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New: TPU Zero Bondline Edgings from Ostermann

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SO MUCH MORE THAN EDGINGS Apart from Europe’s largest range of edgings, we supply a continuously growing range of products for the carpentry and furniture industry. From fittings and handles to lighting solutions, fastening systems and innovative designer surfaces: as the experts in edging, we always have the answer for your project.

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Comment Writing from a modern budget hostel room in Mestre on the outskirts of Venice, I look around at my modest accommodation – and whilst it is, naturally, designed and manufactured to high-traffic contract specification, the furniture is, without exception, melamine-faced chipboard, with the requisite edgebanding treatment of choice. Nothing unusual in that, you might say – but compared to the shower cubicle with its fairly generous infestation of mould climbing the joints between the tiles and the shower tray up each corner, the furniture in the room is robust and standing up to the rigours for which it was designed. And while it may not all be zero glue-line technology – via laser, hot air or other system – it is all functioning as it should, and looks clean and crisp. After finding out that the property was fully commissioned over five years ago – and that in the time since only normal maintenance has taken place – it’s testament to the standard of budget-conscious design and production that the performance of MFC-type furniture featuring extensive edgebanding is so far removed from what was possible more than 10 years ago. The shift in appreciation for this sector has been driven by notable globally oriented retailers driving ever-higher standards and consumer demand for furniture which simply looks and performs better than it did previously (rather ironically, the classic ‘Formica’ kitchen table of the 1940s and 1950s is now a highly desirable vintage object – but for most modern budget furniture, the options and characteristics are now manifold). In this special supplement, many of the UK’s leading suppliers talk about their latest innovations – be they production machinery or edging and glue options. As always, your comments are welcome, and I hope you enjoy the issue.

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Edgebanding with excellence It’s in our DNA! Since 1960 HOMAG has been at the forefront of edgebanding technology providing the Global market with innovative solutions for every conceivable application. Our extensive range includes single and double sided edgebanders for small batch runs, mid-range production and high volume manufacturing - something for everyone! Whatever your business size, put your trust in HOMAG for honest sales advice, quality engineering, consistent performance, professional after sales care and excellent spare part availability. HOMAG - a business you can trust



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For high end invisible bondlines, Ostermann is now offering the TPU zero bondline edging. It is available in three variations – each matched perfectly to the respective zero bondline technology

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New solution for invisible bondlines With the TPU zero bondline edging, Ostermann is offering the carpenter/cabinetmaker a new solution for high-end furniture design. The edging is available in different versions, particularly made for the respective processing with modern laser, hot air or near-infrared (NIR) technology.

For many years, Ostermann has been offering the established Laser, Airtec and Infratec edgings for the processing of optical zero bondlines, which are made to match the respective machine technology. Permanent tests guarantee the high quality of its products. and the zero bondline edgings are continuously further developed. The TPU zero bondline edging is the result of such a product development. Advantages of the new TPU zero bondline edging The functional layer of the new edging is distinguished by a formulation with an exceptionally high proportion of plastic. This leads to a hard, yet permanently elastic joint with a strong bond. The functional layer cures quickly, which prevents smearing at the units during post-processing, even at high feed speeds. The bondline does not shrink when drying out. Due to the hardness of the functional layer the joint will not deteriorate over the longer term. This leads to excellent properties for the extended use of the finished workpiece. Numerous inhouse tests have shown the high water resistance. Moreover, a heat resistance of up to 150°C is achieved. Extension of the existing range The established Ostermann Laser, Airtec and Infratec edgings are obviously still available from the expert in edgings. In addition to this assortment, there are, as of now, the even more impressive TPU Laser, TPU Airtec and TPU Infratec edgings for innovative, high-end furniture making. Production from one roll within three working days Ostermann considers itself as an expert for small delivery quantities and delivers all available zero bondline edgings from one roll. These edgings are ready for dispatch in four working days or less, because the one thing that tradespeople repeatedly need, is speed. For further information on the new edgings, type in the search item TPU into the search field of the Ostermann website. 01905 793550

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Getting the perfect edging is easy at Lawcris With hundreds of different decors available, Lawcris Panel Products provides matching edging for every stocked board. An edge-slitting service and fast delivery really sets the company apart from competitors.

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Over the last four decades, Lawcris has achieved recognition as one of the leading specialists in the processing of wood-based panel products. Split over two sites, the Leeds-based company provides CNC services with the aim of complementing and enhancing customers’ manufacturing capabilities with a wide range of services including bonding facilities, two beam saws which can cut single panels or production runs with rapid turnaround, and a tailored edge-slitting service capable of cutting edging from 12mm to 100mm. Known for its speedy next day delivery on thousands of stocked decorative panels, Lawcris go the extra mile by providing matching edging for every single décor. Edging department manager, Ryan Maknia, says: “Being the distribution giants of melamines, laminates and worktops, Lawcris’ edging division is sometimes overlooked. But with an incredible range of ABS, high gloss acrylic, 2 in 1, veneer, thickwood, melamine and PVC options, we are massive players in the edging sector.” With the abundance of edging available in stock at its warehouse in Leeds, the company can offer not only matching or contrasting edging, but even provides a bespoke edge-slitting service for those requiring more specific widths. Lawcris keeps the standard widths of 22mm, 23mm, 29mm, 33mm, 45mm, 54mm and 100mm, but, in addition to this, Lawcris also offers customers any width up to 100mm. Ryan adds: “We operate a slitting service which usually takes 24 hours to complete. This gives us a very flexible and wide range of edging widths that can be offered on short lead times. With the addition of a brand new Homag KAL 370 edgebander too, our edging service is second to none.” In 2019, the company has also decided to expand its edging offering still further by selling edging adhesives from stock, including PUR, low-melt and EVA. 0113 217 7177

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SCM presents new batch-1 flexible edgebanding

Stefani Cell H Offering high productivity, maximum customisation and quality, the Stefani cell H is a new edgebanding cell and square-edging cell fitted with an automatic panel feeder system, designed to guarantee both production volumes at industrial level as well as maximum diversification of production batches.



Industrial edgebanding is increasingly articulated, demanding and connected, and orders are continually changing, modularity is a diktat and the number of processes is on the increase – states SCM , whose new flexible batch-1 edgebanding systems interpret and meet the current market’s demands for efficiency, integration and processing customisation.

These systems guarantee increasingly sophisticated productivity, thanks to the integration of the edgebanding machine in cells and plants fitted with rollers, panel-return devices, automatic loading and unloading systems, assisted by robots and fitted with IoT sensors to control the machine functions in an instant. Equally, they ensure unique machining accuracy and quality on any kind of panel – even the most delicate ones and more complex materials – thanks to a new Round 2 Servo rounding unit and RT-X grinding unit, and the latest optimised devices for an accurate line of glue. The expansion of SCM’s production centre in Thiene by more than +35% to around 30,000m2 translates into an increase in space for production lines, modern, clean layout for maximising the storage stages and a Tech Lab that makes its mark as the largest of its kind in Italy for this technology. Together, this implies improved response for SCM’s clients, who can test edgebanding solutions on-site and run specific tests on their panels, edges and glues with the aid of specific technicians. The new batch-1 flexible edgebanding systems comprise:




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A bespoke edge slitting service cutting ANY width from 12mm to 100mm. Get in touch to find out more. W: E: P: 0113 217 7177

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SCM states that the model allows for efficient machining of components for furniture throughout the home, with advantages including: instant production, and is financially advantageous both for batches with single panels as well as for average standard stacks, without the need for production stops to change format, thickness, ornamentation or gluing quality during a machining shift; a guarantee the panels will always be fed in the right direction, thanks to Side Finder technology; instant availability, even on mobile devices, of the machining information relating to each single panel; and optimisation of the panel flows and movements which are managed and synchronised with the company network data. Stefani Cell E RobotLoop The batch-1 production experience at its simplest, this Stefani is an entry-level flexible edgebanding cell that combines the advantages of customised production and large volumes with a compact overall design, making it an accessible investment, even for SMEs. In the RobotLoop version, the Cell E is configured with an anthropomorphic robot for the complete automatic management of panel loading/unloading. It also offers numerical-controlled high technology in line with future market scenarios. From type, colour, edge thickness, position and mortise depth, to handling of the protective film and panel dimensions, the versatile Cell E enables the user to continually feed in and change all parameters without interrupting the production flow. Simple, integrated and versatile, the multiple configurations

available mean all specific needs in terms of production and machining are met. Whether it be in self-learning mode via a barcode/QR code, or supervised, the Cell E is standard programmed for any level of logical and physical integration. It also offers new automation to speed up business – the new pickback bridge system for the automatic return of the panels guarantees simple, JIT production management. Stefani Shape Technology Considerable focus is being placed on market demand for softforming and J-Shape – areas in which SCM has led the way for some time. Its new J-Side kit was designed to solve the problem of complex profiles so that the straight edging lines up perfectly with the shaped edging without gaps or projections. There is no longer any need to carry out this machining manually or with an additional procedure. Everything is more efficient thanks to a new unit that can be fitted on a standard edgebander and completes all the essential stages for an all-round edgebanding – even this finishing. An edgebander equipped in this way can resolve any kind of problem while work continues, without any interruption. Maestro Active Watch The Maestro Active Watch supervision and control software is perfectly integrated with the flexible edging lines, capable of fully handling all the machines in a line. It offers: real-time control of the process; plant layout display, optimised in line with the plant under supervision; zero errors in the introduction of panels into the cell, thanks to Side Finder technology; and preliminary simulation of the timescales for cell productivity checks. The machining of each panel can be seen in real time, irrespective of where it is in the plant. There is also a report generator, and line management per zone. Maestro Connect The Maestro Connect IoT system collects and analyses data from operating SCM edgebanders and draws up processing reports for immediate feedback on how machines are functioning.

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Choosing the right adhesive


Kenyon Group has specialised in edgebanding adhesives based on EVA, PO and PUR technologies for 40 years. Over this time, the company has seen many changes – not only with adhesive technologies, but also with materials and application methods. So how can a business decide which adhesive is right for them?

Hot-melt adhesives are used for bonding solid wood, aluminium, veneer, melamine, polyester, HPL, PVC, ABS and PP edgings of various thickness to core boards. EVA hot melt adhesives are based on Ethyl-Vinyl Acetate (EVA), PO hot-melt adhesives are based on Polyolefin, and PUR hot-melt adhesives are based on polyurethane reactive technology. Edgebanding using EVA hot melt is commonly used due to ease of use, but PUR is gaining ground rapidly, thanks to its exceptional benefits. If joints need to be water or heat resistant (fire doors or kitchen cabinets) then PUR adhesive is recommended, as it has a significantly higher water and heat resistance than an EVA adhesive. Polyolefin-based adhesives for edgebanding applications have better hydrolysis and heat resistance than EVA-based adhesives. They are easier to apply than PUR adhesives, and also lower the risk of strings forming at the application unit, whilst providing better stability in the melting equipment in comparison with standard EVA-based adhesives. According to Kenyon Group, PUR-based adhesives will always outperform EVA or PO adhesives. EVA hot-melt adhesives are classed as filled and unfilled adhesives. Filled glues are generally lower cost, and in addition to the adhesive resins, contain fillers such as chalk, which can, at low speeds, help prevent stringing.


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• High Pressure Laminate and Veneering Adhesives • Paper & PVC Foil Laminating Adhesives • High Performance Profile Wrapping Adhesives • Fast Setting General Assembly Adhesives

• Membrane Press Adhesives • Aqueous & Hot Melt Adhesives for Foam Bonding • Edge-Banding Hot Melt Adhesives • PUR Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives • D2, D3 and D4 PVAc adhesives

High performance adhesives - UK stock holding – Delivery when required – Technical support and advice – On-site adhesive training - Competitive prices.

Visit Email or call 0161 627 1001 EB_Pages.indd Full page USE.indd151

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Unfilled hot-melt adhesives can be applied thinner to give a tighter joint, offer high glue mileage and high final bond strength. When using PUR-based adhesives, chemical cross-linking is achieved within a few days. However, it is important that the bonded materials are stored above 15°C for full cure to take place – under 15°C, and the curing process is stalled. Are PUR adhesive easy to use? In a nutshell, yes – with care, states Kenyon Group. With PUR hot-melt adhesives, the user can achieve a thinner glue line, high final bond strength and produce tight joints, at the same time as having excellent heat and water resistance, and all while running clean. Not all edgebanders are equipped to run PUR adhesives (always check with the machine supplier for suitability). What is very important when using PUR adhesives is to purge the adhesive melt tank and applicator (nozzle/roller) after use with a suitable cleaning agent – unlike EVA adhesives, PUR adhesives, once cured, will not re-melt. This year has seen a major push toward PUR MicroEmissions, which offer the proven bonding performance of traditional PUR adhesives with reduced health and safety concerns. PUR MicroE-missions (ME) contain less than 0.1% isocyanate monomer and reduce isocyanate vapours by up to -90%. 0161 627 1001

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RAYFORCE SYSTEM UNPARALLELED TECHNOLOGY. Unbeatable design, with lower energy costs and user-friendly technology. Quality, precision, and total reliability.

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Ray Force System – a new frontier in shaped edgebanding Interior design has become essential to communicating the identity of a place and those who live in it, combining style, functionality, and expression.

Today, the beauty and cohesiveness of furniture and accessories is based on elegance and perfection. Within this context, edges must be impeccable – a quality panel requires edgebanding strips that match perfectly in terms of colour, decor, and finish. Biesse, providing cutting-edge technology that is capable of responding to the qualitative needs the market demands, has developed an all-new technology for the application of edgebanding strips to shaped panels – Ray Force System. Its design is based on an incomparable technique which uses infra-red lamps to fuse a reactive layer, and the advantages are impressive – maximum quality of finish, reduced energy consumption, and ease of use. The lack of a glue line guarantees the continuity of the panel’s surfaces for an aesthetic result of enduring quality. Biesse’s Ray Force System makes it possible to considerably reduce production costs compared to standard technologies that require the use of glue. It does not require maintenance, it does not get dirty, waiting times for glue heating are eliminated, and sensitivity to environmental conditions is drastically reduced.

“Biesse’s Ray Force System makes it possible to considerably reduce production costs compared to standard technologies that require the use of glue”

Compared to laser technologies, Ray Force System requires a much smaller investment and is much easier and safer to use, states Biesse. Furthermore, unlike laser technology, its flexibility allows for the option to use the traditional technique with EVA or PUR glue as well, through a fast and easy manual change of equipment. The maximum quality of the finished product is obtained through edgebanding strips that are specially made by the largest world suppliers, but it is also possible to buy from local manufacturers that have developed pre-glued strips with the proper characteristics. Alongside the best-selling Air Force System technology for linear edgebanding, the Ray Force System for shaped edgebanding makes it possible to cover all possibilities of the process for this kind of machining operation.

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Allengray Kitchens increases volumes by 45% with Homag Edgeteq S-380 Since its inception in 1984, Allengray Kitchens has been a big fan of Homag. Allengray produces kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and home study fitted furniture for studios in Essex, Kent, Suffolk and London.

Gary, Mum and Ben in front of the Homag Edgeteq S-380 with a Loopteq O-300 return system

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“We manufacture anything from one-off bespoke pieces to 500 or more items of furniture,” explains, Ben Hooper, a director of Allengray Kitchens. He continues: “Since the early days we have always considered Homag to be the best woodworking machinery manufacturer in the world.” a statement also endorsed by his father, Gary, who started the business 35 years ago. Ben continues: “Not only is their equipment and software first class, but also the service and support they provide is, in our opinion, the best in the industry. This high level of support is vitally important to us, as it gives us tremendous peace of mind that we can in turn maintain the level of service our customers demand.” Fifth generation edge bander “My Mum, Pam, who sadly passed away recently, always played a major part in the decision as to what woodworking machinery to buy for the business. She championed our philosophy to think about the future and the pressures the business will face in the years ahead. “This time was special for Mum, we were looking to replace ‘Her’ machine, the area of production that she was most passionate about. We simply had to make the phone call to Homag! “Over the previous eight years Mum had put our ageing edge bander through its paces, edging over one million metres. During that time it had served us incredibly well and quality wise, it was still producing excellent results, however, we needed to process higher volumes of work.

“My Mum, Pam, who sadly passed away recently, always played a major part in the decision as to what woodworking machinery to buy for the business. She championed our philosophy to think about the future and the pressures the business will face in the years ahead”

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“The new edge bander has enabled us to increase throughput by at least 45% and delivers a gain in finish quality”

The Homag XES 200 PUR Service Station

“We had recently added a Homag BHX 500 CNC to work alongside the BHX 200 CNC that had already increased our capacity. These two machines working together handle considerably higher volumes of work and so we needed a new edge bander that could keep pace with them. “Our Homag area manager, Charles Smith, is probably the best rep in the industry; he is knowledgeable, easy to deal with and completely honest. As a consequence, he is always the first person we turn to for advice. “Mum explained exactly what we were looking for from a new edge bander and Charles came back to us recommending the Edgeteq S-380 with a Looteq O-300 and XES 200 service station.” Edgeteq S-380 edge bander with Looteq O-300 and XES 200 service station “One of the benefits of the new edge bander which was instrumental in the decision to buy it, is the glue application system. This enables us to easily and quickly change the colour and glue type from EVA to PUR which gives us tremendous flexibility and saves considerable production time. “As you’d expect with a Homag machine, the quality of finish is excellent and we don’t have to do any hand-finishing which again is a big time saver. Combined with the Looteq O-300 return system the Edgeteq S-380 gives us a high level of automation as we can now run tall panels (up to 2.5m high) through the machine with just one operator. “Charles also recommended the XES 200 PUR service station and that has proved to be a really beneficial option. The system has three major advantages. Firstly, the hardening of PUR glues when exposed to air has always been an issue causing lots of wasted glue and blocked application units. “The XES 200 uses a system which enables us to store glue over the weekend without it hardening. This means work can simply continue uninterrupted first thing Monday morning. “Secondly, it pre-heats the glue to the required temperature between storage and the machine being started. Again, this eliminates wasted time on changeovers and production continues with-

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out any significant delays. “The third benefit is the glue application unit cleaning facility. When changing the colour or glue type the application unit has to be cleaned and the XES 200 handles this so production can continue without downtime.” Keeping everything in-house “The new edge bander has enabled us to increase throughput by at least 45% and delivers a gain in finish quality. In addition, we no longer have to put flat panel doors and tall panels out to a third party for edging, so that is a big plus point for us. “As well as the improvement in throughput, the Edgeteq S-380 with the Looteq and XES 200 probably saves us about 30% in terms of production time. The latest powerTouch control system also makes operating the machine quicker and easier.” A true business partnership “The great thing about dealing with Homag is that you can rely on their advice 100%. Unlike some other companies, they won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. They are always open and honest in their business dealings and won’t promise something they can’t deliver. “From Charles through to every member of the service team, you always get a professional, friendly and honest response. More importantly, you can rest easy that action will be taken to solve any issues. “The strength of our relationship with Homag shone through when Mum unexpectedly passed away just one week before the new edge bander was due to be installed. Homag were incredibly supportive and sensitive to our needs at such a difficult time for the business and the family. “My only regret is Mum never had the chance to operate the new machine, but I am absolutely certain she would have loved it,” concludes Ben Hooper. For a demonstration or more information on the Homag Edgeteq, Looteq and XES 200 service station, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.

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Effortless edgebanding with Holz-Her From the smallest edgebanders to the largest production solution, the full range of edgebanders from Holz-Her offers choice without compromise and every one delivers a zero glue line as standard.

All Holz-Her edgebanders come with Holz-Her’s patented and award-winning Glu Jet system as standard, delivering one-of-akind edging results with ultra-thin glue joints – near equivalent to industrial laser edges. The hybrid technology, combined with Holz-Her thin-film technology, enables visual zero joints with PUR glue, ideal for wet and humid areas including bathrooms, student accommodation and kitchen environments. The Glu Jet system is fast, heating up in just four minutes. It only uses 2.3kW of energy, an impressive saving in both time and energy compared with a typical heating system that needs 6kW. As it is so quick to heat up, the glue does not simmer. Every time EVA is heated and cooled it loses around 10% of its power, but as the Glu Jet system only heats up what is needed, the effectiveness of the adhesive is not compromised. This is industrial technology for all – from the entry-level HolzHer Streamer 1053 to the industrial Accura range, customers can also process PUR glue as standard, without the hassle. As the benchmark for professional cabinetmakers, most manufacturers would use PUR, but not all machinery can cope with the demands of the polymer reaction which forms such strong and thin waterproof, temperature-tolerant bonds.

Holz-Her’s LTronic edgebanding system with NIR enables ‘perfect’ invisible joints

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The Lumina 1588 remains highly flexible, enabling adaptation to specific requirements

PUR is difficult to manage with a standard glue pot, and molecular cross-linking becomes a problem. With the Glu Jet ready to use in under four minutes with EVA or PUR, Holz-Her’s unique system is the right solution for any edgebanding requirements, states the supplier. Program selection allows the machine to be set up without even opening the hood, so it is ready for production immediately. From high-gloss through to solid wood edging, the system is both flexible and versatile. Such is its build quality and reliability, the Glu Jet system comes with a three-year warranty as standard. But it does not stop there. With the new Holz-Her Lumina series comes an option for the LTronic system – the laser edging unit from Holz-Her, which the supplier says is unbeatable in terms of speed and cost efficiency. The NIR (Near Infrared Radiation) module in Holz-Her’s LTronic unit transfers heat energy quickly and precisely to the specific point required, making it ideal for the activation of function layers on laser edging. Two different NIR modules are available: the standard module for edge heights up to 23mm; and the optional NIR+ module for edge heights up to 45mm. It is ready to use as soon as it is switched on – there is no heat-up

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The Holz-Her Streamer 1054 edgebander promises excellent results from a small footprint

time or any heat-up phases during the machining process. In addition, the complete system operates absolutely silently – a huge advantage over other noisy systems. With the integrated protective plate on the NIR module only needing to be briefly cleaned just once a week, the system is a pioneer in terms of energy efficiency. With the Holz-Her Lumina series, the user can switch from glue to laser in minutes. Using the high-precision HSK interface from Holz-Her’s CNC technology, at the push of a button and serial bus connectors, two dedicated carriages enable units to simply slide on and off. Changing from laser to PUR or EVA could not be easier, says Holz-Her, whose solution was designed to ensure the gluing station is always as close as possible to the pressing station, eliminating the chance of ‘glue shock’ and subsequent production problems. This simple changeover also enables any preventative maintenance or service to the system not in use with zero downtime. The Lumina has an automatic unit recognition feature and is ready for use immediately after changing over to the LTronic. The changeover time from edge to edge is under five minutes. T 01235 557600

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Introducing the T-EB 601 N Edgebander Key features: • Automated Edge thickness adjustment (0.4-3mm) • Touch Screen Panel with Easy to use Functions • Can operate at up to 20m/min (15m/min is standard) • Top & Bottom Trimming as well as Corner Rounding Units • Anti-Adhesive Solution as Standard • Infra-Red Pre-Heating of Board as Standard • Pre-Milling Cutter Heads (DIA Cutting Heads Optional) • EVA Teflon Coated Glue Application (PUR Gluing Station Optional)

Massive specification all for under 35k We have a good range of edgebanders all specific to your production needs whether small or medium as well as machines suited to larger producers. For further information contact us on: 01924 480088 / or visit EB_Pages.indd 24 Untitled-2 1

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B85KF (inside)




B100KF Touch screen

VWM have in stock a range of quality edgebanders for German manufacturer, LANGE. We have now been selling and servicing these machine since 2006, with many units working out in the field. The build quality of these machines is second to none as the machines are produced in Germany. We also have a B85KF on permanent demonstration for customers to come and test before making a purchase. VWM Ltd, Lodgeholme, Skipton Road, Trawden, Nr. Colne, Lancashire, BB8 8RA T01282 870077 F01282 870088

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in Enfield? Find what you need in

The Furniture & Joinery Trade Directory Online trade-specific search engine and printed directory bringing buyers and sellers together

The Furniture & Joinery Trade Directory S E C O N D E D IT IO N CoverALT.indd 1

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The edge for design diversity The combination of uni colour front and COMPACT-STYLE simulates a single-coloured coating with an inlaid panel providing a natural effect. Get inspired!

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THE BEST IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Continuous and versatile solutions for quality machining are the distinctive features of stefani kd. • Automatic machine set up for processing 2 different radii, infinite thin edges and solid wood up to 12 mm • Use of Polyurethane and Eva glue for the production of high quality panels thanks to the SGP glue pot allowing a fast and simple glue changeover • “Zero” glue line between panel and edge thanks to the AirFusion+ technology • Fast and error-free production with the new Maestro pro-edge HMI and the eye-M 21.5” multitouch consolle with 3D preview of the processed panel. • New top pressure belt particularly suitable for processing delicate panels • High production levels thanks to the machining speed up to 20 m/min • Great efficiency with the “Fastback” panel return device allowing the complete edgebanding process managed by a single operator

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Profile for Gearing Media Group Ltd

Edgebanding Materials & Technology 2019  

A Furniture & Joinery Production Supplement

Edgebanding Materials & Technology 2019  

A Furniture & Joinery Production Supplement