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April 2017


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In a class of its own.

“Training couldn’t be better!” Nick Bohdanyuk, Workshop Manager

“By the end of our four day training course we knew the machines inside out, it has help us produce everything a lot faster!”

VPK Joinery Ltd´s Woodworking Machines Profit H10

Profit H22

CNC Machining Centre

CNC Machining Center

Over 150 Woodworking Machines to choose from! Call today and find the right Machine from the FELDER GROUP range! For more information Tel. 01908 635 000 CNC Pages.indd 2

Unit 2, Sovereign Business Park, Joplin Court Crownhill, MK8 0JP, Milton Keynes

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The present and the future of efficient production The proliferation of CNC technology deployment among furniture and joinery businesses is at an all time high with machine manufacturers satisfying a broad range of needs from entry level solutions for small businesses with modest requirements to impressive integrated high volume production situations for automated furniture and joinery production. Across the board, CNC technology is recognised as critical part of being an efficient and effective furniture and joinery business. It is universally accepted that manufacturing in Europe and the UK is very costly due to our labour rates – and to offset that, if funds allow, manufacturers are looking for and adopting the most efficient methods of production – and that for many is a CNC-based solution. In this special supplement, we shine a light on furniture and joinery manufacturers across the industry with wide-ranging objectives – from those who have realised a long-held ambitions, to committed users who already understand the benefits CNC tech can bring and are upgrading for more capacity. We also hear from CNC manufacturers and suppliers such as Homag, SCM, Biesse, AXYZ, Felder, Weinig, Masterwood and more about their latest ideas, innovations and introductions.

John Legg, Editor @FurnitureProdEd

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Tel. +44 (0)115 9770044 | -

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All-In-One Cabinet Making Solution ✓ Cabinetry ✓ Melamine ✓ MDF ✓ Plywood ✓ Hard Woods ✓ Soft Woods ✓ Plastics ✓ Chipboard

Designed exclusively for the cabinet making industry, Optimus is a complete solution that offers a customised machine configuration, dedicated local support and a range of specially designed machine options.

Tel: 01952 291600 Visit: CNC Pages.indd 5

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As a global pioneer of CNC routing technology, with an enviable pedigree based on over 25 years’ experience in the development of arguably the most technically advanced machining solutions available for these industries, AXYZ International examines the nature of the 10 most critical potential pitfalls and provides advice on how they can be avoided.

Avoiding pitfalls when purchasing a CNC router

A CNC router is one of the most expensive capital investments likely to be made by companies in the furniture manufacturing, industrial woodworking and joinery industries. Yet no matter how diligent the decisionmaking process, with all of the appropriate questions seemingly answered satisfactorily, a number of thorny issues can still remain that will delay the decision to purchase and cause an unnecessary expense due to a reduction in valuable production time and materials usage. It is important to recognise that CNC routing technology has existed for decades and like most technologies continues to evolve at a rapid pace. For this reason, changes can occur during a lengthy purchasing process whereby the router selected will meet the perceived requirements of a customer at the time of purchase but may be less able to adapt to

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future needs if these issues are not addressed and rectified beforehand. The top 10 potential pitfalls It should be emphasised that all of these pitfalls are avoidable. They represent a checklist that can be used when considering the purchase of a CNC router, with each of the items mentioned carrying a cautionary annotation and added comment, as deemed appropriate, by AXYZ International. Buying the cheapest machine This is strictly a short-term financial decision that may prove costly in the long term. The serious downside to this would be lowered performance, less reliability and a difficulty in sourcing essential spare parts and accessories. Buying a more expensive but infinitely superior machine should eliminate all of these negatives.

AXYZ International ascertains that the ROI on any of its CNC routers could be between just two to four years, with the total cost of ownership radically reduced by virtue of an ability to sustain higher performance levels for the lifetime of the machine and with none of the attendant difficulties often presented by lowerpriced but invariably less efficient alternatives. Selecting the wrong machine processing area Whilst purchasing a machine with more capacity than needed is not cost-effective, buying a machine that turns out to have a less than necessary capacity is even more so. Buyers should seek expert advice on what the correct processing area should be, contingent upon the predicted use of the router. CNC routers supplied by AXYZ International are available in a wide choice of bed sizes

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AXYZ International’s new Optimus 5010 CNC machine is ideal for furniture production

to accommodate different applications. Significantly, the company can configure a machine to suit virtually any production requirement, from one-off specials to highvolume runs via a staggering 316,918 different machine configurations that are now possible. Not planning for future production requirements The buyer should match the machine purchased to future production requirements, as this can make a huge contribution to business growth and commensurate profitability. Misjudging the tooling required to process different materials The bed size of the router and the nature of the materials to be processed require different routing/cutting heads and associated tooling. The router purchased should have the flexibility to process multiple materials, ranging from acrylics through to solid woods, aluminium sheet and composites and other non-ferrous metals, using a variety of the most appropriate routing/cutting tools.

Training is a clear priority when investing in CNC technology

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“Whilst purchasing a machine with more capacity than needed is not cost-effective, buying a machine that turns out to have a less than necessary capacity is even more so.” The most common reasons for tool failure include selecting the wrong tool for the material to be processed, using a tool well past its predicted life and then wondering why the quality of cut had subsequently deteriorated to such an extent, failure to use an appropriate coolant or lubricant and not changing toolholding devices such as collets within the recommended timescale. Tooling is a continually developing area of routing/cutting technology due to the emergence of new and frequently more complex and difficult-to-process materials as well as the tool coatings and geometrics now necessary to process an ever-expanding range of diverse materials used for multiple applications. A typical recent example from AXYZ International is the Marathon Compression Tool. This is used for the processing of solid and

particle woods and incorporates a specially developed coating to protect the cut edge of the material from the high temperatures generated during the routing/cutting process. The tool is particularly efficient in preventing chipping of double-sided laminates or when processing natural woods where edge-finishing requirements might prove problematical if alternative standard spiral tools are used. Missing out on necessary accessories in an attempt to keep down costs Generally perceived as a typical production workhorse, a CNC router when used to its full capacity will pay for itself over a relatively short period of time. Buyers should always insist on factory-employed expertise to determine the right accessories and how these can enhance overall performance. This is a consideration that should be prioritised in the purchasing process. AXYZ International provides a raft of both standard and optional production-enhancing accessories. These include the AXYZ Auto Zone Management facility that increases the router’s accuracy and quality of the routed/cut finish and the latest A2MC machine controller and integrated AVS (AXYZ Vision System) that reduce or eliminate problems associated with less technically advanced systems whilst further enhancing both routing/cutting accuracy and the range of materials that can be processed. There is also an expanded (up to 33 stations) Automatic Tool Change (ATC) facility and the latest helical rack and pinion drive system. This helps distribute the router’s workload more evenly, leading to faster throughput speeds, greatly enhanced routing/cutting accuracy, less material wastage and ultimately a longer than normal machine life. Not investigating the level of support provided by the supplier Machines will at some stage require servicing and occasional repair. It is important to know

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the supplier’s support network and verify its response capabilities. AXYZ International’s specially-trained installation engineers are always available either for online help or, as required, on-site support delivered at a customer’s own facility. Purchasing a router that is not fully upgradable A router should be capable of evolving in tandem with new technologies. It is important to always deal with a supplier that can retrofit and upgrade operating systems and software on a regular basis. Usually such suppliers manufacture their own routers and provide dedicated software without any third-party involvement. Failing to source a supplier that has its own spare parts facility Always the bane of any business, downtime is expensive and unacceptable to both the machine owner and the supplier. Much of this can be attributed to time-consuming delays in securing necessary parts. Purchasers of routers should always seek a supplier that operates its own online shop that is capable of providing all necessary spare parts and preferably on sameor next-day delivery. Through its CNCRoutershop 24/7 online facility, AXYZ International can provide a vast range of spare parts and consumables that will accommodate the requirements not only of routers in the AXYZ and Pacer power brand ranges but also those of any other router regardless of type and country of origin. Failing to source a supplier that offers customised training programmes All training requirements can be met by dealing with a supplier that understands the specific needs of each individual customer and can offer bespoke training programmes to fully accommodate these. It is the best way to optimise the efficiency of the workforce and therefore ultimately the performance of the router. Training needs to be thorough, as it represents arguably the single most important item on the checklist. AXYZ International provides customised training courses. These can be carried out either at the customer’s own premises or at the AXYZ International Training Centre. Understanding the power of knowledge Supplier expertise is paramount to the success of any business. It is important to look for a supplier with fully trained and dedicated application engineers who can impart this expertise and have the ability to add to this in order to accommodate new technologies and applications. With over 9000 successful router installations, AXYZ International can unreservedly claim to provide one of the finest global resources for routing technology, products, training and advice.

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Biesse technology provides fine furniture manufacturer Jonathan Rose Fine Furniture with speed and accuracy, enabling it to win more business.

Biesse tech excels at Jonathan Rose Fine Furniture

The Klever 1530 G flat table CNC machining centre

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Jonathan Rose Fine Furniture was founded in 1997 to provide a professional furniture making and engineering service to designers and private clients. The firm’s determination to maintain quality craftsmanship has never wavered and its highly skilled team of craftsmen is dedicated to the efficient manufacture of individual pieces of furniture. So that it could provide the accuracy and repeatability required for its high-end furniture production, the company needed the facility of a multi-faceted CNC machine – but the company had no CNC capabilities prior to purchasing Biesse machines: a Klever 1530 G FT flat table CNC machining centre and Rover A 1632 fiveaxis CNC machining centre. “We decided to purchase two machines as they provide diverse capabilities,” explains founder Jonathan. “The Klever flat table machine produces items more quickly and with better accuracy. The value for money this machine provides made our decision very easy.” The investment in a new manufacturing facility is indeed impressive, with a new air-conditioned CNC workshop, which houses both machines and provides an excellent working environment for operators Tom and Sarah. “The Rover A five axis is a game-changer in terms of capability,” Jonathan enthuses. “It has enabled us to win more business as we can now manufacture furniture we weren’t able to before.” ›

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“Biesse’s Total Care five year warranty and service plan was a massive contributing factor in our decisionmaking process.”

Sarah and the Rover A five-axis has already demonstrated outstanding capability

Jonathan Rose is very innovative when it comes to translating the designs of its customers into tangible objects and its use of Biesse’s software, bSolid, together with the Rover A’s capabilities and operator skills, produces striking pieces of furniture which previously, could only be hand carved. “The machines have enabled us to produce more intricate and complex designs but one of the other exciting benefits is the human factor – there is greater opportunity for our workforce with a tremendous feeling of progression,” says Jonathan. “Biesse’s Total Care five year warranty and service plan was a massive contributing factor in our decision-making process. It’s a one-stopshop as far as we were concerned. Biesse go the whole nine yards and take responsibility for the complete delivery and installation service. Once we’d placed the order the rest was easy. Biesse conducted a site survey, offloaded, sited, installed and commissioned the machines.”

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Smart-friendly technology Rover A 5 axis with Get Smart and realise your creative qualities. But don’t just take our word for it, come and have a test drive in our Daventry Tech Centre. Email or just simply call us to arrange your visit. Tel. +44 (0)1327 300366

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When Hill’s Panel Products decided to improve its production capability including high performance CNC nesting routers, a PU edgebander plus a storage and retrieval system, it found that only Homag could deliver a high quality, timely solution.

Hill’s Panel Products invests in game-changing production solution from Homag

One of two Homag Ambition 2270 edgebanders installed at Hill’s Panel Products

Hill’s Panel Products (HPP) was formed in 1991 with the sole aim of supplying components to the furniture industry. Since that time, the company and its product range have expanded greatly. The business offers a huge range of full and processed sheet material, vinyl wrapped furniture doors and furniture fittings. “The panel business is extremely competitive and to be successful you have to have a highly efficient manufacturing facility,” explains Martin Hill, operations director at HPP. He continues: “Compared to our formative years in business, the range of boards, finishes and colours has sky-rocketed. This put enormous pressure on the traditional method of storage and retrieval of raw boards. “We had to pick the sheets using a forklift truck from cantilever racking in the warehouse and then manually load them onto the machines. Not only was picking raw boards in rainbow packs – different colours and sheet sizes – for nesting – a time-consuming and laborious task, but also it made the boards very

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susceptible to damage through mis-handling. “Additionally, it caused a logistics issue because, due to space limitations in the warehouse, we couldn’t pick full sheets for customers when the forklift was picking sheets for our panel production.” The search for the ideal solution “The investment for the right solution was going to be significant and so we looked at a number of options that would achieve our goals for the business. A major factor, however, was time. It was vitally important for us to have the system in place by July 2016, but we weren’t ready to place the order until December 2015. “Only Homag was able to guarantee this timeframe and its area sales manager, Jon Lawman,

worked tirelessly to ensure they won the business by giving us exactly what we needed. “It was complex, because we weren’t just looking for a storage and retrieval system in isolation. We wanted a complete package of machinery including two high-performance nesting CNC routers and two fast, but highquality edgebanders with return systems. “This new equipment was required for integration with existing machinery to form a new, highly automated production cell which we refer to as Board Production 2. The Homag Automation TLF 411 storage and retrieval system is the heart of this new cell. It picks batches of raw boards throughout the night, building up a buffer of work for the four CNC nesting routers in the cell.”

“A major factor was time. It was vitally important for us to have the system in place by July 2016, but we weren’t ready to place the order until December 2015 – only Homag was able to guarantee this time-frame.”

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HOMAG Venture BMG Series -

Bringing CNC production within reach of every manufacturer

Entering the world of CNC processing has never been so easy! Since the launch of HOMAG’s BMG 110 series, this all new state-of-the-art technology provides not only a compact and versatile machining solution but also offers affordable productivity and performance to even the smallest of manufacturers. Raising the bar for CNC’s once again, this complete machining system guarantees maximum output and efficiency, every time! Precise processing for your individual requirements: -

Available in 3, 4 and 5 axis solutions


Nine different configurations possible


Up to 22 tool changing places available


Welded steel construction and solid carriage design


Patented automatic spindle clamping system


Unique console table design - no front overhang!


Integrated switch cabinet and mobile powerTouch terminal


15% reduction in machine footprint


Large inspection windows for maximum internal visibility


Efficient operation - Accessible from all sides


woodWOP 7 controlled - fast, intuitive and user-friendly software

With over 70 years’ experience, HOMAG are renowned for their superbly engineered machinery. Their diverse spectrum ranges from CNC processing centres to high volume throughfeed drilling machines, drilling and dowel insertion machines and drilling and fitting equipment. Providing the global market with highly efficient processing centres for every level of the market, HOMAG pride themselves in high quality products.

10C Sills Road Willow Farm Business Park Castle Donington • Derby DE74 2US Web: Email: Tel: 01332 856500 • Fax: 01332 856400

CNC Pages.indd 15 CNC - BMG 115.indd 1

Whatever your requirement, we have a solution for you and coupled with flexible payment options from HOMAG Finance, investing in top quality CNC processing powerhouse’s couldn’t be easier. For more information about any of HOMAG’s CNC processing technology, call us today on 01332 856500 - we’ll be happy to help!

HOMAG - Your Solution! 28/03/2017 14:07 20/03/2017 12:17:50


Two Homag Venture BHP 200 CNCs form part of HPP’s nesting capability

Weeke BHP 200 Nesting CNCs “All our work is bespoke, therefore, from an efficiency stand-point, the best production option is the nesting route. We manufacture in live batches where a nest could contain 30 or 40 different orders, so selecting the right machines for our business was critically important. “As part of our due diligence we visited another company that was running a Homag Vantage 200/710 CNC nesting machine. In addition, we went out to the Homag factory in Germany where we were able to take our own material samples to run through the machine to see how well it would process them. “We were incredibly impressed with the build quality of the Homag product and it’s clear to see why it is the market leader. The processing speed and cutting accuracy of the machine was amazing – it was an easy decision to order two machines. “All the Homag machines use the MagiCut software, so the logic is the same whether you’re operating a CNC or an edgebander. That makes it easy for the machine operators to move from machine to machine.” Homag edgebanders with PU gluing system “We already had a Homag edgebander for doing the PVC edges on doors, but for our new cell we wanted to move up a level or two. It was important that the new machines used a PU gluing system because we wanted to produce a higher specification product that offered a

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higher heat resistance against delamination and a more water-resistant bond.” The Homag Ambition 2274 edgebanders give a superb clean finish with an almost invisible glue line. There are a number of factors which contribute to this high-quality edge: firstly, the panels are firmly held in place as they pass through the machine, with a belt track at the top and a chain with pads at the bottom – this minimises panel movement therefore giving a better bond. The PU gluing system also requires less glue than the traditional hot melt systems and so the bond is much tighter. Martin Hill again: “We specified an automatic return system for each of the Homag edgebanders to make each machine a one-man operation. This allows us to run the machines at 20 metres per minute with corner rounding, a 33 percent increase in speed over our old machine and all this while providing a much better finish to the product.” Revolutionised production “The investment we have made in this Homag equipment is paying off handsomely. We expect the TLF 411 storage system, the BHP 200 CNCs and the Ambition 2274 edgebanders to have paid for themselves within four years. But more importantly, the new system has given us around 50% more capacity to provide cut, edged and drilled components. This has enabled us to not only keep up with

The Homag Automation TLF 411 storage and retrieval system at Hill’s Panel Products

customer demands whilst producing highquality products, but also to service additional customers. We have only had the system running for a few months, but it is already doing exactly what we expected and there is still considerable potential to be realised as we get to fully understand the parameters of the system,” concludes Martin. For more information or a demonstration of any of the Homag equipment or details of Homag’s flexible finance packages, contact Adele Hunt on 01332 856424. 01332 856500

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CNC machinery sales and service




Contact our team now: T: +44 (0) 845 689 0294 E:

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Get your tooling and consumables here...

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A successful joinery firm invests in equipment and training to give itself the extra capability it was looking to achieve in a highly competitive marketplace.

Felder helps VPK Joinery achieve the best possible finish

VPK Joinery has built up an excellent reputation for the quality of its work since establishing itself 10 years ago. The company has a firm belief in giving each contract the personal attention it deserves and using the highest quality machinery to achieve the best finish possible. VPK has a production facility in Waltham Abbey, north London which combines the latest Format-4 CNC technology with top-of-the-range CAD software used alongside with a number of industrial machines from the Felder Group. VPK workshop manager, Nick Bohdanyuk, says: “The robust machinery we bought from Felder are perfect for the amount of high end, bespoke projects we do as a company. The accuracy of each machine allows us to give the care, attention and detail in the craftsmanship that each project deserves.�

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In 2013 VPK purchased its first Felder machine, an FD 921 dowel-boring machine and since then has purchased a further 10 machines from the Hammer, Felder and Format-4 ranges, trading up for improved machinery as the business continues to grow. Currently in VPK’s workshop there is a Perfect 710 edgebander, a Kappa 400 x-motion sliding table panel saw, Profit H10 and H22 CNC machining centres – all from Format-4 – as well as the F3 spindle moulder from the Hammer range. Nick continues: “We purchased the H22 so that we could make panel and door sets and because of the CNC training we received from Felder – which couldn’t be better – we can now produce them and so much more! By the end of our four-day training course we knew the machines inside out – it has helped us produce everything a lot faster.” With VPK’s extensive knowledge in the internal fit-out sector and substantial investment in machinery and software, the company prides itself in being able to manufacture either high production runs or more intricate, one-off bespoke items. 01908 635000

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“The accuracy of each machine allows us to give the care, attention and detail in the craftsmanship that each project deserves.”

28/03/2017 14:07


Whether choosing to produce components using a pod and rail style machine or a flat table style machine, NEY has a solution.

CNC solutions from NEY

The Fox range comes in three versions, the 13,16, and 22

As a leading independent distributor of production technology, equipment and supplies for all business levels, NEY’s impressive machines from Cosmec come highly recommended. Cosmec’s range can be supplied in standard stock specification or configured to suit the exact needs of the customer. Within today’s fast-paced production environments there is a need for machine flexibility and the ability to produce bespoke components quickly and easily. The Cosmec Smart 30 is a pod and rail machining centre, with a standard stock specification consisting of six rails, 18 vacuum pods, 16 spindle drill block with grooving blade,

10 position rotary tool-changer, 10kW router head, centralised lubrication system and a 100m3/h vacuum pump. With this specification the machine can cope easily with cabinet work, worktop machining, and general shaping, profiling and drilling production. With a maximum panel passage of 170mm and options available such as pneumatic clamps, rotary axis, aggregates and five axes, the machine becomes suitable for external/fire doors, stair or window production. Pendulum loading is standard and accuracy is assured by a rack and pinion drive system on the X and Y axes and reciprocating ballscrew on the Z axis.

“Whilst cabinet and cabinet door manufacture is the primary function of this type of machine, the flexibility of the machine allows seamless integration into other areas of production.”

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Customers looking for a nesting solution, whether it is a stand-alone machine or a full cell with automatic load/unload and label printing, NEY and Cosmec have the answer. In the popular Fox range, which is aimed at the smallto medium-sized producer, NEY offers three versions – the 13,16, and 22 – which covers the three most common sheet formats used within the industry. For larger producers, NEY offers the Conquest range in three versions – 255, 515 and 715. NEY’s standard specification runs throughout the flat table range and consists of Cosmecdesigned flat table (sandwich construction for greater vacuum), drill block (vertical and horizontal), automatic tool-changer, 10kW router head, centralised lubrication system and tool length pre-setter. Whilst cabinet and cabinet door manufacture is the primary function of this type of machine, the flexibility of the machine allows seamless integration into other areas of production.

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Machines - Materials - Adhesives Components - Doors - Panels - Finance

...lets grow together

CNC Machinery - From NEY

024 7630 8100

Cosmec Machining Centres Whether you choose to produce components using a Pod and Rail style machine or a Flat Table style machine we at NEY have a solution. Our machines from Cosmec can be supplied in our standard stock specification or configured to suit the exact needs of the customer, allowing

flexibility in all industries from Cabinet Manufacture to Joinery Please call for any information on our CNC range: 024 7630 8100

Working demonstrations on all these machines at the NEY In-House show 25th-27th April

Alberti - Vector

TOP - Vertical

Vitap - Point to Point

The Vector range of machines are designed to fit the medium to high producer of drilled panels. The machine has the ability to face drill, edge drill, groove and rout and is ideally suited to a through feed line.

Essentially the machine is a Vertical Drill, Glue and Dowel Insertion Machine, but with the addition of an offset drill head.

The Point range of machines from Vitap comes in 3 versions and is a small footprint CNC Point To Point boring machine setting new standards in both price and performance.

Visit to reserve your place

NEY Ltd (Head Office) t 024 7630 8100 e

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NEY Ireland t 028 92 673 000 e

NEY Scotland t 01786 814 814 e

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The Cosmec Smart 30 is a pod and rail machining centre

Advanced materials such as Corian, laminates, acrylics and aluminium are easily catered for, making this range of machines suitable for applications including kitchen and bedroom, shopfitting, sign-writing, caravan and recreational vehicles. With a list of options, the machines can be configured for most applications – and with the addition of an extended Z axis and five axis unit on the Conquest 715 – a panel passage of 1000mm is possible. The common factor which links NEY’s range of machines is its Aspan software. This is easily integrated with most proprietary bought third-party software and is intuitive and easy to use. All flat table machines are supplied as standard with Aspan Nesting which allows for full optimisation of a complete sheet with components of any shape and drill pattern – components can be directly loaded, or input via DXF, ASCII, or CSV formats. NEY and Cosmec have both the machinery specification and the practical knowledge to assist in moving any business forward, whether new to CNC or a seasoned user. The Smart 30, Fox 16 and Conquest 715 will all be on show during NEY’s Spring Show at its welcoming showroom in Coventry from 25th-27th April. 024 7630 8100

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With options, the Conquest 715 can provide a panel passage of 1000mm

The common factor which links NEY’s range of machines is its Aspan software

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ATA Engineering Processes are the exclusive agent for CR Onsrud CNC Routers in the UK and Ireland. CR Onsrud is a leading manufacturer of CNC routers. Machines are installed worldwide. The PRO and TECH series are proven solid production systems and organizations from a wide variety of Industries find them to be a trustworthy and reliable routing solution.

• C R Onsrud has been a leading USA manufacturer of CNC routing machines for over 40 years, building a sound reputation for high quality products • It offers a comprehensive range of models from entry level to sophisticated five-axis, twin table, dual process machines for high volume production • The machines feature a heavy duty steel frame construction with dual drive motors • Open architecture ensures C R Onsrud machines will operate with customers CAD/Cam toolpathing software


ATA_CNC.indd CNC Pages.indd 123

20/03/2017 14:08 17:24 28/03/2017


Kimla CNC routers continue to prove popular with fitted kitchen and bedroom manufacturers.

Kimla sales soar Daltons Wadkin reports that sales of its Kimla CNC routers continue to grow, largely due to increasing demand from furniture and joinery manufacturers. Alex Dalton of Daltons Wadkin, sole distributor for Kimla in the UK and Ireland, explains why the brand is proving so popular. “Kimla is unique in the market. They have approached the design and operation of their products from a very different standpoint to the majority of other CNC manufacturers. This is immediately evident in the overall build quality, but can also be seen in the software and control system,” comments Alex. For the first five years of business, Kimla was a software company innovating in new control systems to retro-fit onto older CNC machines. This included designing not only the software architecture but also building its own PLCs and inverters. In order to exploit the full potential of its control system, machine manufacturing soon followed. Twenty-five years on and Kimla has over 200 employees across three locations working on a production line of around 70 machines with, on average, one CNC machine produced every day. This includes CNC routers, waterjets and fibre laser machines. “I have visited the Kimla factory many times and each time I go they have expanded,” enthuses Alex. “Year on year they are seeing over a 25% growth rate, a key aspect driving this demand is the build quality and excellent value. Everything is done in house; precision




The heavy duty frame that forms the foundation of the Kimla BPF


and then precision machined prior to adding the guides and drives. The result is an overall machine accuracy of 0.002mm. The rigidity of the frame minimises any vibration and results in excellent cutting quality even at very high operating speeds. Each Kimla machine is supplied with everything needed to start machining, straight out of the box. The simple The Kimla BPT model is the world’s first production cutter with linear motors for but powerful CAD/CAM software foams, fabrics and lighter materials allows users to draw components, create libraries of parts and then nest for optimal efficiency. “Of course many of our customers already have their own preferred design suites such at AlphaCAM, Cabinet Vision, AutoCAD etc. The Kimla software will also work seamlessly with third party design and CAM applications,” Alex explains. Daltons Wadkin’s factory-trained staff provide full operator training either at its Nottingham site or at customers’ own premises. It also provides remote assistance and telephone support for the life of the machine. Coupled with a dedicated tooling department, Daltons Wadkin offer customers a comprehensive aftersales service to maximise their investment. 0115 986 5201 “Year on year they are seeing over a 25% growth rate, a key aspect driving this demand is the build quality and excellent value.”

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frame welding, surface grinding, electronics including software, PLC and inverter manufacture and assembly. The result is an uncompromised, reliable CNC machine with all aspects designed to work seamlessly with each other.” A substantial monolith frame is first welded




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The NEW Kimla BPF CNC Router

Perfect for panel and solid timber machining









Kimla BPF 3 & 4 Axis CNC Routers The new BPF range of CNC routers from Kimla; versatile, powerful, reliable. Customise without compromise with an infinite combination of model configurations. SOFTWARE Powerful CAD/CAM package included as standard. Create part libraries, nest components, or work from other third party applications.

CONTROL Dynamic Vector Analysis (DVA) system processes 15,000 lines of code per second for smooth, precision machining with optimal finish.

CUSTOMISE We will help you build your perfect specification from an unlimited combination of bed types and sizes, spindle powers and more.

Visit our Nottingham showroom for a working demonstration Sole UK & Ireland Distributors tel: web:

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+44 (0)115 986 5201

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In 1996 Masterwood, a company which has always been heavily involved in the solid timber industry, decided to develop software for staircase production, one of the few products that required dedicated software for CNC production.

Masterwood creates dedicated stair software solution

A variety of staircase projects using StairBiz customers

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Masterwood’s original stair software was produced in conjunction with an Italian company called Kernex. This was a DOSbased package and the company still has a few customers using this in the UK and Ireland today. To move things into the Windows environment, and to meet the demands of its growing stair customers, a new MasterStair package was developed in 2002, which enabled Masterwood to offer stair customers a low cost total package of CNC machine, software and tooling, all totally compatible, which allowed customers new to CNC to be up and running in the shortest possible time. Over the next few years, MasterStair developed further to provide customers with more advantages like multi-positioning of workpieces on the machine bed, instant CNC programs from the software in a DXF format to suit all Masterwood machines and to make the machines and software more user friendly. In 2009, it was decided to find a more versatile stair package that its customers were now asking for, but to develop Masterwood’s own software to this level was going to be too high a cost. After extensive research of the various stair software packages available various meetings were held with StairBiz and a partnership was formed, with StairBiz adapting its own software to supply the formats that Masterwood’s CNC machines best work with. Masterwood GB director Dave Kennard says: “We decided on StairBiz, after a lot of investigation, for good reasons. A number of our existing customers had already seen the software and said how good it was. There are no yearly licence fees, a policy that Masterwood like to follow, and from our meetings with StairBiz MD, John Dibley, he showed us how extremely versatile and stable the software is.” This new joint adventure is called Masterwood Stair. ›

CNC Pages.indd 27

An impressive staircase produced by Masterwood customer, Edwards & Hampson, using Masterwood/ StairBiz software on a Masterwood Project 415L CNC

28/03/2017 14:08


Working in partnership “2017 sees us celebrating our eigth year of partnership. We have been delighted in the way our two companies have come together,” says Masterwood MD Dave Kennard. “It has been beneficial for all our stair customers that we can offer such an outstanding package and know that it fits so well into our one-shop policy. This ensures that we supply a full package and our customers have only one contact for any support or help if and when required. We can only thank the StairBiz and Masterwood staff for making this work so well.” Masterwood has over 130 customers using its CNC machines. With one of its dedicated stair packages, it can safely say it knows what stair customers require. Its customers can vary from those making the odd stair here and there through to those making over 200 per week. Each of these customers has its own way of producing their stairs, but these variations have all been met by the Masterwood CNC and software. From its early ventures into the stair market it has been important for Masterwood to not just develop machines for this market, but ensure the software can provide the customer with the quickest design capabilities while still retaining versatility. In 2016 StairBiz went through a full re-write to ensure it remains in full compatibility with today’s computers. Further developments are always being looked at with customers’ suggestions always taken on board. To add to this Masterwood continues to look at various ideas and ways that the actual machining of stair components can be speeded up to meet today’s shorter delivery times, and make the most of the CNC machines. 01293 402700

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   

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Biesse is one of the world’s most successful manufacturers of machining centres for routing, nesting, edgebanding and cutting. Its Rover J FT is an ideal CNC machine for wood and wood-based panels.

Gantry-type Rover J FT ideal for furniture and panel-based manufacturers

Biesse Rover J FT, available in the south of the UK via High Wycombe-based Tooltec

Biesse’s woodworking machines are widely recognised for offering efficiency and performance. Its official UK supplier of machines to the south of the UK is High Wycombe-based Tooltec, a family-owned tooling specialist established in 1981. Founder and pioneer of Tooltec, David J Evans, established the philosophies which are still primary to the company – to ensure high quality, premium service with the ability to change and transform its thinking to adapt to new and advanced machining methods to suit clients’ ever-evolving production requirements. Of which, CNC technology is an prime example, and Biesse’s impressive Rover J FT, a gantry machining centre designed for processing wood and wood-based panels – an ideal example of machine for craftsmen who

CNC Pages.indd 30

need to automate their production. The Rover J FT can process nesting of cabinet doors and furniture elements, carving on solid wood, panels and doors. Biesse uses the same high-tech components for all machines in its product range. The electro spindle, boring head and aggregates are designed and manufactured for Biesse by HSD, the global leader in this sector. Being a gantry-type machining centre, the Rover J FT is a robust and wellbalanced structure which is ideally suited for withstanding greater processing stresses without compromising the quality of the piece and for ensuring the best finish on different types of materials. The J FT offers cutting edge technology that’s easy to use, reliable and

guarantees first class results. In terms of software, the BiesseWorks graphic interface makes full use of the operating methods typical of the Windows operating system Perfectly integrated with BiesseWorks, BiesseNest makes nesting of every kind of shape, while using parametric programs in a simple and effective way. Tooltec extensive range of cutting tooling for woodworking and composite materials covers all aspect of CNC based machines such as Biesse, Masterwood, SCM, Giben and Altendorf as well as traditional manual feed machinery such as Wadkin, Whitehill, Sedgwick, Dominion and Vertongen. 01494 523991

28/03/2017 14:08


“Winner of the Atlanta Show Innovation Award�

RW/Anderson announce the UK launch of the GS710 Linear Drive Nesting Line, which boasts several benefits: Faster Equipped with linear drives which use a cushion of air (no metal to metal contact), the GS710 offers speeds of up to 70m/min Fully Automated The GS710 has a fully-automated panel-loading CNC print head. Position labels prior to routing, and enjoy single operation panel evacuation and bed cleaning Improved Quality Unlike traditional routers, and due to the use of linear drives, the GS710 is vibration free, providing a perfectly clean cut

t +44 1869 244943 f +44 1869 253498 e

RW_CNCSup.indd CNC Pages.indd 311

24/03/2017 14:08 16:54 28/03/2017


The Anderson Linear GS 710 CNC router, the winner of the innovation award at the recent IWF exhibition in Atlanta in the US, is now available in the UK from Anderson’s long-standing business partner, RW Woodmachines.

Anderson’s impressive Linear GS 710 router from RW Machines

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28/03/2017 14:08


“Two forward-thinking UK kitchen manufacturers have already placed orders for the Anderson Linear GS 710, both realising the advantages this new technology will bring to their respective companies.” Traditional CNC routers have relied on ball screw and rack and pinion systems, limiting the axis movement and speed, and with the obvious maintenance requirements with metal-to-metal contact. The GS 710 now uses the very latest linear drive system which, in essence, floats on a cushion of air, eliminating wear and with obvious maintenance saving. Traditional CNC routing speeds are usually between 8-24m per minute, but during the Atlanta exhibition, the GS 710 reached an impressive 90m per minute under trial conditions! Back home in the Anderson factory, perfect panels have been produced at the speed of 60m per minute. Very simply, with a linear drive and the ability to produce instant forward momentum, opposed to standard motor drives, which have to ramp up and ramp down, Anderson says it has produced a machine to triple the routing speeds of its competitors. With both large and small manufacturers moving towards nesting-based production, the Anderson GS 710 nesting line, which is equipped with auto-loading, auto-labelling and automatic expulsion of the finished nest, envisages an even greater shift in this direction. RW has announced that two forward-thinking

CNC Pages.indd 33

UK kitchen manufacturers have already placed orders for the Anderson Linear GS 710, both realising the advantages this new technology will bring to their respective companies. Unitech, based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, was a very early convert to nested manufacturing and its MD, Kevin Crouch was very aware of Anderson’s reliability and performance. Unitech’s first Anderson Stratos Pro line was installed in 2010, and Kevin was faced with purchasing a second nesting line to meet greater requirements due to Unitech’s success and increased business volume. Accepting that a second machine requires additional factory space and additional operators, the choice of an Anderson GS 710 was very easy due to the double routing speeds. Kevin is convinced that this purchase will give him the increased volume Unitech’s success requires. Getley Kitchens, based in Stafford, has seen amazing growth over the last five years, and with sales forecast for 2017/18 increasing even further, Mark Getley was forced with the possibility of having to purchase a larger manufacturing space. He too was also an early convert to nesting, having purchased an Anderson Stratos Pro Line in 2009 and a

second identical line in 2013 – achieving superb levels of production in excess of 1200 cabinets per week from these two lines. With Getley’s order intake increasing week by week, Mark was very aware that to increase volume by purchasing another traditional router would not only require more space and operators, but also new extraction and additional auxiliary services. When introduced to the new Anderson GS 710 and the increased output potential, Mark quickly calculated that the purchase of two new machines to replace his traditional routers would facilitate a 40% growth within his current factory, without any additional costs. Both Unitech and Getley are looking forward to the new installations schedule for April/ May this year and are excited by this new technology, and of course, a significant increase in manufacturing output. Companies looking to invest in new CNC machinery, would be strongly advised to contact RW Machines to fully evaluate the company’s high performance options. 01869 244943

28/03/2017 14:08


Investing in top notch CNC machinery is something many manufacturers have ambitions for, but should you go new or used? A new saw would be great if funds permit, and there are risks associated with buying a used – unless it’s from Schelling.

Buying a used saw from the Schelling showroom

Buying new is great when funds allow, but buying used needn’t be a risky venture if the machine has a history and is properly reconditioned

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To eliminate risks when buying used CNC machinery, it is worth considering the thorough and professional reconditioning process that Allan Horsfield – the works manager at Schelling UK – applies to all used saws in the Schelling showroom. In addition, Schelling also guarantees the availability of spare parts for 25 years maintaining the saw’s accuracy. In answer to the question, “Will it last?” Markus Freuis, managing director of Schelling UK, explains: “Schelling used saws are proven to have a long and productive life. In fact due to the robust build quality of Schelling saws they have a reputation of lasting for many years while still producing. “Furthermore, we have a good working knowledge of the condition of each Schelling saw, due to the yearly service and maintenance carried out by the Schelling technicians giving us a history of the saw.” All used saws from Schelling UK leave fully refurbished, function tested and repainted to a high standard and each saw has a thorough examination and is sold with a warranty. For Chris Bull, managing director of Bullys Wood Works, a short trip over to the Schelling UK showroom to see a potential purchase in operation made the decision easy and provided the necessary assurance and confidence he needed.

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So what do customers get out of buying used from Schelling? Primarily, it’s a matter of confidence in knowing where a used machine has come from and the assurance of having a detailed inspection report and that the machine will be productive to a high standard for many more years. “To many of our customers,” explains Markus, “buying a new Schelling cut-to-size saw is the clear choice; however to some customers a used saw is the practical reality. Bullys Wood Works had an immediate need for an additional saw and was unable to endure the lead-time for a new saw. “The used FMH Schelling saw, on the other hand, was available immediately and was installed and working in just seven days – and because this was their second Schelling saw, they knew they would receive the same excellent service that they currently receive.” Allan Horsfield comments: “The reality is that if it comes from a well respected supplier, has solid build quality and a competitive used price tag and has been refurbished correctly, a good machine can deliver many more years of service.” With 19 years’ service at Schelling UK and a diverse background in lots of production machinery and mechanical and electrical engineering, Allan understands the importance

Buying new is great when funds allow, but buying used needn’t be a risky venture if the machine has a history and is properly reconditioned

“To many of our customers,” explains Markus, “buying a new Schelling cut-to-size saw is the clear choice; however to some customers a used saw is the practical reality.”

Showing his passion for fixing stuff, Allan Horsfield’s vintage tractor proves his mettle

CNC Pages.indd 36

of getting the job done correctly. Not forgetting his first love: his glorious 1963 Massey Ferguson 35X, which he restores demonstrating there‘s nothing he can’t fix! Perhaps the greatest benefit of buying a used Schelling saw from Schelling UK is the ability to inspect it first-hand while it’s running in the showroom and even walk through examples of the finished products giving customers a much better idea of how their business could benefit from a Schelling saw. The second advantage is that customers are buying the saw direct from the producer who has all the knowledge needed to refurbish the saw to a high standard. The Schelling UK showroom in Wakefield can help businesses form a clearer picture of what is needed and if there are questions, an expert is on hand to answer them. To see the current used machine stock, check the comapny’s website. 01937 586340

28/03/2017 14:08SchellingCNC

Innovation Tel. 01937 586340 Fax. 01937 586866

designed to improve

your life.

SHOWROOM Schelling UK Ltd Osborne House Sandbeck Way Wetherby LS22 7DN


The Future is Here! With a story spanning nearly 100 years, Schelling is among the oldest and most experienced saw manufacturers in the World. Since the beginning in 1917 numerous innovations have enabled greater manufacturing efficiencies and quality improvements.

See for yourself, visit our showroom in Wetherby CNC Pages.indd SchellingCNC.indd 1 37

28/03/2017 20/03/2017 14:08 16:16


In solid wood manufacturing today, flexibility is the key. Whether you are switching from making ‘A’ energy rated timber windows to creating workpieces with complex shapes, Weinig’s Multirex CNC uses the very latest technology to make easy work of the most challenging manufacturing, opening up new production potential.

Total success in solid wood processing from Weinig

Buying new is great when funds allow, but buying used needn’t be a risky venture if the machine has a history and is properly reconditioned

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28/03/2017 14:08


Weinig’s long understanding of the changing needs of solid timber processing makes all the difference. The Multirex CNC features innovative and robust clamping technology specifically developed to guarantee the precise machining of solid timber components. The robust construction of the Multirex offers stock removal performance that is expected for solid wood applications. The stability of the travelling column has been optimised using finite element software which has resulted in a low dead weight, combined with high loading capability, extreme acceleration values and exceptional dynamics. With the integration of intelligent software and sophisticated technology, CNC processing centres offer increasingly powerful manufacturing solutions whose intuitive and user-friendly interface considerably shortens operator training. Open software architecture means that no ongoing licence fees are needed which might restrict future choice and company development.

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28/03/2017 14:08


“With the integration of intelligent software and sophisticated technology, CNC processing centres offer increasingly powerful manufacturing solutions whose intuitive and user-friendly interface considerably shortens operator training.” Weinig Conturex Compact

The perfect processing centre for any business that needs flexibility combined with economy, the Multirex is unique in its price category. The Multirex leads into the impressive solutions offered by Weinig Conturex. There are more than 450 installed world-wide manufacturing for all applications in solid wood product. Almost any component can be finished completely to the highest quality standard in a single machining cycle and the Conturex has proven particularly successful in the timber window production market. CNC processing means that traditional methods requiring significant skill and individual tolerances can be created today with ease. Just a few clicks of a mouse are needed to start the process and – thanks to its patented clamping system – with the utmost precision bespoke work such as mortised door frames or dovetail joints are created with production efficiency. Its unique capabilities enable customers to develop products for the market, rather than having to work to the limitations of a machine. The Conturex brings economy and craftsmanship back to CNC manufacturing, be it for batch size one or mass production. 01235 557600

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Weinig Multirex 7225

28/03/2017 14:08



Offering a range of specialist 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machining centres, configured to suit customers individual production requirements, with particular focus on wood / MDF furniture components, furniture frames, door frames, stair parts and outdoor garden furniture. - FRONTAL for drawer fronts, rails, bed parts. - MD with shaping & drilling for a range of furniture components. - MD JAMB for door frames.

- CKI / CKX lathes for turned furniture & stair parts. - TC800 for shaped table, chair parts. - TMC 5 axis for shaped sofa feet, table legs, chair parts, stair spindles, newel posts & columns up to 3m long.

CNC bandsawing centres - with drilling / routing options - HOPPER for general shaped furniture parts. - PLURIS high production for chair, sofa frame parts & composite material.


JJ Smith Woodworking Machinery Moorgate Point, Kirkby SALES@JJSMITH.CO.UK Liverpool, L33 7DR

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0151 548 9000 28/03/2017 14:08


Liverpool-based Cadgrange Joinery has recently invested in a new Centauro Alfa NC machining centre to help with the increase in demand for the company’s door kits which has doubled in the last year. The company’s client portfolio includes Downing Construction, Willmott Dixon and University of Liverpool Construction Co.

Cadgrange Joinery speeds up door set production with Centauro Alfa CNC

Cadgrange Joinery already had an extensive machine workshop including CNC routers, but the business was experiencing issues with the production of door linings which were proving too costly and time consuming to produce on the routers – ideally the machines needed to be working full time on the door blanks. To try and keep pace, linings were also being machined by hand routers and jigs on benches, which obviously was not a suitable long term solution. Therefore, Cadgrange started to investigate what CNC machining solutions were available to help it alleviate this bottleneck. To start with, the company looked at conventional vacuum pod/matrix bed CNC machining centres. While not only overkill for the task in hand, through experience Cadgrange knew that keeping the lining totally flat to ensure repeat depth machining accuracy of the hinge recesses could sometimes be a challenge on this type of machine. However, after contacting supplier JJ Smith, Cadgrange felt it had finally found what it described as the right piece of kit for its application. Cadgrange was invited by Paul Parker of JJ Smith to visit the company’s showroom for a demonstration on a Centauro Alfa NC milling/slotting machine, bringing some of its own linings and frames to test. Cadgrange director, Brian Halliwell, picks up the story: “As soon as we saw the Alfa in operation we could see this was exactly what we were looking for. It was clearly designed for the machining of linings, frames and door parts

CNC Pages.indd 42

The Centauro Alfa NC milling/slotting machine in operation at Cadgrange Joinery

28/03/2017 14:08


“The machine is proving to be an extremely important machine for us and is doing exactly what we wanted, working day in day out.” and what we particularly liked was the positive clamping of the parts onto a flat solid table, the ease of loading and also the very simple method of programming through the graphic colour touch-screen controller.” As a result of the successful demonstration, an order was placed for a machine complete with the pneumatic, quick-change tool system and an extended Y axis stroke. In addition to maximise production output, a wider working table was specified which meant two jambs could be loaded and machined together. As standard, the Alfa has a programmable electro spindle which can work in either vertical or horizontal. It is also equipped with a sensing probe that automatically checks the thickness of the component prior to machining to help

CNC Pages.indd 43

ensure repeat depth of cut accuracy along the full 2.4m working length. Options include a turntable device if there is a requirement to machine both sides of a door blank for lock slots, three point locking systems and hinge recesses. Brian concludes: “The machine was delivered on schedule and was up and running in a day. It is proving to be an extremely important machine for us and is doing exactly what we wanted, working day in day out. “Constant investment in the latest woodworking machinery ensures we stay competitive and have complete control over the manufacturing process.” 0151 548 9000

28/03/2017 14:08


West Joinery of Harefield first saw the Soukup CNC window machining centre model Crafter at W10 woodworking machinery show at the NEC, Birmingham in 2010 – the company knew that the machine was the ideal machine for its growing joinery business manufacturing casement windows and doors plus traditional box sliding sash windows. But as a new start-up company, it was just a dream.

Dreams come true for West Joinery installing a Soukup Crafter CNC machining centre

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28/03/2017 14:08


So forward to 2012. West Joinery visited the W12 show, and again was very impressed with the Soukup CNC Crafter – but nothing else it saw at the show could help its growing joinery business. The Soukup CNC Crafter is unique in that with its own Soukup Wincreator software, it makes the production of UK-style windows and doors quite effortless. It takes up very little floor space – just 2m x 2m – meaning it will fit into most small joinery workshops. But sadly the dream remained just that as financially-speaking, the Crafter was still out of West Joinery’s reach. Once again in 2014 the company visited the W14 exhibition and yet again saw its dream machine in action producing casement windows and doors plus box sliding windows – including manufacturing the horn section, boxes for spring balances and traditional pulleys and weights, trenching the cill and head, moulding the cill section, and producing beading – all on one impressive machine. “A truly unique machine for the UK joinery

manufacturer,” comments West Joinery’s Algis Stasiunas in discussions with Ian Brown of supplier IWM and Jaraslav Soukup. “Compared to the way we made our windows and doors, manually on traditional machines ie old fashioned push-pull single-end tenoner then on a spindle moulder plus the mortising – all very slow labour-intensive processing – we would be lucky if we made 10-15 windows a week! But with the Soukup Crafter, in two days we can easily make at least 20 completed windows. “And so to October last year, and again we visited the W16 exhibition – but this time we made our dreams come true by ordering a Soukup CNC Crafter with Soukup Zuani Design Tooling. Impressively, the machine which was delivered, installed and commissioned in February in our workshop – we couldn’t be happier!” 07944 108747

“We made our dreams come true by ordering a Soukup CNC Crafter with Soukup Zuani Design Tooling.”

CNC Pages.indd 45

28/03/2017 14:08

22 - 26 MAY









Mobile. 07944108747 Tel. 01869 244943 Fax. 01869 253498 CNC Pages.indd 46 1 SoukupLigna2017.indd

28/03/2017 14:0811:05 27/01/2017


01/2017 11:05CNC Pages.indd 47

28/03/2017 14:08


With machines across the world, Essetre keeps its focus on providing specific market- and customer-oriented solutions.

Dedicated to satisfying customer requirements Italian CNC expert Essetre Srl was established in 1979 first designing and then manufacturing high quality woodworking machines and is today internationally recognised for its impressive range of multi-purpose machining centres for furniture, kitchen, window and door and building sectors. The company is also astute in that it understands how to develop specific solutions for each market which are tailor-made for each individual customer which has helped the company enjoy long-term success in in developing and delivering cutting edge, high performance solutions for customers’ specific needs. A recent example of this sharp focus was highlighted at the W16 exhibition in Birmingham last year where Essetre exhibited a machine specifically for structural insulated panels (SIPs) processing. The machine in question was the Techno PM-Sip and it can now be found hard at work at Glosford SIPS, a Hereford-based specialist business offering a complete service for the structural building envelope using renowned Kingspan TEK wall and roof panels – including fully-engineered timber floors and internal structural partitions. With Building Regulations focus on improving building envelope performance, Glosford offers a fabric-first solution that guarantees low running costs for the future – it’s speciality is building SIPS projects across the UK. With a fully-equipped factory and its own CAD design office, the company prides itself on delivering quality, fully-engineered off-site solutions for

CNC Pages.indd 48

both residential and non-residential customers. The company actually has three Essetre machines at its facility – a Techno One for the timber pre-cutting, a Techno PM five axis dedicated to SIPS processing, and the most recent and specific, a Techno PM-Sips. The peculiarity of the machine is that it has been designed specifically with regard to SIPS characteristics. The PM has a closed cabin, a hood on the milling unit with double extraction connectors and a perimetrical collecting tank that allows the dust coming from the processing to fall on the bottom of the machine where a conveyor collects it and transports the dust

and chips out to the front side for collection. The machine designed in this way is extremely clean. Glosford also has plans to add a second working area to work in non-stop cycle – the area is composed of a rexilon table with four independent vacuum areas managed automatically by the CN – or manually if needed. Essetre Srl will be exhibiting next at Ligna in Hannover, this May, on stand E26 in hall 13. 0039 0445 365999

28/03/2017 14:09


CNC Pages.indd 49 pubb_inghilterra_210x297mm.indd 1

28/03/2017 06/03/17 14:09 11:18


Investing in CNC machinery is of course very much a considered process – but sometimes things don’t necessarily turn out the way they should.

How the right tooling helps manufacturers get the best return from their CNC investment CNC machines are a significant capital investment for any company. Small but expanding joinery and furniture manufacturers, right through to international production companies with world-class manufacturing facilities turn to CNC machines to streamline their business, and increase production and profitability. So, with easy-to-use modern technology helping fill the skills gap and increase flexibility, why isn’t it going quite to plan? “We hear about all sorts of different production and manufacturing issues, from poor finish right through to noise,” says Leitz Tooling sales manager Brian Maddox. “Companies large and small rely heavily on their CNC machines, so issues like short tool life and product rectification can become serious problems which affect their bottom line.” Two market leading British caravan manufacturers, Coachman and Elddis, turned to Leitz for advice on their production speed, and discovered it was the tooling on their CNCs which was holding them back.


“Leitz diamond nesting router is very impressive. Its first run lasted 37 days on the machine and we got though almost twelve times the number of sheets with no clogging, vastly reduced noise, a great finish and double the feed speed.”

CNC Pages.indd 50

Coachman CNC nesting

Both Elddis and Coachman had been experiencing increasing pressure on production and needed to get product to the assembly departments faster to meet demand. This could be considered a ‘good’ problem, but it is one both companies recognised as a serious issue which had to be resolved. Coachman Caravans has a reputation for producing high quality, well-built products. Care and attention is taken over every model and they are crafted with design and construction quality front of mind. Steve Marsh, Coachman’s machine shop manager said: “The diamond nesting routers on our CNCs were lasting two or three working days. We had to constantly check the boards and tool for clogging. The frequent down time alone was a big problem.” The diamond nesting routers from Coachman’s previous tooling supplier were less than half the price of the equivalent offered by Leitz, but once the whole production cost was evaluated, the solution was clear. “Leitz diamond nesting router is very impressive. Its first run lasted 37 days on the machine and we got though almost twelve times the number of sheets with no clogging, vastly reduced noise, a great finish and double the feed speed. With more diamond edges giving an up and down cut, it’s just a far superior product.”

28/03/2017 14:09


Elddis started life as a manufacturer in 1964. In the 50+ years since, the company has expanded and today includes some of the UK’s most well-known and best-selling brands. All caravans and motorhomes are manufactured in the company’s County Durham production facility, which employs 350 skilled staff. “Elddis is a UK success story. Our awardwinning ranges are in demand and with our sustained growth, hold-ups in production are unacceptable,” said Brian Jackson, production manager for Elddis. Both Elddis and Coachman have similar CNC routers, but used tooling products from different suppliers. “At Elddis, we had to run the previous diamond nesting router slower to help the finish. It was noisy, and after

the first service, the tips were coming off. We went to Leitz for a solution, and they delivered on everything we needed.” Brian Maddox said: “This experience isn’t just limited to caravan production, or CNC manufacture for that matter. We solve issues like this across the spectrum of manufacturing of all scale and type every day.” Leitz work with companies before they make individual or additional machine investments, looking at the products the customer makes, through to the right tooling for the jobs. This helps the company decide on the right specification for the machine so they are well informed and prepared before they seek proposals from machine manufacturers.

“Our tools give an excellent finish, which means less sanding and rectification, less coating and ultimately, lower costs. Companies can become fixated on the purchase price of tools, but correct, quality tools can have a fantastic positive impact on other costs,” continued Brian. “You have to ask yourself, what would you pay for twelve times the productivity from the same tool?” Coachman’s Steve Marsh said, “Buying quality makes all the difference.” 01279 454530

ProfilCut Q – the fastest profile tooling system for CNC “We are a dedicated and forward-thinking company, and it’s all about the customer,” says Brian. “Our research, development and customer service go above and beyond just the supply of tools. Our extensive experience, care and unparalleled support from our sales and service personnel give customers invaluable reassurance, and with Leitz, production lines and workshops enjoy significantly improved running times, and reduced downtime and setting time, resulting in increased and improved profitability, every time.” The development and launch of Leitz’s patented ProfilCut Q and ProfilCut Q Premium Tooling Systems for CNC are the latest example of Leitz’s dedication to excellence through innovation. Leitz received the Gold Medal at Poznan’s Drema trade fair in 2015 for ProfilCut Q’s premium version, and Leitz was also awarded the renowned Red Dot Award in the Product Design category last year for the same product. “The new Leitz ProfilCut Q Premium is the fastest profile tooling system in the woodworking industry,” says Brian. “especially benefitting joinery and window production customers. Conventional systems reach their limit at cutting speeds of 80-90m (maximum) per second; this new generation of profile tooling from Leitz is approved for cutting speeds of up to 120m per second.

The quickest profile tooling system in the woodworking industry

CNC Pages.indd 51

ProfilCut Q at work

ProfilCut Q

“This allows users to run higher feed speeds with the same number of teeth, increasing productivity and output. Leitz paid strict attention to high running accuracy which, together with high speeds, leads to improved finish quality and a maximum return on the customers’ investment. “ProfilCut Q Premium’s design has no corners or edges typical to many tools. It creates less vibration, so optimum values are achieved in cutting speeds and rotation accuracy while simultaneously improving noise reduction by three dB(A) compared to other profile tooling systems on the market.” Its innovative clamping system enables fast, easy and precise knife changes which lead to significantly reduced waste and rework due to its finite repeatability.

ProfilCut Q knife change

The design allows only an exact fit which is accomplished quickly and easily with minimal operator training. Brian says: “With Leitz patented ProfileCut Q tooling you will get the very best return from on your CNC investment. No other tooling can produce a faster, high quality finish. It is a must-have for companies who want to achieve a serious competitive edge.” Every tool from Leitz is manufactured to BS EN847 1-3, which means every tool is tested to a high standard of accuracy and safety, helping prolong the life of the tool and, ultimately, the machines they are used with. 01279 454530

28/03/2017 14:09


Offering free advice, standard and innovative tooling design and manufacture, helping joinery companies and the panel processing industry save time and money.

T: 01748 897170 E: CNC Pages.indd 521 CPTooling_JA.indd

28/03/2017 13/03/2017 14:09 12:01

17 12:01

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Looking to reinvest or expand your business? If you are looking to expand and require a cash injection, or simply want to reassess the capital structure of your business, our team of experts are ready to assist with this process. Whether you own the asset outright or are currently under an existing finance agreement, we will work with you to get the most through capital release based on the asset’s value. We can also take over the finance agreement you have with another provider and extend the term. This type of finance is suitable for companies of all sizes,including sole traders. For more information call 01244 457 569 or visit

Close Brothers Asset Finance is a trading style of Close Brothers Limited. Close Brothers Limited is registered in England and Wales (Company Number 00195626) and its registered office is 10 Crown Place, London, EC2A 4FT.

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Before, during and after graduating from the University of Falmouth with a degree in sustainable 3D design, David Forsyth always had a keen eye for turning the most creative of designs and concepts into a reality. Along the path to setting up Digital Fabrications, the entrepreneur spent time designing and building surfboards, campervan conversions, trophies and much more.

ITC sculpts a great future for digital fabrications

Ben Barrell’s Dubai Wings sculpture at The Address Downtown Dubai

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Prior to setting up Newquay-based Digital Fabrications, the business owner spent time teaching students how to use 3D milling machines – a duration that also educated David in the value of high quality cutting tools from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC). “We used high quality cutting tools from ITC at the university and we always had excellent technical support, so when Digital Fabrications started with its first AXYZ routing machine, ITC was the natural choice for cutting tools,” explains David. In the three years since its inception, the Cornish business has manufactured mouldings for yachts, bespoke coffee tables, sculptures and signage for retail and exhibition displays. More recent and prestigious projects have involved working with George Clarke and his Amazing Spaces television series and also sculptor Ben Barrell. The most recent project with Ben Barrell is the creation of two 7m high and 1.8m wide sycamore leaf sculptures for The Address Downtown Dubai hotel in Dubai which faces the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. The Ben Barrell sycamore leaf sculpture that is manufactured by Digital Fabrications will be centre stage at this prestige location. When completed, the sycamore leaf sculptures will be planted on a 10m granite base with an infinity waterfall feature.

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Commenting on the unique project, David Forsyth says: “We started with a 30cm model that Ben designed. We laser scanned the profile and used our Rhino 3D architectural software and Arcam additive manufacturing to build a model for visual reference. The next step was to scale the design up to the full 7m size. “We sliced our model up and fitted it all back together like a 3D puzzle and this was how the full size sculpture was manufactured, in layers.” The layers were machined on the AXYZ 2.4 x 1.2m bed routing machine. This workhorse was cutting high density foam for over 12-15 hours a day, for almost six weeks. At the sharp end of this machining process was the ITC Brit Cut range of long series end mills. The creative Cornish business employed an ITC Brit Cut 20mm four-flute AlTiN coated

square end milling cutter for rough machining the complete profile of the 7m model. The remarkable scale of the sculpture required the long series Brit Cut 204 Series tool to use its full 75mm flute length to expedite the rough machining process. Commenting on the rough machining, David says: “All our routing tools are supplied by ITC as the technical support from Sally Hunt is second to none. In this instance, the long series 20mm diameter Brit Cut was recommended as the complete flute length could be used for machining whilst the overall length of 150mm gave us exceptional tool reach for completing each panel in a single set-up. Additionally, the rigidity of the Brit Cut eliminated vibration, improved surface finish and more pertinently, the tool life was

“The rigidity of the Brit Cut eliminated vibration, improved surface finish and more pertinently, the tool life was exceptional tool life as a single Brit Cut tool completed the roughing of the 7m structure.”

David Forsyth with the sculpture outside Digital Fabrications’ facility

3D model of the sculpture alongside final full scale design

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3D Design Fabrications sculpture being positioned outside the hotel in Dubai

exceptional tool life as a single Brit Cut tool completed the roughing of the 7m structure.” Once the rough machining process was complete, Digital Fabrications then finishmachined the profile of the sycamore leaf sculpture with a 20mm diameter Brit Cut 204 series ball nose end mill. Like the square end tool, the ball nose used its 150mm length to reach difficult-to-access features and surfaces whilst the tool geometry and coating technology delivered impeccable surface finishes. To put the tool life of both cutters into perspective – one 7m sycamore leaf required three weeks of machining at 15 hours a day. This equates to over 220 hours of machining, something that was completed with just one square-end roughing tool and one ball-nose finishing cutter. “Sally from ITC has been making sure we have the right tools for the right job since we set up the business,” says David. “The support from ITC has been invaluable. Being a UK manufacturer, ITC can provide new tools as well as re-grind used tools and modify tools for specific projects with an extremely quick turnaround time.” The Newquay Company has worked closely with the sculpture artist and a structural engineer to guarantee the integrity of the structure. The sycamore leaves have been manufactured with a steel core for stability and rigidity. The completed structures have now been delivered to the United Arab Emirates where they will take centre stage on the famous Dubai Boulevard. To underpin the company’s future growth ambitions, Digital Fabrications has recently installed a Biesse Rover B four-axis machine with a 1.5m x 3.6m bed. 01827 304500

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THERE IS SURE TO BE MAKA KNOW-HOW ON BOARD AGAIN. MAKA – your technology partner for 5-Axis CNC systems for machining Composites. Providing sophisticated, specialized 5-Axis production systems is our area of expertise. We will develop an innovative and reliable composites machining solution for you, based on our globally tried-and-tested highspeed CNC machine portfolio. Come and talk to us at JEC Paris. Turn our experience & creativity into your success ! MAKA Machinery UK Ltd. C5 Horton Park IE., Hortonwood 7, Telford Shropshire TF1 7GX Tel: 019 52 - 60 77 00, Email:

CNC Spezialmaschinen

Britain’s Premium Bespoke Tooling Manufacturer Whitehill Tools production relies on a team of highlyskilled technicians using the most recent Cad-CAM techniques for drawing and design. Our wide range of standard and special products and are all manufactured in our factory in Luton, Bedfordshire.

Solutions available for: CNC Spindle Moulder Moulder Tenoner

Window Line

Contact the Whitehill Tooling team for more information on

01582 736881 or email CNC Pages.indd 57

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February 2017 #280 News / Events Edgebanding / Installations Updates / Products

Mar 2017 #281 News / Events Reports / Surveys Installations / Products Window and door production

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5 axis Rover A Smart The Evolution of Perfection

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THE LEADING RESOURCE AND MARKETING PLATFORM TO THE UK FURNITURE AND JOINERY TRADE. Comprising a monthly magazine, class-leading website and a range of supplements and digital products, Furniture & Joinery Production offers greater reach than any other brand in the sector – and consequently has the strongest advertiser following. Since 1995, Furniture & Joinery Production has offered news, advice and insights from the market – indeed, it is recognised by the prestigious International Woodworking & Furniture Supplier Magazines’ Assocation (FSM) as the UK’s leading publication. DON’T MISS AN ISSUE, SUBSCRIBE TODAY UK - £65.00 EU - £85 ROW - £95


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The Entire Contents of a CNC Woodworking Factory 

CNC Machinery Inc; 2001 Biesse Rover 27 CNC Machining Centre, 2001 Mayer PS2Z CNC Panel Saw, 2004 Alberti Vector CNC Router & 1994 Alberti Format 90 CNC Router. Edgebanders Inc; 2010 Brandt KDF670 & 2006 Brandt KDS520 Profline & 2003 Holzher Sprint 1321-2. 2010 / 2006 Ligatech Boomerang ZHR05 Return Conveyors. Wadkin Routers, Saws, Spindle Moulders & Sander. DM Chronosand CR130 Wide Belt Sander, Dominion 30” Bandsaw, SCM FM29 Boring Machine & Fobco & Meddings Pedestal Drills. 2012 Dynma VR6 Pallet Turner, 3no. 2005 Sulair BDS-18.5 Rotary Screw Compressors, Palmatic 50kg & 75kg Vacuum Lifters with King Posts & Orion Pallet Wrapper Warehouse, Industrial & Manual Handling Equipment Inc; 20no. Hand Hydraulic High Lift Pallet Trucks, Snap-On Tool Chest, Selection of Pallet Racking, Factory Trolleys, Workbenches, Floor Sweepers, Big Brute Vacuum Cleaner, Mobile Dust Extraction Unit, Industrial Fans & Space Heaters & Board Stock (£20k at Cost) Consumable Stock Inc: Swarfega, Refuge Sacks, Spill Granules, Vinyl Gloves, WD-40 & Grease & Cleaning Products Vans Inc: 2014 Citroen Relay Luton with Tail-lift (63k), 2no. 2014 Peugeot Partners (36k) & (45k) & 2009 Ford SWB Transit (152k) Commercial Catering Equipment Inc; Full Height & Counter Commercial Fridges & Freezers, Potato Rumbler, Amika 6XL Commercial Dishwasher, Patisserie Display Fridge, MultiDeck Display Fridges, Panini Grills, Commercial Microwave Ovens & Selection of Stainless Steel Sinks & Prep Tables

Viewing: 09:30 to 15:30 , Mon 10 April 2017 First Lot Closes: 10:00, Tue 11 April 2017 Collection: 09:30 to 15:30, 12, 13 & 18 April 2017 Location: Swansea West Industrial Park, Dragon House, Bruce Road, Fforest-fach, Swansea, SA5 4HS

Subject to 15% Buyers Premium, 20% VAT, Terms & Availability

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Panel Processing Tooling Carbide Spirals

Nesting our New High speed ZG Compression Fast, affordable, reliable.

Diamond PCD Nestec

Service and Re-size from Tooltec, say goodbye to tool radius compensation.

Vacuum Cups

30% more holding power, never buy another cup again. Turn your matrix bed into a pod machine, our new FL range of cups.

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Profile for Gearing Media Group Ltd

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