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IN T ERIOR DESIGN FOR HOT ELS, RESTAURAN TS, BARS & CLUBS Issue 69 | January - February 2017

LooseLay Longboard by Karndean Designflooring

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Brisa | Mokume ÂŽ

Our newest member of the Brisa family of acoustical, breathable, performance fabrics.

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Style Library Contract delivers an inspirational new design resource for interior designers, architects and specifiers. Explore contract suitable products from internationally renowned

brands Anthology, Harlequin, Morris & Co, Sanderson, Scion, Zoffany and FR One.

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Eight NEW fabric collections designed for the contract sector.


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w w RD80028 Folded Paper

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Barlow Tyrie Limited, Braintree CM7 2RN, England Tel: +44 (0)1376 557 600 Email: Visit:

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Mercury collection

Barlow Tyrie has been making exceptional outdoor furniture since 1920, with collections in premium teak wood, stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium, and hand-woven synthetic fibre. Receipt of eighteen international design excellence awards.

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Welcome In January I had the pleasure of meeting the MEL team in Cartagena, southern Spain. This Barcelona-based designer and manufacturer creates staggering glass art and lighting designs, and despite only having been in operation just over three years, its creations are installed in hotels, restaurants and residences across the globe. We were able to appreciate the significant skill and expertise that goes into MEL’s designs firsthand through a glass-blowing demonstration at The Glass Museum of Santa Lucía. The Glass Craftsmen Association in Cartagena is made up of fourth generation artisans dedicated to preserving and passing down the traditions of their forebears. Their valuable skillset is combined with sophisticated digital tools that transform MEL’s designs into reality, using the most advanced 3D technology to develop the right design for the intended space. It was fascinating to see these two disparate yet complementary methods work in conjunction, proving that technological advance need not eclipse traditional craftsmanship in the bid to generate innovative designs, but can work hand in hand with it to create meaningful and – crucially – sustainable design. Creating value through design, from a practical as well as an emotional perspective, is the driving force of NYC lighting design studio and manufacturing shop, Juniper. On page 14, founder Shant Madjarian talks about the trap of falling prey to trends, and why designers must pick their battles when it comes to deviating from existing, proven methods. One way in which balanced, but truly original design can be created is through a meeting of minds, or indeed cultures. On page 24, president of the BIID, Susie Rumbold describes a recent trade mission she and a group of BIID members undertook in Japan. With the number of overseas tourists in Japan expected to double in the event of the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, Susie sees real potential for British interior designers and commercial suppliers as the country’s hospitality scene enters a period of growth. Elsewhere in the issue: we speak to Sidonie Warren, co-founder of Brisol design studio, Studio B; Artiq consultant Katie Terres explains the manifold benefits of a salon hang; and Julia Otto tells us more about her luxury 100% organic bed linen brand, Lula Green. I hope you enjoy our first issue of 2017!


Gemma Ralph - Editor Twitter: @GRalph_HI



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NYC lighting design studio and manufacturing shop, Juniper, was founded in 2001 by Shant Madjaria. Leaving behind a successful career in finance, Shant launched Juniper to embrace his creativity and thirst for innovation ...


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Bristol-based design studio, Studio B, was founded in 2011 by Kyle Clarke and Sidonie Warren.

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As the salon hang trend begins to shake up the world of hotel art, Artiq consultant Katie Terres delves into just why it holds so much appeal ...

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Š Wilson Associates

Skye Niseko, Japan Construction of the Skye Niseko condominium hotel ski resort in Hirafu, Japan, is now underway, featuring 105 apartments and penthouses, and the first privately owned condominium-hotel located within the Hokkaido National Park. Wilson Associates’ Dallas office will design the communal area and penthouse interiors, with Pike Withers of Sydney handling the other accommodation units. The project is scheduled for completion in October 2018. W


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S T Y L E M AT T E R S . CO.U K 01565 740 342

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© Central Design Studio

Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel Ian Haigh and Central Design Studio have brought a new lease of life to the Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel. Taking the city’s rich history as a starting point, Ian drew inspiration from the property’s ornate Victorian architecture and the strong independent spirit and vibrant streetart scene that exists in Bristol. The project is expected to complete in March 2017. W


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design without compromising performance Waterproof

Stain Resistant

Cashmir Tones Thistle Bleach Cleanable

Fire Retardant Crib 5

Cashmir Tones Lilac Anti-Microbial

Phthalate Free


REACH Compliant


Martindale Abrasion Severe Contract

PERFORMANCE UPHOLSTERY FABRICS See the full Cashmir Tones fabric range at Agua Fabrics Ltd |

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Q&A: Shant Madjarian, Juniper NYC lighting design studio and manufacturing shop, Juniper, was founded in 2001 by Shant Madjarian. Leaving behind a successful career in finance, Shant launched Juniper to embrace his creativity and thirst for innovation ...

What motivated you to make the move from finance, to setting up Juniper? All startups, regardless of the industry, require passion and naiveté in equal parts. Looking back, my sole motivation to leave banking to start a business in design was to apply my creative ideas to a successful business of my own. I enjoyed my finance career. I worked at a great company where I was allowed the freedom to generate and develop new ideas with little interference and was paid well to do it. However, like many who venture out of the corporate world, I wanted to put my vision to test in a way that was more aligned with my personal interests and values. It was about business, but it was also idealistic – if that is possible. I have no regrets. What we have created with Juniper in the past five years is far beyond my expectations, but it also came with challenges that were equally unexpected. Looking back, all of the challenges were common to startups, but you simply don’t account for them when the adrenaline is rushing at the very beginning.

I suppose, if I had, then I might never have gone through with it in the first place, and we would have never gotten to where we are now as a prospering business. Hence the required naiveté. Could you provide a brief overview of the company’s progression from inception to the current day? The company, quite literally, started in my second bedroom. It was there where I set out to build a collection of thoughtfully designed furniture, lighting and accessories. The first two years were spent learning the industry while developing what would be Juniper’s first collection. To be fair, it was fraught with errors and miscalculations (which later I would learn is normal with even experienced firms). Still, a couple of our lighting pieces really connected with the market, and they set the foundation of what is now a growing collection of advanced architectural and residential lighting. Juniper is now based out of our manufacturing facility in Industry City, where we continue to innovate and explore new opportunities in lighting.

“Looking back, my sole motivation to leave banking to start a business in design was to apply my creative ideas to a successful business of my own”

You’ve mentioned that it’s important for your products to be ‘disruptive on some meaningful level’. Could you explain further about what this means for you? Disruptive is quickly becoming an overused word, and I, myself, may have misused it. My understanding of the term ‘disruptive’ is some form of technology or use of technology that fundamentally changes a long-standing business standard or cultural norm. I am not sure Juniper has meaningfully disrupted the markets quite yet, but we are certainly thinking on those lines. We take the approach that to be sustainable as a business in this environment, you need to be offering something new; something that fundamentally changes the way people do things and in a way that matters to them. The use of LEDs changed the industry, but they didn’t necessarily change the user experience. We look to change people’s experience with lighting, and for that you really need to think about how lighting is used. What value does lighting bring to people? What is the experience of using and purchasing lighting? How does it fundamentally improve our lives on a practical and on an emotional level? This thought process is at the core of our daily discussions. We don’t pretend to have the answers … not yet anyway, but we think the lighting industry is poised for further innovation and potentially meaningful ‘disruption’ by those who can find a way to truly connect with users. ›


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“I have no regrets. What we have created with Juniper in the past five years is far beyond my expectations, but it also came with challenges that were equally unexpected�

M Lamp


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What would you say are the advantages and challenges that come with Juniper’s emphasis on starting with a blank canvas? Design is ubiquitous, especially in a city like New York or Milan. You can very easily get caught up in trends and fall prey to a pattern of imitation even if it feels as if you are innovating. It’s a double-edged sword really, because communication and idea exchange are important for the advancement of technology, while a blank slate and an unaffected perspective can lead to something completely new and exciting. A blank slate can also result in costly mistakes, which can be avoided by referencing existing methods — you must know where to be adventurous. In other words, pick your battles. We no longer try to reinvent everything we do, and certainly not all at once. But, as part of our company culture, we stay far away from normative statements such as “everybody does it that way” or “no one cares about that”.

THIN Chandelier

Could you talk about the importance and value of collaborations with other designers? How do these relationships develop?

It has never been complicated. But despite simple beginnings, this collaboration is one of the most important and gratifying parts of our business. We have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity of work with brilliant young designers, who bring a fresh perspective to our

will show in the development of the product, all the way through to marketing and sales. You cannot separate the designer from the product, and you shouldn’t want to.

Juniper’s relationships with its designers all had unconventional beginnings, or maybe they didn’t, depending on how you see it. It always seems to start with a casual but inspiring conversation, and then moves to mutual interest in each other as people, to then an almost irrational feeling of confidence and excitement in a partnership.

collection and to the industry. Ideas are plentiful, and many of them, I believe, if brought to market as intended would probably do very well. Getting them there is the bigger challenge; it takes a close relationship between designer and editor over a gruelling period of two years for those ideas to materialise. If you don’t connect, then that

scene in Brooklyn? I came into furniture and lighting in some part because my family was in the business back in Montreal, and I grew up around it and in appreciation of it. However, I had no idea that Brooklyn was on the cusp of becoming an important centre of lighting innovation five years ago. ›

How would you describe the lighting design

THIN Suspension


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“We are working with local organisations to make sure Brooklyn continues to welcome small industry beyond the craft market even as population and rent prices rise�

Love Me Not


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In fact, at that time I was considering opening a bakery before I shifted directions into design. I would like to think Juniper has something to do with the lighting movement in Brooklyn, but it was probably serendipitous at first, and in recent years a momentum has set in that I think could sustain for decades. Great things are happening here in lighting – mostly on the very high of the market. We are working with local organisations to make sure Brooklyn continues to welcome small industry beyond the craft market even as population and rent prices rise. Could you talk a little about the make-up/ specialisms of the Juniper team? First, I think we lack a certain physical makeup. I mean, we don’t have a look or a projected personality as such. Mostly, we are a bunch of hardworking and curious individuals. We are all creative, but we are also very technical. At this stage in our business, it is important that all members have a sense of ownership and passion for the business. We seek to make interesting things, and so curiosity is also a very common trait. And most of all, we get

THIN Floor Lamp

along. We push each other to do better. Could you talk about a recent hospitality project Juniper has worked on? We were hired to complete the entire lighting package for the Marriott renovation in downtown Brooklyn. The project entailed the development and production of seven unique designs exceeding 4500 units installed across 667 rooms. We worked closely with the boutique design studio, Krause & Sawyer, for over a year to realise the complete custom lighting package. It was a very rewarding experience where we had the opportunity to apply our strength in engineering and our specialisation in integrated LED technology to push the limits of hospitality lighting. What would you say are the key hospitality lighting trends to look out for in the coming years? Hospitality design has undergone a huge shift, and lighting is a big part of it. Above all, we are seeing a convergence in residential, hospitality and office design, where spaces feel more integrated and fluid. For lighting, specifically, warm finishes such as brass and mixed materials including honed marble, stitched leather, dark woods and smoke glass can be integrated within a single fixture and repeated across other parts of the room. Once uncommon in hospitality, we are now seeing more articulating light fixtures emulating residential design. On the light

THIN Suspension

source, energy efficiency is now a requirement in most hotels, and designers are taking this beyond LED replacement bulbs by specifying custom integrated LED fixtures that would not have been possible with incandescent bulbs. Are there any upcoming projects you’d like to mention? We have a full pipeline of interesting projects for 2017. We are collaborating with one of our favorite design firms in NYC on a luxury co-work space that has our THIN collection of linear LED lighting as a central part of its design intent. This is one of our most exciting projects to date as it will demonstrate the full versatility of our lighting collection, and to have that as part of a cool new project right here in NYC is a reward for all the hard work and stubborn persistence it took to get us here. We are also working on an inspiring new

collection with an outstanding jewellery company. We met, fell in love with each other’s vision, and we knew right then and there we had a to do this. It will be a series of light fixtures inspired by their eminent jewellery collection. There is so much good energy around this project. It feels so right. Now comes the hard work. What are your aspirations for Juniper in the coming years? We want to feed our successes and see where that takes us. A good friend advised us to “place our stone” on the one thing we do well and to double down on that thing. We have been successful at making well designed, technically precise lighting. Our goal is to be better at doing that, and to expand our products and service in areas of lighting where we feel we could be most helpful. W


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Q&A: Sidonie Warren, Co-founder of Studio B Bristol-based design studio, Studio B, was founded in 2011 by Kyle Clarke and Sidonie Warren. The creativity and passion of this talented team has seen the firm move from strength to strength in the ensuing years, working with clients, new and established, to enhance and grow their offering. Here, co-founder Sidonie tells us more ...

What was it that first drew you to the world of design? As a child, I created magazines with my sisters and friends. I enjoyed curating the content and cutting images out of magazines for my adverts – young art direction explorations right there! At University I studied Education but we did a module on Digital Communication. Hours would fly by as I played around with typefaces, layout and basic HTML and CSS to create posters or websites.

When and how did Studio B come to be? In 2011, shortly after graduating from University, I met my business partner Kyle Clarke. We rented an old rope making factory to use as a studio for our personal design and illustration projects and then began designing logos and websites for local businesses. I’d go along with my paint brushes and paint massive murals for restaurants, from designs we’d worked on in the studio or in collaboration with illustrators. We relocated

to Bristol in 2013 and found our niche in combining interior design and branding for commercial clients. I’ve never worked for another design company, so we never even had a rule book to throw out the window. I’ve learned from experience, peers, family and books. How would you describe Studio B’s design approach? Our approach is purposeful with problemsolving at its heart. We define the concept before getting down to the nitty gritty. It’s a full circle approach – we’ll work on every element from menu design to the signage to the lighting scheme, bringing interior and brand together as one. We value authenticity and champion traditional techniques and crafts such as sign-painting and gilding. Apparently our work is distinctive and people can identify interiors that we’ve worked on. Since we run our own retail space too, we have a unique insight into B2C trading – this experience really sets us apart from other agencies. How would you describe the design scene in Bristol? Ever-growing. There are some fantastic events by the likes of Bristol Media, Yonder Collective, West of England Design Forum and thread.

The Stable, Exeter


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Sidonie Warren (left) and business partner Kyle Clarke

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Could you tell us about a recent project that really stands out for you? Designing the interior of The Stable in Exeter. We worked closely with Nikki Cooper, the client, and Rex Johnson, furniture designer, to create a lighting scheme, the spatial planning, interior and exterior signage, wall art and way-finding, planting schemes and a roof terrace with two retro caravans on it. At three storeys, it’s been our biggest project to date. Could you tell us more about your sister company, Papersmiths? We’re fanatical about print so we decided to share half of our original Bristol studio space with an area dedicated to paper and stationery, and opened it to the public. It was a small curation of some of our favourite international brands and a way to meet more likeminded people in a city relatively new to us. When we outgrew the space, we decided to make Papersmiths a separate venture and found it a 700ft2 retail premises in Clifton with two floors of office space above it for the studio. This massive space is dedicated to the best stationery designers as well as magazines and books. We also have a successful online store where you can get a digital stationery fix. Have you got any hospitality projects in the pipeline that you’re able to share with us? We’re working on three interior updates for one of our clients, The Stable, all launching in 2017. This involves new bar designs,

The Stable, Kew

lighting schemes and a new system for wall decoration that no other restaurant has done before. Watch this space. What would be your dream project/ collaboration? Concept creation! We’d love to work on the concept and design of a hotel. We love how

places like The Ludlow and The Wythe in New York and Michelberger and 24 Hours in Berlin are all about the experience. At Michelberger, with homemade jams at their legendary brunch and the Fountain of Youth coconut drink which they produce, you can literally live, eat and drink the brand. The Wythe have pop-up lobby shops – never selling your usual tat. Their mini bar is made up of local artisan products from the Brooklyn neighbourhood. These places tie the concept, the interior and the experience together to create one heck of a brand. How do you see Studio B evolving over the next few years? We’ll continue to focus on our niche of interior design and branding particularly within the hospitality sector – as I said we’d love to work with a hotel next. We’ll take on new clients as well as develop our team with training and new recruits. We hope to work with other international brands; we’re constantly inspired on our travels and we recently spent four weeks traveling across Australia and New Zealand researching hospitality and retail concepts out there. Every journey we take gives us fresh ideas. W

The Stable, Exeter


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The Stable, Kew

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UK interior designers to capitalise on Japanese demand in hospitality sector Members of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID), including President of the BIID, Susie Rumbold, recently travelled to Japan and discovered that UK interior design talent is very much in demand. Here, Susie explains why the Japanese hospitality sector in particular is seeking UK interior designers and outlines how the UK hospitality design community can benefit from these exciting opportunities.

For many European travellers, Japan tends to be perceived as a high-cost tourist destination. With a flight time of nearly 17 hours and a seven month rainy season, Japan isn’t a destination for those who are after a last minute, sun-seeking holiday. Nevertheless, Japan is currently experiencing a large influx of tourism that has already doubled over the past four years, thanks to its rich cultural heritage which contrasts with cutting edge technology and wonderful architecture. The number of overseas tourists visiting the country is expected to double again by 2020 as Japan is set to host a number of international events, including the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. In preparation for this surge in visitors, Japan is in the midst of a significant hotel development boom across the country, bringing vast opportunities for British interior designers and commercial suppliers to be involved in a range of exciting hospitality projects. According to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), design is the UK’s largest and most successful export. UK interior design has never been stronger than it is today and is highly respected across the world. BIID Japan Mission In response to the strong demand for UK interior designers, myself and a group of BIID members, embarked on a two-week trade mission to Japan last October to find out more about the opportunities. The trip was organised by the talented Noriko Sawayama,

founder of NSDA Design, who is a Japanese interior designer and BIID member based in the UK, who works on commercial interior design projects both here and in Japan. The BIID is known for its high professional standards and creative expertise in interior design, not just in the United Kingdom but internationally. As well as talking to hoteliers and developers about our respective interior design practices and what we can offer them, members of the BIID team including myself and BIID Past President Daniel Hopwood, were also invited to speak at events in the hospitality sector about the UK design industry and what it could potentially bring to Japan. This included engaging discussions at events such as Japantex, an interior design symposium with Houzz Japan at the Houzz Tokyo headquarters and an IFFT seminar on the design legacy from the London Olympics, hosted by the UK Embassy in Tokyo which discussed the designer-led design process and collaboration with architects. The tour provided an ideal platform for the BIID to promote British design talent and highlight the possibilities for collaboration between designers in Japan and the UK. There are hugely exciting opportunities in Japan at present for the UK design community and part of our mission was to find out more about these by meeting key stakeholders and find out how we can highlight these opportunities for our peers in the industry. Inspirational Japan Visiting Japan provided me with real creative

inspiration as well as being a hugely valuable professional networking opportunity. During our time in Japan we went on a fascinating cultural tour, visiting historic and modern architectural highlights and learning about traditional Japanese crafts and skills, including authentic Kyo-yuzen dyeing, one of Japan’s best known dyeing techniques. We also participated in a full-day workshop in Kyoto where we created traditional Japanese wallpaper, visited an exhibition to celebrate the 300th birthday of Jakuchu Ito, one of Japan’s most renowned artists, and learnt about Nishijin Brocade, Japan’s famous and richly decorative shuttle-woven fabric. Without doubt the trip was one of my most memorable and successful ventures to date as an interior designer and I look forward to developing the relationships I formed whilst I was out there. BIID opens international doors One of the great benefits of being a BIID member is being able to showcase your professional expertise internationally and to form relationships with both BIID members and potential clients across the world. All BIID Registered Interior Designers® are recognised internationally by clients, designers and other built environment professionals as being a respected interior designer who has met the BIID’s rigorous professional standard. If you would like to join the BIID, please visit for more information. W


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© Tim Williams


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NYC design firm, Roman and Williams, has brought its signature style to the interior of this striking 20-room boutique hotel in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Greydon House Massachusetts Nestled amongst stoic Colonial and Quakerstyle buildings, Greydon House embodies the island’s rich and varied history. The original structure – an original Greek revival building dating back to the 1850s – has been connected to a new addition under the experienced eye of Matthew MacEachern and his team at Nantucket-based firm, Emeritus, to create a complex building project that blurs historic and modern Nantucket. Within the hotel’s elevated reception area, a palette of rich cranberry and inky marine blue tones are balanced out with humble pine. Striking hand-painted Portuguese tile work borders the ceiling, while Roman and Williams

The hotel’s living room, meanwhile, showcases a collection of low-slung vintage sofas, re-interpreted for Greydon House using traditional weaving techniques from Indonesia. An eclectic mix of old and new pieces – including wood-framed French ceremonial chairs and throne-like chairs from the Cote d’Ivoire – create a melange of eras, cultures and generations. Found objects, from Native American ceramics to whaling artifacts, allow visitors to connect with local history in an intimate setting. The hotel also features a stylish restaurant overseen by Executive Chef Marcus Gleadow-

The 24-cover dining space provides a light, airy place to enjoy breakfast, or a cosy venue for dinner, extending out onto the verdant New England patio, which is sheltered by the extended roof. The Roman and Williams team has selected long, plush silk and velvet banquettes, Edwardian dining chairs and traditional bistro tables here. Hanging lights, adorned with flaxen fabric shades, emit a soft rosy glow in the evenings. Adjacent to the dining room, guests can choose from a menu of six original cocktails curated by Boston’s award-winning bartender, Jackson Cannon, at a 20-seat bar. The bar

has created brass lighting fixtures from reclaimed ship portholes.

Ware, who was most recently the executive chef at the 2-Michelin star Aureole in NYC.

itself has been reclaimed from a former general store and fitted with a new pine top

© Tim Williams


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and Atlas brass fixtures to bring an air of authenticity to the space. Within the hotel’s warm, bright guest rooms, blues and creamy whites combine with hearty wood contrasts and the gleam of brass. An eclectic selection of furniture – including Roman and Williams’ custom-designed pieces – has been selected, along with beautiful paintings of the sea. Each guest room is entirely unique, with custom-designed metal beds and pendant light fixtures. The palette of chestnut, earthy greens and warm wood floors reflects the island’s landscape, while the lighting has been customised to appear softly brighter as it ripples into the room. The guest bathrooms follow the same palette with nautical-inspired Waterworks faucets, and crisp blue hand-painted Portuguese tile murals of the sea. Down to the smallest of details – the candles from local purveyors, for example – each guest room, and indeed the entirety of the hotel’s interior – is an inventive celebration of Nantucket’s prosperous past, serene present and enduring appeal.

© Douglas Friedman


© Tim Williams

© Tim Williams

© Tim Williams


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© Tim Williams


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The newly opened design-led flagship Hilton London Bankside is a Hilton like no other. Set in one of London’s most culture-rich areas, the venue combines the authentic Bankside urban grittiness with polished contemporary design.

Hilton London Bankside London With its design-rich guest rooms, neighbourhood eatery serving traditional British dishes with a twist, alongside The Distillery, Hilton London Bankside is well placed as a base for exploring the city. From a ballroom to rooms of varying sizes, it is also suitable for events and meetings. Designed in partnership with Londonbased practices Dexter Moren architects and design studio twenty2degrees, Hilton London Bankside has a focus on design – each element has been created to reflect the history of the surrounding area. References to the neighbouring Tate Modern can be seen in the lobby flooring, and in the art displayed

Suffolk Street, the brief was for a mix of budget hotel, aparthotel, conference and leisure uses, at a time when the post-industrial landscape was too run down to be suitable for five-star luxury. The regeneration of the area created an opportunity to combine the initial separate uses into a hotel – when other brands wavered, Hilton agreed to support the developer, Splendid Hospitality. Dexter Moren Associates and twenty2Degrees embraced the neighbourhood as the primary source of inspiration – a combination of the concrete brutalism of Southbank, the edginess of Bankside, the looming shadow of Tate Modern and the

From the port-cochère graffiti panel to The Penny Wall in The Distillery, each piece has been chosen to complement the industrial themes. The Rebar sculpture bestriding the rear wall of the reception provides a dramatic focal point upon arrival. A ghost mural wall featured in OXBO Bankside echoes the James Ashby & Sons Fine Tea Factory signage from the 1850s, found locally on Union Street. Then there is the urban fox motif – during the construction of the hotel, a local fox took to visiting the site – which is referenced subtly more than 100 times throughout the hotel.

throughout. Bespoke lighting, exposed metal screens, bare brickwork, reprocessed tube station tiles and bespoke joinery all feature, with furnishings inspired by the colours and prints of William Morris. Sculptures by British artist David Farrer feature, while reclaimed ceilings and murals have been designed for the hotel’s public spaces. Ten years ago, when Dexter Moren of Dexter Moren Associates was commissioned to design a hotel to replace the banknote recycling shed on a rare island site on Great

power of the Thames. The material selections were informed by the board-formed concrete in surrounding buildings whilst layers of graffiti sit alongside steel and glazed modern constructions. Hilton London Bankside is the closest five-star hotel to the Tate Modern, so it is not surprising that the gallery’s influence has instilled an art narrative in the design. Led by the interior design team, and curated by art consultants Peter Millard & Partners, the artwork showcase a selection of young British artists.

Exterior or interior, the Hilton London Bankside speaks with one design voice. The structure of the hotel’s architecture by Dexter Moren Associates uses two adjoining forms, one low and one tall, each with its own identity and linked by a volumetric glazed entrance and inner lightwells. The layered façades of brick, metal and glass create a contemporary feeling. A lighter tone of brick is in keeping with the traditional London stock, and a similarly lighter bronze-coloured metal cladding provides a sense of quality. The taller block adjoins a residential


H69_doc.indd 31

06/02/2017 15:48


development. Glazing forms the base layer, followed by pearlescent bronze aluminium topped with a brickwork framework containing glass and bronze panels. The lower block similarly expresses a glass internal layer, which is encased by a continuous limestone cloak. The two forms are bound by a ribbon of glass that encircles the building at ground level before rearing up to enclose and assert the hotel entrance, and again to express the Ballroom entrance. With refined concepts meeting a London grit narrative, the colour palette uses subdued tones that are generally de-saturated. Limited pops of colour are injected into the space with various pieces of furniture, the bespoke William Morris-inspired carpets and the artwork and decorative accessories.

The porte-cochère – or taxi drop-off point – was a late addition to the design. The pressed tin ceiling and mass of bespoke industrial lights provide a dramatic structure, softened by plants. Moving into the double-height reception area, the guest can appreciate how the façade is echoed throughout the interiors. The concrete-effect porcelain floor tiles are evocative of the concrete finishes of the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, whilst the pillars are clad in white subway tiles with a line of British racing green relief. Each of the polished black and gold marble reception pods create a jewel-box contrast against the Rebar wall art. The long, floating light fitting, designed for the space by twenty2Degrees and Dexter

Moren Associates, draws the eye upwards, exaggerating the height of the lobby. The lightweight decorative pendants use thin tubular steel with ribbed glass globes, and were inspired by mid-century materiality and the light-weight kinetic mobiles of American sculptor Alexander Calder. The sweeping ellipse of the fitting is mirrored in the oval seating arrangement. The carpets are a nod to classic Britishness – using a washed take on William Morris patterns as an inspiration, but injecting new life into these traditional designs. The Distillery Bar is a destination venue, a cocktail bar for serious mixologists whose intent is indicated by the glittering display of original Seltzer bottles from Argentina. The name is a reference to the Stephenson & Howell Standard Works, distillers and blenders of fine essences and flavours, which occupied part of the site during the 1800s. Hints of old world charm detailing, like the antique brass bar inlays, echo distillation equipment whilst suggesting the elegance of a 1930s gentlemen’s club. The warmth of the fumed oak parquet floor and timber ceiling is complemented by the earthy hues of the dark green leather upholstery and bronze-effect detailing. Large expanses of texture and pattern such as the Penny Wall and the William Morris-inspired carpets help set a mellow tone. The Penny Wall – some 16,800 – had to be reinforced to support the load. A reference to the warehouse that used to store £5 notes for the Bank of England, the Penny Wall covers two sides of the wall to the left of the bar. The pennies, dating from 1864, were sourced from coin dealers in Charing Cross, and each was hand-applied onsite by artists Diarmuid Byron-O’Connor and Dominic Lewis. The installation includes a monarch’s timeline and will continue to develop and expand with civic leaders, dignitaries and the local community recording their visit by adding a penny to the wall themselves. The design of the OXBO restaurant complements the locally-sourced menu. Despite catering for up to 168 covers, the restaurant’s decorative perforated steel screens provide privacy while ensuring the space retains its buzz. The pressed tin ceiling provides a bold statement, whose subtle, doilylike patterns were created by the texture of the cloth that was used in the hand-application. Rustic European oak panelling adds warmth. The black and white floor tiles have a Victorian feel, but the hexagonal pattern creates a more contemporary edge. The design works alongside the parquet flooring, with the sharp tones of the William Morris-inspired carpet bringing a splash of vibrancy.


H69_doc.indd 32

06/02/2017 15:48


A number of ghost signs – distressed advertising signs painted onto walls – can be found in the area around the hotel, and in a space where the outer urban context is brought indoors, the OXBO’s ghost mural references the original Rose Tea Mural at Union Street, Southwark. Many of the decorative items, such as the crystal decanters, have been garnered from local dealers. The theme is expanded by the Mounted Not Stuffed artwork by David Farrer, a menagerie of papier-mâché animal heads scattered throughout the restaurant. The lighting is a bespoke design for the restaurant and was manufactured by British lighting company Northern Lights and Danish company Fransden Project. Each re-iterates the industrial heritage theme. Unlike many hotels where the executive lounge is segregated from the public areas, at Hilton London Bankside, the design places the lounge directly on ground level – with a specific entrance – making its executive offer an aspirational statement. The lounge follows a modern gentleman’s club aesthetic, but is more residential in feel.

Outside the guest rooms, the corridor carpets were inspired by the fluid patterns and dull palette of the nearby River Thames, and the room numbers by old printing blocks. Once inside the guest rooms, materials include concrete-effect wallcoverings, limed timber and travertine stone, plus plump

As well as adding to the sense of history, the feature wall of antique mirrors combines with the light well that runs the height of the building. The lights throughout the space are a combination of bespoke pendants by Denmark’s Fransden Project with some Tom Dixon classics. The luxuriousness of the room is an almost contradictory showcase for the three-dimensional graffiti art of British artist Simon Bingle. These murals were inspired by the fluidity and movement of street art. Katy Dalwood’s white sculpted busts build upon this urban experience.

upholstery and winged headboards. Again, the colours are subdued. In contrast to the public areas, the bell jarshaped pendants and lamps become the more industrial components. In many of the rooms, the fox head motif is displayed in the form of a Peter Osborne sculpture. In the bathrooms, the slick industrial forms continue, but with more refined detailing, such as the leather buckled straps supporting the mirror. All the furniture and decorative lighting in the guest rooms, as well as a number of pieces in the public areas, were designed by twenty2Degrees and Dexter Moren Associates.

The 570m2 ballroom is accessed by a sweeping staircase with marble treads, brass handrail and smoked glass balustrade, and opens out to include balcony areas and the lobby if necessary. The various meeting rooms have a similar feel, but with a less theatrical aspect. The 17m pool and spa are simple but impressive. The shimmering pool is cast into relief by a dark surround, whilst the 4m ceiling height allows for a copper ceiling. Hilton Bankside is also home to the Bankside beehives, which are housed on the meadow garden on the property’s green roof terrace. Each of the four hives have been designed and painted by jewellery designer Alex Monroe to represent the four seasons. The apiary was designed and installed by Dale Gibson, founder of Bermondsey Street Bees. W W


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One Warwick Park is but a few yards from the well which gave Tunbridge Wells its name. The property, designed by HMY with interiors by Envy and KTB, opened last summer with an evening befitting of the property’s ambitions to be not only a boutique, luxury hotel in one of the country best-known spa towns, but the pre-eminent social address in the area.

One Warwick Park Tunbridge Wells At first glance, the façade to One Warwick Park is not the easiest property to comprehend, as it is essentially a collection of four smaller plots with differing building footprints and profiles, all set across a much-used, brick-paved alleyway leading to the town’s famous Pantiles. The project architect, Belinda Tonelli worked with HMY Architects to combine this cluster into one space. The public spaces, from the entrance to the reception, bar, lounge and restaurant, become one flowing space. From the outside, the property enhances multiple streetscapes and brings muchneeded life to the area whilst respecting the

HMY Architect’s view HMY was appointed to develop an extension to the existing Brew House Hotel, which only had 10 bedrooms, utilising other properties adjacent which had been acquired by the client. This included two Grade II Listed properties in Chapel Place and 3 Cumberland Walk. The project architect, Belinda Tonelli, has been working at HMY Architects for 12 years and was assisted on this project by John McCormack, the overseeing partner, and a team of architectural assistants. The brief was to design a scheme that would maximise the development potential of the

wall of King Charles Church and The Old School House. “The elevation facing Cumberland Walk repeats a contemporary brick gable wall twice whilst nestling between a copper clad wall and roof construction. Internally, the bedrooms for the hotel have increased from 10 to 40, with 24 new rooms and six refurbished bedrooms utilising the adjacent Listed buildings. “Accommodation at ground level is where all the public rooms are situated which include a reception, residents’ lounge, snug, a bar and café with access to the School House function room. A new atrium space provides access to a new restaurant in 17 and 19 Chapel

neighbouring properties. The interior design immediately puts guests at ease with its warm, calm and considered palette of natural materials and tones. The public spaces primarily feature warm organic finishes – dark woods, cream tile and stonework, artisan metalwork and bright metallics pulled together with a skilful scheme which provides a cool yet cosy feel.

site, create a sufficient number of additional bedrooms to make the hotel commercially viable, and create a scale and appearance that would complement the adjoining buildings. The brief also made it clear that the new property must respect and minimise the impact on the adjacent Listed properties. Belinda says that the building was conceived as a continuation of the dominant brick gable

Place. At first and second floor levels there are 24 bedrooms with the circulation space overlooking the atrium. “The design for the building was very complex with the split levels across the centre of the site and no area of the building being the same or repetitive, due to the site boundaries with existing Listed buildings, neighbouring garden retaining walls and the multiple


H69_doc.indd 35

06/02/2017 15:48


basements. This meant that all the bedrooms are bespoke. Six separate lifts have been installed for service access and guests. The guest lifts have nine stopping stations. “On the structural side of things, one of the greatest challenges were the substructure works. HMY has worked on basements in the Pantiles area of the town in the past and the risk of discovering further underground wells on this site was high. “The very first task required of the contractor was to dig a very large hole in the ground and to remove the soil from the site. This involved multiple skips to remove the soil from the site.” The struggle was ultimately worth it. “The public spaces at ground level are all interlinked, the hotel bar and residents’ lounge, the Old School House function room and the bar/ café overlooking Cumberland Walk create an atmosphere and ambience of a larger hotel with pleasing interior spaces. The new restaurant along Chapel Place opens into the three-storey atrium space at the rear with views from the bedroom corridors,” explains Belinda.

Interior designer’s view Melanie Ellis’ interior design firm, London Envy, was tasked with creating an interior that worked efficiently with a luxury aesthetic. “The main brief was that the hotel must be functional – as a team, we thought through everything that irritated us when staying in hotels, from inefficient lighting, badly designed bathrooms, inadequate fresh air or air conditioning to electrical sockets in the wrong places. “The team was involved every step of the way and we worked on creating a neutral palette with amazing lighting, bespoke joinery and stone work to achieve the most luxurious results. Simplicity and quality were the key elements. “The rooms were designed to be calm and luxurious, from the first foot onto the carpet, walls in soft dove greys, taupes, steel greys, pale silvers and golds and fabrics from Nobilis Paris, Dedar Milan and Zinc London all added to the luxurious feel. “The existing rooms have walnut joinery, whereas the new build rooms feature dark oak and the Town House has silvered oak. Each room has different cushions and throws, and we followed five themes of headboards, wall coverings and curtains. Sally Coley hand-made all the soft furnishing with her team. “The public areas in the hotel are interesting and diverse, from the welcoming open reception area to the tranquil snug and comfortable lounge served by a two-sided bar area. The furniture is from Latorre, The Sofa and Chair Company Eichholtz and The Seating


H69_doc.indd 36

06/02/2017 15:49


Company, while the unusual specialist paint effects are from Bellisimo and the bespoke joinery from SEC. “The stone floor follows through into the new build to the-newly created Terrace Café and the impressive Atrium which links through to the restaurant.” KTB Architecture’s view KTB Architecture has regularly worked in historic contexts and aims to blend contemporary, modern design with conservation elements. The firm, whose portfolio now ranges across the residential sector, has worked with Markerstudy Leisure on a number of projects over the past couple of years, including the new Salomons Hotel. Darren Furniss explains: “We were approached by Envy to assist in looking at some of the more architectural internal finishes, what started as an initial discussion on interior palettes led to a series of design workshops and ultimately us looking at the full interior concept with the project team – client, interior designer and architect. This allowed an opportunity to re-appraise the interior spaces, adapt the floor plan where possible and led to a full interior concept for the build. “We developed the interior brief with the above team. Key was tying together a series of existing, new-build, contemporary and Listed structures as one holistic design. Flexibility was

also a key element – each area works hard, often with a dual function. A relatively modest footprint is hopefully made to feel bigger through doing this. “The key aim in summary here has always been to transform and re-brand the existing Brewhouse hotel into something totally different and unrecognisable – One Warwick Park. “The existing buildings offered us a series of older spaces from which to draw inspiration – from panelling to how to divide a wall with traditional elements such as dados and picture rails. These were then re-invented as contemporary panelling and divisions to show where new elements were being inserted into the old fabric of the buildings. “The tricks used in older buildings such as using pocket- and secret-doors to divide spaces alongside mirrors to give the illusion of both more space and light were used in a contemporary way.

“Alongside HMY, we also re-imagined the courtyard, or light-well, to form a central atrium that allows the Listed rear of Chapel Place to be exposed. This forms a real heart to the new building. “Overall, the property is a design of contrasts – light and dark, closed and open, old and new. OWP is a design with some secrets – surprising spaces one doesn’t expect or views through to spaces one wants to explore, hidden rooms that excite curiosity. It is a canvas – we wanted to give a natural and neutral palette that would allow flexibility in finishes, fixtures and allow these to be changed,” explains Darren. “This is one of the most complex projects we’ve worked on in terms of its many constituent parts and how these link.” W W W


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Australian businesswoman Zoë Watson created Bliss Sanctuary as a means of absolute rest and empowerment for time-poor, stressed women. Following the tremendous success of her Canggu sanctuary, Zoë has now opened up a second women-only retreat in the heart of Seminak, southern Bali.

Bliss Sanctuary for Women Bali The retreat is ideally situated in a tranquil cul-de-sac, yet with the area’s famed shopping, restaurants and beautiful beach in close reach. Meticulously renovated and designed by Zoë herself, the sanctuary offers expansive facilities to ensure absolute relaxation for unaccompanied female travellers or small groups of friends. “With all of the spaces I design it’s about the visual, emotional, connection and experience first and foremost,” explains Zoë of her design philosophy. “As soon as you walk in the door it needs to feel like a sanctuary, and I was first introduced

“For me, I don’t look at indoor and outdoor as two separate spaces, they are simply different areas to encourage different experiences, feelings and emotions.” Two outdoor living and dining spaces, an on-site yoga shala, shaded meditation pod, massage bale overlooking a sparkling pool and a calming tropical garden, make up just some of the sanctuary’s impressive facilities. “The expansive wooden decking creates the warmth and connectedness to the long luxurious pool which needed to be framed, so I chose light stone goddess statues down the side closest to the wall with a gorgeous

paradise,” Zoe says. “I loved that the garden was so long and went from one end to the other. As soon as I walked in and saw the space I knew I wanted a gorgeous bale overlooking the pool with draped crisp white mosquito nets … simple, elegant with an experience of luxury relaxation. “It’s like the middle eye of the garden, where if you look from one end you see the gorgeous gold Buddha head at the end of the garden and from the other end you look through to the pool.” Each of the guest rooms overlook either the pool or garden, ensuring that the pull of the

to this idea by Jamie Durie many years ago with his new development of outdoor spaces and outdoor rooms.

tropical garden and lights underneath each statue, so at night from the inside looking out it creates such a beautiful feel of peaceful

outside is always there, wherever guests may be. Key, too, is a sense of locale, and unique touches have been incorporated within every


H69_doc.indd 39

06/02/2017 15:49


area of the sactuary to create a personal connection between guests and the space. “It is important to me that guests connect with Bali,” says Zoë. “I very much look for pieces that I love individually and then bring them altogether to create something beautiful as a whole. “Some pieces don’t make the cut but most do surprisingly, and the way they made me feel when finding them – like hidden treasure in the back streets – is the way that space now feels for our guests who get to experience it as a safe, gorgeous, embracing, joyful, relaxing sanctuary.” W


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SanCeram. We offer a range of stylish and durable

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All images © Robert Miller


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Following a significant period spent in shuttered decay and a seven year rebuilding programme, Lausanne’s grande dame hotel, the Royal Savoy, has officially re-opened with striking interiors by MKV Design.

Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne It would be difficult to find a more picturesque backdrop for a hotel, set as it is in a beautiful private garen with views over the city to Lake Geneva. The original Art Nouveau building has been restored and sensitively modernised, its architecural interventions gradually unveiled as guests move through the hotel towards the glazed extension at the rear. Here, an entirely new building – which more than doubles the existing footprint of the hotel – becomes visible, connected via a discreet, fully-glazed walkway. The transition between these two buildings – one retaining period features, decoratively

of the previous establishment within a contemporary hotel in a way that is relevant and exciting for guests today and which will enable our client to unlock all sorts of potential from both the old and the new buildings.” The existing structure comprises six floors, plus the ground floor, lower ground level and a vast rooftop bar. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by the newly infilled porch at the front of the hotel – complete with its vaulted ceiling and inlaid mosaic flooring. A large concierge desk takes centre stage here, positioned in front of an opaque decorative glass screen which serves to obscure the lounge behind.

New herringbone flooring – which was previously used extensively throughout the hotel – has been installed, while a new stone fireplace brings warmth on colder days. Elsewhere, a custom-designed translucent glass screen, overlaid with a bronze Art Nouveau fretwork, stands at the far end of the space. The furniture, meanwhile, has been carefully designed with Belle Époque flourish, and is complemented by an array of plush furnishings in an elegant palette of warm neutral tones and blue azure accents. A truly magnificent glass chandelier and illuminated ceiling coffers lined with gold leaf wallpaper complete the look.

dressed and quirky in style, the other contemporary, sleek and streamlined – is surprisingly fluid. Every effort has been made to instil a sense of cohesion and kinship, rather than create two disparate zones to the property. “We took our cues from the old building and honoured its history in our design thinking but we have, in so many respects, created a new hotel,” explains Maria Vafiadis, managing director of MKV Design. “Our aim has been to reinstate the ambience

The lounge itself is the heart of the chateau. This double-height space has been revived with new yet faithful details, from the plaster mouldings to elegant hand stencilling on the walls. Original features include the fine, intricately detailed stained glass windows, which are now joined by a fascinating collection of historic local art and antiques from the owner’s private collection, as well as a centuries-old tapestry embellishing a nearby corridor wall.

Renowned for their artful approach to space planning, MKV has lived up to expectation here with the natural flow from lounge to bar. Initially obscured from view by the screen, the bar reveals itself as an impressive, light-filled space. This airy feel has been created through the addition of an imposing double-height glass-box conservatory, which has replaced an aging glass rotunda. This looks out over the freshly lanscaped vista of the surrounding garden.


H69_doc.indd 43

06/02/2017 15:49


A new cigar lounge spans the length of the glazed wall, complete with dark wood panelling, an inviting fireplace, sumptuous armchairs and modern abstract artwork from a local artist. In terms of the hotel’s F&B offering, Restaurant Brasserie du Royal – under the guidance of Michelin-starred chef, Marc Marc Haeberlin, and executive chef Julien Kraus – offers a light, elegant dining space. The restaurant comprises four interconnected rooms, where the dichotomy of formal and informal, old and new creates an interesting aesthetic. A modern, open kitchen and contemporary decorative lighting, for example, juxtaposes classic furniture, detailed with a Swiss-embroidered motif, and an historical wall mural depicting a rural idyll. In an inventive re-use of space, a previously disused corridor which runs alongside the restaurant has been transformed into a ‘Corridor of Senses’ – a promenade into the restaurant lined with chill cabinets of regional wines, cheeses and cold cuts, and with the names of local vineyards spelt out in the mosaic floor. The 101 guest rooms in the original building, meanwhile, have been completely refurbished and updated. A refined scheme of French grey and dark oak has been selected, complete with a modern Nouveau style rug on herringbone flooring and classic furnishings by renowned manufacturers. A number of the historic guest rooms offer the added perk of charming balconies within the highly decorated eaves of the early 20th Century façade.

Many of the bathrooms include both a walk-in shower and bathtub, with walls clad in Perlino Bianco marble; the floor, vanity and bath surround in anthracite stone, and shower floors in hammered and brushed black granite. Though they share common elements with the original guest rooms, the 96 bedrooms in the six-storeyed new building are rather more contemporary in style. Imposing grey leather padded bed heads, dark timber cabinetry and cream leather padded doors set the tone here. Bathrooms are finished with Crema Marfil walls, honed anthracite flooring, polished anthracite vanity tops and bath surrounds, and Nero Assoluto on the shower floor. For those looking to experience the ultimate luxury, a three-bedroom penthouse features wrap-around glazing and a roof terrace with panoramic views of the city and lake in one

direction, and the historic hotel in the other. The apartment even includes a gym and spa room with whirlpool sauna and a two-person massage area. Finally, housed in the lower ground level of the new wing is Le Spa du Royal – a wellness oasis that has created a unique new offering in Lausanne. 1500 square metres in size, the spa includes a swimming pool which flows from indoors into the gardens, eight treatment rooms, vitality pools, hammam, sauna and steam rooms, a “Ladies only” spa, two relaxation rooms, a hair studio and a state-of -the-art fitness facility. Dark and silver-toned finishes abound here, including Nero Assoluto marble flooring, iroko and oak timber, marble tiles and copious sheer curtaining. W


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Bespoke Hotel Furniture | Made in the UK +44 (0) 113 248 0605 |

CurtisHI68.indd451 H69_doc.indd

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SIR’s third property is set over the first eight floors of Amsterdam’s iconic A’DAM Toren landmark, and boasts industrial-chic interiors from NYC studio, ICRAVE.

Sir Adam Amsterdam With the likes of Gibson, Sony and MassiveMusic as neighbours, it was inevitable that Sir Adam would share in the free-spirited and creative atmosphere of the A’DAM Toren tower. Originally built in 1971 to house the offices of Royal Dutch Shell, the tower re-opened in 2016 as one of Amsterdam’s most vibrant creative hubs. As well as Sir Adam and its various venues, the tower has several restaurants, bars and even a nightclub in the basement – making it a true cultural hotspot. “Sir Adam is more than a hotel,” says Jesse MacDougall, director of strategy and brand development at ICRAVE. “We set out with

neighbourhood and weaving it through the experience. We had to strike a balance between the refined expectations of hotel guests and the raw, dynamic style of the creative class.” The traditional hotel lobby format has been replaced with The Hub – a co-working spacemeets retail experience and music library. Here, unique products created by Amsterdam locals and eclectic music gear is available to purchase, or guests can listen to their favourite albums on vinyl in the impressive music library. Next door is a 24/7 gym featuring state-ofthe-art cardio machines, as well as functional training equipment like dumbbells, kettle bells, and a TRX rack.

burger joint has a casual living room feel, and is even equipped with a large island bar and riverside terrace to host live performances and nightly DJ sets. A lounge area with pool table, ping pong, and classic arcade games adds to the social buzz of the space. A spiral staircase ascends to a panoramic outdoor-indoor drinking den, The Beergarden, which is equipped with a sun terrace, a bar and four jacuzzis, as well as The Studios – flexible event spaces with an industrial aesthetic which can be combined with the Beergarden in order to host events for 200+ guests. The hotel’s 108 guest rooms, meanwhile, are divided into five categories, ranging from

the goal of creating a community hub by harnessing the creative energy of the budding

The Hub overlooks THE BUTCHER Social Club on the ground floor. This bright gourmet

the smallest, Sir Boutique, to the largest, Sir Suite. Here guests can expect all the essentials;


H69_doc.indd 47

06/02/2017 15:49


luxury pillows, the SIR hotels bedding collection, tea and coffee making facilities, custom cosy robes, the Sir Adam goodie box, plus Bluetooth-enabled flat-screen TVs, and premium toiletries by DEAD CLEAN. Artwork forms a crucial component of the scheme in the guest rooms, with collages by Michiel Folkers, portraits by music photographer Daniel Cohen, and showcase work by Ren Philips in the Sir Suite. Indeed, working with local artists was key for hotel’s interior as a whole. “It was a pleasure to collaborate with a bevy of local emerging artists on the commissioned pieces in the hotel,” affirms Jesse MacDougall, Director of Strategy and Brand Development at ICRAVE. “Most notably, the dynamic duo of Telmo & Miel did a fantastic job on the double-height mural featuring an androgynous cyborg, and Floor Bijkersma created two lenticular compositions on the bar and reception desk that deal with the fleeting and tenuous conditions of fame.” W


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3D precision, exceptional comfort...



BurgessJunea_SEP_OCT_16_HospInt_300 x 235_FINAL.indd 1 H69_doc.indd 49

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Scott Brownrigg Interior Designs’ latest hotel-fit out for PPHE Hotel Group – the impressive Park Plaza Nuremberg – has now opened, bringing a fresh energy to the vibrant Bavarian city.

Park Plaza Nuremberg Germany This impressive 177-bed hotel is located opposite the 19th Century central railway station in the former home of the BavarianAmerican Hotel. The hotel’s interior takes cues from the

It was the residence of the prosecutors and judges during the Nuremberg trials and the US Army chose to station its officers there up until 1995. During this time the US Army launched the world-renowned Radio AFN from the top floor.

have been designed to accommodate up to 70 delegates, providing them with state-of-the art video conferencing and on-site dining facilities. The hotel’s destination-led restaurant, BA Beef Club, has a club-like ambience, whilst

Renaissance Nuremberg artist and theorist, Albrecht Dürer, and Martin Behaim, a German mariner and astronomer. Modern and metallic tones of pink, gold and copper abound, combined with geometric shapes, light features, artwork and sculptures to create a relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere which respects the history of the 1930’s building. For over 50 years the Bavarian-American Hotel was one of Germany’s most famous landmarks, with Park Plaza Nuremberg becoming the first official hotel to open in the building’s history.

Artwork and sculptures, including interpretations of Dürer’s Rhino and Behaim’s Erdapfel globe, pay tribute to the city’s cultural legends, bringing a contemporary sophistication to Bavaria’s latest city hotspot. All of the hotel’s guest rooms feature ultra-comfortable Park Plaza beds, a modern, contemporary design feel with integrated screen TV’s, large work desks, in-room entertainment systems and mood lighting. The hotel also features a 24-hour fitness centre and seven versatile meeting rooms, many of which benefit from natural daylight and

its Bavarian American Bar provides a striking environment to be enjoyed by guests and locals alike. “This is the latest hotel that we have designed for PPHE Hotel Group and we are delighted with the outcome,” says Scott Brownrigg director, Una Barac. “The setting and the unique history of the building provided us with a wonderful design opportunity. We are confident that guests will thoroughly enjoy the hotel experience that has been created.” W


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Owned by Jasper Conran, this spectacular restored riad combines superb Moroccan craftsmanship with pieces of antique furniture, textiles, lighting and art from his collection.

L’Hôtel Marrakech Morocco L’Hôtel Marrakech is a privately-owned riad set in the heart of the city’s medina, ideally situated near the vibrant Jemaa El Fna square, the bustling Souk and the 12th Century Koutoubia Mosque.

ceilings, and warm, restful colours create a relaxing feeling of charm and serenity. Upon entering the hotel, guests find themselves in a serene courtyard garden, planted with banana, orange and lemon trees.

to relax and unwind, with its stunning views of the Atlas mountains and the Marrakech skyline. Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea under the pergola, or cocktails amongst the orange blossom and fig trees.

Originally the central part of a Caidal palace, this historic 19th century riad comprises five spacious suites surrounding a wide courtyard and swimming pool. Its restoration was executed using local craftsmen and traditional materials to create an atmosphere of timeless relaxed grandeur. White voile curtains flow on the terraces, while simple whitewashed walls, high zouak

Roses, jasmine and honeysuckle perfume the air, with soothing water trickling from the central fountain surrounded by zelige tilework. The garden is also home to one of the few swimming pools in the medina. The heated 10m pool can be enjoyed from morning to nightfall, when glowing lanterns envelop the riad in a magical atmosphere. The roof terrace provides the perfect place

In the evenings, dinner can be enjoyed in the dining room where, on cooler nights, the curtains are drawn and a fire is lit whilst traditional Moroccan food is served. On warmer evenings large glass doors open out onto the courtyard garden, allowing the gentle sound of the water fountain and the scents of the garden to flow through rooms. W


H69_doc.indd 53

06/02/2017 15:50



H69_doc.indd 54

06/02/2017 15:50


Fabled Studio has created the interior for Jamavar – the culinary crown of the award-winning Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts.

Jamavar London Situated on 8 Mount Street in Mayfair, Jamavar London is the sixth restaurant from the Jamavar family, and the first to open outside of India. The restaurant takes its name from the vibrant and intricately-designed 16th century shawls of Kashmir, serving up authentic Indian cuisine prepared by a talented kitchen team under the esteemed Chef Rohit Ghai. Fabled Studio drew inspiration from the Viceroy’s house in New Delhi for the design of the restaurant, which is split over two levels. “The Viceroy’s House was grand and

classical in design but using details inspired by Indian Architecture such as elephant statues and motifs on the outer walls,” says Tom Strother, Fabled Studio. “We took these same principles using Edwardian architectural details, being the period that the Viceroy’s House was built in (Edwardian Baroque), and complementing these with Indian motifs and details such as the elephant handles on the entrance door and bathroom doors.” Upon entering the restaurant, the stone

chequerboard floor of Emperador brown and Calcutta marble floods the space. Dark wood panelling creates drama, heightened by gilded lincrusta textured wallpaper with green marble pilasters, finished in trimmed polished brass. Noble Russell – having previously worked on several other prestigious projects with interior designers Fabled Studio – provided a complete range of bespoke furniture for Jamavar, including custom-built leather banquettes, oak tables with hand-turned bases and 47 speciallyproduced rattan chairs.


H69_doc.indd 55

06/02/2017 15:50


The downstairs dining space features navy leather pleated seating and rainforest brown marble flooring. The interior makes reference to ancient Indian games, with Chaturanga design on the tables, art based on Ganjifa playing cards adorning the walls and a gilded Paschisi mirror, which represents the national game of India. The striking royal blue wallpapered private dining room for eight diners provides an intimate space, complete with a personal wine vitrine and views of the beautiful planted private garden. Achieving this level of detail was no mean feat, however. “One of the main challenges was achieving the complexity and layers of the design with several unusual materials in a relatively short timescale,” says Tom. “This was overcome through close coordination with the contractors and specialist artisans to achieve the intended design.” W


H69_doc.indd 56

06/02/2017 15:50

H69_doc.indd 57

06/02/2017 15:50


All images © Joachim Wichman


H69_doc.indd 58

06/02/2017 15:50


Restaurant 108, Copenhagen is the latest interiors project from Danish Design duo SPACE Copenhagen for renowned chef, Rene Redzepi.

Restaurant 108 Copenhagen Located next to the new bicycle bridge which connects the inner city and popular Nyhavn to Holme, a buzzing and energetic area of Copenhagen, Restaurant 108 seats around 80 guests and includes a small bar serving coffee and wine.

Henrikson. “When working with the various functions of the project, we started using these selected areas as colourful features and accents, weaving them into the naked spaces. The bars, the door, the hallway, the back wall, the

pieces for the spaces, alongside woven chairs from Jørgen Bækmark in the restaurant and lights by Bomma, Design Studio Olgoj Chorchoj. The design team used their Round Accent tables, designed for Mater, to serve as small islands around the space, alongside new dining

SPACE Copenhagen worked with an interplay of two elements: the building itself – a former industrial warehouse – as well as their fascination with the surrounding area of Christianshavn and the use of intense and vibrant colour in this iconic district of the city. “We wanted to keep the strong structural elements of the tall, light space, as well as reframe the existing beautiful material palette of concrete, bricks and dark metals,” explains SPACE Copenhagen Co-founder, Signe Bendslev

restrooms etc. – so everywhere you look, you find both elements present. Altogether finding its own relevance and identity.” Selected at the beginning of the project, douche green and midnight blue shades offer subtle references to the nature and sea and to compliment, SPACE Copenhagen chose red, recognised as ‘the colour of Copenhagen’. Working with the beauty of the building’s architecture, SPACE Copenhagen have designed and custom made a family of new furniture

chairs currently being developed for launch next year. All the storage within the space was also created by SPACE and includes wardrobes in blackened steel and stretch metal as well as wood credenzas, which serve as waiting stations throughout the restaurant. Long benches have been created from a light solid oak, with barstools in dark oak and blackened steel, both with soft carved and curved details. W


H69_doc.indd 59

06/02/2017 15:50



H69_doc.indd 60

06/02/2017 15:50


DesignLSM has created an eclectic bazaar ambience for this new Indian restaurant in Covent Garden.

Cinnamon Bazaar London Cinnamon Bazaar is the latest venture from renowned Indian chef, Vivek Singh, and is the latest addition to The Cinnamon Collection of contemporary Indian restaurants. The 90-cover restaurant is set over two

columns depict a distressed tile effect that frames the vibrant double doors. The interior scheme embraces the bustling markets of India to create an exciting, and authentic experience for diners.

oldest and most traditional street food snacks. Containing all the specific individual spices and ingredients, the cart is wheeled to each table so that diners can tailor their own chaat. Awash with opulent gold, blue and green

floors; an intimate private dining room on the first floor and a dedicated bar and restaurant area on the ground floor. The exterior of the restaurant has been reimagined with a bold timber shop front and metal projecting signage. Hand-painted

A rich green feature bar with aged brass gantry dominates the front of the restaurant, complementing the intricately patterned wallpaper, displays of original Asian crockery and blend of relaxed seating areas. A bespoke Chaat Cart pays homage to India’s

shades, the main dining area features handpainted Indian artwork and ornate tiles. A dramatic ceiling display of hanging lanterns, greenery and draped Indian silks completes the look. W


H69_doc.indd 61

06/02/2017 15:50


Eneko at One Aldwych London Award-winning design firm, Casson Mann, has applied its unique storytelling expertise to the interior of Eneko at One Aldwych; weaving an intriguing narrative around chef Eneko Atxa’s dialogue with the dynamics of London. Despite Eneko’s international prestige, Eneko at One Aldwych is not intended as a formal dining space, but as a vehicle for a warm, convivial dining experience. The team strove to tell the story of Eneko’s approach to contemporary Basque cuisine, informed by his commitment to local

ingredients and his passion for the heritage and traditions of the region. The rich, sensorial characteristics of Basque materials thus shine through in the many bespoke elements within the space, imbuing it with warmth and texture. To express Eneko’s focus on locality, meanwhile, the design team sourced materials such as wood, stone and steel from craftsmen in the Basque region.These regional elements are nevertheless expressed in a contemporary fashion to capture the partnership between

Eneko and One Aldwych. Casson Mann has a great deal of experience in the museum sector, and brought this to bear on Eneko at One Aldwych. “All our museum experience is about transforming stories into engaging spatial experiences,” explains founder and director, Roger Mann. “This has been a similar challenge, albeit with a shift from a direct to a subtle emphasis in the way we link narrative to materials and invite emotional and functional connections.” W


H69_doc.indd 62

06/02/2017 15:50

Tribe Africa Nandos St James Street By Craftwood Interiors

Yarwood Leather has you covered. +44 (0) 113 252 1014 H69_doc.indd 63

@YarwoodLeather 06/02/2017 15:50


CLASSIC ASTRO DESIGNS FAVOURED AT BIRMINGHAM BOUTIQUE Just minutes away from Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, St Pauls House Hotel opened in spring 2016 and was inspired by husband and wife team Sharon and Adrian Harvey’s love for design and hospitality. The Astro Joel Wall and Table lights in cream were chosen for the hotel bedrooms because of their classic design with subtle contemporary twists in form, as well as their high quality finish. The LED-compatible Joel range features table lamps, wall lights, floor lamps and pendants. There is also a larger version – Joel Grande. Finish options for the integral shade are polished chrome, black, cream and matt gold. St Pauls House was conceived with the casual yet contemporary buzz of Shoreditch, London, in mind. By coincidence, Shoreditch is home to the celebrated new Courthouse Hotel, where Joel has also been specified. “The inspiration for the new Joel came from a light I designed for Astro when the company launched 20 years ago,” says design director and co-founder James Bassant. “At the time it was unashamedly retro, but the current collection has subtle details in form and finish which bring it right up to date, while retaining unmistakable references to the post-war classics which inspired it.” T 01279 427001 W


H69_doc.indd 64

06/02/2017 15:50


NOBLE RUSSELL CREATES BESPOKE FURNITURE FOR MAYFAIR RESTAURANT Noble Russell has custom-built a complete range of furniture for a new signature Indian restaurant, Jamavar. Part of awardwinning Leela Palaces, Hotel and Resorts, the restaurant is the group’s sixth Jamavar restaurant and its first to open outside of India. Set across two floors, the interior design by Fabled Studio takes inspiration from the Viceroy’s house in New Delhi. Accents that draw on the ancient games of India with Chaturanga dining tables have been combined with the vibrant colours of Jamavar shawls, rainforest Emperador marbles, dark timber panelling, as well as a mirror-embellished bar in celebration of the Indian textile techniques. 47 bespoke oak, leather and rattan chairs with matching bar stools were developed by Noble Russell from Fabled Studio’s design to complement the luxe interiors. Plush free-standing banquettes for both floors have been assembled in oak with stained and lacquered show-wood. In the main restaurant, the banquettes have been

upholstered in vibrant patterned fabric backs and green leather seats, whilst on the lower floor the banquettes have soft dark blue leather with button details. In the main restaurant, custom-made tables comprise of hand-turned pedestal bases edged in brass with solid oak table tops. Downstairs the tables have vibrant blue and grey pigmented veneer chessboard patterned tops and pedestal bases in matching blue with brass details. Noble Russell produced the bespoke furniture within a quick turnaround for project manager, Keytask Management. Despite this, it still delivered its exemplary high-finish on time and within budget. Matthew Glitz, project manager at Keytask

Management comments: “Noble Russell were quick to assist us in finding cost savings to meet the budget and tight deadline for this high-end restaurant.” Noble Russell has been handcrafting hospitality furniture for distinguished clients since 1992. The company personally manages the entire furniture process from preliminary designs and prototypes to final delivery and installation, and offers clients an extensive technical knowledge of hospitality furniture. Working closely with clients to ensure expectations are met, Noble Russell guarantees exquisite finishing within time frames and budgets. T 01572 821591 W


H69_doc.indd 65

06/02/2017 15:50


MODULEO TRANSFORMS DIAL HOUSE Wilson Development has chosen luxury vinyl flooring from Moduleo for its Dial House – a Norfolk-based Georgian country manor which is now a restaurant and hotel. The developer opted for Mountain Oak from the manufacturer’s Impress collection and the Classic Oak from the Transform collection – both of which had Moduleo’s Click with LockXpress system, to ensure it was easy to install. “As we wanted to stay true to the manor’s Georgian heritage, we were looking for a flooring with a traditional look, but with the added benefits of a modern-day product – like luxury vinyl,” says Iain Wilson, project director at Wilson Development. “We also used Moduleo throughout our properties at The Dial, the housing development which neighbours Dial House, and we were thrilled with the overall finish. As the flooring is easy to clean, durable, and an excellent insulator of heat and sound, it was the ideal choice for our hotel bedrooms.” Moduleo’s luxury vinyl flooring responds extremely well to wear and tear, is scuff- and stain-resistant, and has a slipresistance rating of R10. It is also very low maintenance and almost effortless to clean, making it ideal for use in the hospitality sector. T 01332 851500 W

LYNDON BRINGS AIR OF DECADENCE TO LUXURY SERVICED APARTMENTS London’s award-winning five-star apartment development, Cheval Three Quays, located overlooking the Thames in the heart of the City, provided the perfect venue for Lyndon Design to showcase its luxurious seating solutions and bespoke handcrafted bedroom upholstery. Thanks to London-based design studio, Forme UK, each apartment features a highly lavish interior. Whilst customised wall panels and upholstered headboards bring an indulgent wow factor to the bedrooms, luxurious sofas from Lyndon Design’s Olivia collection and armchairs from the Albany collection exude elegance in the living areas. Armchairs from Lyndon Design’s Vernon collection also create a striking entrance in the main lobby. Headboards upholstered in luxurious buttoned silk lend a soft and intimate feel to the penthouse bedrooms, while other bedrooms feature a clean and contemporary wall panel upholstered in Crest leather. All of the bedroom upholstery is unique and has been created by Lyndon Design to suit specific design requirements. “Our concept was openness, appropriate scale and quiet luxury,” explains Edward Price, director at Forme UK. “Forme UK have fused British and European influences with elegant Lyndon sofas and chairs and bespoke leather headboards in order to create an air of decadence that combines comfort, flexibility and practicality.” W

Armchairs from Lyndon Design’s Albany collection, together with co-ordinating footstools


H69_doc.indd 66

06/02/2017 15:50


DURATRAC SUSTAINABLE DECKING SELECTED FOR THE GROUCHO CLUB EnviroBuild’s sustainable decking product, DURATRAC, has been selected for The Groucho Club, Soho. DURATRAC decking is formed from 60% recycled wood and 40% recycled High Density Polyethylene, environmentally gentle bonding agent, additives and tint. No trees are felled to produced this durable and aestheticallypleasing product. The decking was installed into an outdoor smoking area measureing 16m2, which receives a maximum weekly footfall of 3000. Through using a flooring product manufactured from recycled plastic, hospitality venues can offset the environmental impact of daily plastic output from their services. W


H69_doc.indd 67

06/02/2017 15:51


The Salon Hang Trend

Katie Terres of Artiq

As the salon hang trend begins to shake up the world of hotel art, Artiq consultant Katie Terres delves into just why it holds so much appeal ...

by Katie Terres, Art Consultant, Artiq Not so long ago, the mere mention of ‘hotel art’ would send a shiver down many a spine, bringing up associations with the blandest of the bland art, erected merely to fill gaps and blend seamlessly with the wallpaper choice du jour. Thankfully, that association is dying out with the realisation that a thoughtfully-curated art collection can be big, tangible business for hoteliers. Globalised consumers increasingly demand more individualised experiences and art very much has a role to play in answering that demand, as well as in expressing a hotel’s brand values, ethos, sense of place and taste. Well-sourced collections can mean serious public engagement, with one art trend in particular on a meteoric rise right now. Extra-large abstract paintings, the dominant trend for so long, are giving way to ‘salon hangs’, now turning up in a diverse range of establishments, from cosmopolitan city hotspots to rural retreats and small boutique hotels. The great thing about the salon hang is that it has the potential to offer something very different for each hotel, from the traditional to the thoroughly contemporary. Additionally, unlike many interiors trends, art trends move much more slowly. This will be a medium-long term bet and not subject to the

same blink-of-the-eye peaks and troughs in taste as other interiors trends. It’s going to stay around. In our view, it’s an idea hoteliers can bank on. Let’s deal with the basics first. Exactly what is a salon hang? It’s a contemporary trend with significant historical cachet, taking its name from 18th century European ‘Salons’, the equivalent of today’s art schools and blue chip galleries, epitomised by Johan Zoffany’s 1770s painting, The Tribuna of the Uffizi. A salon hang is the practice of placing several pictures alongside and above one another (either randomly or in a geometric pattern) and its modern iteration began in the most fashionable haunts. One example is the stylish Great Northern Hotel in London’s King’s Cross, where a wall of art tells a story about the hotel’s history as a gateway to Britain and the Continent. Retro foreign movie posters cluster round the stairway, whilst in the Snug Bar, no surface is left bare on the smoky-blue walls, which are eclectically covered in framed oil paintings, suggesting a haul gathered one item at a time on far-flung travels, from small abstract canvases and portraits to maritime scenes and still life paintings. Another case is the much-lauded West End venue sketch, which doubles as a novel exhibition space for a whopping 239 drawings by British artist David Shrigley. Wrapping

around three of the restaurant’s rose-pink walls, Shrigley’s monochrome musings hang in a systematic grid and form part of what the establishment describes as a “long term programme of artist-conceived restaurants”. Salon hangs offer hoteliers and restaurant operators an array of benefits. One of these is that relatively inexpensive art, when grouped en masse, can create a bespoke and high-visual impact, as the viewer’s eye tends to focus on the whole rather than the individual. Salon hangs can also fill a vast space where a single painting would be lost and can maximise the walls of a bijou room. From charity shop finds to budget-friendly prints, when dramatically gathered together, the overall value of the art can be transformed into more than the sum of its parts. Salon hangs also provide an opportunity for cohesive storytelling. This can take the form of a literal narrative, drawing on the room’s interior for inspiration, to a more abstract engagement with culture. For example, a hotel in Scotland’s wild glens would benefit from a salon hang boasting rich landscape oil paintings, hunting pictures and traditional portraits, while a Parisian establishment might look to glamorous blackand-white fashion photography. Art consultants can also work very closely with interior designers to pull on unusual colours or story threads that can really make a room sing. ›


H69_doc.indd 68

06/02/2017 15:51

293 drawings by artist David Shrigley wrap around the rose-pink walls of the Gallery restaurant at London’s sketch

H69_doc.indd 69

06/02/2017 15:51


For a hotel brand looking to make meaningful ties with its locality, hoteliers can engage with local cultural institutions, working with regional art schools for example, or galleries and museums. Ideas here might include a wall curated with paintings produced by a single artist, or else a showcase of the latest burgeoning talent from art students or a collection that links with a local museum exhibition. This sort of narrative offers serious public engagement and provides a talking point and press opportunities, as well as creating a pleasing historical resonance, given that ‘Salons’ were the first examples of art exhibitions being made open to the public. In addition to all the benefits for a hotel or hospitality venue’s public spaces, salon hangs can also be used in guest rooms, as many hotels deliberately seek to move away from generic decoration, realising that guests are increasingly seeking a more thoughtful, ‘home from home’ service from their patrons. Rather than the long over-used approach of hanging a single large and bland piece of art above a guest room headboard, hoteliers can create a totally unique look at a comparatively

have these reproduced as prints to hang in standard rooms the permutations are endless. What’s really great about salon hangs is that even without a collection relaying a specific narrative, forming an ad-hoc assemblage of

a collection over time, allowing public areas to be continually-transforming spaces rather than static interiors in need of periodic, costprohibitive refurbishments. Hanging art in the salon style is dynamic and dramatic and offers

modest cost. This way the salon hang can become a focal point and completely individualise a room. There could be different pieces in each room, or the hotel could commission originals to be hung in suites and

varying monetary value, theme and palette, the hotel nevertheless is seen to boast an aesthetic that appears, above all, considered and contemporary. Salon hangs also allow hoteliers to add to

hotels the benefit of creating unique, flexible spaces that hook the imagination and leave behind a truly memorable impression. What more could anyone ask for? W

Back where it all started in Continental Europe and then Britain – ‘The Exhibition Room’ at Somerset House by Thomas Rowlandson and Augustus Pugin

Berners Tavern restaurant at The London EDITION is a high-profile contemporary example of a salon hang


H69_doc.indd 70

06/02/2017 15:51

The Summer Show at The Royal Academy most famously continues the art world’s ‘salon hang’ tradition

Image © Stephen White / Royal Academy of Arts

H69_doc.indd 71

06/02/2017 15:51


The beating ‘art of Marfa Art is at the very heart of the Hotel Saint George in Texas, for which HKS Hospitality Group has crafted a pared-back, sophisticated interior.

Situated in Marfa – a remote West Texas town with a thriving arts community – this contemporary boutique hotel in fact stands on the same site as the original Hotel Saint George of 1886. The current of creative activity that underpins this unlikely location began in the ’70s, when the famed minimalist artist Donald Judd began to purchase properties in Marfa for the installation of his work, as well as that of his contemporaries. Under Judd, a 340 acre disused army base became a museum for the permanent

installation of large-scale works – a site which still exists today as The Chinati Foundation. Judd’s creative endeavour set a precedent in Marfa, and even following his death in 1994 artists and galleries continue to make their home here. To ignore this unusual creative backdrop would have been a missed opportunity for HKS, and indeed the design team has drawn inspiration both from the minimalist art the town is famed for and the austere beauty of the surrounding desert plains for Hotel Saint George’s interior.

All images © Casey Dunn

Some of the site’s existing structure was able to be salvaged and – when combined with industrial materials such as the concrete floors, cold rolled steel and reclaimed brick, marble and wood from local sites – it sets a simple, unpretentious tone for the hotel’s interior spaces. This simple, yet sophisticated style is punctuated by vintage and custom furniture pieces from both high and humble origins and – perhaps most importantly –a world-class art collection befitting of Marfa’s special artistic spirit. The site’s original columns and dark, lustrous steel-clad core provide the perfect canvas for retro furnishings and industrial-style centrepieces in the hotel lobby. Local fabricator SILLA has crafted a mahogany and steel reception desk which stretches the length of the lobby space, according to a bespoke design from HKS. Classic Alvar Aalto lounge chairs are arranged in groups to encourage a casual and comfortable living room atmosphere, in which guests and locals can connect and relax. Marfa Book Company – an independent bookstore nationally-acclaimed for its diverse array of art, literature and design tomes – has returned to its original 1996 site, and is now part of the hotel’s lobby. This unconventional shop and gift space features bookshelves and fixtures crafted by local artisans from repurposed raw materials. ›


H69_doc.indd 72

06/02/2017 15:51

H69_doc.indd 73

06/02/2017 15:51


Elsewhere, the hotel’s eclectic destination restaurant, LaVenture, serves up rustic, American-style cuisine with French and Italian influences. The dining area and bar space pays homage to years past with vintage rugs, repurposed brick and wood from dismantled local buildings, and marble from the hotel’s former façade. The furnishings here convey classic sophistication, with chairs designed by Mies van der Rohe used as a reference to the Bauhaus style admired by Donald Judd. The 55 guest rooms and suites, meanwhile, have been designed in an understated, streamlined fashion, with hints of industrial flair and a considered balance of materials and textures. Accentuating the platform bed is a felt-lined wall inset with a recessed mirror which spans the length of space. Bespoke open closets, complete with metal frames and wooden shelves, house amenities and personal items, while expansive glazing looks across the landscape’s plateau to the 2350m-high Chinati Peak of the mountains beyond. Distressed leather and lustrous steel elements have been paired with softer touches, like the sheepskin rugs and white cotton bedding – all accented by contemporary paintings from Texan artist, Mark Flood. W


H69_doc.indd 74

06/02/2017 15:51

H69_doc.indd 75

06/02/2017 15:51


See through the façade The Wellesley has appointed visionary artist and designer, Lee Simmons, and architectural practice, Make Architects, to transform the hotel’s structural façade. Facing Hyde Park Corner, London, the façade will feature a new, bespoke sculptural screen designed to house and privatise the hotel’s Cigar Terraces, while preserving views of Hyde Park. “The concept for the screen was born out of the idea of constructing a surface that reflects and captures an essence of Hyde Park,” explains Lee Simmons, who has received several high-profile commissions since graduating from The Royal College of Art in 2011. “The piece will be constructed out of 15,000 individual cast metal buds suggestive of flowers. The overall aim of the artwork is for it to enrich the area and encourage the wider public to engage with it. The screen is in keeping with the design ethos of Lesley Green’s original architecture following a circular, reccurring pattern and with attention to detail being put at the forefront.” W W


H69_doc.indd 76

06/02/2017 15:51


LUMAS decks out cruise ship with artwork Berlin-based art and design expert, LUMAS Corporate Art Services, produces custom concepts individually tailored to a company’s strategy and architectural circumstances. Its Corporate Art Service not only offers consultation, but can take care of the entire installation process – developing the concept, hand-selecting the individual artworks and overseeing their delivery and installation. The team has recently outfitted the cruise ship “Mein Schiff 5” with nearly 6000 artworks for its maiden voyage – its largest project so far. These carefully-selected pieces include one-of-a-kind items, such as eight large-format artworks up to 10m long. “The guests on board the ‘Mein Schiff 5’ can dive into the diverse world of photography and experience a broad range of artistic styles,” says LUMAS corporate business manager, Christine Schellenberger. “If someone falls in love with a piece, they can order the limited edition in the ship’s very own gallery, the LUMAS Bar, and have it delivered to their home.” W


H69_doc.indd 77

06/02/2017 15:51

All images © Tai Ping

H69_doc.indd 78

06/02/2017 15:51


A poetic approach to carpet design One of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of bespoke luxury carpets has now unveiled its inventive new collection – Blur. The Blur collection consists of meticulously hand-knotted rugs in eight primary designs and four variations, which explore alternative colours, fibres and textures for a total of 12 options. The timeless nature of Nepalese craftsmanship, vintage monochromatic photos, and the manual artistry of early photographers all provide key creative influences for the 12 pieces. The high-contrast urban lighting of film noir, for example, provided inspiration for designs such as ‘Exposure’ and ‘Bokeh’. In a similar vein, designs like ‘Aperture’, ‘Density’ and ‘Saturation’ pay tribute to the primitive cameras and experimental darkroom techniques of early 20th century photographers like Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy. ›


H69_doc.indd 79

06/02/2017 15:51


“Many of the effects that inspired this collection come from innovations and experimentations that we can observe all along the history of photography,” affirms Tai Ping’s creative director, Jean-Pierre Tortil. “In contemporary abstract photography, we now see artists like Uta Barth, Leticia Ramos and many others utilising devices like soft focus and light leaks at the very essence of their images – using them to express altogether new expressions of a transfigured reality. We felt this poetic approach would be a very exciting idea to explore in the design of a carpet collection as well.” Blur’s colour palette is similarly inspired by the sepia and montones of early photography. These nostalgic shades are punctuated, however, by more vivid tones, from emerald and lapis to gold and lilac. Using up to 150 knots per square inch, with pile heights that range from 3-10mm, each of the rugs is handmade to order and may be sized or colour-matched to meet individual requirements. W


H69_doc.indd 80

06/02/2017 15:51


interior film

Commercial use for walls, decorative panels, doors, architrave and furniture. A range of superbly styled interior films which will bring any room to life

Call: +44 (0)1376 518037 H69_doc.indd 81 1258-Clouting Ad InteriorFilm-230x300.indd 1

06/02/2017 15:51 10/02/2016 11:01

Zurich in Grey Blue

H69_doc.indd 82

06/02/2017 15:51


Reflected Trees in Gold

Capturing fleeting moments of tranquility and beauty

Tania Johnson

Tree Mist in Teal Beige

Reflected Trees in Charcoal

Handmade in Nepal, the Tania Johnson Design collection of custom, contemporary, hand-knotted rugs can be delivered fully bespoke for use in both commercial and residential properties. Tania’s designs originate from her textural photography of the natural world, particularly the way in which light creates shadows and reflections. When viewed through a micro lens the complexity and beauty of Tania’s rugs truly resonate. The elaborate weave alternating between matte and silk threads, drifting from hue to hue, bring further colour and texture to her photographic inspiration. Each pixel is translated through the medium of yarn, constructing a tremendous surface area of Himalayan wool and Chinese silk artistry, with each knot containing up to three shades of rich colour. Each Tania Johnson Design rug is certified by GoodWeave which aims to eliminate child labour and to improve working conditions for adults. Any carpet with the GoodWeave label means that the rug was made only by adult artisans. In addition, the certification programme helps fund educational opportunities for children as well as support and resources for families and weaving communities in South Asia. Having met some of the children rescued by GoodWeave in Kathmandu, and spent time at their rehabilitation centre Hamro Ghar, Tania is an avid supporter of GoodWeave’s work. W


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Dominant in decor Egger, Europe’s largest manufacturer of laminates and wood-based decorative panels for the interior design and specification sector, has unveiled its biggest-ever portfolio of decors. The 2017-2019 Egger Decorative Collection features 297 laminates and 95 MFC decors with matching edging. There are 124 new designs and seven new textures. With an extensive range of decors and textures in multiple materials, the collection sees the introduction of innovations such as new PerfectSense Matt laminates with a smooth, velvety surface and anti-fingerprint properties. And, although best known for its ultra-realistic woodgrains, there are now over 90 unicolours in Egger’s laminate range. Right across the product range, unicolours are becoming a dominant force in interiors. Neutral decors, such as white and increasingly grey, in both cool or warmer tones, are widely represented – with new on-trend blue tones now available in a range of shades. There is also a number of new muted decors, new brights and additions in the orange-brown and violet-pink spectrum. A selection of nine style worlds, such as Handcrafted and Living Nature, have been created to provide inspiration for decor combinations and highlight the new finishes. All 297 finishes have been placed into a nine-grid format to help the selection process. An added benefit to the full laminate collection being held in stock worldwide is that this service promises confident international roll-outs. In addition, 90 door laminate finishes are also held in stock in the UK, alongside Egger’s Euroclass B fire-retardant Flammex board. The new range also features an expanded choice of 24 Feelwood decors and an expanded PerfectSense range of 18 matt and gloss boards. PerfectSense edging now comes in 1mm ABS or 1.3mm PMMA, whilst matching the MFC finishes is a 0.8 or 2mm ABS option. The company is promoting the use of contrast edging, with 13 new accent edges being used as a design feature. Egger UK’s head of decor development, Elliott Fairlie, says: “We have listened long and hard to what customers are telling us they want and have addressed the needs of architects, interior designers and fabricators with our biggest-ever range and a host of service improvements.” T 01434 602191 W



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U646 ST9

Your inspiration reloaded. The new Specification & Shopfitting collection from Egger. Available now.

Bursting with creative ideas? Then our new collection is your ideal tool. With 300 laminate decors, 7 new surfaces and an expanded range of products, our services provide efficient support during each project phase, whether it’s in the UK or internationally. Give your creativity free reign and combine different materials, colours, types of wood and style genres.

Âť Experience the diversity at

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Neolith – an extraordinary surface Neolith from TheSize – distributed in the UK by QF Distribution – brings with it new and interesting possibilities for surface design. Neolith is one of the largest sintered compact surfaces, and belongs to a new and revolutionary product category born in the last decade with the aim of providing an innovative response to the most demanding architectural and design demands. The sintering technology that TheSize has developed to create Neolith uses a combination of extreme high-pressure and temperature, resulting in a surface with unique technical features. These include high resistance to scratches and abrasions, stains and high-temperatures, as well as colours that do not change with exposure to UV rays. Neolith’s exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal therefore makes it a suitable solution for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, wall cladding, floor tiles and façades. The modern UV-resistant colour palette ensures that designers can achieve the look they want, whether indoors or outdoors. 100% eco-friendly, Neolith uses natural materials and technologies that respect the environment. This is supported by a 10-year certified guarantee for kitchen countertops. Neolith can now be viewed at the QFD showroom at the Business Design Centre in Islington. QFD stocks a large range of surface finishes in a size of 3200 x 1500mm, in 12 and 6mm thicknesses that include solid colours and stimulating designs. T 020 3457 4949 W


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Distributed by:


QFD presents: Neolith, Extraordinary Surface 2017 Innovations. Indoors and Outdoors applications: Countertops, Flooring, Cladding, Furniture. Resistant to stains, scratches, chemicals, extreme temperatures and UV rays exposure. Maximum format, minimum thickness, different finishes. More than 40 available models and 4 different finishes.

Design, Durability, Versatility, Sustainability.

0203 457 4949 | | Unit 128, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH

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The Decorative Panels Group continues history of innovation The Decorative Panels Group prides itself on being an innovator in the latest materials and technologies, and 2017 will see this tradition continue with the launch of the new dp-limitless range by Decorative Panels Lamination. Commissioning of the new laminating line is under way within dp-lamination’s 140,000ft² manufacturing facility in West Yorkshire, with the first trial materials due for lamination imminently. The laminator will utilise a high bond strength PUR glue line, ensuring a superb overall finish on sheet sizes up to 3660 x 1430mm, in quantities from one sheet upwards. The core range within the dp-limitless offer will include High Pressure Laminates from two of the world’s most recognised producers, the full range of Senoplast Acrylics, 2mm Senoplast Acrylglass, real stone veneer, faux leather, wood veneer and technical surfaces. T 01484 658341 W


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Traffic-ready textures from Spradling Committed to continuous innovation by offering its customers performance-driven coated fabrics, Spradling is launching Chronostm, a new Crib5 coated fabric. A subtle texture, almost indistinguishable from real leather, Chronostm is formulated to comply with the most stringent fire resistance norms in the contract industry and meet the highest standards in terms of performance and durability. Outstanding abrasion and stain resistance, a phthalatefree formulation and an improved, superior protective formula against fats, oils and perspiration make Chronostm suitable for hospitality, high-traffic areas, health- and childcare environments. W


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Ethical surface art Perla, a collaboration between Pintark by LOCO Design and Toucan Krafte, celebrates the beauty and diversity of traditional fabric beading. Perla is a handcrafted textile surface of intricate colour composition, comprising of beads that are fabric clad by hand and individually stitched to their backing. The craft can be likened to Pointillism, the technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of colour are applied in patterns to form an image or composition. Expertise in colour transitioning, composition and application make Perla distinct, with each artwork unique to the commission and the space it is created for. The wider perspective of the product is the driver behind it, made possible through the creative collaboration with Toucan Krafte. Traditionally, the technique of bead crafting is carried out by women, working in small production clusters in their locality, an aspect underlining the work of Toucan Krafte. Small scale elements, lightweight materials and local working all aid in creating a working pattern for women that has the ability to dovetail with their parenting commitments. This traditional manner of working has for many years consolidated communities, with the positive effects passing from generation to generation. Alongside the social attributes of the product, Perla is also a part of a movement of ethical luxury – small scale, low impact, specialised crafting – that is local in its production, low in energy consumption and committed to the use of recycled materials. See the complete story of Perla online: W

Bead cladding

Detail, beading

Perla Circle

Detail, colour blending

Detail, colour grading

UK Luxury Partner The KS Group +44(0)20 8972 1209


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Wallpapers with history Anaglypta has been used on walls and ceilings for over 125 years. The brand was established in 1887 by Thomas Palmer, who saw the potential of his new paper embossing process to create wallpapers with depth and charm. He set up production in Storeys Mill in Lancaster, with the first lines showcased at the 1887 Manchester Exhibition – the year of Queen Victoria’s jubilee. Since then, Anaglypta has grown and developed. It has lined the walls of Victorian villas and Art Deco apartments, Modernist townhouses and contemporary hotels and department stores. The core idea remains the same, however. A product that is honest, interesting, and attractive. Something one can touch, something one can paint over, something that is uniquely Anaglypta. Today, more than a 125 years later, Anaglypta is still in production, and providing a wide range of products suitable for a variety of interiors and applications. The current range includes a fine selection of Heritage and Contemporary designs spanning its long history. ‘Folded paper’ RD80028, pictured, shows one of the more recent additions to its portfolio. W


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HI-MACS® creates state-of-theart desk for reception A sculptural, state-of-the-art desk area has been designed in HI-MACS® for the Ashton Sixth Form College reception. The concept, by Manchesterbased architect GA Studio, is a 10m-long design that incorporates extremely precise angles to mirror the angles of the building itself. “HI-MACS® was used as it works very well for granite-like installations,” explains fabricator Kevin Lomax of Lomax Interiors. “The particles run all the way through the HI-MACS®, whereas other solid surfaces only have particles in the top millimetre or so.” Sharp, sleek and ultra contemporary, the desk is in sync with its surroundings, a modern extension to an old grammar school. Designed to emulate the college logo, it leans towards the older part of the building to create a fascinating contrast between old and new. Strong, hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing, HI-MACS® is a homogenous material, which is solid throughout. If the inevitable little scratches do appear, it can simply be refinished for a refreshed, seamless surface. HI-MACS® is also non-porous, making it easy to clean, and is resistant to stains, moisture and sunlight. It can be moulded into any shape and is widely used for architectural and interior applications in both residential and commercial projects. T 01892 704074 W


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LooseLay Longboard by Karndean Designflooring, Pearl Oak LLP306

LooseLay Longboard by Karndean Designflooring, Weathered Heart Pine LLP304

Karndean Designflooring introduces new plank format Karndean Designflooring, a leading name in luxury vinyl flooring, is adding a new specification to its loose lay vinyl range with its new 1.5m plank design, as part of its LooseLay Longboard collection. LooseLay Longboard features 12 contemporary wood designs, each inspired by authentic European, American and Australian woods including pine, walnut and spotted gum, to name but a few. Enhancing its established Karndean LooseLay range, LooseLay Longboard introduces a 1500 x 250mm format with a 0.55mm wear layer and 4.5mm thickness. The unique collection offers quick and easy installation to meet challenging time scales, meaning less downtime for end users, and impact in large commercial spaces including hospitality spaces, retail and open-plan offices. “With demand increasing for our Karndean LooseLay across commercial and residential interiors alike, we’re thrilled to introduce our longest format as a loose lay vinyl option,” explains Matthew Speck, commercial sales director at Karndean Designflooring. “Being 40% larger than our existing Karndean LooseLay wood design, our new plank format will be extremely popular with flooring contractors looking to offer the flexibility and convenience of our loose-lay vinyl designs, but in an extra-long design for quicker installation in large commercial spaces. “Likewise, interior designers can expect a wide array of sophisticated colourways, intricate design features and authentic finishes to complement emerging trends in interior design.” Popular for its premium designs and quick-fit approach, Karndean LooseLay is an innovative format of luxury vinyl flooring boasting enhanced acoustic properties and excellent environmental credentials. Its popular friction grip backing and increased dimensional stability secures the floor firmly in place, and it can be installed over most hard and flat floors as long as they are clean, dry and dust-free. Available now, LooseLay Longboard by Karndean Designflooring offers a 15-year commercial guarantee. W

LooseLay Longboard by Karndean Designflooring, Neutral Oak LLP307

LooseLay Longboard by Karndean Designflooring, Character Walnut LLP315


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Off the wall Newmor, one of the UK’s largest independent commercial wallcovering manufacturers, launched two textured designs at last year’s Sleep Event – the Newmor Custom collection, and the latest in the company’s Newmor Designer collaborations. All of the designs are contract-quality, wide-width, fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings, suitable for high-traffic areas such as hotel corridors and guestrooms. First of these is Watercolours Designed and hand-painted in-house by Newmor’s design team. From inky stripes and large-scale tiles to soft ombre geometric effects and botanicals, all can be custom coloured and printed onto any of the company’s wallcoverings. Newmor was proud to introduce its new collaboration with hand weaver and colour consultant, Ptolemy Mann, who has been running her own textile art and design studio since 1997. Finally, there was Rough Concrete, a chunky texture available in 16 super matte and metallic colourways, influenced by earthy vegetable dyes and organic hues, and Sequins, a glittering, opulent range featuring petrol and aubergine hues saturated with iridescent pigments which change colour in the light. W

Rough Concrete

Watercolour Stripe

Irregular Ikat, Ptolemy Mann


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Mosa tiles promote feeling of wellbeing at chic hotel on the Normandy coast Interior architect Jean-Philippe Nuel has breathed new life into the Cures Marines in Trouville by redeveloping a five-star hotel that also houses a thalassotherapy institute and spa. For the flooring of the water features, he opted for Mosa Terra Maestricht tiles, the subtle tones of which harmonise well with the colours of this seaside resort on the Normandy coast. Envisaged by the architect as a space exuding wellbeing and peace rather than purely therapeutic, the thalassotherapy institute and spa are built two floors below ground level. To underline the seamless continuity of the outside with the inside, boards reproduced in wood-effect tiling welcome guests into the institute and extend along the central part into the changing rooms, while from one side to the other the floor tiles are in eggshell Mosa Terra Maestricht. The tiles then follow the access steps to the various treatment booths on the floor below and continue as far as the two balneotherapy pools. Evoking the beneficial effects of the sea, the walls of the various spaces are punctuated by striped patterns evocative of beach shelters and by large reproduced photographs of bathers swimming in the sea and elegantly dressed ladies strolling along the beach. Here, Mosa Terra Maestricht tiling in agate grey adorns the two shower jet rooms and other facilities from floor to wall and clads the lower part of the walls of all the individual treatment booths. The edges of the two pools are embellished by bands in the same tiling, alternating agate grey and eggshell white, echoing the striped pattern. On the five floors of the hotel, the rooms and suites, along with their bathrooms, also reflect the seaside environment, and make one feel as if time has stood still, reconnecting with the pomp of nineteenth-century luxury hotels. There are a variety of bathroom types on offer, some of which are designed as closed spaces while others open entirely onto the room. The ceramic sandstone, agate Mosa Terra Maestricht covers the floors here up to the entrance to the Italian-style showers, bordered on the one side by the variagated taupe carpet in the bedroom and on the other by a cement tile carpet laid in the middle of each bathroom. The flooring in the lavatories of the various common areas is also tiled in agate grey Mosa Terra Maestricht, including the restaurant lavatories and those in the conference area. The floors and walls in the conference area are also fully clad in large 60 x 60cm tiles, giving users a greater feeling of security and privacy. W


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Style Library Contract launches further Harlequin Momentum fabrics Launched at Paris Déco-Off in mid-January 2017, Harlequin’s Momentum series now has new additions. Continuing the legacy of Harlequin’s renowned ‘Momentum’ series, for Spring Summer 2017, the Harlequin design studio has produced two fashion-forward collections of woven fabrics, ‘Momentum 7’ and ‘8’, one suitable for drapes – comprising 14 contract suitable designs – and the other upholstery – featuring two contract suitable designs – alongside which are a compendium of tactile, water-repellent velvets. The fabrics are complemented by ‘Momentum Wallcoverings Volume 4’, a cornucopia of extravagant textures coupled with sparkle and grit effects. The wallpapers create the perfect foil to the fabrics, whilst making profound statement in their own right, taking the concept of couturefor-walls into a new dimension. Inspired by architecture and abstract interpretations of natural forms, this range combines elements of matt and shine, texture and tone. The weaves and wallcoverings represent a diverse mix of qualities and techniques, all presented in a compelling colour palette that teams organic shades and fashion hues, to create a cohesive and chic whole. Momentum will be available nationally and internationally via a network of stockists from February onwards. W


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Expansion to popular Yarwood Leather Mustang Range With the ever growing popularity of Yarwood Leather’s ranges, new colours have been added to the Mustang range. Mustang, renowned for its character and natural beauty, sees the introduction of a deep blue shade, Ocean, and the classic grey tone of Graphite. These two new shades join the collection of earthy tones and modern brights. The pull-up style of Mustang, which creates a distinct cracked effect, combined with these modern tones are perfect for creating truly unique pieces. All of Yarwood Leather’s upholstery leathers are certified to both BS7176 and Crib5, meaning they can be used in a wide variety of projects, from office receptions, hotels, bars and restaurants to the family home. Samples of the new colours or any of Yarwood’s upholstery leathers are available to order online. T 0113 252 1014 W

RAK launches Circle Wood collection RAK Ceramics has introduced a new tile collection, Circle Wood, to the UK market. Using advanced digital printing technology, RAK Ceramics’ new Circle Wood collection interprets the essence of real wood. The gres porcelain glazed tile is brought to life with swirling grains, gnarls and circular rings creating a highly authentic natural wood effect, but with the performance benefits of a porcelain tile. Suitable for both walls and floors, Circle Wood can be continued from one surface to another, to create a seamless look and feel in any space. The palette includes ivory, grey, greige, nut, beige, and brown, and all colourways have a 19.5 x 120cm ‘plank’ format. The striking wood effect brings a warm, natural feel to residential and commercial settings, and contrasts beautifully with marble-effect tiles, such as RAK Ceramics’ new Country Brick collection. It can also be used to create impressive splash backs and feature walls, where each surface benefits from its exceptional performance features. T 01730 237850 W


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New porcelain ranges from Marshalls Tile and Stone Interiors Marshalls Tile and Stone Interiors has announced the addition of six new ranges to its porcelain and ceramic tile collection. In keeping with key interior trends for 2017, the new collections offer a wealth of choice for both wall and floor coverings at very competitive prices. These high quality products come in a range of large format and wood effect tiles, as well as 3D textured Mosaics in a choice of satin, natural and lappato finishes. The Ontario range combines the characteristics of natural slate and split sandstones to create a distinctive tile for any setting. It is available in four attractive colourways, Avorio, Beige, Grigio and Anthracite, which are all available in 300 x 600, 300 x 1200, and 600 x 1200mm plan sizes. Co-ordinating 3D brick mosaics are also available, which can be used to create a sophisticated but striking feature wall. The Monowi range is another natural stone replica which offers the beauty of limestone, with the durability and ease of installation of porcelain. Available in 465 x 910mm format in a choice of grey and beige tones and a satin finish, this range is perfect for both traditional and contemporary settings. For a twist on a classic, Marshalls has also introduced the Quebec range, a black and white tile with a very subtle quartz-like sparkle. The Glacier (white) and Ebony (black) colourways create a bold statement floor when used in a checkerboard or diamond format, but when using the colourways individually they provide a simple yet interesting floor and wall tile. Following the success of Marshalls Tile and Stone Interiors’ porcelain wood ranges which were launched in 2016, another addition has been added for this year. Whilst the exclusive New Zealand collection offers a contemporary wood look and Driftwood range offers more timeworn effect, the new Whistlewood range offers the natural beauty of wood in a simple 20 x 120mm format. Whistlewood offers a choice of four colours – Bianco, Brown, Graphite and Mist, meaning there is a tone to suit any interior style. T 0345 308 3030 W

Ashton Beige

Ontario Grigio Brick


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Introducing Fusion Fusion is a unique stock contract range with striking patterns and colourways, designed to make a impact. As the name suggests, the inspiration for this range is a fusion of rediscovered classic designs that have a resonance in many different areas of interior design. The chevron Reverb has roots in architecture, parquet flooring and embroidery, the dogtooth design Tone originates from tweed fabrics and is a staple of both furnishings and haute couture, while Sonic echoes ikat textiles and slub yarn designs. The Fusion designs maintain their familiarity but have been re-visited to have a modern feel with blues, greys and neutrals that are perfect for current colouring, whilst the scale of the bold designs are tempered by the use of texture which accentuates the softness and practicality of the axminster pile. Available in a 4m width, this range is suitable for commercial interiors which endeavour to make a statement without the expense and lead times of a bespoke product. In a hardwearing combination of 80% wool and 20% nylon, Fusion is designed to withstand the heavy wear of a busy commercial environment. W

Skopos brings interior scheme to life at Portland Ibis Styles Skopos fabrics have been selected for the design of 225 hotel bedrooms at Portland Ibis Styles, Manchester. Nottingham-based design firm Philip Watts created a unique theme for the hotel’s bedrooms, centred around three different schemes that reflect British weather – Sunshine, Raindrops and Breezy. To meet with these varying schemes, Skopos produced three different coloured gradient panels – printed on blackout fabric for use as a drape, to add an elegant finishing touch to each room. The curtains were printed in blue, yellow and orange as panels to create a calm, floaty aesthetic. Skopos has over 40 years’ experience of designing and supplying contract fabrics and furnishings to the hospitality sector. Offering prints on a wide choice of base cloths – from blackout fabrics to bedding and upholstery qualities, Skopos can offer a bespoke design service for a unique solution. W


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Modelling Abet’s Laminates Abet Laminati has announced that, as part of its ongoing drive to ensure ease of specification, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is now available across its core ranges in the UK. The BIM Objects are now available for the Doors Collection as well as the complete ranges of compact grade high pressure laminates. This includes the Cubicles, Lockers and Labgrade Collections as well as MEG, the exterior grade self-supporting laminate. All Objects are compatible with both Autodesk Revit and IFC programs. Abet’s UK and Ireland compact grade solutions are available in different thicknesses and a variety of sizes in a range of plain colours, speckled finishes, woodgrains and textured surfaces. The compact grade’s solid core construction, available from 6 to 12mm thick, makes it a good choice for areas prone to high moisture and humidity. This particularly applies to leisure centres, swimming pools and changing rooms and where there is no risk of peeling, cracking or delamination. W

Wilton Carpets offers elegance befitting of grand Victorian theatre Ready to Weave axminster carpet from Wilton Carpets has been used to transform the auditorium of The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, bringing an elegance befitting of the Victorian interior. “I had used Wilton Carpets in a previous installation at Warwick University and it seemed the natural choice for a project of this stature,” explains Matt Hunt, Multifloor (Walsall). “Having worked with Wolverhampton City Council on the theatre before, we were trusted to put forward our specification, so had no hesitation in recommending Wilton Carpets. We presented the design and colour to theatre management, who agreed that it was the right fit for the auditorium.” Multifloor specified the wool-rich axminster carpet in an eight-row quality to ensure that it could withstand the footfall throughout the theatre’s performances. Woven in Wiltshire using British wool, the carpet was made within the tight deadlines of the project. W

Kährs launches Götaland Collection Kährs has introduced the Götaland Collection – a new range of five oak wood floors. Available in colours spanning floury white to chocolate brown, the new three-strip collection combines lively oak with a vintage finish. Named after the Götaland region – domain of the ancient Götarna tribe – the new collection captures the spirit of southern Sweden. The individual names of each design have been borrowed from local regions and reflect their scenery and atmosphere, from the pale, sandy beaches in Kilesand, to the deep, dark forests of Attebo. Each design features a dynamic surface treatment that is handscraped, sawn, brushed and bevelled. The light and dark floors are also stained and all designs are finished with several layers of natural oil. All Götaland designs feature Kährs’ multi-layered construction, made up of a sustainable hardwood oak surface layer and a fast-growing spruce/ pine/poplar core. This eco-friendly, engineered format makes the floor more stable and suitable for installation over underfloor heating. W


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Film star The success of LG Hausys Interior Film from David Clouting extends from shopfitting to specialist interior contractors and designers, and, according to the supplier, its popularity continues to grow. Interior Film is an innovative, self-adhesive, decorative film, quick and easy to install. It is so versatile that it can be applied to almost any interior surface. Offering flexibility and adhesion, Interior Film provides an impressive finish, even to curved or complex shapes. Easy to clean and maintain, Interior Film is hardwearing and remains stable if exposed to heat, humidity or low temperatures. Air-free technology enables Interior Film to be easily applied to give a bubble-free surface. Available in a range of over 400 designs and finishes, Interior Film is available to view on the Bimstore website, and is also CE- and IMOcertified so can be specified with confidence across a wide range of industries. W

RAK unveils Karla collection RAK Ceramics has introduced its new Karla bathroom collection. Defined by its simple and discreet form, the range spans baths, basins and sanitaryware, with design options to suit all interior styles. Karla is offered alongside a wide range of surfaces and accessories, and is featured in a new combined sanitaryware and tile brochure, which reflects RAK Ceramics’ new corporate brand identity. The collection will include five sanitaryware solutions, with a neat, curveous format, in back-to-wall, close-coupled and wall-hung designs – with three frame options – and two sleek bidets. All models feature soft close seats and covers, and a dual flush as standard. Matching wash basins include five designs for mounting on full or half pedestals – from 45 to 65cm – as well as two semi-recessed bowls. Two styles of Karla bath complete the suite option and are offered with high gloss white wood side and end panels. A variety of chrome taps and bath fillers are also included within the range. W

A linear look in its luxury form Producer of premium wall-to-wall product, Radici, has introduced the Capri collection and its variety of linear looks in 100% wool fibre. The Capri collection, luxurious in feel, is also one of Radici’s most trend-focused carpets to date, catering to increased demand for striped effects. Capri presents a series of striped looks in a range of hues, from the dark and mysterious Panda and Espresso to sky blues and greens that rest at the lighter end of the colour spectrum. Longevity is also key, and Capri utilises some of the best wool fibre in an exceptionally hardwearing Wilton construction. The 4m Capri is an underfoot investment made with the long-term in mind, suitable for heavy domestic and moderate commercial use thanks to its impressive 2.3kg/m2 weight. According to Radici, this is carpet at its luxurious best, Capri’s design bank helping to keep retailer portfolios firmly on-trend. W


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06/02/2017 15:52


Integrate more with Ntgrate from Quadrant The striking Ntgrate woven vinyl flooring collection is now available exclusively from Quadrant, with three purposeful styles that can co-exist in any interior scheme. In the iridescent snakeskin of Brave, subtle Gentle and organic Noble, Ntgrate opens new possibilities for introducing high-style texture to anywhere that demands wear-resistance and ease of maintenance from its flooring. Rated Class 33 Heavy Commercial (EN 15114) and capable of absorbing footfall noise by 14dB, has been designed to perform in the most demanding of commercial environments. Yet thanks to technically innovative production, Ntgrate trades nothing in its ability to deliver spaces a sophisticated design choice that relies on a fine woven texture for high visual impact. All three designs come in a palette of functional colourways, many that co-ordinate with select Quadrant carpet tiles and planks. T 01622 719090 W

Formica Infiniti - the next generation of surfacing A material like no other, Formica Infiniti uses technology developed by Formica Group to deliver an anti-fingerprint and anti-marking surface with post-forming properties and a uniquely broad colour palette. The post-formable properties of the product means Formica Infiniti will maintain its shape and integrity. Architects and designers now have more freedom to create streamlined interiors and, with the option of curved matte surfacing, an additional tool to bring design concepts to life. An evolution in surfacing, suitable for vertical and horizontal application, Formica Infiniti’s contemporary matte finish marks the introduction of a new generation of laminate, designed to add the sensorial dimension of touch to material. W

Devonshire Club receives the Fila treatment Surface care and protection treatments from Fila’s Green Line have been specified by Stone & Ceramic at the Devonshire Club, one of London’s most glamorous private members destinations. The exclusive new venue, in the City of London, occupies six floors of a Listed Regency warehouse, which has undergone a £25m renovation. Stone & Ceramics’ installation includes bespoke bar counters, feature walls and floors using Stone Collections’ polished granite and tile designs from Porcelanosa. All surfaces were cleaned and protected with food safe-certified treatments from Fila’s award-winning range, including pH-neutral Fila Cleaner and solvent-free sealer, FilaMP90 Eco Plus. T 01584 877286 W


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A wealth of potential from Swiss Krono Available in over 250 decors, Swiss Krono’s Compact Density Fibreboard (CDF) boasts a superior machining capability, allowing it to be laser cut into intricate feature panels or routered to include text or logos with a precision finish. CDF is a hybrid panel and performs like compact grade laminate, yet is 30% cheaper and 35% lighter in weight and therefore easier to handle, machine and install. Panels are available in a sheet size of 2800 x 2070mm, in a 12.8mm thickness. Customers have a choice of 17 decors in plain colours and woodgrains ex-stock for delivery in 48 hours. They can also access the full choice of 253 decors with a minimum order quantity of 20 panels to widen the design scope. The CDF range is available from all 13 of IDS’ branches nationwide. W

Marble arts Compac has launched new marble colours to complement its range of interior and exterior technological marble for use on walls, floors and vanity tops. The Classic colours comprise four designs with a coarse grain pattern – Classic White (pictured), Classic Grey, Classic Beige and Classic Brown. New Greys collection colours include three on-trend designs, each with a fine grain pattern – Aluminum which is suitable for interior and exterior use, and Palladium and Anthracite for interiors. Compac offers a range of finishes including polished and matt and thicknesses of 12, 20 and 30mm. Technological marble from Compac is an attractive product with the appearance and feel of marble but delivering higher performance values. It is highly versatile and suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, staircases and facades. W

Fila introduces FILASTOP DIRT formulation Surface care specialist, Fila has introduced a new formulation for its protective dirt-barrier treatment – FILASTOP DIRT. The new treatment can now be used on polished lappato tiles, as well as textured and unpolished porcelain. Once applied, it chemically bonds, without leaving a film, to create invisible protection against dirt build-up and promote fast and easy cleaning. The new formulation can be used inside and outdoors, where it provides a breathable, UV-resistant barrier, without altering surface slipresistant properties. Following application to a dry, clean surface, FILASTOP DIRT improves surface resistance to foot traffic and general wear. It also provides longlasting protection against watery and oily stains, and limits water retention, as demonstrated by lab tests conducted on surfaces laid in according with UNI 11493. W


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Q&A: Julia Otto, Lula Green British luxury bed linen brand Lula Green has just arrived on the design scene. Uniquely, every Lula Green product holds the GOTS certification – the highest organic textile certification in the world. Co-founder Julia Otto tells us more ...

Would you be able to talk a little about your background Julia? I was born in Russia and moved to Costa Rica at the age of 12 and then to Germany at 13. After finishing my A-Levels in Berlin I continued to travel, mainly around Australasia, for almost two years. Despite loving the freedom of travel, I felt the need for a new challenge and so returned to Germany to start university. During my studies, I moved to England and fell in love with the country so much that I decided to stay and make it my home. Learning the importance of home was one of the inspirations for

creating Lula Green. After graduating, I worked in London’s financial sector progressing to manage a marketing department of 12 international markets within a few years. I enjoyed the challenge very much but as you can imagine, marketing financial services is not the most creative sector and for me it wasn’t the most life fulfilling. It was few years ago when the time felt right to rediscover my passion and to start my own business. When and how was Lula Green created? I always dreamed of starting my own business, entrepreneurship is common in my family and it’s a path I always saw as being very fulfilling to take. Since meeting my fiancé, Brian, in 2007 we have shared this passion, continuously searching for a market niche but nothing we saw truly connected with us. With outward opportunity not presenting itself a few years ago we decided to seek inspiration in passions that we both share and start our company, based on the belief that a sustainable business should make a positive impact and be inspiring to others. We founded Lula Green in September 2014, with a dream to create a brand that allows a space to be mindful and refined at the same time.

How would you describe Lula Green’s ethos? Our ethos is “seeking a balance between what we take, and what we can give back to nature”. We believe in being mindful of our impact and that it is a responsibility we all share to preserve our beautiful planet for future generations. Therefore, in every business decision the first question we ask is what impact does it make on the wider environment. In order to be classed as 100% organic, what criteria must Lula Green comply with? It’s a very good question. There are many bodies certifying organic textiles, however, most of them will certify only one part of the production process. Lula Green’s organic bed linen collection adheres to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is recognised as the world’s most stringent independent certification body for organic fabric manufacturing. GOTS certifies the entire supply chain of the product, starting from the cotton seed, through farming, production, processing and packaging, to distribution. Why do you feel that this organic status is desirable within the hospitality industry? The global organic market and the consumer demand are evidently growing, partially due


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to the personal wellbeing trend increasingly becoming mainstream. We see consumer interest in healthy lifestyle translating into choices for a healthy planet as they become more educated about the impact of the organic vs non-organic produce, spreading from food, to health and beauty into textiles. Consequently, the “organic” label is turning into a brand of its own and is becoming a clearly understood mark of sustainability. Why do you feel it is so important for hotels to invest in high quality linen? Every hotel guest, whether on a business trip or travelling for pleasure, expects a good night’s sleep. Central to this is the creation of a bedroom sanctuary, one that your guests will not want to leave.

While there are many details that need to come together to create such an interior, the bed and the linen are undeniably the most influential features of the room. From these core pieces, what else if not the sheets, that envelop us for an extended period, should truly represent the feeling of quality? You can find this in reviews of the world’s most prestigious hotels – they might have the finest mattresses accompanied by the perfect pillows, but what the guests will remember most after an uplifting stay is that unforgettable feeling of slipping into freshlymade luxurious sheets. Have you got any upcoming launches you wish to mention? We are working on expanding our range into precious fibres, such as cashmere, yak, silk and others. It’s a very exciting project! In recent years, many of the fibres, such as cashmere, have received negative publicity with regards to their environmental impact. We would like to highlight that there are still many traditional craftsmen out there relying on ethical practices, trying to protect their land and the source of their craft and income. We are currently establishing a transparent supply chain that allows us to support those craftsmen and ensure animal welfare and an environmentally-friendly production process. It has been a hard but very fulfilling journey so far and I’m very much looking forward to the product launch planned for next year. W


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DID YOU KNOW THAT THE UK’S LEADING HARD LANDSCAPE BRAND ALSO SUPPLIES INTERIOR WALL & FLOOR TILES? See our full range of interior Natural Stone, Porcelain and Mosaic tiles at or call 0345 308 3030 for more information.

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26/01/2017 16:10

NEW collection of decorative FR Fabrics for drapery, bedding and upholstery...COMING SOON. | Tel: 01924 436 666 |

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GROHE introduces landmark new products GROHE is a world leading single-brand manufacturer and supplier of sanitary fittings, including taps for the bathroom and kitchen, showers from thermostatic mixer to electric, concealed valves and WC systems. GROHE’s products feature in a range of projects globally, chosen for their quality and aesthetic value. 2017 sees the launch of one of GROHE’s most luxurious and indulgent products to date, the Rainshower F-Series 40” AquaSymphony. The oversized statement headshower is the latest addition to GROHE’s SPA range and offers new design features such as steam functions, a highlyadvanced sound system, and a Light Curtain of rainbow coloured lights – all of which can be controlled through the GROHE SPA mobile app. A variety of spray patterns allows the user to perfectly tailor their shower experience. From the extra-wide water outlet to emulate the sensation of a waterfall, to the Bokoma Sprays which deliver the sensation of a stimulating massage, the sprays are designed to renew and revitalise the user. GROHE has also introduced the striking redesigned Essence range, including taps, showers and accessories. The line is now available in 10 possible combinations of deluxe colours and state-of-the-art finishes, to create a dazzling bathroom. Finishes include Cool Sunrise, Warm Sunset, Hard Graphite and Nickel, and were inspired by growing global trends towards individualised design. The new choice of colours comes with a high level of consistency in design, with every spout and lever almost identical across all product types to create an elegant and co-ordinated bathroom. Essence has already been awarded numerous prestigious international awards, including the Iconic Award Interior Innovation, the Good Design Award, and the iF Product Design Award. Also new is the GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet which combines the WC and bidet experience, eliminating the need to use toilet paper and instead harnesses the cleansing and gentle benefits of water on delicate skin. The Sensia Arena is designed to maximise hygiene levels in the bathroom through state-of-the-art product design features, while users can enjoy high personal comfort through personalised settings and straightforward controls. W

Rainshower F-Series 40” AquaSymphony

GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet


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INTRODUCING: INTRODUCING: THE BREATHTAKING THE BREATHTAKING AQUASYMPHONY AQUASYMPHONY BYBY GROHE. GROHE. AquaSymphony is not ais shower – it’s a–wellness AquaSymphony not a shower it’s a wellness zone, azone, placea where water takes on a life its of its place where water takes on of a life own. AquaSymphony plays with creating own. AquaSymphony playswater, with water, creating ever-changing liquid harmonies. Just imagine the ever-changing liquid harmonies. Just imagine the pleasure that awaits you. you. pleasure that awaits WWW.GROHE.COM/LAND WWW.GROHE.COM/LAND H69_doc.indd 111

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Resuinsa – comfort, style and elegance When a guest enters a hotel room not only do they expect to find quality linens, but also to find the level of comfort and detail that creates a unique experience. The character of every linen item should inspire and have its own style – a uniqueness that can be achieved through customisation. Resuinsa, an internationally recognised specialist in hotel and restaurant linens, follows this line of action. Its products combine luxury, elegance and comfort and, additionally, the company offers added value through its service ‘Atelier’, which creates exclusive hospitality linens in line with the identity of the establishment. Resuinsa has found that one of the trends for this winter is portrayed in the Red and Blue Velvet collection, conceived by Atelier. The collection embraces the prevalence of velvet and cotton, and features red tones integrated with intense blue shades to provide warmth and softness. All of this is wrapped in anthracite and stone grey shades, illuminated by a perfect white, a combination that creates an elegant and modern look. The collection therefore shapes bright spaces in which its intense red and blue tones stand out, emerging subtly from the embroidered lines in the linens. The ambiance created is chic and cosy, as the white is gently softened by stronger colours. W


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High and dry Julu Home introduces the Laundry Ladder, a stylish British-designed wallhanging clothes airer. An ideal guest room aid for drying or hanging clothing, the Laundry Ladder is available in English ash or pine, either natural or painted white. A pulley brings the front frame up and down, allowing easy access at all times, even when fully loaded with clothing. Strong and stable, the airer keeps washing off the floor and out of the way. The Laundry Ladder is also versatile – with a second set of wall brackets located outside, this indoor airer can also be used outdoors in the summer. T 033 022 32 855 W


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Fast & stylish The ultra stylish Integrated USB Charging Socket from Focus SB has NO shared amperage, allowing your guests to fast charge two mobile devices at the same time. Available in a large range of beautiful finishes to suit your decor.

Horizon Satin Stainless Steel USB socket shown


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Focus SB’s switched-on solutions Conveniently-placed lighting and room controls can enhance the design of an interior whilst providing comfort and convenience for guests. Focus SB is an expert in manufacturing switches and sockets of distinction for the hospitality industry. Made in Sussex to high standards, plates can be designed to a unique specification. Data incorporation, international power sockets, lighting controls, audio visual and USB charging points can all be included. Finished by hand, the attention to detail that is applied to each electrical plate ensures longevity of life, essential in today’s demanding commercial environment. T 01424 858060 W

Marriott goes steam-free with demista The Marriott Heathrow has installed over 350 demista heated mirror pads in its bathrooms, ensuring that arriving or departing passengers have a steam-free view at all times. This innovative product was introduced by the manufacturer of demista more than 26 years ago and the range of sizes and shapes now offered has continued to grow, ensuring that all mirrors can be kept steam free. Often the first choice for designers, architects, interior designers and specifiers, demista has become an integral part of the bathroom. Custom-made options are available for more bespoke sizes, and the pads can also be incorporated into vanity units and bathroom cabinets. Hotels, new luxury developments and leisure centres in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Far East and Australia have all benefited from installing the heated mirror pads and the brand is now recognised as a leader in this market. T 01932 866600 W


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Geberit AquaClean The WC that cleans you with water.

Wellness for your guests. WhirlSpray shower technology

Touchless WC lid automatic function

Orientation light

Odour extraction

TurboFlush technology


WC seat heating

Wellness begins in the bathroom. Meet your guests’ ever increasing demand for comfort and luxury with Geberit AquaClean Mera, the WC with integrated shower function - the new essential. →

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The attitude of Hygge is exemplified in this delicate take on the plain white tile

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Geometrics, textures, colour and refined detail to the fore in design edit With British Ceramic Tile’s smart new London Hub in Clerkenwell fast becoming a notable reference point for the architect and design communities of London, John Legg visited to meet with the company’s head of design, Claire O’Brien, to get her take on 2017’s tile design trends. British Ceramic Tile (BCT) creates market-leading ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles for commercial and domestic use. Although its products are made in Devon, a visit to its London Hub dedicated to the specification market is time well spent. Regular events, CPDs and special functions are attractive of course, but I recommend dropping in at your convenience. I availed myself of their hospitality at its 2017 Trend Edit, created by Claire O’Brien, the company’s head of design. 2017 will already go down in history as a tumultuous year – politically, socially and culturally – and one wonders what the effects in terms of design will be in the short- and mediumterms. Claire, quite logically, says that a calm, mature and welcoming style will be one of the key trends. “Against the backdrop of upheaval, the feeling is for natural, homespun interiors that offer a positive welcome sense of comfort,” explains Claire. “Gone are the harsh edges and stark contrasts, instead design trends are veering towards the more romantic, graceful and tactile.” Claire and her team go through around 1500 development tiles per annum and at this edit she presented 14 defined interior styles, in addition to her tips for the colours, textures and shapes that will prove popular throughout the year. According to Claire, one of BCT’s assets as a long-standing manufacturer is that they can marry the impressive realism that the company’s state-of-the-art digital inkjet printing technology produces, with its older Roto Color machines, which enables BCT to readily combine great colour with tactile, detailed textures. ›

Strong geometrics add drama and are working well as highlights in the specification market

Relaxed woodgrains with a cool, greybeige hue add warmth to projects


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“The inspiration for tile design and surfacing comes from all around us. We work with local artisans, for instance a glass designer in Yorkshire informs with her view on colours and glazes, and we also take inspiration from the textured wallpapers such as Lincrusta and Anaglypta – remastered terrazzo and conglomerates has been part of the thinking,” she says. Of the current themes, Claire believes the industrial, urban narrative which has been with us for some time is evolving into a newer, gentler form. “The industrial style was really raw and harsh when it began but now it’s going a little softer, more refined, elegant even and with more styling. We’re looking at things like a simulated corrugated look, a bit trompe l’oeil, trying to use shadow and pattern cleverly – I’m challenging my team to see what can we try and simulate. We’re in a time where tiles don’t need to look like tiles any more, they can look like anything ...” References of soft metallics were presented too from machine-turned copper, brushed brass, steel and aluminium – but again all with a softer, more elegant narrative. The Hygge lifestyle trend is also part of Claire’s design thinking for BCT. Hygge, for those not in the know, is the Danish attitude about being, not having – in an attempt to improve everyday moments, Danes seek to make spaces and occasions more meaningful, beautiful and cosy, even in small ways. Claire showed a number of developmental products which espoused this philosophy, and standing back, much of the edit seemed to recognise this trend. T 01626 831377 (Devon) T 0207 490 0338 (London) E

The Ted Baker Tac Tile uses a gentle, geometric texture in a 298mm x 498mm format

Strong geometrics add drama and are working well as highlights in the specification market

Claire O’Brien at the London Hub during her Trend Edit


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Great British Design.

A strong British heritage and proven track record

No.1 manufacturer of ceramic and glass tiles in the UK

Creative product design and innovation

Committed to environmental care

For further information on how British Ceramic Tile can have a positive impact on your project: Visit our website: Visit our London Hub: 26 Seward Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 3PA Call our office: 01626 831 377

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Let there be light Curiousa & Curiousa designs and manufactures handblown glass lighting from its studio in Derbyshire’s Peak District. Designer and founder Esther Patterson has a passion for all things British-made and for craftsmanship, and is proud to be part of an emergence of traditional British skills. Now in its sixth year, Curiousa & Curiousa provides bespoke lighting that celebrates colour, quality and form. Each design seeks to bring out the intrinsic beauty of the glass itself, and this focus has helped establish Curiousa & Curiousa’s reputation in the decorative lighting industry. Pendants, chandeliers and bespoke creations can be seen hanging in Harvey Nichols, Liberty London, The Royal Albert Hall, Hayward Gallery London, Empire Theatre Liverpool and London Hilton Bankside. Despite such projects and a busy year moving into a new studio in Haarlem Mill, the company also opened up its first London showroom, in the heart of Islington on 39 Amwell Street. Every order placed – from single pendants to largescale chandeliers – is personal to the Curiousa team, meaning customers, designers and architects alike will get the same intimate level of service the company prides itself on. Coupled with a wide range of colour, finish and shape, Curiousa offer a multitude of choice. From the 21 different glass colourways and varieties of flex and fitting finishes down to the bulb types, the team encourages the buyer to play a part in creating and bringing their own bespoke hand-blown glass pendant to life. W

Curiousa & Curiousa’s newest launch, Lotus Dine


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BEBOP by David Fox

INTRODUCING THE NEW EXCLUSIVE DESIGNER FURNITURE COLLECTION FROM KNIGHTSBRIDGE. Taking a step away from hard-edged minimalism, the Bebop collection explores organically soft forms and contemporary Danish design. Modern and easy on the eye, the Bebop is the perfect partner for any dynamic work space.

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Dress to impress with WS Uniform WS Uniform Over the past 25 years the Walker Slater Uniform Team has worked on an impressive catalogue of bespoke clothing projects and this, combined with a stock clothing service, has satisfied different clients with a wide range of tastes and budgets. WS Uniform’s client lists cover a diverse range of leisure establishments, from hotels and resorts to restaurants and bars, with prestigious collaborations including The Ryder Cup, Scottish Football Association, Scottish Rugby, as well as Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities. WS Uniform has had many opportunities to design and manufacture clothing for bespoke projects. Retail parent company Walker Slater – the Edinburgh- and London-based tweed specialist – lends its expertise to the manufacture in these projects. Extensive connections with trimming and fabric suppliers have enabled successful production of waistcoats, nehru jackets, suits, shirts, polo shirts, tunics, and accessories such as bags, ties and hipflasks. WS Uniform’s bespoke projects often echo the fashions of Walker Slater, particularly with regard to their smartly tailored image. This link between WS Uniform and the retail business has helped in popularising tweed and luxury looking fabrics in uniform items over the past few years. Regarding the recent project with Quorvus Collection’s G&V bar in Edinburgh Paul Walker, director of WS Uniform, reflected on the brands’ ability to create a heritage look. “We instantly decided we wanted to marry tradition with a modern twist to reflect the hotel’s new look,” he says. “Upon seeing the team wear their uniforms in the refurbished bar one can appreciate that this fusion has really worked. “The uniforms are unique to G&V and reflect the expressive design, which is seen throughout the hotel. We chose a lovely lightweight, ultramodern Borders cotton mix tweed for the design, which brought together our initial brief perfectly.” E W


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British pavements meet selfstabilising tables from Sweden! Everyone hates sitting at a wobbly table. Still, most restaurants continue to use ”simple” tables with poor adjustment feet that never seem to be correctly set. Instead of finding a solution they rely on their customers to fix the problem by placing menu cards, coasters or napkins under the table legs or just accept the problem. It is such a common problem that it is easy to give up. But there is a solution! For a number of years StableTable® has helped thousands of cafés, restaurants, pubs and bars to automatically stabilise their tables and stop the wobble.

The tables automatically adjust!

StableTable® are award-winning self-stabilising tables. They automatically adjust to any uneven surface, and find a stable position. Forget difficult adjustment feet, folded napkins under table legs and complaining guests! StableTable® tables adjust to both bumps and grooves and manage height differences up to 25 mm without any manual adjustment. The unique, mechanical system sits well protected inside the centre pillar, away from the gound. The tables are manufactured in Sweden and are fully recyclable.

StableTable® are truly unique tables. Lift, pull or drag them to wherever you want and they will automatically adjust and always stand still. It is estimated that over 200 000 people sit and eat at a wobble free table from StableTable® everyday. No wonder they are appreciated by staff, guests and architects and have won a number of International awards.

StableTable at FIKA, Shoreditch, London


“No more wobbly tables!”

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XL-GC range Sugatsune Glass display cabinets are an essential part of retail presentation, protecting valuable products and displaying them to best advantage. The hinges and sliding door mechanisms for them are readily available, but often no matching locks are available – Sugatsune believes it has the answer. According to the Japanese fittings manufacturer, lock manufacture is a specialised business, and is not a task usually handled by manufacturers of hinges and door slides. Those who manage to find a lock with the same finish will often discover that its shape does not marry with their design vision. In Japan, it is a different story, says Sugatsune, whose bevelled chrome XL-GC range has all the components necessary for glamorous retail presentation, and includes matching locks. Styled identically, the low-profile lock has a side-entry push key, so it is not only secure, but discrete. It is available for slide and swing doors. Further extending the concept of stealthy security is the Excelock electronic locking system, which uses an RFID scanner hidden within to allow users to unlock the cabinet by waving a security card over it – and all external hardware is in keeping with the XL-GC range. T 01189 272955 W

XL-ELU-SD electronic glass door lock

XL-GC07 overlay glass door hinge with catch

XL-GC02 glass door lock for swing doors


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So many great glass cabinets are let down by their locks. Sugatsune produces glass cabinet hardware including matching locks. The XL-GC02 Lock has a low profile push key for practically invisible installation. Just part of a range of glass cabinet hardware from Japan by Sugatsune

From Japan - it’s a design thing

FURNITURE, ARCHITECTURAL, MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE Unit 3, Base 329, Headley Road East, Woodley, Reading, Berkshire, RG54AZ, Tel: 01189 272 955 Fax: 01189 272 871 Email

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Get the designer look with Cult Furniture Nobody wants their space to look like everyone else’s. It’s got to be special and stand out. But how to achieve that without spending a small fortune on designer furniture or a professional? Cult Furniture’s answer was to create the Moda collection of chairs and stools. Chic, simple and contemporary, the look of the Moda collection might be familiar, but Cult Furniture has added a host of features to create what it considers a modern classic. Firstly, there is an extensive range of colours, from bright, eyecatching primary tones to understated plums and teals, neutrals, black and white. Then there is a choice of two seat styles, a dining chair or armchair, before the specifier is able to get even more creative by changing the legs – from glistening Eiffel tower-style legs to simple natural or black wooden bases, and even styles with a hint of copper, this year’s must-have metallic. T 0203 504 7531 W


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Plurima Technogym Technogym’s Plurima is the versatile, compact, cable-based multiple strength training station that provides an ideal solution for hospitality gyms. Perfect for areas with limited space, Plurima is a highly versatile product making it possible to carry out full body strength training within a minimal footprint from just 3.8m². The modules can be configured in a variety of ways to fit the space available. The full three modules in the wall configuration offers an impressive total of 18 strength machines, including leg curl, leg extension, chest press and low pull in one solution of just 6.5m². Thanks to Technogym’s Italian heritage, Plurima boasts a sleek, contemporary and attractive design. Its ergonomic lines and premium quality materials make working out an easier, more comfortable experience, while guaranteeing efficient performance and adding a tough of design sophistication to the space. Suitable for an un-manned facility, user guidance can be accessed during training through scanning the QR code. Once scanned, a user can access a whole library of exercises, including videos showing how to perform each exercise correctly, meaning that you can be sure that your guests or members are training safely without the need for supervision. Like all Technogym products, Plurima is the result of thorough, detailed research and development to ensure that it meets the ergonomic and functional needs of a wide range of users. Extensive testing at Technogym’s Research & Design Centre at its HQ in Cesena, Italy, is carried out in order to design equipment that provides the most effective range of motion to effectively work and target specific muscles. The combination of the range of 150 exercise possibilities, ease of use and sleek design make Plurima a truly unique and highly effective training solution. Compact, modular and versatile, Plurima is the ideal solution for those wanting to provide a variety of strength training within a smaller space. W


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Progress is Beautiful Silta - design by Allermuir

4031_Hospitality_Interiors_ad_v01.indd 1 H69_doc.indd 131

Part of The Senator Group

26/09/2016 06/02/2017 13:03 15:54


LegArm lounge chair Eclectic contract Eclectic is a long-standing furniture fabrication company with a wellestablished history of providing customers with quality furniture and case goods for almost any conceived design. Formed from walnut and leather, the LegArm lounge chair from the Eclectic team was inspired by the idea of legarms moving in different firections, one forwards, one backwards, to create the sense that the chair is walking. W

Lineabox SALICE

SALICE’s Lineabox is the innovative drawer system of the future. The double-skinned drawer system is compatible with SALICE’s Futura Range of Soft Close & Push Drawer Runners. The system offers a wealth of benefits including the option to be three-sided in metal or two-sided with the draw back made of wood. In addition, the extremely thin thickness (9mm) makes Lineabox one of the thinnest drawers ever. Assembly is rapid without the need for machinery or templates, and operation is a fluid, silent and progressive sliding movement due to the Futura full-extension runners. A choice of five finishes is available – white, black, titanium, champagne and stainless steel. T 01480 413831 W


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Live, work and play... We offer the biggest and most varied collection of decorative surface solutions in the UK.

See our NEW Specification Showroom

Now open at Suite 301, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0QH

From solid surface, laminates, melamine and veneers to thermoplastic, our portfolio includes some of the most recognised brands in the world, all available under one roof and directly from stock. Whatever your budget or project requirements, why not allow our extensive range of products to provide the inspiration. Find out more‌.

Call 0116 257 3415 email or visit

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Surface Design Show Between 7-9th February, over 170 exhibitors will be showcasing thousands of interior and exterior surfaces when Surface Design Show 2017 returns to London’s Business Design Centre. 7 - 9th Feb 2017 Business Design Centre, London UK For more than 11 years Surface Design Show has become the destination for the industry to see, touch and explore the latest materials and gain new insights. The show will once again have a packed programme of events all designed to inspire and engage, including brand new ideas and firm favourites refreshed to provide the specifying audience with a unique visiting experience. Some of the events taking place are the Preview Evening Live Debate hosted by David Michon and the ever-popular PechaKucha Evening – an informal and fun presentation of inspirational slides, which is hosted by Phil Coffey of Coffey Architects and includes speakers Elly Ward, Ordinary Architecture and Matthew Driscoll of Threefold Architects. In addition, colour forecaster, Sally Angharad, has curated Surface Spotlight Live – a feature showcasing the most innovative materials for Education and Hospitality spaces before they hit the market. The accompanying presentation, Surface Spotlight Trends: colour, texture and material directions for Hospitality & Education, will take place Thursday 9th February between 11.30 -12.15.

Light is a vital partner to surface design, changing interior and exterior surfaces dramatically – now in its fourth year Light School presented by The Light Collective and supported by the Institute of Lighting Professionals will return to Surface Design Show to help visitors discover the best of new lighting design and ensure that the audience leaves the show having learnt something that will change the way they see light.

The Surface Design Awards, meanwhile, are the only awards in the UK that recognise and celebrate outstanding examples of progressive design and the use of innovative surfaces in projects both in the UK and internationally. 33 projects have been named as finalists, with 13 awards to be given out in seven different categories. 45% of the projects on the 2017 shortlist are from overseas with each project being judged on a range of criteria including the type of surface, the use of materials and aesthetic design. Included among the 2017 finalists are international practices including Foster + Partners, Arup, Giles Miller Studio and BuckleyGreyYeoman. All of the winners along with the Supreme Award winner will be announced at a presentation held at Surface Design Show 2017 on Thursday 9th February at the Business Design Centre, London. W


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06/02/2017 15:54


Unit with Urban Loft Rock&Roll


H69_doc.indd 136

06/02/2017 15:54


Finsa: surfaces that replicate leather and deep synchronised textures Following the trend of products inspired by nature, the wood-based panel manufacturer offers finishes with the look and feel of raw materials.

As Finsa’s last Trendbook anticipated, the natural world continues to inspire and influence. In answer to increased urban living, we feel the need to surround ourselves with more natural materials. Finsa’s new texture named ‘Nude’, included in the Gama Duo range of melamines, is the ideal response for this demand, given that it flawlessly imitates both the look and feel of real leather. These nature imitating materials have become more sophisticated and popular due to their reduced environmental impact, improved aesthetic qualities and durability. Thus, designers incorporate sophisticated reproductions of natural materials into their projects to reconnect us with nature. The ‘Nude’ texture mimics the look and feel of real leather, offering a silky and velvety touch and is perfect for applications such as wardrobes, headboards and any other furniture pieces which require an authentic finish. The palette of melamine décors that Finsa offers is a calming balance between neutral shades, like greys and beiges, as well as powerful colours, such as violet or green. Nonetheless, the Nude texture can be applied to any décor of the Gama Duo under a minimum order. Along with this leather texture, Finsa’s Studio Collection is another range of surfaces that remind us that nature will always remain as the primary source of inspiration. This selection of décors also uses music as a reference, because surfaces, like music, convey feelings and fill up spaces. That is the reason why the designs that make up the collection are all named after musical styles: Jazz, Blues, Tango and Rock&Roll.

Nude range

This range combines excitement and innovation, inviting us to discover a new generation of high-performance, deeper and more authentic surfaces. All the décors included in the Studio Collection are melamine embossed in register or have a deep texture finish, which offers an elegant surface with a silky touch. The Jazz Oak Range combines the versatility and functionality of industrial materials, with the warmth and elegance of wood. The level of perfection achieved in replicating the design and finishing endow these materials with required depth and gloss to perceive this new range as natural wood. Likewise, inspired by the grain of oak wood, the Blues Range is the deepest texture in the Studio Collection. Besides two oak décors, Blues provides two solid colours, white and grey, which

Roble Choco Jazz

Roble Vanilla Jazz

Pino Sacramento Rock&Roll

Fresno Plata Tango

Gris Gu Decor with Nude texture

offer a result similar to that of a lacquered open pore oak surface. The Tango Range is the result of the merger between design and technology, and texture and wood are united in perfect harmony in this four ash décors. This new wood texture is noted for its elegant crowns and genuine wood details. Finally, the Rock&Roll texture combines the distinctive features of various materials such as wood, stone and textiles into a single surface. This range includes two oak décors, apart from Sacramento Pine and Urban Loft, an abstract design. The Studio Collection is distributed by Lawcris and IDS. Finsa: W Lawcris: W (Rock&Roll, Tango and Blues ranges) IDS: W (Jazz range)

White SR209 Blues


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CompacMel range Lawcris When it comes to sourcing the finest materials and innovative products, Lawcris has one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the marketplace. Its exclusive CompacMel Plus range is certainly a highlight and has been recognised at this year’s Surface Design Show in the Surface Spotlight Live feature. A greener and more cost-effective alternative to compact laminate, the CompacMel Plus range has definitely made a positive impact in the education and hospitality sector. The board has antibacterial certification and is considered ideal for commercial facilities, school and office furniture, hospital and hotel equipment. It is easy to see why colour and trend forecaster Sally Angharad, who has curated a section of this year’s Surface Spotlight Live feature, has chosen this product range to showcase to architects and designers. CompacMel Plus is a new wood compact melamine that boasts high environmental standards, with 80% fewer greenhouse gas emissions in production than traditional compact laminates. CompacMel Plus has been created by the Spanish company Finsa, a prolific manufacturer which prides itself on environmentally friendly approach. Lawcris is the exclusive UK distributor of this impressive product, and works closely with Finsa. CompacMel Plus offers an advanced technical solution for the most demanding projects. Available in a spectrum of 18 eye-catching decors, the entire range can be found on Lawcris’ award-winning website with quick and easy free sample ordering. W


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COMPACMEL PLUS - DESIGN TO INSPIRE A greener and more cost effective alternative to compact laminate. Considered the perfect board for commercial facilities, school & office furniture, hospital and hotel equipment. CompacMel Plus has antibacterial certification and is exclusive to Lawcris. Available in a spectrum of eighteen eye-catching decors.

View our full range of decorative panels & services on our website. W: | E: | P: 0113 217 7177

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New decor launches James Latham James Latham is gearing up for the Surface Design Show in February, where it is set to have its biggest presence yet at the UK’s only annual show to focus on interior and exterior surfaces for the built environment. As well as an impactful, eye-catching stand at its usual position on the ground level (stand 208) – where it will show a number of new additions to its range for 2017 – for the first time, this year, Lathams will also be utilising its Product Specification Showroom which is located on the Gallery level of the Business Design Centre at Suite 301. The new showroom, which only opened in September, has given James Latham a permanent presence in the capital and is already proving to be a major success with the architect and design community. It will give visitors to the show the opportunity to see an even wider range of Latham’s huge portfolio of products under one roof. As well as Latham’s highly experienced team of product specialists, during the show, the newly-created A&D specification team will be on hand to discuss the company’s extensive range of products, providing expert advice to architects and designers and helping them to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in surface solutions. This year, among others, the products on show will include new decor launches for Egger, Kronospan and XyloCleaf, Valchromat, the innovative and highly popular, engineered coloured high-density fireboard, HI-MACS solid surface, UPM composite decking, Latham’s new range of fire-resistant products, KYDEX thermoplastic sheet, which is proving particularly popular within the retail sector, Accoya cladding and window sections, WoodEx, Moralt & Flamebreak door blanks and the new generation of OSB board from Smartply. T 0116 257 3415 W

James Latham’s London Specification Showroom at the BDC

James Latham will be showing Egger’s new range for 2017

UPM ProFi-Lifecycle decking will also be featured


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Fila focuses on support at show Fila

Surface care specialist Fila is set to focus on its growing support division – FilaService – at the Surface Design Show 2017. Set up to provide continual assistance to manufacturers, planners, contractors and builders, the division offers services spanning from advice on daily cleaning regimes to extraordinary maintenance. Recent global case studies will be visually presented on-stand, giving examples of recent projects where Fila solutions have been specified, along with expert advice and support. FilaService delivers a turnkey service for site management. Working alongside clients, Fila treatment specialists assist in identifying the best solutions for cleaning, protection and maintenance of any surface. Products from Fila’s Green Line will also feature at the show, including the award-winning water based sealer, FilaMP90 Eco Plus, as well as a preview of a new antietching treatment that will be launched by Fila later this year. T 01584 877286 W

Artisan decorative finishes Armourcoat

Decorative specialist Armourcoat will be presenting their striking range of wall finishes for the first time at the Surface Design Show this month. The exclusive range includes the Duncan MacKellar Signature Polished Plaster Collection. Devised by Armourcoat founder – and creative director – Duncan MacKellar, the Signature finishes reflect his unique creativity and passion, with an expert understanding of decorative plaster techniques. The Signature Collection is inspired by an Italian heritage and Duncan’s artistic interpretation of natural forms and surface effects. These artisan finishes represent the highest level of product mastery, redefining the technique and underlining Armourcoat’s lead role in the industry. Creating rich, opulent and luxurious interiors, each Signature polished plaster finish is presented in a unique colour, hand-selected by Duncan to complement the design. An array of global projects for an impressive list of international blue chip clients in the residential, hospitality and boutique retail sectors have established Armourcoat as a leading supplier of high quality surface finishes. Armourcoat products are made from natural minerals including recycled Italian marble, contain low or zero VOCs, and have the added confidence of a full 10-year guarantee. T 01732 467994 W


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Top Drawer Top Drawer boosted vendor confidence with a buoyant event to kick-start the 2017 buying season, as the UK’s leading Design-led Homeware event opened its doors to present more than 1000 key brands occupying the entire Olympia complex. 10 - 12th Sep 2017 Olympia, London UK Retailers and contract buyers took full advantage of the chance to source from an unprecedented roster of exclusive products and new launches from key UK and international brands – most of which were showing exclusively at the London event. Top Drawer’s core principles of quality, selection and impeccable standards of presentation were much in evidence across the core “Worlds” of Home, Gift, Fashion and Craft, as the Spring-Summer 2017 edit reflected increasing demand for premium design-led products from retailers.

Home at Top Drawer Over 200 brands showcased new and innovative products across the world of Home. Covering the breadth of contemporary interiors, interior accessories, kitchen & dining, tableware, Furniture, lighting and outdoor living - home provided everything from statement pieces to original new designs with an expert selection of leading international brands. Olympia provided the perfect setting to peruse new interiors products from the likes of Alessi, PR Home, Eva Solo, Studio William, Coach House, LSA International, Orla Kiely Home, Bliss Home,

Garden Trading and Skagerak. These brands sat comfortably among newcomers to Top Drawer including Emko furniture, scandi lifestyle brand Design Letters and new UK lighting company Haberdashery. Food Emporium Having doubled in size since launching in 2016, the Food Emporium drew strong interest from retailers and hospitality buyers by presenting the largest collection of non-perishable premium artisan food producers ever assembled at a UK event. With the emphasis firmly on premium giftable food products, the Food Emporium contained a comprehensive selection of beautifully packaged food gifts of every type, from chocolate and confectionery to oils and condiments, drinks and beverages. Show Trends Six key trends were introduced for S/S17 - Honest Simplicity, Happy, The Blues, The Tribe Vibe, 70s Remix and Echoes of Deco. From the soft and warm tones of Honest Simplicity to the bright colours and dynamic patterns of 70s Remix, these six key aesthetic trends could be seen throughout the show. The Autumn Winter edition of Top Drawer takes place at Olympia London from the 10th - 12th September 2017.


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3022 H

The secret of a memorable night’s sleep Hypnos creates beautiful long-lasting beds and sofa beds, with sublime comfort and versatile hidden features to maximise occupancy and revenues, guaranteeing your guests have a memorable night’s sleep. Working in partnership with hoteliers to deliver tailored sleep solutions... Rocco Forte Marriott InterContinental Renaissance Guoman Holiday Inn Corinthia Millennium Premier Inn Soho House Hand Picked The Royal Horseguards, London Skibo Castle, Dornoch St. Pancras Renaissance, London One Aldwych, London Stoke Park, Stoke Poges Calcot Manor, Tetbury The Lanesborough, London Grosvenor House, London Great Northern Hotel, London The Royal Automobile Club, London Tavistock House Hotel, Devon Hotel Football, Manchester Linthwaite House, Windermere Ellenborough Park, Cheltenham The Chester Grosvenor, Chester

T: +44 (0) 1332 497111 | E: | Hypnos is proud to be Carbon Neutral, complying with PAS 2060.

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London Fabric Show Returning favourites and new exhibitors will be showing an extensive selection of new designs and colourways at the London Fabric Show this year, taking place at the Chelsea FC football ground at Stamford Bridge, London on 27th and 28th February. 27 - 28th Feb 2017 Chelsea FC, Stamford Bridge, London UK Hosted by the British Furniture Manufacturers Association (BFM), the show brings fabric producers from Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the UK together to provide UK upholstery and soft furnishing manufacturers with an opportunity to select and customise fabrics to their own requirements. Over 35 exhibitors will present exclusive designs in jacquards, wools, velvets, cottons, chenilles, leathers, faux leathers and highperformance polyester fabrics, among others. Backing fabrics and fire-retardant treatments will also be on display. Well-known British producers including Abraham Moon & Sons, Art of the Loom, British Velvets and Warwick will be present, alongside Adoksan and Tesseme from Turkey and Interfabrics and Antecuir from Spain. Belgian heavyweights Symphony Mills, Escolys, Van Neder, and Greenstreet Textiles will also be present. Much of the Belgian contingent will be present at the show under the auspices of Fedustria ( and Flanders Investment & Trade.

The textile industry of Belgium, the heart of which is located in Flanders, has been a prominent part of the country’s industry for centuries. Employing around 20,000 people in total, the sector remains one of Belgium’s major employers – the total turnover of the some-700 textile companies in Belgium amounts to around €5.1b and accounts for 12% of the EU’s textile exports. London Fabric Show’s unusual venue adds

interest to the show. Held in Chelsea’s executive boxes overlooking the pitch, and surrounded by the team’s football memorabilia, the show takes on a dimension of sporting spirit and grandeur. “Most shows are held in large venues that lack personality,” says Jackie. “The London Fabric Show is a large venue bursting with personality, and it provides a great backdrop for exhibitors and visitors.” Visitors can register free on the show’s new website.


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27th and 28th - February Chelsea FC, Stamford Bridge, LONDON

Over 30 exhibitors from Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the UK, showing a wide variety of fabrics for upholstery, beds and soft furnishings including, jacquards, wools, tweeds, silks, velvets, chenilles, cottons and linens, as well as backing fabrics and FR coatings.

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For information and to register your attendance to: contact Mike Dimond by email to:

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Demista Quarter Page Ad 2017



Page 1

EST. 1 9 9 9 part of Dining

Chairs UK



…for every occasion!

t: 0115 965 9030 e:

Contract House, Little Tennis Street South, Nottingham NG2 4EU



A division of Aztec (Europe) Ltd

Telford Road Glenrothes Fife KY7 4NX






Simple to install • Internationally Approved 10 Year Warranty

TEL: +44 (0)1932 866600 • FAX: +44 (0)1932 866688 • E.


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SEALY CONTRACTS BACK PAGE ADVERT.qxp_Layout 1 2/2/17 10:30 AM Page 3

...which is why all these brands work with Sealy.


Direct factory pricing Free Site Surveys No minimum order quantity Bug Shield as standard on all mattresses Award-winning customer service A wide range of comfort options, base heights and fabrics

In hospitality, the World turns to Sealy to give guests a great night's sleep.

Call our Contracts Hotline on 016973 24417 *Based on delivery to a mainland UK business address that has suitable access for an articulated vehicle.

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Dennis Irvine

The Estate House at Jumby Bay By Dennis Irvine Studio Lighting by Dernier & Hamlyn


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Hospitality Interiors #69  

Interior design for hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs

Hospitality Interiors #69  

Interior design for hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs