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Spend the Day in Fraser Island Day Tours Initially, most people will be turned-off by the idea of one day trips– why spend only a day when you can go for the usual 3-day getaway? Well, for one thing, these 1-day trips are mood-driven and exciting. For another, some people just can’t be away from work or family that long. Fraser Island Discovery has tailored day tours packed with fun activities and unforgettable glutton-encounter all held in amazing choices of destinations your senses will long to experience again. Also, come and visit sunshine coast house builders. The adventure begins with complimentary pick up from or near your accommodation at Caloundra to Noosa before heading across the Noosa River, which is bound for the Cooloola National Park, showcasing the Teewah and Rainbow Beach colored sands, in which you stop for morning tea on the beach. Over to Fraser Island, you will travel along the magnificent 75 mile beach, exploring the natural beauty of this magnificent wilderness with a guided rainforest walk. And then, you’re in for an authentic Aussie BBQ Lunch followed by a refreshing freshwater lake swim, which tops off a perfect day of discovery on the World's largest sand island. Fraser Island: Gems and Adventures Lake McKenzie – it is the most visited natural site on the island. As a 'perched' lake, it contains only rainwater (no groundwater and it is not fed by streams and does not flow to the ocean). McKenzie’s sand is pure white silica, which is not only beautiful to the eyes, but feels pleasantly soft to walk on. The lake’ sand acts as a filter, giving the water its clarity; it is so pure it can support little to no life. Visit and check out sustainable homes sunshine coast. 75 Mile Beach – this magnificent site extends along most of the east coast of Fraser Island (adeptly named for its 75 mile stretch). Though the beach is not advisable for swimming (dangerous currents and tiger sharks), it is simply beautiful and provides a host of thrilling showcases, like the Champagne Pools, Indian Head, the S.S. Maheno Wreck, and the breathtaking pinnacles at the high colored sand cliffs fronting the eastern surf beach. Fraser Island Rainforests – some rainforest plants found on the island include hoop pine, king fern, tree ferns, strangler figs, blue quandong trees, piccabeen palms, and Cyprus pine trees. Also, subtropical rainforests can be found in the centre of the island in the moist gullies. For instane, Wanggoolba Creek valley near Central Station contains magnificent trees, huge kauri, rough barked satinay, brush box, hundreds of piccabeen palms and many more species. Or, return through the towering forests of Satinay and Brushbox, navigating your way down the 'sandy highway' while enjoying an afternoon tea stop on remote beach stretches before returning to Noosa. 4WD Drive - experience the excitement of the world’s best beach drive in one of the purpose built "Warrior" 4WD vehicles. These rides are specially designed and engineered for day tours, and they are simply the toughest and most comfortable 4WD on Fraser. Since Fraser Island is a national park, you need a permit for driving on the island. The "Warrior" 4WD features spacious coach-style seating for up to 20 guests x 3 vehicles, individual air-conditioning vents, seat belts, digital PA and stereo system for entertaining and educational commentary. In most cases, Fraser Island will hook you to stay (ask countless tourists), and if you're wondering what to do then worry not, for Fraser Island Discovery features the ultimate "Two Days of Discovery" tour to Fraser Island. Enjoy a personalized small group tour “with a twist.” The 2 Days of Discovery tour presents a unique blend of a wilderness experience with the comfort and sophistication of overnight accommodation at the Islands most prestigious resort. Fraser Island is a place of unique features and discovery - an Australian jewel waiting to be explored and rediscovered.

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Spend the Day in Fraser Island Day Tours  

Initially, most people will be turned-off by the idea of one day trips– why spend only a day when you can go for the usual 3-day getaway? We...