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Hospitality Interiors INTERIOR DESIGN FOR HOTELS, RESTAUR ANTS, BARS & CLUBS Issue 68 | November - December 2016

GROHE Grandera bathroom fittings in Warm Sunset

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Style Library Contract delivers an inspirational new design resource for interior designers, architects and specifiers. Explore contract suitable products from internationally renowned

brands Anthology, Harlequin, Morris & Co, Sanderson, Scion, Zoffany and FR One.

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Metro designed by Katerina Zachariades

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PERFECT DUALITY The Edge Reader elegantly combines ambient lighting with the directional functionality of an LED reading light. Because good design demands simplicity. Model: Edge Reader

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ST Y L E M AT T E R S . CO.U K MNKY HSE, London. Designed by Keane Brands.

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Interview - Mark Gabbertas


Q&A - Dennis Irvine








Dwell spaces


Pool, spa and gym





Hospitality Interiors INTERIOR DESIGN FOR HOTELS, RESTAUR ANTS, BARS & CLUBS Issue 68 | November - December 2016

GROHE Grandera bathroom fittings in Warm Sunset

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Comment Nostalgia, and our instinct to preserve and restore, are recurrent themes throughout this final issue of 2016. Nursing a pint in Cambridge’s RAF bar, The Eagle, a few weeks back, with second world war graffiti overhead and fascinating momentos scattering the walls, the presence of the past was inescapable. It was here, too, in 1953 that Francis Crick and James Watson famously announced that they had discovered the double-helicoid structure of DNA. The former life of a property, and the people that inhabited it, however briefly, is something that has always interested me. No matter how significantly a space has been altered or modernised, there is still a great sense of gravitas around occupying a space of historical or cultural significance. Of course, the experience is all the richer when the architectural shell remains intact, as with The Beekman (Page 34). Famed for its soaring nine-storey Victorian atrium and majestic pyramidal skylight, the property is recognised as a New York City landmark and, under the expert eye of Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel and Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, has been restored to its former beauty. Preservation can also take more subtle forms, however. Within the interior of the Grand Hyatt Sanya Haitang Bay Resort and Spa (Page 42), Singapore design studio LTW has celebrated the community, traditions and craftsmanship of the Hainan people. We might also think of self preservation, the need to retreat and restore from the frenetic pace of everyday life. This is an idea I explore on Page 66 in relation to the role of artwork, literature and films within the public hotels of hotels. Progress is inevitable, but this is not to say that we should lose sight of what works, and why. Indeed, on page 26, Stickman Tribe’s Marcos Cain explores just why Cuba has retained such a hold on our imagination, and emphasises the need for a measured, sustainable approach should its hospitality scene undergo ‘reinvention’. Ideas of change, and of preservation, have forged quite the divisive wedge within the UK this year. Let’s hope that 2017 ushers in a more peaceful and reflective outlook. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Gemma Ralph, Deputy Editor Email: Twitter: @GRalph_HI

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CONIGLIARO’S WARHOLINSPIRED HACKNEY BAR Tony Conigliaro – internationally-renowned drinks innovator and founder of 69 Colebrooke Row and Bar Termini – will open a new bar concept, Untitled, in Hackney this December. Inspired by the ideology behind Andy Warhol’s iconic Silver Factory, the new space has been curated by Tony and his dedicated Drink Factory team – including Head of Research and partner in the new bar, Zoe Burgess, along with a group of talented friends and Hackney locals. W

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Only Ultrafabrics brings you an expression of luxury and performance so soft, it will deďŹ ne how you feel about fabrics. ÂŽ

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DANISH DESIGN DUO REINVENT COPENHAGEN RESTAURANT Restaurant 108 is the latest interiors project from Danish design duo, SPACE Copenhagen, for renowned chef Rene Redzepi. The building itself, a former industrial warehouse, and the surrounding area of Christianshavn provided a key source of inspiration for the interior scheme. W

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Lighting the way it should be...

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AN URBAN OASIS IN MIAMI Los Angeles-based lifestyle hospitality company, sbe, has opened SLS Brickell – its second SLS Miami hotel. Philippe Starck’s legendary vision is realised in the property’s luxurious lounge and dining areas 124-striking SLS hotel rooms and suites, and 450 SLS-branded condo residences. W

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Pattern: Alfred RD0137


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Stand G75, Hall 3 | 10th-13th January 2017

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Since its inception in 2002, the Gabbertas Studio has established itself as one of Britain’s leading furniture design operations. Today, founder Mark Gabbertas is contemplating a new chapter in his crusade to create character through simplicity – Hospitality Interiors’ Paul Farley joined him outside his studio in south-west London to find out more …

The pursuit of integrity

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Change is in the air. The day is bright but crisp, summer giving way to autumn, as I corner the last two seats outside a small coffee shop at the entrance to Fulham’s Coda Studios complex. I’m here to interview renowned British furniture designer, Mark Gabbertas. The multiple award-winner founded his own studio in 2002, and has gone on to work for various international brands including Allermuir, Boss, Gloster and Oasiq. His stated intent is “to create character through simplicity”, and I hope to soon grasp exactly what that means. I reflect that it’s a good thing I can write in shorthand, as a dictaphone wouldn’t stand up to this level of background noise. As nice as this area is, the capital is as busy as ever, a power saw purring inside a scaffold-fronted building across the road, delivery vans going about their business, planes intermittently passing overhead. Hot drinks in hand, Mark joins me. He’s polite and composed despite the distractions – but the bustle takes on a certain pathos when Mark opens the conversation by announcing his plan to leave “the maelstrom that is London”. After spending 25 years here, it’s a significant change of direction. In February, together with the bulk of his design team, Mark will return to his Gloucestershire roots and set up shop in a purpose-built contemporary-industrial studio in Kingham, deep in the Cotswolds. With rates rising, Brexit imminent, and a runway expansion for Heathrow freshly confirmed, the time to seek the greenery and solitude of pastures new has never seemed riper. “There comes a point where we have to stop working for Government and start working for ourselves,” says Mark, as the costs of operating from London continue to soar. “We don’t need to be in London. It’s not like we’re just starting out in the

industry – our clients are scattered all over the world.” While the move represents a downsizing of sorts, the new showroom – which has been five years in the making, and remains, to Mark’s consternation, “not quite finished” – promises fresh focus. “There must be 15-20 projects going through the studio at any one time right now,” he says. “The move will let me be a little more selective about the work we do.” A man renowned for his experimental approach to new materials and technologies, Mark boasts a portfolio that is punctuated by stand-out creations for both the domestic and contract markets. “The distinction between these sectors is slightly false,” states Mark. “It’s an aesthetic industry construction rather than a consumer one – there’s an elasticity to the division. Today, plenty of consumers want their homes to look like hotels or restaurants, and vice versa. Office managers are asking themselves how they can make a workspace not look like a workspace. A lot of the designs that we create are equally at home in either environment. “The way designers think has changed. Advances in manufacturing technologies and a greater understanding of how people use space means you don’t have to have such a rigid, functional divide between the two historically-opposing typologies.” Mark describes how this grey area is further reinforced by the manner in which products are sold, citing the success of Vitra’s products through John Lewis.

Nuno, Allermuir (2016)

“As a designer, you don’t have much choice about what you do – you design from the heart, and then your head starts to refine what your heart tells you”

Haven, Allermuir (2011), a modular seating system that encourages flexible working practices

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CoCo, Oasiq (2014)

If not market, it is form, then, that unifies Mark’s portfolio. Born in Yorkshire in 1962, Mark studied political philosophy before working in advertising. He began training as a cabinetmaker in 1990, before taking the designer-maker path. Chairs dominated his early work – a notable example being the 3° chair, designed for the Atelier restaurant in Soho (subsequently licensed to Allermuir) – and would come to define Mark’s field. “It’s just the way it happens,” he says. By definition, chairs are simple objects, but understanding why one ‘works’ while another does not is far from straightforward. Comfort, material, colour and shape all exert an influence, but, for Mark, most crucial is understanding the context of how a chair is used, and the emotions it engenders. He illustrates this philosophy with a quote from Virginia Woolf on critical theory: “The ‘book itself’ is not form which you see, but emotion which you feel.” “We don’t start with rules,” he explains, lighting up a cigarette. “In general terms, as a designer, you don’t have much choice about what you do – initially, you design from the heart, and then your head starts to refine what your heart tells you. With experience, your approach becomes clearer.” A decade ago, Mark created the Haven upholstery system for Allermuir, a modular family which aims to deliver a working space that can be both collaborative and private, a series of pods and seats that can be arranged for communication or contemplation. “Haven illustrates the connection between the furniture we

“Design is in a strange place at the moment. There seems to be an interminable requirement for ‘new’. I wonder who is pushing that process?”

are designing and its potential to make people think and feel in a particular way,” he says. Can seating truly influence the way we behave? Mark draws my attention to where we are sitting right now, outside this coffee shop. The chairs are plastic and metal constructions, easily cleaned, stackable, light, and, I’m guessing, affordable. They are plainly not intended to deliver lasting comfort – perhaps that’s a boon to a busy coffee shop owner that prefers frequent customer turnover. Mark points out how we’ve arranged ourselves around the small table. It would be traditional to sit opposite one another – or, in certain bench seating arrangements, side by side. Due to space constraints, we’re actually adjacent – a halfway house between these two norms. It’s not the most comfortable of arrangements – our feet knock against each other and our backs are to the road – but it’s less formal than it could be. “Our seating arrangement has a fundamental influence upon the way we’re interacting now,” says Mark, who typically prefers to sit alongside his company. “For me, sitting opposite someone is always vaguely confrontational – often, you end up sitting closer to the stranger beside you than the person you’re dining with. Is it not more interesting to look at someone obliquely rather than directly? To feel that you are side by side?” He references the furniture of the 19th century Biedermeier style, in which objects often took on new roles in the home – Mark owns a two-seater Biedermeier sofa ideal for dining in his preferred manner. “Design is in a strange place at the moment,” he complains. “There seems to be an interminable requirement for ‘new’. I wonder who is pushing that process? “When I started out in the 90s, I was lucky – there was an extraordinary thirst for a contemporary aesthetic. People were

Haven, Allermuir (2011), single seaters with headrest power unit tables and laptop tables

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William, Gloster (2016)

“The last thing the world needs is another chair. All too often, people try to make ‘new’ for the sake of new, without asking whether it actually performs well” still buying dodgy reproduction design tables because, unlike in countries such as Italy and France, there was no aesthetic hinterland to inform their tastes. On the high street, you only really had Habitat pushing trends. “Then, you suddenly had an explosion of designer-makers, and people had an alternative to secondhand reproductions. As a designer, you began to hear feedback. You enjoyed direct appreciation for your work. “Underpinning the design process was the importance of understanding people – who, what, and where were the users? Surrounding this was the unsaid – do these people get on or not? Are they living a perfect life? “Suddenly, design was hitting on the sensibilities beneath it all, and striving to appreciate the importance of everything apart from the function of a piece of furniture. That understanding is probably what got me to where I am now.” Today’s young designers may not be so lucky, Mark admits. Treading the line between creativity and commercial value is difficult at the best of times, but the industry has changed a great deal since the 90s, and Mark has grown weary of its more cynical aspects. “The last thing the world needs is another chair,” he states. “All too often, people try to make ‘new’ for the sake of new, without asking whether it actually performs well. It’s easy to shock, but much more difficult to please.” In Mark’s opinion, a good design should speak for itself. He’s tired of the marketing noise that surrounds many of today’s products, and argues that purity of concept is often lost beneath layers of narrative and branding. Mark considers ergonomics and movement – how will the user feel?

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“I love the idea of rediscovering the innocence of the unbranded, the unmarketed, the non pre-conceived – the intrinsic value of an item,” he says. “Marketing needs to recognise the central character of an object, rather than treating it as though it’s a blank piece of paper that needs wrapping up in commercial viability.” It may sound a strange guilty pleasure, but Mark confesses that he’s “never happier” than when perusing products in foreign supermarkets – referencing Mr. Bricolage, a French ironmongery and DIY store, in particular. An inability to read the labels or context of foreign objects imparts a measure of naivety that Mark truly enjoys. “I’m acutely aware that good products don’t sell themselves,” he admits, “but the process needs to be based on a design that genuinely tries to do something better than what came before it.” Such an approach has very real design implications. “Let’s be realistic, a chair won’t change the world – but we are at least trying to do work that can make a little bit of difference,” he says. Despite his reputation for embracing new materials and manufacturing technologies, in an age of rapid prototyping and fast-moving fashions the designer’s approach remains defiantly deliberate and considered. “Prototypes need to be seen and felt, in person,” he says, “even if it means a lot of travel.” A former mentor at Bucks New University, Mark was sad to hear that the institution’s practical furnituremaking course will no longer run. The potential loss of the focused, handson elements of the syllabus – so central to the designer-maker approach of Mark’s youth – reflects a more general movement away from the workshop and into the studio. “I really support the idea of giving people total creative freedom,” says Mark, “but it needs solid grounding – in manufacturing techniques, materials and commercial realities. At some stage in their career every designer will have to find a way around prices, and understanding a company’s manufacturing capabilities is the best way of avoiding unexpected design constraints.” But surely some manufacturing developments make the future an exciting prospect? Mark is characteristically slow to answer. “For me, it’s more about the refinement of everything that’s been there before rather than one particular innovation,” he says. “It’s not injection moulding, foam moulding, casting or extrusion, but

GABBERTAS STUDIO – A STATEMENT OF INTENT “It is our objective to create character through simplicity. “The inherent tension in this philosophy is intentional … it is all too easy to shock, but much more difficult to please, especially through the pursuit of a solution that is both elegant and possessing of a lasting aesthetic. These are not fashionable concepts, but that is the point. “We care passionately about how our designs make people feel and believe in the ability, and indeed the requirement, of objects to help users do something better, more pleasantly and more intuitively. To this end, designs are rigorously worked and reworked to possess a particular logic of appearance, construction, performance and visual narrative. “At the same time, we believe that the design of an object should necessarily be influenced by the commercial realities that surround it – if a great-looking design does not sell, perhaps it is not such a great design.”


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GABBERTAS STUDIO’S REWARDING CAREER Design Guild Mark 2016 - William for Gloster, Nuno for Allermuir Good Design Awards 2015 - CoCo for Oasiq Design Guild Mark 2015 - CoCo for Oasiq Design Guild Mark 2014- Sandur for Oasiq Design Guild Mark 2013- MirA for Chorus, Mir for Chorus, Metro for Lyndon, Diabolo for Chorus Mix Interiors Magazine - Designer of the Year Award 2012 Design Guild Mark 2012 - Nomad for Gloster Red Dot Product Design 2012 Haven for Allermuir Interior Innovation Award 2012 Nomad for Gloster Designpreis Deutschland 2012 Cloud for Gloster Balthazar Award 2011 - Deer for Mirodan Design Guild Mark 2011 - Cloud dining for Gloster, Haven for Allermuir Designpreis Deutschland 2011 Axis for Gloster Best of Neocon Silver 2011 - Ebb for Leland IIDA Design Award 2011 - Bloc for Gloster Good Design Award 2010 - Cloud for Gloster Design Guild Mark 2010 - Axis for Gloster, Markant for Mirodan, Cloud for Gloster Red Dot Product Design 2010 Axis for Gloster Balthazar Awards 2009 - Markant for Mirodan ICFA Design Excellence Award 2009 - Axis for Gloster Hospitality Design Best of Boutique Award 2009 - Axis for Gloster On Office Design Prima Award 2008 - Ebb + Flo for Nomique Design Guild Mark 2008 - Tom, Dick & Harry for Boss FX Awards 2007 - Eclipse for Gloster Hospitality Design Best of Boutique Award 2007 - Eclipse for Gloster International Design Yearbook 2007 - Crosstile for iglass International Design Yearbook 2001 - F90 FX Awards 2000 - Tubby for Allermuir SIT DBC Atelier Best Restaurant Interior

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Nomad, Gloster (2012)

“Marketing needs to recognise the central character of an object, rather than treating it as though it’s a blank piece of paper that needs wrapping up in commercial viability” the 10% that’s been added to those processes – the ability to push the boundaries further. “It’s finer techniques for woodworking, more accurate machining of steel components, combinations of metals in castings, or the development of materials for outdoor use, such as upholstery fabrics made from plaster derivatives.” Following up his last example, Mark points at the building works in progress across the road, and hints at some of the outdoor furniture work he’s carried out for Gloster: “Textilene is essentially PVC – we’ve made guttering out of it for years.” So where do these developments leave the Gabbertas Studio? As Mark explained earlier, his escape to the country reflects a desire to focus his attentions. imm cologne and Maison&Objet 2017 will see the designer launch new products through Gloster, before further creations are unveiled during Clerkenwell Design Week and the London Design Festival, but there’s a sense of brakes being applied, and the start of a new quest for design purity. “We’re working on some products right now that are based on a totally different business model – perhaps involving a few self-manufactured models,” admits Mark. “It’s going to be nice to design products with even greater integrity.” The prospect of Brexit promises to lend weight to locallymanufactured goods, and it’s an area Mark is keen to further explore. “Manufacturing has been a dirty word in the UK for too long,” he says. “It wasn’t so long ago that the UK seemed destined to become a service economy – but there are limits to pushing bits of paper around! “Although in specific terms I can’t see Brexit having much

impact on my business, it will add resonance to the idea of British manufacturing, and increase the attraction of processing and sourcing materials in the UK. “I’d like to think we will start to value ‘Britishness’ more, from a design perspective. A truly authentic British brand – sourced from and made in Britain, cradle to grave – will be much more pertinent,” he says, before wryly adding: “People are just going to have to get used to spending more money on quality products!” Mark has noticed that different parts of the market are reacting to the prospect of Brexit in very different ways. “A lot of products at the top end of the market are being sold as fashion – it’s extraordinary,” he says. “And who is to say which trends will stand the test of time? Will the current predilection for vintage styles prove to be a real appreciation of what has gone before, or turn out to be just another ironic take on fashion?” Ominous clouds begin to gather as we conclude our conversation. I thank the designer for his time, and wish him luck for the future. For a moment, Mark is visibly struck by the significance of his impending move, and, for once, is lost for words. “I normally plan my life quite well,” he says, “but this feels … quite …” Although this new start has been approaching for five years, it’s hard to see how Mark could have taken any other path right now. If he’s searching for context, integrity and emotion, I sincerely believe the Cotswolds will be good for the designer’s soul – and isn’t that what all of us should strive for? W

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15—17 January 2017 Olympia, London



HOME Surround yourself with the finest homeware brands, expertly chosen to inspire your buying experience. Release your inner style scout and explore the exclusively curated world of Home at Top Drawer.


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24 Q&A

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Q&A 25

From Jumby Bay, a private island resort off Antigua, to The Wellesley Hotel in Knightsbridge, Dennis Irvine has delivered every manner of luxury hospitality project worldwide. Here, Dennis talks about his early design influences, the satisfaction of running his own studio, and his top interior spaces from across the globe.

Q&A: Dennis Irvine, Dennis Irvine Studio How did you forge a career in the industry, and what was it that first drew you to the world of design? I was fascinated by design long before I realised that I could study or be able to pursue it as a profession. From an early age I developed a curiosity of design due to my transient lifestyle. My father was an army officer so we lived in lots of different places around Europe as well as in further flung locations including Kenya, Brunei and Hong Kong. This exposure to different cultures, art, structures and spaces developed my understanding and empathy of built environments. I was always more creative than academic at school and I would be usually found in the art studio or the wood workshop on the lathe creating all manner of things. My formal education culminated in a degree in interior architecture which I really enjoyed and would recommend to anyone interested in the formation and design of interior spaces.

inspiration from the former plantation house’s rich history, the verdant landscape and the island’s traditions. We commissioned local artists including Dina Debozzi for trompe l’oeil island scenes for the Blue Room; hand-crafted furnishings in ebony, teak, rattan and wicker from specialist manufacturers; bespoke lighting that features nods to the building’s past, and locally-grown tropical plants for the terraces and open spaces. Our design concept was the modern interpretation of the Colonial spirit and we believe we have created engaging, memorable environments that Jumby Bay’s owners and guests are going to enjoy and cherish. What do you feel have been the most important creative developments in hospitality design over the last 15 years or so, and looking forward, what challenges will designers need to create solutions for? Hospitality design, particularly for luxury brands, is about creating spaces that demonstrate

objects that they collected on their travels around the world. Seeing and touching them immediately takes me back to other places and times in my life and all the wonderfully evocative memories that come with them. If you were to design a hotel with a restaurant and a bar from the ground up – what would be the defining elements? Views – over South American rainforests would be perfect, with a cobalt lagoon Honesty – should be built by craftsmen using local materials translating the site’s history with modern amenities Technology – there should be absolutely none F&B – everything should be locally sourced, if it’s not available nearby you can’t have it Dresscode – shorts and flip flops should be de rigueur Size – no more than 30 guests and family friendly Location – accessible only by boat

Who was inspirational to you early in your career, and why? The defining elements of my perfect Initially I worked for exhibition and hotel are always comfort first and style retail design companies including second. Design should support this MET, a studio which has always and not lead it. In the words of Coco been known to have an experimental Chanel “Luxury must be comfortable, culture. I was then interviewed by otherwise it is not luxury.” Mary Fox-Linton for a short freelance “Design is very much about the right contract to complete the designs for a Have you got any hospitality chemistry … between fellow designers, with Russian oligarch’s residence. projects in the pipeline that clients and, vitally importantly, with the I worked with Mary for 15 years you’re able to share with us? and she was a true inspiration. Having I am involved in a very large project spaces we work in, so empathy is key” worked in the industry for such a long at Langley Park, which was once time, her knowledge base and intuitive the Duke of Marlborough’s hunting approach to design and how it evolved lodge, It will be a country house hotel was second to none. nestled within 12 hectares of park and She really made me and the team woodland west of Iver Heath, England. think about things in an unexpected It comprises two separate buildings, way. Her design was never predictable and that’s understanding of the local culture. This can only the main one being a Grade II Listed 18th century what I continually strive for now. be achieved when designers immerse themselves Palladian mansion with original features. This will in the heritage of the location as well as its current be home to elegant public areas and guest rooms What would you say has been the biggest environs and future aspirations. So, increasingly, including a presidential suite. The second building challenge for you in your career so far? designers need also to be historians, news analysts is the independently-located Brew House with guest Setting up a studio in my own right and knowing and futurologists. rooms and a heritage exhibit. that all of the bucks ultimately stop with me. It’s People will continue to expect more experiences Due to open in 2018, the design will encompass challenging but exhilarating, stressful but satisfying from hotels and designers need to be able to take a modern sensibilities and aspirations with an and all at the same time. more holistic approach to respond to their demands. understated residential aesthetic. The palette will The greatest challenge of all is getting the right echo the seasons – soft hues, saturated coloured team together. Design is very much about the right Describe your top three interior spaces, fabrics and subtle references to location and nature. chemistry, between fellow designers, with clients from anywhere in the world, and why they and, vitally importantly, with the spaces we work in, resonate with you? What do you like to do with your downtime? so empathy is key. The Pullman Hotel in Lijiang, China. The considered I don’t get a lot of it if I’m honest. Not that I’m design means that the open spaces and vistas to the complaining, I am extremely fortunate to have a job What is your proudest achievement, as a snowcapped mountains are perfectly framed from all I am passionate about and to work with a great team designer, to date? angles. and clients who are responsive to my ideas, even The first project we have completed in my name – I love the monolithic structure of Battersea Power when they are very different from what they had Jumby Bay, a Rosewood Resort located just off the Station. Gilbert Scott’s unique imposing design is envisaged. When I do occasionally switch off I am coast of Antigua. I was given a great deal of freedom truly an icon of British architecture. usually either with family or friends or sleeping. to interpret spaces as I felt they should be, taking My parents’ house in Oxfordshire. It’s full of W

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Concrete Beach Brewery

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When it comes to commentary on the global hospitality industry, Marcos Cain has all the right credentials. Principal and founder of thriving boutique interior design consultancy, Stickman Tribe, Marcos has extensive hands-on experience in the F&B market, from both a design and operations perspective, and has spearheaded landmark design projects across the globe. Here, he explores the reinvention of Miami’s hospitality scene, and the potential it heralds as a model for Cuba.

Playing the Long Game – Miami and the Gateway to Cuba Like many, I’ve been thinking a lot about Cuba recently, after all it’s not every day a new frontier opens up. But how to prepare for the explosion of possibilities to come? And believe me, they’re coming. Surely we can’t expect to rock up in Havana with our existing playbook, ready to put a fortystory hotel on the Malecón? Though I’m sure many will do exactly that. Now don’t get me wrong, some locations benefit – demand even, vertical ambition – I live in Dubai after all, but smart design requires balance and judgement and smart designers need to consistently reinvent their toolbox in order to stay relevant. For instance in preparation for building Hotel Jen in Beijing – designed specifically with the millennial traveller in mind, I launched one of the first, farreaching, psychological studies of this key, emerging demographic to better understand their wants, needs and desires. So how to extend this same courtesy to Cuba? The answer was: I needed to visit a place that shared similar challenges and potential, to hopefully get a glimpse of what could be. So I headed for Miami, (a hardship, I know.) Miami means different things to different people – bustling financial centre, sleepy retirement community, or art deco party town depending on whom you ask, but it also shares many intriguing

parallels, and not just much of its population, with Cuba – a city unsure of its identity, struggling to find its place in the world, continuously reinventing itself in often-contradictory ways: the home of Burger King, yet possessing a blossoming coffee culture. A town with front row seats for climate change, yet enduring near rampant over development. But by taking a walk beyond the tall spires casting perilously long shadows across the beach I quickly discovered rundown corners suffering persistent under-investment in a manner Cubans are all too familiar with. Wynwood, formerly the manufacturing district, was once such an area – raw, quirky, imperfect, yet pulsing with the kind of creative energy you find on the streets of Havana. Rather than simply breaking out the bulldozers, developers here instead focused on transforming a neglected landscape of shuttered factories and worn warehouses into galleries, restaurants and cafes; an astonishing rehabilitation that began with an art project known as the Wynwood Walls, which turned tired and flaking exteriors into an ever-changing sea of murals that have gained an almost cult-like devotion from residents and visitors alike. But this isn’t simply a paint over, but a bottom up revitalisation, faithful to its origins, yet dramatic and successful, and into which has stepped a whole

new generation of companies and entrepreneurs. Down a side street that at first looked like nothing interesting could be found there, I discovered one such business – freshly iconic restaurant KYU. Set in a former warehouse of exposed brick and poured concrete (like much of the area) and decorated with works by local artists (like the entire area) it’s a neighbourhood destination that succeeds in capturing the imagination through its quirks and imperfections. Whilst there I chatted with the owners, Chef Michael Lewis and GM Steven Haigh, both of Zuma fame, attracted to Wynwood by its eclectic vibe and sense of opportunity, who revealed exactly the kind of mind-set I was searching for – intelligent, ambitious, able to make something from nothing and passionate about the area. The service meanwhile was professional, yet relaxed, whilst the food, Japanese Yakinuku – grilled meat, cooked low and slow until it falls apart at the mere mention of a knife, parades out from a central, theatre kitchen, made from produce that’s locally sourced, seasonal and rooted in green practices, such as trees continuously planted to offset the charcoal grill. The end result is an independent, local thoroughbred, perfectly at home in its surroundings, yet daring to do something new, and a breath of ›››


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fresh air in a country with a tendency toward the regional rather than international. Another short wander brought me to 1 Hotel. Retrofitted into an industrial building, it’s also succeeded in repurposing its space with a sexy new identity – sleek, stylish and modern, yet with its origins proudly on display. Rather than use conventional concealing methods to hide unsightly infrastructure and services, they’ve instead embraced the mural culture and used it as a canvas, so that I found myself staring in admiration at an air-conditioning unit, or the jungle pattern rooftop. To say I stay in a lot of hotels is like saying Kanye West has been known to have an opinion or two, but as a designer it’s the little things that often resonate the most, such as the witty cardboard do-not-disturb signs, or coat hangers featuring thoughtful little messages, both made from reclaimed materials, which, when combined with the hotel’s far-reaching green culture, including a zero plastic policy and a courtesy Tesla car, back up style with substance. As I wandered it became clear that finding the kind of smart, sympathetic thinking that could be applied to Cuba was like swinging a bat in a room full of piñatas. There was the Concrete Beach Brewery – a decrepit warehouse transformed into a unique, circular social hall complete with mural painted floor and dramatic exposed pipework, or small batch roasters Panther Coffee, rejuvenating even the quietest corners into bustling communal spaces.

1 Hotel

Wynwood Walls


HI68_pages.indd 28

Combined they create a distinct local flavour, but also prove that a smart and evolved business culture and a strong, passionate, local culture can come together to create something new and wonderful. So before we re-build Cuba let’s look at why it’s maintained such a grip on the imagination and work from there. How, having survived without the tsunami of throwaway products, they’ve instead adopted a mind-set of reverse engineering, becoming purveyors rather than buyers of brand, such as the Casa Particulares, the local equivalent of AirBnB, from which more and more are morphing into the countries first generation of boutique hotels. By examining the gene marker found in businesses like Kyu, 1 Hotel and others just like them, we can calibrate the influx, achieving something unique and sustainable without subsuming it below a sea of glass and long shadows – to keep the culture, rather than dilute it. In the long run we’ll be thanked for it. W

06/12/2016 14:46

a spot of class...

Products featured: 1 Light Wall & Spot: Harvey (69092)

PRODUCTS AVAILABLE AT ALL GOOD LIGHTING RETAILERS Units 1-3 Cross Green Way, Cross Green Industrial Park, Leeds. LS9 0SE E T 0333 00 333 08 F 01202 409811

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Images ©Kate Berry and Chris Tubbs

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British design studio, Kinnersley Kent Design, has completed a stylish multi-million pound refurbishment of one of London’s most iconic hotels.

The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences, London The tremendous scope of this project ranged from external architectural work and a full interior architectural and design renovation, to brand strategy, positioning and identity work. With an entirely new ground floor level façade, the property now offers guests spectacular leafy views out across the Royal Green Park via floor-toceiling windows. A fully DDA-compliant main entrance has been relocated to the left of the façade, while the addition of a new terrace area at the front of the property creates one of the very few outdoor dining areas in Piccadilly. In line with the hotel’s bid to be one of the first London five-star hotels to offer a personal and barrier-free check-in experience, Kinnersley Kent Design has radically transformed the public spaces, creating a seamless welcome which flows from lobby to lounge, bar and restaurant. The newly-remodeled double height lobby area is awash with contrast and texture, elegant metal forms and bright, contemporary accents. Striking, open metal screens create semi-private zoning between the open-plan library and restaurant space, whilst the columns – a strong feature of the space – have been clad in a striking, narrow-reeded dark timber. Two statement ‘Meshmatic Chandeliers’ by Atelier Rick Tegelaar have been installed, while a carefullychosen selection of seating – ranging from smoky grey and teal velvets to mustard and tangerine upholstery – creates an interesting melange of tones, contrasts and juxtapositions. With Galvin Restaurants now at the helm of the hotel’s F&B offering, the restaurant and bar have been redesigned, from the overall aesthetic down to uniforms and tableware. ›››

HI68_pages.indd 31

06/12/2016 14:46


“The food and beverage offer takes up the whole width of the right hand side of the space”, explains Kinnersley Kent Design Partner, Jill Higgins. “The new, more open restaurant space was created to be both subtle and refined, offering casual fine dining with food very much the hero. “The aim is to attract both guests and local residents and business users in Mayfair, where the demographic has changed notably in the past decade, with the area attracting larger numbers of young people, a more international mix and a notable increase in high-fashion outlets and premises.” Galvin at The Athenaeum features white oil oaked floors; bespoke buttoned velvet banquettes; timber, metal and leather chairs and bespokedesigned tables. An existing, centrepiece chandelier was retained, lending a spare, mid-century aesthetic that fits perfectly with the style of the new furnishings on the ground floor.

THE BAR at The Athenaeum, meanwhile, is a partnership between one of the world’s leading cocktail gurus, Giancarlo Mancino, and The Galvin Brothers, who have created a sophisticated destination venue complete with a fittingly adventurous menu. The design team selected a dark, sumptuous blue-green palette for the space, offset by touches of lemon yellow. The bar itself is a key focal point, flanked by bespoke cabinets which hold the hotel’s extensive whiskey collection, as well as a curated selection of interesting artefacts. The bar’s design takes the signature use of reeded finishes to another level; a high-gloss reeded black front with stepped brass details and a Nero Dorato marble bar-top with striking gold and white geometric veining. Back-lit glass shelves create an elegant framework for the display of Giancarlo Mancino’s bespoke glassware. The elegant aesthetic of the space is elevated by the choice of furniture, defined by long, slim

HI68_pages.indd 32

forms and sinous metal. Stand-out pieces include a console designed by Kinnersley Kent Design to the rear of the space, and rugs, bespoke-designed by Kinnersley Kent Design and manufactured by Stepevi. Seating is a carefully-chosen mix of black velvet and brass barstools, lounge chairs in butternut velvet and armchairs with a black leather exterior and saffron nubuck interior. There are sofas for more serious lounging, including velvet Chesterfields, whilst the small drinks tables feature a brass base and Nero Marquina marble tops and the larger ones a black base and Verde Guatemala marble tops. Flooring is white-oiled oak, as in the restaurant. Also at the rear of the space, a screen plays a bespoke film sequence of passionate embraces from the movies, in a reference to the hotel’s long history of links with Hollywood greats, including former guests Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Shirley Maclaine, Cary Grant, John Wayne and Russell Crowe. W

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Crest.ind HI63_pa

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Tel: +44 (0) 1706 643 121

Fax:: +44 1706 643 133

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The Beekman has been one of this year’s most hotly anticipated openings. The landmark property, which dates back to 1881, is considered to be one of New York City’s last architectural treasures, and has been rejuvenated under the experienced eye of Martin Brudnizki Design Studio.

The Beekman, New York Famed for its soaring nine-storey Victorian atrium and majestic pyramidal skylight, and ingrained in New York’s prestigious cultural heritage, The Beekman captures the recent spirit of revival within Lower Manhattan. The 287-room hotel is built upon the very site of the Chapel Street Theatre which, in the 18th century, hosted the first performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Later, it became educational institution, Clinton Hall, housing a vast library, reading and writing rooms within which the likes of Edgar Allen Poe worked. Given the precious heritage of the property – its façade declared an official New York City landmark in 1998 – it was crucial that any restoration work was carried out with the utmost respect and sensitivity. Acclaimed NYC architecture firm, Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel, had the task of carrying out this work, lovingly unveiling and enlivening its bounteous original character. Swedish-born interior architect, Martin Brudnizki, has in turn taken cues from the history and aesthetic of the building for the hotel’s interior. “The Beekman stands proudly as a monument to the historically rich past and we feel proud to have given life back to a building which has witnessed so much over the years,” comments Martin. “It is a distilled vision of the New York of old. “As with any historic project we had to take much care and consideration into the restoration process, ensuring the spirit of the building was retained, whilst making it a workable space for the modern day.” Martin has not shied away from a deep, opulent palette within the hotel’s public spaces – particularly given the abundance of natural light within the atrium. Dark woods, velvets and contrasting textiles create an inviting, yet refined feel here. ›››

HI68_pages.indd 35

06/12/2016 14:46


“The lobby is an impressive area, with an aesthetic akin to that of a world traveller’s drawing room, filled with collected curiosities and objet d’art from around the globe,” explains Martin. The artwork, too, has been carefully curated in line with the property’s striking interior and Queen Anne architecture, as well as the spirit of 19th century writers, such as Poe. Curated and assembled by Katherine Gass, the collection represents 20 international and American artists, both well known and up and coming. Ranging from paintings and photography, to sketches, sculptures and specially-commissioned site-specific pieces, the artists explore the ways in which we navigate our physical and emotional environment. Martin has maintained an air of nostalgia throughout the interior, despite the modern comforts and cutting-edge designs he has incorporated. “Throughout the entire hotel there is a strong sense of tying together the old and new,” he says. “This is particularly evident in the bedrooms where the mini bar resembles a fabric draped table, topped with a silver tray and stacked liquor bottles. “Guests can peel away the fabric to reveal a fridge inside; we thought it would be a fun way to

represent the way in which the feeling of old and new New York converge.” The hotel’s well-appointed guest rooms feature custom-designed oak beds, complete with leather headboards and Sferra linens. The lighting scheme has also been custom designed by acclaimed UK lighting manufacturer, Chelsom, which worked closely with MBDS to create a classic yet eclectic feel. Art deco-themed bespoke ceiling pendants in antique brass and frosted glass have been chosen for the entrance lobbies to the suites, while mouthblown smoke glass chandeliers have been used throughout the guest rooms. Bespoke orb ceramic table lamps in an olive green crackled finish complete with decorative collar were specified for the bedside tables, along with a kitsch foo dog table lamp in imperial blue. A duo of vintage-inspired chrome wall sconces positioned either side of a centrepiece mirror adorn the striking Carrara marble bathrooms. W

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R o c k by C h e l so m

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23/12/2015 15:5


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This cosy boutique hotel is situated in the picturesque village of Carbis Bay, in close proximity to St Ives. With a stunning Blue Flag beach just a short stroll away, The Gannet Inn provides the perfect haven from which to explore this beautiful section of British coastline. Hospitality Interiors’ Gemma Ralph took a trip down to Cornwall to experience the venue for herself ...

The Gannet Inn, Cornwall It is immediately clear from the feel and polish of The Gannet that it is the work of experienced professionals. Indeed, owners Jose and Stephen Baker run the Carbis Bay Hotel & Estate, of which The Gannet Inn is part. Comprising the recently-refurbished Carbis Bay Hotel, the award-winning C Bay Spa, two stylish restaurants and a privately-owned 25 acre beach, the estate is recognised as one of Cornwall’s premier hospitality offerings. The couple are interminably busy, passionately involved in the day to day running of the estate and always looking to expand their portfolio. It is no surprise, then, that they have chosen to take on the renovation and interior design of The Gannet Inn themselves. Jose is the creative mastermind behind the operation, having already designed the sumptuous interior of the nearby C Bay Spa. She has a natural talent for identifying potential in a space, and has reimagined the public arenas, guest rooms and indeed entire identity of the hotel in a masterful fashion. We’re not just talking cosmetic changes, either, but full-scale renovation. This is particularly true of the hotel’s public areas, where the lounge, restaurant and bar area have been opened up to create a light, airy space with a fluid layout. Jose has opted for a country house feel, complete with rural motifs, dark wooden floors, plush leather armchairs and a striking stone fireplace with log burner. Although the hotel embraces its coastal locale – the guest rooms are named after sea birds, for example – it is refreshing that Jose has steered away from the traditional seaside decor. The palette here is a neutral blend of whites, greys and browns, embellished with a striking orientalinspired wallpaper and matching soft furnishing. ›››

HI68_pages.indd 39

06/12/2016 14:47


The hotel’s restaurant celebrates locally sourced Cornish produce, its hearty menu created by the Rosette winning chef from the Carbis Bay Hotel. Delicate pendant lights cascade over the tables, which feature an assortment of upholstered and rattan seating. The spacious bar area flows on from the restaurant, offering the ideal space for guests and locals alike to to relax and socialise over a drink or game of pool. The guest rooms, which are divided into four categories – ‘Cosy’, ‘Quirky’, ‘Family’ and ‘Spot the Gannet’ – take visual cues from the reception spaces, but are all designed to have an entirely unique identity and feel. The Cosy rooms are intended to be a home-fromhome, complete with luxurious fluffy towels and soft pillows. The design of the Quirky rooms, meanwhile, entailed a great deal of careful thinking from Jose in terms of creating workable spaces, without compromising on the feel of the 100-year-old building. In some cases this entailed navigating sloped ceilings and awkward dimensions, but Jose remained true to her vision, refusing to take any shortcuts. Attention to detail is key throughout the guest rooms, and this is particularly noticeable in Jose’s considered fabric combinations. From standout headboards upholstered in check fabrics, to plush pastoral-inspired curtain fabrics and cushions, Jose has created real texture and depth here. The Gannet Inn possesses all the very best attributes of a boutique hotel. Its cosy, yet luxurious feel, complete with quirky, bespoke details and furnishings, creates a real sense of intimacy and belonging from the moment you enter. The leisurely feel of a coastal hotel is there, but without any trace of gimmick or cliché – all down to the vision of its talented interior designer. W

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8600 H



8600 HOSP INT DEC16.indd 1 HI68_pages.indd 41

16/11/2016 14:47 10:40 06/12/2016


Images ©Grand Hyatt Sanya Haitang Bay Resort & Spa

HI68_pages.indd 42

06/12/2016 14:47


Acclaimed Singapore design studio, LTW, has complete the interior of Grand Hyatt Sanya Haitang Bay Resort and Spa – the hotel group’s first beach resort in China.

Grand Hyatt Sanya Haitang Bay Resort and Spa, China Situated in the picturesque Haitang Bay, the hotel profits from spectacular views of the South China Sea and easy access to one of the country’s most striking white sand beaches. For centuries, indigenous Dan people have lived on the shores of Haitang Bay, on the southernmost tip of tropical Hainan Island. Taking influence from these boat-dwelling communities, Grand Hyatt Sanya Haitang Bay Resort & Spa has been developed around the concept of a contemporary fishing village – inviting travelling families to congregate, experience a strong sense of community, and enjoy authentic local traditions. LTW was instrumental in building this theme, and has channelled the spirit of different ethnic groups in Hainan throughout the interior. The resort’s intriguing architectural design is in fact a modern interpretation of rectangular Chinese lanterns. Upon entering the soaring circular lobby, complete with large columns and a domed ceiling, guests are welcomed by a warm colour palette and an abundance of natural materials. Within the double-volume space of the lobby lounge, 15m high glass walls frame the area, while lush greenery and a vertical garden enhance the hotel’s tropical vibe. Lights in woven baskets hang from the ceiling, creating a relaxing environment in which guests can unwind and escape. An eye-catching feature wall divides the various zones of the lobby, drawing from the Li ethnic minority’s famed weaving and embroidery – named by UNESCO as an intangible heritage asset. Traditional woven patterns have been reinvented here, paired with ceremonial colours and curated artwork to complement the deluxe marble, mosaics and streamlined furnishings. ›››

HI68_pages.indd 43

06/12/2016 14:47


The resort’s all day dining restaurant – Grand Café – has adopted a beach house feel, with timber used extensively throughout, and a nautical palette of blues and yellows. The stone floor is patterned with timber circles to suggest drops of rippling water, while specially-designed artwork has been sourced to decorate the walls. The guest rooms and suites, too, have embraced the nautical theme. Raw, texturised materials and natural palettes have been selected by LTW here. The beauty and delicacy of traditional local craftsmanship has been incorporated through the striking artwork and bespoke wallcoverings. A great deal of thought has been invested in the ballroom and function areas of the hotel, often a somewhat overlooked space. Designed in the style of exclusive luxury residences, the seven meeting and event salons feature a blend of contemporary furnishings and tribal patterns in beautifully-woven fabrics. Traditional symbols of Li’s cultural celebrations have been artfully infused within the spaces, from the pre-function areas through to the 900m2 Grand Ballroom. Here, large French doors along one side open out onto the garden, offering abundant natural light and picturesque views. This blur of outside and inside continues within the hotel’s spa offering – set within its own 16,000m2 village and gardens. LTW has incorporated a neutral palette of natural materials for this intimate sanctuary, with colourful installations of fresh flowers placed throughout to enhance guests’ sensory journey. W

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Olson Kundig is behind the design of Copine – a striking new restaurant in Seattle’s Ballard neighbourhood.

Copine, Seattle

HI68_pages.indd 46

06/12/2016 14:47


Copine occupies a prominent corner of a new mixed-use building in Seattle, benefitting from large windows that flood the restaurant with natural light from all three sides. For Shaun McCrain and Jill Kinney – the couple behind Copine – the restaurant’s interior needed to be both intimate and social, while also allowing the food to take centre stage. “Working with Olson Kundig was an incredible experience,” says Jill Kinney. “Kirsten and her team were receptive to all of our input and helped us to create a space that really feels both inviting and refined.

HI68_pages.indd 47

“We wanted a Pacific Northwest nod that brought in elements of wood and earth, as well as some reclaimed pieces. They met the few challenges we encountered with grace and a positive response. Shaun and I are very grateful.” The layout of the restaurant been carefully executed so that the visitor experience unfolds as guests are greeted in the entry foyer. The host station here is clad in reclaimed wood, exuding character and depth, while custom casework with open shelves reveals the dining area beyond. The long bar, clad with reclaimed wood and topped with a deep metallic shade of Richlite, provides an

intimate space for dining and drinks. Suspended overhead, a roughly hewn Douglas fir trellis adds atmosphere and texture, while strategically-placed art walls painted in creamy white conceal the property’s mechanical systems, and lend a sense of privacy between dining zones. For larger parties, the experience culminates at the chef’s table and open kitchen – offering views of the busy, yet immaculate kitchen. Located off the main dining space, the open design provides an intimate insight into the preparation process, tradition and attention to detail that McCrain’s cuisine is famed for. W

06/12/2016 14:47


Pizza, pie and cider restaurant, The Stable, has arrived in Exeter’s historic Guildhall, with a stylish interior conceived by Bristol-based design firm, Studio B.

The Stable, Exeter

HI68_pages.indd 48

06/12/2016 14:47


This is in fact the tenth interior Studio B has completed for The Stable brand, with whom the firm has been working since 2011. “As with all Stable builds, we had no set brief, instead a series of site visits to establish the relationship between the building’s past, and what The Stable wanted to create – via both the menu and the overall design,” explains Studio B’s creative director, Kyle Clarke. “We began this story in the entrance; a huge stairwell entirely clad in locally sourced reclaimed timber. Here we worked with local illustrator Philip Harris to create an incredibly detailed 12ft cow dressed in a policeman’s uniform. The illustration itself reflects the previous uses of the building, a fresh produce market, police station and court house, whilst the style continues the

HI68_pages.indd 49

theme of intricate and unusual illustrations used in several other Stable restaurants.” Interior architect, Jess Britten, continues: “Throughout the interior, we created a dark and moody atmosphere, referring back to previous Stable sites for brand consistency. Our approach for the first floor was to appeal to communal diners and drinkers, providing views into the kitchen and a long, prominent bar. “We paired more reclaimed timber with stunning custom made patina brass fixtures and fittings. Dark tones, dusty emeralds, low beams and soft lighting add to the easy-going atmosphere.” In order to create a West Country oasis, awash with greenery, Studio B worked with botanist, Lucy Drane, and landscape designer, Tim

Gamlin, to create a planting scheme through the restaurant’s interior and exterior spaces. Assorted hanging palms have been installed in the stairwell to dramatic effect, while the potted plants and succulents are dotted throughout. A second floor bar – adorned with delicate ferns – will serve up The Stable’s first cocktail offering. The lighting here is classic and elegant, and the departure from previously-used timber cladding means that the space exudes warmth and sophistication. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the property is its impressive roof-top terrace, accessed via the bar. Here, two restored vintage caravans have been craned in to create a unique space for diners amidst an abundance of greenery and flowers. W

06/12/2016 14:47


The latest project from acclaimed architecture and design practice, Andy Martin Architecture (AMA), is Fucina – an Italian restaurant owned by Kurt Zdesar.

Fucina, London

Fucina’s identity centres on organic produce and artisanal technique – a concept AMA has mirrored in its sweeping sculptural design for the space. Here, the outside world is obscured by a floor-toceiling handmade coloured Italian glass and steel screen, creating a welcoming haven from the busy streets outside. The uniquely curved and distorted ceiling

HI68_pages.indd 50

immediately catches your eye upon entering. Handcrafted from brick, it alludes to the inside of a traditional pizza oven, creating a bold, undulating focal point for diners. From brick and marble to timber and burnt steel, AMA has used a palette of raw materials to reference the restaurant’s name, which translates as ‘forge’. The floor, for example, has been carefully hand-

laid using marble chips set into a traditional ‘terrazzo cement’ border, reminiscent of Carlo Scarpa’s Olivetti building. The tables and chairs are bespoke designs from AMA. Taking inspiration from tree roots, the tables seemingly grow from the floor, whilst the chairs are formed from refined and machined branches. W

06/12/2016 14:47


A PERSONALISED BATHROOM COLLECTION Roca presents Inspira, a new system that revolutionises the traditional concept of a bathroom collection. With three basic shapes that can be effortlessly combined, you can create a space with ultra-modern, harmonious and above all unique results. Discover Inspira - a bathroom collection with a personal touch.

HI68_pages.indd 51

06/12/2016 14:47


For the first Absurd Bird branded restaurant outside London, DesignLSM has created an interior steeped in America’s Deep South culture.

Absurd Bird, Exeter

Images ©James French Photography

Following on from the success of Absurd Bird’s flaship restaurant in Spitalfields, and its second site in Soho, Absurd Bird Exeter has now opened in the city’s popular dining quarter in Queen’s street. DesignLSM has drawn inspiration from the decorative architecture associated with America’s Deep South, along with the famous literature of Mark Twain, Tennessee Williams and Harper Lee for the restaurant’s quirky, plaful interior. Split over two levels, the first floor echoes the

HI68_pages.indd 52

aesthetic of a traditional Southern USA porch. This warm, rustic dining area features rocking chairs and intimate seating booths dressed with lush tropical planting. In the main restaurant area, meanwhile, an assortment of reclaimed plantation wooden shutters and windows recall a New Orleans townscape, while a sophisticated cocktail bar – clad in deep green glossed herringbone tiles – catches the eye.

Quirky features, such as a piano converted into a waiter station, a lit dovecote house and birdcage lighting, create that ‘absurd twist’ that characterises the brand. DesignLSM opted for a bold colour palette with a distressed, rustic finish, combining this with finer details – such as ornithological patterns and hidden literary quotes – to evoke the spirit and ethos of the Deep South. W

06/12/2016 14:47



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Roca bathrooms provide a ‘cocoon of comfort’ to hotel guests Roca – a global bathroom brand known for its innovative and design led products – has recently been involved in several prestigious UK hotel projects spanning country houses to urban aparthotels. Each property has a distinct aesthetic, demonstrating Roca’s ability to match products to suit the design of the interior. Cowley Manor, a contemporary country house located in the heart of the Cotswolds, became the first hotel in the UK to specify Roca’s In-Tank Meridian WC, for its refurbished Stable Block ‘Better Rooms’. The revolutionary design integrates the cistern and flush into the WC itself, reducing installation costs and saving on much-needed space. Mark Poulain, Roca’s international specification manager says, “The In-Tank Meridian’s innovative technology and modern shape perfectly matched Cowley’s stylish bathrooms.” Further north in Inverness, Roca worked with Kingsmills Hotel to specify products for a new collection of lodges set within their private gardens. Designed by Scottish architecture practice Keppie, the lodges form a sculptural curve, so that each room has a unique view of the gardens but with total privacy. The generous en-suite bathrooms have white vitreous china Gap wall hung toilets, double Bol basins, which sit elegantly on the granite vanity tops and the ultimate in bathing relaxation – a 2m Roca Raindream shower. “Our aim was to bring five-star luxury bathing to these wonderful lodges set in the landscape,” says hotel project manager James Story. “Our guests have described the Roca bathroom experience as a cocoon of comfort. That’s the best we could ever hope to offer.”

HI68_pages.indd 54

Newly extended hotel, BLOC Birmingham, worked with Roca in collaboration with Boxbuild for its standard and apartment rooms. They were commissioned to supply a custom-made Solid Surface solution to create the ultimate durable and hygienic bathroom which allowed Roca to test its tailored offering. The partnership has created a complete wall, floor and shower tray solution, alongside a bespoke Solid Surface basin, designed and prototyped with Boxbuild. Additionally, BLOC specified Roca brassware and sanitaryware for the bathrooms,

including the ultra-hygienic The Gap rimless toilet. Solid Surface is the ideal bathroom material for a contemporary, quality finish to BLOC’s compact, but luxuriously finished rooms. Bathroom design inspiration can be found at the Roca London Gallery, an award-winning showroom designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, located in the Chelsea Design Quarter. Over 200 products are on display, including exclusive collections by Armani and David Chipperfield. T 0207 610 9503 W

06/12/2016 14:47

Barovier&Toso chandeliers installed in Bulgari tower’s restaurant Barovier&Toso has created two customised chandeliers for Il Ristorante Luca Fantin – a new Michelin-star restaurant and lounge bar inside the Bulgari tower in the prestigious shopping district of Ginza, Tokyo.

The project was completed in August 2016 by Studio Antonio Citterio Patrizia Viel and Partners, which, two years ago, also chose Barovier&Toso for the decor of the Bulgari restaurant in London. Barovier&Toso has created two large cascades of Spinn elements in the ‘large’ version, in crystal and 24K gold. The chandeliers span two levels, and have a diameter of over 2m, by a height of over 6m. The designs emphasise the shared dialogue and affinities between Barovier&Toso and important luxury brands: distinctive style, exclusivity and an exceptional level of quality. W

HI68_pages.indd 55

06/12/2016 14:47


QED fits out South Lanarkshire coffee shop Quality Equipment Distributors (QED), based in Glasgow, is a leading UK designer and supplier of modular bar, coffee shop and food service equipment. The company has recently completed the design and installation of a modular coffee shop and additional kitchen equipment at Kings Coffee, a brand new high street outlet in Carluke, Scotland. The former hairdressing premises has been completely transformed with the help of QED. Essential items supplied and installed include the company’s own-brand Avalon refrigerated display counter with under-storage and a separate till counter. In addition, the back bar area includes a coffee maker with stainless steel counter, crockery storage shelves and a hand wash basin. For the kitchen area, QED has supplied stainless steel tables, an upright freezer, a food preparation table with saladette containers, a Blue Seal cooker and boiling top, a Classeq Duo under-counter dishwasher and a Merrychef E4 combination oven. T 0141 779 9503 W

Snakeskin surfacing at Ibiza hotel skai surfaces by Hornschuch are increasingly being used in leading hotels to create a homely, cosy atmosphere, or to translate trendy design concepts into reality. The brand has recently been specified for the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, situated in the trendy and famous Playa D’en Bossa. All 493 of the hotel’s striking guest rooms feature headboards and bedside tables covered with skai Aythana N. This high quality material features a natural snakeskin aesthetic, achieved through intricate, precise embossing. W

Smoothing the way for disabled families JD Wetherspoon is the first national pub chain to provide Changing Places toilet facilities, which give disabled people more space and additional equipment, including a ceiling track hoist and adult-sized height-adjustable changing bench. For pub restaurant, The Velvet Coaster in Blackpool, the facilities have proved more than successful. “It’s used daily, definitely worth putting in,” says manager, Rebecca White. “Customers tell us they came because they knew we have the Changing Places – we’re the only pub restaurant in Blackpool to have one.” Manufacturer Clos-o-Mat is the leading player in the supply and installation of the away-from-home assisted accessible toilet facilities, including Changing Places toilets. W

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06/12/2016 14:47


High LRV values

Allura, Forbo’s Luxury Vinyl tile brand, offers a variety of formats and designs, including safety and loose lay, to create attractive and appealing interiors. It is also REACH* compliant and made in Europe using phthalate free technology and has extremely low emission levels. Available in natural stress-reducing designs and high LRV values, by choosing Allura, Sophie and her customers benefit from a more comfortable environment. To find out how Forbo is committed to improving the health of one and all visit: *Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) address the production and use of chemical substances and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment.

HI68_pages.indd 57

06/12/2016 14:47


HI68_pages.indd 58

06/12/2016 14:47


A SEAT AT THE BAR WITH ANDY THORNTON Andy Thornton is a leading supplier of contract quality bar stools to the UK hospitality market.

Andy Thornton offers nearly 200 different designs of bar stool to suit every type of venue, including cocktail bars, wine bars, pubs, cafés, restaurants and coffee shops. All bar stools in the Andy Thornton range are manufactured to the highest contract quality, using only the finest materials, and are assembled with additional strengthening features to guarantee strength and stability. Most of the stools can be upholstered in a leather or fabric of the client’s choice to match other furniture in the venue. The company can also manufacture bespoke bar stools to order. Simply send in a detailed brief or sketched idea and it will develop this into a working product design for the client to approve. Bar stools are not only used at the bar. They can also be combined with poseur tables to create elevated drinking and dining areas. See the Andy Thornton range of complementing poseur tables which are offered in a wide range of styles and finishes. The full range of bar stools is available to view on the company website, www.andythornton. com, where new designs are being added on a regular basis. A selection of bar stools is included in the company’s new 160 page Vintage Style catalogue – call now for a copy. T 01422 376000 W

HI68_pages.indd 59

06/12/2016 14:47


STYLE MATTERS SECURES EXCLUSIVE OTTIU OFFERING Bespoke furniture manufacturer, Style Matters, has announced that it will be the exclusive UK distributor for the Ottiu product range.

The Ottiu brand, which originates from Portugal, is renowned for its glamorous and unique seating designs and is a welcome addition to Style Matters’ existing product portfolio. “Ottiu is a stunning collection, which epitomises mid-century glamour within its exquisite designs, so we’re thrilled to be distributing these products,” says Claire Fox, director at Style Matters. “The range has a number of truly unique designs, and offers something completely different to anything else currently on the market, so we’re confident it will go down a storm with our customers.” Ottiu was set up in Portugal in 2014, and has since become celebrated globally for its artistic designs, and high-quality finishes. Style Matters is a Cheshire-based, bespoke furniture manufacturer, producing a number of high-end and handmade pieces at its showroom in Knutsford. The brand has become renowned for its exceptional designs, including dining chairs, sofas, stools, fixed seating, tables, bars and outdoor pieces. Claire concludes: “Each and every client we work with has a completely bespoke brief, and we’re anticipating Ottiu will be particularly popular with those who are looking for something a little quirkier or more eccentric for their space.” T 01565 740342 W

HI68_pages.indd 60

06/12/2016 14:47


Quality since 1920

Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milano, Italy – Hall 10

Kirar Barlow Tyrie has been making exceptional outdoor furniture since 1920, with collections in stainless steel, premium teak wood, virgin aluminium, and woven resin. Recipient of eighteen international design excellence awards. Barlow Tyrie Limited, Braintree CM7 2RN, England Tel: +44 (0)1376 557 600 Email: Visit:

HI68_pages.indd 61 HospitalityInteriors_BarlowTyrie_FP_235x300_Kirar_Nov-Dec.indd 1

06/12/2016 14:47 31/10/2016 15:32:55


STRIKING NEW TABLE COLLECTIONS UNVEILED BY LYNDON DESIGN An inspiring new ‘Tables Edit’ sets the scene for Lyndon Design’s striking collections of handcrafted wooden tables. Designed to enhance any corporate or hospitality space, these exquisite collections provide designers with unending possibilities and the opportunity to bring elegance and charm to interior design schemes. Ten distinct table collections convey individual style and personality. From dining and occasional tables, coffee and side tables, to low medium and high tables, plus a new bistro table, the collections ooze the beauty and wood craftsmanship for which Lyndon Design is renowned. Impressive new additions include Pause side table, Wait coffee table and 120 low coffee table by award-winning designer, Mark Gabbertas. A natural extension to Lyndon Design’s legendary ranges of upholstered seating, the table collections also enable designers to satisfy multiple specifications from just one range. The choice of American black walnut or European oak further widens specification options and aids the designer’s quest for interior perfection. T 01242 584897 W

BURGESS FURNITURE’S NEW SOFT SEATING RANGE Burgess has introduced a range of soft seating for meeting rooms, breakout areas and bedrooms. One of the range’s standout designs is Junea – available with a combination of three upholstery styles and three different bases to suit any room requirements. It is a stylish and flexible solution for a wide variety of hospitality environments. The Burgess collection of furniture can now offer the complete solution for all venue seating and table needs, all manufactured to the highest standard in its West London factory. W

HI68_pages.indd 62

06/12/2016 14:48

BEBOP by David Fox

INTRODUCING THE NEW EXCLUSIVE DESIGNER FURNITURE COLLECTION FROM KNIGHTSBRIDGE. Taking a step away from hard-edged minimalism, the Bebop collection explores organically soft forms and contemporary Danish design. Modern and easy on the eye, the Bebop is the perfect partner for any dynamic work space.

HI68_pages.indd 63

06/12/2016 14:48


ECLECTIC INTRODUCES LEGARM DESIGN Eclectic is a long-standing furniture fabrication company with a well-established history of providing customers with quality furniture and case goods for almost any conceived design. Formed from walnut and leather, the LegArm lounge chair from the Eclectic team was inspired by the idea of legarms moving in different firections, one forwards, one backwards, to create the sense that the chair is walking. W

TWIST Aluminium Triangular Profile Conference Seat™ Lumbar Support Document Rack Excalibur1/2.indd 1 HI68_pages.indd 64

+44 (0) 1908 327100 14/11/2016 09:05 06/12/2016 14:48


The age of “activated” public spaces within hotels has arrived. Though slightly abstract, this term captures the potential of any dwell space – no matter square footage or stature – to engage with guests on some level. Here, Hospitality Interiors’ Gemma Ralph explores the role of the arts within these spaces; how they inspire, instruct and enhance the guest experience.

THE ART OF WELLNESS It often strikes me that there are two parallel movements that appear to govern the modern psyche – one, an impulse towards instant connectivity, tangible results and forward progress, the other a desire to retreat and reflect, to seek comfort in nostalgic or unmechanised forms. Though we may be driven by aspiration, taking stock of our progress through the remarkable advances in technology that permeate our lives on every level, we seem to share a growing concern with “wellness”, with the idea that we must remedy the bustle and sway of modern day life by nourishing our minds and bodies. Take the recent proliferation of ‘hygge’ – the Danish concept of ‘cosiness’, for those that have somehow managed to avoid reading about it. This emphasis on feeding the soul through comfort, relaxation and peacefulness is gaining real traction with the British population, and one can see why. The hospitality industry has responded to the explosion of wellness tourism in a big way. Dedicated wellness hotels and resorts; state-of-theart fitness centres; on-site sleep experts; expansive clean eating menu options – the list goes on.

A less-discussed element of wellness tourism, though, is its connection with the arts. Much store is set in the therapeutic effects of reading, listening to music, creating and looking at art, and hotels are finding exponentially more creative ways to incorporate these activities into their offering. Art and museum hotels are big business. Hotel brands, such as the Art Series Hotel Group in Australia, have built their entire identity around the relationship we share with art – using a particular artist or artistic movement as the creative DNA and pulse of its properties. Others have extensive collections of artwork, or even dedicated on-site galleries. Take Le Royal Monceau Raffles in Paris, for example. A staggering investment has been made in its art collection, which features pieces from the likes of Guy Le Querrec and Simon Chaput, in its impressive gallery, as well as in its public spaces and guest rooms. Interior designers, in turn, are embracing the movement; selecting pieces or collections that forge parallels with the physical and cultural landscape of the hotel’s surroundings; building narratives around the history or imagined ‘secret life’ of a property;

or merely creating memorable and unique visual markers. “Art is at its most powerful in strengthening a hotel’s brand when it is surprising,” affirms Alex Toledano, co-founder and president of art consultancy, VISTO Images. “Very frequently hotels think art helps most when it fits the design of the property, when it matches the decoration. In these instances, art functions like a carpet or a fabric, in that it contributes to the feeling and experience of a space. “But art does much more for a hotel when it is striking, not only visually but also intellectually. When a piece draws in a guest because it’s not what they were expecting to see on the wall, the artwork is beginning to add extra value to the property. It is telling stories, asking a guest to think, and, ideally, helping the guest to remember the piece and the hotel.” In the same way that hotels are employing artwork to explore their local heritage and community, curated book collections and libraries are also being used to increase traveller’s engagement with their surroundings. ›››

Ultimate Library has created the book collection for Doyle Collection – The Kensington Hotel, London

HI68_pages.indd 65

06/12/2016 14:48


The Asbury, New Jersey

HI68_pages.indd 66

06/12/2016 14:48


The days of a solitary Bible in the bedside drawer and a collection of sad-looking pamphlets detailing touristic points of interest are over; it is all about going that extra mile to connect with guests on a meaningful level. Philip Blackwell founded Ultimate Library back in 2007 with the precise intention of remedying the poor quality of hotel reading material. The company specialises in creating bespoke book and film collections for hotels, sourcing books from across the globe to entertain, educate and inspire. From galleries and libraries to state-of-the-art cinemas. Film is not only another escapist medium, but can be a key way of connecting guests with the local arts community. Indeed, The Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles has film at its very heart. Formerly the historic United Artists building, the hotel boasts a lovingly-restored 1600 seat movie palace. Everything from film premieres to symposiums take place here, establishing the hotel as a true destination venue for guests and locals alike. Ashford Castle – a five star hotel in County Mayo, Ireland – has also embraced its links with the film industry. In 1951, the castle was used as the backdrop for filming of The Quiet Man, directed by John Ford. The castle’s premier 32-seat cinema room captures the charm and comfort of a traditional picture house, with a vast array of film screenings daily. These diverse examples demonstrate a shift towards activities and experiences that appeal to the imagination and intellect of the modern traveller. Whether simply to entertain and transport guests, or to forge meaningful connections with the local community, the arts can provide a useful medium through which to to engage travellers with the heritage and national psyche of their locale.

ibis Brighton City Centre hotel

The Miami beach EDITION – Outdoor movie screening in the Sand Box at Tropicle

Ultimate Library has created a curated reading space for the Four Seasons – Geneva, Switzerland

11 Cadogan Gardens, London

HI68_pages.indd 67

06/12/2016 14:48


HI68_pages.indd 68

06/12/2016 14:48


Respected designer and manufacturer of high quality furniture, Allermuir, has experienced a growing demand for co-working inspired design from hospitality customers looking to maximise underused communal areas more broadly, rather than just relying on bar and restaurant trade. Here, the company discusses the benefits and challenges of incorporating co-working spaces in a hotel environment ...

HOTEL MEETS WORKPLACE Co-working is big news, and big business. Driven by the thriving entrepreneurial and freelancing economy, these hubs tap into the desire for collaborative, scalable and flexible space, where smaller businesses can start-up and grow, surrounded by like-minded individuals. And, it seems, hotels are starting to sit up and take notice. There is a growing demand for co-working inspired design from the hospitality industry, looking to maximise underused communal areas more broadly, rather than just relying on bar and restaurant trade. Alongside the benefits to hoteliers for offering such facilities – enhancing the ability to cater for flexible workers or business travellers, and increasing footfall and revenue through customer spend – there are also benefits to the working public, which make such spaces desirable. Co-working spaces offer flexible workers the ability to be part of a community, where they are surrounded by other like-minded or placed people; they offer an alternative to the hotel meeting room, where people can arrange to meet in a relaxed yet suitable setting; and, they can offer flexible areas to retreat and work in a relaxed yet quiet environment, for either a single day or every day.

HI68_pages.indd 69

There are hotels that are already doing this successfully, and reaping the rewards. The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, London has built a versatile social lobby that provides a hub for working, relaxing and meeting 24 hours a day. The space is divided into zones that allow privacy whilst remaining part of the social environment. This isn’t the first lobby of its kind in the Ace Hotel portfolio. In fact, the group’s New York hotel’s communal workspace has been catering for New York’s designers, academics, stylists, advertising execs, writers, and entrepreneurs for a number of years – so much so that the hotel’s lobby has become known as the place to work and be seen working. Towards the end of last year Hotel Schani in Vienna got in on the act. The development includes YourSpace, a co-working space that is rentable for both guests and locals that has been integrated in the hotel’s lobby, providing a space designed for work, communication, recreation and food. However, working in public spaces which regularly see large movements of people, such as hotel lobbies and receptions, can also suffer from significant barriers. A vast majority of lobbies have not been designed for this purpose and as such do not offer an environment that fosters flexible

working or caters appropriately for those looking for a space to spend time and focus. The purpose and usability of a space needs to be considered from the outset and therefore incorporated into the design, not added in at a later stage, in order to provide a harmonious interior design. And, it is the clever use of space and design that makes this all possible. So what considerations are needed to seamlessly implement co-working spaces into hotel communal areas? Partitions and fixed-furniture solutions can be used to offer a degree of flexibility so that the space can adapt throughout the day to its differing uses. This modern interior and furniture design can help hoteliers to strike the right balance between privacy and play, where people can feel comfortable whether using the space to relax, work quietly or meet. The aim from the outset should be to create a series of products that just look and feel right within the overall look and feel of the hotel. It must seem natural, comfortable and easy, and should work with the hotel’s design ethos. Without giving attention to the hotels overall design a co-working space can feel out of place and that feeling will reflect onto its ››› users.

06/12/2016 14:48


The space should ensure that looks and engineering work in harmony. Often people will choose a place to work purely for its provision of 240v or USB charging. The design challenge is incorporating these requirements in a safe way that does not undermine the look and feel of the space. A particularly effective solution is to use furniture that has power modules safely incorporated by the manufacturer. Ergonomics of furniture is another area which should be deeply considered. It is important to create furniture that has the right style for a hotel, but also allows the functionality for work. Typical office furniture is not appropriate for a hotel lobby setting, yet plush deep sofas will not offer the right degree of support for long term working. It is important that the right blend of style and functionality when designing a flexible interior space. The acoustics of a space are just as important as the furniture that occupies it. When providing open areas that cater for all uses, attention must be paid to the surrounding environment. Furniture designers are reacting to this specific need and are creating innovative acoustic products that not only help to absorb and reflect sound, but also look good in the interiors that they occupy. Furniture designers are increasingly responding to this need for balance. The ‘middle ground’ between hospitality and office spaces is being explored more and more, and we are seeing the emergence of products that offer the flexibility, functionality and design credentials that are fitting additions to any hotel lobby. It doesn’t look like this trend is set to slow down any time soon. W

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06/12/2016 14:48

Need CarCasses? Buy direct from the manufacturer

We produce carcass units for kitchens, bedrooms, offices and more. Made to your exact specification. We are also a trade supplier of full kitchens and bedrooms.

British Made for the trade

We’ll be happy to advise on any project, big or small, and you can rest assured we offer straightforward service and prompt delivery.

% 01282 816434 HI68_pages.indd 71

06/12/2016 14:48


Basically Trade, a dedicated British manufacturer of bespoke cabinets, has moved to state-of-the-art new premises in Lancashire.

BESPOKE, BRITISH-BUILT CABINETS The Padiham-based firm is proud to have grown in size and strength, following significant investment in plant, people and technology. MD Steve Ward explains: “We work with discerning trade clients across the UK and beyond, providing quality carcass units, complete kitchens, bespoke bedrooms, stunning shop fittings and much more. “As a company, we have always been wholeheartedly committed to quality. With our recent move to a much bigger factory, we have been able to bring all of our carcass unit manufacturing in house. This means that our customers (and theirs) can rely on the finest quality, the most efficient service and the shortest possible lead times. “Whether the client is an architect, café owner, hotel manager, commercial specifier or builder – we can help advise and provide bespoke solutions for even the trickiest projects. “We’ve been serving this industry for decades and our experience means we are well placed to advise on any unique contract. Over the years, as well as supplying for domestic residences, we have created bespoke wardrobe areas for cloakrooms, refreshment stations for conference areas, kitchens for shops and cafés, and multi-use wardrobe spaces for hotels – which were able to house mini fridges, safes, hanging space, luggage storage and shelves for extra bedding. “Because Basically Trade manufactures its own bespoke carcasses in house using only the finest materials and top machinery, we are happy to vouch for their quality. For that reason, we offer a ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee, and we use Blum fittings as standard which carry a lifetime guarantee. “We can design and manufacture carcasses to any specification using PEFC-rated melamine chipboard in a wide range of finishes. Using only FSCsourced materials, we can create the ideal storage and display solutions based on our clients’ exact specification. “Combined with our matching contemporary PVCedged doors, these carcass units give a professional, high quality finish which is incredibly durable for high traffic environments. What’s more, because we refuse to compromise on quality, our units are 18mm throughout, including backs and drawer bases! “Our investment in the new factory and in industry-leading Homag machinery means that Basically Trade has the capacity to continue growing and serving more clients up and down the country and throughout Europe. “With minimal lead times, swift delivery and simple assembly, we work tirelessly to make sure our hospitality clients benefit from the fantastic service they deserve – further building our sterling reputations together.” T 01282 816434 W

HI68_pages.indd 72

Robes and doors manufactured using one of Egger’s latest mfcs

Bathroom incorporating Basically Trade’s exclusive range of Chic matt painted base doors

Basically Trade’s newly-installed Homag German machinery in Lancashire

Bespoke kitchen in walnut timber with copper-glass finish

06/12/2016 14:48


3D precision, exceptional comfort...



HI68_pages.indd 73 BurgessJunea_SEP_OCT_16_HospInt_300 x 235_FINAL.indd 1

06/12/2016 14:48 08/08/2016 15:57:15


Following the opening of Park Hyatt Mallorca in Spain, the hotel has now unveiled Serenitas Spa – its exclusive day spa and wellness centre.

A BALEARIC OASIS Mallorcan hospitality and the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape are at the heart of this luxury new spa experience. Set amidst landscaped gardens, the spa profits from picturesque views of the Serra de Llevant Mountains. This rural Balearic locale is also reflected in the broad range of treatments offered. Incorporating healing ingredients that date back thousands of years, including pine, olive oil, citrus and lavender, all treatments can be individually tailored to meet the needs of each guest. The spa has seven treatment rooms, an alpha quartz sand bed, sauna, steam rooms, sensory showers and a vitality pool. Guests can also make use of the Serenitas Spa lounge, a calm, majestic space with breathtaking sea and mountain views. W

HI68_pages.indd 74

06/12/2016 14:48


Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas has broadened the city’s spa offering with its stylish, fully-renovated new facilities.

AN OASIS IN VEGAS Regarded as a haven from the bustling activity of the Strip, the Forbes Five Star Spa is located on the lobby level of the non-gaming, non-smoking Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas. The intimate space features 12 treatment rooms, including two over-sized couples’ suites and an expanded co-ed Zen lounge. “The Spa at Four Seasons has long been a sanctuary for hotel guests, local residents and Las Vegas visitors alike,” comments Mark Hellrung, Four Seasons general manager. “This easily accessible space features a fresh, sophisticated design paired with the intuitive service that is the hallmark of the Four Seasons brand.” The spa’s interior has been completed by EDG, and is inspired by the natural beauty of the desert. Throughout the space, warm colours, natural materials and artwork inspired by nature create a soothing atmosphere. A reception area features a striking reception desk, accentuated by an oversized piece of art formed from walnut hardwood. Metallic hues, finished in materials such as bronze, granite and cork, abound within the treatment rooms, while eucalyptus cabinetry and maple tables have been installed in the other areas. An expanded retail selection – featuring everything from products and gifts to athletic wear – allows guests to continue their spa journey at home. W W

HI68_pages.indd 75

06/12/2016 14:48


After five years of planning, one of the UK’s leading spa consultancies, Spa Creators, has launched its first modular SPAShell solution for the spa, wellness and luxury hotel sector.


Image credit: Copyright SPAshell™ SPA Creators Limited © 2016

SPAshell offers boutique hotels two modular pod size options; one which offers four treatment rooms and one which facilitates eight treatment rooms. Both come with thermal suites to boost guests’ relaxation experience with stylish and sophisticated Italian designed sauna and steam rooms. Each SPAshell also includes a commerciallygraded outdoor vitality pool, made from beautiful cedar wood materials with bucket shower and monsoon drench showers, ideal for cooling off. In addition SPAshell comes with a management support contract, part of which entails a full IT system for diary management and property business functions including: stock control, management reports etc. Each SPAshell installation is turnkey supplied; from fully trained, managed staff members, to a fully integrated training and client management solution, ensuring that spa guests receive the highest standards of spa and wellbeing treatments. The eco-conscious SPAshell brand has chosen low maintenance Siberian Larch Wood to clad each spa pod; with a natural resistance to decay, it blends easily and sympathetically over time within the immediate environment whilst combining high standards of manufacturing technology to the core buildings. Laura Penman, owner of luxury Shropshire boutique hotel, Fishmore Hall, is the first to install Spa Creators’ SPAShell solution. Laura had originally engaged an architect to design a spa, but decided

HI68_pages.indd 76

to change direction and appoint Spa Creators as specialised spa consultants. “I was very grateful when Alistair of Spa Creators came back to me with some more creative spa solutions and ideas,” she explains. “He actually came back and presented me with an eight treatment room modular spa and a four treatment room version, both of which looked incredible!” During this particular SPAShell installation, Spa Creators delivered the pre-manufactured modular spa in sections on seven lorries, craned it into place and commissioned it in 10 days. “I had that much confidence in Spa Creators that I didn’t mind that I had two weddings booked on either side of those two weeks,” says Laura. “On the day the spa was delivered we had people in for lunch and people in for afternoon tea. There weren’t any loud noises, drilling or banging, and there was no disturbance to our hotel business whatsoever. It was great! “I would recommend this spa solution for any boutique hotel. We only have a tiny plot of land yet it works perfectly for us, and will blend into the landscape. “It has provide us with an amazing new spa offering for our customers and an exciting new revenue stream for our business. I have no doubt SPAShell will revolutionise the hotel spa sector as it is such a great spa business concept.” W

06/12/2016 14:48


DURABLE, STYLISH SPA UNIFORMS FROM INLINE LONDON Inline London is due to launch a new spa brochure in 2017, featuring 20 new designs in the company’s signature bi-stretch fabrics with breathable properties. This will add to Inline London’s already-comprehensive range of tunics and dresses, favoured by exclusive spas and hotels in the UK and abroad. Inline’s emphasis remains on unusual design detailing, quality fabrics, expert manufacturing and a bespoke customer service. The company exports worldwide, and prides itself on the longevity of its relationships with its high-profile clients – some of which span over 20 years. Cavell Thomas, the creative director, is currently expanding the Inline brand into the hospitality sector. The unusual designs are aimed specifically at high end boutique hotels and have been very well received. This service is currently by appointment only. T 01483 514820 W

HI68_pages.indd 77

06/12/2016 14:48


MODULAR FELT CEILING SYSTEM Hunter Douglas Architectural, a global leader in the management of indoor climate, energy and acoustics, has introduced the first modular felt ceiling system in the world. Inspired by a generation of designs, HeartFelt is a new creative and attractive linear ceiling system that generates a warm ambiance, offers exceptional acoustic control and is sustainable by design. The HeartFelt ceiling system offers architects, installers and building owners an advanced budgetfriendly ceiling system with optimal acoustic control in a material that is 100% recyclable. Each panel is box shaped and is easily clicked onto the specially designed carrier system. HeartFelt is currently available in five different shades of grey – white, light grey, middle grey, dark grey and anthracite. T 01604 766251 W

KEMMLIT FIT FOR PURPOSE FOR LEISURE CENTRE REFURB The Spa at Beckenham in Kent is an award-winning leisure centre, featuring two swimming pools, a fitness suite, badminton court, bar and restaurant. In keeping with the Spa’s high standards, Kemmlit’s Type R Lockers in grey, blue and white were specified by architect Arkon Associates for the changing rooms and Kemmlit Cronus cubicles in a white glass finish for the male and female shower rooms. The Type R Locker System utilises high quality 100% corrosion-resistant aluminium with a choice of two door types finished in a special overlay to protect against scratching and damage. For this project, 13mm solid grade laminate (HPL) doors were specified. The Cronus cubicle system is so versatile and flexible it can be used for either dry or wet areas. The panels are made from 8mm or 12mm toughened safety glass with a satin anodised aluminium supporting structure. A 13mm solid grade laminate panel option is also available. W

HI68_pages.indd 78

06/12/2016 14:48

Geberit AquaClean The WC that cleans you with water.

Wellness for your guests. WhirlSpray shower technology

Touchless WC lid automatic function

Orientation light

Odour extraction

TurboFlush technology


WC seat heating

Wellness begins in the bathroom. Meet your guests’ ever increasing demand for comfort and luxury with Geberit AquaClean Mera, the WC with integrated shower function - the new essential. →

HI68_pages.indd 79

06/12/2016 14:48


The Ivy Bar

HI68_pages.indd 80

06/12/2016 14:48


LESS ABOUT ILLUMINATION, MORE ABOUT BRAND COMMUNICATION Lighting in restaurants is less about illumination and more about curated art, location reference and brand communication, says Jeremy Quantrill, managing director of Dernier & Hamlyn.

Fera at Claridge’s

As a bespoke lighting manufacturer that has been around for the best part of two hundred years, we know a thing or two about the importance of suitability of lighting for its environment. While sometimes lighting is there purely for practical purposes, in the hospitality sector this is rarely the case and in restaurants even less so. Of course, guests and staff generally need to be able to see where they are going and what they are eating – unless dining at Dans le Noir! – but the lighting is invariably more about creating the right atmosphere and suiting its environment. Here when we talk about suitability, it’s about meeting the designers’ concepts and creating a grammar which increasingly acknowledges the restaurant’s history, location and spirit. Take The Ivy, a firm fixture on London’s dining and social scene since 1917. With interiors that invoke the glamour of this time by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, the lighting is a crucial part of the ambiance throughout the day and night. When the restaurant re-opened after its extensive refurbishment, reviewers invariably noted that MBDS

HI68_pages.indd 81

had made it feel lighter and more expansive without losing its soul – quite an achievement. An aspect of the new design that was often commented on was the fantastic stone topped central dining bar, which boasts beautiful lamps made by our team in London that were based on original photography from the 1920s. The brief was to achieve a luxurious appearance and decorative features combined with subtle lighting. The lamp bases were cast in solid brass using handcrafted wooden moulds, the glass shades were hand cut to accomplish the desired faceted look and their internal facings sandblasted to provide a soft spread of light. Fera, the Michelin starred restaurant at Claridge’s, the epitome of timeless art deco inspired elegance, is another example where the décor and soul of a period in time is translated through its design. Created by interior designer Guy Oliver, who has worked throughout the hotel for more than 20 years, his desire is to create period appropriate interiors. In Fera this demanded bespoke lighting that complements other features in this beautiful room.

We worked with him to trawl our extensive archive and to source inspiration that resulted in a relevant dialogue between the internal architecture and features and established a language that worked with the style that he wanted to evoke. Taking a gothic arch detail on the capitals of the columns, this was followed with the shape of the mirrors fixed to the columns, into the metalwork below and through to the pedestal lamps that sit atop the marble counters of the serving stations in the restaurant and in the cocktail bar. They feature strong, streamlined shapes, typical of this glamorous epoch and are finished in polished nickel to emulate the desire for shiny materials akin to chrome a brand new material of the time. While for Hoborn Dining at Rosewood London, the brief for the lighting and the resulting fittings were very different indeed. In keeping with the client’s ‘A Sense of Place’ philosophy that ensures that all of its properties respect and reflect their locations, Holborn Dining is a grand British brasserie. Clearly this is something of an oxymoron, but fits perfectly with the Britishness with a twist that was required.

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The lighting here complements this philosophy and comprises six eye catching blackened steel ovalchandeliers, some 7m long, that were manufactured using mixed construction methods incorporating both laser cutting and making sections by hand. Their seemingly simple lines are not only a discreet hiding place for the emergency lighting that has been fitted to the light fittings’ cross section bars, they are also housing 500 120mm LED globe lamps custom made to meet the exacting aesthetic and energy usage brief from the designers. Despite a global search, no LED lamps that met the specified criteria for quality, light colour and visual appearance that was required could be sourced. So, a supplier that specialises in LED solutions for heritage buildings was able to create bespoke lamps that achieved all of the requirements.

These and many other examples show that restaurant lighting is there for so much more than the illumination it provides. When used cleverly, it can be an integrated part of the design that can be an artwork, an articulation of a period in time or a translation of the restaurant’s brand. Specifying, developing and manufacturing bespoke lighting that contributes to creation of the ambiance is extraordinarily exciting. It can also be less expensive than people sometimes think. By carefully considering the most important objectives and how they can be achieved using a whole range of intelligent engineering methods, finishing techniques and lamping options, solutions can usually be found that not only tick all the aesthetic boxes but stay within budget too. W

Fera at Claridge’s

Holborn Dining Room

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06/12/2016 14:48


British pavements meet selfstabilising tables from Sweden! Everyone hates sitting at a wobbly table. Still, most restaurants continue to use ”simple” tables with poor adjustment feet that never seem to be correctly set. Instead of finding a solution they rely on their customers to fix the problem by placing menu cards, coasters or napkins under the table legs or just accept the problem. It is such a common problem that it is easy to give up. But there is a solution! For a number of years StableTable® has helped thousands of cafés, restaurants, pubs and bars to automatically stabilise their tables and stop the wobble.

The tables automatically adjust!

StableTable® are award-winning self-stabilising tables. They automatically adjust to any uneven surface, and find a stable position. Forget difficult adjustment feet, folded napkins under table legs and complaining guests! StableTable® tables adjust to both bumps and grooves and manage height differences up to 25 mm without any manual adjustment. The unique, mechanical system sits well protected inside the centre pillar, away from the gound. The tables are manufactured in Sweden and are fully recyclable.

StableTable® are truly unique tables. Lift, pull or drag them to wherever you want and they will automatically adjust and always stand still. It is estimated that over 200 000 people sit and eat at a wobble free table from StableTable® everyday. No wonder they are appreciated by staff, guests and architects and have won a number of International awards.

StableTable at FIKA, Shoreditch, London


“No more wobbly tables!”

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08/04/2016 14:48 17:15 06/12/2016


The Parian collection from British Ceramic Tile has been chosen to transform the floor at Pizza Express, Barnes.

PIZZA EXPRESS OPTS FOR MOROCCAN-INSPIRED TILE IN BARNES RESTAURANT Working with Retail Interior Solutions and British Ceramic Tile’s dedicated specification team, Pizza Express settled on the Moroccan-inspired pattern of the Parian collection when transforming its Barnes restaurant. Made from porcelain, and featuring a striking matt finish, the collection’s hardwearing, durable properties made it the ideal choice for this busy restaurant space in London. “What made this project stand out was the brief to offer a floor tile that combined style with substance, offering on-trend design in a hard-wearing material “explains David Richards, marketing manager at British Ceramic Tile. “The modern patchwork design and on-trend grey colour scheme fits seamlessly with the retail environment at Pizza Express, echoing their contemporary brand, and as it’s made from the highest quality porcelain, it’s guaranteed to suit the busy restaurant.” T 01626 831377 W

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Tribe Africa Nandos St James Street By Craftwood Interiors

Yarwood Leather has you covered. +44 (0) 113 252 1014 HI68_pages.indd 85

@YarwoodLeather 06/12/2016 14:49


FLAT Technologies has a sophisticated solution to the age-old issue of wobbly restaurant tables ...

FLAT TECHNOLOGIES FIXES AN INFURIATING PROBLEM With restaurant and bars competing strongly for sales in all segments of the hospitality and foodservice industry, it’s hardly surprising that owners are increasingly investing time and money in the design of their establishments. Lighting, wall art, modern table tops, comfy chairs, fireplaces, music systems, Wi-Fi and fancy POS systems are increasingly becoming the norm. Yet, there are items in most establishments that consistently have a negative impact on both diners and staff: the tables! Uneven surfaces, damaged legs or missing feet are creating wobbly tables day in, day out. They infuriate, create spillages, cause complaints, ruin meals, and waste time. In fact, a YouGov survey found that 68% of folks would gain a negative impression of an establishment if they were sat at a wobbly table. And (perhaps more importantly), 56% of those surveyed said they would reconsider returning to an establishment where they had had a negative experience of a wobbly table Thankfully, FLAT Technologies has the answer. FLAT manufactures over 40 styles of self-stabilising table bases. Its multi-award-winning tables have hydraulic technology located in the table bases, which instantly and automatically adjusts the feet to the surface below – eradicating those problem wobbles for good.

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What’s more, FLAT table bases also allow restaurants to perfectly align multiple table tops. When tables are brought together for a larger group, a ridge is often found where the table tops join. FLAT table bases eliminate this problem too – simply lift or tilt the table to the height of the adjoining top and voila, the feet have adjusted and locked in place for one smooth surface. FLAT table bases are available from resellers across the UK and worldwide. T 0844 247 9411 W

06/12/2016 14:49


PETITE FRITURE RELEASES FIRST TABLEWARE COLLECTION French design editor, Petite Friture, has released its first complete tableware collection. Succession is a collaboration with the talented design-duo Färg & Blanche, a Franco-Swedish studio based in Stockholm, and French specialist porcelain manufacturer Revol. The playful range is developed from the shape and texture of a cauliflower, intended to create a smile each time it’s used. “Materiality is important: the surface of our Succession tableware has been manipulated to create an interesting and playful, sensory experience,” explains Amélie du Passage, founder of Petite Friture. “When it comes to tableware, trends have reverted back to basics, back to nature – using raw materials and organic shapes!” W

Over the past 25 years WS Uniform has built up an impressive knowledge of bespoke and stock clothing. With client lists covering a diverse range of establishments, the company has developed relationships with a large number of stock clothing and accessory suppliers. WS Uniform has also had great opportunity to explore the bespoke market, allowing them to design and produce waistcoats, Nehru jackets, suits, shirts, polo shirts, and even bags, ties and hipflasks. The bespoke field of the business ties WS Uniform to fashion house Walker Slater, the Edinburgh and London based tweed specialist. 0131 564 1660 18/1 Victoria Terrance, Edinburgh EH1 2JL |

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Brooklyn-based design studio, Juniper, and artist Pascale Girardin have created a whimsical display of art and light with the Love Me Not pendant.

Nostalgia-filled lighting from Juniper Suspended individually or in a cluster – ideal for hotel lobbies, restaurants and other public spaces – the pendant’s organic shape is crafted from five layers of hand-formed, porcelain-finish acrylic, so no two fixtures are identical. The porcelain-finish acrylic, developed by famed German manufacturer Evonik, offers a unique material that exemplifies the lasting quality of ceramic, while providing the optical performance required for a functional light pendant. This light-filled pendant draws its design inspiration from childhood memories of picking petals off daisies. Founded in 2011, Juniper is a fully integrated design studio and manufacturing shop. Fusing design and technology, Juniper believes strongly that good design can have a meaningful impact. W

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Celebrating the renaissance in men’s grooming, Madheke’s Rialto valet and Norton dresser chair revive the rituals of men’s dressing with an understated decadence.

Epitomising the refined man The valet, epitomising the refined man, is not only seen as a revival of the vintage, but has also established itself as a relevant and desirable contemporary accent. Madheke’s gesture to the contemporary gentleman looks back to the traditions of dressing, whilst pursuing aesthetic innovation through material crafting and timeless detailing. An ultra black aesthetic, softened by texture, tone and form defines the style for Madheke’s man. Madheke, by LOCO Design, is a luxury furniture and accessories brand bringing together crafted excellence and modern luxury. With a meticulous use of exquisite materials and timeless detailing, Madheke products embody exceptional character designed for sophisticated living. Driven by a passion for creation and an expertise in working with the world’s finest materials, the brand’s essence is to create pieces that embody a timeless character. W The KS Group (UK Luxury Partner) T 020 8972 1209 E

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Tresillo collection, Harlequin

Callista collection, Harlequin

Style Library Contract is a one-stop resource for interior designers, architects and specifiers around the world – offering a comprehensive range of fabrics and wallpapers from Zoffany, Harlequin, Anthology, Sanderson, Morris & Co Scion and FR One under one division.

Exceptional wallcoverings from Style Library Contract

London 1832, Phaedra collection from Zoffany

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One of the latest additions for autumn 2016 is the Zoffany Phaedra collection. The launch embodies the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of London, incorporating myriad historic and cultural references. The Zoffany palette has evolved through experimental work with natural plant dyes, and by taking inspiration from organic stones and minerals, to which were added the astonishing jewel colours of historic documents from the Zoffany archive. Also new for 2016 is Callista from Harlequin, created in collaboration with acclaimed textile designer, Clarissa Hulse. Following on from the success of Kallianthi – Harlequin’s first collection with Clarissa – Callista is an enticing, enchanting collection of wallpaper, woven fabrics and printed silks. Clarissa’s love for colour is reflected in the Callista collection, where rich emerald, moss and forest greens are introduced to complement her trademark shades of kingfisher, neon pink, paprika, slate, turmeric and zinc. Harlequin’s Tresillo collection, on the other hand, features soft, geometric motifs, subtle but statement patterns and effortless organic designs that have been inspired by global finds and international style. The drapery fabrics comprise three digital prints which include: overlapping, ikat-edged disks, overblown abstract watercolour flower-heads and a ribbed-effect stripe, an ikat semi-sheer, a woven jacquard that features distressed, almost pixelated lines and four embroidered fabrics which include zingy, multi-coloured narrow chevrons, triangles forming stripes and a mosaic tile effect. W

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Neolith from TheSize – distributed in the UK by QF Distribution – brings with it new and interesting possibilities for surface design.

Neolith – an extraordinary surface Neolith is one of the largest sintered compact surfaces, and belongs to a new and revolutionary product category born in the last decade with the aim of providing an innovative response to the most demanding architectural and design demands. The sintering technology that TheSize has developed to create Neolith uses a combination of extreme highpressure and temperature, giving birth to a surface with unique technical features. These include high resistance to scratches and abrasions, stains and high-temperatures, as well as colours that do no change with exposure to UV rays. Neolith’s exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal therefore makes it the perfect solution for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, wall cladding, floor tiles and façades. The modern UV-resistant colour palette ensures that designers can achieve the look they want, whether indoors or outdoors. 100% eco-friendly, Neolith uses natural materials and technologies that respect the environment. This is supported by a 10-year certified guarantee for kitchen countertops. Neolith can now be viewed at the QFD showroom at the Business Design Centre in Islington. QFD stocks a large range of surface finishes in a size of 3200 x 1500mm, in 12 and 6mm thicknesses that include solid colours and stimulating designs. T 020 3457 4949 W

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Renolit reviews some of its latest 3D Highlights collection from the 2016 3D Stock Range. This year, 38 innovative effects were introduced, ranging from the latest solid colours in high gloss, matt finishes and structured painted woodgrain surfaces, to the most realistic woodgrain prints and sophisticated textures.

Renolit’s 2016 highlights Solid colours This year, solid colours and textured surfaces are prominent, with 19 new effects on offer. Colours extending beyond the quiet reserves of neutral tones, as the market is again looking for warmth, vibrancy and atmosphere. High gloss To meet continuing popularity for high gloss surfaces, three vibrant new colours were introduced: Evora, Peperoncino Rosso and Plankton. Metals Metal tones are ideal for adding fashionable highlights and atmosphere such as High Gloss Arctic Blue, Copper Red Textured and Nomadic Gold. Matt finishes The continued emerging demand for matt surfaces is met with a dynamic range of eight trend colours from two alternative surface finishes – Suedette Matt and Supermatt. Structured surfaces Two new dark greys are represented – Graphite Modern Ash, a structured woodgrain paint effect and the linear Lino Wolfgang Grey.

Liberty Elm

Woodgrain designs While Oak remains popular with four new décors – Urban Oak, Gladstone Oak, Riverside and Vintage Oak – all of which feature different design elements and represent eight of the new product introductions in different colourways. This year also sees a broadening of the species in vogue with Beech, Elm and Walnut all making an appearance, creating diversity and extending the scope of the range. The Renolit Highlights Collection features the new design introductions from the last 24 months, added annually into the global 3D stock collection. The range totals an extensive 278 Renolit Covaren and Renolit Alkoren decors. The complete collection can be viewed in this year’s edition of the 3D Stock Range brochure, copies of which are available on request. T 01670 718222 W Riverside Oak

Artisan Beech

Suedette Matt

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Bespoke Hotel Furniture | Made in the UK +44 (0) 113 248 0605 |

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Egger has released a sneak preview of its 2017 decorative collection – showcased at the Sleep hotel design event in London during late November.

Egger offers first glimpse of new Decorative Collection Living Nature, Loft Living and Handcrafted are just three of the nine inspiring ‘style worlds’ from the new Egger Decorative Collection. Available to customers from January, the wood-based materials manufacturer is offering a first glimpse of the new decors at www.egger. com/decorative, as well as launching them in their entirety at Sleep. Egger’s completely revamped range will include new decors and textures, as well as an expanded product and services offer to architects, interior designers and fabricators. It replaces what was previously known as the company’s Zoom collection. Egger inspires Style worlds are a central element of the new Egger Decorative Collection. With 300 decors and a serviceoriented approach, it is the company’s answer to fast trends, the increasing complexity of product ranges, and the shortening shelf-life of products. “This new approach was developed based on customer needs. We know through regular contact with them, that as well as a comprehensive product offer they are often also looking for direction and inspiration,” says category manager Amy Muir. “With our new ‘style worlds’ we are able to fulfil these expectations by showing them current trend themes together with our range of matching decors and surfaces – be they laminates, decorative panels, worktops or edging. Focus on customers “Our customers are bursting with creative ideas and we want to help bring these ideas to life, with our decorative collection offering everything that is needed – from the first idea to the final realisation of a project.” The style worlds contain current trend themes that are central to the entire interior design sector. Living Nature, Loft Living, and Handcrafted provide a first glimpse of how Egger beautifully brings together matching decors and surfaces. Egger believes that its comprehensive decor range, surface textures with the latest technological developments, an expanded product range, and intelligent services all interlock like perfectly-aligned cogs. It creates a lasting solution for the challenges faced by fabricators and architects in their everyday work. With 300 decors, a service-oriented product offer, proven quality and the Egger set of matching decors and materials, the wood-based materials manufacturer guarantees quick, reliable, and successful work. T 01434 602191 W

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Living Nature

Loft Living

06/12/2016 14:49


H3335 ST28

Your inspiration reloaded. The new Egger Decorative Collection – coming January 2017.

The new styles in the new EGGER Decorative Collection will have you buzzing with ideas. You can already preview a selection of our exciting new styles, including Living Nature, Loft Living and Handcrafted. But that’s not all – from a comprehensive range of decors incorporating the latest technological advances, to the full suite of supporting products and services, the collection is designed to fully support your daily work.

» Explore it now

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From a designer’s point of view, black has always been a desirable colour to work with. It carries a sense of mystery and style, a hint of danger and subversion and pretty much anything looks great in it, from a stealth bomber to Audrey Hepburn in her little black dress.

Sugatsune meets demand for black hardware Cabinet hardware too can benefit from a touch of darkness, but bright metal is easy to produce and perfectly acceptable for most jobs so many manufacturers don’t bother. Japanese company Sugatsune, however, does go that extra mile and makes a good range of its products in black. Of particular note is that unlike many manufacturers that specialise in one niche or another, Sugatsune’s products include furniture and architectural hardware and much more besides. This can make the job of ordering black hardware throughout the project that much easier. The HES3D120 adjustable hinge illustrates this. Seven link articulation and a range that goes from large statement doors to 23mm thick cabinets, are all available in black. The 7810 stainless steel lock with high security keys can be matched to glass cabinet hinges like the GH34 in black for a sophisticated look in retail. If mounting display cabinet on castors the stylish PLN-50 also comes in black as well as the signature chrome. Because the demand for black hardware is so strong, Sugatsune has compiled a brochure with its full range of products available in black to make the designer’s job easier. The Black Series catalogue is available to order off Sugatsune’s website – or clients can ring customer services to talk things through. W

The 7810 lock

GH34 cabinet hinges

The HES3D120 adjustable hinge

PLN-50 casters

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HJT Hook

PLN-50 Caster

Specifying black hardware is a cool move but can involve trawling through hundreds of catalogues. Only Sugatsune has a product range that bridges furniture, architectural and industrial hardware. HES3D-120 Adjustable hinge

And the good news is that many products are now available in black.

From Japan - it’s a design thing

FURNITURE, ARCHITECTURAL, MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE Unit 3, Base 329, Headley Road East, Woodley, Reading, Berkshire, RG54AZ, Tel: 01189 272 955 Fax: 01189 272 871 Email

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Teal Mercury sphere lamp base with bleached linen shade; Lyme antique bronze glass panel chandelier

Now in its fifth decade, Libra offers one of the largest and most diverse collections of interior design accessories, lighting, homewares, giftware, furniture and wall décor across Europe.

Make a statement with lighting from Libra Known for its striking oversized lighting designs that never shy away from making a statement, Libra’s collections are perfect for boutique hotels and designled bars or restaurants. Those styling a more traditional interior should opt for period-inspired pieces such as Libra’s Whitehouse Chandelier. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, including brass and nickel, these orbed pieces can be tailored to any colour scheme and will look beautiful in entrances, reception areas or formal seating areas. Multifaceted crystal chandeliers – such as Libra’s Eriska Pear Drop – are well suited to intimate bar or restaurant spaces thanks to their ability to diffuse soft light around the room. Hung in groups of three at graduated levels, these luxurious pieces really make a statement. Decorative table and floor lamps can be used in conjunction with ceiling lights to structure seating zones and ensure that there are no unlit corners. More contemporary spaces with a touch of Scandichic should be ideal for Libra’s popular Merle pendant lights. Available in a number of on-trend colours and finishes, including copper, matt black, grey and cream, they’re as stylish as they are practical. Paired with rustic finishes and comfy leather armchairs, they’ll shine in well-lit breakfast rooms or brunch spots. Libra’s extensive collection of accessories and homewares has been designed to sit beautifully alongside its lighting ranges and can be used to add those all-important finishing touches that will characterise a space. Libra will be exhibiting its latest collections at the January Furniture Show, NEC Birmingham, hall 3 stand P10. Alternatively, private appointments can also be made at the brand’s artfully curated showrooms in Linton, Cambridge. T 01223 895800 E

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Skye Glass Ribbon chandelier; Round Crystal chandelier in Brass; Oval Crystal chandelier in Brass; Whitehouse chandelier

Eriska large Pear Drop chandelier; Roxborough Split Mindi Wood lamp base with Ikat shade

06/12/2016 14:49


interior film

Commercial use for walls, decorative panels, doors, architrave and furniture. A range of superbly styled interior films which will bring any room to life

Call: +44 (0)1376 518037 HI68_pages.indd 101

1258-Clouting Ad InteriorFilm-230x300.indd 2

06/12/2016 14:49

10/02/2016 11:01


The multifunctionality and flexibility of HI-MACS® has been put to the test in a state-of-the-art showroom by automotive retailer Rockar Hyundai.

HI-MACS® fuses function with style at Rockar Hyundai showroom Rockar was formed in 2011 to develop an easy and flexible alternative to buying and owning a car. Launching in partnership with Hyundai, the omnichannel concept is unprecedented in the UK automotive industry, reflecting the way in which consumers’ now research online and jump between channels on their shopping journey. Doing away with pushy salesmen and out-of-town showrooms, this shopping centre store lets customers browse, book test-drives, or even buy on a central touchscreen table, with or without the help of ‘angels’ (advisors who aren’t on commission). Designed by retail experts Dalziel & Pow, the interior features sculptural desks and information stations moulded from HI-MACS® natural acrylic stone. The specification was for a light coloured, durable material to withstand heavy use. The solution was HI-MACS®, an exceptionally versatile material, which is used by designers and architects to create stunning sculptural forms in domestic, commercial and professional projects the world over. As part of the new customer journey, customers are able to browse before they buy with interactive touch screen table tops made of HI-MACS®, which provide all the car specifications required. Exclusive HI-MACS® distributor James Latham supplied 100 sheets for the distinctive design brief, which required a material that creates the appearance of being cast from one seamless, flowing piece across the entire interior. W W

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David Hunt lighting HI68_pages.indd 103 DHL HI ADNOV-DEC16.indd 1

06/12/2016 07/11/2016 14:49 12:37


AMBIA-LINE for bathroom accessories

Well-planned storage is key to any room design. Not only does it make life simpler for the user, but it can also help maintain a calm, tranquil feel – especially important in areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms. Blum is meeting this demand for space-saving storage with its elegant LEGRABOX solution.

Elegant space-saving storage from Blum Sleek, slim and streamlined, LEGRABOX has won several international awards thanks to its key benefits of perfect motion, heavy loads and ease of installation – the ultimate combination for any bathroom design. There are five height options too, making it a versatile addition to any bathroom furniture. To complement the flexible LEGRABOX system, Blum also offers an inner dividing solution called AMBIALINE. Minimal in style, it will maximise storage potential with frames that allow for easy organisation in an instant. The functional frames are available in powdercoated steel or wooden décors, and are slide-proof so don’t move within the drawers. In the bathroom, space is all-important, which is why Blum’s SPACE TOWER is the ideal option as it uses vertical space to house a series of closed drawer boxes with easy access from three sides, full extension and flexible inner dividing systems. Height, width and depth of the SPACE TOWER can also be tailored to suit your needs, making the most of every inch. In the bedroom, Blum offers the MOVENTO concealed runner system for wooden drawers. Designed for the high demands of everyday kitchen use, it is also ideal for bedrooms and can carry up to 40kg and 60kg with high stability and outstanding runner action. Added features include integrated height, side and tilt adjustment and optional depth adjustment. T 0800 917 5550 W

HI68_pages.indd 104

LEGRABOX pure in the bathroom

MOVENTO was designed for the high demands of everyday kitchen use, but it is also ideal for other living areas

06/12/2016 14:49


The Heritage range Yarwood Leather The Heritage range is the latest addition to Yarwood Leather’s upholstery offering, full of traditional colours that provide a striking aged look with a soft finish. Established browns and neutrals, deep greens and rich red hues make up the thirteen colours on offer which, when pulled over seating, showcase the natural characteristics and tones of leather. As with all of Yarwood’s upholstery leathers, Heritage adheres to both UK Contract specifications BS7176 and Crib5, meaning it can add appeal to a wide range of projects from bars, restaurants to hotel receptions and office spaces as well as the family home. T 0113 252 1014 W

London Heathrow Marriott Ulster Carpets Ulster Carpets is delighted to have been part of the awardwinning London Heathrow Marriott project, alongside E.P.R. Architects. The project comes as part of a multi-million pound refurbishment programme which has seen an impressive transformation of the hotel’s business areas. Taking inspiration from an aerial view of the airport, Ulster designers worked with E.P.R Architects to create the unique design. A geometric pattern peaks through ‘clouds’ of texture, creating a whimsical, almost 3D effect, which mimics the glimpses of the landscape passengers are afforded as they fly into Heathrow. The carpets add the finishing touches to what is now a state of the art conference facility in a convenient location for international visitors. Ulster have enjoyed a long established relationship with the Marriott Hotel group and are proud to have been involved in this most recent project. W

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06/12/2016 14:50


Porcelain candles Abalon Artist and candlemaker, Ana Bridgewater, creates unique handmade porcelain candles under the alias Abalon. Ana makes use of natural, raw and eco-friendly ingredients – sourced in the UK wherever possible. She favours noble minerals, such as gold, platinum and copper, as well as pigments like carbon, cobalt or red iron oxide. “I look for the natural beauty of the ingredients that I use, and the balance in between them, letting the elements themselves do the work,” she explains. “For my sunset candle, for example, I use raw porcelain, gold and a wick in pure EcoSoy-wax.” W

Vista Collection Deirdre Dyson Deirdre Dyson will return to the international stage with the launch of her striking new Vista Collection at Maison & Objet Paris in January 2017. “My Vista Collection is inspired by glimpses and observations taken on walks in the countryside – standing under trees with falling leaves, enchanted by bullrushes in still water and exquisite bright green water lilies floating above a mysterious deep, dark pond,” says Deirdre Dyson. “I like to use colour grading techniques and strong and subtle tonal contrasts to create optical illusions, highlighting nature’s dramatic and transient beauty. The collection is intended to inspire clients to commission their own piece of art for the floor.” Each Deirdre Dyson carpet is totally bespoke and can be fitted or free-standing. Customers can take inspiration from Deirdre’s ideas, but apply their own personal touch through colour, shape, size and design elements. W

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06/12/2016 14:50




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Beacon rail

The Sussex Range of 100% stainless steel towel rails and feature rails from JIS offers a thoroughly modern classic, with contemporary styling and a strong practical edge. JIS has now expanded its offering in line with the industry trend towards larger rails.

JIS expands collection of larger rails One of JIS’ largest rails is the Beacon, a very popular offering, just recently available in 620mm width by 1650mm high to add to the existing range at 1650mm tall by 520mm and 1650mm tall by 400mm wide. With good practical spacing and the additional height, this rail is very popular with both developers and home refurbishers alike. JIS’ latest offering is the Rye. With its striking styling, this ladder rail stands high in every sense of the word, measuring 1800mm high by 520mm wide at the base. The Arun feature radiator is available at up to 1960mm high with widths at 275mm, 360mm and 535mm. JIS is also able to offer a range of very wide rails as well. The Newick, for example, stands at 600mm high but comes in three standard widths, 750mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. Newick is a highly practical rail should the client’s available space be low and wide rather than tall and narrow. To this end the Alfriston – JIS’ attractive picture rail, with its mitred corners and framed styling – is also offered in 650mm high by 1000mm wide. Again, this design suits a larger space but with limited height. The Brunswick, meanwhile, with its square edged modern look, comes in a range of heights, the largest being 1650mm, and is available in both 520mm wide and 350mm – a good solution where the space in question is high but not necessarily wide. All of JIS’ rails are available in three heating formats – central heating, duel fuel and electric only. Both a satin and polished stainless steel finish is offered across the range. JIS believes that it offers a towel rail to suit any given space, however challenging – from the smallest bijoux bathrooms to the large and capacious. T 01444 831200 W

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Midhurst rail

Rye rail

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Door hardware Joseph Giles Joseph Giles, a British design-led manufacturer of door, window and cabinet hardware, creates desirable products that add value and decorate many different styles of high end interiors. Joseph Giles products can be found in many private residences, prime developments and hospitality buildings in all four corners of the globe. If a client can’t find a handle design that is right for their project from the company’s standard ranges, Joseph Giles will help them to develop something bespoke. It’s not just about pretty handles though, Joseph Giles will provide the construction team with full project support, including a complete hardware take off and schedule whereby its estimating team will painstakingly go through each door and specify the correct hardware to ensure each door will meet the client’s requirements in terms of function and aesthetics. Recent hospitality projects Joseph Giles has supplied are, The Devonshire Club in London, Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Doha, St Regis Hotel in Kuala Lumpar the Lancaster London Hotel and the bBristol Hotel in Warsaw - Poland. W

Design • Expertise • Service Contract Soft Fur nishings



NEW collection of natural-look textural fabrics for contract Upholstery Skopos68.indd 1 HI68_pages.indd 110



01924 436666 24/10/2016 14:12 06/12/2016 14:50

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Live, work and play... We offer the biggest and most varied collection of decorative surface solutions in the UK.

See our NEW Specification Showroom

Now open at Suite 301, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0QH

From solid surface, laminates, melamine and veneers to thermoplastic, our portfolio includes some of the most recognised brands in the world, all available under one roof and directly from stock. Whatever your budget or project requirements, why not allow our extensive range of products to provide the inspiration. Find out more‌.

Call 0116 257 3415 email or visit

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Landmark Pure and Industrial collections Samuel Heath Samuel Heath’s new Landmark Pure and Industrial collections enable hotel designers to achieve a totally coordinated finish for industrial-themed bathrooms. Landmark Pure possesses minimal embellishment and balanced proportions to give the clean, distinctive styling essential to luxury bathroom design. Landmark Industrial marries bold proportions with a striking form and machine detailing to create a contemporary, urban style with a practical, highly tactile finish. Both collections are available in a range of matt and high gloss finishes, and can be viewed at Samuel Heath’s Design Centre Chelsea Harbour showroom. Product details and stockists can be found using the details below. T 0121 766 4200 W

Stratum IDS Stratum from Hanex solid surface is a new collection of six True Scale designs which look like marble but can be easily fabricated, offering wide creative scope for private residential, hotel, commercial and leisure applications. Stratum solid surface can be cut, shaped, moulded and thermoformed to create luxurious worksurfaces, vanity surfaces, furniture pieces, shelving, and wallcladding to name just a few design uses. Having performance and easy maintenance, Hanex solid surface material is repairable and resistant to heat, mould, pollutants and bacteria. Fire rated to EN13501-1b and with NSF51 food hygiene certification, all Hanex solid surface décors come with a 10-year residential and commercial product warranty. Hanex is exclusively distributed by International Decorative Surfaces nationwide offering ex-stock availability from its 13 regional branches for fast and flexible delivery. T 0845 603 7811 W

Signature Collection Wilton First previewed at the Independent Hotel Show, Signature is the latest addition to Wilton Carpets’ growing portfolio of striking tufted carpets. Available in eight on-trend colour combinations, the new Signature Collection uses a modern colour palette to produce a prominent linear design that is ideal for hotel and hospitality spaces looking to add a contemporary twist. Falling within Wilton’s tufted stock portfolio and available for immediate delivery, Signature is made from durable 80% wool and 20% nylon to ensure lasting good looks, is rated suitable for heavy contract use and arrives in a four-metre width. T 01722 746000 W

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Watercolours range Newmor Designed and hand-painted in-house by Newmor’s design team, the Watercolours range is the latest addition to Newmor’s Custom collection. Any of the designs can be recoloured, rescaled and printed onto any of Newmor’s expansive offering of wallcoverings, including textures, metallics and window films. Watercolour Geometric, for example, is a large-scale fusion of geometrics and watercolours. Nebulous indigos and luminous opalescent shades combine with hazy, weathered effects. Watercolour Stripe, on the other hand, offers a full watercolour effect – soft chalky tones alongside bold, dispersing pigment and sweeping brush strokes. All of the Newmor Custom designs are printed onto wide-width contract quality fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings which are suitable for high traffic areas like corridors, lobbies and bed head walls. W

Paintable USB charging socket

Not all USB charging sockets are the same The new Integrated USB Charging Socket from Focus SB has NO shared amperage, allowing your guests to fast charge two mobile devices at the same time! Available in a large range of stunning finishes including Paintable and Prism Clear Acrylic.

Prism Clear Acrylic


01424 858060 * Minimum order applies

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Changing Places toilet Clos-o-Mat Cornwall Services has seen visitor numbers increase since it opened its Changing Places toilet for disabled visitors at the end of June. The facility was installed by Clos-o-Mat, after the need for the assisted, wheelchair-accessible toilet with additional fixtures of a changing bench and hoist was highlighted by customer Rachel George, who has a 10-year-old disabled son. “We’ve had a fantastic response!” enthuses site manager Alex Lawson. “It is being used on a daily basis, with customers returning time and time again, and planning trips with a stop scheduled here, knowing they can safely use the toilets with dignity, from 6am to 11pm seven days a week” W

The Chapel at Beaumont Estate Wilton Bespoke wool-rich axminster carpet made in the UK by Wilton Carpets, has been fitted throughout The Chapel at Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, a country hotel operated by the Principal Hayley group. The design features a striking large-scale multi-layer damask overlaid on a contemporary stria. Fitting the heritage of the Beaumont Estate and working well with the intricate painted ceilings of The Chapel, the carpet reflects a status as a luxurious and thoroughly modern destination. Woven from British wool in a rich blend that gives appearance retention, the bespoke axminster carpet features in a nine-row construction so is more than capable of withstanding the demands of weddings and functions, where the carpet is placed under high wear. T 01722 746000 E

Gemma Elstead Lighting Gemma is a contemporary chandelier collection with striking, oversized wall lights ideal for restaurants, corridors and luxury bedrooms. The rectangular prisms of amber pearl and clear crystal set within a silver leaf frame creates a seamless sparkling jewellery-like effect wherever they are placed. The Gemma range is also available in a Vintage Bronze finished frame. There are three sizes of pendants, two different-shaped wall lights and a flush fitting. W

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Beams aluminium radiator Vasco Vasco Beams aluminium radiator is not only a pleasure to look at, it also excels at energy efficiency. Beams only contains 2l of water instead of the usual 10l, so it gets to the required temperature extremely quickly. The heat is given off three to four times faster compared with traditional radiators and there is no heat loss through the wall, thanks to the optimal positioning of the convection fins at the back In addition, the water sits in the core, so it is completely safe to touch. The system was developed in co-operation with the University of Stuttgart in Germany and provides around a 15% saving in energy. Beams is available in the Vasco colour palette which has been compiled with influences from nature, architecture, design and fashion trends. T 01254 704420 E

Bespoke and ready-made patterns Kährs Studio Kährs has extended its patterned floor offer with the introduction of the Studio Collection. The new range includes 12 parquet stave options – in white, natural and smoked oak, and walnut – which can be used to create traditional parquet designs and bespoke patterns, with contrasting strips and borders. For a ready-made patterned finish, Kährs also offers the Chevron Collection. Recently shortlisted in the FX International Interior Design Awards, the Chevron plank has a continuous V-shaped design and is offered with matching frame boards. Colour options include warm white, weathered grey, classic brown and dark brown shades, all with lively oak graining. Chevron’s multi-layered construction is made up of a sustainable oak surface layer and a plywood core. T 023 9245 3045 W

Avonite IDS The eye-catching Mango décor is one of 50 new designs in the Avonite range, a premium solid surface that can create signature looks for high-end commercial projects such as restaurants, hotels and bars. The unique composition of Avonite provides superior levels of luminosity, clarity and depth. A number of the décors are translucent and can be backlit, adding to the vibrancy of the surface and offering an extra design edge. Avonite is heat, mould and pollutant-resistant and is repairable, offering high performance and easy maintenance. The material comes with the assurance of NSF51 certification for food preparation. This is backed by a 10-year commercial product warranty. Avonite is available from IDS through its 13 regional branches, providing nationwide coverage, extensive stockholding and delivery within 24-48 hours from order. T 0845 603 7811 W

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Wallcoverings Anaglypta Anaglypta was established in 1887 by Thomas Palmer, who saw the potential of his new paper embossing process to create wallpapers with depth and charm. Since then, Anaglypta has grown and developed. It’s lined the walls of Victorian villas and art deco apartments, modernist townhouses and contemporary hotels and department stores. The core idea remains the same, however. A product that’s honest, interesting, and beautiful. Something you can touch, something you can paint over, something that is uniquely Anaglypta. Anaglypta will be exhibiting its new International book at Heimtextil, Frankfurt, stand G75, hall 3.1. T 01427 616597 W

New Vintage Style catalogue Andy Thornton The eagerly-anticipated Andy Thornton Vintage Style 2016 catalogue is now available. Browse extensive new collections of contract furniture, decorative lighting and metal tiles. The 160-page catalogue is essential for anyone in the business of creating exciting hospitality venues. Andy Thornton’s Vintage Style furniture collections are durable and versatile and will instantly update a venue, whether for a complete refit or a few key pieces to create that in-demand vintage look. Check out the latest lighting collections, which include the striking Ring pendants, Izmir pendants and ceiling lights in tactile mango wood. The company’s popular metal tiles are also included. These can be used to clad ceilings, counters and bars and create striking feature walls. They add interest, texture and atmosphere to any interior. To request a copy of the new Andy Thornton Vintage Style catalogue, visit the website. T 01422 376000 W

Chantilly Wilton Carpets Wilton Carpets has launched Chantilly, a wool-rich tufted carpet in a modern linear block design that’s perfect for a cool, contemporary look in hotel bedrooms and light-use public areas. In Wilton’s signature British wool blend, Chantilly comes in a palette of eight purposeful colour combinations, each bringing a carpet with a design that’s incredibly versatile. Rated suitable for heavy contract use, Chantilly is available 4m wide and made from a blend of 80% wool/20% nylon for appearance retention and durability. T 01722 746000 E

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Chilled juice dispenser Zerica Zerica is well known for its continuous innovation, and will certainly not disappoint at the Great Hospitality Show where it will present its revolutionary chilled juice dispenser – an elegant, compact stainless steel unit with a touch screen interface and choice of refreshing juices – on stand 942. Apart from the juice machines, Zerica is a worldleading manufacturer of elegant high-tech high quality high performance water coolers of every size, from the smallest in the world to industrial size units. All products are 100% designed and manufactured in Italy expressly for the hospitality sector. W

You’vetriedtherest,nowtrythe best The revolutionary juice & water dispenser with interactive touchscreen display

Drop by to share a juice and taste the sunshine with us at stand 942 at the Great Hospitality Show January 23-25th Extremely compact (33W x 43D x 70H cm) Interactive touch screen Incredible dispensing speed of 3L/min Virtually no maintenance required 3 fruit juices plus chilled still and sparkling water 10+ flavours to choose from Carafe dispensing bay

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Taste the exc 0207 193 7442



e lle n



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Public Space category: ICHIBANSEN - Echigo TOKImeki Resort SETSUGEKKA

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Club & Bar Design category: Stonehill & Taylor - The NoMad Bar

SBID International Design Awards The winners of the SBID International Design Awards 2016 were announced during a glamorous ceremony at the Dorchester hotel on 25th November.

This year’s awards event has been one of the most globally-represented editions to date, including industry talent from 43 countries worldwide and winning designs spanning four continents. All 14 categories are assessed by a technical panel, the public vote, and a panel of leading industry experts – among them creative director of Aston Martin, Richard Lloyd; director at the National History Museum, Sir Michael Dixon; and Lewis Carnie, head of programmes at BBC Radio 2 and 6 – who look for oustanding examples of technical content and aesthetic creativity. Now in it’s sixth year, the SBID Awards is going from strength to strength – regarded as one of the highest accolades of interior design excellence, and continuing to reward and celebrate outstanding projects and products from the industry at large. “Year after year, we are astonished by the volume of entries and support received,” affirms SBID president, Vanessa Brady OBE. “The SBID Awards continue to mark its place as one of the finest celebrations of design excellence, securing its international edge at the forefront of design.” This year’s winners received a striking SBID International Award 2016 trophy bespoke-made by Czech glass specialist Sans Souci Glass Deco. The Overall Winner Award, a category which holds the title as the SBID choice was awarded to Adolfsson & Partners for the King – Sveavägen 44 office space (producer of the popular game Candy Crush) in Stockholm, Sweden. This title is given to the project that comes out on top after an amalgamation of the judges’ choices

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Hotel Design Winner: Coop Creative - Elements of Byron

and the public votes have been considered. Inspired by King’s catalogue of 200 games, the design team created an environment where teams can move and work in a world of games known as The Kingdom. Finally, the SBID International Design Awards selects an individual each year who has against all

odds successfully championed a specific sector of the creative industries. Eve Pollard was this year’s candidate, and was awarded with the SBID Fellow of the Year 2016 title for her services to the creative industries. W

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Hotel Design Coop Creative for Elements of Byron, Byron Bay, Australia Retail Design Bishop Design for Fauchon Paris Cafe & Retail, Kuwait City, Kuwait Interior Design Project under £1M Landau + Kindelbacher for Chalet near Kitzbühel, Kitzbühel, Austria Show Flats and Development II BY IV DESIGN for The Residences of 488 University Avenue, Toronto, Canada Interior Design Project Over £1M David Chang Design Associates International for Runze Palace Villa, Beijing, China KBB Project Diane Berry Kitchens for Gold & Black Kitchen, Sussex, UK Innovative Product Design OIKOS GROUP for Vintage Metals Restaurant Design LW for Bussola Restaurant, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Club and Bar Design Stonehill & Taylor for The NoMad Bar, New York, United States Healthcare Design NBBJ for University Medical Center, New Orleans, United States Office Space Design Beyond Design Architects for GLOBANT, Pune, India Intelligent Design British Council for Learning Time with Shaun & Timmy – Pop-up Learning, multiple locations including Singapore, Mexico and Chile Public Space Design ICHIBANSEN for Echigo TOKImeki Resort SETSUGEKKA, Niigata Prefecture, Japan Visualisation (3D Renderings) Hoare Lea for The Cumberland Suite Art Gallery - Hampton Court Palace

Restaurant category: LW - Bussola

Innovative Product category: OIKOS GROUP - Vintage Metals

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27th and 28th - February Chelsea FC, Stamford Bridge, LONDON

Over 30 exhibitors from Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the UK, showing a wide variety of fabrics for upholstery, beds and soft furnishings including, jacquards, wools, tweeds, silks, velvets, chenilles, cottons and linens, as well as backing fabrics and FR coatings.

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For information and to register your attendance to: contact Mike Dimond by email to:

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The Independent Hotel Show The Independent Hotel Show enjoyed another successful edition this October, celebrating record-breaking visitor numbers and a dynamic body of exhibitors, visitors and speakers ...

The Independent Hotel Show grows in stature and reputation year on year, refining and innovating its content, focus and guest experience. It is no surprise, then, that the show reported record first day visitor numbers this year, and an overall 12% increase across the two days of the show. Exhibitors’ confidence in the show as a dynamic and progressive business event for the independent hotel sector was particularly demonstrated by those who selected it as a platform to launch new concepts and products. Indeed, the team behind spectacular seaside hotel, Watergate Bay, announced the launch of a new hotel collection, Another Place, on day one of the show. The new hotels will embody a laidback, active and social ethos, offering outstanding food, in coastal, countryside and city locations across the UK. The first hotel to open will be Another Place, The Lake situated on the shores of Ullswater in the Lake District which is now taking bookings for August 2017. Another huge attribute for the show is its stellar line-up of industry experts and luminaries, who conducted passionate, forward-looking debates on its seminar stages for the duration of the show. Indeed, the invite-only Power Breakfast on day two of the show saw the likes of Andrew Stembridge, managing director, Chewton Glen & Clivedon House; Anthony Lee, CEO, Great Northern Hotel; Richard Ball, executive chairman of Calcot Hotels and Harry Cragoe, owner, The

HI68_pages.indd 123

Gallivant, reflect on the rapidly changing industry and predict trends for 2017. Alongside the business opportunities, attendees had the chance to hear from leading names in the industry in 30 seminars that took place across three dedicated stages: the Business Theatre in partnership with Nespresso, the Innovation Stage in partnership with eviivo; and the Wellness & Lifestyle Stage supported by Dröm UK covering a range of topics including marketing, finance, OTAs, design and destination dining. The Independent Hotel Show Awards gained further traction this year, with an impressive 3900 votes cast. Kate Levin, general manager of The Capital, and Notting Hill’s The Laslett came away with Independent Hotelier and Outstanding New

Hotel of the Year respectively. “We are absolutely thrilled with this year’s Independent Hotel Show,” comments Miranda Martin, show director. “It has surpassed itself with record attendees, voting numbers and 61% of exhibitors already committed to returning in 2017. “For two days, there was an audible buzz in the air with the negotiation of business deals and passionate discussions about the industry, set against a dynamic backdrop of product and service providers dedicated to the development of independent hotels today.” The Independent Hotel Show will return on 17th and 18th October 2017 at London Olympia. W

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Changing room furniture Crown Sports Lockers Crown Sports Lockers creates memorable changing room environments that are designed to enhance customer experiences. Since 1993, it has designed, manufactured and installed bespoke wooden changing room furniture for the spa, hotel, fitness, leisure and sport sectors. Within its purpose-built factory, Crown utilises advanced technology to manufacture lockers, spa treatment room furniture, vanities, bench seating, reception desks, bedroom furniture, washroom IPS and cubicles in a host of materials, colours and finishings.

Ilsington Country House Hotel, Newton Abbott

Brightlife Centre, Isle of Man

Because every installation has its own demands and requirements, Crown ensures that a designated project manager oversees each fitout, from the first site meeting and survey, to preparing computer-aided design (CAD (drawings), completion and signoff, after sales and servicing. The company also works closely with architects, interior designers and contractors to ensure each install

fully meets the needs of the client, whatever the size of the project. As the hospitality sector continues to strengthen, Crown is developing strong working relationships with spa specialists and designers to ensure changing area provision not only reflects but predicts trends. T 01803 555885 W

High quality furniture Lombok The team at Lombok was thrilled to have been involved with the Independent Hotel Show for the second year running. “As we know the audience is always very focused with key players, buyers, and decision makers and this year was no exception, with us receiving approximately double the number of enquiries of last year with both existing and new clients visiting our stand beside the Business Theatre,” says Cat Austin, Lombok’s trade and interior design manager. “We decided to display our best-selling collections and accessories to show our clients the new and changing face of Lombok, which have already proved popular in boutique hotel environments, such as our industrial Baxter and contemporary Arianne stone items, which attracted a great deal of interest.” “The team at Lombok was also happy to have the opportunity to team up with Davina from Paper + White to dress The Hub. This opportunity enabled us to showcase a broader range of our accessories present, and soft furnishings and showed these ranges in a fantastic Scandi style space.” W

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Hotel market data STR At the Independent Hotel Show 2016, STR’s Thomas Emanuel took part in a panel discussion where he provided insights on the UK’s hospitality industry. STR also released a special report breaking down the performance of Independent hotels across the UK’s different markets. At its booth, hoteliers were invited to take part in its #IWantFreeData campaign, where STR representatives provided local market data for those who stopped by to learn about STR’s products and services. STR had a great time meeting with independent hotel owners and operators from around the country to tell them more about the benefits of benchmarking. W

Multifunctional printers TWINCOPYPRINT TWINCOPYPRINT made its first appearance at this year’s Independent Hotel Show. Leading the way as a digital solutions provider for multifunctional printers with Managed Print Services, TwinCopyPrint focuses on producing saving initiatives for both independent hoteliers and large corporations. Forward thinking in its uses of technology to drive efficiencies in an agile and dynamic way, the company works alongside clients as a partnership. The technology incorporates mobile and secure printing, in order to reduce carbon footprint. W

Portable staging Stage Systems First-time exhibitor, Stage Systems has been in business for 50 years and is part of Havelock Europa PLC, a large interior solutions provider. Its products include portable staging, tiering, seating and an elegant hard floor pool covering – Pool-dek. Stage Systems exhibited both staging and Pool-dek at the show, which were both met with very positive feedback. The company’s aim is to provide new concepts for limited and alternative space for hoteliers that wish to increase revenue. W

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Multi-device charging station Agentia Agentia returned to the Independent Hotel Show this year, representing luxury European brands Christofle, GIOBAGNARA, Legle, & Zanetto in the UK. “Once again the Independent Hotel Show enabled us to showcase our ranges and especially the new products to hoteliers and restauranteurs,” says Agentia’s sales director, Alan Banks. “The visitors to the show are interesting, engaging and always wanting to learn about new products that will improve the service that they offer. This makes the show a joy for us to participate in.” W

ETHAN – a multi-device charging station

Strata Stoneware Collection Heritage Collection Heritage Collection has been manufacturing luxury tableware for the world’s top hotels and restaurants since 1976. The company continually innovates, developing new and interesting products for the hospitality industry. At this year’s Independent Hotel Show, Heritage Collection presented the striking new Strata Stoneware Collection featuring its Shoreline, Quartz and Ore ranges. T 0121 7730724 W

Bespoke furniture I & JL Brown Responding to the bespoke furniture needs of high end hotels, restaurants and private members clubs, ijlbrown commercial has the vision and in-house resources to ensure the realisation of customer aspirations no matter how demanding. Working closely with clients such as The Doyle Group, Soho House and other luxury brands, the company is able to offer a truly bespoke design and making service, delivering the highest quality product and service that is synonymous with I & JL Brown. T 01432 851991 W

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Luxury transport Orion

Orion is a London-based luxury transport company. Its fleet of exquisite luxury chauffeured cars provide discerning customers with a selection of the finest first-class vehicles available, offering choice whilst guaranteeing the highest levels of style, elegance and sophistication. Putting the customer first is Orion’s manifesto: offering a refined, bespoke, luxury service that accommodates its client’s preferences. T 0207 284 5930 W

In Stock ranges Wilton Carpets Commercial Demonstrating the impact of good carpet design, Wilton Carpets Commercial brought its In Stock ranges to the Independent Hotel Show. With the brand-new Iona woven axminster heritage tartan designs, as well as the tufted Chantilly and Signature ranges, Wilton Carpets demonstrated that hoteliers can deliver striking design across a range of carpets suitable for public areas and bedroom use, all with fast delivery. T 01722 746000 W

Pay as you go finance SME Business Finance SME Business Finance arranges non-bank funding to the hospitality sector utilising a mix of own funds, brokerage and crowd funding. The company’s ethos is: “You don’t pay your staff five years in advance so why pay for assets and projects in advance, instead they should be paid for from future revenues, thus preserving valuable working capital.” It is possible to fund individual items of equipment right through to complete fit-outs and refurbishments. Unsecured loans are available for general cash flow purposes such as websites and marketing, recruitment, stock, tax bills and restructuring other debts. T 020 3388 0210 E

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06/12/2016 14:51


Images © Sven Eselgroth Photography

Sleep The 11th edition of Sleep saw its most international and well-attended edition yet, with over 4,700 visitors enjoying the show’s considered installations, thoughtprovoking conferences and high calibre exhibitor line-up.

Sleep’s unifying theme for 2016 was ‘The Science of Tribes’ – referencing the Sinus-Milieus model of social groupings defined by shared values, lifestyles and aesthetic preferences. One of the most interesting explorations of this concept was the 2016 Sleep Set, which saw five teams of designers and fit-out contractors each create a room for a particular tribe. Mitsui Designtec from Japan created a concept to engage the senses for the ‘Established’ tribe, and WOW Architects from Singapore focused upon the ‘Intellectuals’ with a room where norms were overturned and the bed was on the ceiling. Studio Proof, meanwhile, conceived a design replete with the stunning details required to please the demanding ‘Performers’ tribe, while Aukett Swanke created a bivouac for the ‘SensationOriented’ tribe that doesn’t normally stay in hotels. The teams presented their concepts to the conference audience and judges on Day Two, and Gensler was awarded top prize for its innovative interpretation of local authenticity for the ‘Digital Avant-garde’ tribe; Mitsui Designtec was also given a Highly Commended award for its beautifully crafted biophilic room design. The two-day Sleep conference, as always, was a real highlight for visitors. The opening address from serial entrepreneur Sharan Pasricha, CEO and Founder of Ennismore, revealed how personalised design, service and experiences differentiate the hotels his company conceives and develops,

HI68_pages.indd 129

including The Hoxton and NoCo, a new brand set to challenge the status quo of the budget sector. Celebrated designer, Adam Tihany, was joined by the President of Seabourn and Cunard, Rick Meadows, to discuss the changing face of cruise ship design, and boutique hotelier, Robert Nadler, was part of the Hotel Development panel which explored ways to keep the momentum going once a hotel has opened. International hotel brands were also well represented, with Patricia Holler, Senior Director Interior Design at Marriott International, and Erin Hoover, Vice President of Global Brand Design at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, amongst the industry leaders hosting the always popular Development Round Tables. As always, Sleep’s hand-picked collection of new and established exhibitors brought myriad launches and new concepts to the show. Style Library Contract presented its new Zoffany ‘Phaedra’ collection of fabrics and wallpapers, with an underlying classical influence elevated by a mastery of colour, while Cole & Son debuted at Sleep with beautiful, one-of-a-kind fabrics and wallcoverings made using traditional production methods. Elsewhere, Rug Maker launched a range metallic rugs made from gold and silver looped threads mixed with fine Chinese silk and New Zealand wool – something entirely new in the European market. Founder Sponsor and host of the invitation-only

VIP lounge GROHE presented its Sensia Arena shower toilet as well as other products incorporating its innovative technologies, while newcomer Villeroy & Boch displayed new ranges designed by Gesa Hansen. Leading lighting brands from across Europe, such as Fabbian Iluminazione and Quasar Holland, revealed their latest ranges of contemporary pieces, while design-led furniture and accessories for outdoor spaces were showcased by companies such as Encompass which debuted its [BLACK] furniture line of hanging seat pods, lounge and dining furniture. The next edition of Sleep will be held on 21st and 22nd November in London’s Business Design Centre. W

06/12/2016 14:51


GROHE Rainshower system

HI68_pages.indd 130

06/12/2016 14:51


Acclaimed sanitary fittings manufacturer, GROHE, was once again founder partner at this year’s Sleep Event, showing its latest products on a busy stand, and hosting a luxury VIP lounge.

GROHE takes progressive approach at Sleep

Sensia Arena shower toilet

GROHE’s re-designed Essence range, and in particular the new and expansive range of colours and finishes it offers, was a key focal point for the company at this year’s show. Classic, understated design is and always will be at the heart of GROHE’s philosophy, and the Essence range embodies these very ideals. However, GROHE is also avidly passionate about user experience, and about creating products in tune, and often ahead of, the evolving needs of the industry. So, the manufacturer has fine-tuned the Essence

GROHE Rainshower system

HI68_pages.indd 131

design, and brought its expertise to bear on a refreshing and highly versatile palette of finishes which embrace the demand for individualised design. From graphite and nickel tones, through to golds, coppers and chrome, the updated Essence line allows for real creativity within the bathroom, opening up myriad possibilities for material and textural combinations. The classic style of the design means that it can be translated into any given scheme, providing an advantageous shortcut to specification for architects and designers. Smart technology is another growing area in which GROHE is a key innovator, and its Sensia Arena shower toilet design was attracting a great deal of attention on the stand. The Sensia Arena cleans and refreshes skin using warm water from controlled spray arms, without exposing it to the harshness of paper or chemicals. Fully-adjustable settings provide users with a personalised experience, from spray strength to the water temperature. Smartphone users can also download the GROHE Spalet app, which lets the user programme their preferences to their individual profiles so that any Sensia Arena toilet anywhere in the world can automatically deliver their preferred type of care. SmartControl push button technology has also been integrated into GROHE’s new Rainshower system – the first of its kind to offer on-off and volume control at the push of a button. SmartControl allows the user to pre-set the temperature of the water quickly and simply, while GROHE’s TurboStat technology ensures that the temperature is maintained, with no unexpected fluctuations.

Cool Sunrise, Essence range

The anti-slip edges of the push buttons allow the user to adjust the strength of the water flow, even with wet hands, for a perfect personalised shower. GROHE’s brand image is synonymous with dependable, high quality and cutting-edge design, but these latest innovations from the company prove that it is far from resting on its laurels. The brand’s progressive outlook, and imaginative approach to the needs of the interior design community, provided the perfect counterpart to Sleep 2016. W

06/12/2016 14:51


Spradling excels at Sleep event with award-winning options As CTP Textiles officially becomes Spradling UK, The Spradling Group presented its impressive, high performance fabric ranges at the recent Sleep event. Spradling’s broad experience in a number of international market sectors enables it to offer an outstanding roster of well-positioned products. Thanks to Spradling’s design-focused outlook, the offer today provides an almost unlimited design resource for the hospitality industry, with a huge choice of colours, designs and textures for guest rooms, public spaces, restaurants – in fact, almost any hospitality application including a selection of Crib 5 and Crib 7 products. A stand-out range among the impressive array on show at Sleep was Hitch, a new design which has garnered immediate plaudits and attention around the world, winning a prestigious Red Dot Award. Chosen from more than 5000 products and innovations from 57 countries, Hitch was selected as a high design quality winner in the Material and Surfaces category. A wonderfully tactile coated fabric, Hitch impresses with its fine texture and a modern metallic look. The material imitates a fine woven structure and is finished with a subtle metallic tip-print, giving it a distinctive depth with a refined two-tone aspect. Iván Sepúlveda, managing director Spradling Europe, comments: “We have really enjoyed the Sleep event, it has been a positive exercise to meet existing and potential customers, to talk through ideas with them and help them understand our ranges and options. “The Spradling business started in 1964 has a lot of experience, particularly in the US market with a lot of success in the marine and automotive sectors. In 1997, the European arm of the business was inaugurated, starting in Hamburg, Germany then Barcelona in Spain and, as from January 2017, in Didcot here in the UK.” “All the regions have dedicated stocks of materials from all the collections – we have a differentiation strategy, a part of which is premium product design and quality strategy. We have an extensive, comprehensive product offer for our hospitality customers – a wide range of colours, designs and textures, such as the new Hitch range which has been very well received.” W

Spradling’s high specification Valencia faux leather

HI68_pages.indd 132

Spradling’s impressive new Hitch coated fabric has already garnered plaudits and industry gongs

Diamanté comes in 22 colour ways and is tested to 100,000 Martindale cycles

06/12/2016 14:51


Sleep 2016 marks landmark launch for The Romo Group Sleep 2016 proved an overwhelmingly positive experience for The Romo Group – one of the UK’s leading companies in the design and market of contract and residential fabrics and wallcoverings. November marked a significant milestone for The Romo Group, with the launch of eight new contract fabric collections from its Villa Nova brand. Two years in the making, the contract-focused collections offer a broad array of co-ordinated designs, from sophisticated textural weaves and versatile sheers to practical blackouts. Crucially, the fabrics are inherently fire retardent, and meet stringent international contract standards. From Mira – a captivating Trevira CS velvet that is luxuriously soft to the touch – to Bergen, with its softly translucent sheers in a fine woven texture, each fabric is designed in Britain and finished to Villa Nova’s exacting standards. T 01623 707 599 W



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06/12/2016 14:51


Geberit AquaClean Mera Geberit With shower toilets raising comfort levels in the hotel bathroom to spa-like proportions, Geberit showed its very latest and market-leading technology at Sleep 2016. A highlight of stand M25 was Geberit AquaClean Mera, which impressed not only with its aesthetic appeal, but also due to its array of intelligent comfort functions. Characterised by high-quality materials, smooth lines and a seamless finish, this latest shower toilet from Geberit, designed by Christoph Behling, has the appearance of a standard WC on the outside, while a wealth of technological benefits are neatly concealed within. The washing and drying functions are just part of the Geberit AquaClean Mera story, which also boasts functions including a proximity sensor to automatically raise the WC lid and warm the seat on the user’s approach, rimless WC pan for improved hygiene, a discreet orientation light for use at night, built-in odour extraction and a programmable remote control. Visitors to Sleep 2016 also learnt more about Geberit AquaClean Sela, available as either floor-standing or wallhung it offers hotel guests a luxurious level of cleanliness at the touch of a button. W

Impey’s inspirational stand design a success at Sleep Impey Showers Impey exhibited at Sleep Event for the first time this year, collaborating with a select group of Postgraduate students from Chelsea College of Arts to create an eye-catching stand. Tessa Hill, Oliver Harris and Elzbieta Mazgaj, who are studying for an MA in Interior and Spatial Design, initially got involved when Impey posed a challenge to come up with a wetroom stand design concept to their course delegates. The original and eye-catching ideas that the trio putforward proved to be just what the leading UK-based manufacturer was looking for and a stand-design concept for Impey’s Spaces area of this year’s Sleep event was born. The inspirational stand design incorporated new additions to the Impey portfolio, including contemporary linear and square drainage grates, the Linear 3 floor former and AquaScreen X glass wetroom panels, as well as a selection of contemporary bathroom accessories from Impey’s Dutch sister company, Geesa. The stand demonstrated the varied portfolio of Impey products which are ideal for specification across all types and styles of hotel and cruise liner accommodation – including a practical demo wetroom. W

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06/12/2016 14:51


Mashiko Astro Astro’s Mashiko is a highly successful family of bathroom lights for walls and ceilings, which has been enhanced with an energy-efficient LED option, launched at Sleep 2016 at the Business Design Centre in London. With its choice of Polished Chrome and Bronze Plated finishes, Mashiko creates an architectural yet decorative statement. The expertly integrated mid-power LED technology provides even, effective illumination through the white glass diffuser. Mashiko is IP44 rated and comes in round, square and rectangular options of various sizes to suit the space. W

High-performance polyurethane fabrics Ultrafabrics Ultrafabrics is a pioneer in the contemporary polyurethane fabric industry, specialising in the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality coated fabrics on the market. Visit after visit, year after year, Ultrafabrics’ soft, high performance materials offer limitless design possibilities for guest rooms and lobbies, bars and restaurants, fitness centres and stadiums, spas, pool areas, and beyond. Ultrafabrics has been tested, trusted and endorsed by specifiers and designers for a myriad of high traffic hospitality applications – both indoors and out. Ultrafabrics is composed of polyurethane that is non-toxic, has low VOCs and is compliant with industry standards for indoor air quality, with no volatile plasticisers and potentially toxic stabilisers. One of the key benefits is that all Ultrafabrics products have a longer life span than both PVC and genuine leather, making them the ideal luxury fabric for the hospitality industry. At Sleep 2016 the extensive range of Ultrafabrics was exhibited including the Ultraleather Pro collection with the extensive range of 33 colours. The softest high performance polyurethane fabric in its class, Ultraleather Pro is ideally suited for high traffic upholstery applications where look, feel and performance matter. Equipped with an enhanced ink- and stain-resistant technology that is incorporated into the protective surface layer, this natural collection delivers notable repellency of the most stubborn stains. W

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06/12/2016 14:51


Metropol Classic Hansgrohe Hansgrohe presented its new collection – Metropol Classic – at this year’s Sleep, which boasts elegant, gold accents on the base, the handles and the spouts of the mixers. Renowned for its trend-setting designs for luxurious bathrooms, the AXOR brand will be launching additions to its classically nostalgic AXOR Montreux collection in 2017. A sneak preview of these could be glimpsed at Sleep with the first showing of a new AXOR Montreux showerpipe. A selection of the new products can also be experienced at The Water Studio in London Clerkenwell. T 01372 465655 W

Silenio washbasin Kaldewei A key focus for Kaldewei at this year’s Sleep was its new washbasins, made of steel enamel. Already a well-established brand for hotel baths and shower trays/surfaces, the introduction of this new segment means bathrooms can now be fitted out using a single material, a harmonious design vocabulary and a matching colour scheme. The Silenio washbasin by Anke Salomon is distinguished by exceptionally soft interior lines. Flowing gently inwards from both sides, the lines open out into a soft hollow which contrasts with the rear section of the basin which falls steeply. The spacious surround offers plenty of room for fittings and accessories. Both basin and matching Silenio bath are made from Kaldewei’s unique steel enamel; the exceptionally tough surface is extremely smooth, scratch resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. Perfect for hotel bathrooms. T 01480 498053 W

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06/12/2016 14:51


FOIL by Benjamin Hubert, Layer supported by Braun ©Ed Reeve Photography

London Design Festival The annual London Design Festival has fast become one of the most influential events of its ilk. This year’s edition – the 14th – took Design is in the Detail as its theme, illustrating it with a programme of 563 projects and events.

Over 2000 international design businesses took part in the 2016 London Design Festival, including exhibitors at the five Design Destinations: 100% Design, Decorex International, designjunction, Focus/16 and The London Design Fair. Partners ranged from emerging design studios to established international designers, from major institutions to small galleries, displaying the latest ideas or launching new products. This year saw seven Design Districts, including a newcomer, the Brixton Design Trail, with a total of 212 design businesses participating in the festival, each offering a programme of events, exhibitions, talks and tours. The V&A museum, the festival’s main hub, received a total of 110,596 visitors over the duration of the festival, and on Saturday 24th reached capacity and the doors were closed. Returning for the fifth year, and the second year at the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Global Design Forum ran a series of inspiring masterclasses and panel discussions exploring the role of design in the a sustainable and prosperous future. This year’s masterclasses were hosted by a star alliance of design luminaries such as Jonathan Barnbrook, Marina Willer, Daan Roosegaarde, Fredrikson Stallard, Doshi Levien, Alison Brooks and Patricia Urquiola. This year also saw the first London Design Biennale, in partnership with Jaguar and located within the historic surroundings of Somerset House.

HI68_pages.indd 137

100% Design - ©Sophie Mutevelian

Installations, artworks, prototypes and designs from 37 countries and territories came together in an entertaining and inspiring exploration of the role of design in our collective futures. With all commissions reacting to the Utopia by Design theme, visitors had the chance to interact with brand new work by world-leading architects,

designers, scientists, writers and artists in a broad, vibrant exhibition that resulted in richly varied content, including fantastical imaginings of future cities, homages to unrealised utopian proposals of the past, and innovative solutions for issues in 21st century life. W

06/12/2016 14:51


Liquid Marble installation by Mathieu Lehanneur

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06/12/2016 14:51


Kaldewei Meisterstück Emerso

RIO tables



Kaldewei Meisterstück Emerso by designer Arik Levy was presented for the first time in the UK at 100% Design. The free-standing, fully enamelled Meisterstück Emerso bathtub has a high back rest and slightly rising edge which is like looking at a silk ribbon rolled in on itself. The bathtub is made entirely of Kaldewei’s superior steel enamel with seamless coating, flush-fitting waste cover and discreet overflow outlet. The Meisterstück Emerso washstand is also available and fully complements the bathtub to create the perfect statement design in any bathroom. T 01480 498053 W

British furniture designer and manufacturer, Morgan, exhibited its new RIO tables at designjunction this year. Created by Morgan Studio with Mehran Gharleghi from Studio INTEGRATE, the RIO tables have a glass top which floats over a 3D printed polyamide basket, which links the top to solid turned timber legs. It is a mix of an intricate ‘lacework’ component with a rational structure and form. W

Modello Domus

Marlon Collection Axel Veit The Marlon collection from Axel Veit made its début in London at 100% Design this year. The collection comprises a lounge chair, ottoman, side table and coffee tables to create a cohesive lounge set. The Marlon Lounge Chair has a dynamic and modern appearance with a hint of mid-century design. Its wide and inviting back rest, together with the generous seat, offer many comfortable seating positions. The design, along with the Marlon Lounge Chair, Ottoman and Side Table, received the prestigious iF Design Award in 2015. W

HI68_pages.indd 139

Modello is a new tile collection exclusively developed by Domus, offering unique tessellating patterns in a huge choice of materials to allow customers to create striking customised design schemes. Domus designers have created five patterns using tiles their Lithology porcelain stone collection, resulting in a timeless luxurious feel but any Domus porcelain can be selected to create a desired look, whether it’s classic, contemporary or eclectic. Developed in-house, the patterns are water-jet cut from full size tiles to create impressive repeating designs. Co-ordinating full size tiles are available in all materials, making Modello patterns perfect for feature walls and floors. W

06/12/2016 14:52


Heimtextil Set to return from 10th – 13th January 2017 in Frankfurt am Main, Heimtextil is a leading international trade fair for home and contract textiles.

Heimtextil is the first trade fair of the year for its sector, and is the ultimate trend barometer for the whole business year. This indispensable business platform is the ideal meeting place to forge new global contacts and discover the upcoming innovations and trends in interior textiles. With its new products and trends, Heimtextil kicks off the season and gives visitors important impulses and inspiration from all over the world. Visitors will be glad to hear the successful Trend Theme Park is set to return. Here, visitors are invited

HI68_pages.indd 140

on a journey into the unknown full of curiosities and fascination. The Theme Park has been specially designed and curated from leading industry designers and trend forecasters based on their prognoses for the textile industry for 2017/2018. Carlin have been chosen to take lead on the Theme Park, and will showcase trends in various themed “worlds”. The trailblazing trends mean that trade visitors will thoroughly enjoy visiting this special area and it is first on the list of places to go at the trade fair. The

inspirational area in the centrally situated hall 6.0 is decorated with textiles by exhibitors whose products can be ordered directly on site at the trade fair. This year’s motto “Explorations” takes visitors on a spectacular journey of discovery for the senses. Driven by the vision of reinvigorating scientific curiosity, the Theme Park showcases a variety of innovative materials, textures and new patterns and invites visitors to see the rest of the trade fair through fresh eyes. W

06/12/2016 14:52

DU: 01.09.2016


Telling Textile Stories Interior.Architecture.Hospitality SETTING Frankfurt am Main, Exhibition Centre. Over 350 international exhibitors with innovative materials for the contract sector.

63378-003_HT_IAH_Hospitality Interiors _235x300 • FOGRA 39 • CMYK • bs: 10.08.2016

PLOT A unique opportunity for architects, interior designers and hoteliers to discover and order contract textiles and find the right partners for their interior projects. YOUR ROLE Writing your personal success story at the world’s largest forum for contract textiles. Discussing the latest industry themes with other experts. Going on a voyage of discovery at the Heimtextil Theme Park EXPLORATIONS and experiencing the trends 2017/2018 at the “Hospitality” showcase. For further details and tickets visit, Tel. +44 (0) 14 83 48 39 83

10 – 13. 1. 2017 Tuesday – Friday

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Top Drawer 2017 - Home Creative

Top Drawer With more exclusive brands and new products being launched than ever, Top Drawer Spring/Summer 17 is set to be the style destination of choice for creative retailers.

Spanning the dynamic worlds of Home, Gift, Fashion and Craft, the show is designed to inspire the buying of style scouts searching for original, design-led products. This edition sees a myriad of exclusive brands and new products, as well as a host of new exhibitors who are joining the roster for the first time. The Food Emporium will double in size this year, presenting over 80 of the best artisans and producers and offering a tasty collection of giftable food products from oils and condiments to seasonal treats and confectionary. Home, meanwhile, will present more exclusive brands than ever at S/S17, as well as new exhibitors such as Maxwell Williams, Bluebellgray and Tokyo Design Studio. They will join destination brands

Skandium, Skagerak

HI68_pages.indd 142

Lorna Syson

such as Alessi, Black + Blum, Eva Solo, LSA International, Orla Kiely and Umbra. Craft, a curated showcase of handmade products, will feature ceramics, glass, jewellery, fashion, textiles and mixed media from over 150 hand-picked international makers. Amongst these are Ali Tomlin Ceramics, BTU Studio, Gilly Langton Jewellery, Moth and Mirror and Catriona Faulkner. The Fashion element of the show presents a selection of top UK and international accessories and jewellery labels. New names such as Celia Gould, Nordahl, Tatty Devine and Urban Kit will mingle

with favourites like Azuni, Cabbage White, White Leaf and Last True Angel. At the heart of the show is Gift – an inspiring and expertly curated selection of the most original, beautifully-designed products across Gift, Wellbeing, Children’s and Greeting & Stationary. UK and International exhibiting brands include: Wild & Wolf, Rice, Dassie, JellyCat, Kikkerland, Caroline Gardener and Portico Designs. Top Drawer will be held between 15-17th January 2017 at London Olympia. W

06/12/2016 14:52


the home of furniture

NEC SUN 22 - WEDS 25 2017

A SHOW BUILT ON SUCCESS Register Now HI68_pages.indd 143 JF0383 HospitalityInteriorsAd_AW.indd 1

06/12/2016 13:51 14:52 31/10/2016


International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS) Along with co-located events – the 34th ASEAN Furniture Show (AFS), SingaPlural and the inaugural Nook Asia, the 2017 edition of the International Furniture Fair Singapore will continue to celebrate design, offer inspiration and facilitate business discussion.

Visitors to IFFS 2017 can expect to find a comprehensive portfolio of first-rate exhibitors from all over the world, and to be exposed to more design-centric elements across the show floor. Through various showcases and installations, IFFS’ design-rich environment aims to inspire. Visitors will also discover up-and-coming designers and new brands from Singapore and beyond, alongside returning exhibitors and industry veterans. “A successful trade event entails more than just providing exhibitors and visitors with a common space to mingle,” says Ernie Koh, chairman of show organiser IFFS Pte. “With that in mind, and taking into consideration feedback from the industry, we decided that a multi-faceted trade event with a more diverse exhibitor profile and design-rich environment would meet the business and creative needs of attendees at IFFS more adequately.” IFFS will welcome the EU Business Avenues in South East Asia Pavilion to the inaugural Nook Asia event. Organised in partnership with the titular business support programme for Europe-based SMEs looking to establish business collaborations through matchmaking and support services, the pavilion is expected to house 50 design and interior companies from across the EU on the Contemporary European Design business mission. Also new is: the Brand Franchise Pavilion, which is devoted to furniture and furnishing franchisers, and caters to brands exploring international franchise expansion; and the Upholstery Pavilion, which houses a curated line-up of exhibitors with upholstery offerings including Alexander & James,

HI68_pages.indd 144

Asiades, Bellagio Asia, Hugo by Yew Hoong and NS Furniture. The Outdoor Boulevard, an area for exhibitors with garden and/or outdoor offering, will return, together with the Design STARS Showcase, set to feature product debuts by design talents from around the world. IFFS 2017 will see the introduction of a unique experiential zone designed to titillate the senses of visitors. Curated by local designer Nathan Yong, this feature area will bring together several exhibitors to present their best offerings under a collective theme. IFFS will also feature Elite Club, an exclusive invitation-only initiative designed for key decisionmakers. Membership is extended only to a select group of buyers and exhibitors, who are carefully evaluated against stringent criteria. Finally, the event will feature a special collaboration with renowned Italian designer Giulio Cappellini, entitled The Italian Hospitality. A bridge

between the East and West, Singapore plays an important role in bringing companies from various continents together. Over the years, Italy and Singapore have built strong economic relations, and the time seemed right for the furniture industries of both countries to further collaborate. The Italian Hospitality project is a curated space and lounge that aims to represents the best of Italy at IFFS, whether in furniture production, design or gourmet.The project seeks to encourage European companies to engage with IFFS as a platform for marketing and business expansion. Involving a wide range of products, the curated space will feature interior design finishing, upholstery, lights, and furniture. Curated and styled by Giulio Cappellini, it will present the contemporary trend of juxtaposing current with the traditional. IFFS will take place between 9-12th March 2017 at the Singapore Expo. W

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Profile for Gearing Media Group Ltd

Hospitality Interiors #68  

Interior Design for hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs

Hospitality Interiors #68  

Interior Design for hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs