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Ever wanted to know what to do with all  those floppy discs lying about ??  Well now  you can make models of the USS Enterprise  to hang all around your geeky house!    Clink here to get your instructions! 

Go on who does not want a complete set of all  of the colours of the Daleks?????    You do really, you know you do you want a  cuddly Dalek !!      Get the pattern at       Clink here to get your instructions! 

Everyone wants to own their own R2 D2 well  now you can by making your own!    Download the instructions and get making!    Clink here to get your instructions! 


GE News 4th year in publication

GE News Issue 31  

What do you want for Christmas ? A Geeky present? Things for the Geek to make over the holidays! Good reads, somenthing to listen to and som...

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