Film has multiple features and benefits. The product offers safety, as it is self-extinguishing when tested for flammability, durability with resistance

to impact, abrasion and scratching, and stability when exposed to heat, cold and humidity. Interior Film has no air bubbles when applied to surfaces and can be adhered to complex shapes and curves. Manufactured by LG Hausys, the adhesive film is economical in its installation as it is easy to remove or repair, and also holds a CE Certificate. Available in a range of designs and finishes including exotic woods, leather effect, textured metals and natural stone, the Interior Film range is also available to view on the BimStore website. E W

The interior portfolio brochure AkzoNobel Making life simple and being able to see a range of products on offer at a glance can be a challenge for many companies. Not so at AkzoNobel as it has gathered its substantial expertise into one new all-embracing brochure aimed directly at the interiors market. The AkzoNobel interior coatings ranges from across Europe have now been brought together into one brochure. The collection of coatings products for all types of interior fixtures and fittings are very easy to access in one single brochure and at a glance. The list of applications is as varied as it is vast and ranges from furniture through to kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, table tops, shop-fitting and flooring. The breadth of technical knowledge and skills at AkzoNobel also delivers a host of available solutions including PU acrylic, PU Alkyd and Polyesters, through to Acid Curing, Waterborne, UV Curable, Oils and Waxes. AkzoNobel has made a hugely positive impact with its

HI64_pages V25.indd 122

all-inclusive range of preparation and finishing solutions. As one of the world’s leading paint companies, backed by centuries of colour expertise and an extensive global network, AkzoNobel supplies a vast variety of innovative products for every situation and surface. The AkzoNobel Quantum and QuantumColor PU Acrylic range aims to provide real interior solutions to a vast array of applications. This includes everything from primers through to sealers, top coats and specialty finishes designed to be applied by spray to interior furniture, fittings and cabinets to provide good heat and chemical resistance. AkzoNobel has a list of industry and safety approvals for its paints, which is both comprehensive and precise. These cover everything from chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and toy regulation approvals, to flame resistance and even IMO marine certification ratings. W

08/04/2016 17:22


Over the years Burgess Furniture has supplied some of the most prestigious venues around the world. The company has a wealth of experience supplying banqueting, conference and meeting room furniture to hotels, major conference and exhibition venues, as well as state-of-the-art sporting venues and facilities.

Burgess introduces new additions to its portfolio Burgess Furniture Today Burgess exports to over 50 countries every year. Its head office is in London UK, but the company now also has offices in France, Germany and Dubai.Burgess is very proud of the fact that its products are still designed and more importantly manufactured on site in the UK. The company’s vision and motto is to provide the highest quality product, made from the best quality and sourced materials possible – making for an unrivalled product, with a superior product lifespan and therefore an increased customer satisfaction. New additions to Burgess’ range include the Evosa and Evosa Congress chairs. These chairs are perfect for the most prestigious of venues. In total there are five model options,

all with a stylish slender chrome plated steel frame. This chair range creates a new high in outstanding design and quality. Burgess Furniture is also proud to announce the launch of Inicio, which represents a quantum leap in classic banquet chair design. The Inicio’s innovative forward sloping lightweight aluminium frame, together with its unique wedge seat and slim back construction, creates a modern and dynamic aesthetic, while retaining superior levels of comfort. With a choice of six back shapes, a choice of mono or two-tone upholstery, a wide range of solid paint finishes and a bespoke colour-matched handhold, Inicio provides scope to create a unique chair to enhance any modern interior.

Meeting rooms are also an integral part of the business’ overall chair and table collections. Meeting room use has evolved, leading to the need for flexible areas incorporating not only stylish table and chair designs but also an element of soft seating. Burgess is delighted to have introduced a range of soft seating for meeting room’s breakout areas and bedrooms with its latest design the Junea being ideal for meeting rooms

HI64_pages V25.indd 123

and bedrooms. The Junea is available with a combination of three upholstery styles and three different bases to suit any room requirements. The Burgess collection of furniture can now offer the complete solution for all a venue’s seating and table needs – all manufactured to the highest standard in the company’s West London factory. T 020 8894 9231 W

08/04/2016 17:22


Redesigned website Newmor Wallcoverings Newmor Wallcoverings has announced the launch of a redesigned version of its website, Key features include a fresher and more intuitive design, search by colour, style and backing, case studies arranged by market sector, a blog featuring trends updates, product launches, videos and industry news, sample ordering for next day delivery and an update on their YouChoose custom colouring tool. The new website, designed by Birmingham-based web design company, Lightbox, is now live. The latest blog posts include a trends roundup of the Surface Design Show, a video tour of the factory in Wales and details of the newest collection – Textile Effects. New content will be published regularly and there is an ongoing plan to develop user friendly features for specifiers and contractors. W

Products featured (Left to right): Mendip (60799) ; Polka (POLKA-SN) ; Montoni (EH-MONTONI) ; Rowling (EH-ROWLING-L) ; Gaskell (EH-GASKELL) ; Rowling (EH-ROWLING-S)

HI64_pages V25.indd 124

08/04/2016 17:22


Hospitality Edit product guide Lyndon Design As Lyndon Design’s luxurious seating and furniture continues to bring panache to leading hotels, restaurants, lounges and bars, the company is stepping up its offering with the introduction of a considered collection of products that feature in a new and sumptuous product guide – The Hospitality Edit. Comprising 13 collections of handcrafted seating and furniture – many of which already grace leading five star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants around the globe – the 54-page Hospitality Edit provides a visual and inspiring guide for designers and specifiers looking to bring classic elegance to both traditional and contemporary venues. Alongside an array of soft seating collections that boast armchairs, wing chairs and dining chairs, The Hospitality Edit also features luxurious sofa options as well as private high backed booths. Complementary coffee and side tables also feature in selected collections. The Hospitality Edit is available now and can be downloaded via the company website. T 01242 584897 W

...whatever your style

Units 1-3 Cross Green Way, Cross Green Industrial Park, Leeds. LS9 0SE E T 0333 00 333 08 F 0113 248 4519

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08/04/2016 17:22


Since 1938, ege has been one of Europe’s leading companies in the design, development and manufacture of unique, high-quality carpets with focus on sustainability.

ege launches carpet collaboration with Tom Dixon ege Carpets We are proud to announce the launch of Industrial Landscape by renowned British designer Tom Dixon, who makes his debut as a designer of such an extensive carpet collection. At Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016, ege presented Industrial Landscape for the very first time. An eye-catching double sized stand, also designed by Tom Dixon, exhibited seven expressive installations, each of them telling the story of an impressive carpet design. London is the departure point for the collection and for Tom Dixon, a world of inspiration and one of the most characterful cities in the world. The collection interprets the gritty backdrops of railways, tunnels, factories, workshops and warehouses using materials so prevalent that they make a huge impact. Cracked paving stones and brick blocks make up the crumbling industrial landscape while the massive tidal River Thames splits the city in two, and new reflective glass towers begin to dominate the skyline. Tom Dixon explains: “We have created a deconstructed brick pattern, a pattern inspired by the railway lines of London and one that refers to the Thames and the grey muddy water of the river. “We also have a pattern that has more to do with down market aesthetics in the form of crazy paving so, the collection is a series of patterns and textures that come naturally from the building process or the erosion process.”

HI64_pages V25.indd 126

The collection features seven designs available as carpet tiles and broadloom, creating different expressions within each design theme. Tiles and broadloom can be mixed or combined with other ege collections to get a truly unique flooring solution for one room or projects with several spaces. Industrial Landscape is Tom Dixon’s first carpet collection comprising tiles and broadloom and on this, he elaborates: “I am obviously very interested in the materiality, and the carpet in itself is an extraordinary thing when you see the tufting process and the selection of the yarn. But, I am interested beyond the material and the kind of impact it has on the architectural perspectives. “Colour is a very powerful thing as is pattern, particularly when you use it in large expanses as you do with a contract carpet.” All carpet tiles have the patented Ecotrust felt backing. An innovative production technique turns used water bottles into a soft, yet strong and highly durable PET felt that also holds great acoustic performance. The backings are Cradle to Cradle certified, signifying that it is one of the most environmentally friendly tile backings on the market. Combined with the Highline 1100 face quality that is made of regenerable ECONYL yarns produced from used fishing nets, the product is 100% green. W

08/04/2016 17:23


Travel yoga mat Yoga Design Lab Yoga Design Lab has launched an innovative new Travel Yoga Mat. Designed to be super-light, fold-up and ultra compact, the mat is available in 10 eye-catching prints. With a growing US celebrity following, the young brand is known for its visually striking, fashion-forward and eco-friendly yoga products. Yoga Design Lab was launched by a Canadian surfer/yogi named Chad Turner, who moved to Bali to launch the concept in 2014. “I try to travel 4-5 months out of the year and lugging around a heavy mat just isn’t realistic or enjoyable,” explains Chad. “The goal with the Travel Mat was to create a premium quality mat able to fold up extra small and still maintain top level functionality.” The mats have been designed so that yoga practitioners can easily track their alignment and positioning during all poses. Comprised of natural tree, then bonded to a luxurious microfiber top layer, the mats are designed to provide extra grip with sweat, ideal for hot or sweaty yoga. W

Design • Expertise • Service Contract Soft Fur nishings

NOCTURNE—NEW Textured Blackout Fabrics for restful contract interiors 01924 436666 Skopos64.1.indd 1 HI64_pages V25.indd 127

21/03/2016 17:00 08/04/2016 17:23

The finishing touches Focus SB It is the finishing touches that matter, and Focus SB electrical accessories offer a large range of striking metal finishes to suit hospitality interiors, ranging from highly Polished Brass, Chrome and Nickel to Satins, plus the more unusual Antique and Bronze finishes. Prism Clear Acrylic and Paintable ranges are also available, where plates can blend in with wall papered or painted walls. Free swatches are supplied so clients can ensure they are making the right choice. Sussex-based Focus SB also offer a complete bespoke service, so electrical accessories can be manufactured to include the latest controls and to suit both the layout of the rooms in question and the needs of guests. Call Focus SB today for further details, or view the company’s range of styles and finishes online. T 01424 858060 W


Satin Stainless Steel for your hotel rooms When considering bespoke switches and sockets for your rooms, the Satin Stainless Steel finish from Focus SB is a popular choice. This versatile and durable finish is perfect for busy hotel rooms and is available across all our ranges.

True Edge in Satin Stainless Steel

Standard switches and sockets to match


01424 858060

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Cork goes digital Granorte Embracing the latest in direct to substrate digital printing, Granorte has launched Vita Décor, imaging wood and tile effects straight onto cork for a look that is completely unique. With the familiar and warming aesthetic of cork gently radiating through the printed image, the look achieved is one distinct and completely exclusive to cork. “The new Vita Décor collection is really quite extraordinary in its approach,” comments Scott Brady, Granorte UK. “Rather than try to replicate wood or tile, by imaging directly onto the cork surface we’ve paid homage and by letting the natural visual qualities of cork shine through, Vita Decor retains a delightfully natural quality, something lost in printed décor papers.” Intricate parquet effects combine to add to masterful tile designs with Middle Eastern and French artisanal references for a collection that is as beautiful as it is clever. Using cork to create a unique aesthetic, Vita Décor also benefits from the acoustic, comfort and thermal benefits of the sustainable natural material. With an advanced Weartop Armour high-performance coating that ensures it stands up to wear, the collection is also wonderfully easy to install thanks to its Uniclic joint and comes with a 15-year residential warranty. Vita Décor is available in a plank format of 910 x 300mm. T 01785 711131 E W

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08/04/2016 17:23


New products draw the crowds at KBB 2016 Salice KBB Birmingham 2016 has been a resounding success for Salice, which exhibited its range of furniture fittings for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms at the NEC show. Salice went to the show with high hopes, as it was unveiling a striking line up of new products that highlighted its reputation as innovation leaders. One such product that drew plenty of interest was Vetro – a new family of hinges, mounting plates and accessories. Vetro has been developed to ease all applications of cabinets with glass doors, sides or mirrors and the availability of accessories, including new covers or hinge cups, enables complete integration with the cabinet. The Salice team was kept busy demonstrating the new Lineabox metal drawer system. Unique in design, the slim 9mm wall thickness makes Lineabox one of the thinnest drawers ever and suitable for many applications. In a variety of four different colours and three different heights, the product can also be four or three sided in metal, or two sided with the drawer back made of wood. Visitors were also impressed by Shelf – the new addition to the Futura full-extension runner range. Shelf is fixed at the bottom and is ideal for a variety of applications including furniture that incorporates pull-out shelves. Also presented at the show was Stabila – a new stabiliser and synchroniser that is fixed on the back of drawers. Acting as mediator among drawers, runners and furniture, Stabila has been innovatively designed by Salice to operate in a fluid and homogenous movement, thereby perfecting stabilisation to larger drawers. Walter Gosling, branch director of Salice UK says: “With the introduction of a variety of new products to our range, the KBB Show has proven once again to be the perfect platform to showcase them. We had a busy stand on each day, which has resulted in plenty of interesting enquiries.” W

Products of Distinction Innovative Design Unsurpassed Quality Shrewsbury Family shown in Brushed Satin Nickel

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Remember delivery is FREE for orders over £100 net*

For further information and for our new brochure, please call our Sales Team on 0121 622 1074 or email

Crofts & Assinder - Handled with Care Crofts 188 x 128 Shrewbury.indd 1 HI64_pages V25.indd 130

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Design linked to functionality Casala is specialised in the manufacture of bespoke contract furniture. Our products distinguish themselves by their exceptional functionality and design. We are able to provide elegant furniture solutions for a broad range of spaces and events, where the space and the well-being of the user are incorporated in the designs. Whatever your furnishing requirements, Casala allows you to give each and every room the flair and meaning it deserves!

Show area Clerkenwell 5 Albemarle Way London, EC1V 4JB Showroom Unit 9A Cedarwood Chineham Business Park Basingstoke Hampshire, RG24 8WD T 01256 46 88 66 E

HI64_pages V25.indd 131 UK.indd 1 Casala-Hospitality Interiors

08/04/201615:13:25 17:23 14-3-2016


Clerkenwell Design Week Clerkenwell Design Week has always been a lively and amibitious event, anchored in the thriving local art and design community. Far from resting on its laurels, however, as the seventh edition approaches it seems that the show is, if possible, being ramped up a gear.

Most noticeably, this year’s edition of CDW – taking place between 24-26th May – features a new masterplan, with improved flow and navigation, activation of new locations, and an expansion to eight framing exhibition venues. “The expansion of Clerkenwell Design Week’s exhibition programme to eight major locations is a sign of how dynamic the creative industries are in this area, and a testament to the successes of previous years’ shows,” explains William Knight, show director of Clerkenwell Design Week, of the changes. “We have new exhibitions, a new masterplan and a new visual identity. But it is the energy and sense of community among architects and designers here that inspires us, and helps make the festival so unique in London.” The latest addition to the show format is Design Fields, held on Spa Fields, next to one of Clerkenwell’s gems – Exmouth Market. Signifying

a move to the north of the area, the exhibition will feature a broad spread of products, including those of 25 leading international brands. Among these are Swedish brand Zero – which will debut Plane, an intriguing light constructed with thin metal wires in a structural grid; Swedese, which will present two new seating systems, Konnect and Botanic; and Artisan, a Bosnian brand which will showcase its Thor daybed, by by New York designer, Fahmida Lahm. Project, one of the new shows within the Garden of St James, will host over 20 leading manufacturers presenting furniture, lighting and contemporary product design. Here, sixteen3 will bring its Soft seating and breakout furniture for the commercial interiors market, all manufactured in Cheshire. Danish brand BoConcept contract department, known for solutions for hotels, restaurants, business offices and institutions, will showcase their Imola chair and Milan table, while German

lighting experts, Luctra, will launch their new office collections that promise to harness light’s positive effects on well-being in the workplace. The popular Platform exhibition at the House of Detention will see over 40 up-and-coming designers showcase their products. East-London design boutique, Laura Lea Designs, will present an allfemale collective of up-and-coming designers and makers, including Oscar Francis and Lorna Snyson. Elswhere design art pieces from RCA Graduates yenchenyawen design studio will be on show, artist and sign painter Archie Proudfoot will exhibit ‘A Gilded Cage’ – a new body of work to adorn the venue’s cell walls, and The Light Yard and The Alchemist Collection will debut three new lighting designs. London-based Zita Menyhart Studio will launch a new table lamp as an addition to her [W]eight series. Furniture will be on view from Baker Street Boys, par avion, and Solid Soul Design, as well

BoConcept, Imola chair

HI64_pages V25.indd 132

08/04/2016 17:23


Harlequin & Scion Anthology

as from Reason Season Time, specialists in luxury sustainable furniture and accessories. Honouring home-grown talent, British Collection will be located in the striking barrel-roofed Crypt on Clerkenwell Green, St James’s Church. This includes South London-based, Liam Treanor, who will bring his collection of products – inspired by the clean lines and bold forms of Mid-Century architecture, traditional British woodworking, and the soothing aesthetic of Scandinavian modern. Waterloo-based Hand & Eye Studio, meanwhile, will show its elegant innovations in extruded terracotta lamps for the first time, and Jennifer Newman Studio shows her simple solutions for indoor and outdoor, furniture. Dedicated to luxury interiors, Detail demonstrates

Dare Studio & Eley Kishimoto

principles of fine craftsmanship and high glamour. From within the majestic church and cloister garden, the venue stretches onto the street with the Detail Pavilion, on St. John’s Square, where the focus is on luxury surfaces. Whistler Leather will debut Handmade, its new leather wall panel collection. Created in exactly proportioned hexagons, the panels perfectly tessellate to create either an abstract arrangement or a full wall covering in an alluring colour palette. Tania Johnson launches ‘Journeys in Colour’, her new rug collection. Inspired by fleeting moments in nature, each rug is hand dyed and hand knotted from wool and silk in Nepal. Copper & Silk are also inspired by their surroundings, nature and travels abroad, in

The Light Yard and The Alchemist Collection

HI64_pages V25.indd 133


08/04/2016 17:23


particular to Morocco and New York, and will show their new Modern Ikat lighting collection. New textile collections from Harlequin & Scion Anthology and Zimmer + Rohde will all be on view. Set in the former Metropolitan Cold Stores in Smithfield, better known as renowned nightclub, Fabric, Icon’s House of Culture promises to bring great new design to the extraordinary surroundings. Exclusively for Clerkenwell Design Week, Dare Studio has collaborated with Eley Kishimoto, known for their, vibrant, graphic designs. The British studio has paired iconic Eley Kishimoto prints with a new cabinet collection to merge furniture and art in a range that exemplifies creativity and stand-out style. Committed to championing design research to find new and innovative production processes, Resident

will present a new exhibition. Entitled “Windows Watching” a new collection of furniture and lighting will be shown, including pieces such as the Odin Chair by Jamie McLellen and the Interstellar Dining Table by Resident Studio. Finally, Additions returns as the place to discover small accessories for the home. Set in the Garden of St James, over 30 exhibitors will show their best and new pieces. Porcelain from Clavering will showcase the artist’s original, observational charcoal drawings such as The Hawthorne and the Stapleford Pine. Bringing a dash of colour, Taz Pollard will showcase her new neon ceramics collection, while Monica Bispo and Nicola Suckling will also show their newest ceramics collections. W


Liam Treanor

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BRINTONS INSPIRATIONS Be inspired by the beauty of architecture, bold geometrics and tropical explosions. Be inspired by Brintons.

HI64_pages V25.inddInteriors.indd 135 Brintons - Hospitality 1

Breathtaking carpets, engineered to last

08/04/2016 23/03/2015 17:23 09:31


Ultrafabrics Ultrafabrics is a pioneer in the polyurethane synthetic leather industry, specialising in the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality polyurethane fabrics on the market.

Ultrafabrics is a pioneer in the polyurethane synthetic leather industry, specialising in the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality polyurethane fabrics on the market. Ultrafabrics is composed of polyurethane that is non-toxic, has low VOCs and is compliant with industry standards for indoor air quality and does not contain any volatile plasticizers and potentially toxic stabilizers found in PVC. One of the key benefits is that all Ultrafabrics products have a longer life span than both PVC and

HI64_pages V25.indd 136

genuine leather. The Cora Indoor/Outdoor collection features a subtle contrasting tone on tone colouration that enhance depth and textural interest in a varied colour palette including versatile neutrals balanced by vibrant hues. Cora delivers a full circle of performance and protection attributes with style. UV-resistant properties withstand extended periods of direct sunlight exposure without fading or spotting. Climate control technology shields against temperature change for essential skin protection

whilst defence agents protect against mildew, microbes and bacteria. Additional properties including water repellency, stain protection and colourfastness to chlorinated water, sea water and perspiration safeguard against other various inhospitable elements. The Cora Indoor/Outdoor collection is the ultimate polyurethane solution for a multitude of upholstery applications. Designed for ease of care, it is a well-designed enduring essential anywhere under the sun. W

08/04/2016 17:23

See where your vision will take you. The most innovative of choices begin with Ultrafabrics.

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Casala Where Boxter is installed, it is the centre of attention – its robust shape, tight lines and modern appearance makes Boxter difficult to ignore. Boxter likes to show itself in its best light; in various shapes, sizes and configurations. It easily adapts to the function of the room, from a table or bar table to a practical conference set-up equipped with electrification. Boxter offers extensive possibilities to maximise the efficiency of the room. The broad range of striking table tops and frame colours available enhance its unique business character. W

Hitch Mylius London-based manufacturer Hitch Mylius has built a welldeserved reputation for high quality, well-designed and crafted upholstered furniture. Product ranges include the work of some of the world’s most respected designers and architects, together with classic in-house designs and collaborations with younger designers. The company’s broad range of furniture has been supplied around the globe to a wide variety of projects, ranging from small office receptions to international transport hubs, corporate headquarters, hospitals, hotels and universities. Since May 2015, Hitch Mylius has collaborated with Malmaison hotel in Charterhouse Square, Clerkenwell, establishing its permanent Clerkenwell showroom in the generous ground floor lobby, lounge and bar area. The space features key pieces from Hitch Mylius’ comprehensive collection of contemporary upholstered furniture which is regularly refreshed. The company encourages visitors to utilise this new facility for meetings, presentations and events, and as part of project-specific showroom tours. This year’s Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) will mark Hitch Mylius’ first exhibition in this dedicated space, focusing on its new hm102 Collection by Massimo Mariani, and the hotel will play host to a series of press and hospitality-focused events. W

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08/04/2016 17:23

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Morgan In addition to inspirational product launches, the central theme for Morgan at this year’s CDW in its 1, Dallington Street showroom is wellness in the workplace. A programme of events will include an art installation, talk and workshop by Remi Rough that considers the effect of art in the environment and colouring in for relaxation. Three key product launches will include additions to the Manhattan collection, a new Lucca meeting bench with stools and occasional tables using 3D printing. T 01243 371111 W

Knightsbridge Yorkshire-based furniture manufacturer, Knightsbridge, has teamed up with a pair of high-profile designers to develop two stylish collections of furniture, which are set to be launched at Clerkenwell Design Week. The new Bebop and Gogo collections have been created by designers David Fox and John Coleman, who have a combined 30 years of experience in furniture design. The new ranges, which feature a selection of seating and tables, have been created to perfectly complement Knightsbridge’s existing portfolio of furniture. As well as featuring the two new designer ranges, Knightsbridge will also be presenting its extensive collection of products that can be tailored and manufactured for hospitality, workplace and healthcare environments. Knightsbridge Furniture will be on stand PR8 at the exhibition, which takes place between 24-26th May. T 01274 731442 W

Domus With a passion for surface design, Domus is a leading supplier of tiles, mosaic, stone and engineered oak flooring for commercial and residential projects. Domus’ award-winning 700m² showroom will be open throughout Clerkenwell Design Week when it will launch Rombini, a new porcelain tile collection from global-leading Italian manufacturer, Mutina. Exclusive to Domus, Rombini has been created by French design brothers, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. With an exciting exploration of colour and a sense of ‘vibration’ at its heart, Rombini uses squares, triangles and diamonds in a palette of white, grey, blue, green and red to offer a collection with vast applications. W

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08/04/2016 17:24

© 2015 Shaw, A Berkshire Hathaway Company

© 2015 Shaw, A Berkshire Hathaway Company


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Salone del Mobile.Milano As Salone del Mobile fast approaches, Hospitality Interiors gets the lowdown from Roberto Snaidero, president of Salone del Mobile.Milano, about the developments behind the world’s biggest furniture design event …

How would you describe the identity of the show? A showcase that has always mixed business with culture, shaping the history of design and furnishing yesterday, today and tomorrow. A global platform for truly top-notch products and services, with an emphasis on innovation. Could you talk about the attendance? The 2014 edition attracted 311,781 trade visitors (106,317 Italians, and 205,464 non-Italians from 170 countries) plus 39,155 public on the Saturday and Sunday, and 5620 journalists. 2015’s attracted 272,439 (84,456 Italians, 187,983 non-Italians from 165 countries), 37,944 members of the public and 5091 journalists. In 2016 we expect a similar visitor count to that of 2014, because there are the same biennial shows dedicated to bathrooms and kitchens. In terms of exhibitors, 2014’s edition featured

HI64_pages V25.indd 142

1993 in the main show, plus 700 designers at SaloneSatellite, 2015’s 2158 exhibitors plus 700 at SaloneSatellite, and for this year’s event there will be 2310. What’s new this time? First of all, thousands of new products across all four exhibitions (Salone Internazionale del Mobile, International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, EuroCucina, and the International Bathroom Exhibition). Then there’s the new sector, xLux, in pavilion 3. In recognition of a luxury product category already largely established in the American markets, from East to Far East, the new xLux section responds to the increasing demand for a venue dedicated to this type of product, which was showcased inside the various pavilions until the latest edition. Many manufacturers, who started off with classical or design products, have embraced this new

08/04/2016 17:24



typology, which represents a synthesis of the two categories, consisting of linear products embellished with details, finishings and warmer, softer materials – there will be a strong presence of leading fashion brands. Also, the theme of the 19th edition of SaloneSatellite – New Materials, New Design – is new. Then there are three collateral events. After all, mixing business and culture is, since its foundation, Salone del Mobile.Milano’s mission. The first, within the ambit of the XXI Triennale International Exhibition, is the Rooms – Novel Living Concepts exhibition, curated by Beppe Finessi, held at the Triennale di Milano from 2nd April to 12th September. The exhibition is geared to underscoring the particular remit of interior architecture and providing a vision of home living projected towards the future. The second is Before Design: Classic, a reflection on the classic soul of contemporary living, with artistic direction from Ciarmoli Queda Studio, and a short film by multi-award-winning filmmaker Matteo Garrone screened in pavilion 15 F15/H18, which discusses classic Made in Italy taste and its currency in an audio and visual narration. Lastly, there is space&interiors, a city event linked directly to the Salone del Mobile.Milano, organised by the international architecture, design and construction biennial MADE expo, and held at The Mall Porta Nuova – Brera Design District. It is a fascinating display of surfaces, flooring, doors and interior finishings curated by Migliore+Servetto Architects. In addition, there’s our new communication campaign, which pays homage to our cultural and artistic past, and new web platform (www., which employs cutting-edge web design and digital communication trends, making navigation more interactive, engaging and multichannel. How do you work together with (or against) the other events going on in the city? We work together with the city, firstly by having our own events in the city – as mentioned earlier in the form of the Triennale and The Mall Porta Nuova – Brera Design District. For the third year, the Salone will be running the Welcome Project, devised with the Municipality of Milan councillor for employment, economic development, university and research, Cristina Tajani, together with the city’s leading design schools – IED, Domus Academy, NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, Polytechnic University of Milan/Design School and Istituto Marangoni Milano. In collaboration with Fiera Milano, Milan Airports Authority SEA and Milan’s transport agency ATM, 100 students at various focal points (Malpensa and Linate airports, the Central Station, Superstudio, Fuorisalone Brera and the main underground stations) will provide visitors with information on how to negotiate the city, on the trade fair itself and the brochure of events in Milan. Is there any other news you feel our UK readers should know? The UK market is a very important one for Italian furniture. Furniture export was worth €1.1b in 2015, with a growth of 15.3% compared to 2014.

HI64_pages V25.indd 143

Every single sector of the Italian furniture market is experiencing growth. Upholstered furniture is especially doing well. These figures are taken from the Centro Studi Federlegno Arredo Eventi’s Istat datas. In your opinion, what makes your show better than any other similar furniture event? Milan is definitely the most important of all the furniture fairs, not only because it is the largest and the one with the most exhibitors and visitors, but because it gathers the best of the sector. In addition, the Salone del Mobile not only has

the support of the General Furniture Association (FederlegnoArredo), but an important tradition of craftmanship, the Brianza district, behind it. This area, north of Milan, was the cradle of carpentry and furniture for many centuries. There have been so many furniture makers here for such a long time that design has emerged in the natural evolution of the craftmanship of the area, making it part of the success of Made in Italy. These two are the main reasons of the supremacy of Salone del Mobile. As a centre of innovation, and being the traditional capital of Italian design, no other city has the same foundations. W

08/04/2016 17:24


Makkah leads hotel construction The Holy City of Makkah is leading hotel development in Saudi Arabia with 24,133 rooms currently in the construction pipeline, according to a new report commissioned by The Hotel Show Saudi Arabia 2016.

A recent report from TopHotel Projects has revealed that Makkah is in the top spot for hotel development in Saudi Arabia, meaning that it is second only to Dubai in terms of the number of hotel rooms set to enter the market in Middle East and Africa. Riyadh follows with 10,053 rooms and Jeddah with 6980 rooms under development, with the majority of rooms forecast to open to the public over the next five years. “With the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah forecast to exceed 17 million visitors by 2025, the number of local and international hoteliers looking to invest continues to grow,” says Christine Davidson, group event director of the dmg events hospitality portfolio, organisers of The Hotel Show Saudi Arabia 2016. “With the Abraj Kudai forecast to open in Makkah in 2019, adding 10,000 new rooms to the market, it is not surprising that Saudi Arabia leads the way in hotel construction.” The new report identifies The Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group as one of the top 10 international brands with the most projects currently under development throughout Saudi Arabia. Its pipeline includes two new hotels set to open in Makkah: Park Inn by Radisson Al Naseem Makkah (2016), and Park Inn by Radisson Aziziyah Makkah (2017). “Both of these hotels offer privacy in highly accessible locations for pilgrims and Umrah travellers,” explains Basel Talal, district director, The Rezidor Hotel Group Saudi Arabia and general manager of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Riyadh. “The evolution of religious tourism has been a priority for Saudi Arabia’s Government over the past years and has resulted in considerable investment and interest from developers and operators alike. “In addition, Umrah is now available the whole year and the Government has recently announced its intention to increase the number of visas over the coming ten years parallel to the completion of the ongoing infrastructure and transportation projects. As a result this will, of course, mean an increase in the number of pilgrims able to make the journey, as well as smoothing out seasonality for the tourism industry in Makkah.” Projects and trends shaping the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia will be covered in detail at The Hotel Show Saudi Arabia’s Vision Conference. Visit The Hotel Show Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom’s premier hospitality event, 17-19th May 2016. W

HI64_pages V25.indd 144


Park Inn by Radisson Exterior

Platinum Sponsor Samsung meets His Highness Prince Abdullah bin Saud bin Mohammed Al Saud

Lampe Berger stand at The Hotel Show Saudi Arabia 2015

08/04/2016 17:24





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146 DESIGNFILE Hotel Spec Ad 2014



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Specified & fitted by hotels & developments worldwide for new build & refurbishment.

• demista The Innovator of Steam Free Mirrors • Proven with a faultless track record of over 23years • Universally accepted by Architects, Interior Designers and Specifiers as The Number 1 Mirror Defogger. • Internationally Approved • Simple to Fit • Low Energy Consumption 100% Efficient and Maintenance Free • • Various Sizes and Voltages • Bespoke to Order • 10 Year Warranty • Manufactured in the UK TM

Manufactured in the UK

Simple to install Internationally Approved 10 Year Warranty



A division of Aztec (Europe) Ltd

Queensway Ind Estate, Glenrothes, Fife KY7 5QF Tel: +44 (0) 1932 866600 • Fax: +44 (0) 1932 866688 Email: sales

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For when you want to reflect an upmarket look.

PerfectSense Gloss from EGGER is a new generation of high gloss panels. They don’t fade, are hardwearing and offer a new level of reflection only achievable with glass or acrylic. Helping you create a high-end, exclusive look for less. Also now available, ‘PerfectSense Matt’, a collection of in-vogue, supermatt finishes. For samples go to or t 0845 606 8888.

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Hospitality Interiors #64  

Interior design for hotels, restaurants, bars & clubs

Hospitality Interiors #64  

Interior design for hotels, restaurants, bars & clubs