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Dear Friends, My goodness, what a year this has been! All of us are so incredibly grateful for those of you who are helping us to Re-Invent! As we move into this new year we have high hopes and are excited to lay the foundation for what we've been dreaming. The following pages will fill you in on all the ways you’ve been a part of our movement to “Re-Invent.” We made the move to downtown Montgomery into an old fire station, hired some new faces and began to come alongside other organizations in the area working toward similar goals. All of you, whether you are an individual, a store or just someone who has an interest in what we’re doing, have been a part of bringing work and freedom to those we serve. At the end of the day, this is all about something much bigger than any of us! May you love more, dream big, and experience all your heart desires in 2013! The time is now! Come Re-Invent With Us!

The Firehouse

In March of 2012, we made the move to Montgomery from Auburn. The City of Montgomery was generous to allow us to lease to own the old Firehouse in the Cottage Hill historic district at the center of the city’s 5 Points. We are in the process of renovating and turning it into our headquarters and manufacturing space! This move has given us the opportunity to be in the midst of those we serve and be a part of the “Re-Invention” of downtown Montgomery as well. We are “Re-Inventing” on every level...our new home is just another piece to the whole of what G.E.A.R. is all about!

Industrial Machines In June, the College of Human Sciences at Auburn University graciously gave us 7 of their surplus industrial sewing machines on an extended loan. We are in the process of having them serviced and have one of the machines up and running today! Our goal is to have 3-4 in operation in the Firehouse by the middle of the year...and have people sewing on them!

Anzella & Betty Lou

At the heart of what we do are women like Anzella and Betty Lou. Both of them are a part of the women’s program at Friendship Mission and have been hired to work with the G.E.A.R. Production Team. Betty Lou has held a job as a professional seamstress and is in school at Trenholm Technical College getting her degree in Business Administration. After she graduates in May, we have big dreams of her heading up G.E.A.R. production. Anzella is learning more about all aspects of the G.E.A.R. business and is cutting, sewing and doing a little bit of everything. Both of these extraordinary women are “Re-Inventing” themselves and we are grateful to know them and serve alongside them!

What’s Ahead in 2013...

In the year ahead, we will continue our partnership with Friendship Mission, but will expand our reach by working with the community served by the Nehemiah Center, which is located on the same property where Friendship Mission will be moving to accommodate more women. This will allow us to come alongside the Nehemiah Center and those they serve and give the women at Friendship Mission the option to be a part of the training program G.E.A.R. will offer on site. Also ahead in 2013 is that Re-Invention will become our parent non-profit organization and G.E.A.R. will continue to operate as a social enterprise under Re-Invention. This makes more sense in feeding our net profits from G.E.A.R. into Re-Invention to further our mission to equip those we serve with the necessary skills to be employed by G.E.A.R. or seek employment elsewhere. We are grateful for those who have been so patient with us, despite prolonged delivery dates, as we grow our production. The machines we have received will help us to strengthen our production capabilities to serve our customers better. We will continue bringing new designs and products to our customers with the same gorgeous quality and beautiful design! Things are in place and we are ready to go ! The time is now! Come Re-Invent with us!

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G.E.A.R. Year End Review  

As we walk into 2013, we want to let you know how you are helping us to "Re-Invent"!

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